The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1967 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1967
Page 2
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tag*Two- Blyttitvilte (Ark.) Courltr N»wg - Tuesday, 19, Hit Daily Record Weather Yesterday's hlch—62 Over'ni?l.t low—37 24 hours i to T a in. today* — non? Fi'pcrpitauon Jan. 1 to date—44.S5 Simsct today—4:S2 EiinrbP tomorrow-7:02 This Hair A Vfar Ago Yo'fcrday's hlpli—59 Ovcrnisht low—35 Preclpttiuton Jan. 1 to d»:e-4o.% ! Markets j Open High Low Last Chicago Wheat Dec. !45'8 M6'i 145 Mar. ISO's 150 7 s 150V* July 154Vi 154Mi loS^ Hera Come the Whales PATIENT (Continued from Page One) ministration Hospital at Denver, (Continued from Page One) he said. president, this group had 8«tt«| T _ M ._ w.AAi»m a lot of medical advice, now, I lav«rn weaoin§ with Hill as president, the' •Chamber will "probably get a lot of gas." 150', 153', Colo., had found'that most kid-1 The ciy must be developed, ney transplant patients whose | advertised and promoted as a j own tissue had been attacked by j trade center, he told the Cham-1 >ii the body in much the same way | her, in order that out-of-cily | had survived after being ill for workers will he prompted to do i ELECTION (Continued from Page One) Chicago Soybeans Jan. 267 267',s 2G6 T s 267 jMar. 271 5 « 271 a i 271's 271 s §AN DIEGO. Calif. (API j y "'" 1 The first California gray whales; ^ „ . - , migrating from the Bering Sea | New Tork Stocks to breeding grounds in Baja Cal- Texas GS 131 s ifor'hi'a have been sighted off about two weeks, he said. The doctors on Monday night reported a deterioration in the ' " 53-year-old business in Blytheville, rather.lion: condition wholesale of the grocer, who devel- Chrvsler M'.i RCA San Diego. i VT & T Rangers at the Cabrillo Na-I'DOW tional Monument say t ne V' ve |xerox .....'.'.'. sighted 17 whales. The whales j ^j once were in danger of extinc- i ^ ^meric lion but are prospering under an j Fm . d ' international agreement which 49' '' oped lung complications on Sat- j urday. Dr. Botha said although there ! were various possible explanations for the decrease in Wash- kansky's white blood count, "it seems likely a process of rejec- *i lion is taking place." 'I But he added that the rejec- • j tion process might be affecting '' i "his own tissues such as tile circulating while than take their earnings elsewhere. Hill envisions the proposed An early February election date with a Wednesday filing deadline, with both he and Mississippi River bridge at Ca-; Mrs. Autry withdrawing from ruthcrsville as a Godsend where by Blylheville will be able to expand its trade area into west Tennessee. If the Chamber is to succeed with Its programs, it must cooperate fully with municipal and county political subdivisions, he cautioned. Moreover, the downtown business area must be upgraded and city businessmen and prop- protects them from slaughter. WJ(W TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19 6 00 SERENADE The Memphis State Universi- ty'Department of Music. Faculty member concert. 6-30 WHAT'S NEW The Brave Boys — Part Two. Three part story of two boys in Africa and their, experiences- on a safari to Kenya and Tanzania. 7:OO^ALL ABOARD Think Of The Man Who Invented The Wheel. For Preschoolers. 7:30 CHANNEL 10 TRAVELS Sudden Summer. 8:00: TOPIC: MEMPHIS CITY SCHOOLS Groups and Pairs. A. tour of some of the student groups and paired teams that play arfimportant part in the overall structure of curriculum. 8:30.THE IMPORTANCE OF ..BEING EARNEST W'house US Steel Curtis Pub II Comsat Amer. Motors Sears Parke Davis Gen. Elect. Beth. Steel Reynolds Tob 40!i Standard NJ 65 : h Holiday Inn 57'i Ark-La 35 s s Ark-Mo (Bid) 10'A Divco-Wayne 48V4 blood cells" rather than the er y owners must work to their .heart which was transplanted '""<*' ex cut with Urban Re- inlo his body. newal P''°J ecls ' he sald ' Hie earlier filing. Allison was willing to do this. Mrs. Autry was quoted in this morning's newspaper saying she did not favor withdrawal. She said essentially the same thing when contacted earlier this morning, but later explained that she would withdraw if notification is forthcoming from the attorney general or the secretary of state. In the morning stories, she said, she was misquoted. EAST WENATCHEE, Wash. (AP) — It was Sunday and the barmaid in Hugo's Tavern was! dressed in a new Santa Glaus-1 suit. An old poker table was laden with gifts, cake, liquid refreshments and a large buffet turkey dinner. Then, as guests crowded into the tavern, Juslic of the Peace Cora E. Lake stepped up and other foreign bodies implanted ]sonnel should be made to feel Traffic Accidents in it To curb this rejection, he i as '° cal citizens, rather had been given various drugs : as outsiders. The much but they in turn tended to lower ! cussed four-lane highway his body's normal resistance to infection. Starting late Saturday, Wash- kansky was treated for pneumonia. When he did not respond to penicillin, doctors began to won- dis- Ihe base lo Blytheville will pos- j sibly be the Chamber's major single project this year, he add- A vehicle owned by Carrie, (j er whether the lung complica- Simmons was involved in an accident at Coleridge and Franklin Sunday, but Mrs. Simmons was not in the car at the time it was struck by another driver, who was charged with driving Hill delved into specifics mostly toward the end of his brief address, when he began dis- while intoxicated ous drivinf and hazard- lions might indicate his body is ! cussing'far - ranging goals for trying to reject the transplanted heart. The heart was taken from Denise Ann Darvall, 25, the Chamber. The group's membership will have to be increased, he said, days prior to the election. Saturday, this fact was men^ Moore, w less than Jea which would put him in Ihe race while leaving hfm off the ballot. married 70-year-old James Dreskin and Bertha Jackson, j who confided she was 55. j How come in a tavern on a | Sunday? j "Well," said Mrs. Alice Te- stall, one of the proprietors, 'they were both widowed, both kind of lonely, and they said that's where all their friends were, so that's where they wanted it. It was real nice." Decline In Deaths Due to the development of antitoxin serums, deaths from tetanus, often called lockjaw, have declined in the United States from 1,472 in 1920 to an average j of less than 300 per year. | If your neighbors get theirs before you do, don't panic... There'll be enough to go around! FIRST NATIONAL BANK BLYTHEVILLE I Very Polite Robber - Steals $5,000 SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) - A telephone-directed supermarket robbery produced $5,000 for a and a sports car after she was killed in an auto: and ils budgel expanded to ap-1 P ollle accident, and substituted for j pro xinialely $35,000 lo ?40,000! driving accomplice. Wasbkansky's diseased heart j annually, which, he added is: Market manager Richard Dec. 3. Washkansky's been poor since the lung condi-: ommended in a recent financial normal for a city of Blythevilles appetite has! size, and which amount was rec- tion has developed. | report to the Chamber. "We are disturbed about the within (| le Chamber, a corn- World Deaths CARVILLE, La. (AP),- Stanley Stein, G8, who crusaded for 36 years to remove the term lep- : . er from common usage, died • Christian Monday. Stein, born Stanley night. ,.,,.... ,,,-,, Levyson, died at the U.S. Public j Barnard, who headed the sur- The "soft-sell" should be ap- HealtSl Service Hospital in Car-' "'""' '"""" '" "'" '•"" lm "'' L " ""- -"~ J '- '-"•'-'- : " 1 patient's condition," said Dr. i m ittee should be Organized to N.Barnard Monday]work for the further develope- ment.of the industrial park. Drama Oscar Wilde's elegant j vllle where he had been a pa• • ' farce tells the story ot Jack Worthing, who loves and wishes;, to marry the rich and beautiful Gwendolen, who re- cipfocates his sentiment. i WEDNESDAY, • DECEMBER 20 3 -00 ALL ABOARD Take Me Out To The Ball 3:30^fOPICi MEMPHIS CITY SCHOOLS Gr&ups and Pairs. A tour of some of the student groups arid paired teams that play arfimportant part In the overall-structure .of curriculum. NEW TKe Brave Boys — Part 3. See 8:30. 4:30:'THE CHALLENGE OP SPACE The Universe On A Scratchpad. Behind the scenes of a workshop of NASA scientists. 5-00 THE RELIGIONS OP MAN Zen Buddhiism. Dr. Smith will point out the noticeable influ- enbe this sect is beginning to exert on Western minds. 5:30 THE MAGIC LANTERN CHRISTMAS T4ie Stereopticon — the "magic 'lantern" of the title, and the lantern's use in the nickelodeon. 6:00 SERENADE Festival of Music, A program of music performed by members of the College of Fine Arts Experimental Laboratory tient since 1931. The hospital was known as the U.S. Leprosa- rium until Stein persuaded authorities to call it by its present had been blind name. Stein since 1937. NEW YORK (AP) - Alfred Jacobsen, 80, chairman of the gical team in the landmark op- piled to industrial leaders from eration, told newsmen that lung j cities in the Eastern or Central changes which doctors first i portions of the United States to treated as an infection have [ apprise these men of the city's been increasing. "He has not responded well to this treatment." said Barnard. "It may be some evidence of attraciveness for plant expansions, he urged. A regional would be a health center most worthwhile Hatbcock, 52, said he let into his home Monday a man who I claimed he had car trouble. The j man pulled an automatic pistol and ordered Hathcock to telephone Instructions to assistant manager Anthony Porcelllo, 36, at the store two miles away. As ordered, he put $5,000 in a paper bag and delivered it to a blue sports dar Idling outside. As the car sped away, the man at Hathuock s home ripped the telephone cofd from Hie wall and left. "He Was very polite," Hathcock told police. the rejection phenomenon in j project, he continued, making ' * -• ......... that he is reacting'to new fis- sues." a native of Denmark. board Of the Amerada Petrole- If Washkansky's natural body urn Co. until his retirement in I defenses against foreign objects 1965, died Monday, apparently re J eet ""6 heaft - there , 1S llttle of a heart attack. Jacobsen was doctors can do so save him. He had been snowing good progress since the surgery until the lung complications. Doctors had planned to remove the stitches from his chest incision and allow him to walk this •eek. MONTREAL (AP -Robert W. Pilot, 69, Canadian artist famed for his marine and landscape paintings, died Sunday night after a long illness. Pilot's works are displayed in the national galleries of France, Spain, the United States and Italy, as well as the galleries of Canada. ANNAPOLIS (AP) - Clarence Martin Wright, 62, former Associated Press newsman iii Washington and Dallas and an editor with the Kiplinger Washington Editors, died Monday. Wrigiit' joined the Kiplinger staff in the mid 1930s and retired in 1965. Kiplinger publishes the Kiplinger Letter and Changing Times. of Texas. 6:30 WHAT'S NEW The Brave Boys — Part 3. Story of two boys in Africa and their experiences on a safari to Kenya and Tananla. 7:00.ALL ABOARD Take Me Out To The Ball Game. 7:30 CHANNEL Id TRAVELS Appointment in* Arustia. 8:00 BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE Tax Increase Now? 8:30.PUBLIC AFFAIRS jjpews iri Perspective — New •3?prk Times writers analyze yh'e month's headlines — timely and Informative. 9]3i) THE CREATIVE PERSON -John Arden. A visit with one 35/ the most gifted English gilaywrigMs. £~j Remember f^y 3? Vour Paper Boy Fictional Obit John Galsworthy's most important work was his series of novels about the Forsyte fam- 'the "university I "?• The main character, Soames Forsyte, became so well-known that when he died (in a book) the London Times announced his death in ils headlines. HERMON C. JONES Business Men's Assurance Co. 55J So. Perkins Extended Suite 401 Ph. 682-96U Memphis, Tennessee Insurtnc for Esutc finning KCj Man - Partnership • Corporation - Oroup Pensioa - Retirement - H&snltallzattoiL Christmas Arrangements SALE i OFF Cash & Carry — AH Sales Final McAdams Greenhouses 2fl« E. David Ph. PO 3-8121 "Fight Tooth and Nail The expression, "fight tooth I of Blytheville a health and research headquarters. Attendance at Arkansas Stale University In Jonesbol'o should be encouraged, he said, but the city should not relent in its efforts to secure a junior college for the area. This last, he said, would be at least partly political, and it might he necessary to locate such a school in G o s n e 11 or elsewhere in order to satisfy communities west of the city. Civic pride Will have to be developed, he concluded, and cit- nd nail," originated with the nzens of Blytheville will have to arly Spanish pirates who would j be prepared to invest their ef- ide nails and metal between' forts, time and talents toward leir teeth when captured, then se them as weapons for escape. the evolution of a better community. Hill Is manager of the Blythe- Showed His Piety ville Propane Company, which Fra Angelica, the Italian ar-1 prompted E. M. (Buddy) Ter- sl, displayed his deep piety by ty'S .quip that In 1M6, when Dan Heeling while painting the Ma- onna. It is said that he wept hile lie worked on the Crucifix- Surge, attorney, Was president, the Chamber had gotten a lot of legal advice, and in 1967 when Dr. John Hard, surgeon, was PRIVILEGES AilTHORlZEb AS SKCONil CtASS MAIL RIHfirtlllp Cntlrler Nr*l liLVtilKVIU.t!, AUK. ZIP - 7S31S Harrr w. Halni-s, PUblUller 3rd at. Walnut St. Uljlhctlllc, Ark, Pilbllfilipri dally eii^llt. Stmda^ Seoond class titiStajle tfAid at fib- ihetllle. Ark. In Bl.Tllievilte and town* In the Dallf • ' IIOMK rltort. hV BA "MAIL PAYABLE IN 'ADVANCE Within Sir mllcj ot S«,00 .per year, so mil?! tritrn n ils.oo per jetit O ncr Mori than 50 mil?! 'allilllltlllHhlll;. Services By COBB FUNERAL HOME INTEGRITY MARVIN D. KENWRIOHT, services 2 p.m. Tuesday from Trinity Baptist Church. MARCUS EVRARD _ Services Tuesday 3:30 p.m. Cobb chapel with burial in Elrnwood Cemetery. WANT RADIO • TV MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES JOBS OF INTEREST: WOMEN SWAPS EXCHANGES Blytheville Courier News makes the difference And our goal is always to provide plenty of water... when and where you need it. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO.

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