Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on November 16, 1941 · Page 115
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · Page 115

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 16, 1941
Page 115
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CTTTCAttO SUNDAY TTUfltWR: NOVEMBEK 10, IMt TMKT ft PA 'CVi A Little About the Movies on City's Screens " I'nlinlsiir-d BuatnDHii." Comedy-romance about a small (own music teacher who goes to New York in quest of mi ppemlic enreor. Irene Dunne plnys feminine Jcacf opposite Robert Montgomery anil Preslon Foster. Chicago. International Lady." Spy melodrama concerns the activities ot a lovely radio singer who is suspected of belonging to a sabotage ring. Jlona -Massr-y and George Brent play leading r61es. Marjorie Galeson and Basil Rathbone also are featured. Apollo. ' "Niagara Fall." The trials and tribulations of a couple who marry efter a courtship of 20 years. Features Zasu Pills, Slim Summcrvlllo, Marjorie Woodworth, and Tom Brown. .Apollo. ! "You'll Never Get Rich." Musical extravaganza of army life. Leading J layers are Kred Astnire. Kiln Hay-worth. Robert Benehley, and John Hubbard. Garrlck. "Bad I.nd of Dakota." Slory of .the wild west. As the slory unfolds Viid Bill ilicock. Calamity Jane, and Gen. Custer thread their way thru the plot. Cast includes Robert Stack, Ann Rutherford, Richard Dix, Frances Farmer, and Broderick Crawford, Roosevelt. " New Vork Town." Comedy drama about a small town Rlrl who goes to (he hie city to make Rood. Stars Mary Martin, Fred Mat-Murray, and Robert Preston. Roosevelt. ff "Srrceant Vork." Screen Worto-rhy. dramatizing the life ot the World v.nt's American hero. Gary Cooper Ways title rrJle. ll also features Waller Btcnnan, Joan Leslie, and George Tobias. Stale-Lake. "The (hoeolnto Soldier." Musical operetta co-starring Nelson Kddy and Hiii Stevens. United Artists. "All That Money Can Buy." The legendaiy story of how Daniel Web-Her vanquished the devil himself and saved a man's soul. Based on magazine story "The Devil and Daniel YVrbMei," by SVphen Vincent Bcnel. Leading players arc Edward Arnold, Walter Huston, Anne Shirley, and Simone Simon. Palace. " Swine It Soldier." An unknown Cirl with a beautiful voice flashes into radio stardom after her first bin audition. Frances Langford plays leminine lead opposite Ken Murray and Don Wilson. Palace. " Flying Cadets." Aviation story I muring William Gargan and Peggy Moran. Oriental. " Story of the Vatican." A complete film of the Vatican, Filmed by the editors of the March of Time. Narration is by the IU. Rev, Msgr. Fulton J. Sheen. World Playhouse. " Mme. Ma Mere," starring Danielle, Darricux. and " School for Husbands," ttarring Rex Harrison. Studio. I-di- Be Good." Film musical lifisrd on Broadway stage production. Cat includes FJeanor Powell, Ann Sothftn, Robert Young, Red Skclton, nd John Carroll. McVlckers, Varsity, Capitol. " Belle. Starr." Follows career of a tomhern beauty who becomes a earless bandit queen. Gene Tlerney plays tiiie r6Ic opposite Randolph Scott and Dana Andrews. McViekers, Varsity. "Pearl of the Crown." Sophisticated comedy starring Sacha Guitry and Lyn Harding. Cinema, Capitol. Cltiten Kane." Relates in a serifs of episodes the life of a fictitious American figure whose wealth dominates his entire outlook. Stars Orson Welles. Lamarr, Sheridan, Crawford. ;i ' Nothing But the Truth." A young man bets $10,000 ho can tell the truth for 24 consecutive hours. While trying to win the wager he runs into many hilarious situations. Rob Hope and paulcttf Gnddard are co-starred. Vplown, Tlvoll, Marbro. i'.t " Week-End In .Havana." A depart ment note KDlescir) rocs U iiavnnn on a vacation ami finds adventure and romance. Stars Alice Fayc. Other players bio John Payne, Carmen Miranda, and Cesar Romero, Uptown, Tivoll, Marbro. " Married Bachelor." Comedy about a ouiig married man who attempts to pose as a bachelor authority on marriage and also tries to keep the little wife happy at the same time. Co-stars Ruth Hussey and Robert Voting. Riviera. if. Sun Valley Serniiatie." Romnnllc comedy loraled in the famous winter-land vacation resort. Sonja Henle, John Payne, Milton Berle, and Glenn Miller and h(s orchestra are featured. Belmont, Century, Nortown, Nor-thore, Congress, Paradise, Tower, Gateway, Kiaito, Lido, Piccadilly. wii.i ,mb ui li u ju m uar - " 65' Roast Young Tom Turkey AHtR J Hi SHOW JUS6UM CHOW MtIN 65' r range fo have Tfionkiglvng Dinner here 9 PARTS r,t. i'tt. leu-, C' Mltnrlal. Srt'.loil, tulf, rMet, TWV.I. 4Ir,n)r. H CirnvW WctM, .-tl,.iil .lt. O riillltf Swllon. Kid Acfors in This Picture Put It Across "DOWN IN SAN DIEGO" Produced by Molro-Goldwyn-Mayor Directed by Robert B. Sinclair Based on slory by Franz G. Spencer Pfoaontod at tho Riviera THE CAST. Betty Haines Bonila Granville Hank Parker Ray McDonald Al Haines Dan Dailoy Jr. 'Snap' Collins Leo Gorcey Colonel Halliday Henry O'Neill Louio Schwartz Stanley Clements Crawford Cortland ,. Charles B. Smith Mildred Burnells Dorothy Morris Eric Kramer Fradoric Worlocjf. Henry Shred' Robert O. Davl-j Telegraph Clerk. .Hobart Cavanaugh Malt Herman William Tannen Brock Ludwig Slosse! Proprietress Connis Gilchrist Sargeanl O'Hallihan... George Walls Jimmie Collins.... v Al Trescony "Dutch" ......Joseph Sawyer Tony ...Anthony Ward By Mae Tinee, Good Morning t Attention FBI! Have n few vitamins In the shape of the kids ot tho nation. . . . You'll be surprised -maybe to see how, with their assistance, your troubles will resolve Into mere bagatelles. This Utile divertissement known as "Down In San Dlcgo" shows you what efficient aid COULD be rendered by such youngsters as plunge into voluntary and remarkable action In Its story. What happens In this: A blK, lough, but, under the skin, okey young fellow who has fallen In with evil companions decides to escape them and mnko happy his doling young sls!e)'who Is lhe apple of his eye by citlfaUng with tho marines, This ho docs. . . , And are Belly and her gang of neighborhood young fry proud! And do Ihey give Al a setldoff! . . , BUT It's not so easy to shake undesir able pals who don't want lo be shaken. . . . Especially Isn't It easy when their leader Is an enemy spy who wants certain army secrets and equipment and sees a way ol acquir ing them, with a cohort at first base. Thru threats against the safety ot Haines' sister, the gang secures they hclieve the cooperation of Haines. . . . Neither they nor the unhappy marine arc aware that the kids have been listening at keyholes. . . , Nov, ot course, have they any Idea of the ingenuity and resourcefulness that characterize the little pitchers, Go on with the picture from here. See you tomorrow. MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN WIN 15 JO HARRY J ON THE STAGEI HOWARDS JUUflHI allftCt rtt nwiiit ui Hum wmsd SAR0H0 WILLIE HOWARD AmtrMt fitilnl Ciee7ee j EDDIE RIO & BROS.'i VIC HYDE mini Mil n us utn Human suetii l ittu UIJII JJll," 'P.I.I II J.IIIJ 40ft WfflM OPEN ).jo Stud t I ht iltrr "Tit Dnll ttKi D4nhl Wliilir" hSlfpbm VImim Btrnt Edward ARNOLD Wilter HUSTON JituDARWEU . Simone SIMON Hnn SKfRtty . $mt CRAIO "JWIH0 IT( SOLDIER TMHIV NKWS HKBr, TnKitTKK-t'onl. S;30 a. si. io inonuin Mia. i wit, Exciting Films of British Destroyer Sweeping Mediterranean imunnr jiomiok at dkahiioii.v mVrlflVC 'iVIIW OPK.U TOWN" Erro! FLYNN Fred MacMURRAY fjfti "DIVE BOMBER" 'nh- NORTH AnEI PHI N. VLAHK CDJltlmiDllA non. i'K. man i::mi. M. Jim-U llciinj- ATJI 1.-VJC A IIMT Kay rr Vatt Vi. KjlltXJLXUtX A J JVUA1A 'l'arnin of Pannmlnl" Willi- C. RiKrelc IlTTirrtDMAM aisi mncoi.n avb. bll llibuoiuann l-willniioui i SI. A lIBAtlTlKtM. t-'QI.K DKAMA "DAHINTEN IN J)IiU HEIDE" I AVRCIIADR "'r' lUAllVAV-(l'. -nilOAIlWAY I.1SIITKI)- A. .1. "STARS l.OOK DOWN' Cionin'x niut, ii wuu -iiiMHHiy j,iffliita - rcRiiiv rm JAI 'K IH-i.N.M, "rIAHI,t;t H AIJ.M ' -IIA1II1 IIDV I'lui Nt k Vuunm I IMrAI M 3'6 I-liKoln An. JOc AM, DA Lill.UL,N Jiik nn, OHAnHSV'H AUNT" Vlrlor Sltl.itlen In "HUOADWAY I.IMITKD" minrnACT ci,abk-nobth avk. III J-QAI. DlliH iiahhv DEARBORN ID IV. Dir. I.KIV AYR8H. Ilr. Kllitira'i IVMlnr Iv" a; .MiMPtitt iMtinni. i.fnrcs jiau. --mam'UWKH wiNncnn x- ,'i"t ui-oinn i-.oo TYIIIUOUA Hrrol Vljnn, Fnit MitMutns, )li, iinmurr- jfe Jmnti MUlon, -jrc.fpiilfl 4a' tOODA 'I.IFK I1F.IIINH FOR ANDY HARDY' HI.MWWB MAISIB' Awl Sollifrn. (! Muiphr PACTA '"'" Dinin-MICKRV ROONBT iwuvu -i.ifb neoikb rnn ANnt itAttnT' lllehii Ai!n. .Inn ruitr. -fJ.TJ.S-n HL1KP" ft A 3(00 K. Cllrtt-Op. tJ:.1H-Kt. 1. BnolnlOn unuw ntnrlt Bin. ' MANTOwEn i.v Aim. "Da. Kij.PAnr.s wkuiuso day" MOTION PICTURES NORTH llll IAA1 0I" u'lm"" 9Ha all hay RANGE BUSTEaS. "TONTO BASIN OUTLAW" CIIARLE8 8TARRETT, 'PINTO KID' t 3 8100111 CAPT. MABVEL, "DEATH TAKES tht WHEEL" VOGUE ) f LYNN I MttMua'ilAY wu Brity t 'DIVE BOMBER' (Color) NPEUTEni HENaY I JOAN WCnlEni FONDA 1 BENNETT 4031 Llnuln Avt. 1 "WltO 0EE8E CALLING" iVIUUEi "HLIIE COMES Hi CAVALIIY" Nit rindlllon, "TOP SEHflEANT MULLIGAN" Rob't Armilrong, -3 LEOIONNAIHES' t -Doinlur' M Art Shir. "STARS LOOK DOWN" w IWWWomtn for Sol'fo Blotcfer 1 1 "I'LL SELL MY LIFE" BAUBAH & KATZ WOWDEB THEATERS om BOB HOPE PAULETTE 1:30 io nurc godoaro 'NOTHING But the TRUTH riu.-ln color ALICE FAYC. 10 UN PAYNE, CARMEN MIRANDA mil CESAR ROMERO In "WEEK-END IN HAVANA" GRANADA & "OUR wife" 2 DIUIFDA Btoily-Lr. oum 1:10 X nlVICnH RtVt Ytuni, Ruth Humr. 5 'MARRIED BACHELOR' g Action Smmh! Ito Gortcy. BonlU OranvlMe, i 'DOWN IN SAN DiEOO' NORSHORE 80NIA HENIE GLENN MILLER A Band Howard'Clirk CENTURY CfiftkOiWr NORTOWN Weitcrn-Devon BELMONT LIntolii.Alhliina "SUN VALLEY SERENADE" A till NEW Loitl Slur RED SKELTON "WHISTLINQ In 1h DARK" PANTHEON Fun-FrightShow 8Mit.n WHISTUHOIiHheDARK & '9 LIVES ARE NOT ENOUGH' LAKESIDE Sheridan OPEN (2 DIAD tKO KIDS In "MOB TOWN" & "TOP UR6CANT MUUI&AH" Alio LlWH Ailyinluro nl 'THE IRON CLAW' COVENT hV$L Fun-Fright Show ki5,d"luS.4i 'SPOOKS RUN WILD & Jerry Colonna 'ICE-CAPADES' CINE' o.!rEnd,Ki3r,M0BT0WN" & 'TOP SERGEANT MULLIGAN' Amly ClyJi Cawiy, Colwlttn (Mil. : Sil) HOWARD 'DIVE BOMBER' Color TtirllU -with (ltd MuMurrny riu Hiocy Fonili, Joan Btnnttl, -WILD GEE6E Cilllng' Extrl FIRST SHOW ONLY Comi EARLY I ffi'FREE P1VE BOMBERSK xs&& an cm a 'i5 8:00-10:00 QimwmWn 8:25-IO;25 ft iUictly Adult tilrn willy, ribatri, sophii1ic(ed enferfAinfuent tor (h vnortbocio SACHA GUIFRV-t-YN HARDING "pMUd& 4ih& fawn" Gcorqo Sarnaitt Shaw'i "MAJOR BARBARA" WENDY MILLER, REX HARRISON and THE ?UtRE HOUR Feature al 2:25, 5:03. 7:41, 10:20 mi icir nnv '.: hoiiicwi owi j j'- . mUoIL. DUA l.fw Ayiri, I.twtl IIiidihok, "Dr. Kildaic's Wctltlinc Day" KAw. ). JVM0JKSOS 1 A NInV li'.R" Mnrlciu-. . Ill K'f'fdf.'ff ....... w .. DCDTUA 4T1T I.lnwln Ar. Opm J I". M. DCninH Ktin-wiw i'jicmiii j,k liomiy f:irATlT.KY'S AllN'r" Kuy (Tiim-in "World Premiere" tSSSJIRSSS RIDGE Bcvim nt tlnrU-Olicu 1 :.'l(t "Dr. Jvildare 8 Wctklitig Hay fiS5SggSag "World Premiere" COED S.'.--?" 3 FEATURKS 3 A MM1, mOW FOR TIJB TIBK VAMII.V Wnyno Morr a. " I SONS O', QtlNS ' ittltv. SAlI.ort'S 1AUY ' . oil II? 'Mkjyi' nos-roN ui.akkik" mm Aivwin RRYNMAWR IU5 lltin Jlinr Mil Edmtil lliiiiiiimii, aP,5A,SEU "MANPOWER" "Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day" A'v I.CW res UL bUAu uetiiKa nan. AiiTirno ."M-A-N-P-O-W-li-K" John llaiTjlniiro "Worltl Pl'Clllicrc". Knuu-i-H Faruii-r NORTHWEST TIFFIN KUKTK AVB. nt KAltt.OV Knot V'llim. llilpli llfltmw. kkku "1)1 VK HOMuKR MlU'Mtiltlt It. Ktiilitil TIMES ilt Mll. iii't" H;u-3 lciiutfi lllillliit Ailtli. "KM'INU lll'IN!'" Iln.rr I'lior. llixliflle llmlwil. ' Orofer . io .UO Tim tlolt tiVt'MJNB UN IIOHHKIlAlvJ KARL0V PAROFPANINT Klin. "XmiiKliw. ilw-"Hrrr. Ctmrlle. Kmis n-in noon iin '"K-E-w. a. iuhdiwi, PAllU UM. tut!. "JtANPOWKU"-A - fur Ml-Mitm. J W'l"'. "HUKlt'i" "i'1'1! 1 nf1 AM MH!". -N Jr Oi. U:30 Hi. )J:30 Mol-il Nolni. IIIIL-MUI-ll -17k h'ff.f," unit .-iitry u. ifucnei, J Mm, IJty, Dr. Klliliit'i Widdlm till" tn I 20" 'in 3 r. jw.m. nuinu. jmut oiiiiihi, O-LL "MKK 1IKOINU FOll ANDY IIAIUIY" 3M!AimHu "t'AKHAHB l-'ltOM 110X0 KO.Vd" nil T 2860 MHW.-3 lllie Will Jick IIKN.N'Y, UALiCi 'CIIATlt.KY'tt AUNT' Victor MrUclrn. ItrMclinf J.lmliiil' 'FluMtni 1'iimn nf I'linmlnt' DrVCDC SS18 ValltitMi Ato. Jack JIKXXV In IfUU-nd "CltARt.KY'g AtWT" Vlclor MrlJIldl In 'nilOADWAY MMITKn" rDAMn M w. .votiii- Dm-uto. nfi. UttftllU Eiior. n. Roblmon. "MANPOtVKH" ouyKiwiM. 'icATrEnaoon mekts iiboahwav kVkinV MU Blwww-JACK BE.S'NV In AVALUEo "CHAWtr.Y'B ADST" T-lill tninn ituiiiii in -l-Aiioon on-. rANA?iiAa-- MOTION PICTURES NORTH HE TOOK HER FROM A $5.00 FLAT MAR-RIED HER, AND MADE HER THE MISTRESS OF HIS $10,000,000 MANSION BUT COULD NOT WIN HER LOVE. DEVON BSi" DEAD ENO KIO UELA LUII08I DlirlIU) V'jrOOKS RUN WILD I Floitnti lllti, -BLONDE .1119 N. Cl,ik I FUM SINflArUHE - EDW.G Wfiiiwo'ti- I MAIILtNE I IIEOIIIIE L 0IETHICM I IIACT In -MANPOWEH" l DCAO END KIDS I In "MOD TOWN" BIOGRAPH VIC 8lK(71(l-Ktlmciil A HAUIC I4 LIMofn-fltOllflE HAFT. Lil. (I. II0IIIII80N. Mirlmi Ulilrltli, MANPDWEIl & Llontl lllrivmore. LEVVA YR E 8.MVI . KILOAIIE WEDDING DAY' AttlMi1BC 1010 Argyle-Oii. I I'.M. " 2 SMASH HITS MICKEY HOONEY lUpY GARLAND. "LIFE BEGINS FOII ANDY HAHDY-ANN BOTHEIIN. "KIN08IDE MAISIE" NPOJRTJHVmST BALABAN & KATZ WONDER THEATERS HnniMRM.'?f-j'- p. m. mi Rdb't MONTGOMERY In yor'i QV pK,.!'Her Como MR. JORDAN' St A Niton DtutlH tlAUR Wll nulh HuiiiyHIII ""J Wirt" PAUnDECC SOCK FUN-rinoiiT Show UUnUnCOO Unit lUnlc, Olinn Millar A. Banil, "SUN VALLEY 8EIIENAOE" A (led sklllon niol! -WHI6TLINC In tlio Dark' ElralaillZKIOSliil.liilr lil Fcalurcllol ftATCUAV Mio Laarr OiViii n-ii UN I CWfl I Sona limit, oi,mi Mllltr A Uand, John l'an, '-SUN VALLEY 8rrnil" WentyJrniJlMn8ha-iMAI0ll OABBAHA' TRRMIMAI ''I Lar. Boarlnt Oramj CnmiriMi. 'WILP 0EE8E CALLING' Joan Drnnell, llonry renda pint Uttyti Nolan, BfK mi 6!K SHOW JE BfK sum w BlK KMC M 'Mltliael Hliano' In 'DHE88EU TO KILL' CRYSTAL Errol Flynri DM Tiinne ?"Dm MMMR" end BILTMORE I "who oust Opnll:45 1 CALLING" T. N. T. UIIAMAI LOW. II0UIN80N, Ullll Baiyatal OE.0. BAFT 11 III 0 I MARLENE DIETRICH omn IJ: V "M.A-N.f-O-W-t.R" nci niOtf f A Ltw Airct, Aid Skeltoi BELPaRK "DR. KILDARE'S omn 1:30 ' WDD1N& DAY" DELPARK Frill Holloaay SurVer, to 2 Mr lion DELPAKK Frill Holloaay SurVer, to 2 n.m, LUNA ,S ci'nrPHUbHrgh Kid1 SHOW (IMt A Actlonl "Matdrri ot tho Oiiirf' Rlthard Arlin, Andy llivlna I'lui 'Jungli lllil' Siilal , 1 Ba On. 1:30 lark Minny'i a filul In LDHCMARLEY'8AUNT' A Chat. oil In "FI0HTIN0 PARSON OF PANAMINT" Lldlll CONSTANCE BENNETT COSMETICS B!K LIBERTY Sfis'Mr 20cp,?:; FREE! 'CAPT. MARVEL' iX&tfcft iiiii riuui, "o uun uulu-'idhky Plu DUCK JONES. "BUN MAN FROM Bnnlr" DEAD END KID8. Tough Ouyi, 'TRA0IC CRASH ni.iu ll nuc Daunco n SILVER CMRACCV 3940 Fullirton-Ontn 1.00 O.IHV-WV Mantua Dietrich. toy. u. nenmion, uoo. nan in "MANPOWER DEAD ENO KIPS, Dick Foran, "MOB TOWN IRVING 4003 Irving Park OPEN I P. M, MARLENE DIETRICH RED. RAFT EDw. 0. ROBINSON "MANPOWER" DICK FORAN DEAD ENO KIDS "MOB TOWN" "YANKEE DJfSo" 3 B1Q HITS JkVriM 33" Oft.. Hill T.x Till J P. M I W W I T full.VV 'Sertwball Faolball MADELEINE CARROLL. PRISONER OF ZENDA' iuev .oAniANo loinciriM DABAnc BETTY HIIAHLE IMinin I niinwta Ort-lJlliXI "l60? W. oiyliion-lrrcoVor": VnUWn F RED MacMURRAY, ERROL FLYNN, 'DIVE BOMBER' A Joan Bmntll. HENRY FONDA In "WILD OEE8E CAltlNIl" ALAMO wii: ilx IKIlin CIikii. Av. "UIWP KIlHIKPtC" Ilrnrr I-Vnirtu Jonn ltrilnrtt llenrj-IVniilii iiuH n ncecc A I lUftll EAMAIIC 36" Chlnoo Avo. Mary Hcaly. rnmuud i,k lirui. "hard ouy I'lua ItniiHf llualfl-a, "-finil,, ),, Dullim" RIVOLI I0U nMontrit I LFORD f ll( tord-Mllw. I I OPEN 12:30 P. M. 20c Sib 20o ElKin. MILFORD CHARLEY'S AUNT" Crawlord.Mlla flStirSmto 'The Parton of PanamlnV HO.NJA IIKMK-JIIHN l'AVNB "Sun Valley Serenade" iVKNItY ttlt.l.f.K-milll'.HT MORI.KV MAJOR BARBARA" BlDTJIftr 050 MILW. o Swell 7 8maih run I HUE Op. 11:30 lllti Until i)ii,i ,Vu"NJS,"s "MOB TOWN" "DRESSED TO KILL" ,ViU i-f.rtiV,"10 "SOLDIERS OF THE SKY" Connla Otnnitt. Olnger Rogln, 'PICTURE PEOPLE' CARTOON RIOT JUNIOR I. 0. . SERIAL HIT RI0 20c'm, JI.23I0 .MIIM-. Arp,3 )Hjt V'tlliifittAY KHASl'm ml'Y "CllAltLKY'S AUiS'T" "THKY MKKT AOAl N" ,,!', VlQlor Ii-I.iiii)i-ii, "IIUOAmvAY I.1MITKII" COMMODORE E; XX raiTOcir "MANl'OWER" 1S& 'Df- Kildar c'i Wedding Pay' nRAVP 3&-I8 Mflnlrnge O SWKI.l, Wsos "MANPOWEH" I-ow X.vrce, "Dr. Xllilnrn'a Wcildlnir Pay" l'Arnohmn Thriller. "Hnlillf-ra nt iho SU" CAY 9fr 1 '' M- ' -nr klmton' avk. I v JuK llrimy. 1IJIAJII.KY HAUNT IIII.I.Y CONN. Tin-! pi'tn'siiimoti kiiv TURKEY SUKPKISK TON1TB AT HJ.II ADMIRAL 20c ,MWSi7..5ff'- JAI'K IIKX.NY. "IMl-A-lt-l.-K-V-'-tl A-H-S-T" Vtirroit Mrl.Atll.KN. "IIHOAIIVVAV 1.I.MITKH" ikV ArniltaRa.Wfclrrn.Vtrlitr McLlolrn. .Morjutlr UrtIV Wonilanrlli, "IIHIIAIHVAY MJUTKh" Ktlrn Dicw, t'liai. Ililaxloi, "I'aiMin nf Pinamtm" MVTOl W IiAIVflBXCK-llOB IIDI'K. R'ltJ lTICiIIXV Orihle, "COI.I.KIIB HVVIM1" llinu Knrtili, tltlla Hull. "Thai Ctrliln Vnmm" ICCr 1 J1ITR-I7SI) MIIAVA1IKBE-OP. H:3H Jdrr J "KINO er Ilia TBXAB BANnf-.RS" MlMBnt SHIP' -f.ONt: 1I111KH KIiMi Back' MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN fAlAIAN aV KATZ WONDU .1UIAIIRS HER cAv tJfuir HEID TWO MEN IN ITS SPEUI (rfwf niwMP Robl. MONTGOMERY PRESTON FOSTER Wke(lfB0Ni1kERUl CT) .1 "AYAHKIH .HEiUF." IMML OIL. I LI Cxtra ( Trfumph Wfthiut Drumf uflniia uutR' in t;eior SJSlSlK of OAKOLi' la tiHM l- i airrnmv. Moony FRED MARY MfltMURRAY MARTIN "New YORK TOWN" mm? COO. ACTAIDC RITA HAYWORTH 'll if- SV. WIIONA 8ASII GEORGE MASSEY RATHRONF RRFNT 1 V-L s vat 1) I sm . . . sirmi UVXERmTIONAL lam I HIT RO. rm illOWN Ma,iori W0OOWAK ' R - ANN SQTHPRN f - ' ROBERT YOUNO ELEAHORPOWELL BARRVMORC RtD (HEL BHKLTON El 1 LA SALLE .llnillaiiri.t'liirli. On. 10:1111 .1Uilnltn Nllim- Kn r.v Mtlit All11.'ri IIVIA-i " HIGHWAY HELL" K.E. 'SJw JUNdl.K IAX" Tllrllla Willi lln.l.r Tnil'ln. WaftnnC h HK.Mimms ktk. TT lu A. AT. I'oiilKiui.iia a .. M. HtlMI'llUKV llOdAUT. JKI KIIKY I.VNN. ANN HIIK.IIlll.s, -IT Al.l, 1-A.MK Tlll i: -Victor Mcl.aslni, lUuli KailolT, "MIST J'-fl'IIIII." TBI PMBXAIC ThaNI-.WKIlKKl.TIIKATKn "Ai-MfctT Kfali--llmi.-('niil. from H:I.S a.m. ''A"'X !'t,u", "' L'O.S'VOV TO JCBl.ANIM 40 Other Kvcnts & Telcnewsliorlsl WEST BALABAN tV KATZ WOHOER TATfiS "'""BOB HOPCAfirrTE oonoARii i:oo nwrs edward arnold NOTHING But the TRUTH' Plui ALICE FAYE JOHN PAYNE, CARMEN MIRANOA CESAR ROMERO-Color 'WEEK-END IN HAVANA" DARAniCE P- HIS Son). Hinlo, rAnnUIOC Glenn MMIrr A Band In SUN VALLEY SERENAOE' Pint Rid Sklllon Conrad Voldl, 'WHI&TLINB In Iha DARK' Tomorrow: 'Tht ETERNAL ftlFT' I day only ft.-l DO Op, i:0u-Dli I End Kltli. Llltl, UDIili rtl Teugli Guyi, "MOB TOWN" BiK saw Ml m SHOW BIK H. Fonrfa. Jft-t, Qcnmtt, wild Gtlla Calling' STATE Optn 135 SENATE Opin 12:41 MANOR Optn ERROL FLYNN FRED MarMURRAY DIVE BOMBER" In Technicolor Plui Henry Fonda, Joan Bcnnttl in "WILD QEESE CALLINO" I CVIMPTnlM s- Ci(oraJaik JIBX.VV LLAIllUlUll In 'ritAHI.KVH AVST" iiii.i.y t:ON. ' I'trrHiiimciH Kin" Al CV M2" W. MlllUnn MK.'KKV 1MW.VKY. ALiLjA. l.ll'K 1IK(!INR Villi ANDY HAHDY' Ann Snllirrn. Cir... .Muinlur. "KISHRIDI-; MAIR1K" IUIH f J-1 I- Inmll F'rtl .Mif.Miirroy, ITIIW .ijn KIjjiii. "J11VK llll.MIIKIf' llrmy I'tMiitt. titan llfiinrll. "Yll,l lirrif I'ltlltii:" CAVAV t'n W. MAD1SIIN -I1PI-.S 15-.U tfniui J.ik IIK.V.VY. "l-IJAIII.KVM AUNT Vlilnr MiLaalrii In "llllrlAIJWAY J.1MITKII" MAYWOOD "JSc-a'."". "N VaTlVy FOREST PARK FOREST Mt)Jitn ivl Uti Hiinn In Tfi-linkotor KnM Fljim, II. Komln. .1. Henrinll. "Willi Hprari Ittlllni:" I I I IIIU.Y I ONN 'Pittsburgh Kid' :l Mtt't.K TKA.M" LilL. JKAN l'AHKl:lt A lull W. UKKUY In RO C K N 5BH W. DIVISION ST.-AUSTtH M 20c, '2Sc s,MN-c "charlevs aunt" "The Parson ot Pnamlnt" cnaVM. PLAISANCE IfilJ S. 1'AJIKSIIJK nlian liAf-lr kkatk i.wu tipiriDi uvib AliM'r" itKNNY v.iirviii.i', i. o acjii "Paisage from Hong Kong" Kxim t li"!'' rli-lii-r',Sl-i:KI-:lt ,',''"', Si-Hi Stiii.: "ManiwiKitatiWrilj .Dny; iilCTIM Hfltlita Hlinivlrk, lluiil Yuniill. AUS11N "HKtl KNf.MTMl -VAN" Hii'liri'ietiil drama tint Itiildl your lnlriill to lhcfnilR'rAHH iiPSSJiil CVIMDUflWV W. CliltlRo-l.lMd Nolan. SlWrHUNI "ijhkkhki) to kii.i." IMw. O. llntilmon, "MANl'OWKH" Hcntae Hilt nlDV ll. l-.30-JAi:lC IIKNNY In I.llt Illol ai rAKIV' CIIAIlt.KY fl AtNT" Win I'Jiet. Hiioilri Ellen Drew. fHIHTt.Vd fABROX Of I'ANAMINT t0 V IDIC Wit t'IHW.-OP. l'.JO-Vlclor Mcf.ulen DOClV IKlOl'atil' Kelly. 'HltOAIHVAV I.tMITf.Tl' I'lui HliD I Hnlna Tlnlll llll. "MYrlTEHY !"''" nlltn l-l" I" 2:30 SOf All 1'onrnrn In Klti UlllU Torn llarmnn, "IIAllMON til' Mll'HKlAN" Itlrluril Atlcii. Jem rarker. -ri.YiNii iiliwii- LOMBARD nilDATF "no" i ::in-KiiKB pahkino UU r nUt -,,v. 1. IMilniMi. Mullrite lllelilrh, Wcorpn Knn, "MAMMWKR" l-w An'-a. "Dr. KlWarn'a Wrilillnt: liny" JDESAINES ilPC Dl AIMCC Arm. Lionel fiirrymoro. UCa rieAinCtJ 'nr. Kltrtire'i n-ettdlni riiy' & itirlino Clilrlth, flioue Rift, "IANPOt'R" MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN (plui Tai) td 3 Chitann'. nwn Annul Timirn Ka.' i iikkin hh;ri'7 K ,, W ORCHESTRA Jack Bort.ll EdditRU.p'W Op.IOM5.50r lt3 (pluiln)l cHocOiaTe - IJ llAIMllIIII MGM'i Romantic Mvtito) . , r Tl ROBFRT PRESTON 0p. I0-.IS 50l ll 1 olui tax mini tieuto fVIIU IMCf! loop ire(l OP. 0-.30 SOlllJ tpluilan) Mitel Piwe! . . . sABorfuRi WEST AMERICAN a N. Aililand B'DY STRAND llill W. Ilooirvill ERROL fHEII A ItTkV "'" w- R"ll .1 HTOODES w "BILLY lilt KIIJ-8 BUN JUSTICE" BILL ELLIOTT, -RETURN OF OANIEL IIOONE' Dead End HIJi. Llllla Tougli r.uyi. "Sea RaldcrC m S3VDf Madlion-Clcero Optn 1:30 D mi MarKno DIETRICH, OE0R0E RAFT, EDW. n.. HORINSON. "MANPOWER" DEAD END KIDS. Dttk foran, "MOB TOWN" a MTCT rUn 111 Clr.'Wn'lry"piriilf'' nMI CnU "Junjlo Rlrl AMBUSH" SlWcWv "SAPS AT SEA" CLARK PARLE. Polrf Urm, 'RTBAN0E CABOO' 20c .Dr7, AT ALL THEATERS UAni IU IDIuW, Mai. latk Binny. ""aTtini "CHARLEY'S AUNT" Victor Mllagln,ROADWAY LIM1TE0" gfjCMTI ID V '! W. Md7 Ellin DroV, WCI1I W tli I C. Ruaalft. --PiRRflN or PANAMINT," "FLYINO BLIND," Filch. Arlcn IKinV W- Madlion John Wayne SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS- Frankla Parro. LEI-8 BO COLLEGIATE 4 STAR SII8 W. Mallinn-nait Kn.l Kltli in "MOU TIIWN" aim l.cir Ajreo. "I1R. KII.DAHKS WKHtltXCl PAY" MARSHAI I. Ml.. ss."..w- Vmak-pp. 12 'I,tl MtrXturrav IIIVK 1IOJIIIKH-- III.U.VIIK FIIO.U NIMIAI'OIIK- AVPNIIF Mlrkry nmnrr, .linly (litliml. AYCnUCi l.ll-K IIWIIXH rnr ANDY IIAIUIY" unit s . rirri.i -I'ASS.MIK i iuim iitixti kdxii-' KEDZIE WVator Itioi. yi'ill Wr.t M,Umi MUkcy IHIONKV I.IF-K IICdlNH I tllt ASHY IIAIUIY' A Klill). "MDIINTAIN Mnwlllltl" SUBU OAK PARK TftWN llw"i-U at Amlln Or AM. DAY laTTn tlirn nt l;-.t LC I'ltnt To, ''lt'V ur'jt.,iTltltr r a-e rilK Tt'.llltllll" A ".MYrVl'EHY !' lltliw tfl" JflllTHFPW -s iv vitk-own isaii OUUlntlMl linnun- vnrvn it,,!..,. HTANWYVK. -ll:ll KNI.IHTKI) -MAN A- 3 Ulnnitei I'anl KEI.I.V. Ila I.ANK. "MVSTKHY Willi"' I kW MAIlttlX AXIl LAKE HTH. Open 1:30 -rtIV .l:t(ltv CUI.ONNA. ICE.rAl'AlKS" Dead End Kid,. Iltla Imotl, -HI'OOKH ItUN W1I.IV ELMHURST VnPlf "M" ' ' St. Henry .loin I UIlV rtennctt. " (IEERE CAI.MNd" is TWMi5Hf',MVK nomnKU" PARJKJRmE BIPl; VUtrV ymi. I if'l Mii-Mtrtiav. rtl-IVTiltV iii,ii Heiiiriy.-mVK miMHEif liny KIMirr, KCAriClir.-rlllll Jfeeti IIIUIAIIWAY' JrLAPARJK, VII 1 ABU Ttfnny. KJ Fraticla. Vl-kAIVU 'rtiARr.BVS Af NT" Tool Harmon, 'HARMON Of AllCJUOAN" T i . ' I anrtuu rnaiJ I FLYNN I MacMURRAY V' BIVl: BOMBER" (Color) HENRY JOAN V TONOA I IttNtttTT I 'WILO (1CI9I. CALLINR' inR.f..'jmt!ki'mi He Took Her from a f? $5.00 Flo, Married x Her and Mode , ' Her Mistress ZlKN $ i!iirri f $5.00 Flat, Married j(f J - Her and Made m " '4i x' Her Mistress iwlT'l ' j of His 1V: $10,000,000 iIIIpI!!! cuitin'' MOTION PICTURKS DOWNTOWN 4TH BIG WEEK! I ni STATE-LAKE OtnO.-H until J P. M. World PLAYHOUSE m!',: ?- tout. 11:15 a.m. 10 .Mldntllit- 39r lo 6:30 V. 111. Narrated In KriKllali l..v MONSItlNOll l-'Ut.'t'ON J. SIIKKS "The. Story of lli- VATICAN" WITH INTIMATE 8CKNKS OK IIin JIoJint,8 Pij)r. Pitis Xll CLARK 'U' '?!: Daring! Naughty! ?,!I!NyVh.W jniu "STKIP TKAHK GIKLS" -Mon TOWN" Hoait Knil Ktiln. Diok Koran f,ft K. Vn Itnuii- tVctnlcr .'iri'rt 3 1 UUIV nc 12:1 in ;.ut' .- allcr '.' ii Cay Movies for Atltills 30lli Week 2 NAUGHTY, SPICY COMKIMI-S t Uttthon In imp Danielle Oinlmx n ( Ottipr SOUTH BALASAN KATZ WOHOEB THEATERS OOMI DilR UrtOr PAULET1E QODDAKD 1:30 BOD Hurt EDWARD ARHOV.O NOTHING But the TRUTH' Plui In Color ALICE FAYC, JOHN PAYNE CARMEN MIRANOA. CESAR ROMERO "WEEK-END IN HAVANA" Oaen l:D Ysu-i. BOAR h Huohtfr! nobl. Menigmtry, Claude SUim, Oluton 'Here Comes MR. JORDAN' Plui Spanking Good Fun! RUTH HUSSEY MELVYN linllD UIICEII ELLEN B0U0LA8 w OREW TRtklCD 80NIA a Glfttn MILLER nci lUWCrl HENIE and BAND 0!l "SUN VALLEY SERENADE" Plui Rid Skelton, Radio A Screen Com. Hit J,' JWHISTLINQ IN THE DARK" MARYLAND MacMURRAY In Thriller JJiJ; DIVE BOMBER' In color & Utiul Erd Kldi ... ' vi. Bcla LugoO In "SPOOKS HUN WILO" oHult ! REGAL la " PERSON! "FATS" WALLER SJVhow Plui 8crrm: HENRY FONOA A JOAN BENNETT The Gambler & the Dane Hull Hotttii In "WILD QEESE CALLING" COLONY 59th A Kldlla Open 12:45 Errol Flynn, Fred MitMutttv in "DIVE BOMBER Henry Fondi. Jean Bennett fn "WILO CE-SE CALLING HIGHWAY H3rd A Wcitirn Otter IJ.IS Lew Ayrti Linine Day tn DR. Kt LOAM'S WEDDINa DAY Pliii trlw. n. Rhlntq Martmii Otrdlth flfors Rfttl MAN POWIR MARQUETTE I (Irtl tV Kfdilt I'mmi. I'U'Uii1 "Aihrnhtie A fbl.t" It Y nu n if. H. SininvM'k, Kit lis-ioii Man" RITA HAYWORTH .a f v MirUIPAN MM' 44 Jllchln-UKO. BAIT. IHllnHlAN SIAHI.KXB DIKTIIK H. Ktlu. It. noMNSON, 'MANl'OWKH' l.toyil Nolan MA.Vl'IIX MultKLANIl, --miKSSKIl TO Kll.l." 17 DM lilli A- Klmbatk-'iOe Till I 1'. M. nlm In Hull Atilmll A fnitillo. 'HOUIl THAT 01IORT' Jolin lYlllir. 'MHKI'IIKHl) nl llic WW AM' In I'oloi A DIP 9 Jllti-llmil KaltotT, ximtT KKY" AlxIV lane Wyill. 'llutrliane KM1TI1' Jlrure t'llot (IIIII.H li.NDr.H 21" HocUctlg lludmn I'anl Kelly DAMin llalitetl al Slit Helta lllvll In HAU1U "TUB JIII1DK I'AMJ-J C. I. I)." .tunc, Slomt. Paulina Ooddlrd, "J'OT O' OOMI" til VMDr A AeWaln) at In) Billy Conn. Jean VJLtllTiriAl'arktr, "TIIK PlTTJIllUltOll K1U" Jnan llennelt. "I MKT MY I.OVE AHA1S" efACIIi" 2125 V. Ittli St. Todiy-TMnnr.-TtiM. UAL.lV. Mlikey Rooney. Judy Oailaiul. I.IFB I1KINS FOR A.VI1Y HARDY' A 3 Sloosfi AefAIllA W. .ISlli TodiyTomorioA-Tuei. AVeAUIA J,tk Ileum-, "C11AI1I.KY-S AVNT" Hilly fonn. Jean I'lrkfr. 'ITTB1))I11I1 Kill" OlrT MANHD osi K. Milt iilirilAlil ahi.ks". rlV. HlAnUK "KI.YlNIl IlUNIl" A .MH.'KKY itnnXKY. -t.n'K liKdixs Knn - ashy hahhy" miMMCDriAl M t'ni.mimil--0.. )M vuiuniunwnu Knni 1'lyiin. I rr.i Mir- Mnuav, 'IHca llinnliet' A 'ninil'lo (mill NllntiWtrr-' BACT" Elili- ' -liUlTFniaiir tin CnU I tJlUL l;n,l i(,t,. -jhiii TOW-.V" t.-r-nn Alllry 111 "UNDBIl V1K.STA STAUS" R B A N "BAD MEN OF MISSOURI" ttlti the Funniest PirtHr Hurt "IIVVK PlilVMICs" "TANKS A MILLION" Num. mi Slier I'mUtts Nrxt Wwh' Hmurt WILMETTES Krf" &i'&fusl- "WVK BOMBER" '?u Vlnrciirfl Kftc, T.rf Krit'knm "HWNm FRO.M SINOAI'ORK" GLENCOE PI CKIPni? Oltcit llrnry Knlnl.i. UL-nCUD v::m liriin. it. "WILD GEHSK CA 1.1,1 N'G" "FIaYlX(; l)Kl:CKS" CJCERO PALACE :.FKATliRKS-:. rliallet "I'nrfioii (if t'liiutitiml JliiKClri Vlt-lnr. Mrl,3len I1KKK AUTHY "Uiiilfi" the Firsln Slurs' ral VMD1P w I'l-m"" "it ULiinriVe iionr. oiii'ii i i'.m. "HOLD THAT (JIIOST" Vill i AC 5103 IV. l ernilk- lloiil-tlnrn 1 I'. 51. V ILL AO F,e,l .MaiMi.MOV. llilpli llellimy, grrg, "DIVE BOMBKR" '"JS'V "DRESSEDTO KILL" i-WXS LA GRANGE B&K LA GRANGE Murray, "Hi Knmlirr" U Htntr fnnfU. Jcun )tine(t, 'WIU llteie rUlnii' rAIXlV !(!) U'-iiirv. .I'clv 'iijiii) "UFK JTKfflN. Foil ASHY )MJJV PI M ('.land Al'. -Hliril r.tW- t.lov.l Nolan. CLIH My llelli lliuli.. "IHIESMEIl TO Kll.l." Onv Kllilice. 'Hl'ATTEtltillon tEKTH IHKIAIUV.IV .2SW!1ERS .GROVE Tlltll ( Or l:.K- Errnt l lvnn. I ie.l MicSltirrlr 1IVUJU1 -plVE HDMltElt' In t'clt-r I'lm Ileitly Fonda, Join Binned, "V11. OKF.SB CAI.I.INU" A Hin warnw wot. Hwni ' v WAUtR BRENNAN JOAN USU CIOS5E TOBIAS ITAMlY HIDGIS A HOWARD HAWKS PRODUCIIOM I MOTION PICTURES SOUTjJ WARNER BROS. THEATRES For Plrlura Tlmn Phona YrfaaiU (Son Today Uoon opm al 12:30 P. M. All-Out Eatlrlalnininl Pragma! Robert Monlgoffliry, Clautfi Ratal "Here Comet Mr. JORDAN" Plui Roth Hustty. MtKyq Dfli, ir "OUR WIFE" Today Doorl Opm al 12-0 P. M. Rindtlptt Scott. GiniTltrnn (Cikr) "BELLE STARR" Ann Sottitm. Rah't Young. Rit Skilda "LADY BE GOOD" 33c to J do Opm at 12 JO P. M. STAGE: S BIG ACTS nil On (hi fttrtin; Jmi Bvi vi, Youniir Btyt i rt hUUry with blktlni flunt, WAYNE MORRIS Drnnli Merin Hut Wmtn "BAD MEN OF MJSS0URI" RClCDI V SSth-AiManil Frio Parklag DCVCnWl Witt. i) WlltUra. Hrtiry Findi. loan Ronmlt In "WILD f.CElE CALLINQ" JEFFERY Kttol I'bnn Frril MneMurrmr (In Tcc)in)tf)or "DIVE BOMBER" Irrty Codinnit Dorothy J-rwU "ICE-CAPADES" Comlo Bookl tl Kldddi 0QDEN Opin ni Nten HIGHLAND 0pm M ll;41 8Ur(i s( Nbbii jntty mi. oniy: nunncc ""n " nt partial nniFUEO Colonna In "ICE-CAPAOCS-Errol Flynn In 'DIVE BOMBER' (Tlihatiilirl VinnlYortory YYK Starti Toduyl ADnUE 7tHi.CtMt Diat Ent Kltl la UnUVC "SPOOKS RUN WILD- loan Bianilt la "WILD REEBE CALLING" AAClin ;sih.Halmt Liar Ara. "DR. UUOITIU KILDARE'S WEDDING BAY" Plat End Kit. 'MOB TOWN' llrl Olik Fitlt CUflRC 7Slh.KlnillonL, Ayr,,, "DR. OilUnC KILDARE'S WEDD1NQ DAY' Ed. R Roblnlon, "MAN POWER" Oio. Rill FROLIC SSIh'Ellll OAKLAND 397 l)rrl l-.dtr. o. ltnlitnann . tiwrtf Hall Mnrlrna Dlrtrlrh ".MA.SI'OIVKIl" l.lnyrt Niitan 'miK.s.S?l) TO Kll.l." HAMILTON lit and ftttm Avu A TtrflAt Luth Rial trie Linorn ano timii parKtr (i, 'Sweetheart of the Navy' "Yoo-Hoo Ornirall'Jimii tlllltn "23 ij HOURS LEA VEM 'MPT" "lli.So. "Pii,-Oorolliy Lowli. lib I Jrrry Colonna, "ICE-CAPAOCS" "Sunny" Sammy Morriton Out Ent Klti, Rita Luooll In "SP0DK.& RUM Wlrn" niMiMwiMtpailKMtitMiaa tlrr-iulo Jo.vro Jane narwrll "PRIVATE NURSE" Simla HrntA John Pyni SUN VALLEY SERENADE' I.ATKST MAKCIt OF TIME fWiinl4 I Er,tl rl""- Frit MltMurru lhimi$im 'SPOOKS RUNWILD' Itl'lltl'llafll1! 1 E-0-Rltlailn-M. Dlitrlch' StTiTli . "MANPOWER- yiTTaT.JIIZaV L. Nolan, Mary B. Hultiii VDRESSE0 TO KILL' IBMItll JACK BENNY la ''CHARLEY'S AUHr" "PARSON Of PANAMINT" E. o, ffeaiafot "uahinwra.t L"' '-". ."DB- K1LDARE-& WEOOING DAY" JAMES CAGNEY Brrrr nAvia "THE BBtOE CAME C, O, O." tmmum Jack Benny. "CHARLEV'ft ailteT( Charlll nugililJ'PARSON OF PANAMINT" MICKEY RODNEY la "lift BEGINS FOR ANDY HARDY" t Rfcnard Arlin In "f LYINfl BLIND" MlnWAV Lolt. a.Vd-Dri. 1-3 Hill 'ALIVB ITIIU TV A I In tlio OKU" MELODY VOH r.' "DAY BREAK" i.Wur!. A IViurr Ont.v tltr Kitnvh tu(t( i7flr Mke ( woodlawn a.-S,;;,-,saiVfi5SfJ &mcf """IK TEHROR" "iMYSTKRY OF OOM l.V CI IN ,2I!I 8- Wini- P-1 -30 Tltidtl ol Crlrei 1 OLIl "Atl-Aiiioilcan Dimback," 'unfte Archer It'i l)irlna-.iuliiy Thlill Mike You Whime "STRIP TEASE GIRLS" HARVARD HOWARD O. 63rd & Uirrard Geo. Ratt, Matlcm ritetilrli. r AAiDnttPD'i Konj.v.sav """ " -llOCTOH K11.T)ARF.'S WEDDING PAY1' YfMDADItr 0-W Klrabatk On. 1J.-30 3 reali. IVllTlDAniV -KrUliUnad Lady'-lhly Mill Atitn" Otna Ailttl, "MAN FROM MUSli: MOUNTAIN" SEW I'l.'HH BACK SEATS I BV HM K- Mid Uwrl Op. )2:30 Snow Sti. i n LtA 'Mull TOWS' Dud End Kldl. DIcV; Koran I.evt Asm. "(IK. Klf.tWKK'S 'DDI.VQ UAV I'lua "t'OOTtlAt.t. THIS WEEK" Mil rA 3lll-IIalltd PAT O'BRIEN ill lTllLUA "KNliTK BtlfKNl:. ALL-AMERICAN Ylllor Mi-Laden In "HltllAUH'AY M.IIITEI' ' 1 A rVCflM DlfT Jo,'n Barrrmort. "WORLIi JAII-WPI Tie.. I'KE5tlEBE." te Ajtel 1.. Jlairymore. "1)H. K1UIA11E-8 Weddlnt Da" DAtVinVA Stlh-Helited-Errol Flynn, Tt4 KAH1UVA MarMurny. nlVK BOMBER" llntn I.usoal lit "St'OOKS nUK WILD" rUC I TCN 'OlIi Kxpliaiiire Jack Btrmt -tlCL I CIX In "niAni.EY'S AUNT" VlrMiir Mi-Lndr-ii. "IIHOAnWAV MMlTEfi; El D 0M!l Weill - Juk ItiTwy. Kir ri?nrlii rt, A. --rVfarVi-r Aunt" A- ''hlrll Autelei. EHrn llw, ' I KIHTIXll I'orinn ot PANAMINT" EVANSTON t-rCATURCS 1 COME EARLY', STARTS I :U Juffrcy Lynn Philip Dorn "U-N-D-E-R-G-R-0-U-N-D" Lloyd Nolan as Michael ShaytT " DRESSED TO KILL" Wayne Morris It Tern Brown "THREE SONS 0' GUNS" STARTS THURSDAY "Mancer" and "Or. KlUiri'i Widdlitl Day'' ALSO DISNEY'S THAHKSOIVINO SPECIAL RAIf VARSITY Op. 1:J0 Oene TJER.VEY. DOtn. V AK-l 1 1 "rtEi.i.K rtarr- in i-owi A Ann Knlhein, lle-1 Hkcltnn. "l.AllY BE fiOOir' MAXPOWKlf ft -j))!, K)t.IABE'B Wcddinf Di' y. u i M.t. Kit ItV 'fmlc Bocfci in ChHdr n B&K C0R0NETRh,r.;.;rl 1 ''"- H'iMlei. -ntlHTINO I'.mmi cf TANAMINT' HIGHLAND PARK ALCY0N "BLOOD AND SAiW TYKO.NE POWKJI. M.VDA DARKEIX ftHV X """ Whistling in the Dark' LAKE FOREST nFPPP&TH "' ftnactt'i Rtreimllnir romete 1 . ...' "TANKS A MILLION" mat Wall llHnei'i "RELUCTANT OHAaON" BERWYN NFW HIT7 63,1 iiii ni opm i-.n "Dr. Kihlnvc's Wedding Day" MierV..e;',';,P-mmKa 'MANPOWER' R0XY bKviS "Manpower" li, "Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day" n A VTUVM Kwi. It'i. at Oik I'k. Af. M. Rrorttl UftlVYlr I n "I.IFK HWIINK for ANDY 8A8UV Attn smlimi "HIMiHIIU: MAIMIE" .Ml. tin n njf.V nCDUIVN Hill-lieitlEntlKIn-,'!. DKIV DEitlW I J a deli I.iicnl.'rlnkl Ann Will' A Jinny J-'fiiitli, Join ltennitt, 'Wild (lice Calltnt' HOMEWOOD H0MEW00D "lilFB 11KQIS3 open l:3V-Jutly Oirlin. MICKEY ROONF.t FOR A.srjV HARDY" I t

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