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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, June 2, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS DOMINANT NEWSPAJ*H OF NOBTBEAVT AKKANBAfl AND •OOTHKABT MISSOURI VOL. XUV—NO. 60 BlythsvlUe Dally Ntw» BlythevlUe Courttr Blythevllle Herald Mississippi VnUej H1.YTHKV1LI.K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JUNM 2, l!M'f SINULE COPIES FIVE CENTS House Completes legislation to tut Income Taxes Approval Tomorrow By Senate to Send Measure to Truman WASHINGTON, June 2. (UP) — The House today approved the final version of legislation to cut personal income taxes ol 48,000,000 taxpayers from 10.5 to 30 per cent beginning July 1. . The roll call vote on final House- adoption of the bill was 220 to 89. The' bill was sent immediately lo the Senate, which probably will approve it tomorrow. The legislation then will be sent to the White House. President Truman will either sign it. or let it become law without his signature. Many responsible Democrats bc- iicve the president will veto the measure, but Mr. Truman has made no direct content. But he Is consistently on record as opposing any tax reduction this year. In approving the compromise a- grccnienl worked out by a Senate- House conference committee, the house gave up its plan to make the tax cut retroactive to Jan. 1. It accepted the senate proposal to ALike the tax cut effective July 1. ^^Dther congressional developments: t Fingerprints for passports ommunists — The House passed and sent to the Senate a bill aimed at making it though for Communists and subversives to get phoney passports. The bill would authorize the Slate Department to require fingerprints with every application for a pa sport. Aisr Accidents — Two congressional committees considered investigating last v:eek's plane crashes which killed 95 persons at La Guardia Field. N. Y., and Bainbrldge. Md. A special five-man House Commerce Subcommittee was set up to sit In on the investigations being conducted by tile Civil Aeronautics Board. Tlic Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Aviation met to consider whether it should make its own insuiry. Secretary of Commerce Averell Harriman meanwhile told a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee that proposed cuts funds for the Civil Aeronautics Ad ministration threaten to cause an Increase in air accidents. RFC — Former President Hoove : suggested tiiat the Reconslructio Finance Corp., be extended for tw or tlircc years on a limited basi Hc|feid such an extension of th leiiJmg agency, which otherwis would go out of existence July is necessary because the "economi situation will continue to be uncertain for the next few years." Mr. Hoover expressed his views in a letter to Chairman Jesse P. Wolcott, B., Mich., o[ the House Banking committee. Unification — The Pending Army -Navy unification bill was put on this year's legislative "must" list by the Senate Republican Policy Committee. But it appeared unlikely that the Senate could take up the bill before July I. Oil Agreement Urged Oil — Retiring Undersecretary of Ktnte Dean Acheson went to bat for the controversial Anglo-American petroleum agreement. He told tile Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the pact Is not an "oil alliencc" between Britain and the United States against the world. Airlines Merger — C. R. Smith, chairman of the American Airlines, vscd a bill that would merge irseas operations of U. S Air into one company. He told Senate Commerce Subcommittee that such a merger would result In a costly and inefficient "Frcnk- enstel'V" Laftf — Chairman Fred A. Hartley, Jr^ R.. N. J., of the House Labor Committee said "only an accident" would prevent the Republican siwnsored labor-control bill from becoming law.' He was confident Congress could ovcrrllc the President if he chose to veto it The House is scheduled to pass Hie final version ol the bill Wednesday and the Senate on Thursday. War department — The War Department appropriation bill for fiscal 194B, already cut 8.3 per cent below the Army's request, faced further slash efforts as it came up for House debate. Rep. Albert Engel. H.. Mich., chairman of an appropriations subcommittee whlcli drafted the measure, said the reduction may be closer to 10 per cent before the house passes it- Thc bill now calls for an appropriation of 55,240,982,423. Helicopters to Speed Delivery of Mai! from Airports to Post Offices WASHINGTON, .June '.'.. (UP)— The Civil Aeronautics Board today issued its first corlifle-.iw permltti'ip, use of helicopters to Ir.nvjpcrt cargo and mail. The board granted a temporary certificate of convenience and necessity to Los Angeles Alrwnys. Inc., to operate three circiiiar liclicnplei routes from the Los Angeles Municipal Airport to^ao post offices in the Los Angeles area. It said use of helicopleis wouU .speed delivery of marl li-om the airport lo the poslofficss. This delivery now is greatly hampered by surface traffic problems, the boar< said. Notables Called In Missouri Vote Fraud Probe Three Federal Judges And U. S. Prosecutor To Face Senators . Pope Pius Paints Grim Picture Of Disillusionment in Europe VATICAN CITY, June 2. (U.P.)—Pope Plus XI! told t|:c world':; rulers today that they slill liavc tin opportunity—perhaps the last,-- ic-cMablish normal relations Hinuiii: nations and save ei|i(i|>c Ironi integration. lie warned that the "icvolullonarles of tomorrow" will exploit (lie itlnenfs despair and d-->cour«gfinenl unless the peaccmukei'o quickly establish Europe's phy^cal nnd moral well-bclilg. '|M present it Is still possible to Rent Decontrol Move Defeated Senator Fulbright Wins Reversal of Action on Amendment "WASHINGTON. June 2. The Senate today knocked out a rent bill amendment tha*. would have required decontrol each month of five per cent of the nation's rent control areas. The provision was eliminatiM on a voice vole after Sen. J. W. Fillbright. D, Ark., moved that it be reconsidered. The Senate la-st Thursday adopted it on a voice ote. Fulbrlght said It was an "nnnec- ssary restriction" on the local oards that would lie set up un- cr the bill to administer rent ontrols from June '.10 to Marc!) 1. 848. The bill provides for "mu- nal consent" increases of 15 per cut between landlord and ten- Tllt. en. C. Douglass Buck. R-, Del- said Housing Expediter Frank Creedon opposed the decontrol amendment, which was introduced by Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, R., Wis. Meantime, Florello 11. La Ouar- dia bustled unhappily up "to capitol hill to tell senators the measure would permit landlords to "blackjack" tenants into paying at least $90,000,000 more rent month. New York's former mayor who is chairman of the National Fnir Rents Committee talked to Buck tau\ every senator he. could, buttonhole. .. , La Guardia was specially critical of the "mutual consent" increase. He called the provision a "blackjack clause." Sponsored by Sen. Albert W. Hawkes, R., N. J., it would permit landlords nnd tenants lo strike a "good-faith" bargains whereby a tenant's rent could be raised up to 15 per cent over Sept. 1, 1940 levels in return for an 18-month lease. "You can't bargain with landlords in New York City anymore," LaGuardia said. "Some people call this voluntary. But it's a blackjack." WASHINGTON, June 2. (UP) — Republican Senate investigators nvc summoning close iwlltlcnl and per sonal associates of President Truman to testify in the Kansas Cll) vote fraud Inquiry. The Republi- c-nils threaten lo spatter the administration with (rouble. Chairman Homer Ferguson, It. Mich., of a Senate Judietury Subcommittee, salrt three Federal judges and the U. S. District Attorney in Kansas City have been Invitee to testify Friday. Attorney Grm-ia Tom C. Clark and FUI Director J Kdgar Hoover will appear on Thins day. Clark will resume testimony begun last week. Ferguson's subcommittee has beci authorized to determine whether tli full committee shall Inquire whethc the Justice Department failed t act despite evidence tending to In dicate fraud In a Democratic con gressionnl primary elscll .1-1 In wliic Mr. Truman personally intervened The primary was m tnc Pres dent's home district. He endorse Enos Axtell In a three-cornered rac last year against Jerome Walsh ai the Democratic incumlxnu. Re Roger Slaughter. Slaughter was powerful anti-New Deal member Hie House Rules Committee-. W! Mr. Truman's support and, nllo cdly, with some fraudulent vote Axtell licked both Slaughter Walsh. Impounded ballot boxes were sli last week in Kansas City fro Missouri election committee vaul f advance ballyhoo of the situ ion warrants a full dross Sena nvcsligation and fraud is prove the administration will sutler >lack eye which will show up ri: through next' year's J president contest. The Ferguson commUico wants know more of Clark'? Instnictio to Hoover whose mjn invesltgal the primary voting for the depa mcnt. One question is whether Cli authorized Hoover to •ni»kn a detailed investigation or lliiiltert the FBI inquiry in such a : way that lew such normal roUillons even ler the second world war," the >pe said In a world broadcast. vlny the rulers of stales not let p this opportunity. "It may be—God forbid—-tho hist i]xirtunity." The pontiff drew n grim picture disillusionment, ruined lives and misled peace efforts in Kin'opa. He >oki- In Italian for 23 minute:!, •oadcasllr.;? from his private 11- •ary to I he College 'if Cardinals id the world. 'Once again we desire to exhort id to warn the nai; in:;." he snJ'J. Security us far as it ir.i\y l>e 1'cnl- ed here below cannot have any ;her solid foundation ttiun the pii.v- cal and moral well-ue^itj of n on based internally on right, pub- order and externally on normal clations with ncii;lil>nimi; states." The Pope urged the p-jacciiiakom o avoid methods whlc;"i have noth- ig to (to with punishing war cilni- nals but create bitter dlsillu?lor.- ncnl. lie referred especially to thcji-e persons not responsible foi- the fnu)u> of past regimes. "How indeed does one help 'In establishing universal security by leaping up in its very foundations nighty ruins—not only material ones but those of living lunnnn )eings? "How can Europe 1'eol sale, whose members are party to despair ami discouragement, the -l-ir 1 : and dls- nml forces of disintegration which me revolutionaries of i.omcr.-cnv will cosily exploit, Just as tho.M of yesterday dldV "If things arc considered us they rciilly are, 11 must foe ml'iiUliM thai It Is not (K>sslble even wUn Ihe lr/st of good will to establish immediately that security for which the human race so ardently longs." The Pope said he well knew tl-c. extent and gravity of the " ahle late of Europe." "Nor do we wish to lessr-n Ihc. eiimniily of its guilt, but how Is possible for vlctorlons mil Ion:* in their turn to adopt ai- t&lcrai • (he methods of hate and violence on wlilch thai system lived and thilved, how can they use tbu weapon. 1 ; which aroused their righteous indignation when employed In the hands of others? "What sensible man would ever Beck Hie guarantee for his own ly and security In thi! ruin and misery of hl:> neighbor?" He INI Id that nearly hall "f inn had passed without snilMi'dory solutions to great world problems. The record of 1947 must be wridc n!n tne remaining months. The pontlll asked sadly wncre wits the universal prosperity -v.-liU'l: should have resulted from victory. Tornadoes Hit Arkansas, •v . Missouri and Oklahoma With Heavy Loss of Life to 41^*32 Persons Killed, 15 Missing Holiday Ueam Communities Near Pine Bluff Toll Hears 500 Traffic Accidents Soar Over Nation; 53 Persons Drown By Unite* Press The we«k-enU death toll from tornadoes in Arkansas and Uklnhomu atood :it i!8 today with a.1 least 32 dead and a tlo/.on or inoro missing In I ho i'inc Bluff area of Arksrsas. Six wore killed SHturdny when a twister hit l.ocdey in Oklulumni canning properly dmniiira of' more than $500,000. Suvon were injured in Missouri. cause for action woiilrt be difficult to turn up. ! , OppO.^ fijivcrs «Eiucs Fliers Return From 75f/i Air Tour of State Planes that formed ',iio NovUic: Wing relumed here yi7ierti.iv after the two-dny 15lh Annuil Arkansas Air Tour which took them on aerial trip over the sta',-5 Friday and Saturday. Thirteen planes left h~ve Friday morning. The group jou-.irt His Northwest Wing, formc-d nt Fayette- Little Rock nnd Hot Springs, leaving the spa city ycs'.crday m-jin- ing. Strong tail winds -iUlc:l the pilots on the flight here from Hot, Springs although turbulence and gusty surface winds prevailed ai r jn,' tho roule. Two Workmen Killed;9Hurt In Explosion NEW CASTLE, Pa., Jn-ie 2. (UP) —Explosions wrecked t',vo buildings at the 15-year-old Ne-y Castle explosives plant of American Cyanmid Corp. today killing two workers. Nine persons were injured, two seriously enough to rcciuiro hospi- tallxation. The plant normally employs about 300. Cause of the blasts, which cnme within four minutes of each other, was not determined immediately. The company said it was making an investigation nnd would have nt statement until-it completed. Police said the first explosion occurred in tiie nitro-glycerine "mixing" house of the spriwlhif plant Fire followed and presumably touched off the second blast whicl wrecked another building. The plant, which is located nine miles West of hern ncvir the village of Edenburg, consists ef ;i nunu.'Ci of scattered buildings, designed Ic restrict the effect of explosions. Sgt. Carl Wallace, of the Pcnn sylvanla Slate Police, said pioperly damage at the pjant was heavy The blast shook New Castle, shot lering show windows in downtosv. stores. County Health Workers Discover Typhoid Cases School Site Fund Still is Short of Half-Way Mark After Friday's bumper crop of contributions of nearly 86,000 io the school fnnd drive for SM.MO. donations went into amlhcr slump and since then only $V?.5 hns tictu added to the fund, reports today showed. The new total Is sM.RGI.10. I aif- est contribution rcporlc 1 today was $100 from the Hobhison Lumber Co. Otlicr contributions lollow: Ira Crawford $10, W. K. 'Jlicnv S5, W. White S5, Roy Sheppaid S5. Two cases of typhoid lever have been reported in Mississippi Comity. Mrs, Anabel Fill, County Health Nurse, here, sairl today. Bjft* victims. John Watkins. aged Hvo.Ti.nd Ills brother, Charles. 11 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter iWatkins of Lnxora. arc undergoing treatment at University Hospital in Little 'Rock They became ill May 19. Mrs. Fill said that an effort to locate the source of infection was being marte and that other members of the family were bein^ given typhoid shots. -Mr. Walkins is a fisherman. The -Health Nurse stressed the CiYil Cases Scheduled For Trial in Osccofa OSCBOLA. Ark., June 2.—A civil session of Ihe Osccola Distric; of the Mississippi County Circuit Court got underway here today with the empaneling of a jury this morning. . Judge Charles W. Light presided and adjourned the opening session at noon after one ease was set for trial tomorrow. • The first suit heard will be that of G O. Cain and Hie St. Paul Mercury Indemnity Co. against Lowmice Erolhers, Inc., of Driver. Attorneys for the plaintiff nre Swimming Pool In Walker Park To Open Sunday The formal opening of the Wall cr Park swimming pool will be he at I o'clock Sunday aftcinnon, G. 'Hcdroaii, president of tl Chickasaw Athletic, Club who is charge of the maintenance ol the pool, announced today. Work on Ihc pool is expected to be completed this week, Mr. Redman staled, and there Is a possibility that the poo] might open before Sunday. However, Sunday beer, named as the formal opening date. Coach Firman Bynum, o! 'B\ythe- villc High School will be In charge of the swimming pool this year, Mr. Redman reported, nnd John Brncc Wilson has been named .head lifeguard. Another lifeguard will be named before the opening date, he sa.ld. Mr. Redman stated that lil'.le change In the manner of operation of the pool will be made this year but he pointed out that Red Cross; tiv'n'" Blytheville Man HeadsNewGroup Pest Control Ass'n For Arkansas Elects Officers in Little Rock E. A. Biddlc, owner of the Blddle Exterminators of- BlylhcvlUei was elected president of the Arkansas Pest Control 'Association at the first meeting of the newly-formed association In Hole! Marlon In Little Reck Saturday. Mr. to: ti« " teldiri : little". Rock but'month. Other officers elected v Satnfdtij ere: J. Harvey Hewitt. Pine iHlnff cc-presidcnt; and Carl I,. Whit- 11. Little Rock, secretary-treasurer, clton Mills, of Tcxarknna. wa. ectcd as a member of the boarc serve for two years and W. A lack of Eiirle. was elected to serv i the board for a one-year pcrioc Owner.-: of pest control .service nd dealers in control cqiiJpmen ironqhout the state heard special ts discuss methods of exterminal ig rats, roaches, bcclhut-s, termite* nls and insects Hint, rrev nn' irnbbcry and field crops at tlicj iccting. ' Tr\an Addresses <"Jroup Principal speaker at the meeting 'ns H. O. Able, of Dallas. Tex., resident of the Texas Pest Control ssociation and vice-president ol he national organizition. A dinner climaxed the day-long over which Mir. iBiddle trcsidrd. Accompanying Mr. and rtrs. niddlc to Ihe meeting from Tilylhcvillc '.vcre Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wall, owner of Mie Wall Certified Termite Service here. Mr. Hiddie stated that lie had irpiinlcd ;\ committee of which he s the chairman to attend the meeting of Ihe State Plant Board in Tjitlle Hock June 11. to take un matters concerning license fees and Ihc examination requirements for mr-mbers of the association. He announced Ipans of holding regional meeting of associalioi mcmlicr.s annually at the Univcrsi ty of Arkansas. The associations 'next, meeting will be held in I,ittlo Rock August 10, Mr. Biddlc state:!. Military Training Plan Faces Delay Truman Commission Submits Report Urging Early Action WASHINGTON, Jnllc 2. (UP) House and Senate leaders sa.v no chance today that Congress would act this year on the $I,1. r >O.OOO.nOO year universal military training IIy UnUlMl I'ccss 'ho nation closed out one (.[ I jno:,1. tnii-.ic holiday w.^kciu's hliitury today with -1IW accidental deaths. AH have (Lied since (i ;>. 'Iliursdny in accidents altrilmJori to Ihe IhniL'-way MoniorJnl Day luillilny. Tho death toll vmv. Truffle— '209. ' Piano, crashes—103. brownings—53. Miscellaneous—120. California had tho WOES', trntflo record with 33 dead. Michigan was next v.'ilh 20, nii'l Indian,i liHil 17. New York 3tn'-e liml-1'.!. This year's Memorial Day weekend death lull conliastwl hharply wllli last year's. Thou fewer than 3(,n persons were killed, nl- ,li the weekend was jilrctched o four days. Tho National Safety Council itul predicted Umt, \vin:ii nil re. Kirts wcro in they v.oul.l show lat 271) pui'.snns w<-re killed in uUnnrbllo- accidents durlnj-, the t:;l three days. Ninety-five of I ho crash ictinis died In the two .worst .ragocllcs in U. B. commerciii] :\yhH'., A crash at LuOuardiiC Held, N. Y.. claimed .la lives and mo near Havre dc Grace, M'l., killed !>:i. As If lo underscore the holiday loll, Nature took a ha'i:l. A Inr- nado whipped through Arkansas Sunday, leaving ;« dead in Its wake. K5x persons wore kll'cd in an Oklahoma twister the previous night. Survives Garsson Finds Log-Missing Lumber Records WASHINGTON. June 2. ftlP) — Dr. Henry M. Garsson today produced the long-missing stock certificate book nnd minutes of the Cumberland dumber Company.-the firm the government charges v used ns a dummy to pay former 'Congressman Andrew J. May for wartime contract favors. Garsson lo'd a federal court jury he couldn't turn it over to the FBI at the time of the federal grand jury Investigation last year because lie couldn't fhui it. He said he finally found it three or four days before his trial am that of his brother, Murray, anc Mnv began in April. May. eldcrlv former rcprescnla program recommended by a specla' presidential commission, 'j They said the most that could done before adjournment lute hi ly would be to hold committee inrlnps on the proposal and then iclvc it to await the second session of the 80th Congress next year. Warning that our mllllnry force. 1 ! arc now a "hollow shell," the presidential commission rcclarcil that the nation must adopt universal training ns an "essential element In nn integrated program of national security" In an age where atomic warfare can bring "extermination" to the unprepared. The commission, headed by President Karl T. Comnton or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, based Its reports to Mr. Trumnn in six montlis of utudv and Interviews with Gen. Dwlghl I> Kisenhower and other military radors. its report was released by the While House last night. The 448-page report recommended six months of compulsory basic •raining on land or sea for cvcrl main youth between 18 and '^ who has graduated from or qui ilgh school. Options for Second I'rriod Tills would be followed by sl> months more in which a tralnoi cnuld take one of several option,' These Include service In the. Na tlonal Guard, organized reserve regular Army, ROTO or servlc academics. Estimating the cost at $1.750. 000.000 a year, the commission sni it did not wish to sugar-coat tl fact Hint the over-all expense I tax-payers would be "sURgeiing. "Tlie giicsllon we tacc," It sa!< "Is how much we arc willing t pay for the avoidance of the ii: alculnble horrors and cost ol ai 'ther war." Both the American Legion nr Ihe Veterans of Foreign Wars immediately called for Immediate congressional approval of tlie program but chances for' action this year appeared lo be nil. Chairman Alexander Wiley or the Senate Judiciary committee, said: "Unless in the Immediate future rent challenging conditions nrlse. there Is little chnncc for action on such a program in the next two months bclorc congress recesses, However. 11 we turn certain corners there certainly will be n sp<%1 up." Mr. Truman Is expected lo send Congress soon a lor legislation to cany out the commission's program. ladies of 32 Storm Victims Are Recovered PINE HI-iUFF, Ark., June 2. (UP —Tlie bodies of swimming classes will be held at the pool each morning and that the nool will be closed to the public during these classes.' importance of immunization and) Max Reid and James Roy, both urged that people who had not of Blytheville, and counsel for the Iniicn shots cither no to Ihe ITe.ilth defendant ts Bruce Ivy cf O.^oso- Dcparlmcnl or to llieir physician. I la and Joe Barrett ot Joncsboro. Weather ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy today tonight and Tuesday with scattered thundershowers in North- \vesl portion Tuesday afternoon. Nn important temperature changes. llcnton R Baldwin, pilot or the United Airlines plane that cnulicc m take-off from LaGailrdia all lotl, Is Interviewed In a New York lospllal where lie Is being tre'ilecl ot burns uiwj shock. tNEA Tele- ihoto) victims of the ire nluff lornndo Inclndln^ 17 hilc persons and H Ncjirocs have een accounlcd for. Tin' wliltii persons Included: •Mr. and Mrs, K. W. Tldwell, their ons, John D. and Cleo, and lliroc u^litcr.i. ^ Mr. nnd Mrs. J. N. Houson. Mrs. James West., a son, James Yauklin, and a daughter, Judy, James West, the father, glill was Istrd as mlssinc;. Oliailollo nrnwnliif,'. •!. Mrs. Anna 'May Smith. Hilly Joe Ilorton, 0. nnd -Har- Kim Dean Ilorton. sister of Billy Ion llorlon. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Chambers. U.S.SuspendsAid To Hungarians Soviet Domination , Of N«w Regime Brings Drastic Action ~" ., . WASIUNCITON. Juhc 2. (pi') — 'Jlie State Deimrtmciit annqiincc<l todoy that pending the furtlinr study of the Soviet could d'etat in Hunxnry more than »15,nofl,l)«fl !» U. a. credits to Himnary woijld ">o suspemlcxl. Press Secretary Michael J. Mc- Dcrmott said the United Btntcs is preparing lo protest lo Russia against what the Slate D»part- mcnt regards as fluislun domination of the new Hungarian government. "The United Slates government Is considering the situation which hns arisen In Hungnry," the Stain Hcpartment's announcement said. "Poixilnj; clarification of developments there It has been decided to suspend the lurther execution of the surplus proiwrty credit Bride Rescues Husband from Death in Ditch N. Y. Stocks Ktock Prices with using his liigh office as rliair man of the House Military Affair; Committee to obtain favors r<ir Mv '73.000.000 Caissons munitions combine. In turn, the government charges, the Oarssons paid M»V *f3,000 through the lumber company. •An FBI agent had tcstilied at the trial that as late M three months ago Henry Girsson sai.l they did no', know the whrrr^>™l-' i of the two important documents, Closing A T and T Amer Tobacco •Anaconda Copper .. Beth Steel Chrysler Gen Electric Gen Motors ...... Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio -Socony Vacuum .. Studcbakcr Standard of N J .. Texas Corp Packard U S Steel 1541. OLICVELAND. .lime |. (UP) — Si ill "slinking inside," Mm. Mary Peck. 25. told today how she frnn- llcnlly ting with linr hands to free her husband Richard. M, aftor ho was burled alive while trying lo clear a in-fool, sewer dllch at tlie site of their new home In siibbur- &;an parma. . _ The Pecks drove to the new home yesterday and found the banks of thr chanrl ill which water and so- wer linos were to be placed crumb ling from incessant rains. Peck lowered himself Into Ihe dllch nnd Mrs. feck got back Into their car to keep out or the rain. She heard a muffled cry and ran In the ditch. Completely covered. Peck begged. "Mary, Mary, get me out." The frantic wife called for help, then started digging with liaiuls. By chance she had picked the spnt near her husband's head ..,— nnd soon she had marie a small recommendation ; opening to give him air. Neighbors, attracted by Mrs IVck's cries, arrived and helped pull Hie hiislnnd from the nitre. He was taken to n hospital where liis condition was described as salisfncloty. Mrs. IVck, a bride of ITU 1-2 10 months, was treated for severely f>8 3-3. injured fingers, siitcred when she lore at the earth to rescue her husband. agreement concluded with Hun- liary. "It Is understood that tho total credits authorized lor Hungary by the Surplus Property Administration amounting to $30.000.000 over $15.noo,00fl had not yet been utilized." Today's action followed the rn- noval of Frciicho Napy, Hungary': nntl-Cnniniiint.'st premier, who wa: succeeded by Lajos Dlnnyc.s, who has riuKilan support. ir> Missing Near Pine Btjff PINE 11UUPF, Ark., June (U.P.V—Rescue workers dm ons ill .'pllnlcicd timber missing victims of 11 tc which r.v/oopcd down. with mini; force nnd killed at 52 Iwi'Nom In four plantation co. i rf~ minltles. t • Coroner Ed Uuprcc 'suid 'Hi IS persons are still. (mi-«ii that the dcnth toll might ruii iO. At least 200 persons 'were'! Jurcd, 71 of vihomv. w.ei'-j Hie Pine Bluff hospitnl this morn- 'ollcc Chief Mel baihighiir. said: that l)i« twister w»s concentrated mainly In sparsely-populated agil- cultural areas thus;' keepi'iug tho dcnth toll from belli" .'several limes what it Is going 'to, bo." / The tornado's path o'fv destruction wixs lilluTcrt with tlicj wreckage of home.') and barns as If flattened by bulldozers. The twliwr did 'd gigantic, dipping act over an area four mites wide ami M tnlles'long, striking with ' terrific" . force at Union, two miles South of Pino niuff. . ' Telephone nnd power, lines wrc down, - r Tho death toll ; was almost evenly divided between wrilt'.'j nnd Negroes, Eleven Negro b' v >'i were killed In nne building where they :nul ifacmlilccl for a club meciinp. The twister struck In'ihlii Southwest area ^n the heels of tornadfi: winds which killed-six-persons In Oklahoma. Tohuidtc winds alsc struck several outlyinj polnls in Missouri. ••'';••'• ' Fnmlly wiped .Out, Witnesses s»id v thit, th<v.j fit' -." f u ry^' "El riic fc^ sTijo/lty '' "' P. m. yosterriny, jvjilpp!: nnd up and clown Jfiijiii". ni' half » dr.wii points JlouYing in* wake death and dewuctloii. The tornado barrolcd out o sight but tho rains coii'liuied t beat down and UghLntnV [lashc' as rescuers clftmbfirt.i acru-? crushcil homes In sefcrcli of l|i dead and injured. ' g , Several white families were a nost wiped out. Fatalities Incluc :d Mr. and Mrs. E.;'u. Tidv.' nnd their two sons »nd;.tw6 daugl :crs. « • '' .' In another case police retricvi the bodies of Mrs. James Wef her daughter, Judy, tUil-,her so James, Jr., from a r biycu »ci their home. The father, was ml', ing. . - • A. o. Browning w,ho . loss li sninll. daughter, CharlbM?, gave- . , graphic description oft'the storir suddenness. "I was In the hoitse with m Red Cross to Aid Tornado Victims; $20,000 Available PINE BLUFF, Ark.. June 2 It;.!'.)—Tlic National Red Cross today appropriated S2Q.t,QO f.i for emergency relief in the tornado-devastated area nca- Pine more money will needed, according IlUiff, nnd pro.vlclGd Mrs. Elma B. IJoone, sl-ile relations officer for the orf.T'.i | i7fltlon. Dr. Harold Wood, Red Crosii inedlcnl adviser, was cxiHrc,tcd to arrive In the stricken Arkansas area today from Texas City, and llcr Miss Nancy dimming;, Heel Crocs nurse, was to confer wit:\ hospital | authorities. Tlic Red Cress, Mrs. 1 lioone said, was prepared to recruit nurses to assist the Pine llluff hospital If the nccrt ansi-r.. Mrs. Roonc said that, no organ- ised apiwal for funds will be made, since money for disaster relief are Included In the Ked cross' annual budget. seven children and gfiiulcriMrcri Drowning said, tears streuniff down his lace. "T hfidn't seen t) fitnnn coming up and the firs^ knew of It was whe'n A KUst,blj open the back door. . . "In the next fey •secoii'ls tl house wiis picked up nind swc nlrout 50 yards, finally smashii the ground and >pllntcrint; i around us." The children .were .scaUe'.crl i through the wreckage. Except f the girl, who died, nil l^te re escaped. Tlie Browning family w one of the few white families li Inft in the Main street Pike V lage, mostly a Negro comtmini Besides Union, and Main Stri t'ikc the tornado _ leveled buildhi nt ncnrby Watson's ;chr»pel ant! small settlement on (lie edge Orldcr Field, The ; Mrpxi Its was little damaged.- The force • of the twister v demons! rat^d by the ease w which it picked up .in automo Sec TORNADOES on Fife 3 78 3-1 98 l-l 33 'I-' S4 7-ci 52 1-2 13 5-8 81 1 1-2 24 1-1 g 14 3-4 IB 69 5-8 60 1-2 5 S-S physicians hold 64 3-4 his recovery. Temperatures Climb Past 80-Degree Mark Electrician Injured PINK "LUFF, Ark., Inn-! S. <liP> —An Arkansas Power and Ugh! Company lineman was noar death today after being struck by a high voltngc line while attempting lo restore electric service in the storm stricken area. William Galloway, 30, was hit In the head by the wire. Attending I Little change In temperature was noted over the weekend as tempeV- alures climbed to the high EO's yesterday, accompanied by gusty winds out of the south and » trace of rain. I Highest temperature yesterday was 87 degrees and the low during last night was 67 degrees, accord- Mar. ing to Robert -E. Bl»ylock, official May weather observer. Saturday's ,hlgii July little chance for was !J! degrees and Hie low that Oct. night also ww 61 degrees, Dec. Hearing Set for Others iri Kid no | Robbery Atteml TRAOY CITY, Tcnn,, Jui* (UP >--Hearings were to be heVd [lay . for two additional pers charged In connection with ' week's kirinaiiing of .Cashier A. Henderson and the attempted r bcry of the First National B; here. ' The hearings were lo be for G aid R. Dugiw, 16, Union City, J., before Grundy County kludge L. Rollings sitting as a jure: court judge, and. for W. S. I who was arrested Saturday nt and charged with "conspiracy" connection with the crime. N. Y. Cotton ZW7 WT

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