The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1951
Page 9
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r PAGE SIXTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THUMDAT, OCTOM* 4, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Oil IT r*1« ytl lot &OMCCiul?e Uiuiiinim char*« ................ *° c 1 Urn. [»•! Line ................. l»c 3 I'mes p*t line per day ....... He ) llrr.ei per II n« pfi iUf ...... * c C time* per lint [>?r dif ....... 1° 12 ttm*i pti lint per dfcj ....... 4c In ihe Con oc lit* avfcran* »or /d orcUrtd toi Ihret 01 «topp«I Lr!r>r< * xpiraUon »d for the n.imhrr r>I Appeared ant! adjustmen All clkMlHao Aii»*r Usi xillt«& t>» pertnn n* reflf lfc» clly m\m lie • rcom KB.IW muj *suil) tt« cmnpuud the *bore uble AdTtrtLiliin ordnrd for irrefiuia MnLon* like; Hit on* limn Ubl Ho iMprintlttimy *lll be lafce •tor* thi.a nn» in.Tirrect ,nflertl »ny clfi«iin*-o id. All *rii arc rfstrlcl**! *o ttoni eraMlflcMtnn' styl* *nd typ« Courier New? r(Vff»et lha eight er tejftt BUT »d • I.JRCTROI.UX CI.KANKR.S I Snip* - Sfj-Tlee • .Supplte* I Tour old cltuner infpecird ire* CaU 1 for frp« (iemonttrivtion. J R. Harrl*. | 513 N III. Ph. 8393. 9.7 pic I'),' i DO YOU NKKD TIRES HOSE RAI-Kfi CO. 501 S 2lel SI Ph. 4S9« 4-5 burner cook atovca. one W Morn 1 net cublnel heater, chrap. 42H7. 10,I* C Sofa A^ Ph 6239 cheap, I p.m. 1001 B I-akt, 10 1 pk 1 Arrnnilon 120 hasp Holmrr ,ni*# in* * d ,inn. mothe: prnrl finish. 1200 d b) cash •Hi'i- Ph. 23C9. ~ lO'l P* 7 Cyprpss, Collomvood hmi- l,or.' 2L4 mi. N.\V. of Half Moon. Ph. G3G3. G. 0. Flowers. 10-L iik 11-1 ^e <in Apartment for Mortrrn S25S. Motlorn Apt . neivjy ipnrtinenl In I '10.3' <-k 111 j Ph. 3373, F. Simon, 1 voon\ r\ir Apt... private bRtn 3 room unfiir. pfionp 4257. I0;i p* ^ Close In. 4 room nnf. apt O«s and bath. Ph, 2M2. nl-lit 23er, 0 29 cX 10 6 J room fur. »pt. Close In. Nrwljn decorfttcd. Ph. 25P2. 4 pic 3 rooms nnftirn. Private hrtth Wli for electric stove. Ph. 32fifi Ph 4.1 9 27 ?k ti 4 rm. unfur. opt. In goon condition Close in. ph. 4565 or 2 4 rm, unfur. upt-. newljr < auto. H.W hontcr. ph. 3325 9 19 ck it •orntert. k JO 15 imftirnlstied apt, recently . ph. 23iO or 6086. Small Apartments, furnished. ?8 up per week. Bedrooms up single. 114 West Ash Ph: 2833. 8-4 ck tf Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trad* Used Furniture GUN HAKKLSON <t SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck ti RKSTAURANTfil.AfiSKS HAM 5R1PB Co 117 I Mftln. Th «R59 USED COMBINE BARGAINS! All inM<OK i\re here for you to choose from . . . imceil »s low as $150! See IIR before you buy. (You'll be (,'liicl you did!) D10ITA IMI'I.KMKNTS, INC. M22 So. 2nd. Photic 68(i:5 9-25 ck tf Nice Krirc Morris Fishe UK, Mr [>IT hii nlrnlln. 111. I'h in 3 . hulk nc my pk J rm fur apt. RClults only. Elcc kllch- «n. 10S W. KS-.. Ph. 3109. 10,2 P* 4 Auto 5uppfie5 and Services C'oinliiiintion steel safe nn<1 filinjf calxinct about 6 ft. high. Fireproof, suitable for cotton gin records or country store etc. Mrs. S. S. Stcrnherp, P. O. Box 10B, Blytheville or phone AUTO GLASS New or Used WADE AUTO SALVAGE Phone 3785 0-2G ck tf Doa'\ •ad*nfrr your family wl* ul*r %lr**-DUY LB" TIRM. CKAFUAK SERVICE STA HOK MftlK »ad DlTl«loa Phone 1M3 1213 ck tt AUTO AWD FURNTTTTRF! LOAMS Prompt Perwnal Spr*lc« »*«er»l contract PMtchR^e Corp 1M South Atb Phon« 6&01 41 ck Services rLOORWORK—Lay und finish olrt •net npw hardwood (loots lj\y asphalt unrt rubber UU> r,nd linoleum CftU 6767 lor fre« estimate SHELBY SELF 0 H pk 10 14 6934. 10-3 ck b WORTH SHOUTING ABOUT! '49 Ford $1095 What a value! Imagine a jsnutl looking FonJ Tutlnr Krdan for iinlj ?I03S! When you Kllmpse the »hlnlnj( mar MOM Ilnivti, you'll knnw It's n Hnr- r;ir. Il:t- din and ticnler, ton. '47 GMC Fur a $645 '47 Ford $595 Thill's rluhl — von rerlly. This k n K»r[| Tuilnr Srtl •pad It cor- shur|i KM? ii Tor only Kfjuiiipril wllh a icoori •r, this Is llir pnpii- im rm-l;il grey color. lar '39 Ford $195 Snmthndy K always looking for • Mipr>r-l>arg:iln —itiul this I* ]t! For jusl 105 bucks ynu ran pick up this IflU!) F'nrd f'oup^. II lark rnlnr. Col a jfnotl hf a tcr, too. '46 Mercury $695 tt'lirn you rump to riiMlipY Int mi NIP ciirnpr n( Broachsaj A- ChlrknsiiM'hii, :isk In see this Mercury. KltO 1-donr se-, rnnrnrm fluKh. , . unil Doth radio am) lic;ilnr. I on a I'j-Tnn (rtirk, «ipi- I'filllips .MntDr utitl take ^ (rmk al this 1017 G.Mf:. Ch:issK A {'ah. You'll Kfi * IIP Itrr tnrfk (n/ul ;nr>rr for v«iiu trudtr) wlifii vim en me (o I'hillijis. '48 Ford $795 llrn-'s quite H bay on a I'irh- np. This ii-Ton mnrtrl Is A t;nrjrl-|fnikin ? trurk ilia: 1 ; nrw crr:nn pitint jolfj. It'll £\\r, you a lot uf siTvicc al our low '47 Ford $645 Malic .1 hclli'r Irirrk Inlflc hr rnnihiK tn I'hlllj)^ .yolor <'o. in IllyOirvlltr. This I!i-Ton C:\ti \ C-hnssls Trurk Is prirnd al a Inw, low 5fil5—so drive ilmvn tomnrrow. '46 Ford . $645 This is the pickup you should M-I-: A 1 j-Ton I'ord pirktip for jets. I>r!vp it—you'll like It. A ml ynu'll likr [lie fine trnile you'll Rrt al f hi Hips Motor Co. In niythcvllle. CLOAK OUT BAI.R 4 ne-x oil lifRtvcn — Gulhenunn, WRR $7B75. no*' (SO L*wl* Super, was IH4. now »7» IntrrnRtLonal. WFVB I14B.7S. now |M Vlcomatlc, WBB (10^, now »fli E, C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 10,4 ck 11,4 Jetaey cow, 6 yearn old. A C«H * PP>S« old. 2 Ml. N.W. of DcU. Ark. Ph. 2592. H. L. Slnmej. 10,2 1't 5 Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 LETS TRADE MY new trailer for 55 bushels of your soybeans delivered this fall. Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceola, Dial 520 — Blytheville, Dial 2371 Perfect cotuHilon, tiRre. Holly 8lr< Phon» 3678. 1 bedroom house. tile fAn. (loor l»r- t new addition. 0,29 pk 6 SO arrea ol \anrt nenr n, Steel*, or coiiUci USED COMBINES If it's a used combine you wnnt—see us first! We have a very wide selection — All Makes & Models! Cash or Terms 61 Implement Co. N. Hiway 61 Phone 2M2 8-31 ck tf For Sale, Real (state Washing Machines repaired, *"9. all makes. Blytherillc Machine ~~~ Shop. Phone 2828. 3-ft ck tf IfiO i»cres Inncl. nil In cultivation. 3 ood liousfK. on nootl .irswH [OHii. well ri. Call -T222 rtrdlnert. In S K. Miss Watch and Jewelry Repair done p rl c#« . and cK-cfcs Oiiir»nir*rt y eiptr* r<p»lrm?n Ix _ PAT O' BRYANT Main tt Second TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 113 W W»mul Fnorf 31" Plenty of Parking Space Custom Soybean Cu M. C. GKKKN\\ AY Blylhoville. E J !i. (ir>l>3 0-1S |ik 10-lS For So/e, Mfsc. uniijpr boxinjr & di- mansion? sto^k. Jnhu Bri^lU. !-"i.u I.ako. ]i>.:? pk 11 FOR SALE p. can 70- J Jnrdnn. in ; i pk a OKIM WINDSOR VISITS SK'K .BROTHKK—'rhc Duke ol Windsor v, i i t.s h if. t pet h as he ]ca vps 1 CiU'V.iiiKhnm Palace, Lcndon, ] \vlicre lie M'ciu to visit, liis brnlh- j er. KiiiK Gccirup. He \v,is not how- i ever, ijcrniitpc! lo visit the bcii- sidc of the Kins vho under went a serious limy operation on Runday. The King'" doctors said Hint l;e is stronger an<i that his appetite is Improving. <AP Wirephoto via radin from London) Bnard reports second quarter -st t an Hnnual rate of $21 billion. This JR highest peacetimp rate i record. Interior Secretary Oscar Chap- inun, speaking t>efore American Federal ion of Labor In San Francisco, calls attention to civilian em- play mcni of R'2.5 minion, one-third more imlustriiil plant than in 1946, Mvo nullion new homes built since the war, college enroUuient up 25 ppr cent excluding GI's, a one-fifth increase in the per capita consumption of meat plus substantial it) consumption of ef<Bs, poultry, milk, vegetables probably including spinach. Industrial workers- average over $60 a week. ' And the slock market continues generally imv/ard. If all this is an accurate picture of life in United States today, a lot oC the prophets of gloom mound here are cockeyed. Or iMis is the grand and glorious exhilaration at the stnrt of an inflationary Jag that could end In an awful headache. Political fortunes can rise and Fall on the nps and downs of curves in the next 13 mouths. Everyone likes a little Inllatimi. But Like champagne, the stntf is deceptive. If the present defense boom is another 1929. Mr. Truman might • easily end up iti 19I>2 the way Her- ; b*?n Hoover did 20 years earlier, j Private Rooms EDSON Continued from page 8 1P51, personal Income was at the annual rate of t>'l±'A billion, one- Kcvpnth above- the corresponding period for last year, according to Department of Commerce. | Income from farm properties over oms. newly tieeo- i the first seven months was 30 per located E'h. 25M, ; cent abwc the corresponding period I 104 pk u i of 1£Jfl0 _ Notice Onriifortnhle bedroom, private telephone, furnace hem. Ph. 203H or 4UT! 9 28 pK 10 12 •II 8(ov» cleaned nnd rcnily lor win er. CBH Harry Myers. 6.1A9. »,S pX 10 Nicely fur. bedroom. WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF AN AO- mENT If jam CAI 1B d Btn Aged In n acrlUrnt hprr'^ vj me I til MI jn\\ :*f [)u1nl . |nb nn nny rrpalr worli or IrX) nt trvn:* rhi «h(U* c«i \t palut' di\rnnRetl niHn Tnr - •981 rt»j» - "dOB nlj?tHB HUDbON BALK, 513 Bo«t *crrlce BUn UMn cull Nice bva\ rfiuce. City. : in. Ph. 4412. 9 22 cV; If WALKER INSURANCE Glencoe Motel IJuiMing Phone <UiGO Fire—Auto—Casualty Protect inn at Low Cost J. G. "Boh" Barnes W. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16 ck tf FOR ItKNT: Business IVup- i-i-ty on the corner of Walnul & Fiiuiklin. in Blytlieville. 3 si/os of builflings to fit nny area now offered fake one or all. For in forma- I lion, contact PAUL BVRU.M. n-2li ck tf For Sale, Cars and Trucks HKCKRHEH 1VBSTCND ATJTO SALES Ph 4274 - 2L5L tind (Ccnwnnt] Wo rinnnco "Chia.\|ipst O(x>ii OAt!« in Towti" Good 5-room house and hath on Muultrie Drive, clos« to Central Ward school. $300 to $800 casli will handle, balance S35.60 per month. Price f 5,310 This property is now vacant —move in tomorrow. 5-rooin house and bath just •iff Hwy 61 South. This house is one year old. Price $4,300. 1,^(10 cash, balance F. II. A. 26.50 per month. See or Call JOHNNY MARR Realtor Phone 1111 For Rent Kcs. Phone 25% 0-10 ck tf X rm fi invr duri Mi. 21B9. ^<l\^a>^ Cull nftcr S p. From Jiinuriry to July, publicly reported cash cUvicJetifls wore over S'i.l billion, r>r 1.1 per cent above the first sfvcn months ol 1950, ac- crtniLnu to ofTiut? of Business Eco- notnics, Deniirtmciit of Commerce. In spile of Regulation X ro.^fric- Unns, lun^inB Mints in tin- first fi^ht nionOis this year were 158,500 units, reports Dennrlrneiit of Lalwr, This is higher than for nny siniilnr ppriod except In the record year of 1950. Anyway, 1951 looks like another million-unit year. Securities and Exchange Commission estimates industrial plant expansion this year at $25 billion. This is nn nil-time record, but it is expected to be maintained through 1932. Savings Are Highest in Histitry In spile of (be hit;h cost of living iind paying taxes. Federal Repervc \S"« Rnvl CUTS Truck" IP 1ft Ford l> IP-lfl Clip Or^tturn Suppl 1018 >V. Main rfione 320R f 2 a pk hull sns ^ nv 4057 10 2 pk »7 mnilcJ Sttidchnkrr 1 . minimal), rh, 4237 nr 10 2 Lost and found ! drnp RKWAKD Ph 322R. ______ .._ 1 Ovcr/y-Descr/pffve \\nrohimsi 1 < otu'nHo floor T>i | . /-i • 20 x 70. (.,, Krfeco R. K. Chas. | T '" e ls C ^"9^d Hrijtlll. I'll. ^5(10. fl-^fl (>k 10-()j SIN-(IA!'0!!F i,l'.-A tluivouull- tiuo Ciillrti 'Cur Vonr Sinnu\rh sc- n'Kh bath Rl.l W A'-h F">H DKSKS PAT," TA1.1, ll F GOODRICH SPECIAL Us<'4 U'.'-sbiii^ .Macliinc?. ?2r>.00 \:p. i':?.5D diiwn. SI. 25 week. B. F. Goodrich Co. •117 \V. Main )-.--.!1h r.nrl «iyl<. f. Shnriio, pli. 4003. I' 63S1 10-1 ck 5 rry In Blf- Ho::--' h«« 5 •'. ' 10 « PH 11.4 ' dr-'laafd Pppnc^r upp^rts. call Mrs. H 10,2 p>! 19 Real Estate Farms—City Properly LOANS Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil Earls — Glencoe Bid*. Ph. 6868 REAL ESTATE If interested in a home or farm, see us. \Ve have anything from a varant lot to a plantation. CITY & FARM LOANS CATES-WIGGS REALTORS 115 S. 3rd. St. Blytheville, Ark. Ph. 2751 or 4268 10-3 ck tf rm dir horse kiln. <\\\\ 22^a. W^hnn, H \M! Open Street." nmv luis a nrw nunie. Tlutt WHS thr ti EtnslutiiHi of the Ch 11100 w<'ui> julun pluuh pnk ti'Mitt. Etr^uifTiis sol noli nir ato bc- «;ui to rfM'-nT t!ip ijniepome name \vhii-h oiu-jis-iilv aiveii bccauso i-ctM tvti In the Mte of nn nlrt fi'> Tov p^uper^ niio v^t ui^t- RENT A CAMERA Mnvlc Camera* Flash Cameras Hox Cameras Ths Inexpensive W.IT to Preserve Important Occasion! BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2f)0(i \Ves( Main Phone 3R-I7 vr op- i Ml ritn- [ ^ pk 6 j M the Kv. .il floaul .ill IK- c:di rrrcl tlir "Plnnlrt- For Rent or Sale Wonted to Rent , 'TFtt ?.S cfiirr.p Trurk*. Prn M , JO t pk « f Insurance ', Call 4353 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Aeency Planned, Protection 1)4 TI Aih 61 OLfMCOF KOTR1 SUll.niNO Female Help Wanted Car Hop,= . ]fl rrnrs The Tsu*.hi:n,is nrr is in the I20-mile-\vide up. Apply In 10 'J cV t( Uiiid.s lyin? strait between Korea nnd Japan, Concrete Culvert Tile SUrs up to .Tfi ill. Corrugated Metal Culverts Si/ci up l«> .Si in. Anlonl.Ulr I lixiil (iiUos Conrrcte Si'iilic Tanks >!ctnl Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Brsl Prlrr« We Deliver A. H. WEBB Itishwsy «! al SUlt l.tnl Who Takes Care 01 Your Car? Art* I hoy tUMiisf a good job? Tf you ilon'l h.ivc coniplflc confidence in the yevvice you're now tctUiiK. ilun try T. I. Sfay Motor Co. FnriirUy. expert srrvice >;\vos you money.. , , T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrrnlfr-PIjtr.nnlh Ilfiler IJ1 Tl. Main rhon« I12Z v* Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culverts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. SI Rlwa; S.. COMING To BlytheviMe Friday, Oct. 5 ** ** IT'S YOUR DOLLAR! Get the Most For It!/ I»!Y THE BEST WllEN YOU AUE BUYINO A USED CAK OH costs no more and it does insure satisfaction in the long run. SULLIVAN- NKJ.SON'S tars are priced low...and guaranteed t» he in the best mechanical condition. $1295 • I'M!) Chevrolet Slyleline 2-Juur Se^sui, heuutiful green color, deluxe radio, heater and defroster. Only ......... .... • 1 ill!) Chevrolet !'"leet line 2-door Sc'diin, grey finish, healer, defroster, seat covers • 1917 Chevrolet black -1-door Sedan, has CQQC healer, defroster, it's a really fine, clean car vOw w • 111 IS I'"ord V-8 5-1'assenKer Coupe, grey col- CQAC or, radio, spot light, seat covers, heater & Def. V^vw • 1910 Plymouth 2-door Sedan with heater and seat cpvers • 1 949 Chevrolet red |/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck • 1948 Chevrolet blue i/,-Ton Pickup Truck • 1911 CJMC 'A -Ton I'itkup with cattle rack • 1947 DodKe 1 'A -Ton. Truck, body new, factory -rebuilt motor, henler, spotlight, cab lights Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You C»n Always Get A Good Deal at Open Mights Until 9 p.m. SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 391 W«st Walnut phftHt 4578 IVenty-Uveiity vision means! Color blindness is five times as that you can read an eyesight test! common among boy. 1 ; as among chart at 20 feet. girls. Membership IT IS TIME TO PAY YOUR DUES—1952 The American Legion haa sponsored all worth-while LEGISLATION that has been of benefit to the ex-senriceman »nd hb family, such as Education of Veteran*, G. I. Loans. Oar Four Main OBJECTIVES CIIILft WELFARE COMMUNITY SKRYICff REHABILITATION HOSPITALIZATION TO PROTECT THESE BENEFITS. PAT TOUR DUES NOW nun GASON POST NO. M Pfcal Mahon, Commander. BUY YOUR TRUCK NOW! 1919 CMC 2-Ton LWB Truck with new bed. ..» really NICE truck 19-19 DODGE 3/4-Ton Pickup...get yourself a real bargain here! 1950 CMC '/2-Ton Pickup. ..come down to Horner-AVilson's on East Main! SLIM RHODES ** ** FREE Entettairimcnt All Day NATIONAL COTTON PICKING CONTEST Walker Park 19 19 CHEVROLET 2-Ton SWB, new motor, 900x20 tires, saddle tanks, 5th wheel 1919 CHEVROLET '/j-Ton Pickup with deluxe cab. . .has radio and heater 1950 GMC -V 1-Ton Pickup. Fine rubber. A low mileage truck S10S5 $895 $995 $1095 $895 $1095 Special Night Show Am pries n l.eRion Aurtilorium Fri. Oct. 5 CHlI.nilKN SOc ADULTS 60c T»T In IMPORTANT NEWS FOR YOU! The best time to buy a truck is when we've pot 'em. That's today, lietter trade for a new GMC truck now while you can get what you want. HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your OUsmobilt-GMC Truck Dealer ^ Used Car Lot - - - 300 East Main Street Just Call 6151

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