The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1949
Page 5
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JTUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1949 Pay Increases Before Senate Salary Boosts for Federal Executives Faces Stiff Battle By John Chadwlck WASHINGTON, Sept, 21. «•» The Senate, having agreed to raises In military pay, turned more crilic- ally today to President Truman's Idea of boosting salarie- for ton federal executives. A House-passed bill increasing (he pay of cabinet members and other upper-bracket officials is the next major legislation on the Senate schedule. It was listed for action !ate in the day. It follows In the wake of Senate passage by vo'ce vote late yesterday °f a bill giving pay raises to mein- ners of the armed forces In almost ^"'ery grade at a cost of about PpOO.OOO.OOO annually. ; *^A similar, military pay bill passed the House earlier. House and Senate conferees now will attempt to Iron out the differences, which are minor. Raises in the Senate bill range from about S5 a month for recruits:with five months service to $300 ,and up foi generals »lth o\ei 30 yens service Much more contioveisy has developed over the executive pay bill for which Mr Tinman made another plea jcsteidav in a letter to Vice President Barkley Slashes in Provppcl After a hudale of senatois In the office of Demoeiat'c Leader Lucas of Illinois Senator McFarlnnd (D Ariz} said that 34. senators - 20 Democrats ->nd 14 Republicans — Inie offeied a compromise which 'is being accepted" McFarland Is leader of a group which wants 10 scale down the pay raises Mr Tiu- man asled McParland said that under the compromise no government officials except cab net members and a fe« White House aides would have their pay raised about $15000 and none would iccelve more than a W per cent Increase For cabinet members that would mean i O st In pay from $15,000 lo $22500 Instead of the $"5.000 pro- Jided In the pending prcsidentially backed bill , 1 McFarland said the compromise .Jilso would cut tin $16000 salary •(provided In the bill for seipn White •-House assislahts to $15 000 But the President would be allowed to em- ?!?„ tMO at S20 ' MO and th <ee all 518000 | At present the White House sal «ry scale for presidential assistants ranges from $10 000 to a top (or one position, of $15000 Clark M Clifford special couri- sel to the President presumably would be one of those moved up to the S20000-a-year level if the bill should pass BL-y'i'HEVILLB (ARK.). COURIER NEWS FORMER NMVSBOY SIGNS PROCLAMATION-Governor McMath is shown here surrounded bv ~ n ere surrounded bv newsboy, from four Kansas due. a, h e «,„ a p rac , a n,aUon deslgnalins October 8 al N~m B ov £« ..T"';^ BO T° f ; 1 s ,* lormer newspaper can ' ler ' Carrim sh °™ '»•«* •*>"« * ^ r e.uor are from Little Rock, Hot Spring E , Dorado Te.xarkana. Newspaper Boy Day is to be observed ! s one of the Jeatures of Newspaper Week which beins October 2, o&sened as which begins October 2, .!) li * ' ',' - . •.•""'I ' ' '•'- • ' -i. ^ Former Arkansan Dies in Shrevepart ' SHBEVEPORT, La, Sept 27 i <AP>— Hardy Lee Brian, 84, a re_ tired Louisiana neuspapei man and political figine died yesterday . A former editor and publisher of weeUy newspapers in Wmnfieldand Natchitoches, he had been a resl- 1 dent of Shreveport Jor 25 years He nas born near Pollack, La , In 1805 .Brian .organized the farmers' alliance Party, which-championed an unlimited < number of "common In Eastern Europe ^ SAN rRANCISCO, Sept 27 «•(— "The : biack shadow of totalitarianism has blotted out freedom li nnny countries in the east of Europe" the Bishop of Yoik siid t^day 'The Anglican commvruoi stands •for fieedom, lhe_Most Rev and Rl?ht "n oiable Cvr Foster Gar- betl, DD continued in his address at noon to (he 56th triennial convention of the Piotestint Episcopa Church m the United States The bishop, who also is the primate of England and Metropolitan m Bed that throiieh the "value our communion attaches to tolerance It do something toviaids feachinf Ihe secular and political world of iff importance if nations aie to live together in rjeace notwithstanding their, ideologies." The convention opened its business sessions late yesterday with Ihe House of Deputies voting 321 to 242 to ban women delegates Four had been.elected to the current meeting. The ban on grounds . the church constitution limits delegates to men. Subsequently the Nevada delegation introduced a resolution to change church canons so women might be admitted as church legislators The Very Rev. Claude Sprousc. dean of the Kansas City Cathedral was elected president of the House of Deputies. It adopted a resolution calling on the United Nations ta set Jerusalem aside as a Holy City. High~Flier Claims Record for Women READING. Pa., Sept. 27. Iff, — Just n day after she claimed R new altitude record for li an unoff! feel. .•.-', Instruments in the plane she used yesterday were flown to Washington for official confirmation of her record claim by th- National Aeronaut'cs Association Sunday Mrs. Zimmerman toook man's causes for years. He had ouce serve as county farm agent in Grant Parish (county)', Louisiana, and ako at Little Rock, Ark. SHEET METAL WORK. -OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oit mills. Custom -Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 Army Surplus WE SELL IN JOB LOTS • Mattresses • Cols • Comforts • Blankets We Buy Good Used Clothing ANDERSON SHOE SHOP & CLOTHING STORE MS E. Slain Blytheville STABBS Service Refrigeration and OIL STOVE REPAIR Phones 2559-554 lilyiheville Willys Sales Co. 410 E. Main ATTENTION LADIES We hive for sale now: Darwin Tulips In 7 difrercnl colors Narcissus— Yellow and While Daffodils— Kins Alfred and Golden Harvest Galanthus Snow Drops Sdlla— CampanulaU Crocus Chionodoxa Luciltae Madonna IJIj Hyacinths in diflerenl colors 5€l « lion5 , rom have com- PAUL BYRUJI Hardware & Seed Blylhtville, Arkansas DEFOLIATE AIRPLANE Perfect coverage. Defoliant available at competiiive prices. Make A-Bombs . By Jack : Bell WAiHIN'GTON Sept 27—(jTj- icuator O'Mahonej (D Wya) said oday evciy sign indicates Russia doesn't have the 'Industrial know- how 01 facilities to stockpile atonic bombs > O Ma honey, who led one congies- sional group i n the dive lo tighten L V^recy around Ameilcan atomic " ""' ' " he _. _, U .. U ,, >IU j-iiiiti JLilJI HH development told a icporter .« doesnt n»iee with Senatoi Hlcken- oojier (R-Iona) that • aks may have speeded Soviet' efforts to fire an A-bomb. "Ihe basic scientific informaation las been no secret." the Wyoming senator said "It's Hie industrial know-how of making the bombs tnat is important. "The Russians just don't have tile technical abilities nor the facililies to stockpile bombs.- Just look at their attempts to produce automobiles." Hickcniooper told the Senate yes- :erdoy that "loose security policies" ay the Atomic Energy Commission tad permitted vital Information lo iilter out of this country:" "I have no doubt that they have 'lelped step U p Russia's time table for the production of an atomic explosion by a very substantial period of time," he declared. Chairman McMahun (D-Conn) of he Senate-House Atomic Committee to sharp issue with Hickenlooper McMahon said an Investigation by flie committee of Hickenlooper's charges or "incredible mismanagement" against the AEC and Clrair- 11.111 oavid E. Lilienlhal hadn't produced a single bit of evidence :»at loose security policies helped nc Russians get atomic knowledge^ "On Ue contrary, "he said "th'e evidence showed a piofound and constant conccin foi secuifty on the part of tht Commission " If there were any security leaks McMahon said they must ha\e oc- cmied when the Aimy had charge of the'project during the wir and befoie the civilian commission look over. height of 26,200 her PA-U to teet. The present record holder is Betty Skelton. of Tampa. Fla who reached a height of 21,900 feet a 'ear azo. O/7 Production Increases in United States TULSA O',la . Sept 2?" (AP) Daily aieiage crude oil production in lhe United Stales picked up 44300 bands duiing the week ended Se|K 24 the oil and Gas Journa reported today. The Journal lolaled Ihp mcrall |dail> aveiagc at 4.881,125 banels The mid continent ,uea was responsible for more than SO per cent of the gam, vvith Oklahoma and Kans-is reporting their highest averages since the last week ir June Kansas' output mci eased 25250 bar- reLs to 27o 2iO and Oklahoma gain ed 3650 to 391,000 Michigan's production advanced 4,200 barrels lo 46,400 after having eirUiucd in the previous llnee weeks Mississippi gained 5,550 barrels to 101,100. slightly above its average for the past four.months. Other increases Included the eastern area, up 4,200 barrels to 61 400; Colorado, 1,800 to 65000- 'Wyoming, 600 lo 127,100. Louisiana 450 to 48fi,400, and California am Kentucky, each up 400 barrels to 494,000 and 23,500 barrels respectively. • Production in 7'cxa.s wsj un- A<k about •aiy t«rmi —trade-ins HEW FRIGIDAIRE Fpmo«i Th.r.', t«it«o dependability you ,,...•*p«» In th«» brand new * Ful| - v " dth Sup.r-Frt.r.r Ch.,1 Frigidair* D, luxe Relng- * Exctuiiv* Quickub* Troyi •ralon. Here are [u,l a • Full-width, glait-toppxj Hydralor few of the many fealurei • Handy, ilidlng 8aikd-Diaw«r yov'lllike* . . I.pi«., a ||.p 0re .| 0 i n , nftri(>r ' Adams Appliance Co. Jnc. J. W. ADAMS, Manager Food Prices Due To Dip a Little Pressure it Exerted From Three Sides to Provide Some Relief By Sam Diwsun NEW YORK. Sept. 27-W)_Food pi-Ices are Belting „ shove Just now , from three sides which may push , ihem a little lower this fall. i 1. President Truman signed the' extension of Ihe reciprocal tiwdc j program Monday, opening the door at least for a lowering of tariff bars on some foods. 2. The heavy seasonal movement of. livestock to market Is sending I meat prices down, especially pork I while the substantial surpluses ol grain the united States, even though government price supported act as a constant threat and depres- 5 Silt, 3. Cheapening of many currencies i may lower prices, either directly or through world 'competition In countries that produce Important quantities of rice wheat, cocoa coffee, bullcr, pepper, spices and fiesh fruits i The diop in lh e pikes of theso ' foods at source will ncl, in effect as a lowering of the' Ameilcan tar Iffs on them where theie'is such a tariff—35 in the case of Den maik's butter \ Some food products on which there is no domestic competition- such as pepper, cocoa 01 coffee- could come in much cheaper ii their home countries devalue the cu.wncy and pass on the saving This is unllkclj to happen without the spur of competition i Other foods, produced both here ' and in devalued countries—such as nee and fiesh fruits -might be forced down in pi ice here If tor- eign^ producers depress the world market. The direct tariff cuts, under the leciprocal trade pacts, will be an nounced in about two weeks Just Whit footstuffs ale Included is not available at this time. , I changed at 1979,100 bariels i Only sizable decline foi thc"weck as in Illinois do«n l,6oo bands to I 165,100 ! Alabama diopped 150 barreU to j 1,300, Arkansas was off 100 to 70,500 Florida fell 150 to 975, Indiana declined 100 lo 27,300, Nebraska was down 50 to 550, and Utah dropped Canada's production, Ihe Journal said l was up 2.135 banels to 10920 ' Presidents have died in office, Tm«h ,,,"" ^^ '"" In <""« ice, m«h mo'tog '"""' Wh ' Ch "*'" x , PRESENTING Hcucrs Shoe Store brinji y«j iht m«il comfortobl* i y«t <J«viitd by (oihion-wii. iho«moli«r» •> Ifiit counlry. ConformoU [tar bath m«e end wom*n| f«otur» a «pecio! paltnttd ton'l-b«-copi«d plaslic iniolt Ihot osiurei personaliurf cuiiom flt lor tocfc Individual arch.* And th«y'r« mad* by th« World't lorg»)t '(Hi itio* fi filled for sui and widlh Then H t placed a it o special htat- ((.ft), whitK ialt« n * Ihe plaiiic mot trial fe> a pufly liV» coniul*ncy« Vou rep1 a '(« ihoe'on fool and foVe aboul 50 slept We.ghl O l y. 0lM body ffiOgfdi imprinl of /oy< toor oo ih* Ifliole b r lox^g Hie i aliened ptai «c UP'wnd«i your Women's .. .%14.95 Men's 15.95 Heuers Shoe Store 421 West Main Phon* 3549 ll« niitiir inn inn ,\ lMc ililn-aall ,!,„ , mr u ^ , \ and 0,,,J,;,«- ofrionoi « «„ „ THAT'S WHAT OWNERS SAY ABOUT THIS MONEY-SAVING CAR! Yo»',r n H S f ? y !'"'" " vo I1IOIIe y Cvcr 5- »»'* IT j-ouiiing the liiinrlfioinc new 1949 Mcicuiy! Ami tf.e luxury of ( onm rubhcr-rnt - ", lal<e >'°" r " cvt " r -Me «- I5 cU b uy i n ,|, 1y ! Li|, cta l ^ iowl scati! cury -ami nnkc il,. e.^ Easy li™. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut at First

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