The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1951
Page 7
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURTIS KEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER I, 1981 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS—From Zengcr to Ootis crusade o g o i ns t "' ly nch-lo w in St. *] Lou i i, Lo vo j oy moved to Alton, seeking greater rcedom of CXprCf- sion. But he was qukkly discppoint- cd, for o mob destroyed tus newly- printing Illustrated by Ralph Lane N'V * Lovejoy attacked this attempt to intimidate the free press with \ iuch fcr»<x that a tecom! press wo* demolished and o third thrown info the river. Still he refused to be silenced, When one attempt on his life foiled, towns men h;oke into Loyejo/s bedroom and attacked him. Only the dc&pcrole resistance of his wife and mother saved Lovejoy from violent deoih. t rfj HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN If America Can Survive Current Baseball Crises, It Can Survive Anything <M«ra4 t» l*o*« Alton "or tlM," Editor Elijoh Mi around end. m««w«f Power Hearing \F our Cousins Ponder $21,480 XA + »*%M fl4>A> Q I _. ' ' Depending on College Grades Set for Oct. 9 TALLAHA65HE, Kla., Oct. 4 NEW YORK, W) — BmebnU has. Dodgers lost thtr first had more crises this year than the j wondering wife, who &r United Nations. j escaped the general madness, look- If America survives th.c present; cd at him nnd said: world series, nothing should ever get it tiawn. For the national pastime in 1951 became a national disease. It Is doubtful whether anything has stirred the people up more since j .sonal. the sinking ol the battleship Maine. Or divided them more sine* the Civil War between the states. The World Series Itself comes us LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Oct. 4. f>P> — Hearing on a protest by (he Ark- r onsas Power and Light Co., against i—Four cousins still rendered to- the stringing of a trarumLE.sion line [dny which one was to receive (21,430 through Boone and Marlon Counties by a Missouri cooperative has hern reset for Oct. 0. game His! TIlfl Arkansas' Public Service nnlHVjr had' Commisston originally set the hear- far ywUcrday. ^•1, contends that (he North- Electric Co-Opera tlve Corp. through the it does not "He wouldn't waste that -..,...., , , ,, , tears on me If I dropp-d down !fannot bljlld tm? Iin « deafi „ - * ! two counties Of course, that's ju&* like a woman. They take everything per- •omething of an anti-climax to the whing-ding playoff gamps In the National League between (he New York Ol tints and the Brooklyn Vodgere. • Thee« crucial contests did more to raise the blood pressure of the •veraa« fan than \L you had. put a bteycle pump in his veins. Forget R^alUiM They caused folk to forget tjie »ftHW&s of taxes, politics, and International tensions. They broke up Hfekmg loyaltiw and created new ano*. Tliey turned friend against friend. They coiised ordinary henpecked men to become wife ben tor* —"tf I'd known you were for the Dodgers I'd never R~mnrr!ed you," Tltejr caused wive* to throw drinks Jn their hu-sbnnd's fare with a •narllng, "Why should you be for the Olant*. you—you rnouM?.* H«re in New York the tempera twe es'er)' day went five degree »boTe the Weather Bureau's fore- ceet because of the hot air stirred up by arguing Inns. I don't cvnr remember a season where everybody buried hfe o^vn troubles more in the trouWefi of his team. You think I'm kidding? After the Oiante loet the second game 10 to 0, one angry fellow rushed o\'er and bit his television set in the leg. Tn Brooklyn a lawyer broke down and wept openly after the Pay -1o r- Fray Fa n In upper Mn nha tt a n. a Kl ron g hold of the GlnntA. a 13-ycnr-olrt pirl paid her j;ix-year-old sister and fonr-year-old brothrr a nickel each 1o pray for her team, "I can't pray myself," she explained, "I hove to listen to the game on the radio." Afier praying the Giant.* in wic-- ccasfully In the first contest, the two email children struck for higher pay. "A nickel Isn't very much," said the Httle boy, "Our kneeseo Is sore." The reaction of a vlsltin? young S'A-edLsh woman to our tcmpost-tn- a-hor,=ehJde WRS Interesting. Taken by friends to sro her first game, she gnncti n-stounded at the uproar in Uic stnntis. She nppenred mystified at first^ but gradually .she became more nnd more aVx?nrbed In the plays. Her irlpmlfi Lhnught she wns rntrliint; on fine until she «sked laU in the ninth inninc: "I unrterstfind evervMiliu? now ex- Goodbye Heartburn -Hello TUMS! QuIeV relief for *our nomich, K*">, acid indij Slill only 10<. Adams Appliance TELEVISION IS MIUIOH PROOf -PROVEN IN MORE THAN A MILLION HOMES • And we've seen it motcing more friends every day! You'll learn why when you watch these exciting 16-inch pictures. They aro the clearest and steadiest ever! Extra-powerful circuits give you best possitfe reception , . . anywhere! RCA Victor's Eye Witness Picture Synchronizer literally foclcs pictures in p/oce! The Fairiield's cabinet is a beauty, too! And you gel a built- in antenna ... a phono-jack for plugging in RCA Victor's "J5" ... nnd, of course, the "Golden Throat" lone system. Everyone says the Fairfield \\ the finesi — come seo il todayl Ask about the exclusive RCA Victor Factory-Service Contract covering, for a reasonable fee, expert television installation and maintenance. Was 379.50 Now 295.00 I'lus Installation Adams Appliance Co., inc. • Sales J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. * Scrvie. WI6-208 W. Main Phone 2071 [fnr making the highest grades colloge. Trie money ii the reserve of a fund set up in 1928 by a wc-H - to - do bachelor storekeeper, Ktitherford Bar tow Shuman of Monticello, Fla , lor his relatives 1 college educations. He stiuplated that any residue after all had been graduated would go to the one with tlif 1 nest grades, The quartet, three nieces and a | nfphf'A', were the only ones to repl why that on* man keep*; compete for r.he best scholar award throwing !he ball at that other : mjt of 10 nieces, nephews, grand- group o! men there, nieces and grandnephews eligible Thd group consisted of the bailer, ^ for educations, the ratchPr, and the umpire, | Florida State University expert Oh, well, in Another few days iljwrre railed into cour» ypstorriay r,o 'A-il! h* nrer. Then, If you cut open'compare the grades of the top stu- Ihe head of the most rabid fan. you! dents. They named Dr, Cora Avtlda wouldn't find any bn.<cball. Shumnn, "a pertlatrictan i average out ol a passible 250 3-00. The others were Eleanor Shuman Hnle of Montlcello with 2.29, Lillian Rosina Lincoln of Panama City with 2,22 and William J. Shuman of Tampa with 2.18- Th e court made no immediate ruling on the case. i. I have pSC approval and because the ^ have bpg " You'ri (Ind a rontbnll. o( cross, Ga., no. one on the Way^ of GAS vtn« tht goTerrur.ent to approve such aid—which te similar to guarantees which the government has be«n giving companies to ?et them to work lo-A'-grade ores ol copper! and other scarce metals. Th« process io be used at the,proposed plant would he like that] the government nfpfi bi ite $2a-; n demonstration plant at' Louisiana, Mo, Here it produce* ! 2,-woline by adding hydrogen to coal ; and then refining the product: through many steps. This differs from the German synthetic prorr&s. t h e Fischer- Tropsch method, which burn* coal in 1 ive steam and pure oxygen to lorm gas and ashes, The 5?as is I hen converted into gasoline. The Germans got 10.0CO barrels of gasoline a day that, way during the war. And the Chemlsche Industrie, a Frankfort, Germany, trade paper, says improvements on that process have reduced costs to a point *'here the six ptanL-, Ln Western Germany may get a ney lease on 3i/e and start turning out synthetic fuel again. Colnrada Projcci The Colorado project M'hich Chapman also favors might follow in the footsteps of the Bureau ol Mine*' demonstration plant at- Rifle, Colorado. Vast deposits of oil-beiruig shale Ere being tapped there. The costs ol refining oil products from this shale have been reduced to 6.4 cents a gallon. Bureau spokesman ?ay. but they admit that, gasoline alone would cwt more than that. However, they see great possibilities in sale of dtesel fuel to the western railroads. Much pilot work has also been done by industry on the extraction of synthetic f«iolte* from natural) gaus. And extensive experiments have been done in the south on making gas by burning coa! underground, to avoid the coMs of mining coal. All of these together Indicate that In the cue of war—•when «M| «'ouJd not be ths eonaidtrttioa— the nation could get along, even If all ouUld* oil was cut off. Th« question U: can we do it economically now? Or should w« do It even If wxstly, to tave our oil reserve*? LEVEE TAXES NOW DUE --Will Be In- Blytheville,Oct.31sttoNov. 19th at Sheriff's Office See me there or mail your check (with exchange) or Money Order (without exchange) to me at Wilson. EMILY P. TRAMMEL Levee Tax Collector BOX 327 WILSON, ARK. Continued from Page & bmtti a plant to 'urn the coal into petrochemicals and synthetic coal. The company wanUs the government to guarantee a minimum price for It,-; products—if it can't .sell to Industry at hicher prices, ot course. , Chapman Wants U. S. Aid ! Interior Secretary Chapman •I r 406 W. Main Phone 4591 FALL RAYONS CUT 10 TO REO. 79a PETALDOWN 64 C ™ Fine dull luster rayon crepe wiHi hh« beauty of silk. Grand fof cfressei, feml- fiine blouses. Chocs* fiom colorful a^o- nie^ric, Poral printi. Cu(-priced. 39*, Also 79c Pelaldown solid colors.Me Yd. 96c RAYON TAFFETA FvH-bodisd rayon in a gleaming noil- head weave for extra glamorous skirts, dresies, evening '*ear. Wide selection of n«weit dork and brillianl shades. 42", Ako 98c corded Jaffeta ..... 84< Yd, REG. 79a CELANESE ALL RAYON TAFFETA, NOW 64 C Yd. A fine quality lustrous fabric, crisp and rustling for swUhy petticoats, dresses, evening wear, linings. Choose it in charming pastels or dark shades. At Wards in 42" widths. WADE'S 5 e & 10 C STORE 100 WEST MAIN STREET 0 FOR THE Shop Wade's and SAVE! 1-81x99 No Seam Sheet ^^ ^^ - Plus - (Reg. 3.98 Value) ^J "9 1 - Pair 41x36 Pillow Cases £m Heavy COMFORTS Special Single BLANKETS 1.69 up Double BLANKETS 3.73 & 5.39 Heavy Quality Outing Flannel 3 - 100 Guaranteed Fast COLOR PRINT 3 r*. 100 PLASTIC SLIDES Jusl Right for Chilly Mornings Reg. 59c 44c I Lot Reg, 98c SLIPS Rayon 2-1.00 Boys Sweat SHIRTS and up BLANKETS REDUCED 30% WOOL BLANKETS Ref.10.S8 Wcrth^'hile savings on our Pnsst port vvoo! blanket. Made exactly like on all- wool with its warmth ond lofty high nap. 70% rayon, 30% wool with 6-in. rayon latin binding. A choice of 6 smart colors. NYLON-RAYON BLENDS 0,0/ Reg. 5.93 Reductions on this latest Fepperell blend popular For appearance and long serv- Ics. 90% rayon for warrnlh and clear color, 10% nylon for e».tra wear, J-in. rayon satin binding. 6 decorator colors. ASK ABOUT WARDS rwt PAYMENT PUN TODAY Close Out! I Lot Women's Crepe GOWNS-', 1.69 Men's Sweat SHIRTS 149 and up Sitroux FACIAL TISSUES Reg. 25e '- 1 00 . Sitroux FACIAL TISSUES 3 Reg, lOe USE OUR LAYAWAY PLAN WHILE WIDI SEl.lCTtONS ARE AVAILABLE

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