The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1949
Page 5
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J^ TTTTJUSDAT. SEPTEMBER », WIP Minister in Address Before Kiwanians Places Emphasis On Community Relationships The Hev. Roy I. Bagley, pastor of the First Methodist, Church spoke U> the BIylheville Kiwanis Club at the luncheon in the Hotel Noble yesterday pointing oul the relationship of community life to the n»tion'« battle with communistic forces. "We In America have never been+— "fiald of battle where ideals have ., '--— •--•-- Address Hie club unanimously voted to back Ihe "Emergency Polio Week" which w j|| ^ observed, September 8-15, according to a proclamation from Mayor Doyle Hen- s ave been Involved," the minister said. Ideals, he stated, are involved with the communistic forces, and although it is merely conjecture I believe Russia will do all she can to promote her Ideas unless H becomes apparent that Americans have drawn the line, In this connection he pointed out thr« typtt of citiztns in the world, national and local communities— (hose who take everything on! and put nothing In, Jboxe wh» talk a lot but do no|C n C about depressing situations, »*« thoM who ihouldtr responsible, Bndertake and get things done. Fo!low;:ig the Rev. Mr. Bagley's derson. Money will be collcclcd to replenish Hie funds of Ihe Mississippi County chapter of the National Infantile Paralysis during the week, and lo continue the trealment of Ihose requiring therapy. Guests yesterday included Dr. Wesley Davis, theology professor at Hie Southern Methodist University at Dallas, Tex., and Roland Anders ami Arthur Brickey, both of Osce- nla * WE, THE WOMEN BY K.UTH MILLETT NBA SUB Writer MHIeU Most unhappy wives seem to have one thing in common. They have husband* who d- -'t "appreciate all they do," who don't seem to realize how hard they work, who are stingy with their corurpltrnenls. It's not the hard work these wives seem to mind so much. They're unhappy because they don't know how to get their husbands to show some appreciation for what they do. It would be a fine thing if all husbands were appreciative of their wives' work and all of them took the trouble to show it. But since it's easier for a woman to change her own attitude than it is for her to try to change her husband's. H 3Wms to me these unhappy wives lift overlooking the simplest solution to their problem. Why don't they just stop expecting appreciation and worrying when It isn't forthcoming? After all, ft housewife can get • long without appreciation the aame as any other woman can do without it in her job. It's » rare employer who keeps praising his secretary for how neatly she types his letters, or tells her she's a genius because she can find the things she files for him. Working Girls Don't Hunt Praise Yet that doesn't seem to bother the average secretary. As long as .she holds her job and gets her pay check, she figures that Is proof enough that she Is doing her Job satisfactorily. Unhappy wives could well adopt the same attitude. Perhaps Henry doesn't seem impressed with how ON SALI PENNEYS . ANOTHER ONI DAY SELL-OUT!! ^Tomorrow 9 a.m 70x80 Cot-ton Plaid DOUBLE BLANKETS Full at*. , & Cedar • 2'/2 Pounds . Br«n Hurry down for Quantify is limited. FIRST QUALITY Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III.. Sept. 8. (XIV—(USDA)—ffogs 8,500; market fairly aclive; barrows and gilts steady to 25 lower limn average Wednesday; sows steady lo 25 higher; good and choice 200-250 Ib barrows and e ilt s 22.00-25; top 22.25 paid less freely than yesterday; few 260-300 Ins 20,50-22.00; 180-190 Ibs 21.00-75; 140-170 Ibs n.75-20.00- few M.2a; odd lots 100-130 Ib pigs 14.75- i"o; few 18.00; good and choice sows 400 Ibs down 17.75-19.25; few 19.5C; heavier so«-s 14.25-17.50; stars 11.00-14.00. Cattle 2,500; calves 1,200; opening trade on steers confined tc couple of droves of lightweight average good at 27.50 and some good feeder steers at 20.00, these fully -steady; heifers and mixed yearlings opening steady; largely medium and good at 19.00-25.50- oilier classes generally steady- common and medium cows J3.75-15.00; lew good 15.50 and above; canners and cutters 11.00-13.50; medium and good bulls 16.00-18.00; culler and common bulls 13.50-15.50- good and choice vealers 26.00-31.00; common and medium 17.00-25.00. COURIER KBW5 FARMBKB AT MECHANICAL PICKER CONFKKEN'CE-Approsimately ]50 ,„„«„ f ro m * 0 ™,e* t Ar fcanm and southeast Missouri attended , comerence on the mechanical cotton picker 'IMesda 1 Wa.ter Park. Tne meeting was sponsored by Delta implement Company. Each of several speakers s resU thl in portanee of producing high grade cotton and at the same time cutllns production ™,i , T, talo close competition with foreign-grown cotton and synthetic fibers P ' Od " ai °" C ° SlS to brlnB colto " Great Britain Seeks Chance to Earn More American Dollars During Crisis Mount Evcresl, highest mountain in the world, was known only as "Peak No. XV" until 1852 hard his wife works and doesn't keep telling her how smart a manager she is. But if he hasn't strayed off the reservation and is still meeting the bills, he must be reasonably salisfied with the woman he married. And |f his wife prefers to think of herself as her own boss, rather than as a woman working for a man, she lias ci'cn less need of praise from the man she married. She's creating a home and the job itself should give her a very real satisfaction. If a woman knows she is doing a good job. she shouldn't havp lo be told so over and over—even by a husband. B.v Ilic Associated Press Britain's chancellor of the exchequer. Sir Slafford Cripps, has appealed lo the United Stales for a greater opportunity of earning American dollars. Washington observers of the lhroe-i»wer talks on Britain's financial plight interpreted Ihe Brilish appeal HS a bid for Ihe lowrrms of Uiiiled States tariffs. Sir. Slafford said: "It would be of the greatest possible assistance ,-ind encouragement to us if the U.S. and Canada could take whatever steps possible for thtm to enlarge our opportunities of earning" dollars. Secretary of the Treasury . John W. Snyder. the American "spokesman at the u. S.-Biilish-Canariian lalks. promised "symmih-jtic consideration" (o suggestions made. Snyder. however, warned thai (he United States is determined that it be releived of Ihe huge burden of Marshall plan aid In- 1952. He emnhaelzed that Britain's major nefd Is tn become self-sufficieni by thnt time. Tarrifr Ailiiislments Sought Some ton official's of both Britain and (lie United Sines are fcnmvn to believe that unless the United States adjust tarriffs encouraging the iranott of British goods, Britain will never overcome her money crisis. In Canton. Chinese Nationalists talked of opening a cniimcr-ol- fensive against the Chinese Communists, whose movement southward' appeared retarded. Official reports said the Red Drive from Jucheng, no miles north of Canton toward the Canton-Hankow Railway, had slackened. In a speech scoring defeatists Acting President Li Tsung-Jcn said: "I hope we shall be able to launch a general counteroffen- sivc in the not too -liblant future." Weil Germany's parliament is off to a stormy start. The first session which opened yesterday at Bonn gave little indication the sharply divided parlies will work to- gelhcr in the lask of rebuilding Gcrmanv. "Mother" Cat Worries Over Orphaned Squirrel MOSCOW (AP)—Antics of one of the younger members of her family have driven a good-natured mother cat at the Moscow zoo to the edge of a nervous breakdown. It's an ever-continuing puzzle to her as to just how her smallest "offspring" can scamper along the ceiling of the cage they live in without mortal danger. But just wait till she sees him crack a nut! For the biiby is a young orphaned Russian squirrel. Approximately 17.000,0011 work days were lost, in farm accidents in this country in 1948. If* THE PROBATE DIVISION OT THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT <»' MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN TUT; MATTER OP THE ESTATE Of MAHTKA ELLEN WILLIAMS, A MINOR MRS. CORRINNE WILLIAMS, GUARDIAN NOTICE OP AVLICATIOX TO SKI.I, INTRRKST IN REAL, ESTATE FOR REINVESTMENT Notice is hereby given that I. Mrs, Con-lime Williams, Guardian of Martha Ellen Williams, a minor, will apply to (he Probate Division of the Chancery Court al BIythe- ville, Arkansas on the Mill day of September. 1M9, for an order authorizing me ns Guardian of the said Marina Ellen Williams to sell her interest in the following tie- scribed real estate located in the Chlckasawta District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, to-wil: . Lot Three (3), Block Five <5> of ihc Ufarsh Addition to the City of niytheville, Arkansas. The siiir! Marlhn Ellen Williams being Ihe owner of a homestead in- j teresl and a remainder iulerrsl in ' aud to said real estate .subject lo certain Indebtedness against said estate and subject to Ihe remainder ; Interest of Corrinnc Williams, and ] .subject to the remainder interest of Vlreinia Williams. I That 1 will apply lo said Court for an ord«r authorizing th« Ml6 of Ihe Interest of the said Martha Ellen Williams In ajid to said real estate, for the purpose of reinvesting Ihe proceeds coming from said sale In a home In Osceola, Arkansas, or ill bonds or other approved scciirl- llcs in accordance with the laws of the state of Arkansas and under Ihe direction and the approval of the Court, WITNESS my hand on this 7th, day of September, 1940 MRS. OORRIfJNE WILLIAMS, Mrs. Corrlnne Williams, . Guardian of Martha Ellen Williams, a Minor. 98-15 Plolemy, an aslrouomer and geographer who lived 18 centuries ago, Is believed to have made and used Ihe first ullas. PAGE FIVE African For a troopers H«roei to th* Notivtt LEOPOLDVILLE, Belgian Congo (AM—Thousands of resident* Including anxious relatives of a docen soldiers assembled recently in the colony 10 see the first locally recruited paratroopers jump from «. plane. Hitherto local resident* had considered this mysterious power reserved for white use. When the grinning black faces of the troops silhouetted against Ihe white parachutes reared the ground, the watcheis went almost hoarse shouting encouragement. When the Iroops finally landed they were carried back in Irlumph to the town. The oxy-acetylene flume can produce temperatures of approximately 8000 degrees Fahrenheit. Bar Association Questions Judges' Role as Witnesses ST. LOUIS, Sept. 8. (if, — The American Bar Association has questioned whether it is proper for judges to testify at trials, In one of two resolutions adopted by the group yesterday, the law- j vers directed the bar association' president to appoint a special committee lo study the matter. No names or cases were Riven, but delegates recalled the Alyer Hiss perjury trial of last June. U. S. Supreme Court Justices Felix Frank- lurther nnd Stanley Reed were character witnesses for Hiss. The trial, in which Hiss was accused by Whittakcr chambers of belonging to a pre-war Communist underground in Washington, ended in a hung jury and has been reset. In its other resolution, the association approved of the broad Hoover Commission recommendations— to dispose of overlapping and unnecessary expense in the government. McCrory City Council Awards Sewer Contract MCCRORY, Ark., sept. x. (/?>,-Construction of a municipal sewer system and water extension project has bren approved by the McCrory City Council. Contract for the job was awarded yesterday to the Arkansas Construction Co.. of El Dorado The bid was 5121,844. COttAGC II0.1J Frue quality is something you can W ... th your cycs close,!. Because the measure of 'I'.ahly is nol so much what can be seen ai what cannot. For over 57 years the makers of Red (Gold) Cross Shoes have placed their famous tradc-mark only on shoes which they could sell with honor... and which American women could buy will! pride and "eyes closed" confidence. ed Cross Shoes Family Shoe Store SI 2 W. Main Phone 2.11J Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawba SWIFTS PREMIU i BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Spar* Unusual Gifts You'll find a delightful array of unusual K'if's al the Linen & Curtain Shop. Exquisite, rmnd-i>ainte<! lamps demil- assc, figurine, and boudoir lamps; many, many lovely linens hearing such important names as Leacock, Kieldcrest, Hie Simlex. Come in and look around tomorrow. See Our New Shipments of Entirely Different, Curtains LJNEN.& CURTAIN SHOP Mrs. C. A, Hovey 108 South First SI reel Telephone 815 PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET FRESH EGGS Doz. 57$ DURKEE'S From New Orleans' 01' French Quarter— Vien.v Carre' iirand TURTLE SOUP BISQUE OF SHRIMP OKRA GUMBO . ... 10 m.. can 07.. Can 1.0 07.. can 10 07.. OOc 25' 22 25' OLEOMARGARINE ib 29* l.h Koll WI ,., 29* Reelfool Pure Pork SAUSAGE 1 Tender, fresh PIG LIVER Fresh, flavorful BRISKET STEW Bahv Beef SUOUI.DKU or CHUCK ROAST lh 49 firm, fresh PURE LARD 8 ,.„,„,, T s Brook field CHEESE 2 Baby Beef Tender SIRLOIN STEAK 79 KKKSH-iJHKSSKU HKNS & KRYKItS Taste Thrillers Chee/.y T'/ers Fried Uacon Kinds Cheese Cops Chcesc-ifs C'ornsniix Mexican Pepilas (pumpkin seeds) l.h Box BORDEN'S CHOCOLATE FLAVORED SYRUP 2 glasses 43 All Sweef COLORED OLEO 10 Lbs 86c, While Dough FLOUR 25 ii T R .lack Sprat MEM. 10 , h , 59' Bush's PUMPKIN 2 x "-;-'- > 7S 1 '"••• nin .... L Cans &w American Lady KAf,E, MUSTARD, TURNIP GREENS 3 ^29 I.eScur very young, SMALL PEAS ..... 17 £ n 24 C American Ijidv, Klg Fellow DC AC No. 2 9 Jc • fcH« . . Large, Mellow . . Can fcl 16 oz. can Red Robe GKKEN BEANS & POTATOES 20 Hunt's, No. 2'/j can FRUIT FOR SALAD 39 Del Mont* PEACH HALVES 2

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