The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 3, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1944
Page 6
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White Sox And A's Break Even Trosky Hifs Homer Scoring Two Runs For Sox In Opener By Unlled Press The sKlh place White Sox and the seventh place Philadelphia Athletics split a double header In Chicago yesterday, the A's scoring seven runs In the final Inning to wli the first game, fl to 3. Chicago came fight' back in the .second';game, finding lltlle trouble winning on lhe stiength of seven rims., The A's scored three off lhe tandem work of Johnny Humphries and Ralph Maltzbcrger. If While .Sox Manager Jimmj Dykes has anyone lo blame for the finai-lmiirig fling of the A's In the first'contest,-it's his own team. The Chicago entry erred twice, arid these errors:with five hits scored the seven miis. Hal Trosky, the While Sox slugger, slapped one out of the ball yard witlv a man on in thc opener. Lu- maii Harris woii lor the A's find Ed LopAt was charged'with the loss. Chicago's National League team was booked.for a .single game In Philadelphia against the Phillies, but thc transportation strike caused a postponement. Two top throwers In lhe National .League, went at-it In Pittsburgh, with Cardinal Mnx Lanier emerging the victor. He allowed the Pirates only five hits and four runs. The'Cards pumped over eight rims on iHchc hits, liaung a field day at thc expense of Rip Sewell. The gunc moved I^anler' 1 * overall record to 12 won arid five lost Scwell's shrinks lo H \v6n arid nine lost SCKAP PAPEIi DRIVE NtW YORK— Tons ol scrap paper '. were piled outside of Ebbels Field as 7684 faiii, mostly screaming youngsters, were admitted Id a meeting of the Dodgers nnri Hcds for delivering 25 pounds or more of old boxes, newspapers, magazines, etc. DOPE BUCKET BY J, P. FEtKND 8ILBEKNAGEL & CO., INCC Little Rock, Ark. IMPORTANT Mlt.f.StOflK August 3 may be just another date to inosl |i«oule but to Mike Merohey it Is an Important mile* stone In" life 49 years on this earth. It marks lhe beglh'hliig of his ring career, a career that wns des- llhed 16 lengthen inlo a world's record tar continuous activity'; n erireer that was to take him 16 every civilized country lit the world; a career that'look him lo the lop of both the 'iglitlng and wresllltig Game where he mixed nrij mingled wllh lhe ring's 400; a career llial lias teemed wllh drama, comedy and tragedy niong wllh action and activity. It was August 3, 1908 that Mike big, rmvboiied kid of 13 plus four days, crawled Into lhe squared circle, for thc first 'lime. The !>lnce was New Orleans, Louisiana. His opponent was Joe Sherman, nn experienced . hometown battler who wns'on his way up the boxing Ind- Icr. Mike weighed 170 pounds then. lie always was a big boy, scaling 15 pounds at birth. Young Meroncy (>ot away to a very inauspicious ring start. He ook a. merciless beating fromSher- iian but stayed In there until lhe end, despite th'c fact that he was no match and was on lhe receiving snd most of the time. He proudly -eporls that ho got |ji a "good lick or two.", -• . • ' HE ISN'T DISCOURAGER For thc average boy who wasn't -ifer-estcd in.becomlng.a box fighter 'that Mutch would have been enough to convince him lo seek ither--means-of making a living. 3»t riot for Hie yo'ilhg, ambitious Irishman. He already had made ip his mind to fight nnd wns im- villlng to.let one'defeat discourage iliii. He had loo much Irish blood —lhe fighting kind-— surging Ihroilgtj his veins. Mik c did much better from then oh and'soon reached the lop of lie ladder. While never ehnuiplon, ie did meet champions, ex-cham- Jlons arid future champions before innglrig up th e gloves for good after 131 ring . bailies. That list Included lights iyllh Tommy Gibbons Gunboat Smith, Jlrh Plyiiii, nob Bcckelt, Sain Lnngford, Capl. Bob Roper, .and tire great Jack Delnp- scy.' He rales as his greatest fight'lhe 23-round scrap with Tommy Cllb- b'ons at Oakland, Calif., when Gibbons,was at th c peak of his Career, He took on Capt. Hoper when ^Bob. was AEP champion in World War I, His affair with Dcmpsey was nn exhibition in Memphis./-' stroking his' stubble chin Mike confessed that tli e Mn- nnssa Mauler could hit. He 1ms proof of .,11, an' unpleasant reminder, sis - if;were. ' "• • ) AMUSING EXPERIENCES Throughout his 30-yeais of catn- palttniiii; wllh the : padded mittens, which he finished with 58 wlnsT 20 draws Shd 53 defents, there have been numerous amusing expcrlcn- CM."Biit the fiasco In Miami takes th e cast iron tooth brush as lhe funniest. 'Hie fight was held In an opera house and a full house of riotous customers were on hand, Midway of the bout one fun who nad dipped pretty deep into Uic red cup started shooting, in just, a;few moments he wns the only one In sight, still blandishing his shooting irons, though empty . (he didn't have one li«e they have in.the movies. The gendarmes carted him off lo hoosegoiv to cool off and sober up. One by one a few of lhe fans came out ol hiding. Presently the referr,e and Mike cautiously ventured out. But the other participant fens not Iri sight. They hiint- C8 everywhere but no luck. They called nnd shouted his name. He finally answered—from atop thc r Sfging (hat controlled lhe curtain. He was pcrsiiiided to come down o«l since there was not a handful of customers left lhe fight wns called off. Mike says lie never will forget 'he time he fought liob Beckett, °»c of the belter English boxers, In Liverpool several years ago. In those dnys ihe fighters tried just about every Irlck and got b v wllh them.. Beckett started stomping Mike's feet, Turning to lhe referee lie appealed to him lo make ncck- ell qiiit, only lo receive the command to "keep fighting"."Then I (jot mad", Meroncy feinted. "I knew a few dirty tricks and let him have it with both tan-els. But ihiil didn't go over so Wf wjlli : lhe referee. I was fined six pounds (about $30.00) and had a lieck of a time netting my purse. 'I'KAGEbV .'STRIKES 'Iragcdy has ElrUek thrice during the boxing career of Uic popular Irishman.. Three fighters hove "led from* Injuries in the ring with him. Ench lime Mike was completely exonerated. The last vie- Inn wns Jack Ilollenbaeli, Pensfl' cola heavyweight, who wns fatnlly injured nt .Birmingham, Ala. As a wrestler Meroncy modestly admits that he met the best in the business, Including Jim Lamias, Zybysko and others who were crmfrifslons, but never copped a worlds Jitie. However, he licldmnn- 2ro'ils state championships, among them neighboring Missouri, and wfts, ac'c'iahncd the best in several foreign countries. His wrestling was most discour- »ging; even more so that he began irig. UK losl 20 in a row before won a mulch. But he made up for lost lime. IDs loiig'fjl winning itrenk exceeded the 100 mnrk. He ins n whole truiik of medals and awnrds thai attest to his prowess. Born In colorful Tippeiriry, Ire- 1 Extra Bases OulPeldcr Oris Hpckctl, distance! liilter, is nol least reason why Indians are on staipath. I. CIGAR Buy One Or A Box! We hove plenty of CIGARETTES SPECIAL Rum an'd Brandy..;:.;...; 2.50 per fifth Close-out Wine : . . : v . 75c per fifth Biyfheviile Liquor Shop Located, In G/encde Hotel Lobby Many Athletes Listed As 4-F Performers Healthy Eri6Ugft For Contact On Gridiron/ Ring By Unlleii Press AutliorlllcK In Washington coni- plaln over the health of the nation's young Wood. The surgeon general goes so far as to say llmt one of every three Is "unfit for military duty." Sports followers over the land 'ant Hie older generation lo know what's what, and, perhaps more Important In (his case, what isn't what. These boys striking out as unfit for military duty, called resulls ot a soft-kneed nation by a few, are so unfit for the hale and lhe hearty that liiey flourish as wage- earners on professional baseball nnd football teams, Or, if nol healthy chough for these paying pastimes, box in the lighting rings of lhe laiid. This is Hie situation. An eligible bachelor, or even an eligible married man In lhe inter* prclfltion of current'.selective>sei'- •Ice laws, Is turned down at the irniy polls for flat-feet, high blood pressure, and Irregular heart, a-bad ankle, or a trick knee. A trick knee may: hold'iip - for ft few ball games, nigh Hlood pr'cs- •ure can hold «p in.the prize vlhg UK! dozens of owners of perfdrat- -d car drums arc earning more (han their 1 board and keep in professional athletics. Frank Slnkwich, Mike Miknlak Taml Mauriello, Joe Bfiksi All Baiiman — ll lc athletic rolls are crawling with military rejects healthy, enough to slnlid the' kriocks' of battering body contact sports, j Perhaps . a synomym for sheer power is Bronko -Nngurskl. This imiscle-packin' papa, aft6r a dozen years will) .the Chicago Dears, was' luriied down by lhe draft board functioning over Ills home'- at lii- :crnallonnl Rills, Mimi. j ' Maybe this young generation is- n'l so sickly afler nil. Yesterday's Results AMERICAN LEAGUE Philadelphia'9-3. Chicago 3-7. (Only games scheduled,) NATIONAL LEAGUE Chicago at Philadelphia, postponed, transportation difficulties.- St; Louis 8, Pittsburgh 4. SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis 8, Birmingham 5. Chaltahooga 8-2^ Atlanta 5-5. Nashville 11-4, Mobile 16-0.- ' New Orleans 7, Llltle Rock 2,Today's Games SOUTIIEBN LEAGUE Birmingham at Memphis, nlghl. Litlle RocR at New Orleans Motile nt Nashville, Chattanooga n't Atlanta; .NATIONAL LEAGUE Cblcago at .Brooklyn; two. ' St. Louts at Pittsburgh, Only gflmes scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland at Chicago,- two. '~ i ' 1 games scheduled. ed • Distance Man, Paced by^big-Bnd Meliieriyj New York Yankees arc'again hilling home runs. King of Platers Runs to Dedth In Jamaica Paddock Uy NBA Sen-ice NEW YORK. — infirmities rcie- gnled Pastry to cheap racas^ but tile son of John P. Grier nnd Muffins W.'LI such a consistent winner for several year's that he was known n.s Die King of. the Platers. Solly Piscana and Jules Wessler pensioned Pastry five years ago,.nnd at 14 he ran top speed as Jamaica fields sped by his paddock. He fractured n bone In his ankle pulling himself up abruptly to prevent striking n fence, had lo be destroyed. land, July 30,1895, Mike wns brought to ihls country when just a baby. His'home towivis composed of only members of the McroiHjy fmnilj- and their families and desccndents. These Irish stick together. IMOROIINES LARGE BOTTLE-2 5< Many Never' Suspect Cause Of Backaches When disorder ol killncy funclion txrml|» niay cause naming backache, rheumatic paiua - IffMuu. IOM of pep null cn<TBy, gtltiog up inglil*. •TCllmit, puffincu „„,!„ t|, 0 eye. hj«l«l,« „„,! dlHin™. ftcquml o, ,J"y pussag" wuh «mnrt 1 ni[ nnd burning nome- j'oTwn^c^^ifj'r"^ 8 w ' oiiii wWi Don't ivaill Ask your drucfUl [or Doan'a H'"' °»«|«« c M»f»«y by millions for ortr ' .In I J"'-T "l f",° aPI> J' ' elicf »" d wi " h *'P !«j« 15 tnilca of tuliiey (utes Hugh out poiioa. AUGUST . Baseball Standings AMERICAN W. L. St. Louts . c 59 42 Boston j 52 40 New York . ..-,,...;; 60 46 Cleveland 51 49 Detroit ;« II Chicago -47 so Philadelphia 45 55 Washington ...,..-. 42 5* NATIONAL LEAGUfi W. u 70 26 54 42 59 41 46 51 42 47 39 50, 37 55 . 38 58 LEAGUE Cincinnati . Pittsburgh . New Work Chicago . , Boston ; ., Philadelphia Brooklyn y" SOUTHEKN W. L. 25 6 at e 19 10' 11 17 11 19 12 19 12 19 I Pet. ,584 .531 .521 .510 .495' .485 .44fi .428 Pet. .729 .663 .549 .414 .412 .411 .402 .390 Pet. .800 .722 .054 .393 .3C(i .337 .381 .290 ill the American League. Carl Graham, 34-year-old recruit, was In the Detroll bullpen eating a hot dog and chewing peanuts with Roger Uresnatiaii. when the Yankees started to rattle base lilts, Bucky Harris waved for Graham to warm up, called on him. Babe nulh was up. Halfway to (he box, Graham turned and shouted to Bresnahair "Say, Roge, don't finish my hot dog and save me some peanuts I'll be right back." He was. Nashville . .. Atlanta . ... Memphis . ... Little Rock . Birmingham . Mobile New Orleans . ^ , a Chattanooga" 9 2. Tiger Tyro Lost AH But Hot Dog and His Peanuts IiV NBA Service WILMINGTON, N. C —Vic Sor rcll recalls the biggest laugh he got We have plenty ef WHISKEY At all times! CEILING PRICES ALWAYS HASSELL'S STOKE tinm ZSSi THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 8—Show Starts at 8:15. ' SATURbAYs & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens 1 Show Starts 1:15 Thursday and Friday "HENRY ALDRICH BOYSC6UT" with Jimmy Lydon as Henry Aldrich "Attack" (Bottle of New Britain) Released through OWI ns ncliially photographed by 0. S. Signal Corps., This is a 54-minute short feature released through lhe Office of War Information to be shown to our pa- trohs without extra cost! . PARAMOUNT NEWS Do yon -f.ress \ - '/• • V ' 'V Easily? Keep thai "Ttred-from-ihe^rciser's" Looi(~ in GOODALL'S cool Super-Fabric SPRINGWEAVE TROPICAL , Palm Beach Suits . . 19.50 It's a blessing to your appearance, your comfort and your pocketbook, For neVef have we found such a cool fabric that resists Wrinkling so well and stays in press so long. It's a development by famous Goodall, America's leading summer-wear specialists; and it's tailored for coolness by Goodall experts. In colors every man likes; real 1944 styling. See them now! Make ibis test! TU Springweuve in a hard knot! It uoties without a wrinkle. Come io —we'll prove it! R. D. Hughes& Co. • New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System Last Time Today "THE LODGER" Wlill I.alri! Cregar * Merle Ober«n Fox News & Short Friday "THUNDERING GUN SLlNGER" with Duster Crabbe A Al SI. Join SF.'ltlAL &• SHOUT FINISHING TOUCH NEW YORK.—No fewer than 13 pitchers have started for the Dodgers this season. WINDOW GUARDS and METAL WEATHERSTRIPPING . Now Available. Phone fS\ For Estimate. E.C. LUMBER CO. CHIGKASAW West Main Near 21 it St. Sit. starts 12:45; Bon. atari* 1:45 Nlfbt shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Conltnaoui shows Sat. and Sun. Last Time Today Double Feature "KNUTE ROCkNE, ALL AMERICAN" with Pat O'Brleii and Gail Paee "LADY IN A JAM" wilh Irene Dunne <6 Patrick Knowles Friday and Saturday Double Feature THE FIGHTING VALLEY witli The Texus Hungers "CALLING ALL HUSBANDS:' with George Tobias SERIAL: "Adventures of lhe Flying Cadets". . > ' - Comedy Open 7:30- Show Starts 7:45 Last Time Today D:r«t«l .by CiWDLES LAMONT Asiocialo Prcdu«i, K6N GOLDSMITH A UNIVERSAL PiCTURE . News of (lie I)ay Short Friday and Saturday Empty Holsters • with ' .''' . Dick Foran SERIAL: "Dcicrl Hawk" Who Said Machine Prior to the preferential primary Fietx printed and .distributed in other counties, in the district, a circular charging me with being connected with a political machine. THE CHARGE WAS UNTRUE but this made no differene to Fietz. For some reason Kiel/, kept this circular out of Mississippi Coiiuty. Below is a facsimile copy of the GANG TfCKET IN MISSISSIPPI COUNTY issued Monday before the preferential primary on which FietK appears as one of the favorite sons. Vf)Tg_THI3 VAY Vots THIS V.'AY VOTE THIS WAY 'V07S TillS VtY: United StaUs Senator (Vote for One) KC-12R li. ADXIHS Covoi nor (Vo'.e for One) . J. SRVAii ' Lieutcr^nt Covert:or (VOTS FOR 01IE) j. I. (Ftex) SHAVES -ISS-BiKBH— Secretary of State {Vole for one) C. C,(Crip) HALL -S.iit-Pr.S5- AUbrney General (Vote for Ono) CUV E. ^f Sta',0 Auditor (Vote for,0.10 Jv O^car lii^ph (Vote- for Ono) S^'G^ G. ;.'JT2:I lieproS':n\,: liv-? in r,o%?-:.-._.^i .First ContT3£sic:nl tJi:tric l (VoLo iw Oiw) E. C, Took) r-ilhints Probecutir.g /.tloraty 2nd Judicial *>iatrict (Vote for One) I'.iMVS TiZU -WI5-Sr -fcP.-CTilS? — This is known in Mississippi Coiintv as the Jim Grain Yellow Slip. VOTE FOR JAMES (. HALE for Prosecuting Attorney and you will vote against Gang Rule in This District.

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