The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1946 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1946
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JULY (i, 1940 CAMLI POUMBK ^sr. PAO* trap CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For Safe Daily in. n U' i CkMM _ _______ »0< *~ "•• ------- "• p.r UM p., I*, ---- n. I Umi ft, Us, ft , i», _____ •• ""« J»r llni p.r d.j ____ t« IS llmw p« _„, £, r 4_ ___ •« .. al ... .. ... trim, _»ord. to idertd for IhiM «r <iz ti H.-, « an* Iwlora uplraUcii will •* tlir.** HI lit auiber o( timM la. .d tcpMrrd ••* •ajnltntnt ol bill mitt. All Oliiilfled Adjeritilnt eopjr «»• -BUIci by pmoni r«aldiQtf outlid* fit U« Jf\J mail be iccompaaled. h> ul». lUt.i •"•' " M*Hr oomiialtd. frou Che iko'« Adimliln, orf.i In lrr.ful» tloaa |*k« ibe an. llm. nit. No rwponilhllitj. will b. taken (at nort tun one incorrect ini«rl!oD of toy • !••• lilltd • *. _ For Sale One new 46" allic (an. Dnrcaln, A ten- fceconJ'llrtnd <ji] water hoan-rs * tnnl.6 J'ele tlje i'luinbcr. 109 N. Firit. On-1 due Concrete Ulock Manufacturing Uusines: Loi-:a«-il »u ]-:i^t M:kln in Illytliovjll..- • iniiiUe [o look ^fler Lu*inff i i.llKT inl.'r,-^t«. (Jood Paying Ilusines* '."oiuijl.u- oulfil, rcn^ly to no. Sec J. K. HA'/EI; Slecle, Mo. Phone 15 .Steelti, ilo.. I'hone I ofi Kloctric rccortl nec-il!.-, ulao oom oiiiiKAlow \vllh Ijntti. close in iii very de&iraLilf. Till* i>rp|ierly tiaii be offered for $3300. for ^tii-V file nu l>rlced ut »J1UO. \V. M. UUKNS, lili.M.TOIi 1'HONK LI3U1. 2-i.k NO CASH REPAIRS ON EASY TERMS aint Body Work, Recondition motors, Simonizing & Seat covers. Wrecker Service, Night & Ray. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ford & Mercury Dealer (h & Walnut Sts. Phone 453 7-2-ck-7-tf juse anil two large lot* suitable truck gardc-niny. l.ocuteil In Man Uock off Main. Mr*. Waller Hwh \V. I,. Thompson. Mania, o.^ lonly of surlor anil grower init^h. Scratch ftzin Hint dairy fooil. liuby chirks arriving Wediie>.d[iy;> and Sitl unlayit. Fryers »l nil limes. 4111 K. Main. I'lioiic 9IU. i |ik 10 IMio 700 For Sale or Rent yu7d. Cull Services ir interio M. <'. Ka 'or firM cl.isn ilres- linrn .-00 Mrr,. Wi.' I'linnc 'Jiir. nr TJ c-cl and (uuiidallui or s«- Frai.k On House moving, leveling, pair of foundations, years experience. Neccs ?ary equipment. Virgi Foley, Phone 3292. G-18-pk-7-l If you're building or buyin a home you'll need a goo healing plant. I can recom mend this American Red ^ Flash Boiler Hot Water System. It is now in use, complete wilh Carrier Stoker, Fire Timer and Two Thermostats. Easy to install—priced at a bargain. Phone 2SJ4 or 2482 for inspection. 6-27-ck-tf Uegisfcred Poled Herefords. Double-standard yearlings, heifers, and cows. Excellent breeding slock. Call 2043 or apply Allen Pickard, 1044 Chickasawba. G-28-ck-7-6 GJ LOANS If you want a 4% GI I.oa to buy a home, see MAX LOGAN, LYNCH 1SLDG. Phone 2034 or 502. (j-14-ck-tf WHILE YOU ARE WAITING FOR YOUR NEW FORD Bring Your Car to PHILLIPS for A COMPLETE MOTOR TUNE-UP Here's What We'll Do:— • Check Compression • Tesl, Clean and Space Spark Plugs • Clean and Adjust Distributor • Check Coil and Condenser • Check Generator und Voltage Regulator • Clean, Adjust Carburetor and Clean Fuel Pump • Service Air Cleaner • Tighten Hose Connections • Test and Service Battery and Mattery Connections [laby-sittiug. any night. References. K5c uer hour. Cull 3438 or 11)3. 2l-dli-il iVIiea Ton oil Btove need* denning or rejiatrinf call S'J»4, All work jtuur- anteeJ. 17-pk-dL Lawn mowera aa&rjiened and repsira. AH typea »nd a'indi. Wo ipeelaliiB in power mower aharpeifnu aa<l miui>r overhauling. Yea. fl pick up «n<i deliver. BljtbaTille Mac.»lno Bliop. «| Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 8(54. 3-lG-ck-tf Sec- Us for Expert iiody-Fendcr Hepairs We can (five immediate Service on the installation of New Windshields and Windows Just Received—H Complete Stock of Seal Covers for All Makes and Models Bring Your Car In Today for a Complete POLISH and SIMON IZING JOB We Give You One-day Service L L IPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Ely the vllle, Ark. T«L 453—454 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Type* Except C*n«r DRS. NIES&NIES OUnto 514 Main, Blythevllle, Ark.. Phone rni IJaby Chicks 3 to 30 - days old. 1000 heavy breeds. Feeds and supplies. North. 41 h, Elevator Feed Store. 6-28-ck-7-G i five hunilccil K;il]un steel t:mk ^ood olMliliocL, bus diuln valve. Call 1^01:! ir 2265. yS-c!!-7'C old scrap lumber, good ood. t':lll 2013 or i'JUn. for fire 23-OV-7IG fuctory Ijuilt i.K-wborl Ijont ;itid Dr. 1'ei-per llottliuu Co. tniilc-r. •J |ik-7 Buy your Gould's Electric Pump now before they become scarce again. Planters Hardware Company. 5-28-ck tf For Fine Portraits It's O'STEEN'S STUDIO 5-25-ck-ti Picture frames made to order O'Steen Studio. 4-24-ck-tt Tup \vhnl you hnve and don'1 want for what wo h.ivo you do r/ant. Satisfaction KnaranlceiJ. Kluerl licffniTin Swai. Shop. 401 E»st Main Street. I'lionn 859 8-cV-lt Help Wanted Experienced colored maid to live on place, 2-room house with bath furnished. Call 29!)8. 2U-ck-7-(5 M. D. TULLOS Refrigeration 1211 W. Main Air Conditioning Service Engineer Phone Pay 22«0; Night 2808 SALESMAN WANTED IVAXTKI). .\ s<ioil reliable to su]>|iljr cily of Dlvllii-s'iLle niul Xortti C'rilti'ti- <li<n Connly. WrLlo UnMleisli's. l)e|.l. AKC-27. 127. lleini.lils. Tciin. 2-lik-o 4 Jersey milk cows with vonny calves. W. A. Jenkins. Stecle. -Mo. Phono 33. . Cotcspot Itefri£eralor. Herman May firn- eery. j23 8. Division. LI |ik-7 •i Klectrir motors, one 3 horse-power; npriflit boiler. All in A I condition. Sybil Phillips. :U)f- K. Main. ;<-pk-ll We have two salesmen jobs open. Need one man to spend all time working outside calling on customers. Permanent position, salary and bonus. Also need man to work inside store as salesman. Would like to have man that has had some experience in appliances and plumbing. Good working conditions and salary. Please apply in person. Blan Heath Auto and ••," ro[im Iiouse with tmlf Lalli. newly def- ornteil ^:ill)n. .Veil 5 mom lionse with h.ilf 1'nlli. Possession : .l i,nce $:ir,OII. r.'iootn IH.IKI- coni[ilele lialh. Mouse conl|ilel,'ly 'furnished. I'rieed to sell !>n<l close ill. C.ooJ loc.iti'm. C-nic.m lie.use imil hatli. Inirdwood floors. M'i- hnve soul..- nic'e vacant lots for unilil- Land Owners— If you are troubled with Johnson Grass on your land you need ATLACIDE It's a Sure Killer Get a Supply Today Special Prices On Quantity Lots! PLANTER'S HARDWARE Phone 515 CO., INC. 126 West Main St. Wanted to Buy DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. G-3-ck-U OM kodaka and camoraa for 1 O'Stccn'a Studio. . * •Irlc K<-nlu new. Also \V. Vin,' l.edrooi SID'llO ir piione nile. t lr:l cl u-li. Ali|.ly New 3-room and 2-room dwelling houses. L o t s 50x100. Well located. Priced lo sell. If you want to sett your properly see me. I have cash buyers. J. C. Chapin, Manila, Ark. On,- <,m:ill'I,' i X lilli «l. 1'h 1 6-fl. McCray 1 radio. SIS.00. o:IO il~ lios: I National pr. Paylon scales: 1 meat Mock. All NVw. ('nil :|177. l|ik» Wood Ur.iUu-T!< corn iiioker, Xoxv. 10 Fl. ^rftin tlrill. Kr^ss ^eed nunrhinenl. A' I • fumlilioii llotnry hoe. >:ood condition. .-> iioo.l fnrm ^npons: I Lain feed mill; 1-IIIC fertl mill: T. metal wnfrrini: Iroueli* 1 ^ !-l''el vnlerinK Iron^h.s. 3' inris mineral sail. Various eqnipinenl. inirni-.s. l;itliK> Jf, C |c - I J1OIK * * l>"n > l nr enltli- .il To elean rniis nnil n|ini>lslery there if nollnnc finer ttmn Kin« Koam l!i< new scientific Conni clenner. linn losm i« n r>osl \v»r ilevelopinenl. Denl > l>n!nl i W»lln»r,rr Store. 101 K Kirsl St. i|l-ck-» r e pay cash for nar-d fornilttre-. one plcco or a honsr fall. Oall 2302. Al- Tin Hardy Furnilnra Co. 4110-ck-« For Rent Bedrooms for Men. Fans. Phone 952. 7-8-pk-7-11 Burnished rc-dccoratcd bedroom wilh or without kitchen privileges. 218 E. Davis. 7-3-pk-7-7 irnished apartment. I'hone r.r.n. _ ro f! Three fnrnisfied lilork off Mivin nn,l Inilli. (In" 11 IKaM Ash. aiHolnlng Ijalh. Call 2733. 2S-pk-S[2R Nice larftc Wrvlnul. In. 310 \\>«l llerlrooin 3U X. 9th. Piir. Taken Up Milk cow tnkcn up. Small, hrown. wliite >Iiol«. .leliorned. O»ii«r ri Mr? Ci r\ Scrape, llocwooil • Rlovc Cleaning and rc-pairin/. Krencli's Orocery. I'liono 2151. ?-|^ Situation Wanted 1 VS years college, married. »oine xpertencc jn'offlcc. Lost Vclcra expe Call 3510 also salesmanship. lllaek cow willi white from pnsture jnsl Phone 2710. rpol*. iff 18 Blark and while (emnlc- lerrior. California lireiiM- CaK'in I/. Tiinmons, 1701 Hrarn, or plione 2026. 3-lik-a Personal I.ndy driving in GAlnCRvill« fir Texn^, will lako one. Iwo paiisenprrs without rhorije. flfi^isl in driving. Will leave lielween now ftnj Hnnday. Pin Houston, r\r Ihrce Sales Buick U. S. Tires OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & Broadway DO YOU NEED TIRES! We Have Tires For Your Car or Truck . . . the Popular 16" Sizes Are Now Available And They Are U. S. ROYAL See Your Buick Dealer Today! Langsfon-Wroten Co. Political Announcements Tb« OoarlM •utborlxed to unouno* UM (aitow- tUt cmn01d»t«., wt>)Mt to DcmoonUo ftiaifj: iUUirp AND OOUBCTO JACK FINUtT ROdUMBOM WILLIAM BERRYUAN CO VI NTT JUDQB OEN« X. BRAOUR ROLAND QREXN VOU TAX ABBEBBOB OOTLZ HENDERSOR W. W. "WINK" WAT0OM cntccrr cixmM. RARVIY MORRM COTJNTT CODBT OUtBK ELIZABETH BLYTOB CODNTI TBCASURKB DELLA PURTTJt •TATE KCPEESENTAtm ALKNK WORD «. o. FLEEMAN UDBUB "DUKIE" BPBOK L. H. AUTRT W. J. WUNDERUOH (for ra-dectlan) STATK 8 EN ATOM J. LEE BEARDEN JEFFERSON W. SPECK C1KUUIT JUUGE E. O. WARD I. M. OREER CHARLES W. LIGHT rr VACATION-IZE" YOUR CAR FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. 61 ut Slnlf Line 1'hon: Hlytheville 711 W. J. Pollard Agency Safe, sound insurance protection, properly applied. Phone 3545 Olcncoc Hotel Bldf. Don't Trust to Luck! Have all repairs and adjustments mqde now to get your car in tip-top shape for a trouble-free vacation trip •rSusnmer Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. 301 W. Wolnut Texaco Gas & Oils Phone 578 CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" Phonographs — Records and Accessories. Rattery and KIcctric Radios • 21<t W Main Phone 3448 Dr. J. L. Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main Local 4k t*n( DUUnce Conp«t»t- B«lp ftD4 •qvlymtbt. quttflty Iaiur«d. OoetT»pt U and Hlic. BviTlo'i. t Uo K«nric« i Stonf* Cft. ' 1101 Perfect nptlrluf for today*! *z- qiihltc footwtar allured when rebuilt in «nr (hop. H -fl 1_"P£ rUflUTY SHOC SHOP • I i r W. M « I N S T" I DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Mao* ROYAL, SMITH, COKONA rnd KKntlNOTON PORTABUB 110 N. SECOND ST. ' IIIONB 3»-i (Every Transaction MUST BE SATISFACTORY) 1 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores THE BEAUTY CLINIC Mumnt DMO BmlUi, O(?iMr Intnm Bld(. Tb»ut 014 See us obout your wry- iee on Chry$ J and p|y . mouth. Tune-upt and lubrication make* your car function properly and more economically. I Have your brakes checked for safety. We have | | a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and [trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Stock* of P«lU For Chrysler Prodaete IZ1 E. Main . n* nn BY EDGAR MARTIN Service Mobilgos WRECKER SERVICE Telephone 551$ BOOTS_AND HjER JJUppIjBS Welcome, SlranKcr -\ fcn.BLftCVC ftSVttD Mfe TO T%\X ^OU VOli'Rt ^H'r_ VfVCHtR.O? eov i me WRTWDAV vo\\.v at JULV TWt fOURTtt, OKlt .- BUT IV G\RV.,,.1 lAV V5\f t FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ' "r BY MERRILL BLOSSEB - Leave It to Hilda How Lowe DOES I IT GETS DRY TAKE THI9 acOR. I ENOUGH TO P/MrJT TO DR.V? y/WALK ON IW ABOur six . MOORS.I GUESS' FOUR Of US WORKING, rr WONT TAKE LONG/ HOW VA OWING IMSIDE, HILDA f ... SO . IWV DAT6 WITH GLUM.CHUM?y HILDA TONIGHT IS SMAFU/ W3CJLDNT YOU KNOW SH£t> rWNTT HER5CLF SHOP WITH A SPRAY WAS A CAR BEFUSED To SUPPLV TUB NETESSARV powee SOTM£ JOB S PKOCEEDiMS BV BY V. T. HAMILTON Rctlinp I he Trap :R TALKIN r _ITCHES HALF A GSANP SACK AM I GIT AMOTH C AT THAT ON TH COJIPNT AT 'IM...NO*/ HAFTA WAIT

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