The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUNE 2, 1947 CAB Investigates Maryland Crash Senate Committee On Air Safety to Hold New Meetings ' HAINBRIDGK. Md., J, m= 2 (DP) V»T' l '"iTiles J'^f""' bi'Ui twVjjj^l propellers "today h,'"soni"ll of the cause of an Kastoi n Airline I) nne i,, w .,| c ,, ,,„ ;,., ,,„,.• nllflik i<rl ,..~,._ , .,, . * - ' ^"-"ll^ . Pi'i'ilnimary investigation; coi-- 'ii-iii'.'tl (hut part or ..ivi lail Vsi- >iy suwito,-, and „,„ br«k, Just before the four--iuiiU'd nrj „ PHmued into a .svvani,^,, Jn ,], nation's com nm d : ,l niri , ™ (liMistfr. I'.uslcin Airline icve-iit Uiat the , )hl ue was ., e()1 , v ,," I "' C ~ 5! 'H'"*"* Aircraft. iiKt.itii-iiclnml . In W«;lii,i,. t oii. Sen: WaHur- H '!•';• R ' Mc " saidllit M "In ml en.*],, con,!,,.; on to), or aii- olOor trade nc-4 ,u in N, „• York only 24 hours teioiv. ( .-i!'fd for a reopening of u )3 .-,„• "' f'«Kiiry . l,y 1m Sc-iulc im Commerce Commitl™ White said tlio avialbn snbcoin- Hie Maryland crash " ansWL ' r thilt ™' ll ~ Oil Ihe basis of imUlll £tu(Ji lia^dwomued n the., : -v ihnl. parts' nrAV* 1 ! 10 '"' 1 * c "*™ '"• '"'"k™ $Kn'' r t0rc " lto thc '»" <<**'"- MySfc 1 four ciiBlnes :;;id tl.r- fi.iir propellers were found „. tne C£1 , h ^ na it or the wreckage ahead or ID- tail section. .Still confronting them. however was the problem of wlwilic,- the Uif assembly broke up D.C.-U.W of .some structural defect, clause fro,,, S e other som . cp _ 0| . w)lcUl ..., , ( w ,. away by u lc st rain of a ulun-e cmised by some otlra . ,, ctolP ' V ° While the relonlbjs l»chninl search «. c ,,t on. autborilies "t the ambr idee Naval sinilor,, converted lo a temporary inorsus. continued the iSi-iiii task of idcnlifying all the > (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS i < - -Kie Umcliy, four. O f I.ynn. Ma<:s.. on how to use aitif rial I-, dioactive iso(o]vcs-lh c by product ilto »iie fission—may be sepa- To secure data on COo mph speeds N«vy lias used wood model planes four-tenths lifesize. without pilot-, or engines, which are carried alofc ami attain speed by diving. prance's Export Scientists May Build Machine 100 Times as Powerful as Atom B.v PAUL I-. EI.I.IS (unilerl 1'ress Science Writer) BRCCKHAVEN. N. y., J u ,, c 2 . (UP) — Scientists at the Brook- haveii National Laboratory disclosed today that they are study!,,., the uossibility of a super svclironotron of electron volts machine* that could convert, cncr- B}' into heavy mass. "" ': machine, if the scientists would, be known ns a proton'"yn- chroton and would be n hundred limes more powerful tban nnv a- lom-smashing device on earth to- lay. While tbeir plan has not even reached the design stage, the scien- lists here believe that a,*'.™ HO!) volt machine is rated. Thc research program of the la- bornloiy i s designed primarily for the development of new fuiitlu- niental scientific information on j lie nature of nncl proiienics of a; icmic cnorcy- and oilier chemistry. lions ol alomin loflmlrmoi: In nl*v NUIII s 10 pny- Ky and niedl- Scienlisls here believe that from such research vv lli come 'a better ur,:lerstniidin s of atomic energy nnd nuclear reactions, of methods for controlling disease and animal and vegetable life. The lnljonilory. of which Dr. Philip M. Morse is director and Bldon C. Shoiip is administrator, now This is France's l.ilest export to the U. S.—,-ictress Corinne Cali ^'ay, *jAo will co-star soon with I Ray flilland in "Th c Sealed ! Verdict." She likes the U S j but says she is disappointed in I American men, at ienst the Hollywood variety Rude compared | lo Frenchmen, she insists. 1F7TOMACH BALKS DUE TO GAS AND BLOAT Help Get Food Digested to Relieve Yourself of This Nervous Distress Do you feel »11 purred-up »nd miserable after crerymenl. taste sour, bitter food? If so. here Is how you may pet blessed relief In helping your stomach do'the Job-It should be doing—In the digestion of Its food. s ErcrrtldM food enters the Etomach a vital gastric Juice must now normally to break-up certain food particles: else the food may ferment. Sour food, acid Indigestion and E as frequently cause a morbid, touchy, fretful, peevish, nervous condition, loss of appetite, underweight restless sleep, weakness. K ' now 01 mis vital gastric Ullce. Medl- iutha|Jttes. In Independent labora- tes'Mfn human stomachs, have liv live ).,bof shown tl;at SHS Tonic la TO gel real relief you must Increase thc now of this vital gastric Ullce. Medical out*— 1 "— '- '-* tory i' posltli . — _. .„. nmazsnely cfTcctlve In IncreasliiK llow when It Is too Itltlc or scanty tluc to a non-organic stomach disturbance This Is clue to the SS3 Tonic formula' which contains special anrt potent activating Ingredients. Also. SSS Tonic helps bulld-np non- orK»nlc, WcaK, watery blood In nutritional anemia—so with a good now or Ibis Rflslrlc digestive Juice, plus rich red- blood you should eat bettcr.slcen better feel better, work better, piny b»lter Avoid punishing yourself with overdoses of sodn anrt other alka'.lzcrs to counteract gns nnd bloating when what you EO dearly need Is SSS Tonic to holn you digest food for body strength and repair. Don't wnltl Join thc host of happy people SSS Tonic has helped Millions of bottles sold. Oet R bottle of SSS Toidc from your drug store today 353 Tonic hulps Build Sturdy Health, and ncii- electrical cifu machines can in n ke electrons. v\ bat is more, it is believed tliat ins suijer machine would be able to produce protons, the heaviest known elemental particle This might Rive science a new approach in (lie study O f holds the nucleus of thc atom lo- gether, and in a bonder sen re - tthat holds the world together as one bis; atom. The nucleus of the atom ,s composed of protons that nave a positive char^i Irons which have nc charge. What holds these nuclei toffclher lias puzzled physicists for year's Once the Ilieory was held tha'l the mesons from the cosmic rays earned a "binding force" that held the nuclei together, but in recen'. months (he physicists have all bi- abandoned that theory. 1 Construction or such a proton •iinchrolron possibly would lake -hi-ee to live years and work could not start until milcll more , )nsjc research could be completed Thi.s laboratory, wiiich is government-owned and eovernmeiit-tin- anced, ts liein^ o|)crntcd bv Associated Universities, Inc.. under contract with the United Slates Atomic Energy Commission, rt is being built on the 6.000-acre site of Camp Union, about. 55 miles from New York city, on Long Island. . Another project, expected to start :oon, is Die construction of sra- phite uranium pile and an associated "hot" laboratory, where i'a- peeled to have a permanent scientific stuff of 300. Womcrn Electrocuted JONESI30HO, Ark., June 2 (UP! —Mrs. ilcrtc Adams. M. w ns e!--c- Iroculed Friday at her hoaic noar Peach Orchard v.'ben •.•.'•a tone-lied a bare wire of a washin-- mnchiae wit.h licr wet In n-_'s' Funeral services were held Sun-' day. XOTICE Notice is hereby ,'ivc.i Hint the undersigned will within the lime fixed by law apply lo (he Commissioner of Revenues -,1 the Stat> of Arkansas Jor a permit, lo sell be.-r at retail at Slate Line. Blytlieville Mississippi County. The imdereiKiicd states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, o' good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude: thr.t no license to sell beer ;>•/ tlm undersigned has been revoked wiiliin rive years last past; and tha- the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state or any other state, relating to thc sale Oi alcoholic liquors. ,, . ., kce Hoy Pisiicr. Subscribed and sworn to before me this SI day of May, 1917. Mrs. Marshall Btackarel N.iuu-y Public, expires March 9, «3cal) law 5 ' commissl0 ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT It !' V & Wards Serves All America Every dot on this map is a Montgomery Ward Store, Mail Order House, or Catalog Office. More than 800 ... too many to count, on,a map as small a 3 this. Cities' and towns of every size, in every s?ate .. . from the mountains of Maine, to Washington's Pugct Sound , . ' from Florida's palm trees, to California's, redwoods . . . from northern Minnesota's iron mines to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. And in all thc surrounding country^, too/Wards and "the folks" are old friends, through the millions of catalogs' Wards sends them every year All this has been going on, remember, for 75 years' For 4 generations, men and women in every part of America have learned to know Montgomery Ward as a name they can trust They have learned that Wards means good, reliable ^alily . . . at a price that saves ,hen money. Writt«i by A, Montgomery Ward ond itiil Hie guiding principt* of our Company In IWi 75tS Anniv«r*ary y«or. v\ y WATCH FOR THISE SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY SAVINGS Tliey'rc our very special way of celebrating this "Diamond Anniversary::. The,y'rc a group of timely offerings of fine new merchandise at SHARP CUT PRICK! So watcl, for the ads willi iliis "75lli Anniversary:: circle! -*- •ifr'--'.

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