Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania on December 19, 1972 · Page 2
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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1972
Page 2
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DELAWARE COUNTY (PA.) DAILY TIMES Tuesday, Drrrafcn' It. Itn ACCIDENT SCENE where the wife and daughter of U.S. Senator-elect Joseph Biden Jr. were killed AP WIREPHOTO- near Hockessiri, Del., Monday, is checked by Delaware State Police. Sen. Biden's wife, baby killed in Delaware crash WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) -Political triumph vanished in personal tragedy for U.S. Sen.- elect Joseph" R. Biden Jr., D- Del., as his wife and only daughter were killed in a car- tractor trailer collision. Dead on arrival at Wilmington General Hospital here Monday after the 2:30 p.m. accident near Hockessin were Neilia Hunter Biden, 30. and 18-month old Amy Biden, state ^police said. Funeral arrangements were incomplete early Tuesday. Police said the couple'i two sons were injured in the collision--Joseph R. Biden III, 4, sustaining leg injuries, and Robert Hunter Biden, 3, with head injuries. Also hospitalized was the truck driver, Curtis C. Dunn, 43, of Avondale, Pa., police said. Biden, a Wilmington lawyer and New Castle County Councilman, had ..been soaring on the crest of victory after defeating veteran U.S. Sen. J. Caleb Boggs, R-Del., in the Nov. 7- general election. At that time, Biden--still 13 days shy of his 30th birthday--was too young to assume the post he had won. With his pretty, blonde wife at his side and aided by his closely-knit family, Biden had waged a vigorous, media-oriented campaign to unseat B o g g s--and become the youngest man elected to t he senate in this century and the second-youngest ever. "It's tragic and terrible be- yond words," Boggs said Monday night. Republican Gov. Russell W. Peterson echoed Boggs' words, adding: "I am sure I speak for all Delawareans when I say to Sen.-elect Biden that our hearts and our thoughts are with you." "The shock of this tragedy is just beyond my ability to express myself," Democratic Gov.-elect Sherman W. Tribbitt said in Dover. "She was so much looking forward to her new life." Police said the Biden's station wagon "pulled from a stop sign" and was struck on ,the left side by the truck, "continuing approximately 150 feet, spinning around, going backwards down an embankment, and striking three trees." Biden, who was in Washington D.C. working on staff appointments when notified of the accident, flew back to Wilmington. He arrived at the hospital about 6 p.m. on the : 'arm of his sister and campaign manager, Mrs. Valtrie- Saunders, 26, and accompanied by two brothers, James, 23, who served as a campaign fund-raiser, and Frank, 18, who ran the Concord Pike headquarters near here. Looking straight head and appearing intent, Biden went into a far room of the hospital. A half hour later he departed with his son Robert in an ambulance. In an apparent effort to reassure the child, Biden said: "I'm going to jiynp right in there with you, son." The boy was taken to Delaware Division Hospital nearby, which has more extensive pediatrics services. To Biden, intensely family- oriented, children were, in his words, "The only good tiling in the world." "I'm not a 'keep 'em barefoot and pregnant' man," Biden said before the birth of his daughter. "But I am all for keeping them pregnant until I have a little girl." Biden met his wife, a native of Skaneateles, N.Y., during his junior year, at University ol Delaware. ' Two years later, in 1965, after he finished his first year at (Syracuse Law School, the two i\vere married. She had been a dean's list student and horns coming queen at Syracuse. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunter of Auburn N.Y. When their children got older, Biden said a few years ago. ha wanted Neilia to get a doctorate and teach college. But in the interim, he said, he wanted her "to mold m j children," Bidden was admittedly ambitions: He did not scoff at a Time Magazine prediction that he is vice presiden- itial timber. Neilia, according to Biden. was highly supportive anc equally ambitious for him. ' ' I n her Walter Mittj dreams," he once said. "Mj wife sees me as a supreme court justice." Teacher election is voided PHILADELPHIA (AP)-An election in which Catholic lay teachers rejected unionization of the archdiocesan elementary schools has been invalidated by the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board. In a strongly-worded ruling, the board found John Cardinal Krol and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia guilty of unfair labor practices before the June 13 representation vote in which unionization was defeated, 646410, with 363 votes challenged. A new election has been or dered but no date has been set. The board said the arch diocese unfairly influenced the election by sending teachers letters which misrepresenetd previous labor board rulings, by arbitrarily challenging an excessive number of votes and by contributing to a chaotic situation in the polling places'. The archdiocese refused comment on the matter. The labor board singled out for sharpest criticism a letter sent by Cardinal Krol two days before the election. The letter asked that teachers reject unionization because it would jeopardize the survival of the Catholic schools and mean that teachers would no longer play any religious role. Beef, pork slated for school lunches WASHINGTON (AP) - Millions of school children, after months of being fed turkey hash and stewed chicken, soon will be getting government-donated ground beef and pork for lunch. The Agriculture Department, hich handles the national school lunch program, plans to uy ground beef and pork for distribution to schools about Feb. 1 for the first time in a year. But cattle and hog prices have set record marks this year, and USDA will have to pay more for hamburger arid pork the same as any family shopper. The big difference, however, is that USDA buys in raildoad car quantities and gets the met wholesale. The department is authorized to buy farm products for dona tion to schools and needy fami lies as "surplus removals" to help buoy market prices paid to farmers. "The decision to buy beef anc pork was based primadily or making a highly nutritious food available to the schools," Her bert D. Rorex, director of child nutrition for the Food and Nu trition Service in USDA', told i reporter. "To my knowledge Death to trees LONDON (AP) - London's clean air means death to hundreds of the city's plane trees. They're dying of sunstroke. Said David Burdekin of the Forestry Commission research laboratory: "For some reason die plane is particularly susceptible to early morning sunlight after a night of hard frost Until recently, because cf air pollution, it never saw any ear ly sun. But now we are getting both hard frost and strong morning sunlight. The effect is to kill off the planes." there was no pressure from livestock producers to do so." Thus, Rorex said, the bsef and pork purchases will be spi cifically to make the mea available in school lunches and not as a farm-price booster. The last time USDA bough ground beef for schools was Jan. 6 this year. In all some 41.7 million pounds were pur chased for nearly $23 million When those purchases began the meat cost about 53 cenU per pound, depending on loca tion, and rose to about 38 cents By comparison, according t the Bureau of Labor Statistics retail prices for hamburger na tionally averaged more than 7 cents per pound last month, up Deadline is set on '··*·. tickets HARRISBURG (AP) - Per. sons eligible for the fth millionaire finalist drawing in Perm- sylvania's lottery must hav? their tickets validated at state liquor stores by 9 p.m. Saturday. Dee. according to Henry H. Kaplan, th»; lottery's executive director. Finalists who fail to make the deadline must present their tickets in .Harrisburg at the Lottery Bureau Validation Center by Friday, Dec. 29. Kaplan said. All eligible tickets must have the finalist number- of 1975. drawn Dec. 6. ,1116 finalist number includes the first four digits of the six-digit weekly number. They must also match one of the seven weekly qualifying numbers drawn on Wednesdays from Oct. 25 through Dec. 6. The qualifiers are: Oct. 25, K5- Nov. 1, L8; Nov. 8. N5; Nov. 15 N2; Nov. 22. P4; Nov. 29, Q7 and Dec. 6, R8. The next millionaire drawing is scheduled for Harrisburg' Jan. 4, in the State Education Building. Caroline Herschell, born in England in 1750, was considered the first important female astronomer. That fact, recorded in the 1973, "Liberated Woman's Appointment Calendar," is .based on her having discovered', more than five cents in a year, [three nebujae and eight comets. ^.^ #; · ·· 'V ."AX**-* A v^f u« Hi Pear shape) $395 ""*r» *--£ SAVE 20% to 40% K»«"*?r» '· on DIAMONDS: for every puipo/e. .^jiV. M^^fe for every putvo z» *%' Here's the greatest collection of Christmas gifts we've ever assembled. Gifts for everyone, prices for every budget. Come and make your choice now while selections are still complete. · '' Your choice of Men's or Ladies' onyx rings from $29.95 * I w* PfiSaS m 2 diamond duo $225 s\ Diamond'and gemstone i insert,'$250 Methadone Five persons seized controls · .1 i . . , , in rail sabotage tightened ° YORK. Pa. (AP) -- An al-j found a message, wrapped in Massive carved diamond ""in* 1 $175- SsSii* £jt;s* -'-^«ft*.. r^l * »; SSS3 f^ V --iMC""""" « «* v \^ Double birttistone ring $19.95 Enamel and diamond trio $375 T** fi Elaborate diamond earrings $195 IffasJeTjatge. Electric Razors On Credit W{ WASHINGTON (UPn --The n o , r, -, 0 V~ ia B c d !plastic and inserted in the con A m - ' i filin \_/6n tr*31 Rsilrnsn iinp ^PT*- ' government has announced I vicing a bomb casings factory i crete ' l \ was addr essed "Dear tighter controls over distribu-:here has resulted in the arrest i Friends" and read in part, action of methadone, a drug used j of ^ ve persons. cording to Regan: to curb heroin addiction. State Polcie took the three j "We can no longer sit back in fy ^j Lsa^ m w \s" ZtL' Man's gemstone ring $49.95 V: Dr. Jerome Jaffee, director ; men and two women--all resi-j silence while our government 8 of the White House Special [ Action Office for Drug Abuse, JerSey ~ int ° CUS 1 parleys over peoples lives. You ft ;y;) :"*; may ask why we peace-seeking^ |s^! f\ ," ·? . , ,, . , , . , -- five are accused of pour- i"""-'" ""' "- H-.^.*^,,,^ said Monday the new regu!a-! in g concre te into a rail road :people should d 'srupt the pas- ^ tions were designed to provide'switch. They were charged with; s a ge of a train? We hope that g "clear cut guidelines" to'"malicious injury to railroads"'you can see with us that t h i s i v f j operators of methadone main; ? n d he!d in olieu of 525.000 bond action is a minor disruption in I tenance programs, to eurb^p^"^^^^^^ with the disruption || growing illicit street traffic in! mem he rs m - , h ~ *·,-, r n a J ! ° r l i f e in Indochina caused byis methadone and to avoid making SSc%- to L'e Uves an :he 4m bombs m a d e dai] - v TMfi mot n Q drina i/4/^/-.*r- A . . * **f " " ' ' t n f i N'np 17 Do A TV^T7 frt^i+,,,,t. ' methadone addicts out of persons never before on drugs, u,. t h . i,.,, ,iiror.rr,^ Methadone is a svntheti- ' 6Cl ° r V-^H^I » o ^-U/ ^X^J '^f l^vj Zig zag diamond trio $195 MX*^^ r ^ ' M 1 * "j LlxiLij^ M^y "^WWI Jf ·*./· X.^ K. I Ci«:i*H[ Cuff link and tie tac set 5 19.50 f: n 12 il antiwar group attacked m 1970, die York ' Pa " AMF factor y- FBI.!Edgar Hoover. Hoaver had! » « , I » --: i p!9 8i9- ',3- -,.-- ra "~* J$\ .-+£**} ··r^ I3li!! .«r-: SPiST': fSs * Heart locket $15 .L-.7 r^aded AlltO Sales j Priests i j Philip Ber.-igan. ill Britain ' regular doses of the substitute' TMTM * rr ?* ed ^V' 5 TM n " r ' ±IIUUU ! drug, at little or no cost t o ; f railroad *' din ? leadl ^ to t n e ; L O N D O N ( A P ) _ ImDoned | Jifm tn «r th P r« r,ff h 0 ^;n American Macnme and Foi-nd-L.,,., "^J'^ 0 , _ ' Z?" . 6 m '« £i m marketing of methadone to i hospital pharmacies, approved i maintenance programs conduct-! ed by clinics or doctors and'; some drugstores in rural areas.: They will take effect over a six- month period. Jaffee said programs con- · ducted under trie new rules' "can have · positive effect in reducing the spread of heroin addiction. The amount of crime they (addicts) commit will be slightly reduced. The amount n' j heroin tbey use will be slighUy reduced. Maybe they just won't 4h» of (heroin) overdose." Asia. After arraignment before Dis- Justice Donald Rode of the five were committed to York County Prison. No trial date was set. Those arrested were identified as Eugene William Dyniel Galvin Jr., 23. of Newark; Thomas Edward Korkarnes, 21. of New Brunswick; Rollin D. Kirk. 25, and his wife Patricia. 26. ol Princeton, and Monica McKig. 25, of Princeton Theological Seminary. Lt. James Regan, the investigating officer, said oolice Of a total of 135.456 car salest« in the month, 32,580 were im-|fl| jported compared with 112,15l| jsaJes and 19.512 imported in t h e k j 'Same month last year when the K percentage was 17.4. In the first 10 months of 1972, 1.412.298 cars were sold including 331,518 imported models '-- 23.47 per Caravelle Radcliff $19.95 mm · [wm e-nweii. i H · ' - «£ "«* by Caravelle Radcliff Caravelle Companion Caravelle Delegate Dill A If Jl $16.95 $16.95 $24.95 DULVVA New Mother's ring From 29.95 I 2 32 Digit clock $19.95 J1971 levels were: 1,078.649 total 208,056 imported -- 19.29 per cent. Most popular imported car was the French Renault range with 5I.5S6 sales or 3.65 per cent of the market. *%£ **' 620 AVENUE OF THE STATES CHfSTER, M. Park Fred UM EacT 7th St. Municipal Lot. OPEN EVES. Till XMAS (", PttC^-XUKMCOU CBK-SflUtGHl KXK]

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