The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 10, 1950
Page 11
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MONDAY, APRIL 1C, 1950 •LTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACK OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams TMe OTWCR. HUNK Of O4 TMC t*CK t -i~ HE'S &IVJIMG A VJOMDERFUi. ,eo«.Y GABRIEL, KA& PUT SOMAW/ k.MOTS IM OAK*'S GLPrtXA.TOR.tTLL- TAKS AtJ EAaUt SCOOT TO HIM.' 66AO/WXOLIK APPEARS TOTALLY CLASSICAL. TACTKSlPF CSAVMC tuc BATHTUB.' Our Boarding HOUM with Maj. Hoople AN' Btf -THI* TJMC SOU \ •SHOULD FEEL. WHAT 7 J'M HOLDJKJ 1 THIS HERE PCJR.' IDU'R* eiTTINT ON TK AH, I GITTIREP GIWAN 1 LIFTIN* HIM TO WIPE HIS FEET.' H6S STUBBORW AK)' VJOWT PUT A FOOT IN IT—' BVTHteTWE HE ) W)UT I'M HOLPlW THIS HERE FOR.' Political Announcement Th« Courier News has been nuthor- laed to announce the following candidates, mbject'to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8. FOR COUNTY JUDGE Roland Green Nearly 32,000.000 persons visited VS. national parks In the 1949 travel year. By Rupert Hughes 1HO kf Xiiprt Hu^k Oiit. by NEA SKVICE, INC. pur Telephone Number 4438 Shclton Motor Co. K'fucky No. 31 Fescue Pocture Mixtures, Alfolfa, SEED CORN Statu Certified COTTON SEED and SOYBEANS L.BLYTHEVILLE f^SOYBEAN CORP.* 1900 W. Main Phone 6856 RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We : Pick Up and Deliver FredCallihoh HO So. First St.; Blythtrille Til*) STOHYi I-HvBt« d«(c«(JT«' NHrUn QurrijtFl I. Irflmf fu clear I'*nl Moitdy, m T-^HMIC ftvulpfor, at murder <^ktir>;r« Im. Ike MlHvtajc ** Wendell I'uliui-r, Ihr father »f >1i>otl^'K fi:invi'« Ax:ilfM falMrr. I'D I lee df Ifdttve Jamt-M Sllvrrn cJnltu* BuKtrjtrltttm »m tfc« baw« *I (he (<rt«v>kun« M«c4 to blu4K«um 1-almrr tu dratk nre JHoody'j. A« Ik* »ullc* CrlBtc Iiitborn tdry. i)K«rii>el e^M •*!»(•• tk<-»« »ri»1i, HN4 1h«>H re-enar1* the eriwc, •»i»* *nolKer phtMtr, Tfc*» he ••!» Slivcra <« c+m*f** f yrl«1* he let* «Kh thv*e fMi»4 •• tfc« taatra- Mt-Mt «M»4 Im th»- w«r4*r. Stiver* *«*• thl* B»d y*Ut« *mt 4hH< "l**r •••ht t» tell tfc* •<«i7. w • • • XXIII TyrARTIN QUBRIPEL was so If-L overwrought that he condescended to a crude pun. "Yes, the fingerprints seem to lell the story. But things hav« a way of busting at the seams. By th« way/ could you h«v« these prints of mine blown up the same size as thoM you took from Moody?" Slivers nodded. ' "How long will it take?" Queripel asked. "Well, .we're pretty busy,* 1 said James Stivers. "How would tomorrow afternoon do?" ' "Perfectly," said Queripel. "I'll b* here at 3." Slivers was curious to know the cause of Qucripel's manifest excitement. He inquired: "Could 1 ask just what you're trying to prove?" "Certainly." "Well?" ."Ask me tomorrow al 3. I'll Jus beg one more favor. Get me a good print ot lhat unidentifiet thumb near the mouthpiece." Stivers nodded. "Also a set of Detective Pete Kelso's fingerprint. from his police card." Stivers gasped: "Kelso! Wha do you know about Kelso?—o care?" "He was at the Palmer house wasn't he?" "I'll say be was! I cam* nea licking him out." "Why?" Queripcl restrained his agerness. "Oh, he was too damned—help- ul. If there's anything I hate it's me of those helpful people." "Whom was. he really trying to elp?" "What cio yon mean by that?" "He may he more helpful than \f meant to be," was Queripel's cryptic evasion. "Tomorrow at 3. Thanks a million, and good day!" And he was gone, leaving the name of Kelso sticking in Slivers' mind—sticking out of his memory —and sticking into his thoughts. The first thing he did was to send for Kelsb's fingerprint card the police files. • • • AS Queripel hurried to his car, •^ he was so aspen with excitement that one or two passers-by thought he had the palsy. He reached his offlce in a state of thwarted frenzy. O'Hea was oul ind Queripel could hardly fit his key to the door. As soon "as he was in his desk chair, he buried his his clenched fingers as i to hold : his aching skull together He was thinking so hard that when he recognized Timothy O'Hea's heavy step, he waved the man away. It was like waving away a wasp- When O'Hea's mighty hand fell on his shoulder he pleaded: "Co away and let mi think." O'Hea said: "You wouldn't be thinking ol Kelso now?" '"Of course. Who else?" "You wouldn't care to kno' what I'm just learning about him and the info I'm geltin* off hi ladybird, Nelda Crotl? I'd ough to call her his ex-ladybird, fo she's the ex-est ladybird I eve met up with. And she had th finest pair of black and blue eye a lady ever boasted. Our fjrieni Celso sure packs as lovely a wal- op as ever broke the bridge of a wcelheart's nose-** Queripel'j curiosity was *o- aged. He forgot hlg fingerprint roblem for one almost greater: t Paul Moody did not kill Wen- lell Palmer, who did? Somebody must have done the deed, and lone it almost immediately after 'a'lil left Palmer'* house. He fixed his eyei eagerly on O'Hea and asked: 'Are you trying to tell me that Kelso beat up Nelda Croft with ns fists?" "Well, she never got thim grand jlack eyes from his big beautiful ips. Some women love to be handled rough; but, ai Nelda says to me, 'Enough'* enough and too much is & plinty.' • • » "TT was like this. You know that A little crook Snubby Nimms :hat vibrates in and out of the jail house. I've been able to do lim a (ew favors and he's been iclin' as a stool pigeon for me oft and on. I don't know how we'd ever 'a' solved that Brannigan case but only for Snubby's inside :nfo. Well, it so happens that Kelso has been iisin' him too; for there's nothin* more useful to a cop or a detective than a stoolie. "But Kelso's been so tough and stingy with Snubby, the little fellow is scared and sore. He thinks Kelso is goin' oET his nut or some- thin'. Snubby says he's been actin* like a laughing hyena of late, only he don't laugh any more. "It's my opinion that Kelso knows the police force Is In for me of the grandest explosions that ever exploded and he wants to get out of the county before he's caught in it, So;he.needs no end of money in a hurry. "Well, Snubby told me has been sellin 1 Nelda Croft down the river for anything he can sell her for. That didn't interest me much till Kelso's name came into this picture we're workin' on right now. So 1 look up Snubby this afternoon and he tells me that Kelso and Nelda have lately had the wildest row they've ever had. She was threalenin* to kill him or herself or the both of them." (To Be Continued) , U. 8. Army snd Navy bases used 2,000,000 tons' of Ice In World War II. "Say It With Flowers" BLYTHEYU'LE FLOWER MART Memphis Hiwaj Phone 6002 Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 "Wait, Jonas, wait— don't sell if yet/ The GEN- f RAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION will loan you money on th* ear!" THE RAZORBACK PRESENTS MI n Jamae at th« Hammond Organ NOW PLAYING 7 NIGHTS A WEEK! 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Daily Enjoy Your Food In the Pleasant Atmosphere of Our Beautiful Dining Room We Specialize In Seafoods • Barbecue Ribs • Barbecue Chicken The RAZORBACK KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 g. inc. T. M. mo. u. E, r*r. tjrr. 4-10 FHUCKLEg AMD HIS FRIEND* BY MKMULL 1 Civl« Loyalty "Every year t h«ft« spend more on Muriel'* birthday present—1 better make up my mind if I really am In love wShherl" NOT THIS Our 1t> TM£ BALLPARK , tOS. SHERIDAN WGHBOV/ BUT YOU'RE •SUPPOSED K crtH THAN ICOR Business, Hey? CNiWWO rurs (JUST ThY TO BUY SOMETMN& THS IN 7WS TOWN THE NBCTCCXJftF OF HOURS/ PRISCILLA'S I'OP Knows What She's Doing For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Coll A BETTER LAUNDRY 44/4 —-NU-WA THINK \ KNOW HER TROUBLE. IS, DOCTOR TOO MUCH SHE MADE THE ROUNDS OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD! EVERYONE GAVE HER CANDVI BV AL VERMEBB VOUNG LADy IX) MDU SEE WHAT YOU DID &Y EATING SO MANY EASTER EGGS YESTERDAY?/ SURE) I GOT OUT OF THAT SPELLING TEST TOOAV ! VIC FLINT A Slight Error anthe h1» western mountains,it can snow L. "** Ju " e ~' a " d Hfoard In April / .£. BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LAN! QUIT WORRYING. THE COPS WIILNEVIR fISURE 001 Wheat I DISAPPEARED TO/ THEN PICASE t WHY I J05TCAU6HTA 61IMM1 OF ANOTHER CAR ON THAT OLD ROAD--UEADI _ Oeanwhile, In Mangle's mountain hideout..; COVERED UP THOSE TIRE TRACKS NOW. VIC.' VOO WEBE IUCKY TO <;. SPOT THEM |fj TIME. . THE ONE WITH THE V4 UK* SOMR.SIGRID, BUT I THINK IT'S RUN .;VV OUT ON Hlivl A IMysleripus Chanider BY LESLIE TURNU iw THIS OUTFIT KNOWS O'ANV- OME IT COULO'VE BEEN, EH.SV! ItVPUSH ftLONE OH I JUST GOT A GLIMPSE AS HE DODGED BACK IW THE CAVEi JIM. HE WAS SH HWRED SURE.VOU CAM SKETCH\THANKS.MRS *U YOU WANT ON TK RANCH, MISS CUVtElf-1'NS THE ROYS "BOSS ttOWllFITHBON'I/BIKCKfBOM BEEM foe VOU 1 MIGHT KSVER'VETOLNDI BUGS BUNNY In the Folhigc TH' BUS is PLJHLENTY, CftOVJDEO TOOAV.' ALLEY OOP Alan an Ax BY V. T. HAMLTN KAJ MEAN ME. OOP WANTS TO HUNT TIGEE-5 VJCHDER WHAT TYPE WEAPON HE'S (SOT IN , BUT I DCM'T THJNK HE KNOW5 MUCH ABffUT TISEK HUN TINS. 1 ALLEY CXTT; PCE- «5TCf?IC MOOVIAN VvHOSE EXPLOITS WITH THE FOUNDATION MADE HIM FAMOUS AS AN ADVENTURER. HAS JUST JOINED UP WITH THE ADAMS EXPEDITION IN INDIA. wnrnouT BEATEES. 7 , BOOTS AND HER RUDDIES Knots' I'uhlic BY EDGAR MARTIN

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