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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 25

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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if 9 I Oakland Tribune, Sunday, June 12, 1949 ccc? A-25 Jones eads Alameda U.C. Old Gratis i ALAMEDA, June 11 Jira Jones, Capt Stan. Ericfc son. First Lieut S'teye Calvert Sec. Back Flocking 111 who as cadet captain, headed jthe Alameda High School ROTC Band this year, has been promoted to -cadet major and wQl head the entire battalion next year.

ond Lieuts. Dave Huffman, Fred Grimes, Anthony Alexander and Eugene Stiles. i Appointed rreAntj wr: Thocuu Sclman. master, and TnmJk Nelson, first Other promotions announced) by CADONB'A MONTE RIO Romantic beauty spot cf the Russian River LODGE COTTAGES class, of the staff: Donald Martin, first. Dan Brinkman and Robert Lundbert.1 first class.

Thomas Bale. Curtis Harto.1 Capt Benjamin J. Pulley, assistant professor of military science and John Dulle. Conrad Thrvsh. Oscar Lowery.

i uavux rfonnson, ana juaie auiciair. torn- WCUO, AXU-IUUC. twiiauon Kail nanv 'A; Hirhrt TTarri Cant Marvin Eberts. adiutant: lrcftBarne and Cry Mann, fint class. Kon- Lieut Gilbert Desanbiagio.

plans and training officer: First Lieut GREAT AFRJCAH CRUISE A 4 ir 1- cruise. SOUTH AMERICA AROUND SOUTH AFRICA THE MEDITERRANEAN EUROPE The world's finest cruising liner. Sails MY. January, 195D Reserve Kotct first. Jamea Sherman, Zdward Fung, first class.

Laeman Browp. Jay FederUn. A 1 roow wtr VUUKdC i Swimming, riding, fishing, I. boating, toe! FOR RESERVATIONS er INFORMATION Ttlepliwia MONTE RIO 115 wwen npo, zucnara Aarsjrcavcs. com-i Todd personnel officer: Capt James Bolton, ordnace offi pany Mi ttonaiq fiotngrtn, nrrt.

jonn Totarica. master. Richard Anderson, first class; Barry Chester, Donald Rrtlly, and cer. Sirird Jett. Band.

Band: First Xieut Rod 'Emma! JanUf Oott- Warren Tnon corporals: Rarrr Forsberc Jam Hftrhiunr. Second Lieut Richard Childs, H' Aw i See Yew Travel Agent Company Capt J. Morgan: Donald Kuban James Miller, and Ernest Moreno, Company Doug Us Kmna, Robert Combs, Edwin Krause. James Miller, and Edward Brennan. Comsanv Br Second Lieuts.

Ed Fitzgerald, Richard Cullins and Edward. Gilligan; John Barker. Lord Crarena. Ronald libert Howard. Carl Johnson.

Joseph Luippold. and Bert Morris. Company i Company Capt Lyle Davis. it Rafts from $4.09 First Lieut Bill Huckins, Second I i a PerMa up aV4C5J4? naoaia uwtn, nomas Keuerner. Kobman, Darid Pinckney, Band.

Privates First Class: Charles Hausen and Ralph Tunmerman. Band. Lieuts. Frank Orrell and Eugene Vol. Xarsacaa FUa Faae TWInaaaa S-T: 11.

Thousands former Unit ersity of California graduates wij to the Berkeley camp next "week to take part la th traditional exercises of their Alma Mater 86th graduation. Th "old giads," inany oi them 40 and 50 year removed from rooter aaps and fraternity em. fcleraa, are rehjrnin for class re-Baiortl. tt alurfcnl luncheon and all the ether, trappings of the largest academic cerembny1 is their TJniver- I gity'a history. most all, says Robert Sibley, manager of the Alumni Association, uniming up the reasons for the migraion, "they will be lacking for thise things that immediately recall 1 their academic careers the class 1ST CIAS GUT Traditional as degrees; class memorials on tfe! Berkeley" campus began in 187 frhen'the graduates cf that class riave the University a marble chair i A The following year the graduating class presented cypress tree that Started a traditifcew "Because the gift lent itself so if ell' to -student oratory.

Sibley explained, tree-giving continted until when the Universifyj received the sundial now stanpng near the i The class of 1896 marked Founders Eildk with a plaque commemorating the day in 1860 when the pr sent campus was dedicated to learning." -In 1897, graoiiates of that year started a fund lor a 1 marble bench 5 Jl I .4 mmmmmmmm p. 9nr.m, mmymmm. BLUE LAKES LAKE COUNTY MENDOCINO COUNTY wwVWMMMMMWMww n.n nnrLn.n Three student body officers at Hoover Junior HLgb School inspect a 350-pound statue of a rxmlher the school emhlem which was bought wiih student body funds. The officers care deft to right) Tyrde Randier, president cf the Block Society; Ray Goodwin, student body president and Arthur Fletcher, Hi 9 representative. Tribune photo.

LaUQUL DEtlsf LODGE On Deanllfnl EIne lake the Unusual Resort el fin cno a van no la tha redwoods on tha beautiful Kararr Klrer. 13S north of San fraaelsco. rwlmmina. ptns Pona. badminton, horseshoes, croquet, archer- and tin ranaes, barbecues, etc.

Good food. Modern cabins. Limited -accommodations. Ail inclusive ratea from S63 week. For folder or reservations address Philo.

Calif- or 450 Bryant St SJT. 7. Phone DO ugLas 2-3890. Ixt. 1.

SPECIAL RATES UNTIL JUNE 15 UNIVERSITIES VITAL if Radio Clubs Hoover Uges Self-Reliance TO CIVILIZATION to be installed I between the Cam SANTA CRUZ COUNTY for your Vacation your host stevens SWIAAMf NG DANCING RIDING HIKING BOATING FISHING BADMINTON PING PONG HORSES TiitrXZ an1, Kooms. American Kaa. Flaert af zooos prepared by IntematlonaUr known Chefs. Dinina room- eoea ta pubhe. Intimate Cocktail Lounce J0- MoSarn Water rm For reservations mud Information.

tAJJftS, S2P; k-. Coay, OUH P-oca: Upper your local Travel Aaent, Plan Event Oakland Radio Club and San panile and library and in its silver jubilee year, 1922, presented $2222 to make the gif a reality. THXEE BRIDGES U.5.C. GRADS TOLD DENTON'S KOUHTAIN INN Tke rria-ly Kaaarv TUa FaaA. Sea Xew Dalax a Cattaa-M, Daaaiaa.

Ium, TsaaJa, Sadala Barsaa. AB Saarts, ayrMaa. Baaah -tetiea. Saaaal. CaUfsrala, la tka Ee4waa4a 7r-aaat Saata Craa 8.

OA 1450 Soon another tradition in class LOS ANGELESp June 1L "If Leandro Radio Club will participate we close our universities to the pur is a continuous 24-hour demonstra suit of truth or if we starve them so they cannot seek it, we shall NAPA COUNTY run the risk of returning to an SONOMA COUNTY tion of disaster communications la cHities beginning next Saturday at 4 pjn. other dark age, 4600 University of MOUNTAIN rt 6 uuln from Catisto.a. KasHc kom. Southern California graduates were LOICOYA OOUIITflHI LODGE JlM for a relaxina week-end or am extended vacation close to the bar area, finest food and comfort. American plan only.

Beservationa advisable. Phone Napa T-t or write Lokoya. Napa County. told The local clubs will compete with amateur radio operators throughout President' Virgil M. Hancher of UOJ-4P i ut Swimming, Horses, Private Lake, Boatina; Fishing.

Ratei reasonable; Redaction for children. Wrirn Mountain RANCH Home Ranch, Calistooj, CaEf. Ph. CaKstoja 9F3. the University of Iowa declared at U-S-Cs 66th commencement exer For tha Eitirt Faiailyi Anirieti PUi Only the Nation in the 13th annual field day.

sponsored by the national association of radio amateurs, the American Radio Relay League. MONTEREY, COUNTY cises that "we know enough about Excellent Cuisine. Cocktail Lounge, folk toemorialawasslnitiated, Sibley related in recourpng history of gifts cf departing students bridges which now Strawberry Creek. The class of 130 donated the archway bridge fcSto Faculty Glade, followed in by 1 another span leading from Stephens Union into the glade andfjin 1931 by a third bridge near EsKleman HalL Marble chaifs in the Greek Theatre, memorials td faculty Members, also' reprtent gifts of graduating classes frcpa 1830 to 1928, some deferred until year after" sheepskins had been presented. Sibley recounts that several ij classes have also established library- funds, the largest, 57215.

presented by the class cf 1888, while Mothers, have established' scholarships and loan funds. In generosity jjo their alma mater, graduates have r.not, forgotten their and Square Dancing (expert instractor). the atom to know that we need to know more about man. We must keep our universities faithfully The "hams" will set up their Horseback Riding, Golf, Tennis, Swimming Pool, Shuffleboard, Billiards, Movies, equipment and operate under simu committed to the increase of knowl far esarvatiaaa Address AETNA SPRINGS Ping Pong. Children Playground, Mineral lated emergency conditions, such as might prevail in the event of some Baths and Messieur.

All Amusemcna. The educator pointed out that Napa CaL, or Ph. Sr. Helena 38 or f. GA 1-3503 universities in Russia and her satel lite countries and in China have disappeared or are threatened with LAKE COUNTY disaster.

In Japan, Italy, Germany and other war-torn countries, he DELAWARE, June lL ff Herbert Hoover today advised a graduating class not to abandon self-reliance in a quest for security. The former President spoke at the installation of Dr. Arthur S. -lemming as ninth president of the 107-year-old Ohio Wesleyan University, Hoover told the graduates a "bew era of thinking preferred a safer way of life to self reliance and individual adventure. While security eliminates i the risks in life, it "also kijls the joy that lies ia competition, in indi-vidual adventure, new undertakings and new achievements, Hoover said.

NEW ERA DECKLED i contain moral and Intellectual impulses more vital than even profits, he continued. "At all times in history," Hoover declared, "there have been many who sought escape into 'security from self-reliance." He said this attitude was carried forth in a "new era" in which thinkers "seem united in the notion that they have discovered real liberalism and all previous eras are reactionary." "Some tell us that in their new life is still a race, but that everybody must come out even at the end. Another modernistic school adds to this that life still may be a rafe, but that each step must be dictated by some official or unofficial bureaucrat with stop-and-go signals. TXTRE DESCRIBED "They hold out the attraction that witS this' security you will finish witij an old-age pension and your furferal expenses from the government LAKE TAHOE added, the functions of universities TROUT FISIIIIIG MIRABEL SPRUIGS RAIICIIO campus raentofs. A portrait of have been greatly altered.

Only in this country, South Amer Troat Pond Palomino Horses 4 Well Stocked Streams Dancing Swimming LAKE America Plan Hlafc way S9 major disaster. Units will be operated from locations where electric power is not available. Automobile or gas-engine generators will furnish the power. Each station or operator in contacts with others will transmit brief messages consisting of the location and a signal report The Oakland Club will install its test station at Skyline and Grizzly Peak Boulevards and the San Leandro Club unit will be at Crest and Melmar Avenue. In addition, other amateurs will set up their transmitting and receiving units at various points tin the Oakland hills.

Omar Day, section co-ordinator, will set up a station at some point on Mt Diablo and operators who are able to contact him will receive a bonus of 25 points in scoring the achievements and skill of the Modern Cabins CocktaH Loting Reasonable Rates Kiln Fraaa Saa Fraaetsea 13 MUas Nartk af CaUsteea For Reservations; President Robert Gordon Sproul, gift of the clag of 1934, hangs in the "Administra3Ron Building. "The Abundant a volume of addresses delivered. by the late Benjamin Ide Wheiler, "was published with funds presented hy the class of 1328; while andther former president, David PHscott Barrows, was honored by the hclass cf 1923 with Fhaaa t-T-S KELLY DAT, Maaaxer. MiddUtawa. Califarala Aa-ricsa Pisa.

SoMa epcaa Joac ISd- fiea MkUo-. Geaorsl Maaaft- i. far numtitas pi ft 1 F. tilt at Fafact Hf U0101 a marble bent a in xne ureeic ica, the Scandinavian countries and the British; ccxnmonwealth of nations do they retain a semblance of their former influence, he said-Chancellor Rufus B. Von Klein-Smid of U.S.C presented President Hancher an honorary degree of doctor of laws.

A similar degree was given Lewijs M. Terman, professor emeritus- of psychology at Stanford University. Degrees of doctor of science were conferred upon Ernest O. Lawrence, noted atomic scientist of the University of California, and Glenn I Martin of Baltimora, aircraft manufacturer. Dr.

Von KleinSmid conferred a fifth honorary degree, that of doc Theater. LARGEST SINGLE GIFT at Only Three flour from Bay Area la the meantatae ef Saaf-era Lake Ceaaty. thJa health aaA a leaser resort has analeta aaeatiaa facilities. Natarai hat white salahar hatha, alaase. ateaaa raaais aa4 caal swlaaaaiaa taak Daaalar.

hlkiaa, teaaia. ahafnebaard, aaiaie raent aaa eaktall laaaaa. M4era aacaaaaaa4aUaaa at reaseaable Aniarlaaa Plaa. Wiita ar aheae Hark la Sarl-as. Callfai-ia, aee Feck-JaC-h.

Largest single jgft totaling $11675. collected over 20-year period, is credited in alurni records to the class of 1916, wtfti second "honors' heM rf graduate i in 1915, who presented their ffnia mater with $12,163. ih': An aot-aere aieasara land far a nerfeef aeatiaa. An saarta aaa reereatioa facilities af ma 4 era -Maatata rescrt, alas Adams 'imm astasia! aratar SwtmoitBC aaal, lawa far saa bathia. tenals badminta-.

ri-l(, hiklaa, etc. Caektail laaaaa. Grcyhaaad atacaa Airac mm tor of engineering, upon Franklin Wartime chansed the mode of. GLOBIN'S Juns 18th i Haia Hatel aa eaaias eeanaieal American riaa) aa4 ike asala aiaiaa reeat effieiaiJy aaea Jaaa I8U1. Delaxe twa faar-aedraaas baaaalaws.

elafte-ratelr aratilied aa eaataaea. aa wU a saukller. mod era apartments, are fast aeiaa baakta! Bit-war Hatel (Eereaeaa riaa) and CeHee Sa now open: Tex McKay's TROPICAL CLUB 12th Franklin class giving, benefactions going into bonds, to be "ciivertecT into gifts ta aa aear aauy. ua HUkwsr Far laf anaaUaa. write CXAJUCKCK FKATHXK.

Mar- Aaaau lariats, Lake Co- CaUf. Four hundred Ohio Wesleyan seniors are scheduled to On He unny Thomas, president of the American Society of Civil Engineers and dean of students! at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. be graduated in the three-day cere South End at future reuhioai. This year's class, still debating what form its softs monies. The former Chief Executive will For aH reservations and fatl information Write, Wire or Phone Tanoe 28 or 29 or see your local travel jgent! receive his 50th honorary degree- doctor of humanities.

Radio com FOREST LAKE RESORT 4000-ACRE PLAYGROUND IN "PINELAND" Modern Cabins, Excellent Meals American and European Plan, Hooso-kteping Accommodations. Dancing Nightly. Swimming in large oyt-door pool Boating, Horseback Riding, Hiking. For rale sea your local travel agency. Mako reservations early.

Write FOREST LAKE RESORT, COBB P.O., LAKE CALIF. fi mentator Lowell Thomas was to receive an honorary doctor of letters Sympathetic Couple d-EBURlSE, Tex, June 11. UJ0 Mack H. Teague took his wife to the hospital for surgery and became III himself shortly after their arrival. Both I husband and wife became patients.

degree. Dr. Hernming was a member of wmm the Commission for the Organiza i ii ii bii ii i avrw. a .1 I tion of the Executive Branch of the will take, has leached a tentative agreement to provide a. new score board for the nrtn's gymnasium.

But, -like clasifes that have gone before, 1949 graiiuates are deep in the financial entanglements cf Senior Week, Only when farewell festivities are over and books ire audited, will the class know hov much there is left for a gift if ianytning, says Jay Martin, senior president. That a gift will be is certain, Martin adds, the only Question being as to when sufficien ''funds will be on hand to add th class of 1949 to the long list of genrous givers to-their University. i Federal Government, Hoover "was NO EXTRA CRABlREE 325.17th St. TE 2-3310 (1 LEARH TO i i :4 i 1 .4 CHARGE Tom RXSOKT KSSEXTATIOBU IT ii commission Hattie McDanicI To Wed in Yuma YUBA, Ariz- June 11. (UJ) Movie Actress Hattie McDaniel and omu SEIGLER SP0100S affiC ming, indoors and out, table tennis, shuffleboard, riding, hiking, tennis, cocktail lounge, dancing nitely.

Hot mineral baths and drinkina. waters. American plan. Greyhound Buses Facilities mm interchangeable with Hoberg's. Patronize Your Travel Agent.

through TRAFFIC in just 7 DAYS! Complete Courst Lieeaaea1 Tzaert lastraeter a a Kaaera daal-aaatral ears a a eeauleteljr tasaraa. DriTiag School --n. -nsp-- a -k ar Interior Decorator Larry Williams were scheduled to be married here tonight: The wedding will be performed in' the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mike; Huling.

Huling is operator of a Yuma -barber shop. The couple arrived here this 1 Write or phone Seigler Springs, Lake Calit. High Pressure Stuff TmJIASP0RT, Pa, June 1L (DJD The sales force of a downtown clothing stare here got a lesson in lalesmanship frm a little girl selling "Buddy Poppies." After she had vie fttcvit tic SiCVtOA Dusty Dale's TRAIL BLAZERS 1 SWIM, HUNT, FISH, RIDE, 'I'M ti PorttZ sold one of the flowers to each of TE 4-3327 1102 Jackson St. the clerks and had started out the DANCE, PLAY ond RELAX. door, she turned and asked, "How HOBERG'S! The largest American Plan Resort in lake County.

Danang nightly SAL CARSONSJncL Horses, Tennis, Badminton, Tile Swimming Pool, Lawn Bell Park. Thousands of acres of pine forests. Greyhound buses direct See your Travel Bureau. Facilities interchangeable with Seigler a. Writ ar rheae HOBEJIQ'S.

Lake Cae-t-. Cm. morning ana ODxainea a marriage license from Willard Daniel, clerk of the Yuma County Superior Court Both said they were of "legal age" but 'declined to give their ages. It! ill TBSlTf lit about buying one for each of the duniroies in the WAY SO HACERV1LLE TO CARSON CITY Wo LAKE. 7AHOE i lit 1 1 fc fc we a rfiaraa af lafcatafcaa) HEMS.

-IN-SECRET FEATHER RIVER PLUMAS CO. YlLl REBUILT G0II1G Oil UACATI0I12 SEIISniQilAL PRICE 3-DAY SPECIAL CUT I MOJU TUES-i WED. FPQEST. LODGE In the Heart the Feather River Wonderland. ONE OF j-VlItT01- Every tbiac far a aerfeet vaeaUaa.

IcnahM ar at travel aareaav avta elaas. Oaaean His as, and all wha have aeea hcra. S2 saUes treat tae Bar Area. 81a hears ertvlar time. AU asaia hlshwayst aa rraaes.

SCA rOOT ELXTATIOfa -Jas Alxat Na hJsk alUtada ta saataaa alt. Ma ratUesaakea, aa nalsan aak. 'M '-r--l t- heatfd coNcim ro vn srrs ba mijtto nvrrvt- BOAB.O RO-SES CKOQL'ET FIN G-PONG. US aerra naavtiy wa4e4 aUr-aaaaa. CVEXtNG fSOGKAMI.

lafenaai DnHif Frhrate Caektaii Cattaaa. Keaa Laka Aisaaaer Lasaca Park. ALL rVDIVIOLAL COTTAGSS. all aaearer, tailet, Aawksa Plaa SS-St 4a. weakly.

Oar faartk eeasen srrUk aa taerease ta rates. We tavite eeai-rta rear ratee aa all we nave te efter. Far Keservatien ar rataer write FOKESTs LO0GK RESORT. GreeavfXIa. riaasaa Ca Calif, aa aheae ear OakJaa Otfiaai OLvaiale S-filSS.

se see yaar OHLY a- -T-t With W1 MAICO'S MAICO'S Secret Ear! Ear! 1 xraTel Baieaa aim Lisa. i HAVE THE T11IBUI1E FOLLOW YOU Keep Up With Local and National Happenings Just Like a Letter Fron Home9 LARGER warn 0gnM, am Es ist essfast wli tailltr eeitl! Mail coupon oow or phone IE 2-6000 THE SECRETEERI A atait-f wew discorerj that conceal ytmr denfaeaa. Both -nem mad woiuejs can wear tua thin, flesh-dated frame. It i Grcalation DepL Oailaix! Tribtme 5 -it hides itself withiai thm inaer folds of your oar. It w3 fit aids.

bxt ia moat eiTertrm with tho powerfal Full Cash Prict COMPLETE WITH- ATTACHMENTS Essy TfTisj knznzii I Bit t. EUTTE COUNTY jxtltuoaj- jTj-Lnxu-u-unru-1 ii i ii --wwwwa anidet iMaleo Aronecr. Hun hearing Datrn-ent cam unpllfy faias aooada 240,000 times. TTrito or drop ia today for fall Information. No oLLiation.

2 UTKRE BRCX. SUITE I14-1S24 FRA1KUR ST. TWM724 1-Year Sriltsi Gaanal: I am leaving on ray vacation Oato Please resume delnrery serrice at ny- tome a Caress on OR i 'Dato Please mail my Tribane to. i Street er Boa; Town. County SUto i Data I Name CPlease Print) Bom Addresa Yourself cJKICHArJJSCM 1 1 Fleaso send xoo information iarris-bla he-xins with tho erfai llalco hearias fautru-oexU.

T-l-15 a nMzz. hstfntz fc-sl yir-cfaidlSoned Hotel Lode, Eedera CCC-SSS. 3 ceEoouS Keafs. Smm tTS3i riunss; tnt hilcRZr FIXE Hwvies. Esnef.cla! mineral baths; sassszes.

Wtttrto phoca: Nam flT3 tea vms EScaardscQ. St No. SPRWGS RICHARD SOU Open jhwz.Ev9lU 9 pm State Zone City. I 1 (Mml trsnsitrt are collected by relr deders a jomt born address) IN THf CHICO. CAIIFOIN A ttataaltti I MOONTAIHS -i i a I' i -i I 4.

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