The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 6, 1946
Page 3
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^SATURDAY. JU1,Y C, 1940 State Finances 'Best in History' Governor Laney Reviews Progress Of Past Two Years. ROGERS, Ark., July B. (UP) — <->ov. Ben Laney today upheld tlic f nanciii] status of Arkansas us tne best In Its history." 1-ancy officially dedicated Ine (few SI.OOO.MO muiislng-ivenr nyK.n hosiery plant here yesterduy at- Icrnoon imd was the principal speaker at a banquet Bivcn for slate celebrities and company officials. In a review of tlic state under two years or lil s administration, the governor said that his consolidation iwliclcs, together with i;« IcBislative acts, had Increased living standards in Arkansas. Ho (hat tile benetils were accrued without additional taxes— a program which he saicl (he vot- er.s endorsed before he was elected. L:mey pointed onl thai the treasury balance on July 1, 1'JHi, was $50.447,517. He added that <uhc state's securities were at an all- time high, and that Arkansas now enjoys the best credit ".since being admitted into the union." A new reassurance, tsood business and high employment, brought fi!4 new industries to the state in Ihe past 15 montlis. Iho governor said. He estimated that employment, tangent to the new industries would total 10,000 jobs. He sold thai this imiiLstriiil expansion was in addition to new livestock interests, packing plants, canneries, .shoe factories, garment, factories, and other Industries. (Juolcs Thomas Jefferson The chief executive asserted that the individual in Arkansas was being encouraged to go forward on his own. Advocating the philosophy of Thomas Jefferson, Lancy said "The people when governed least are governed best." The governor outlined a solution to the state's domestic problems with this eight-point program: . 1. Build mncls and pay for them; \i^ Participate in the airport buM. iflr program authorized by con- |eress, and pay for that; 3. Improve schools; 4. Flood control, levee construc- Ition ant! adequate drainage; I 5. Conserve soil and natural re- I sources; I 6. Render well (he services needled for the people; I 7. Increase timber, agricultural. I mineral nnd manufacturing produc- |tlon; and 8. Develop recreational facilities. Laney's address followed a prc- I diction by Munsingwcar President I Ernest Olrich that prices of nylons I would not, be raised following the I demise of the Office of Price Ad- 1 ministration, but that in time they (would: level off. tHc'suf ti e.C-d that In better grade of hose would l-rme 1 n slightly higher price, while- a I poorer grade would ]j c somewhat BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)! COURIER NEWS Whatzit? Underwater Atom Bomb Test Is Scheduled for July 25 If you can't identify this "bird" skeleton, don't worry, because anatomy students at Willinm find Mary College, Williamsburg, Vn., called it everything from an arclieuplery to a flying reptile. The weird "bird," used in a college quiz, was built by oteologists from the bind leas of a eat, wings ond neck of a chicken and skull of a fish. Castor Oil Slralejry CLEVELAND. O. (U.I 1 .)—Silver the polar hear at Cleveland zoo went on (he sick list recently, illness made her much too ferocious i be fed castor oil from a spoon Or a shovel, for that matter. Zo(, keepers doused lier paws willi the castor oil ami she got a good dose when she licked them clean. cheaper. Jolin Archer, in charRc of all nylon production for tbe company !>rcdictcd (bat within a year, the nylon output by all companies operating in tbe United Slnles would be in excess of 40,000,000 dozen ;) airs. Phone 931 /or better TAXI SERVICE For lonff (rips—5 or more to Memphis or Little Uock, near train fore fur round trip. LOCAL CALL ... Twin Gables.... 35c Midnight inn . 50c Golf Club ... 50c Manila $4.00 Osceola . . . 11V .T()Si:i'll I,. MYl.EK Unilcd Pi-ess Slaff i'orrcsiumilnit Ol-'P UIKJNI ATOLL, July U. UP)—Vice Admiral \V. II. P, liluu- l.v, director of the operation cross- •oads project, annouiwi'd lodny hat the underwater explosion of in atomic bomb to test Us power igalnsl naval ships has been set cntaltvcly for July 25. At Ihe same time, lilnndy declar-, "d that last Monday's explosion I'cni the air turned out to be "a ar greater success In most respects '.linn expected." He said the possibility bud been akeu into account beforehand that he July 1 nir drop might be a 'miss of appreciable dimension," vlilch It turned out lo be. The bomb, instead ol bursting vlthin 2CO yards of the aiming point on the natllcship Nevada, burst mmnd 500 .yards nslern and to loii, according lo unofficial flb- ervers. .. Hlnndy would nol give (lie loea- ion of the burst, but said that de- liitc the fact "it, was not precisc- ..' where we wanted, we still got n 'cry satisfactory hit." While preparing for Tesi "Bilker." vhlch will test die alom bom]>' s effect on ships' hulls in contrast lo he first anain.-it tli c (opslde.s, olnt task force olio has hecn eval- lating the results ol Test Able. Hlandy pointe<| out Unit ih (; hurst ink or thoroughly disabled ships of every nuijor type in the navy. I' included the liatllesh'^. i\r- ;ansa.s. Heavy Cruiser Pensacola. Submarine Skale. and (he Light Carrier Independence, all of which were disabled. Ships sunk were the Japanese Light Cruiser Sakawa, tn c Destroyers Lamson and Anderson, nnd the Transports Gilliam and Carlisle. Concerning the loss of some of Ihe task force's most Impmlaiit tli- -•ilrumenl.s uboiird the Cilllliiin, ituo to (he faet thai the bomb exploded closer lo the Clilliam (lian expeclcxt, Illaiuly siild: 'Tlint was (he chnnee we were Inking. We did not have any In- slruiiu'nts thiit had lo be snvcct to make (be lesl n success. Noth- ini! went wroiiK (o an extent to prevent the lest from beinij extremely satisfactory. "In our iiluniiliiK wv provided for alternate or duplicate methods of Inslniinrntallon. In mosl resiwcls, we had far greater success llian ex- peeled." El Dliler Duck Sighted MASSKTl"'. C. C. (UP)— All der cluck, resident of (he iwliir and sub-polar region, has been re- porlod .si>eii near .Musselt. Officials of the Provincial Game Ucpiirl- 111011!, said it was (he soeond llmo Hint nn elder duck bus ever been skilled in Drillsh Columbia. Slate of Arkansas 1ms Issued a permit, No. 180 lo J. II. Orain and B, (J. Wlllliuiis lo sell and dispense, vinous or spirituous liquors for bever- IIBC nl retail on Ui c premises described us a Main si reel, Armorel. nils permit Issued on the Isl day of J«ly, l»4li and expires on Ihe JO ilny of June, 19-17. Armorel Drua; Co. E. C. Williams. I'ililMIT Notice is hereby jjlvcn dial the conmiisslonei- o( Devt-nues of (ho falnlf of ArkHiisiis hus Issued n per"il, No. l»a lo Harvey Slcwiivt lo SPII ami itlsiH'iisc vinous or spirituous liquors for beveriiKC at retail on the premises described as 210 Ensl Main. Hlylhcvillo. This permit Issued on the 1st day of July, IDIIi "in ejii>lrcs °" tllc ao ''">' 0( J»'" ¥ . Harvey Stewart 1 I'cnulilee. NOTK'K ()!•' (iltANTINCS <)!•' Notice Is hereby «lveii that (ho Commissioner of Revenues of (he Farm Lands For Sale! Locutions in Northeast Ark- ansiis and Southeast Missouri. All sixes Tracts—10 acres up. On Good Rroads. School hus and mail route. Power line. Good buildings. C. E. GOLLADAY Riinclio Hotel Hnyti, Mo. • FIREWORKS Crispy Cold Fruits Vegetables, Watermelons PADTFDC tii'om-y Will I ClfO Market (i2(i North <i(h Street Open 7 I>ays a Week Terry Abstract & Realty Co. Abstracts of Title — Lands — Loans 213 W. Walnut Phone 2381 'INSURANCE n,, 2311 For Complete Protection • ACCIDENT & HEALTH • HOSPITALIZATION • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE • LIABILITY ' • BUnOLART•"., ' .-'-!;'•.' • PLATE GLASS ' •TORNADO • SURETY BONDS • AVIATION FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios and Appliances 324 E. Main St. Phone 2407 Olnfir places in comparison. J. R. Payne, manager 108 N. 2nd CHAS. BirtNER Get ready! Got 6 days plowing in only 5 days I The self-cleaning O^i> E N C E N T E R keeps lugs open at both ends. Gives each lug an entering edge lo start the bite. So, <h e whole lug digs down deeper, gets more grip. Ask any neighbor now using Sure-Grips. He'll confirm what tests prove You get up to 22';; more work with less fuel when you use Goodyear Sure-Grip Tractor Tires DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^free Estimates. S. J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • Phone, 3646ajut2&5. Insulate Your Home NOW with PARTEMP FIRESTONE'S Home Insulation I'AUTKHP will .keep your house CUOI.KK In (lie iuinnicr anil WAKMlvK in tlic winter. I'AKTKMI' Is a new lypo of home Insulation sold exclusively by Firestone. I'AICTKMP Is genuine staple colton. PAUTIiMP Is light. It weighs less limn 10% as much ns some liisulaliun materials. PAKTIiMP Is easy and safe lo Install.' II will not harm skin or clothing. I'AKTlvMl" Is Government Inspected and approved. I'AUTOIP Is Firc-rcsi.slant. Nol even the flames of a blow torch will Ignite it. FAKTKMP Is veiinln-repclinnt. Conic in or Call Us Today Kcgarding The Amazing New rAKTEMl" FREK ESTIAIATIiS O. 0. HARDAWAY 2101 Wm. II. PKASB 207 Wcsf Main Street Refrigerator Service Fred I.uwlrr ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J W, Arima.s M£r. I'lioiic 2071 206-08 W. M.lln NOTICH OK CiKANTINK Ol' 1.IQUOK I'llKMIT Notice Is hereby tlveii Hint the Conniilsslonoi' of Hcvcnues of lh« Hliilc of Arkiinsiis hns Issued n permit, No. 190 lo I.. M. Clmpi>cll lo .sell nnd dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for IjevoriiBC nt reliill ugi and expires on the :iO tiny of June, 1B4V. a. aipson rcnnltleo. PAGE THEE1 AUTOMATIC Record Changers $30.75 I'lays Hcriirili Ihrouell Itaillo, and rh.uiKfs Iliriti iiuloiilHllfiilly. \VI11 lilay 10 Krtimls ut one selllnK. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 21 a West Main St. 1'himv 201 r> l/rs Rolhrock DRUGS Free Delivery Phone 451 lU'Scrvc- District No. 8 Keporl iir C'nmllllon of Slulc No. 81-105 The FARMERS BANK & TRUST COMPANY c f lll.vthcvlllc, Arkansas, ul (lie close of business Jinn- 211, III 1C, » State bunkiiig institution urKiinlxril and npernllne umlcr tlir Imnklnir lu«:i of this Slate ami u member of the IVdnrnl RrKcrvei System. I'uhllshtd In icvordHiict with a <-all ma<li; by (be Stale lliinkllli; Aulliiirlllf s unit by the I'cdcral Keservc liank of this IHstrtct. A S S E T S Loiins and discounts (Including $5GH.TO overdrafts $ 11(10,410.11 United Stales Government obligations, direct ami guarim- Obllgatlons of States and political subdivisions ' iy/,MB.lfi Coipornlc stocks (Including $l).OflO.OO slock of Federal Itc- servo bank) 9,000.01) dish, balances with other banks, Including reserve balance and cash Items In process of collection 1,0'13,705.5'i Dnnk premises owned $70,000.00 Including Moutiiomery Ward, furnlturo and fixtures $1.00 70,001.0(1 Assets of Insurance Uepinlmenl 3o',M-t.'JI Olhcr asscls ' i mi TOTAL ASSETS $7,«50,240,'IO L I A It I L I T I E S Demand deposit.'; of Individuals, imrlnerships. nnd corpora'• ' tlons • -i . $D,r.u,f Time deposits of tndlvldiiuls, piirtncrsblps, and corporations Deposits of United States Government (Includlni; postal savings) •HHi.HIKUK) Dc|Kislts of Slides and political subdivisions :ioi),u:i[|.'JO Deposits of banks 13D,D<n.tU Other deposits (certified nnd officers' checks, etc.) 105 Mfi 08 TOTAL DEPOSITS $1,3<iU,2:21.0r> Liabilities of Insurance Department, M, TOTAL LIABILITIES (not Including sulxmllnatcd obllga tlons shown below) ................................... $7,398,515.30 C A I' I T A I, ACCOUNTS .$ 150,000.00 ., lfJO.000,00 Ci.pltnl' , Surplus , Unnlyldcd Profits I...'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. j'l r' • • ••• TOTAL 1 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ...; .,...!,$ IS j ,725.04 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $7,U50',240.'!0 This bank's capital consists of: Common slock wilh lolal par value ol $150,000.00. M K M O R A N 1) A Pledged nsscls (and securities lonncd) (took vuluc): U. S. Ciovcrnmenl obligations, direct and guaranteed. pledged to secure deposits and other liabilities $1,050,000.00 TOTAL $1,050,000.00 Secured and preferred liabilities: Deposits secured by pledged assets puinuant to requirements of law $ 431,003.75 TOTAL $ 431,1)03.7!) I, R. L. nanlsler, cashier of the above-named bank, hereby ccrllfy (bat the above statement is Irue to the best of my knowledge and belief. II. L. Banister, Cashier J*S>" . *->' Correct—Attest: I!. A. Lynch f V f p. E. Warren J. L. Cherry, Directors. Stale of Arkansas, County of Mississippi, ss: .Sworn to and subscribed before me this Otli day of July, 1916. My commission expires March 25, 1917. E. It. Bryan, Notary Public. RAIN INSURANCE... For Your Freshly Washed Car! 24 Hour Insurance—25c If it rains within 2\ hours after you have had your cur washed ill our station and you lire a holder of our Curd, just present Card within 48 hours and we will wash it again—FHKK! SPECIAL! Wash & Grease Job—$1.50 MARR'S AUTO SERVICE Your One-Stop Stutmn Phono 2611 ASH and SECOND | Top Prices for Cattle, Hogs Short haul — Less shrinkage and no commission means more money for your livestock. LEO SWIFT BUTCHER'S ABATTOIR Phone 3458 Minnie Lee Jones Music Studio ENROLL NOW for Summer Classes in Piano Phono 2994 or Write Miss Jones 807 Chickasawbo Hlylhevlllc, Arkansas Join the Ark. Automobile Club and enjoy it's many benefits YOUR MEMBERSHIP SAVES YOU 20 % ON AUTO INSURANCE Ivan R. YanPatten Your Sales Representative 418 S. I,Hk(! St. Residence Phone 2-100 No Waiting! 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JH-U^ __.vJid^4.\l

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