Lansing State Journal from Lansing, Michigan on May 8, 1977 · Page 46
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Lansing State Journal from Lansing, Michigan · Page 46

Lansing, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 8, 1977
Page 46
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C-14 TIIK .STATEOrn.Vlt?Sui..My8. 1977 Sunday TV Programs 7:00 O America's Black Forum O Family Living O Open Camera O Worship For Shut-ins O O This Is The Life The Kalnbow Man." An oo-nt movickw eoirs afir hit wilt't trotc 0olH. Don Him-monfl ttort at Potr and PSV fori a Mortho Kil. CD 8 Jerry FalwcQ Q The Spirit of Independence. . (! International And Domestic Conflict 7:30 ' O R Humbard 0 U of M Presents O Cartoon Carnival O Societal in Transition O Insight WTer Wr You Ovrlnf m Bam Blulga. Kid? ' Falfv ond ton ton rlot lo ac eltwr until IKv tudoenly lac MenMcol decltlont. O Consultation (Q Impressions llC Happy Hunters 7:45 O Sacred Heart 8:00 O Sunday Morning Service O Church At The Crossroads o in mumiak KAUT IN KN0XY1UI (Advert rMrrwnt) a O CD Rex Humbard O Soundings O Villa Alcgre . C3 Mormon Choir CD Open Door (38 Ernest Angley Hour Old Time Gospel Hour . 8:15 O With This Ring 8:25 O Newsworthy 30 Jot 8:30 O a CD Day Of Discovery O Under The Rainbow O Oral Roberts O Daedal Doors CD Robert Schullcr (Jfli Jimmy Swaggcrt 9:00 0 Mass for Shut-ins O O Way Out Games ' O Bonanza O Oral Roberts O Movie O Sunday Morning CI) IS Wesleyan Singers O Crossroad CD The Bible Speaks iff Leroy Jenkins U) Robert Schuller with Hour of Power 9:30 O With This Ring ' O O Far Out Space Nuts O O Televised Mass CD Day of Discovery O Moneymakers CD Wally's Workshop CD Robert Schuller With Hour of Power 7I Jimmy Swaggart Show ID The Virginian (SB Energy, Technology And Society IMS O Highlights 10:00 O People O Lamp Unto My Feet O The Lone Ranger O Movie O Day Of Discovery CD Jerry Falwcll O Music To See CD Herald Of Truth lt Job Opportunity Line (JJ) Little Rascals 10:30 ' ' O It Is Written O Look Up And live O Beat The Champ O Oral Roberts O Hot Fudge a The Jetsons O Hymn Sing G3 Rural Route Ten 03 Garner Ted Armstrong 3$ Valley Today SA! Three Stooges 10:45 9 With This Ring 11:00 O Inspiration Time O O Camera Three 12:00 O Job Opportunity Line O Michigan Report O Target . O Community Calendar , O CD 3D Issues And Answers Todov't aueit wilt b Speaker of in Houm. Dm Thema P. "Tl" O'Neill. O-Mow. O Special Edition ' CD Face The Nation O Living Tomorrow O Viewpoints For Action Dick Sod. Inoham County drain commlttloner, and Roger Pay Hk, rtidnt o Peol United tor Lok Lantlno (PULL) will bo tuetlt oi Jeanne Nor-crou. Srw will lead tnom In a dlt-cuMion concornlnt tf0 Loko Lon-ftlno rttlorotion oroloct. which nvotvoi drodln ol In lok to IncrooM It recreational VMV CD Moie 38 Kick Boxing ID Faust 12:15 O A Way Out 12:30 0 Focus Detroit O Championship Fishing O O CD Meet The Press O Lone Ranger O Adventures of Batman O CD Directions CD This Is The Life O Bless This House (iD Medix 1:00 O American Lifestyle O A Matter Of Good WW O Pro And Con O Wrestling O Woman To Woman O Second Look CD OS Ara's Sports World Appoortno on todovt snow will so running bock Archie Crlf- ".. " - O Ryan CD Kids World (5D Sunday Celebration iJJ Movie 1:30 ' O O O CD OS NBA Basketball Eastern Conference dm O Tiger Baseball MllwoukM At Detroit O Ethnl City O Survival CD Beverly Hillbillies 2:00 O Meet The Press O CD WCT Tennis Eight duo, teoturlno iom of tn too nomt In men tennis, will compete In tn final round of thlt tournomont ot Kansas Cltv. Mo. o VIP 2:30 O Movie O CD 3D World Invitational Tennis Classic Todoy't tnow will lecture a molch btwn Blorn Borg ond Rod Lover. O CBC Sports Special 3 Classic Theater Preview 3:00 CD Wrestling 31 Perspectives In Black 3D Classic Theater 3:30 CD Championship Fishing 33) Images Of Aging "From Resignation to Renewal." Now images of aging as icon m In growing oworeness of tn older cltliens ond their discovery of pollllcal power and Influence o study of tt llberaied elderly. 3:45 O O O CD 25 NBA Playoff Porttond ot Lot Angeles 4:00 " . O WCT Tennis In Progress! O (5$ Movie O CD 3D Byron Nelson Golf Classic ' ABC Soorti will provide II v coverooe of the finol round of piev In this aoll fournomant In Oallot, Ti. O The Great Debate 4:30 33) Americana "Number Our Oov" toll obowf tn pUgnt of on 4drty, clo-knit community of Jew In Venice, Colli. It It boMd on tn onmroootoglcol field work of Or. Borboro MyrnoH of the Onlvrt-ty of Southern Collfomlo. 5:00 O CD Grandstand Ouon Boblck ond Ken Norton, wnot 13-round heovvweight match will be ticott llv ticlu-lvly on NBC (Mov 11. t to It .m. NVTI, will tok part In a oro-ftlght atudlo conlronlatlon. O O Movie OS Firing Line ' "Looking Back At Allend." H) Anyone For Tennyson 5:30 A r jkJ CaIm " Mm Href aI a fwo-oort erit ntitid "Th O Andy 1 r 1. am - -- -.1.-, (wm llu a tfj it iL'si VI II ono - " J " look of Monakuneooro hM wM of indonMKi. who prevae over a court thai hot been prev . rvd tor centurkn. The proorom howt their hi whet vet in bom tor. mat ond Informol tltuotlont, ond varlout crmonlt ond done paued on through In year. O June Brown CJ CD New Adventures f Gllllgan O Bugs Bunny (D El Dorado Church O Meeting Place CD Info Ten Winifred Oldt hottt fhit thow - witn Carol Jnk!nt and tn Eatt Lontln El Sinoort ot guetlt. Carol Jcnkint it 0 board member VERA MILES stars in a new made-for-teltvi-sion disaster movie, "Fire," at 9 p.m. Sunday on NBC. . O Sunday Supplement CD Newsmaker OS Arts Billboard Hott Ken Beochter and gunt Leanor Rlin will preview l77 71 ottractlont coming to Mich loan Slot University. Some of th coming event will Include Pred Waring and hit "Young Penntvlvoniant," ond o Verdi opera gaio with ttort ot the Metropolitan Opera. 3D Barney Miller 7:00 O O O CD 0S Sixty Minutes CD CA1KEI COMEDY HIT! DISNET TV PREMIER! (AdvsrtiMment) a O O CD Wonderful World of Disney "The Coslowav Cowboy," ttorrlng Jomet Garner. Vera MHet ond Robert Culo. A cowboy, who wot thonghoied aboard a tolling vettel. lump ship In the Hawalion Islands and helps the widowed mother of the bov who rescued him to turn her potato farm Into one of the first colli ranch! In the Islands. O CD My Mom's Having A Baby A friendly pediatrician helpt Petev E von. . whose mother it pregnant, and hit two playmates to understand the focts of human reproduction. Or. London Smith, television s "Children's Doctor" ond a practicing pediatric consultant In Porllond, Or., ttort along with Shone Slnutko. Jorrod Johnson and Roche Longokr. O Beachcombers OS The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes "Th Superfluous Finger." An eminent Harlev Street surgeon, o mysterious woman ond the amputotlon of her forefinger combine to provide tonight 't myv lory. (53) Movie 3D No Honestly 7:30 O Last Of The Wild 2D Lowell Thomas 8:00 O O O CD 21 Rhoda Rhodo ond her titter help Cory run o gigantic day-long sale to save hit mod clothing business. O CD Movie O NHL Hockey (Q) Movie OS fJD Previn and the Pittsburgh "Concert of Brohmt ond Prockoflev." Andre Previn eon-ducts the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestro In the performance of "Symphony No. 1" by Brohmt ond "Clattlcol Symphony" by Prokofiev. (3D Masterpiece Theatre: Upstairs, Downstairs 8:30 Q Q O CD 0$ Phyllis Phyllis Llndttrom toket e ro-montlc plunge with a charming prolettlonol gombler. 9:00 CD NBC IS AILAZI with Irwia AJWa's "FIRI" (Advert itomont) ooaoaoocD CD 05 Movie OS Masterpiece Theater "Poidork." This 1-eplsode romontlc odventure series, set In late llth century Cornwall, spans 10 turbulent veort of poverty, progress, bawdlnest ond bloody revolutions veort whose turbulence Is evenly matched by the stormy drama In the life of Ross Poidork, rebel with many couset. Robin Ellis tlors. 29) Music Hall America Chorlev Pride will host th show. Guests will be The S toller Brothers. Dlono Trosk, Ronnie Mllsop, Dove ond Sugar, and comedian Billy Braver. Masterpiece Theatre 10:00 O CD 9D Starsky And Hutch "Storsky's Lodv." A hoodlum holds Stortky ond Hutch responsible for hit ton's death, ond In retaliation, he critically wounds Starsky girlfriend. OS Six American Families "The Stephen Fomlly of lowo." Three generations enlov their chosen way of life on their fomlly farm. 29) Lou Gordon "Welfore Eaposed." John Oempsey director at the Stole Department of Social Services, will discuss allegations of fraud ond mismanagement In th state welfare system. 2D The Forsyte Saga 10:30 Movie 11:00 ooooooo CD O CD OS News CD Peter Marshall Show OS Off The Record SB Green Acres 29 The David Susskind Show 11:15 O News O Andy Williams CD Movie O Nation's Business OS Peter Marshall Vorletv show will feotur octreses Suionn Somers ond Solly Ihnot, comic Vito Scotti, Leslie Uooomt. Doc Sever Insen, Jock Jones, ond sportscoster Bob Uecker. 11:20 O Music Hall America Mickey Newberry, Chord Oonleis, ond the Oak Ridge Bovt will oppeor on the show to be hosted bv Jim Stalford. O News 11:30 O Name Of The Games O O O Movie O News CD Issues And Answers OS Agronsky At Large 700 Club 29) For My People 11:45 O Focus O Movie 11:50 O Movie 12:00 CD News 12:15 CD Newsmaker 12:20 Q Star Trek 12:45 Movie 1:00 O CD Movie (U News 1:30 O Peter Marshall Show 2:30 O Focus Detroit 3:00 O Classroom 3:30 0 News 4:30 CD Movie Sunday Movies 6:00 0 a a O CD News 0 Thritlmaker Sports O Thirty Minutes CD Jeannle CD Star Trek "The Menogerle." Port II. Mr. Soock conducts his defense oeolnst o mutiny charge bv using a weird communication system to reenoct scenes of the first lour, nev of the OSS Enterprise under the command ot Captain Pike I yeort be tore. QD Movie v OS Black Journal The araariinl iwlll feature ex. ot me ingnom loumy area po- cerptt from this season's Pro- clol Olympics tor me phvslcoltv Impotred. ond will epain th hoppenines of th Special Olympics to be held May 20 and ?l . The El Singers. Friendship Ambosso-dor lo Romomo. will perform a o special treat tor Mothers Day. CD Partridge Family ilt Community Concern !4D Robert Schullcr With Hour of Power 29) Fllntstones 11:30 OOOHI Face The Nation O Christopher Closeup O Daktari O CD Animals, Animals, Animals Todov't snow, hotted bv Hal Linden, will feolure in gie." O Wildlife in Crisis it Movie gram ond a sampling of press ond public comments on th Block Journal s ninth season. OS Fishing Hole (D Welcome Back Kotter . 29) Star Trek "The Conscience of the Kino." Coptoin Kirk is diverted to e plonel by on old friend who needs Kirk help In identifying o commander who eiecuted hall a planet population. Including Kirk's family. 2D The Palllsers 6:30 O O O CD 05 News O Profiles O Wild, Wild World Of Animals O Mysteries Of The Deep Th hlfMen fclnanufwffi E- cent of the earth turtoce teems with life: from oentl sea lions to lea r some predators ond creatures thot still boll! scientists today. f a.m. Ch. 70 ABBOTT AND COS-TELLO IN THE FOREIGN LEGION (150) Abbott ond Cos-tello. Fun with froitort ond Slav girl. K a.m. Ch. S ABBOTT ANO COS-TELLO IN THE FOREIGN LEGION See f a.m. Ch. 70 for details. 11:M.m. . Ch. SO LITTLE MISS MARKER (114) Shirley Temple. Adolphe Menlou. A group of bookmaker ond rocketeer ore adopted by an odoroble llttl girl who change oil their llv. NOON Ch. 1 SOOOM ANO GOMORRAH OUll Stewort Granger, Pier Angell. Brother of the aueen of the twin cities of Sodom ond Gomorroh Is nursed back to health bv Lot' doughtor. 1 p.m. Ch. SO CHEYENNE AUTUMN (IfMI Jomes Stewort, R Ichor d Wldmork. Story of th dtprot flight of th Cheyenne Indions back to their native ground in o Struggle that aroused th entire notion. l:M.m. Ch. S THE OLD MAN ANO THE SEA (tSl) Spencer Trocv, Felipe Poios. An oaed but Indomltoble Cuban flsnermon and his battle ogointt the sea. ' 4 p.m. Ch. S THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MISS JANE PITTMAN (1741 Cicely Tvon. Tracet the life ond memories of a fictional 1 10-year-old black womon from her birth os a Loulslono slave to the beginning of the Civil Right movement In 1H4. Ch. 50 THE INDIAN FIGHTER OvSSt Kirk Doug-lot. Elto Mortlnelll. When a wooon troln, enroute to Oregon, con't get through Sioux country, scout Johnny Hawk tok command. S P.m. Ch. I, fW CHANGE OF HABIT ntl Elvis Presley. Mory Tyler Moore. Young doctor forms o worm friendship for one of three novitiate working In a ghetto clinic. .m. Ch. U JACK AND THE BEANSTALK l7) An oni-moled version of th closslc lolry-tol. 7 em. Ch. SO THE BARBARIAN AND THE GEISHA (I'M) John Wovn. Elko Ando. Th story of th first U.S. Ambosso-dor to Japan, ond his atttmptt to unit East ond West.. I P.m. Ch. 7D. II. 41 THE BOY IN THE PLASTIC BUBBLE (l7e) John Travolto. Diana Hyland. A boy born without the usual Immunity to disease must live in Physical and emotional Isolation of o germ-free plastic room. Ch. 14) BITE THE BULLET (l75) Gen Hock man, Cond-k Bergen p.m. Ch. . 1, . K, IS WHITE LIGHTNING (171) Burt Reynolds. Jennifer Bllllngsiey. An ex- 'Police Woman' can thank ABC for renewal "Police Woman" is an NBC series, but Angie Dickinson and Earl Holli-man can thank another network (ABC) for the fact that their series was renewed and, especially, that it was renewed much earlier than most other series. . Why? Because the ratings for "Police Woman" have not been strong this season, the program seldom attracting a 30 per cent share of the audience, generally the minimum required to earn renewal. So prospects for making it into another season did not appear bright. "But then ABC brought on for testing a . spring show titled "Dog and Cat," a series that, if not a copy of "Police Woman," certainly had much in common with it. When NBC programmers saw this, they began to look at "Police Woman" in a new light. After all, if it was worth copying by the No. 1 network (ABC), then it certainly must be worth renewing on NBC) So they did. And shortly thereafter, ABC announced that their new season would not include "Dog and Cat." pert driver strikes 0 bargain with federol authorities to help break up a moonthlnlng ring. Ch. 4.S. S, 10 FIRE (177) Ernest Boranlne, Vera Miles. A convict ttort a devastating lores! fir In on attempt to divert at tentlon from his escape, but the bloi spreods with such astonishing speed that It soon threaten the live ond livelihoods of th residents of on entir mountain community. 10:30 p.m. Ch. 14 THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR (1975) Robert Redford, Fove Dunowov. A CIA ogent with the code name of Condor learn h Isn't sat anywher. 11:1$ p.m. Ch. C THE TROUBLE WITH ANGELS (IvMt Hovlev Mlllt. Rosalind Russell. Convent-school fun ond gomes, pitting a worldly-wise Mother Superior ogolnst two obstreperous student. 11:Jp.m. Ot. 4 THE APRIL FOOLS (169) Jock Lemmon, Catherine Deneuve. A successful businessman decides to put the rat race behind him and begin a fresh, new lit with a beautiful woman. , Ch. S MELODY (1971) Mark Lester, Jock Wild. A young girl ond o classmate foil In lov ond foe th roiling of their tchoolfrlend and th Interference ot their parents. Ch. 0 RED SKY AT MORNING (19711 Richard Thomds, Catherine Burns. Th difficulties of o lod growing up In the South-west during World War II, specially th trauma ot living In on area where he is outnumbered by hot-blooded Chlcono youngsters. 11:45 p.m. Ch. 7D JOHN AND MARY (1949) Dustln Hoffman, Mia Farrow. Guv meets gal In bar, make lov to her for a day before they exchange name. U:S0p.m. Ch. tW CARMEN JONES (19S4) Horry Belefonte, Doro thy Dondrldge. Posslons flare be tween on ormv guard at a parachute piont ond one of his CO worker in this modern day version of B net's "Cormen." 11:45 a.m. Ch. 14 THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR See 10:30 P.m. Ch. 14 tor details. 1 a.m. Ch. I 7L THE CENTURY TURNS (1972) Richard Boone. Man I sentenced to die for murder committed during bonk holdup. 4:30 a.m. Ch. 7L FAMILY SECRET Lee J. Cobb. Father defends man arretted for crime hi ton committed accidentally. MONDAY , fa.m. Ch. 7D CONGRATULATIONS. IT'S A BOYI (1971) Bill BiJtcy. Olane Baker. 1p.m. Ch. 9W A COUNTESS FROM HONG KONG (1947) Morion Brando, Sophlo Lor en. Ch. SO STRANGE CARGO (1940) Clork Gable, Ian Hunter. DEPARTMENT STORE ! mm WISTLAND SHOPPING CENTER iOWJERJJMINAWJ WJ few j Spalding Tournament Johnny Palmer 8-pc. 2 woods, 5 irons & golf bag Wilson Biltmore Billy Casper 11-pc. . Irons 3-9 & Pitch, Woods 1-3-5 Safe finds Wed., 9 P.M $Q88 Ajay Roll King Golf Cart List $89.95 Collapsible, Lightweight $QQ88 Ajay Riviera Deluxe T Bae-Cart Combo List $00 Collapsible, Bronco Brown only Spalding Investment Cast $t QQ88 lee trevino stylist ?ebelt?..' .... I?".. Golf Shoes List W0 Broken Sizes Irons 3-9 & Pitch & Woods 1-3-5 o irons, zwooas , List $79.95 surlyn Cover, High energy center Large Assortment Spalding Putters 6 Different Styles i Lee Trevino List $17.95 Faultless Golf Balls $Jg88 Sale 39" List $69.95 List $29.95 List $15 doz. List $15 Newporter Championship SKATE BOARD :s 2488 Ballbearing Wheels Price Break! List $39.95 GARCIA Abu-170 Spin-Cast FISHING REEL 1988 HAMILTON BEACH Double Mac Ri imor Machine THE ONLY FAST COOKER THAT FLIPS ITS GRID List $35.95 $1999 IQtOFISTMFISTER' TOASTER-OVEN Toast 4 slices 'Automatic Custom bake for covered dishes 29 99 List $54.95 Model '350 YAMAHA RemCId TENNIS RACKET List $70 MQ88 no stringing 'available n ZOOM PLUS Hair DryerStyler with Attachemenls List (29.95 $9 99 EXTRA LARGE OVEN UCU.FT. OF USABLE SPACE PUMA TENNIS SHOES Cowhide uppers "Men's Match" $JQ99 First Alert Professional SMOKE & FIRE DETECTOR Inc. 9 Volt Battery List $44.95 '26 88 j WITH TOOLS m '288 1 Mm List 349.95 TOSHIBA ivMrt wkitui t.M .iii tit- im MICROWAVE OVEN eFAST AUTOMATIC DHFROSTING SLIDE TIMER COOKING GUIDE eSKIMPS ON ELECTRICITY - Model ER-7RT Exclusive triple action cleaning. It beats, as it sweeps, as it cleans. 39 88 Model 1348 Mom's GDav photo Special EXPIRES 5-16-77 By Guardian Photo FAST FILM PROCESSING (Solor Printts From 126 & Square format film PLUS DEVELOPING RECTANGULAR FORMAT FROM 110 Color Prints 14 PLUS DEVELOPING " O Minolta SR-T201 35mm SLR Camera with 50 mm fl.7 lens List $395 Limited Time Only wo Available in eight ladies' styles - in gold only, and ten men's styles -dusk only. Limited quantities. now Save 25 to 30 On American Tourlster For a limited time from May 1st to May 1 5th Not Shown: Style 1054 Reg. tl3 Now 87.50 Save 37.50 L American Tourictor ml 7 Reg. Sale Style Price Price Save 1017 $4000 30.00 10.00 1021 555.00 38J0 16A0 1022L 56500 45.50 19.50 1027 585.00 63.75 21.25 1003 555.00 41.25 13.73 1018 557.50 M3.10 14.40 1021M 555.00 38.50 16.50 1025-3 590.00 63.00 27.O0 1024M 575.00 52.50 22.50 1044 5120.00 84.00 36.00 1085 55000 37.50 12J0 Style 1025-2 Reg. 58Wr Mow 59.50 Save 2550 Style 1030 Reg. 3Z0-Now 73.10 Save 24.40 Style 1024 Reg. SZ50-Now 56.25 Save 18.75 Style 1022M Reg. SteM-Now 45.50 Save $19.50 'OR Suggested Retail Prices Style 1050 Reg. -J0&-Now 37.50 Save 12.50 Style 1000 Reg. -S5ee-Now 541.25 Save 13.75 r-1 1 1

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