The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 13, 1949
Page 8
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PAC& EIGHT ' (ARK.) COUNTER KEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION iMU.v r»u par tin* LflMTtlOa. lie 12c Ho 7c I iim* ptt Lin* 1 UmM pe; line p«r dij I time* p*r tine per d&j » time* p«r line per diy U time* pmt lln« per d»y Monto pet uc« ............. 90c Count m* areraxe words to th* line Aa oraerwi lot tore* ox »iji time* and itopp*a oelor* «plr*Unn will be cbarv- M I or ia« aumoei of timer in* tvd kpp«*r*<i «na Adjimmeat 01 bin m«d« AD CJoAlHtd AdvertiFlnp copy «ub- nittea ej persons remains ouwiae of int city tnuit oe Accompanied by c**fl Kat«* may c**lty DC computed (rnm the aoor« uoie Adrertliins order roi irrcjrul&i taMr* U0n* lAltnt the one time table No responsibility will t>e taken tot more man one incnriect interiina off tny claimed ad All ads are mtncica to HT*II propet ejR&&Uicau<m AtjJe .and ij-p« Td* Courier resents U» light to r4H 01 reject any &d Apartment for Jto/it 3-room 2 urn IE tied apt. Private bath. Ph. 2037. 6,i:i pic 19 3 room lurnlfihed apart men I Electric kitchen. Frlgidairc. Adults only. JOS West Kentucky, rhone 3109, 6|tl-ck-J5 2-room furnished apt. All utilities. Girls only, Ph. 2037. 6;13 pk 19 1-room furnished apartment, Ph MM. fi;n-ck-l8 Furnished garage apartment. UtllHte* nol lurnlshcd. $42.50. Phono 6377. 6jlO-pk-tY : apt, 112A W. Syc 2 room lurnlihed anart merit. Pft *"»• _ 6.0-pk-ie 2 «-roam apartment*, Vine Street a -room tumi&ncd apt upauira fto- It Iterator and attic ran Couple on.j Fh «1M or ifi/l 5i2^-c*-U Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. W* cio nil all rnui nee<u tiet gen u me part* rrom mu COD. p!et« line POOLS. OWNKH & OPERAIXJB Some uignwi; «i >t atmc uo Phnoe 5t»«le 4B _^ CHAPMAN SERVICK STATION KIB « uiTlAloa Phone U63 won't endanict juut ramllj with tir»— BUY ua FIRKS 12113-cK-B Loons AUTO AMD TORNITURE LOANS Prompt Penmnio Serrlce ii«ner»l Contract Purchan* irorp IM South Kb Phone W3 Money to Loan "» Tou ona • loan w repair 01 n- Model? Nn down paTinent. no mart- taw, no no tap. VKA APFROVID RAT> 5°l ASK rOB DtTIAILS Max Logan, Realtor raon. 3034 Lynch Bulldlnc Ark Services Ko<u rinunmj u BOUT .erncc O'STKMI'a 8TIIDIO J|6-C»-U Laundry worlt rough tlrr or flntuhed Oullt. * w.nksu. Do eitr. ironlnj Wllll« Bell Green Pa «a» i]M-pk-e : 24 Make your nome pretty [01 spring •Tpert Ruj Uleinlnt Service \r »nui» PEERLESS CLEANERS 1'ractor and four-row a^ulpmmt (or Hire. Call mil ' PLASTERING BOB MALOiME Call 2028 BlytheviJIe or 407 Osceola 5-2 pk 7-2 Rent sande.i'H. Refinish your own floors. Kent an electric sunder from Wards. Economical! Free instructions, Monk (Turnery Ward 4-7 ck U Lawnmowers Sharpened Henry Westbrook's Shop aiacmrmw, Werners, MlackiimltbA 225 Snub lat Street uaj Fhnn* 4161 MLxnt 4132 Painting & pajmr tiangkng Woric guaranteed EzeM Cotnran Pb 6394 MODERN PI.UMHING FIXTURES No QOWD payment 100% KH,A. L C SIOU.IKON Phnne 631 & «.4-Jik-7-4 Price* Reduced Bella. Buckles, Buttons, and buttonholes Ph 353» 006 W 3lh 6,| pk 7J4 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Hnyai. •imitn cnmn» *nfl K*mtoc- tiiD Portable DON EDWARDS rue rypewrilei Man ilU N tiecand 8t Phnne 11:132 for Sole, Misc. SOYBEANS State-certified, Grade A (Blue Taj{) Ogden soybeans, $2.75 per bu. ' State-certified, Commercial Grade (Red Tag) Burdetle 19 soybeans. $2.75 per bu. Phone 782 BURDETTE 'PLANTATION Burdette, Ark. 5-25-ck-6-18 TRACTOR BARGAIN. 1947 Avery Model "A" 2-row Tractor in excellent condition, with 2-row cultivator, planter, mid- dlebuster, and 2-bottom breaking plow. PRICED TO SEI L. 61 Implement Co., N. Highway 61, Blytheville, Phone 2M2. ' 6-7 ck 6-18 Kitchen cuninei. Col em an Heater. in.fforobe, 6x9 linoleum rug, cotton natresa Phone 6321, fljll-pk-dh Good ear corn $1,50 per bu. Phone 702 HALE SEED FARMS Burdette, Ark. 6- ck tf Tom Sawyer paint lor quality. ROLLISON LUMBER CO. North lOtli & Camp Moulirle Drive 8 9 ck 7|9 L "Still' 1 electric saw. 11. One frost proor toilet Ph. 2950. 6,10 ck:-M USED PIANO in good condition. Reasonably priced:-Galj 4912, Lonnie's Cafe. 6-8 ck 12 Boats liny style. Outboard scrTlce. Westbrook's Machine Shop 225 N Isi St. Ph. 4161 4 io-c;t-tr Used Ice rerigeratora $5 <t up. Rebuilt A: guaranteed Prl^ldatre—General Elec- tric—Leonard—Norge—Coldspot electric refrigerators. J49.50 and up. Adam* Appliance Co. 6 ; 13 ck 1ft Wont good going and a Cood Buy? <W« USED CAK1 ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD IM mrORMANCC BUT DOWN TO EARTH IN PHICCl 1911 Plymouth, 2 Dour with Heater, Seat Covers, New Engine, Very Good Condition. . ................. ; ............. 1941 Chevrolet, 2 Door, wilh Kndio and Seal Covers, Good Tires, In Excellent Shape ............................... 1912 Chevrolet, 5-I'KsseiiKer Coupe, While Side- Wall Tires, Kadio and Heater. A real 1910 Packard, 4 Door Sedan, Radio and Healer, A City Driven Car in Excellent Condition. A Real Bargain at ............ 1939 Chevrolet, 2 Door, New Engine, New Tires and this Car is as 'dean as a pin'. . 1942 Plymouth, 2 Door, Two Tone Green, Radio and Heater, a Very Nice Automobile At Only ............................. */•/»•$695 +,*.. $695 +m mr 5/45 ,.._,._ 5595 ..,-5*95 *-nr 5/45 Salesmen Otho Sfanfi.ld W. J. "Bill" Wund.rlich -When Belter Car. Are Built, Buick Will Build Them" Langston-Wroten Co. Walnut at Broadway Dial S55 toi Servict MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Plenty of il can be saved by bringing; your Ford car or truck (o Phillips Motor Company today for a free check up and estimate of repairs (hat your Ford needs. Any adjustments or repairs needed—large or small— may be handled wilh No Money Down and Small Monthly I'aymenls — Kail Terms tor Farmers. s • Kcmember a few minor adjustments or repairs now may save an expensive motor overhaul laler. MONDAY, JUNE 13, 1949 5th at Walnut ompany Phone 4453 Moisture Re/i«v«d by Showers CHICAGO, June 13. (4>j—Genera], fairly heavy showers which extended rrom Northern Michigan and Wisconsin through Iowa, Kansas and Colorado today have relieved a moisture deficiency In some areas. There were still some dry spots GRADUATION MOODS—Joy, sorrow and boredom are reflected in !he faces of four members of the'kindergarten class at St. Bernard's schcol in Peorla. III., during graduation exercises. After they lind received their diplomas. Uie tears were contributed by Robert Bonn, the smiles by Sheita O'Donoghue (left) and Denice Goonan, and the look of boredom by Frank Muhich (right). CAP Wirephoto). Female Help Wanted Linbltlous colored woman with good personality, nign school education lirelerrea «L'ar Necessary Staw, age- atwve average pay. WrJt« Box OPQ. Courlei News. 6|3 pit 6|1? Notice Notice TO ALL PEOPLE WANTING THE SECURITY OF HOME OWNERSHIP. If you want one of the new modern homes now under cou- itruction in a restricted and approved subdivision that can je 100% financed by G. 1. ..oan or 95% F. H. A. Loan. See or Call MAX LOGAN Lynch Building Ph. 2034 P. S. The total monthly payment for a G. 1. wanting this home would be $34.04. All axes and fire insurance payments included. This is cheaper than living with youi Moher-in-law. For- further in- "ormation see or call MAX LOGAN Lynch Building Ph. 2034 6-8 ck 6-15 One grand piano and one thoroughly I rebuilt piano for sate !n the Tlctnlty of Bly the vine for the balance due IT taken at once. Write Beaid'a Temple 1 or Music. Paragould tor price and location of piano. 6,13 ck 16 For Sale. Real Estate For Sale. Real Estate 1 Modern 2-bedroom home. '. H. A. financed. Well insu- ated for comfortable living. ioOO will take care ol down jaymenl and loan closing charges. Immediate posses- ion. MAX LOGAN Lynch Building Ph. 2084 6-8 ck 6-15 Livable spacious duplex. A lome and income combined £very thing necessary for comfort and security. For further information call MAX LOGAN Lynch Building Ph. 2034 6-8 ck 6-15 New 5-room house and bath Will stand 100% G. 1. Levin H. C. CAMPBELL Phone 4446 or 2930 5-31 cl< U LISTEN! Some Builders Build JUST HOUSES But I Will Build YOU A HOME In the nicest subdivision in Blytheville. COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE ADDITION. All lot; 70 ft. to 75 ft. frontage, 150 to 190 ft. deep. FHA — GI or 1007° STRAIGHT LOANS. JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 or 2596 112 South Second St. 5-ii8-ck-tf iyV<-27 root house trailer. Good con- Itlon I1.7IJIJ. Will lako In lined car Jl Souib Franklin Street. «i7-pk-«;is HOUH and '2\' y acrea land aouth or town an Highway 61. $5.250. See R. M. BECK or MAX LOGAN Lynch BTdg. Ph 2034. Res. 1633 6,8 pic 15 Lot suxl.yi dtep. >,i bloolt east ot camp Moultrle on grave] street. Priced two. Phone 2957. 6,9-clc-tI House And orchard on large lot Missouri street Call 6102 Private Kooms Large, cool bedroom. Men only. 310 '. Walnut. 6 3 pk l.l Bedroom, pnvau oath Ph 4643 »,25-pk-6>25 bedroom with Kitchen privileges 2 iris or cnuple fnnne 2«J ttedroom. 1109 chlckaaawba Phone a(S 5130-pk-«M Comfortable Hearoom call 2675 6.2 pk 7|2 ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals pinkt-d up free of charged in sterilized trucks. Call collect. 6142, Blytheville. Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. Insurance For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 1'2* W Asb GLEISCOE BOTEL For Rent Modern apu & cabins By week or nmrun cafe service Loul Boj Court* rlasn camerae loj all fS'VKEK a STUDIO f|S-ck-t> For Sale Dry gcxxl atore on Wi«t Ash Ph 4913 5<3L pk ein Help Wonted. Male NEVER WORRY ABOUT LAYOFFS Be in driver's seal If you think you :an set] leaXproor compound Tor general roof work, sold direct. Two orders weekly good for 550.00. Will show you. Liberal commissions. Permanent. Own bass. Home every night. Write today, B H J. Box 1766. Cleveland. Ohio. 6,11 pic B;12 For Sole, Cars & Trucks Save Money on These USED CARS 48 i-Tazer Sedan—a good clean car 47 Hudson Sedan--reasonably priced 4U Plymouth Sedan, very low price 41 rorulac Torpedo Sedan, excellent condition, W tiutcfc Super Tudor, a good buy 41 Ford Tudor, priced, right. 40 uesoto Coupe, check this price, 411 Jeep, nas Wheel drive. 39 Chevrolet Coupe. 38 Chevrolet Panel. J7 Plymouth Sedan, at & bargain price, ? Ford Pickup. 6 Hudson Sedan, ll'* worth the money. 61 MOTOR CO. Nortfl Ulsoway 61 Phnne 2142 »!7-ck-u Personal I'mrtj minute pnnVwtattc U tiTEEN b 8'1TIL>IO Wonted to Buy cst price paid for CHICKENS- Ash street Grocery & Market. Ash «;7 ck tf For Rent, Houses 2-room [urnlshed house. Ph. 304«. 611 pk 15 2-room nuimhBd house Rt rear of •21U West Rose Apply at MX) S 16th «:7 pk 14 New three A-. !i room furnished house. Adults only. ph. 2072. 510 Park St. «I3 pk 19 Brr. Settler? Bees, are not native to the Americas, but were brought to these continents by settlers in colonial days, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Business lot on Hiway 61 North, 7 blocks from Main | Street. 50x160 ft. clccp. Price 51,500. I'h. 2957. 6-8 ck til MOTUEIULA rCLTVlSION «rt with ntena UUO 3U7 South r'rnnKIln 8t 6,7-pk-6,lS I C1TT PROPERTV Unr 1-room no\isc on Lilly si Balb hot water. Will carry 100 r i i unc lu-room home. North p*rt or City. I 3 rice t«rms. BERT ROSS REALTOR M)l<, W. Mnln rl> 2(15 or 3516 6 5 rk « 1« Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS tt JJSt«!r«t*a IB Bujlnj Of Mlll&C *•• Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earts Glencu* F. E. Joyncr i'huiie 819 CABOVERS—CONVENT! ON ALS—SHORTS LONGS—PICK-UPS—PLATFORMS—STAKES USED USED CARS-TRUCKS $50 to $2100 I !,30_Model A Ford Pick Up. Runs Good. 1937—Ford 2 Door 1910—Ford '/j Ton Stake Body. Looks good, runs good. 1 910—Ford '/j Ton Pick Up. Price is right. 1!>37—Ford Vi Ton Pick Up. Priced to sell. 1918—Ford 4 Door Sedan, Healer, Seal Covers, Good Paint. 1947—Ford 4 Door Sedan, Healer, Seal Covers, Like New. 11147— Dodge <A Ton Long Wheel Base. 1946—Dodge 1 Ton Panel Truck 1947—Ford Sedan Delivery Truck. Many More to Choose From ille Motor Co. Broadway ft Chickasawha Photic 4422 T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. USfP CAR BARGAINS 1946 Chevrolet 4-door Sertun, has clean finish, good tires. A bargain price. 1946 Mack Truck 2-ton Long Wheelbase model In excellent shape all around Amazingly low-priced. 1946 Chevrolet ll/2-Ton Truck with Army body, i'riccd to sell. 1948 CHRYSLER Windsor 4-door Sedan with Hylander trim, light grey color, has radio and air-con ditioning system. A demon strator with very low mileage 1947 Chrysler Coupe equipped with radio heater, and guod 'tires; black color. A bargain at the price 1941 Plymouth Special DeLu.xe 4-door Sedan, blue color . . . new paint job, motor completely reconditioned, good' tires. Guaranteed. Xou'll at gua you uw tne.s« can oelora you onugnt T. I SEAY MOTOR CO. 1^1 Kast Main Si- Phone 2122 HONORS ERP —This 20-lir« postagt stamp ii ene of three denominations being issued in Italy to commemorate America's European Recovery Progrtm. Tht others are 5 and 15 lire. They will be on general tale In parts of the mlddlewe«t,•' tt» weather bureau laid, but not ttvan enough to damage crop proapeeU. Scattered showers alio were reported last night In mo«t Southern states with warm humid weather over most of the eastern half of the nation from the Mississippi Valley. Elsewhere, temperature* were mostly normal or In the pleasantly cool ranges. RECONDITIONED J MEANS MADE LIKE NEW SEE HOW WE DO IT AT OUR USED CAR FACTORY 1047 Chevrolet FleelmasUr Town Sedan. Radio, Heater. Seat Covers and 19J9 license. 1947 Ford Deluxe Five Passenger Coupe, Radio, Heater and Spotlight, 1949 license. 1941 Pontiac -l-Door Sedan, Two Tone Black and Gray. Kadio, Heater and new seat covers. 1940 Dodge 4 Door Sedan, Radio and Heater, runs good, looks good, real good rubber. 1938 Buiek Special 4 Door Sedan, Radio. 1938 DeSoto, 2 Door Sedan, Blue color, Radio, Foe Lights and Spot light. Several late model </ 2 and 3/4 Ton Pick-Up Trucks. Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, G. iM. C. 1946 and 1947 Models. Many Others to Choose From f/ EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always ulake a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone 578 )b#W wer AFTER . WE INSTALL MW / // / OLDSMOBILE ENGINE FOR ANY OLDSMOBILE MODEL, '37 THROUGH '47 \ Here's how to put new life in your old carl Thi» entirely new— NOT rebuilt—Oldsmobile engine will add new pep, power and performance to your present model. It's factory-built—with new materials throughout—including cylinder btocV, crankshaft, timing chain, pistons and rods. And we can install it in your • car now, according to Oldsmobitc engineers' specifications. Call today for an early appointment. Easy budget terms available. LEE MOTOR SALES,me OLDSMOBILB — GMC TRUCKS 311-317 East Main BLytheville, Ark £ MERCURY MIKE SAYS WOW! There Goes Another Still & Young TUNE-UP JOB! Yep, a systematic tune-up means new car life., emoother performance.,. .better mileage. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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