The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1949
Page 2
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FAOZ TfTO BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ' TUESDAY, JUNE 14, IMt THI NATION TODAY 'Incrjminaiion' Argument Has Saved Many Witnesses from Contempt of Congress Charge By Junes Mario* WASHINGTON, June 14. (/Pj—The House Un-American Activities Commitl« hu asked people "Are you or have you been a Communist?" 1. Tho«e who said flatly "I refuse to tnswer" were cited for contempt of Congress, tried, found guilty, and sentenced. 2. Those who said "I refuse to answer" and added "because it might incriminate me" had no trouble at all. Those extra ttv words, "... be-*— cause it might Incriminate me," make a bisr difference in deciding whether a man is contemptuous. Two years ago the committee, investigating Communism, called In 10 Hollywood writers and asked them the $64 question. When all of them Ilally refused to answer, they were cited for contempt of Congress. And two of the 10—John Howard Lawson and Dalton Trumbo—were tried in federal court, found eullty, and sentenced to a year in jail and a' fine of $1,000. They wanted to make a test case of it, so they were freed on bond while they appealed to the U. S. Court of Appeals. (Trial of the other eight cases has been held up pending the outcome of the appeals.) Yesterday, the appellate court said the lower court decision was right. Cite ComfHuUon Why hadn't the men answered the committee's question? They argued: the constitution protects a man from being compelled to disclose his private beliefs: and. so. he can't be punshed being silent about them. Not In this kind of case, said the appellate court. Why? It ruled: ..The right of free speech is not absolute. The country's welfare come* first. And If the country's welfare I* involved, a man can be compelled to speak under penalty of being Jailed If he doesn't. The court reasoned that this country'* welfare was involved in this case In the question oi Communism because: 1. The fate of the world, including this country's, Is at stake In the present struggle between Communism and democracy. 2. Since the Un-American Act- iyitiM Committee was Investigating Communism, it had a right to ask the question. : 'But tuppose the men, Instead, "I refuse to answer," had added "because It might Incriminate me." •/It's impossible to say what then .ppened in this par- been taken might have happe ticular case, but— No action has ever against anyone who appeared before the Un-AmericAn Activities Committee and refused to answer about Communism because It "might Incriminate" him. May Not Always Be True Under the Constitution a man can't be compelled to say anything about himself if It might Incriminate him. Will this always be true? Maybe nets In some future case Congress and the courts may decide this constitutional protection doesn't apply to Communism. So far, though, the little phrase . . because It might incriminate me," has been a good escape hatch for anyone not wanting to say whether^ he's a Communist. But there are a couple of things to remember about this appellate court decision: . It applied to A particular situation: \Vhat happened with the Un-Amerljan Activities Committee. It was Ir.vfst'^ating Communism. 2. The sarr court might not think a man gui'cv of contempt of Congress at oil if—say—he refused to answer about Communism before some committee Investigating farming, not Communism 3. The question Is not fully settled anyway. The convicted men will appeal to the Supreme Couft for the final word. Convicted Wife-Slayer Appeals His Sentence WITbE ROCK, June—MV-The case of George Cooper, convicted of murder of his wife, has reached the Arkansas Supreme court. The 39-year-old Qravette radio shop owner appealed yesterday from a Bcnton Circuit Court'con- viction and life sentence. Supreme Court To Review Stote Low on Picketing WASHINGTON, June 14—</P)— The U.S. Supreme Court yesterday agreed to review the validity of an Arkansas lav under which picketing—as In * strike—may be :icld a criminal offense if violence occurs. CfO lawyers asked for the review. They said the law, as recently Interpreted by the Arkansas Supreme Court, provides that pickets may be given prison sentences If there Is a disturbance and a trial court decides [hat, the picket line was assembled Jor the purpose of using violence. The CIO attorneys said the law has hindered unlo organization efforts. They contended that "a worker engaging In Arkansas in his constitutional right to picket is under such hazard of committing a felony that his constitutional right Is rendered meaningless." Argument on the appeal will be heard In the supreme court's new term beginning October 3. Ike Murry. attorney general of Arkansas, filed a petition opposing the CTO request for a review. Murry said the law does not ban peaceful assemblages and pocketing. "Tlie assemblage become unlawful," he stated, "when it adopts force and violence as a means of preventing a workman from pursuing his lawful occupation. When methods are employed, the prior lawful and peaceable assemblage become an unlawful one. Any person who encourages the creation of an unlawful assemblage violates the law. Livestock NATIONAL. STOCKYARDS, rj|. June 14. Wi —(USDA)—Hogs 13,500; leneial trade So to 7S cents lower than Monday; bulk 180-230 Ibs 20.- 50-J0.7S; top 20.75; late sales mostly 24.60 and occasionally below; 240270 Ibs 20.00-50; good and choice 160-170 Ibs 20.00-50; 100-130 \bf 17.50-19.00; tow* under 400 Ibs main- ly 16.00-n.OO; heavier sow* 13.5015.50; stags steady, largely 12 5015.00; boars 9.00-12.00. Cattle 3500; calves 2200; one Ioa4 high (ood medium weight ste«n 26.75; several loads and lota good and choice heifers and mlttd yearlings 25.50-28.00; common and medium 19.00-24.00; • few good cows 18.50-19.00; common and medium beef cowi largely 17.00-18.00; •inner sand cutters 13.00-18.50. AND THE TOP FROM A PACKAGE Of MAXWELL HOUSE TEA You'll love these refrigerator bags—and you'll love Maxwell House Tea even more! It's blended exclusively for discriminating Southern U»te. Keep • pitcher of It always In the Icebox for cool- Ing refreshment. So get Maxwell House Tea and send for these plastic bags today. Pine Bluff Couple Diet In Highway Accident BRINKLEY. Ark., June 14. liP A pine Bluff, Ark,, optometrist and his wife were killed, and two girls were Injured severely In a collision of two automobiles four miles west of here on Highway 10 late vcster- day. Dr. Preston Castlebcrry. 59. died instantly; his wife died a few hours later at a Brlnkley hospital. The girls. Elsie Bob Parrls, 14, and Ruth Melcher, 16. both of Gid- dlnss, Tex., suffered head and face Injuries r>nd were taken to a Brink- Icy hospital. The two were members of a party of six from Texas en route to the convention <?f the Future Homemakers of America at Memphis. No one else In the party was i njured seriously. The Texas automobile was driven by Mrs. Willie B. Glover. Austin. Tex. w«in-o* UNO THIS HANDY ORMH •LANK TODAY! -fit. ihL S»~rAfi*u~Tai£t" Ma.w.l! H.u» T«« 7, BoM. Cr«lc, Mich. 1 accept your ftnfroun food ha» Mazw«ll HouM T«« picka; »IT«r. I . e tap. poly In U. «. A. TTil* FERGUSON IS FIRST AGAIN! with a "cents-able" solution! A little money wisely spent will SAVE YOUR CROP GET THE GRASS AND CULTIVATE YOUR COTTON WITH THIS MONEY-SAVING DEVICE. A FERGUSON TRACTOR WITH THIS LITTLE CHANGE ON YOUR CULTIVATOR IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEM. Call Immediately! Jack Robinson Implement Co. Your Genuine Ferguson Dealer' 500 East Main Special! 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