The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 7, 1949
Page 13
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T WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER T, 1949 ' OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William, / rO, I'M MOT SCAIRT f 0?MY JOB 50 MUCH AS IT'S JUST SMART B'JSd-JESS TO LOOK L'KE -JOUVE kJCT BEEN STOPPIN'TO TALK TOO LONG. 6SAD,MARTMft/ DON'T tJUMf SHIP 3UST A« VW6 SAIL 1HTO fM6 PORT OF OR6AM SOLVLL D008T VOOfe EARS_VS)WEhi « " A PATrt 1 OUR A80DE AlOO OFFE TH' COMP**jy tOU KEEP is WHLT PEOPLE j«jp«e E CELLAR ANGRY sockees rcayooK.' STORMIM& fHfc DOORS. AND 0WLS (XUB "TH6 BUT I'M MARKING -fW& CALENDAR 0(0 "Ml* GOAT LOOKS LIKE HE'S HOUR SPEECH TO 'EM- THE TWO-TIMERS FOR SALE tioo that it was the appendix ation was absolutely urgent he could nol guarantee the conse- (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Moj. Hooplc PAGE THIRTEEN Concrete culverts 12 inch to 48 inch, plain 01 rcenforced AIM Concrete KuiJiiing Hlm-ks cheaper than lumber tor harns chicken houses, pump houses. tenant houses, too' shells We deliver Call us ft>> Tree estimate Phnne 601 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS' That's why you'll savu yourself many a dollar by having youi shoes repaired by oui expert workmen. Next time try us H-r=l LTCRS QJBLITY SHOC SHOP For the - Finest Prescription Service Say It . \Vilh Flower* C THE FLOWER SHOP Glencoe rinlldlnE Phone 1431 of 2747 -It lt.irrj'% luvit. nm Ilnrry'* 71. lawrt. Then I 1 •I'iP.r III and "ppcndirltl*. burst. "Well chance." could operate. Pat's condition derful surgeon. no hospital XV Gaynel had tnkefi car* at her sister Pat. she thought it safe to leave her a moment. The pain must be terrible. Something would have lo be done at once. "Lie as quiet as you can. honey," she whispered. She must not let Pat see how afraid jht was. "I'll be right back." She would jet Barry aside. No use alarming the others. Emily would have a cast erf nerves; the rest would be t>f no actual help. Thank God. there was 'Barry. He would know what to do. He was always there to go to, depend on. Pat's groans, increasing in volume and frequency now. followed her as she ran. Barry said. "I'll go over to the Island right away. I'll go myself. There must be a doctor stopping « the hotel." He took her two hands in his. squeezed them tightly, as though to give her the confidence he felt "Meanwhile, dont yo« worry. TeU the othen I'v* gone to make arrangements for the dinner. Get Francis to send you plenty o( ice and towels. Well do everylhing for Pat there is to be done, if it's us bad u you fear Gaynel.- It was every bit that bad. The doctor Barry brought back in what seemed like an eternity to Gaynel as she fixed and changed „__ _.,..,» ,„ ice packs, said there was no qu«*- thankc "You'll quences. "You mean it's got to come out— there's nothing else we can do?" Gaynel tried to bold ner voice steady Fhey nad gone outside the stateroom Barry nad not Miss Cupplej to oome stay with Pat The others would have to know pretly soon First she and Barry must decide what was to be done, r | A HE doctor snid situation. The ; that was the appendix might not take any such It was easy to decide that much. "If only Doctor Carile He understands He's such a won- ~ine best will be none too good." The doctor's tone was gravely sig- nincant. "You mem you can't do it!" Gaynel's eyes widened with tear. "That there's no one on the Island could reach. . Oh, Barry, what shall we do?" Sh« turned ko him. (rasped his sleeve as though for support: she felt. In fact as though she were faint. This was much more than she had counted on, been prepared »o meet "Then that's what weTi have." Barry made this decision. "Tht best. I'll radio tor a Coast Guard amphibian, or if we can't get that, » private one. Another radio to Doctor Carile wUl take care at the rest" "Oh, Barry." She could not thank him. She clung to him. She might have known he would not fail her. ever. There was no ooe Like him. "Hun along »nd get ready." He gave her a little push, gently; his eyes saying he did not expect want to go with | her at course Leave everythinf • else to me. my dear " Pat u-as sleeping: the. 3oc(oi given nef something to deadea th« pain Her oair was all awry: th« scarlet lips drawn and pinched; the sweel round fat* m still and while She looked as sne might look in death Gaynel dropped by u ~~ side, ouried oer nead moment shaking with tried in vain to suppress Her little sister if anything nap- oeneu to her. Oh. she could bear it could nol ever, the possibility ot such • thought JJARRY sent word the amphibian could make it in less than an hour A radio had been received it was on its way; they hud oeen fortunate in reaching the Coast Guard. The hospital had been reached, too: Doctor Carile would have everything w readiness. Gaynel shed her shorts, got into some clolhes. packed a bag. Sh» would sil by Pat now; she w»s beginning to stir and strike out blindly and murmur short herent phrases. Miss Clippies had another patient: Emily had collapsed when Barry had broken the news to her Gaynel would have to through alone. Not alone, either. « after the big plane had been set down by Ihe side ot the yacht and Pat had been lowered In the dory by Ihe davits and Gaynel prepared to climb in. too. She turned first to give her hand to Barry, to try once more to express the deep gratitude she felt. She laid. "Goodby—and thanks," trying to smifc for him the best jhe show him the things in her heart that could not be put into word* just then. He smiled back a( her and said, "But H isn't goodby. Did you think I'd let you jo alone? You should know better than that. Gaynel." She wondered in that how she could doubt that she loved him. She ought lo know that, loo. What a fool jtie was! As soon u Pat got through this again. sh« would give Barry the answer he wanted. (T. I In England It's tht Chtmisr Shop In Franc* It's th* Apothecary Shop In Blyrkcville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service More than a hundred kinds of birds have become extinct in the last 200 years J?ENT A CAR Drive Anywhere Von PlraM Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 PIANO TUNING With Ihe world „. "Slroboconn". The only 100% perfccl luning Nol available elsewhere in, this area. RADIO REPAIR •AH work done by a government licensed operator and every iob uuar- ^anlccrl. Why take less ^(han the best? PIANOS for SAli NK\V AND USED Shed Music. Records, Supplies Everylhing in Music BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 K. Main Tel. 8)1 You will enjoy using Plate Glass full length Door Mirrors. . . and they're priced much less than you would think at BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. W. M. rrat 1. WIlMn Henrj South Hlway fit Phone Z4M SHRUBBERY We ode- a cpmplete line ol Stark Landscaping plants and trees Order now (01 Pall planting Stark's 131 years experience In this field assures your getting the most (or youi money Allow us to give you a tree estimate Telephone 554 today BLYTHEVILLR WILLYS SALES COMPANY Nichols Drug TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL Beware of fraudulent operator*! UM the protection afforded Irj the State and demand a lleenMd •peralor. Experienced. Reliable Termilex Hnnsehold Pr*U. BlTthrvillr's onlj licenod •perator. WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE Rte. 1. lt*i «.W. Ea»t 37K •STUDEBAKER* Have You Seen The 1950 STUDEBAKER Brilliant New Styling Increased Luxury No Increase in Price You'll Agr«. If'i th« Car for You Chamblin Sales Co. "Yiiar Krierwlly StoxWwker Dailer* & Ash Ph(m€ TUDIIAKIM . Tfir iMit^ op LEARNIMG, STUDENTS .' ARENT'*XJ GLAD VCXJO YACAro* IS OVER.? FReCKTlES 1 Hi, KIDS.' 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WASH TUBBS How Sara Works HY LESLIE TURNER ITS TOO MUCH Of A COIUCIDEUCE. , CIS WAVIUG TO STAV «W,Y BOTH NIGHTS W6WTDOTSO MYST6EIOU-S.V I'M MIGHTY GRATEFUL TO YOU.ME.WILTY...IV BEGINNING TO KIWDft GET A-HOLT O' WISELF LHftVEU'T FORGOT- TEW WHftT IT'S LIKE TO FEEL AS VOL DO TOHIGHT, WF-'RE GONUft VVIM THIS FIGHT, TOO! NOW TO 1MCE A CAS OUT ADO SEE IF J CAW CMCHOK5ASHE GETS HOME! I F66L SICK *JSIOE. MOTHEE...IXIE GOT TO TCMO THE TKUTH SPENDS THE EUE N1NG IU A MOVIE BUGSBUNN* HE SAV5 HE'S A SCOUT J PILOT WITH AN OUT PLANET TWO, HE SA.V5... THEY C/\LL CUES PLANET TrREE.' \yrfy. HE MUST BS FEOM VENU5.' From n Strange World BY V. T. HAM LIN THANKS FOR <-< m A BABV COMING TO STAYJSITTER PEUIXE *ITH wars/ s^ I AIM'T NO GUN LOOK6 KINOA P CHEWEP n, i. ITS SUPPOS6P THAT WAY/ DON'T j IN COVJ8OV IT/./MOVIES TH' BAP MAN ALWAYS NOTCHES HIS GLJN WHEN H6 GETS RIP O' TH' SHERIFF... 00 TH' SAME THING FOR SITTERS// BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES HY EIMiAK MARTIN

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