The Springfield News-Leader from Springfield, Missouri on January 14, 2005 · Page 20
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The Springfield News-Leader from Springfield, Missouri · Page 20

Springfield, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, January 14, 2005
Page 20
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2C Friday, January 14, 2005 ENTERTAINMENT NEWS-LEADER Television Best Bets 'Battlestar Galactica' offers smart escape By Mike Hughes GANNETT NEWS SERVICE Tonight's Must-See: "Battlestar Galactica" series debut, 8 p.m., Sci Fi; second episode at 9. Credit this series with aiming high. There are no easy answers, no moments of talking down to us. Last year's miniseries gave us the nasty Cylons, robots that became way too self-sufficient. They took over most of the world; 47,000 humans escaped in a ragtag collection of ships. In tonight's episode, the Cylons have waves of attacks every 33 minutes. Forced to constantly fight and run, the humans are near collapse. Soon, a jolting decision faces the president, the commander, his son Apollo and Apollo's colleague Starbuck. In the second, Boomer makes an unnerving discovery. Other choices tonight: "Joan of Arcadia," 7 p.m., CBS. The high school director has a wildly ambitious play about zombies. Joan auditions. "The Bernie Mac Show," 7 and 7:30 p.m., Fox. This clever comedy has been on the shelf too long. Now it's back with two new episodes. In the first, Bryanna needs her own room; in the second, Bernie's younger sister is getting married. "8SimpleRules,"7pjiL,ABC The "Married -With Children-duo reunites when Ed O'Neill arrives as the former college boyfriend of Cate (Katey Sagal). Mike Hughes covers television for the Lansing (Mich.) State Journal and Gannett News Service. TELEVISION TONIGHT I 1 Movie a ' Broadcast channels O Mediacom channels (CC) Closed Captioned CZ3 Sporting event (R) Repeat Critics' ratings: highest 'G' 'PC 'PG-13' 'R' MPAA suitability ratings Loves Loves 8 Simple Complete Hope & Faith Less than 2020 (CC) 35511 Springfield Nightline (CO Jimmy ABC Raymond Raymond Rules 56530 Savages 77511 (CC) 72578 Perfect 51085 3 3 3421172 218998 Kimmel 63 97375 88627 : 1 7983022 KOLRIO Entertain- Joan of Arcadia "The Elec- JAG "Hail and Farewell" CSI: Miami "Wannabe" K0LR10 The Late Show with DaWd CBS 25 News 5375 ment(CC) tion" TV14 (R) (CC) 75511 'TVPG' (R) (CC) (HD) 91559 'TV14' (CC) (HD) 71795 News 6017207 Lettefman TVPG' 4578172 6627 That 70s Friends Bemie Mac I Bernie Mac Jonny Zero "Pilot Episode" Fox 27 News 9 Local news, Seinfeld Friends TV14'Frasier 'TVPG' FOX Show 76207 'TVPG'(CC) TVPG' 35462 'TVPG' 56443 TVI4 (CC) (HD) 11917 sports and weather. 91153 'TVPG' 31820 (CC) 17240 (CC) 63882 67559 KY3 News at Wheel of For Dateline NBC 9795 Third Watch "The "L" Word" Medical Investigation KY3 News (:35) The Tonight Show NBC Six 207 tune 559 TV14' 8443 "Tribe" 8207 6744375 with Jay Leno TV14' 4259240 Newshour with Jim Lehrer Jeff City I McLaughlin Washington I Wall St. Week Now (CC) I Tucker Television in America: An I Charlie Rose PBS (CC) 26462 Journal 62838 25559 Week 80998 (CC) 92733 20153 Carlson 38207 Autobiography 'TVPG' 63356 (CC) 79191 TV54 g) Western lOzzleS Cry of the Innocent (1980) 'NR' Help a. News Total Living Horse TV US Access TV G' Home Impr. Star Trek: Enterprise TVPG' (Stardom (CC) Oprah Winfrey TVPG' (CC) Dr. Phil "Custody Battles Up- Pat Croce upw (B (CO (CQ(HD) date" 'TVPG' 'TVPG' Will & Grace Malcolm in I Like About I Grounded for Reba TVPG' I Blue Collar Yes, Dear 1 Will Grace Star Trek: Voyager "Drive" Cops TVPG' WB (CC) 78627 Middle 92207 You 37882 Ufa 81191 (CC) 46530 TV (R) 32337 'TVPG' 86795 'TV14' 94849 'TVPG' (CC) 12608 . (CC) 81240 aJ.!j'!.ll'H:M.'i.' .': .... ... ...... 7..J.7:-v-..-..;.:..,-':r....-.i (4:50) Tears of the Sun Dr. No (1962. ActionAdventure) (Sean Connery, From Russia with Love (1963, ActionAdventure) Goldfinger ENC ECB (2003) R' (CC) Ursula Andress) 007 stops world domination. 'NR' (CC) (Sean Connery) Agent sent to steal top secret machine. 86179882 6076627 (CC) 1272733 3363356 Inside the NFL (CC) 936424 Once upon a Time in Mexico I Making Carnivale "Los Moscos" I Unscripted TVMA' (CC) Thinking XXX HBO 5H8 (2003) (Antonio Banderas) 'R'(HD)(CO Elektra 'TVMA' (CC) (HD) 610849 680608 2494004 7006240 . 140924004 (4:30) Catch Me if You Can Top Gun V4 (1986, Drama) (Tom Cruise) A maverick jet Torque (2004, ActionAdventure) (Mar- I Erotic Con- Married Peo-MAX ETS (2002) (HD) (CC) pilot trainee falls for on of his instructors. 'PG' (HD) (CC) tin Henderson, Ice Cube) 'PG-13' (HD) (CC) fess933284 p 4971612 795462 539117 683820 (5:25) Life with Mikey It Could Happen to You V4 (1994) Cop (:45) Mkg of Huff "The Good Doctor" I Boxing Tupac: Resurrection SHO 1831 Vi (1993) PG' (HD) (CO and waitress split lottery jackpot. 'PG' (CC) 99301733 'TV14' (CC) 878801 Hiiites V4 (2003) R' (HD) (CC) 90220004 12881199 485240 163882 (:05) Secondhand Lions (2003. Comedy) (Michael The Recruit (2003, SuspenseThriller) (Al Pacino, The Butterfly Effect (2004, Mystery) STRZS33 Caine, Robert Duvall) 'PG' (CC) 27284559 Colin Farrell) A computer ace is recruited to join the CIA. (Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart) 'R' (CC) (CC) 1474356 9558375 Stir Crazy Two inno- Die Another Day 54 (2002. ActionAdventure) (Pierce(:15) Extreme Ops (2002, ActionAdventure) Ex- I Busty Cops TMC 825 cent men go to jail. 'R' (HD) Brosnan, Halle Berry) 'PG-13' (HD) (CC) 5741646 treme-sports enthusiasts run afoul of terrorists. 'PG-13' (CC) 308288 (HD) (CO 73207743 1956269 American Justice Lying Clear and Present Danger (1994, Mystery) (Harrison Ford) C.I.A. agent Jack American Justice A Model Clear t Pres- ASE as Eyes" (CC) 581998 Ryan discovers a link between a presidential advisor and a South American drug cartel. Murder" 'TVPG' (CC) 220240 ent 'PG-13' (CC) 934559 ; j (CC) (5:45) Hamburger Hill (1987. Drama) (:45) Volcano (1997, ActionAdventure) (Tommy Lee Jones) An Movie Club The Hrtcher Vi Hitchhiker amc IBS American soldiers fight in Vietnam. 'R' emergency chief and a geologist scramble to halt the destruction of L.A. (CC) 221004 freaks out young man. 'R' 9194269 'PG-ir 56613269 992356 .. , Most Extreme "Disguise" lUltimate Zoo TV G' IVenom ER 'TVPG'(CC) Animal Cops: Detroit Ultimata Zoo TV G' Venom ER Mn- m (CC) TVPG' (CC) (CO BET an Top 10 BET.Com Boiling Point (1993) R' (CC) 483443 Comic 764795 News BET Style Midnight Queer Eye for the Straight Girl "Rebeka" An efferves- Dances with Wolves (1990, Western) (Kevin Costner) A young Civil War veteran bonds with a BRAV as cent twentysomething is made over (CC) 121066 tribe of Lakota Sioux Indians after heading West to experience the frontier on his own before it disap- pears. 'PG-13' 859288 , CNN m AXooper 130288 IZahn (CC) 887559 Larry King 896207 iNewsNight 876443 I Lou Dobbs 879530 Larry King Daily Show I Mad TV 'TV14' Premium Jack Coen Comedy Cen-1 Comedy Cen- Comedy Cen-1 Premium Comedy Cen-1 Comedy Cen- South Park COM 38 (CO 4483153 4407733 Blend 7576199 4 403917 tral 1271707 tral 6021004 tral 4008202 Blend tral 1010172 tral 1029820 (CC) 5553397 J 5503424 , American Chopper TVPG' American Chopper (CC) Southern Steel 252849 American Hot Rod TVPG' (CC) American Chopper (CO So. Steel DISC 153 589530 236801 232085 235172 858207 " Phil of FuturelThat's So Ra- Now You See It (2005, Fantasy) (Alyson (:45) Now You See It (2005) A real teen sorcerer com- Phil of Future Proud Family DISN SS 872153 ven 896733 Michalka. Johnny Pacar) 'NR' (CC) 2069795 petes with amateur magicians on a reality-TV show. 'NR' 850066 490608 I I (CO 55542449 ( nu PGA Tournament "Sony Open in Hawaii: Second Round" from Honolulu Hey Rookie, Welcome NBA Basketball Minnesota Timberwolves at Denver Nug-ESPN S3 (Uve) 885424 1 260895 gets (Live) 529356 ESP2 O NFL Live NBA Shoot NBA Basketball Dallas at San Antonio 1167068 U.S. Figure Skating Chmps 3693066 Smallville "Hereafter" The Miracle Worker (2000 Drama) (Hallie Kate ' Whose Line? Whose Line? 1700 Club (CC) 303172 Paid Program FAM (3S 'TV14' (CC) 763530 Eisenberg) A teacher works with a deaf, blind girl. 'NR' 684559 775375 689004 'TVPG' (CO 234545 (5:01) What a Way to Go! (:01) In Love and War (1958. Drama) (Robert Wag- (:01) The Last of the Mohicans (1992. ActionAd- Long Hot FMC (Z$ (1964. Comedy) NR' ner) A portrait of WWH's impact on three Marines. 'NR' venture) French and English fight for colonies. 'R' 7677085 Summer 7640578 5180379 FHC S3 Fox Rprt 1829917 ' O'Reilly 1262356 Hannity 1271004 On Record (CO O'Reilly 1261627 Spec. Rpi SportsList IMW 2nite St. Louis Blues Classic Games Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues from The 10. Snyder Midwest II, Max Best Show 1531 1889443 Kiel Center (Taped) 318917 867356 876004 (Live) Fear Factor 'TVPG' (CO Fear Factor 'TVPG' (CC) iFear Factor 'TVPG' (CC) Fear Factor 'TVPG' (CC) Rebel Billion. 'TVPG' (CC) Coos 'TV14' FX (H 1834849 1277288 1253608 1266172 1276559 (CO 2343733 .,, Walker, Texas Ranger 'TVPG' Touched by an Angel 'TV McBride: The Chameleon Murder Attorney defends a McBride: The Chameleon Murder (2005) 33 95578 0' 19511 murder suspect. (CC) 39375 'NR' (CC) 13849 HGTV SB Curb House Hunt Decorating Chic Designed Remix Divine Divine Facelift 3079375 Decorating ZI Modern Marvels TV G' (CC) Battle Stations TV G' (CC) Mail Call Mail Call Modern Marvels (CC) Battlefield Detectives TVPG Stations TV HIST (ZD 52Q3207 9988530 'TVPG' I'TVPG' 9984714 9987801 (j . . Barbara Taylor Bradford's 'Love in Another Town' Personally Yours (2000) Woman replies to personal Merge (CC) 316646 WhatShould LIFE S3 Q997) 'TVPG (CC) 392066 ad from ex. (CO 397511 MTV BS RW RR RW RR Real World Real World Laguna Laguna Pimp My You've Got Battle for Battle for Battle for NICK 83 Neutron Fairly Danny Robot SpongeBob Fairly Full House Full House Bel-Air Cosby Roseanne Andromeda Stargate SG-1 "Endgame" Battlestar Battlestar Galactica "33" Battlestar Galactica "Wa- Battlestar Battlestar Galactica "33" SCI E3 6199838 "TVPG' (CC) 8787882 Gal. 2622849 1496578 ter" 1476714 Gal. 8974269 8293849 ZZ CSI: Crime Scene TV14" (CO CSI: Crime Scene 'TVPG' (CC) Untold Ultimate fighter Mark "The Smashing Machine" CSI: Crime Scene 'TVPG' (CC) Police 90795 SPKE SS 954356 625207 Kerr is profiled. (CO 605443 1 624578 mACU K10C Behind Creative Lakewood I Faith 8170612 1 Praise the Lord (CC) 9251627 Huch 2622153 52 2965443 2956795 9625707 (CC) Loves Loves Friends Friends The Whole Nine Yards Vi (2000, Comedy) (Bruce WiHThe Whole Nina Yards 'A (2000) TBS CB Raymond Raymond 'TVPG' 791288 'TVPG' 412269 lis) Woman plots to get her husband killed. 'R'(CC) Woman plots to get her husband killed. 'R' 425733 1416085 1 2972714 (CC) 41010725 In a Fix "The Big One" 'TVPG' Clean Sweep "TV G' 610375 What Not to Wear TVPG' I What Not to Wear TVPG' Clean Sweep TV G' 619646 Not Wear TLC m 949424 696795 616559 . 1 218191 Law & Order "Whose Monkey Law & Order "Bodies" Tomorrow Never Dies Vi (1997, Espionage) James Bond takes on The Score Vi (2001 TNT 152 Is It Anyway" TV14' 947066 'TV14' (CC) 618917 a crazed media mogul who has instigated a military crisis. 'PG-13"TV14' Drama) (Robert De Niro) (CC) ' (CC) 408004 496269 TOON B8 Foster Amiyumi Ed, Edd GrimAdv Dodgers Betty Codename Foster Amiyuml GrimAdv Ed, Edd Vegas Cheaters Exposed Us Vegas: Cheaters TVPG Las Vegas: Adults Only! Top Ten TV G (CC) 3856608 Us Vegas: Cheaters TVPG' LV: Adult TRAV B) 4923424 3850424 3869172 3859795 TVPG' TVL SB Wings Wings Highway 9986172 Highway 9995820 Highway 9982356 Highway 9985443 Cheers JAG "Liberty" TV14' (CC) Law & Order: Special Vic- Monk "Mr. Monk Gets Fired" Monk "Mr. Monk Goes to Uw & Order. Criminal In- Monk (CC) USA as 125356 tims Unit TV14' (CC) 872627 (CC) 881375 Manhattan" (CC) 861511 tent "Consumed" 'TV14' 487733 871998 ..... , Awesomely Badder Videos Fab Life Too Thin 40 Most Hair 320375 40 Most Hair 300511 Celebrity Fit Club 310998 40 Hair wt 1581 671646 328882 1 255563 926733 WE 3D Woman An Officer and a Gentleman (1982) R' Fashion Fashion Officer and a Gentleman ' Will & Grace Home Im- Militia H (2000, ActionAdventure) (Dean Cain) A Fed- WGN News at Nine (CC) Becker 'TVPG' I Becker TVPG' I Home Deliv- WCN CD (CC) 807849 prove 881801 eral agent infiltrates an anti-Government group that has 139085 869714 878462 ery 861207 1 anthrax. 832795 J TOP SINGLES 1. Let Me Love You, Mario. 3rd Street. Z. 2 Step, Ciara (feat Missy Elliot). Sho'nuff-MusicLine. 1 Lovers and Friends, Lit Jon & the East Side Boyz (feat. Usher & Ludacris). BME, 4. Drop ft Like tt'S Hot, Snoop Dogg (feat. Pharrell). Doggystyle. 5. Soldier, Destircv's Child (feat. XI. & Lil Wayne). Columbia. 6. My Boo, Usher & Alicia Keys.. 7. Over and Over, Nelly (feat. Tim McGraw). Curb. 8. Disco Inferno, 50 Cent. Shady. 9. How We Do, The Game (feat. 50 Cent). After-mathG-UnitInterscope. 10. 1 Don't Want to Be, Gavin DeGraw.J. TOP ALBUMS t American Idiot, Green Day. Reprise. (Platinum certified sales of 1 million units) 2. Encore, Eminem. Shady. (Platinum) 3. Crunk Juke, Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz. BME. 4. Get Lifted, John Legend. Good Music. . 5. The Red Light District, Ludacris. Disturbing tha Peace. COUNTRY SINGLES L Awful, Beautiful Life, Carryfe Worley. Dreamworks. 2. Some Beach, Blake Shel-ton. Warner Bros. 3. Back When, Tim McGraw. Curb. 4. Bless the Broken Road, Rascal Flatts. Lyric Street. 5. You're My Better Half, Keith Urban. Capitol ADULT CONTEMPORARY t Heaven, Los Lonely Boys. Or. 2. You'll Think of Me, Keith Urban. Capitol 3. In My Daughter's Eyes, Martina McBride. RCA Nashville. 4. This Love, MaroonS. Octone. 5. Breakaway, Kelly Clark-son. Walt Disney. MODERN ROCK TRACKS t Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Green Day. Reprise. LCaM,Crossfade.FG. 3. Look What You've Done, Jet. Elektra. 4. Scan, Papa Roach. El Tonal 5. Pain, Jimmy Eat World. Interscope. R&B HIP-HOP SINGLES 1 Let Me Love You, Mario. 3rd Street. 2. Lovers and Friends, Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz (feat. Usher & Ludacris). BME. 3. Soldier, Desfirry's Child (feat. T1& Lil Wayne). Columbia. 4. Drop ft Like If s Hot, Snoop Dogg (feat. Pharrell). Doggystyle. 5. 1,2 Step, Ciara (feat. Missy Elliott. Sho'nuff-MusicLine. For more information, go to Religious label misapplied I to Creed, ex-bandmate says ALTER BRIDGE, from Page 1C time or did it wrong the first time. Q. How does that vibe come across to the fans out there? A. I think they can tell that were having fun, and we've heard that from a lot of people who will say, "I saw you guys as Creed and you were great but you didn't look like you were enjoying yourselves out there." Q. How do Myles and Brian fit into the picture? A. It's very much a democracy. Brian was a part of it the first time around. Myles is, I guess, the newcomer to all of this. (Yet he) has a very musical background and has been through . the music business, but not really on the winning side like I think he should have been. The Mayfield Four was an extremely talented band with great material, but didn't quite get the shot that I think (it) could have. Q, Where are you spiritually as a band and does that come across through the music? A. Spiritually, as a band we really don't have anything that's uniform or unified. I think everybody has their own personal beliefs. Creed got misrepresented in that sense. Scott's lyrics certainly (led) to people's perceptions that we were a Christian band or a religious band. There were definitely some undertones of that, but I don't think it was Scott's intention to come across that way. I think he was just sort of writing from what he knew. ... It's not something that is a part of this band, or should be perceived to be a part of this band like I think it was with Creed. Q. Has Scott been to an Alter Bridge show? A. Uh, I seriously doubt it (laughs). Q. The band's name is a reference to Marks' childhood in Detroit, and is not a religious symbol, correct? A. It was a bridge on Alter Road that was a border between his neighborhood and another neighborhood. I guess it was sort of night and day, going from upper middle class to the Wild West, pretty much. I've never been there, but I've always heard the stories. Ap- ; parently that was their border j of where they were allowed to play in the neighborhood. They could go up to Alter Bridge but never cross it. It represented the j unknown, and that's where we feel like we are now (as a band)i Q. How does the fan base break down? I'm sure many have stuck with you and some haven't, and that you have some r new fans now, too. ; " A. Yeah, I think we've had all ; three of those options. We've : had a lot of people approach us and say, "I was a big fan of Creed and like this just as much," or "I like it better." Via the Internet people have said, "I really like Creed but I just don't quite get this." We have certainly run across people who've said, "You . know what, I couldn't stand Creed but I really, really like (Alter Bridge)." Sunnyland Tours Springfield, Mo. MANSIONS OF THE PAST PLUS NEW ORLEANS March 19-25. 2005 Bellingrath Gardens And Home Biloxi, Hiss. - Isle of Capri Casino Resort New Orleans, Dinner Cruise Tour Rosedown Plantation Tour 2 Antebellum Homes Reserve Seats At Confederate Pageant Clinton Library Little Rock 11 Heals 8644444 s? m SRAIN FOREST CREATION BIG Semi-Annual Clearance Sale Now in Progress Savings up to 75 3060 S. Fremont Ave. Springfield 41 7-887-3949 Store Hours: 10-6 Monday-Friday Not good on previous purchases, special orders, or labor. No lay-a-ways. Some restrictionsexclusions apply. (See store tor details) I 4iv VTi ii iS r. : irsiJ i Wl mi. .nrri iff I LTi ICWsH In On The Saving's IIIWWWHMMrillii nil ! Ul Hi' I Hi ill In i s . i j- WITH Casino Express! Flight Departs Springfield February 1st Package includes: Round-Trip Airfare Aboard Casino Express Airlines To Elko, Nevada 3 Nights Deluxe Hotel Accommodations Ground Transportation iiiglevada Style, f&ligf 1 ACCOMMODATIONS AVAILABLE AT THE FOLLOWING HOTEL PROPERTY: RED LFON INN & CASINO-GOLD COUNTRY INN & CASINO, ELKO NEVADA FLIGHT PACKAGE BASED UPON DOUBLE OCCUPAiNCY. SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY

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