The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 13, 1949
Page 9
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»OW»AT, jtma 11, BLTH1ETILLS (ARK.) COURIER HEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople The word "artillery" was first used for all engines used to discharge missiles, but In more recent times it has been used only for firearms of long range capable o( discharging a bursting projectile. The arterlw are always empty after death of an organism and «rly anatomists believed they were normally filled with air. OOrttKWlT »TMUCH LAWMMCI NtUOM FM and AM 1 7 Tubes Plus Rectifier | Listen to the Ball Game In Noise-Free Comfort THK ITOHTt •** mmtimmtm tmm< • »* •* k*r «•«»••»!*•* mm Spear* l»l»»4. Lilt? W»r- re». tmmmlu*** +ml*im+, mm* !>*«••* trjlMjc i* c*i the tmtim. Hc..rr ttmrmimf. «waiev mt -the UI»B4. mm* tmmt tmmmm*4 l« tttm ck«i h« ^mj marry M«im> Slark. * fir! wh* w«« *fct>wr*ek*4 tmtrt Im *»^ mmmy with rrrd ill I w til, fi^mrtfm mm* H*-« mum m+ 4«*l«iM mlmg. Her r<-»*«« l*r Ilia l«l«..4 U b«r *w... XXVI SILLWELI, glared »t Harding while the others walched. *"I want an answer, yes or no. Is the radio working? Why won't you send a message?** Harding was white with rage. "I've made allowances for you in the past You'll keep a civil tongue in your head!** "Or you'll what?" Fred sneered. "I'll tell you one thing. You either get that radio fixed in a hurry or J'lt start burning bonfires some fishernian'll see!" "You'll light no fires on this fa- landr "Please," Mollie Stark whimpered. "Mollie's frightened. You two meets frighten Mollie." "Oh, shut up," Sillwell said. He ducked quickly when Harding swung at him with an openhanded slap. "Harding, you'd bet- ler hear what I've got to say before you start slapping me around.** Harding hesitated. He looked at Fred. "Go Mollie, then back a< ahead and talk." "What I have to say i* private. Mabel Jones left her place by Hie kitchen door. M I promised to help Miss McGuir* transplanl some iprouts," she announced "Who wanu to come?" Bea could think of no way to overhear the talk between the two men. "I'll go with jou," she decided. id fearfully, "I've jot some checking to do." Mollie Stark looked at Sillwell. "Moilie wants everyone to be happy today." Fred laughed »t her. Henry Harding taid, "He doesn't understand. Please leave us DOW, my dear. Remember there » a long future ahead of us." Mollie walked with George Bascombe toward tbe sleeping hut. From tbe expression on her face, Bern CocgTove knew the jrirl was not happy about that reminder of the future. • • • AJABEL JONES packed dirt around a letting with an earth-itamed palm. Bea and Nona McGuirt nt at their ease in tbe oppressive air and walched the woman'! deft, gentle handling of the plants. -I never got to really know much about plants till after 1 was married to WilJiam. He was my Horse and Dog husband. He had a little farm and a home and 1 had them through him." "What happened to William?" Nona asked. "Oh. he bad a fool horse throw him and step on his head," Mabel said. "So there 1 was with a farm and a mortgage and hi. name. [ worked hard and stuck it out for two years. Then'l couldn't stand it any more." "Got tired being without man?" Nona suggested. Mabel Jones began working again. That would occur to you,' she said mildly. "But it wasn' that either. It was William's last name. Mootcrief. Meet Mabe Montcrief, I'd be introduced They'd repeat the name, then look at me. Sometimes they'd laugh right out and sometimes they'c just get red trying not to laugh. Bea Cosgrove smiled, stood up and brushed dirt from her orang< dress. "I hate to leave good company, but 1 suppose I'd better ge the sheep out to pasture." -Wait a bit," Mabel Jones said 4% HOME LOANS El her! S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society Phone «Ti» Evening* PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores Rent a Camera for $5 DOWN $5 A MONTH MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS • G. C. Hawks • 328 E. Main Phone 3292 ''MARS "Look! On 'Han*t forth' peopf* /ust </rrve their car to Gf Nf RAL CONTRACT PURCHASF CORPORATION for « confidential loans." "I'm about through «rKl jou might a» well hear the resL* Bea read meaning into Mabel's •e<juesL • • • •'Y°U can s«," Mabel wenl on, "why 1 wai (lad to mecl klark Jonei. Mark and Mabel fone«. That was ill right. Mm. lones goes with the waj I look Inc. And Mark was quite a man, oo. My Books and Wheels bus- land, I called him. He taught me a lot. How to talk as good as 1 do. •le gave me things to r«ad. And he loved engines and cars. Felt oward them like William did toward his dogs and horses 1 guess. But Mark could make anything grow, even though he didnt like Crowing things much. He said they ust came up to spite him, because be didn't care. Same thing worked with women, he said, so why not with plants? It worked all righL" Mabel thumped the dirt around the Ust ot the xedlings. Engines finally killed him. But my. how he would have loved to play, too, with that little funicular railway. He could have spent bours running the little cars up and down. Maybe that son ol thing appeals to bookish people. Well, there's the plants set out I'd better get back to the breakfast dishes." Mabel Jones strode off wiping her hands on her black dress. Nona McGuire got to her (eel laughing. "1 wish you could your face, Bea. Boy! Mabel may take a long lime to get around to her point, but when she does! Playing with the little cars! Some fun. What'd you do it for anyhow?" •How'd you know about it?" •Agnes told, me. Why? Doet « matter?" "No," Bea said. "I've got to get those sheep out." "So long," Nona said. "Maybe you could get Mabel to do your work too? So you'd have more time to play train." Bea did not answer. On her way to the sheepfold she passed George Bascombe. He tipped nil hat elaborately, hurried on toward the garden. He started whistling "Casey Jones." ;To Be Continue*) A MRVICC. Hue. T. U. MO. U. i, PAF, O FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEt How Jullyl "What do you mean he'll never learn to ptay the piano? That's as good an instrument as we could buy in 1 ." Mrt YOUNG, eor nor SCHOOL'CHILD LIKE 6ED . AND HE EARNS ORE MOJEY THAN A BAMK PRESIDENT/ HIMTV HILDA'S NEW *»(»- THR06 MA^ WORK THAT MAKE* HIS Life CONSTANT WHIRL/ MUSCILLA'S I'OP Perils of I'alhcrhund HY AL VKUMKKR Color Pictures The Ideal way la remember special occasion*. Also »ther types o( «•- eraa for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone S647 STUDEBAKER A Fine Selection of Good Low Priced Cars 1939 Chevrolet 2 Door. Looks and runs perfect. 1939 Ford 2 Door, Body and Motor in excellent condition. 1937 Chevrolet 2 Door, Motor overhauled »nH new paint, 1935 Ford 4 Door, Radio, Healer and Good Body. Used Pick-ups in Excellent Shape 1917 Studebaker I Ton Pickup in A-l Condition. 1917 StuderNiker !/i Ton, Radio, Healer and Stock Rack. 19JK Chevrolet '/ 2 Ton, Radio and Healer. 1 9 12 Dodge i/i Ton, a good low priced Iriick. 1911 Ford i/. Ton, Nice and Ciean. Corn* In Today and S«« Then Values Chamblin Sales Co. •"Voor Friendly Slud«b«ktr Railroad * Ash STUDEIAKI ISN'T THW CUTE? I'LL YOU PAID FOR IT, POP.' €0 AHEAD AND IT.' Y-YOU DON'T WANT IT. ! MOLJ'RE SORRY YOU 6-BOUQHT 1 UON'T KNOW IF IT5 ANY CONSOLATION, DEAR... BUT YOU'VE MADE HER VERY HAPPY.' BUY ONE JUST TO 6IVE Bascom Scores BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE S.6ASCOM.IOVER/ YOU'Vf ifter I disarmed fog Channel, h« dmitted signing the confession o the murder of Jake Doll. HOLD UP A BIT/ YOU RE GOING UP FOB A LONG TIME.CHAMNE1 LET'S SHAKE I'VE JIEM EVERYTHING NOW. PICK UP THE PIKES AND LET' ( AND YOU6AVE IT TO JI6GSR JACKSOH.AND JACKSON SI6NEO ONE JUST LIKE n AND GAVE IT TO VOll? YEAH. WE LIQUIDATED DOU TOGETHER AND EX- WASH TUBBS The Old Cashier Watches BY LESLIE TURNER ^l FIGGER MM Ml UNCLE llSSt HOT- FOOTEP IT UP WS STKEET WIO PA SUM.- HOLD OU, IVY! LOOKl TH' SAM HILL AK£ SUSPICIOUS LOCtrlN' CHIRAC UP TO * MOW THEVRE STUPVINO ALL TH' gUILtXNGS UP 1H" STKEtT 6MIKUSTER BE. ORVILLE '. LET'S see VER UWCLE JAKE'S MHP BUGS BUNNY ITS A SWELL CAV A.PlCNtC.Fcn.krstS.' I M-MA.DE T MY CAIft PLtNTV Of \ TURSED CXJT L-LEMONA.Oe.'J GOOD.' THESE A.PPE.TIZIN' WITH TON&UE- TIN&LIN' BY V. T. HAML1N LEFT THE ROCKET I t BUT SOME DAY'S LATEZ PROJECT. OSOJZ BOOM TOOK x^"^ THE AGENT HAD TO gps TO see NO HWZM x^'^'O \ TAKE fo THE AIR. WOULD COMC TO HIS /DON'T LET\ WEN THF SCIENTISTS ASSOCIATE /HIM ON VACATION. | OT^ SIGHT.' WOW,' 1VE LATCHED ONTO SUMPIN' BIG,'' \*E SHOULD HSVE COME H PARTY DISAPPEARED A FISHING TRIP. OF THE SEARCH, AND ARE BSHINQ Off SHORE ON BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN V*aiO , OH, . £\CVti FOR SALE Concrete culverts. 12 Inch to 4* inch, plain or reenforced. AIM Concrete BuiJdinj; Blocks cheaper than .umber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant bouses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call ns for free estimate . . . Phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone S8S

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