The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 1, 1942 · Page 4
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 4

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1942
Page 4
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FOUR THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., SATURDAY, AUGUST 1, 1942. «t MCW» y«*«.«»U MUM MMtaKto* *t phone MW. ftetween 8 «»d 11 «· m., S to 4 A V Events Of Social And Club Interest H O T 1 C · * * No w birth announcement* will b« accept- ed by tk« D«ll7 H*U for p aliened or firopcrly PARTY GIVEN Two Are Hostesses At Card Party And Shower. Miss Evelyn Conrad and Mrs. William A. Byers entertained on Wednesday evening at the Tatter's home on East Irvin avenue in hon- or of Mrs. D. Franklin Hull. The house was beautifully dec- Miss Jane Stotelmyer, a student at Towson State Teachers' College, Miss Helen Ruth, West Washing- ton street, is spending a week's va- is spending the week-end at her cation on the Eastern Shore, home on Magnolia avenue. Ernest Barr, Jr., West Antietam Cartoons Still On Display Here Current Headlines Make Museum Exhibition More Pertinent. Felix Carpegna, who has been i street, is spending two weeks in spending: a short leave at his home Cumberland where he is visiting: Newspaper headlines and maga- on Madison avenue, left Thursday J his aunt, Mrs. Robert Penner. ALL IN A DAY zine articles of ihe past weeks to return to ins station in Camp Lee, Va. \ have served to emphasize the Miss Helen Howard has returned j pimc h of many of the "Anti-Axis" i to Mr. Wilson, Md., after visiting j canoons included in the Washing- Mrs. Charles Shaffer and son, j Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Howard iu j tou County Museum's exhibition of orated with gladioli Prizes for five hundred were won by Mrs. Howard Adams. Mrs. Ralph and "roses. Skippy, of Monroe, X. C., arrived j Sharpsburg. Thursday to visit in the home of j Mrs. S. C. Everhart. Huyett's Cross- j . ( McClelland and Mrs. Stuart Brin- 1 roaas - Mrs. Robert Saum. Potomac ave- nue, is leaving tonight for Macon, ! Ga., where she will join Mr. Saum, "Cartoons of the Day." The ex- hibit, on view until the week of August 22. is comprised of original drawings by nationally known car- Mil f ord Evenine Virginia ave-i who is stationed there with ihe i too " ist! ' amoi * .uu-uiu. j^ve.j.^c, *.B , j sucil men ag p R _ Fuzpatnck of ton. Door prizes were won by Mrs. ! Ernest Stephens and Mrs. Victor j nuev and Ned Everhart. Huyett's Army. Conrad. Crossroads, will leave Monday to ' Refreshments were served the the best known, rick ot St. Louis, William Cropper. Greg- following : guests : Mesdames Wil- -force at Pikesville. Harry Cross, of Yeaden, Pa., is j ory d'Alessio, and Arthur Ssyk. , ,,. Tj r o ' , , ., , . begin training for the btate Police j vacation with his i Visitors to the Museum galleries «f^-»AA *·» f TD-TroOVi l l i J *" i » j I aunt. Mrs. Fannie Ford, and other j can enjoy the drawing; for the I and Miss LeFevre, View street, Thelnia Rudisili, Kan- j Ham C. Diehl, James MacDonald, j _ _ Earl Crawford, Harry Stroud. Adel- i Miss Betty Jane Kohler is spenu-1 relatives in Mapleville. bert Jamison, James Baker, Kow-1 ing the week-end at her home in j ard Messersmith, Melvin Cross- j Sniitnsbnrg before returning to white, Nelson Jones, Lohr Quickie, j Ohio State University. Mitchell Wagaman, Paul M. Horst,; Joftn T o?den bas re turned to I homes tomorrow after spending a Kenneth Stoner, Frank YounKins. j ^ ^^ ^ £ Ii2abeth street a f t e r vacation at Virginia Beach and vis- W. C. Seal, Isabel Hull and Cora j t t A n d i a railroad convention in 1 Iting in Baltimore. Conrad; the. Misses Jane Elliott. Neva Bent, Catherine White. Muriel j Crosswhite, Oneita Crosswhite and | beauty of their execution; can \ have their blood boil or run cold at conditions they conjure up for consideration; or can enjoy a good j dolph avenue, will return to _their { laugh afc the amusing situations de- A n d i n " ' % ~' The execution of the majority is "tops." Some are outstanding for Mrs. Edward Allison has return- delicacy of line, some for boldness Ruth Kesselring. Mrs. Richard French, re- ! cently married in this city, have to their home on Elizabeth Eter honeymooning in Flor- ed to Roanoke, Va., after visiting i of Pattern, and some for simplicity her sister. Mrs. Laura D. Lowery. | of handling. Sharpsburg. E N G A G E M E N T A N N O U N C E D *; Mrs. Desta Kuhn Ramsey an- j ^ re Bounces the engagement of her j J a daughter, Miss June Kuhn, to Mr. j R US5e lI Broadwater, Hagerstown, { week with her uncle and aunt, Mr. Miss Shirley Greene, of Maple- ville, has been spending the past Joseph Walker, the son of Mrs. ou te 4, left yesterday for Camp Helen Walker, both of this city, The wedding will take place in the near, future. fce ing for the TJ. S. Army. begin traln- *-and Mrs. Edwin Mogensen, this Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Palmer and daughters, Margaret and Mabel, - j ML Aetna road, spent some time in I Washing-ton. D. C-, recently visit- I lug their daughter and sister. Jane. Lt Harrington Ldttell, TJSXR, Is the week-end gaest of Mr. and Mrs. Adrian H. Onderdonk, St. James School. Among the subjects that make one's blood run cold or boil are: two by Gregory d' Alessio; the one, a very proud youngster in an ill- fitting uniform tells his mother and sister . . . "And there are two fel- .MONTGOMERY WARD'S GREATEST Sale of FURS .WATCH THE P A P E R S _ £O* F U R T H E R " A N N O U N C E M E N T S ! The Misses Doris Mae Ogden, | Rose .Mary Martin and Doris Mad- i den. and Ed Glessner. George Fin- j n e y and Ralph Keplinger spent ! Wednesday and Thursday with Dr. ' and Mr?. G. V. Broadwater at their ; clubhouse sear Miller's Sawmill. Mrs. Donald F. Harbaugh, of this cirv. will leave tomorrow nis it lor Mrs. Walter Ensminger has re- turned to her home on Xorth Lo- cust street after spending a month at Ocean City, Md., where she visit- ed Miss Doris JEnsminger. lows in my regiment -- positively ancient! They're 19 years old if they are a day"; the'second, a pom- pous officer handing: papers to two soldiers, one on crutches and the I other with an arm gone, says: "Here are your papers my brave soldiers. Der Fuehrer has seen fit out of the kindness of his heart, to grant you a furlough." Also one by Maurice Becker showing a small Dear Diary: MONDAY--Execu- tives of cash and carry loan offices here, who are obviously in a posi- tion to know, are somewhat per- turbed by the insolvent individuals and whole families who have been coming to this city recently to se- cure employment . . . these new- comers can usually get jobs in one of the local defense industries but then they must try to borrow mon- ey in order to purchase the tools necessary before starting work; being strangers in town, it is prac- tically impossible for them to se- cure the loan, so they then start looking around for a way to get back to their home towns . . . all of this has an air of instability that bodes the local community no good, say business men . . . although admission to the Service Men's dance this past Saturday night was by dint of uniform, there were four young men in civilian dress among the guests . . . they were naval airmen who showed their creden- tials but who were on leave from their uniforms. . . TUESDAY--Local family arous- ed ia the middle of the night by sounds that could mean burglars; when the man of the house gets up, gun in hand, to investigate he dis- covers that the .automatic furnace has become unadjusted and is send- ing forth heat full-tilt . . . the noise that awoke the family was emanating from crackling radiators . . . once the most widely used the Delaware Water Gap where she , - tal t - Q , s fflorains - ere: M Rns . will spend a week with he- sister- : . sell ^ D , veL Hancock . Jacob ^ Kiasey. Xorth Mulberry street; Hester A. Kline, o' WEynesboro. Mrs. William Dawson. of near Greencastle, has accepted a posi- j carries the caption, "Young Guer- tion. as assistant-manager at the I rilla." Women's Club. South Prospect " , ,,, . ,,_. . . . i Hilda Terry s V\ e must win! ; Why, under Hitler, we'd never get Those admitted to the local hos- I to be President,' 'a conversation be- street. Mr. a?.d Mrs. Leon Cross and their daughter. Patricia, of Dover, Del., are vi.«:tis? tie former's ?ar- Mr. ar.d Mrs. Robert Cross. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bachtell have returned home from their ·Kidding: trip spent at Atlantic City and Ocean City. captive boy being threatened and j structure in the mid-town business tortured by well-fed oScers -which ,. .. . ,, .,, section, the Arcade Building is silently inactive these days--eleva- tor locked and staircase boarded up . . . when the building was pur- chased by an out-of-town firm some months ago. rumors were rife that the ne'w owners were going to com- bine all of the small street-floor shops into one large store, but pri- orities and other complications pre- such rween two very irate young ladies; Carl Rose's "Wotan, I want you to meet ray Aryan friends." shears Hitler presenting Italy and Japan to the ancient God of War; Sidney HofTs "The three bears, Herts! tell 21 e when we're gonna beat the mother about to tell a. bedtime ss return- : ?d to her home in Grafton, W. Va_ after beisg the guest of Mr. and Mrs. S. 3. Riiey, Oat Kill svenne. \' --« i ?-n eie ···se-ta w-s -»A . ^_ ^X^.j^~.7) ^^A^.._.. ~j- ~II1 return today to her hone after ,.. | story; Corp. Dave Brewer's "It's the . . . T T - T - C _ ? wara en, «;r . a '^ an n o H A T S by Gage Exctutive with Fleisher's In Hagerstown WE WILL DELIVER Any Purchase made in our store t^»t T Hi-lp Save Yonr ja« am! ARTHUR DORSET'S Self-Service M A R K E T Cor. Randolph Ave. ft Jx»cn*t St. L. O. Campbell. Jr.. We?t Wash- ington street, has recer.::y grad"- at?d from the Academy cf Aero- : nasties, LsGuardia Field. N*. Y.. j where he was trained by tie I". S.; Army Air Forces as an airplane-1 mechanic. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Earley and their son. Jack, of Sharpsb-arg. ar^ .j-, -vr_.- A i. ttii - ie "« a 4 ..** i 1 * . 2. J^.4 L ; ^ ^ i a EOOG Iau?b. f, \ cooperation of the War Cartoon ,, | Cozcaiittee of tie Americas Soci- j et; of Magazine Cartoonists. Mu- j seam hours are: Every day except Mi?s Bonnie Stahl left yesterday j Monday, from I to S p. m. These morning to attend the raid-summer' hours win be maintained al the dances at V. ?. L, Blacksbnrg, Va. , Museum until further notice. after a week's v;s:t with her sist in. Waynesbcro. Mr. and Mrs. Earlston Thropp.! vacationing at Ocean View Beach. ! O f Chevy Chase, will arrive Norfolk Va. 'o spend several days at Hotel Al- exander, this city. Arthur Semler has returned to his home in Pittsbyrgh after spend- ing a month with friends and re!a- ; viiie and Miss Eloise Duffev, of lives in this city. W O M E N ' S H A T S L. B. Hat Shop N. E. Cor. Public Square Stephen Noel, who is stationed with the Army at Atlantic City, was caller! home Friday by the peri- lous illness of his mother. Mrs. James K. Noel. Norih Potomac street. Mr?. Charles A. Line, of Sharps- burg, is a p a t i e n t at the "Washing- ton County Hospital, where she has been receiving t r e a t m e n t for a broken wri?t. GUEST SOLOtST The guest-soloist at. Knirnanu':! United Brethren Church on Sunday m o r n i n g -wiH be Mrs. Laura Melzer. Mi?s Kathleen Good, of Chews-1 a member of the choir of St. Paul's Lutheran Church. K u n k s t o w n . Mrs. Meizer has chosen as her number, "Come Unto Him." by James P. Dunn. At Funks town, were recent guests of the former's sister, Mrs. Harry Mile-, Clearspring. Miss Mary E. Shank, cashier at Henry's Theatre, is recoverinz B I R T H D A Y S M A R K E D An enjoyable evening was ? from an operation for appendicitis | by friends and neighbors who gath- perforrned recently at the Washing-' ton County Hospital. L. G. Reid, 236 Summit avenue, underwent a nasal operation yes- terday at the Washington County Hospital. The f o l l o w i n g wore among those admitted to the Washington Coun- ty Hospital yesterday afternoon and evening: Be??ie V. Wilson. Martinsburg, W. Va.; Jack L. Sen- ders, Sharpsburg; Vanita ..A. Ben- n e t t , Elm street; Mrs. Charles A. Saunders, Waynesboro, Pa.; Dan- iel X. Dudrow, Shepherdstown, W. ered for a "wiener roast, at the home of Albert Draper, n e a r Conoco- chegaue celebrating Charles' and Ray's birthdays. Songs and games around the fire were enjoyed by the folio'.vinn': Charles, Roy, Lawrence, A r t h u r , Junior and Donald Draper. Bud and Dick Wolford, Ray Kelly and brother, and Harry Robinson; Misses Betty Crim, Thoda Belle and Gailon Kidwell, Anna Jane. Dorothy, Lottie a n d Josephine Marie Draper, and Barbara Grove; Ear! Shank. Ralph L e a t h e r m a n , Cv cil Kid well. William Brannan and DO YOU NEED MONEY? AskAbwta BUT THIS TIME WE'RE TALKING ABOUT COAL Coal is going to be hard to get this winter--if you're so foolish as to wait until winter to get it. This is the word which comes straight from Washington. Therefore, if you want to be warm and well this winter, you will be wise if you order your coal now. Responsible citizens who wish to borrow for this purpose may make application now at this bank. Repay- ment terms can be arranged to suit your convenience. WARBONBS ASAMRIOT1C SERVICE The Nicooemus National Bank Hagerstown, Maryland Va.; Amy Mae Schroyer, Myers- f a m i l y ; Mr. and Mrs. James ville; Mrs. Harry P. Raffensberger, ! Draper, Mr. and Mrs-. Frank Drnpcr Salem avenue; Lawrence G. Reid,! and Mr. and Mrs. Albert. Draper. Summit avenue; Mrs. C. Franklin i ,, ~, ,,. .. ,, _ , i There s sure to Do som«thlnir I n - u e l t y . Summit avenue; Robert. E. | terestln* to you In the Classified Read It! down town before you do," she told the driver of the car. A local young thing had scarcely seen the "Mrs. Miniver 1 ' film until she tore down, to the hair dresser and had herself coiffed in replica of the title-roler, Greer Garson . . . al- though, she was quite pleased with, her new hairdo, her mother viewed the results with some misgivings, insisting that her daughter isn't the Mrs. Miniver type. T H U R S D A Y -- A local matron was abroad this morning at an hour much earlier than is her wont and when a friend questioned her she explained: ''You have to get to the stores early if you want to buy any stockings--and I really need some." ... Gals who have tried the new rayon hose are none too en- thusiastic in their comments, but buyers returning here from their inspection of the fall and winter clothes marts in New York, say cotton and lisle stockings are prac- tically extinct and rayon is going to be virtually the only thing avail- able, come winter. ... A man took an. 54-year-old woman, friend down to the bus station today and they boarded a conveyance for Sharps- burg. The bus was crowded with both men and women but the old lady felt that she must get home and so decided to try her luck at getting a seat . . . no one who was already seated made a move to get up until at last a girl who had been on her feet all day, clerking in a store, insisted that the octo- genarian take her place and she would stand. F R I D A Y -- Ciearspring resident comes into the ration board with a sad tale of woe--his gasoline cou- pons wire left in a shirt that went through the washing machine . . . he presents the mutilated, faded scraps of what was once his means of getting gas and his plea for a storms the realization of . , off.ce ·workers say it every day right around 5 new book is granted. Staying o'clock, ju?t in time to prevent! their reaching home before the rain W E D N E S D A Y -- Hagerstown was once a place where the only time you had to worry about traffic was on Saturday afternoon and even- ings, or occasionally on week days around 5 p. m. ... nowadays traf- fic jams occur at any hour of the cay or night with increasing fre- quency, much to the surprise of local motors?!:;. . . . Cars were pil- ed practically on top of each oth- er along the first five blocks of Xorth Potomac ^.reet the other evening shortly before 7 o'clock. so when a young lady pedestrian who was only a few blocks from at a local hotel this week is a wo- man writer from Look Magazine, who is putting the "finishing touches to the story and photographic re- countal of how a typical defense family lives . the family was selected here In Hagerstown and the magazine layout is slated to appear soon. Coal consumers are still being urged to buy their winter's supply of fuel in advance, Miss Karn Bride Of Mr. Bachtell Wedding Took Place At St. John 1 * On July 25. At a quiet wedding which took place at the St. John's Lutheran Church on Saturday evening, July 25, Miss I. Ruth Karn, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Karn, of this city, became the bride of Mr. Richard J. Bachtell, of Smithsburg. The ring ceremony was performed by the Rev. Dr. John E. Harms, pastor of the bride, in the presence of the immediate families. The bride wore a street length dress of white ctiiff on with white accessories and a corsage of pink rosebuds. Mrs. John E. Browning, of this city, sister of the bride, was matron of honor, wearing i street length dress of yellow chiffon with black accessories and a corsage of yellow rosebuds, and Guy Bachtell, brother of the bridegroom, was best man. Following the ceremony, a re- ception was held at the bride's home. Attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Karn, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse F. Bachtell, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bachtell. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Browning, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Leather, Mrs. Homer Easter. Mrs. E. K. Mowen. Mrs. Lester Guillard, Mrs. Calvin Mumma, Clinton Karn, Jack Karn, Jean Karn, Mary Jane Bachtell. Evelyn Bachtell, Richard Bachtell, Phyllis Leather, Edward Leather, William Easter, Larry Guillard and Patsy Browning. The couple left after the recep- tion on a honeymoon to Atlantic City and Ocean City. Mrs. Bachtell is an employe at the W. F. Prior Co., this city. Mr. Bachtell, who is a graduate of Smithsburg High School, is em- ployed at the Landis Tool Co., Wavnesboro. Photographs To Be Made Here Tuesday Two editors from House Beauti- ful, nationally known magazine, and a New York photographer will be in Hagerstown on Tuesday to arrange room settings and to photo- graph them at the Maidgtone Studio. Miss Margaret Fuller, associate ' editor of the magazine, and Miss Frances Hurd, photographic editor, will plan the rooms with a new line of furniture which is being manufactured locally. Traditional in style, the new furniture is also- modern in design. Color settings of the room will be photographed and these are scheduled to appear in the October issue of House- Beautiful. * Later in the fall the rooms will on display at Maidgtone. S U R P R I S E PARTY A surprise party was held Mon- day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chaises Kaetzel, east of Chews- ville, this week, in honor of the fifth birthday of their daughter, Wanda La Rue. After opening her many gifts, she was seated at a table decorated in pink and green, where refreshments carrying out the color scheme were served. The guests were: Wanda La Rue Kaetzel, Loretta Kaetzel, Donna Jean Wishard, Patty Smith, , Beverley Stevenson, Barbara Mor- rison, Suzanne CondrelH, Frances Fratianni, Beverley Hamburg, Dan- ny Fratianni, Billie Kaetzel, Philip Bowers, Dick Myers, Charles Ed- wards, Harry Edwards, Bobby Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kaetr- el, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bowers, Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Wishard, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fout, Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Fratianni, Mrs. Grace Smith, Mrs. Chester Morrison, Mr*. Wm. Kaetzel, Mrs. Roy Myers. Mrs. Stevenson, Mrs. Luther Stot- tlemyer and Miss Lorraine Rice. -. WASHINGTON COUNTY LIBRARY New Books for the Week Among the new books shelved at the Washington County Free Li- brary this week there are those dealing directly and indirectly with the present emergency and others for purely recreational and cultural reading. "Our Fighting Ships" by Katz, Lee and Levy is an indispensable handbook of our seapower. Even though it is only 100 pages it gives a most complete picture of our Navy today, from mighty battleship to motor torpedo boat. Every class of vessel is introduced by a de- scriptive text explaining its tacti- cal functions and characteristics. How can you be most useful to before September 15 ... by that i y o u r coulUr ' i n this national emer- , , l t . ,, . . , , , , Kencv? Theodore Barrett in his date, it is estimated the peak load . Yonr Job anfi American victory- will begin to strain the capacity of j analyzes hundreds of jobs that will the ?q I vi r nod re was offered a ride, she down . . . "I t h i n k I'll e?t transportation systems to the breaking point and from that time on there will be real difficulty in supplying coal to any but military, naval and war industry consum- ers. ... Victory gardeners are glad for the plentiful supply of rain, but such frequent showr-rs make the help men, women and youths to serve America now and also train for their life's work after the war Ss over. "Wartime Meals" by Marmot Murphy, the food editor of the New York Times, has been purchased with the funds given by the Mary- land Association of Smalt Loan Companies. Economy coupled with weeks grow faster than the crops, ! sound nutrition is the keynote of th?y say. M A R R I A G E L I C E N S E S Harold B. Colbert, 21. Williams- port. Marie K. Harbaugh, IS, Ha- DATE C H A N G E D Fresh Air children, coming here ' from Xew York City, to spend a i the book which considers how to plan, buy and cook wartime meals. New Leisure Time More and more persons will have to do minor repair jobs around the house, and will have leisure time for hobbies rather than riding. "The Amateur Craftsman's Cyclopedia" and "101 Things to Do in Spare Time" by Horth arc two new useful books in this line. "She's Off to Marriage" by Alsop and McBritle has the sub-title "A Guide to Success and Happiness in Married Life." A packed and interesting social history of the United States from Mr .and Mrs. Clifford C Kendall, j como ined areas ot Texas and Lou- j the earliest times to the present Clyde A. Mauch, 39, Williams- i two-weeks vacation, will arrive on port, M a r t h a K. Coss, 27. Haters- f Wednesday. August 5, instead of town. ' tho preceding day. as originally Benjamin G. Lewis, U, Edna E. I announced. The youngsters will Willard, IS, Smiihsburg. come in over the Pennsylvania rail- Wayne R- Crunkleton, 21, Betty | r o a d arriving at the local station at J. Mac?, 20, Hagerstown. 7:45 p. m. A N N O U N C E BIRTHS The Portuguese colony of Mozam- A r U u g h t e r was born Friday to j bique, in Africa, is equal to the Thornburg, North avenue and Ciar-1 s:cUon today. once E. street. 415 West Wilson boulevard, at the j Washington County Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Smetama. 3l! ( ] Salem avenue, announce the nir;h of a son at the hospital on I Friday. isiana. day, is Fauritz A. Hallgren's "Land- Carroll, South Potomac Dr. and Mrs. Oliver Gordon and children, of Rochester. X. Y., have returned to their home after visit- ing Dr. Gordon's mother. Mrs. Wil- liam A. Gordon. Hillcrest Road. Mrs. Gordon also visited in Dur- ham. X. C. W A R D R O B E h SWR-AID Miss Beulah Eyerly, of Wilkcs- Barre, Pa., is spending her vaca- tion with her sister, Mrs. David P. Sehindel, the Terrace. Rev. and Mrs. Paul M. Robinson and young daughter will leave Mon- day to spend their vacation visit- ing relatives in Ohio. Mrs. David Murray has returned to her home on Virginia avenue a f t e r undergoing an operation at the Washington County Hospital several days ago. L E I T E R S B U R G P I C N I C The Leitersburg Homemakers Ciub will hold its annual picnic on Tuesday. August 18. at Pangborn Park. Supper will be served at 6:30 o'clock. Twice - Yearly Sale for Men and V/omen NOW IN PROGRESS W I T H 2 Length MJrrori Sensible for Slocks! scape of Freedom; the Story of American Liberty and Bigotry." Forman's "Rights of Trains" is another addition to the Railroad Collection given by the Western Maryland Railroad. Bernard Fay's "The Two Frank- lins: Fathers of American Demo- cracy" Is the story of Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Franklin Bache and the way in which they influenced the change of mind of the American nation. "In America" is the title of the collected poems of John Van Al- styne Weaver. A book that shows step by step and detail by detail, how to make authentic American costumes from, various types of Indian dress through the Civil War In Evans "How to Make Historic American Costumes." An up-to-date book on life insur- ance in "Understanding Life In- surance by Dretzin and McAvoy. New Rental Books Brinig--Family Way Macardle--Uninvited Roberts--One Small Candl« Rutland--Poison Fly Murder Sampson--Unfortunate Murderer S L A C K S H I E L D P R O T E C T S POINT OF W E A R If you'r» smart with your slaeVi, vli-panh, and shorts, you'll g v « th»m longer life with thit water- proof Slack Shi»!d! It tak«» al! tht friction and guardt against stains, body odors, and acids. of super-soft rayon-and-cotton swarni, with the underside of .Kleinert's AJrlite. a cool, water- proof, rubberlest fabric. Slacl Shield it tabbed for «asy sewing or pinning! Washes perfectly. One 50L M a i n F l o o r Leiter Brothers Ike And M i k Might Look Alike -- Or, at least, t h e i clothes do. So they de- pend on Cash's Woven Names to protect their laundry, and all their be- longings. That's an old custom in the Army or Navy. Why not mark your things the same way and save losses. Woven Name* PRICES 12 Doz $3.00 9 Doz 2.50 6 Doz 2.00 3 Doz 1.50 Leiter Brothers

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