The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1951 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1951
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRTjOAY, OCTOBER 5, 1951 BLYTKEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUB COOHIEH NTW8 CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher HARRY A. HAINES. Assistsnt Publisher A. A. FREDRICKSON, Editor FAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager 0ole National Advertising Representatives: Wall»c« Witmer Co, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Msmphli. Entered >i wcond claw matter at the post- offlc* it Blj'theville, Arkansas, under act of Con- October 0, 1817. Member of The Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION RATKS: By carrier in the city of Blytheville or any suburban town wher« carrier service Is maintained, 25c per week. ' By mall, within a radius of 50 miles, $5.00 per year, $2.50 for six months, $1.25 for three months; by mall out-slde 50 mile zone. $12.50 per year payable In advance. Meditations For lh«* IK no faithfulness In tlielr mnulh; (heJr Inward part is vrry wlrkpdnons; Ihclr Ihrnat IK an open sppulchre; (hey (latter with their Ion- rue.—Psalms 5:9. ' * * * It li better to fail among cni^-s than flnttcr- ers; for those devour the dead only, these (,he living, —Anfisthenes Barbs Once again we hear that there will b« leu meat. Is that going to mean a horse on us? * * * Expectation IK most of the Joy of living e*«*pt for foolish people who always expect the wont. * * * Speaking: of crummy thoughts—Americans eat more than a billion and a haU crackers a year. » * * Teachers mr* ajjaln helping to Talw our children. Isn't li u Important, In & lot of places, that we r*ls« thp+r pay? * • * An Indiana man had hla trousen ripped off la a traffic accident. He took • shorts cut to the nearest store. Truman's 'Pay-Showdown' Bears Sorry Political Stamp A vein of strong irony runs through President Truman's proposal that all top government officials, including judges, members of Congress and national parly officer*, be required to declare annually all their income—whether from salary, loann or gifts. Mr. Triimnh told Congress lie was offering the plan because "attempts have been made through implication and innuendo and bv exaggeration and distortion of the facts in a few cases to create the impression that graft and corruption are running rampant through the whole government." It is nice to know, anyway, that the President acknowledges a "few cases" where everything was not done exactly according to proper^moral standard. It is the first real concession to the truth he has made on this score. But the whole tone nf his message suggests that Congress and other critics have vastly overplayed the moral mis. steps of government, officials. And to this extent the President is still persisting in bland denial of the facts. Read in this light, his proposal for annual income disclosure can only be taken as a cynical diversionary tactic designed to confuse the public and discredit honest investigation ot government immorality. Ho \v_nn fortunate it is that the I'res- ident of the United Slates conceives it is his duty in this situation to shrug off charges of corruption merely as efforts to "get'' him politically. How sad that he continues to condone moral wrong-doing in top officials and lesser figures alike. His plan for coping with the problem is no antidote at all. so long as he fails to act forthritrhtly in cleaning his administration house when the evidence so plainly warrants it. Jlr. Truman's cavalier attitude toward the mounting testimony of corruption reveals one of his weakest traits as an executive. All he achieves by it is a redoubling of the attacks against him. He exhibited the same failing in his stand on Communists in government. Had he not lightly dismissed some of those charges as a "red herring." he might not have precipitated the deluge which later descended on him and has done so much harm to innocent men I in government. I The President's message seeks to I fasten on Congress the blame for putting I in jeopardy the reputation of govern- I rnent as a whole. The blunt reality is that I his behavior is really responsible. Had I he acted at all times to enforce a scnsi- I ble moral code, government would not I today be at its evident low estate in th« public mtnd. Mr. Truman's new plan merits nothing but a dusty corner on a committee shelf. It IB hia way of saying that he is more Interested In tribal political loyalty to the Democratic Party than in morality in government. Economy, or Empty Talk? The House and Senate conferees wound up by agreeing to a foreign aid total of ?7,.IS3,iOO,OOn for the new fiscal year—almost $200,000,000 greater than the Senate had voted, but about $15,000,000 under the House figure. This iv-presenls a triumph of sort for reason in foreign affairs, and may partly be ascribed to an urgent appeal by cable from General Kisenhower in Paris. But the fact remains that the Congress slill left, the measure ?1,000,000,000 short of administration requests— without particular point. The argument advanced, of course, was economy. Rut since the Inwmiikcr.s don't practice that in any other field, it stands as a flimsy excuse that will nut bear close scrutiny. Chances are that Congress will have to make up the :?1,000,000,000 deficiency later in the year. If and when that happens, it ought to be well noted liy a public which has been listening for many years now to utterly empty talk of economy. Views of Others Time to Match Words With Deeds. Humorously, an old fellow whrw« conduct dlri- n't measure up to his moral advice, said: "Don't do like I do—do like I say." And that's your Uncle Sam. onca a pretty thrifty and high-principled character, ai ihe politicians have made him In these later years. Consider a few of the deplorably wide BHD« between the federal government's actions and its words. Prnnldent Trumnn told the people t-o "buy only what you need and cannot do without." He said they must "make sacrifices." But Washington rollicks along with Its spending as If the rmllon faced no crisis—as If the war In Korea were a- practice maneuver, and Russia something on the funny pm?e. Senator Douglas of Illinois proposed 70 cut* in nondelense outlays, amount Inn to about three- fourths of a billion dollars, with results about at fruitful as a whistle for sv dead ring in a cyclone. Only nine of the cuts were accepted. Senators Byrrt, George and McClellan say billions could be lopped off federal .spending with no impairment of needed services. But sncriflcen are for the citizens, not the bureaurrnt.s. President Truman exhorted the nation to "make the most efficient use of manpower." And "wot hpppen" in his own household:? The federal payroll Is a national scandal, with Ite overstaffIng and excpssive supervision in ninny departments, Its frequency of antique, time-wasting methods, antt Its overHbrral vacation* and sick-leave for employes 141 days a year), The. President says nothing more about adopt- in? the rest of the Hoover Plan, to save an estl- nmtrrt five billions a year. Instead, he wnnt-S'the tnx-bllt now in (he works increased Irom six or seven to 10 billions. And Congress, with wvrnp notable exception* of member* faithful to the citizen's interest- 1 ;, approves thai spendthrift course. Worse yet are the disclosures of Influence peddling, political fnvors and shabby morals exposed in HIP crony pnvernmrnt in Washington. Roth the Prrsirirnt and Congress should buckle down to nmtchine fine wnrds, calls fnr thrift and j-nrrifirr. ivtth deeds An ounce ol pood example 1 is worth n ton of ' Uon't-ito-hke-T-do— do-like-1-say" advice. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT SO THEY SAY The Watch on the Thames WANING POPULARITY once over lightly- By A. A. Fredrfckson It Is presumed that at one time English as »-e of the hinder- lands kno'v it was spoken frequently and at times fluently In Wash- InsKm. Whether lliat era ended with the reifrn ot Andrew Jackson or Herbert Hoover, I do not know, but it has become apparent that Washington and Webster now have little in common. The lancuase of the is a ]ove!y thins and pnly.sylkibles are exceeded only by their definitions, ^hirh can be stretcher! like a SB-cent sirdle to cover any contingency. Take, for Sunday School Lesson Bureaucrat [example, the definition of contln- its ringing j gency—an angle we don't know how to handle and hope won't come up but probably will so we'll build a loophole In advance. Some choice "Washington Definitions" have been composed by others a nd published at various times in such magazines as Time, Reader's Digest and This Week. I rion't know rlRht off who !s due [credit for originating the follow- By WILMAM E. Oil,ROY. n. n. inR, but they were passed nn to . Why should not al] our attention me **>' James Nebhut, from over be concentrated upon the New Tes-j Al *^-Mo way: tnmeni, nnd Ihe life and teachings | A Program—Any assignment that of Jesus? Why is it not. enough loj can't be completed by one telephone study ihnse portions of the Old ' rail. Trst:unnnt that mark the highest development of relieion in the Hebrew prophets nnrl ports, and those Acts and Epistles that Interpret ami stress the meaning and application of the Christian oGspel and the hristinn life? Why .should we delve far back into (he early history of the Jewish peo 'efer Ed son's Washington Column — Officials Fear the Worst Period Of Inflation May Hit This Winter WASHINGTON* (NEA) — The orst inflationary pressures are still o come. They will hit In the winter nd spring of 1952. This is the conseiL-mn of WsLsh- igton's top economic stabilization officials. Th e y were assembled by Defenw Mobilization Direr- tor C. K. Wilson !o give a room full of Washington prew and radio correspondent. 1 ; a full day's briefing on the inside straight Peter Edson d o p e Qf what's ihead. RulPS. of the media?, hold in Resident Truman's press confer- 'nce room in the Old State Department Building, were that no was to be quoted Individually. But the sense of the meeting :ould be reported. Here are some of .he highlights: The United States Is goinp to year? for rearmament. It is impossible to lake this much spending for defense out of American production without a material effect on the civilian economy. But the step-up has not yet begun to be felt. In the second quarter of 1950— April to June before the Korean attack—defense production took *lx per cent out, of the U.S. KTOS.S national product of goods and services. In second quarter 1951, it took 11 per cent. Second quarter of 1952 it will be 19 per cent. Kmr 1 nvTn pn t May Rpach 6f) Million Jobs With a gross na t iona 1 prod net o f $350 billion in the- last of the three rearmament years, ni-jirly $70 billion of it will be for defense. Employment may be as high as 65.5 million people, not counting the 3.5 million in the armed services. Totii!, 69 million jobs. National income of all these employed people will be at record hiKh?. At the same time, .scarcities of materials and cutbacks of pro- shortages of thing.*, people want to buy. Then is when inflationary pressures will really get tough There are no such shortages now, or relatively few of them. Manufacturers filled warehouses In America's peak civilian production year of 1950. Those surpluses are being drawn on. It is when surpluses art 1 exhausted or reduced that the gap pie, or for that matter of any people, where life and times were crude, find characters and incidents were not always marked by high integrity and moral enlightenment? Is it not embarrassing to rend of To Expedite-To confound confusion with commotion. Under Consideration—N ever heard of it. Under Active Consideration— We're looking in the files for it, Survey Is Being Made—We need more time to think up an answer. Let's Get Together on This--I'm assuming that you're as confused a& I am. To Give Someone the Picturft—A long, confused and inaccurate slate- Abraham's serious lapse from truth- ment to R newcomer. fulnoFs 'Genesis 12:10-201, of ja-1 Functional Control—You tell him cob's crookedness nnd deceitfulness' what to do and he'll tell you where 'Genesis 27:18-40). and the Jews' to go. destruction of their conquered enemies (Deuteronomy 2:34) In an act of ^enccide with which we can compare Hitler's massacres In countries he conquered? We may disregard and pass over such things In the Biblical record too llzhtly. nut, If they were all, nr even a dominant part of the record, there would be reason to avoid It, and not. study It at all. It is the fact, though, that A Conference—A group ot poop' 9 who individually can do nothing, but who collectively agree that nothing can be done. To which I wouId 1 lk« to &dd some of mine own: Liaison—Messenger *«rvio« between adjoining offices, Memo—Routing instructions attached to R buck being passed. Directive --A memo In triplicate, in which a subject the sender knows through and beyond the dark pages: nothing about Is couched in terms so much shines that is not- only! the recipient can't possibly under- gnntl. but sublime nnd prophetic of J greater things to come. Moreover, the darker and unethical things must be seen in their proper perspective. The tiems were ::.". i roiish and crude, and. must not be 1 judged by the highest standards of tociny; though the peaceable Abra- hnm (Genesis 13: 8,9) might w-11 between income and goods nnd services available will increase. How to reduce that gap Is the problem. Tt can be done by increasing t fixes, by flchtcntns credit control. 1 ;, by increased savings, by price and wage controls and/or by another device that Wa^hineton is hrginine to tnlk about—restriction on capital formation. What this is taken t-o mean is reduction of non-essential construction of Income-producing projects. Important word here Is "non-essential." Defense production plant spend 4150 billion In the next three jducclon on civilian goods will create Ml in judgment upon our twentieth century, marked by deeds, violence and dishonor. One of my keenest critic?; sometime aco uraeri that the bloody and violent records—he spoke of pases in Samuel and Kines— ought to be omitted from the Bible. I do not I think so. | Apart from my own instinctive | dislike of the censorship nnd expurgation of great books, I think it is snmethine of the glory of the Old Testament that !n its history of the Jewish people, it. presents the dark stand either. Checking on It—Don't know what the devil you're talking about but maybe I can find someone in the building who does. Grass Roots—Any place ouUidt the District of Columbia. Referred Lo Higher Authority— Problem turned over to man with appointive job who isn't likely to as well as the bright, the bad as construction u-ouid be approved, but | well as the good, not orily of the not new garipnt fnctoric^. Housine in defense areas Tould be approved, See KDSON cm P.ISJC 12 IN HOLLYWOOD TV ERSKIN'E JOHNSON NKA Staff Corre.sptmdpnl HOLLYWOOD (NEA) — Exrlu- i rence. . Gordon MacRae and i-ely Yours: Evangelist Billy Gra- ; Doris Day are set for a sequel to ham Isn't worried about "wicked" 1 "On Moonlight Bay." Hollywood's soul. I • * • "I was surprised, when given the; -j dreamed of Paradise" the Itnl- farts and through some personal ob-: ian fUm 5tarring Geraldinp Brooks servalion. by the number of church; which na? been nannPc1 frorn thp U. S, thr pa H two years because of its bawrty hou^e locale, finally passed the censors, with a new ending;, and is due for release this winter, tn Ihe European version. Grral- penple, but even of their greatest, heroes. Tt ivmild be well if we had mnre of such honest realism today, and if all history were written with similiir regard for the whole truth. get canned for his mistakes-. Submitted to Your Department for Action—Yon do it: I've got a golf date this afternoon. To Integrate—To combine mls- t a kes by tyin g th em loosely with red tape. To Implement Our Action—Let's i get rid of It fomehow. A Project—An nmbleuous plan compounded of pledges, promises and paper. Forthcoming—Due before the next ejection. Channels—Means o[ establishing the longest possible distance be- t-ween two adjacent points. Processing Your Request —'T am taking it out of the bottom desk drawer and putting it in the middle It happened that when that par-| one - lunch. It was, one of yearly exhibitions of OMiboianre by dynamic people.—Jnwaharla] Xohni. IiuiiVs Prime Minister, on beheading ot 0,1 Indians hy Burmese hfndhunters. * • # Remit American history ha? demonstrated the inadequacy of milllnrv leaders ns statesmen. . . . The Mtrrc^Ful general is arcustompd to Issue or- riers and expert imqnestinnimj obedience. The 5it«'CC5,>[nl politician operates throuch compromise and persuasion.—Ray Allen Billing ton, historian. Northwestern U. * * * The military e?tablLshment Is already in the saddle, and there Is no termination or levelling oft of the demands of the military (for money*. --Sen. Ralph B Flinders iR., Vt.i. * » » We'll raise prices, as much as the government will allow.. , .Cars are under-priced compared with other products.-—C, E. Wilson, president, GM* * * There certainly i? a lot more work to being a prrjitor than a Congressman.—Sen. A. S. Mike Mor.rnnpy <IX, Okla.). * * « Who are the people who determine what Ls rcarhiri? the nation < over TV) •* Mc-n In iiln- Mnpr suits who collectively are merchants of n commodity that isn't either enlcrt-ainnient or culture; it's a medium lo make a buck.—Ted MiU.J television producer. poors and normal families In Hoi- j lywood," the young personality boy of old-tUue religion tolri me between revival mr?tings at the Hollywood Howl. "I'm s;omz lo defend Hollywoirt nn my radio anrt TV shows. Just because «. few movie people make ihe headlines t!or«n'i mean Hnllywood is a land of sin." : Billy's about tn premiere a S.SO.- j 000. full-hour movie. "Mr. Texas." financed by his follower?. "It's a western with Bibhrnl ovrrt^nrs-- about a Tex a 5 oil millionaire who doesn't find tnie happiness and jiearo until 1 convert him." In spirrd by Glenn McCarthy? "No." Billy orinnrd, "but I hope he sees the pinnrr." Nmv It's Bnb Rone who wants in co-star with Greta Onrho in a comedy. There's even been some studio talk about i!, Bob admitted. "My brst box nfficr p to Hires h*ve always hren «ilh women vvhn urro- j ii'l idrntiftrd «ilh comedy, from ; M.irtrlinf C'arrnll nn." l\ih rri^on- ! fd "It's a *orl nf ma^lc formula of I beauty and thr hcnst," Dean MnrUn and Jerry Lewis arr ! plot fine another IP mm. film =.i1irr, | "Four and One Half." inspurci bv I Arch Obo!rr"s "Five" A Hollywood photncraphor. Allen Grant. rm 'hf I pamf idea ahnuf "Thp Fi-fcrnm " j His title: "Tadpole, Son of Frnc- men." j Credit Fdrtip Canlor with Ihe line about, the drivr-ln theater *r,mvins: movies to adult<; only. No cars under 16 vcars-of-asf admitted. Science Fiction Thriller Prp\ IPW Flas-h: Fox's "The Dav The Earth Stood Still" ft.irt? whrrr .ill other pfccncp fiction movies havr If It off. rt's R cclhilrnd H bomb. I more proof thai Hnllywood o:i!---> a sain is makine (tend movie*, That move. <linr marries amiirncrs. (lir l»rr phi neinf: britT^e lo pay noblrrrmi. Fnr U. S, fiml scene will show (o her death (rnm a fnr her sin*. I ticular criticinn camp to me Twasi Endorsement.s—A mean^ of col- thc early history of Brit- | lectln? nutographs in -such an order lain. What impressed me was that i as to concentrate the glory and/or Ancrio-Raxon times, many cen-' spread the blame around. hit ies after the early life of Tsraol.l Economy—None in this depart| there was a darkness of tribal war-! ment. Have you tried next door? violence, and bloodshed, a I-1 Bud get------That which mnves only ilrely nnlishtenrd hy the i in one direction, is not understood j tlonably i Biblical nd idealism that do unques-f by anyone, is sacred and irrecJuci- shine throuch the earliest; hie. remains a mystery lo the tax- records fsee Genesis 18: and the other in Minneapolis, Clarren is the leading expert in' the Twin Cities—and, for some dis-j tance around, too. Today's hand, in ; which h« was declarer, will give j y o 11 P oni e i d e'i of why he highly thought, of. West opened the kiriE of hearts.! and dununy won with the are. De-1 clarer next took the !-;mg and of trumps, discovering to his ,v>r- j rnw that West had a sure Trump | trick. In view oi the fact that there \ ; wa.> a na.=ty-lookin^ diatnonri £it-! nation, the slam seemed shaky at with an increased sense of their in-! this point. Clarren rensoned that We^t had! nf man's life on earth. at leapt six he^rt,« for his \ulner- j able overran. Since West was mark-f my ^jth a trump and a good club. i ert with ihrre fpadPo. ho \VIK- bound; rf Fast .^urd only one diamond, ing, speedily endorsed, rapidly m- I to be short in the minor .-nir.v. j clarrcn cnuld ruff a diamond In ! tetjiated. quickly implemented, thor- iM of; ncrlarer therefore c.i.Oicu the *CE , riummv and return to his hand j oii2hly checked, referred to hicher flnrt Irrl a k.w din-j with the qnrrn of clubs to cash the \ ^uthcrity and should be forthcom- II Wo.,i, had | ]f\.-,( fiinmond. ing next July bo i ! It sent me hack^lo (hose records payer and is paid for hy him. Unification — Wherebv two or i more groups overlap their wcrk to i produce three or more copies of ev- f terest and their value In the story; er y(hinsz. Taking Tnuneriistc Steps — Your 'p.cjucst is being hastened through channels, hurried through process- Jack Brmiy nn the miner inovirs, TV and rafiin 5hnws: j o[ dtflmonds "T hopr everv'ihinp zci~~ so pxpf-n- j mond toward s duniiny si'.e \vr'll all have to so bark to the j a .^instlrton diamond, he uou'.c' - =til - r -" j cuen no chance to tuff a winner, j Una B^qiiette. the sorcenus si-| As H happened. Wrst folfoweft iiiit.l loin star, has joined Mnrlene Die- | nnri .South sm back to his hand by' fiirh in the grandma Icaciie. Her ruffine dutnrnys reniP-inm^ heart, ci.vichtcr-? now a mama. Una's in j South coioi'iurd by t.ikiii" the rptirenirnr. nn a Bucks County fRi-m.; k in 3 O { clllb ., nnrt i car it ng a i r ,, lV A cn?ur.v director called an aecnt , rlllb towards riiiinmv We,-,! snw no fnr a wrll-limit actress to play in advar.I-a Ruminant Answer to Previous Puzzle Mnr See 1 - fiction "I knoiv ipup alvnit a trip' exartly \vhat you ' i r*tt 12 75 Years Ago In Blythevillc — World :i vc-r T k VanXPC,- iOi a H- York on Thr victory Olnnt.* tht-^ Mrs C W Affhrk in nifiiu,:. so he n:>- cardfri a hrsrr. Dummy wo;: \viih the ace frf cluUs and threw \ in with a trump. Tins play not only forced West h orn pir.-irlrnt nf j As. ; rv*ia f ;on. an- I crniip u-iil hM;in j JfOO fnr the Biythe- W^ST AQ9(* NORTH (Dl ! AK712 V A 10 * A853 EAST AJ V 93 2 • J 1052 Bet iv Piv;:hp;. d.iuchter nf Mr ,ir.d Mr? R:i5r,rn Phillip?, fractured \ arm in a fall this week. j 9 JACOBY ON BRIDGE IV OS\VA1,I> ,IACOBY \Vrillrn for NEA Service Champion Shows Why He's nn Expert + 2 N'ortb 1 ^ 2 A 3V 6* + J SOUTH * A 10 8 5 3 * A.978 vul Eurt South Pasi 1 A Pass 3 4> Pass 4 * Pass S * Pass Psss 10976 West 2 V Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— V K Wh ii fit, Paul Thotr's a Brradvi ay mnsical in tune with Mala Po^frs. Gr;-e i"My Blur Hr.iven"! Austin's c\- \\ife, Pony Shrrrill. Is one of ih* sho'.vsii'ls in the new revue at K.ul Carroll",";. . Ed Tirrnry, brother of Lawrence Tinrney And flc<v! Brady, is writ me a fan nine slo.-y MMfd. -Mr Brothrr'5 A Srre'vbii! '" Surprise—HA about Scoit, not Lav,--, .stand wuh one r the All- American : irli?.!i-n-.t ,CVt. 18-21 >. n.\vc nTii uiil'hr \ka.;',nj nn the cioor- i to .-rrt ihrm. Dn\'f 15 tcch- liy a u.= ;'or t«-<i. siurr lip lives Mmnpapolj?. But that dooMVt ?itv:p Vm toM tint \ou (oo*. in Si, Paul to ctve divlrtrrr -T ni'I-anri-sUi'i'.! liu*. it nho squrrjcrt Ea^t. \Vhpn U' led R hp.irt. dinnniy discarded a ciiamrmcl. and Soulh; rnffod. This left Snuth with two diamoiiris and the q'icen of cliib.-. •>vhile riummv had tu ; ^ clnh? A:*.ri a trump, \VJist Uure cards coulct pixir Enst. save? j H East saved only one rlub, Ciar-j ten ronlri t'ke th^ oueni of rhilv- and wui the last twa tncks tn dum- HORIZONTAL ^ T ERTICAI/ 1 Depicted 1 Strong winds horned 2 Meat dish ruminant 3 Mineral rock 8 It also is called 4 Measure (ab.) a deer 5 Gambling ISThcfl 11 Singing voice 15 Era 16 Scandinavian ,18 Pedal digit 19 l nus 20 Ribbon ornament 22 Concerning 23 Musical instrument 25LcRal claim 27 Halt 28 Finishes 29 "Smallest State" (ab.) 30 Against (ab.) 31 Hypothetical structural unit 32 An (Scot.) 33 Will 35 Horse's.gait 38 Angers 39 Volcano in Sicily 40 Nickel (symbol) 4HI is found in the American game SSeth's son 7 Biblical city 8Lct It stand ,. pi,.,-,,,, .SKST "2SSS 11 Anchored 26 Place within 12 Smooths 33 Best IVThoroujWarc 34 Awn (ab.) 30 Vegetable* 20 Fastest 37 Goal 21 Raises 42 Repose 13 Either 14 Preface (ab.) 45 Particle 15 Ruler (suffix) 19 Dry 51 Falsehood 53 Mixed fj-pe 55 Mount (ab.) 47 Not (prc3x) 48 V.'orm 50 Mistake 51 Piece of lumber 52 Paces 54 Bunting 56 Unspoken ^7 Most obese \

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