The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1953 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1953
Page 15
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THURSDAY, TKB. 9, 1M8 OUR BOAKDING HOUSE — with Mai™ Hoo»l« He cu«eo rr WITH FRIED 1VIAT RftMt« WITH UK CLASSIC ABOUT 1U6 • He evee 6CT UP FKOIS r\ DIOJT KtiOW WHW H6 HE 86AT IT WITH HIS OLD Television- Tonire, Tomorrow ;WMCT. Memphis. Channel 5 THURSDAY NIGHT. FEBRUARY * 6:00 Evening Serenade «r!5 Ncn a «:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Groucho Marx ' 7:30 The Unexpected ; 8:00 Dragnet . 8:30 Theatre 9:00 Martin Kane 9:30 Godfrey 10:00 My LJttle Margie 10:30 News 10:40 Weather' 10:45 Break the Bank 41:15 Film Favorite 3f :45 Its Netci To Me 12:15 News 12:25 Sign OH FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8 7:00 Today 7:26 New» . 7:30 Today 7,55 News 8:00 Today :.8.:25 News 8:30 Today '8:55 News 9:00 Ding Dong School •9:30 TV Shopper 10:00 Ask Washington 10:30 Strike It Rich 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:15 12:30 1:00 1:15 2iOO 2:30 3:00 4:00 4:15 4:30 5:00 5:15 5:20 5:25 5:30 5:45 6:00 storyland Love of Life Search for Tomorrow Morninc Meditation News Farm News Qarry Moor* Guiding Light Homemakers Program Big Payoff Welcome Travelers Kate Smith Hawkins Falls Gatby Hayes Howdy Doody Berl Olswanger News Sports Weather Short Story Hartoons Evening Serenads 6:30 Those Two " 8:45 News Caravan • 7:00 Dennis Day 7:30 Lire of Rilcy 8:00 Big Story 8:30 Hopalong Caistdy 9:00 Cavalcade of Sports 9:45 Greatest Fights 10:00 Film Featurett* 10:30 News 10:40 March of Time 11:10 Weather 11:15 Names the Same 11:45 News 11:55 Sign Off ., Machine Delinting and Approved Ceresan Treatment For Your Cotton Seed All Cotton Seed Delinted to Customers Specification. We.Want Your Business LUXQRA GIN COMPANY Luxora, Ark. Phone 4341 FUEL OJL G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Se// That Stuff" Phone 2089 Of f ice & Bulk Plant—Promised Land Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads :ting the same flat note in that piece for six —we've got to change teachers!" — STUD E BAKER SENSATIONAL CAR & TRUCK BUYS! "CERTIFIED" Used Cars & Trucks t/1 H CQ UJ Q 1/1 '51 Ply. - $1495 Cranbrook 4-dr. M9Chev-'$995 2-Tone 4-Hr. '49 Chev - $995 Z-Dr. Blue '49 Ply.--$995 4- dr. '48 Ply.--$795 4-dr. ec ui X ca UI .'49. Chev-$995 2-rtr. Black '48 Ford - $795 4-Dr. Grey '48 Ford -$895 4-Dr. Maroon '47 Dodge $295 ^ Ton Stk. '41 Ford-$195 t Dr. '51 Stude $1095 M Ton '50 Stude $895 oo > * m 90 Ton '51 Stude $1095 Ton '49 Dodge $895 154 Ton '47 Chev - $445 I 1 ,4 Ton Stake '42 Ford - $245 Ton CHAMBLIN SALES Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Phone 6888 2 Big Lots at Ash & Railroad Open Saturday Nite Til 9 H. C. DAVIS, Sales Mgr. SALESMEN • Jlmmj Hudson • Joe T. Robertson • Er CJ William. STUDE BAKER M H C D m 00 > * m » Courier News Classified Adi. Search for a Hero •y Thonut Hal Phillip* XXXT in front of Wallace, and with ant shove sent fcim all the way back lo the hearth. |[You rfay out c< thit, William." Aw, you don't scare m«. You n»d it coming to you. He'« not been home Jong enough to change tnairj. What's he heard? Nothing but scheming. None of us givr a hoot about the war, we don't listen to the news, we don't even know where Larcone is. I reckon we've schemed ourselves out of things for a while anyway; the least you do is not act like no got hurt falling off a bicycle." . i . "I didn't mean anything. You 'called me crip when I got my knee hurt" "Oh, Wallace, go ahead and be itupid." "William's right," Un^le Richard said. "We ought to know where the boy got hurt. Yeah, he's right , Ain't he right, Ben?" Papa couldn'l say anything, but Uncle Richard hadn't expected an answer anyway. He was looking at Mama, who had come to the doorway. I thought she wonted to (jpvipc her face and couldn't, be- Pcause there were chicken feathers • on her hands. "Now. "11 tell you right now," she said, "il we can't nave a little peace in this family I'll pack my things anJ move oil somewhere and you'll never hr>ar •. tell of me again." ' I said to William. "I'd like to go upstairs." He came- and lifted me as If 1 were 10 or 12 years old and car- ( ried me upstairs. Behind us I , could hear Uncle Richard saying. • "The boy's sick. I could see that ; when 1 flrst got here ..." And Papa was saying, "No matter what length I go to fix something it never suits everybody " Uncle Richard said, "Did you tell him about Meb?" ' ; "Not yet," Mama said. ,. M I thought that migh.a been ,...-- . . .. y^^ - ' TV*M< M RIK— if NCA Sir*.. |«T raid. -But you can Kt the boy's sick. Herman George's boy rode • piece of the way with us this morning. He'd been ovei . Lambert said okay to the post office deal and Burresj didn't want to crowd him on the powerllne now " My bed was already flxed for me. the pillows standing against the headboard the way Mama always placed them. William put me down carefully and arranged the two pillows at my back. Then he slipped t;.c bedspread from beneath me and put the top of il over my legs. "Is that a good job?" he said "Perfect." "Need anything else? 1 ' • * • I THOUGHT: He', Hying u, oe . n '« to me because of something between him and Meb. "Tel! Mama to come up here." "What's the mailer? Didn't I do a good Job?" "It's nol that, t want to ask her something." I COUM tell he knew 1 was thinking about Meb. He started out of the room, his head slightly lowered, (he way he would walk off a football field when Old Shiloh had lost. That made it strange, because, in this case, 1 felt sure he hadn't lost William once told me "YJU think you're better than some people because you can work algebra or diagram a sentence and thcv can't; but you're wrong. They've got something you've not cot buddy, and never will have, and you needn't waste time looking tor it." At the foot ol the stairs 1 heard him call to Mama. Then I followed every sle-i of her wclk until she enlcred mv room. She didn't ask what t wanted. -~ She began to smooth (he covers talking as her hands worked "We caught another, one. No trouble They've got to where they in tha "-•--- • to reach up ..nd walk of! with one We'll have it ready in three shakes of a sheep's tail and you can have a heaping tray . . ." she leaned over and whispered to me, "Your Uncle Richard's leaving. He con eat more chicken, and 1 want you to have every bite you can hold. I m sorta glad he's not slaying Do you blame me?" J SHOOK my head to say » "Now tell me what's all th's about William and Meb" Are they going to get married or something?" 'Why, honey . . .» She slopped and I thought she was going to sit down on the couch. But it was not that; it was a recoiling, a withdrawing before, lunging against something. 1 imagined, for the briefest time, that 1 sau-p kind ot Wade courage move across her face and away. Her voice dropped to a whisper, "i didn't think we ought to write it to you, not till you got lots better. It look place during the time of that bad telegram from you. Miss Audie found her in bed one morning, Tuesday morning. She took something she got out of the chemistry room at school— took it thai night, they said. But the doctor said it would've made no difference when she took it; he couldn't have done a thing. I blame part of il on her mother. Poor Ihing, led ^icre in his place withoul family or nothing. . . . That spread's nol enough over you. You're cold. I'll eel a quilt." She brought a quilt from the box in the hall. "That feel heller?" "Yos, ma'am, lhal's belter. "I-ay down and rest-You're wore out" She went lo the door. "I'll close this door so LOthing'Il disturb you for a while. Vow you rest." I followed her slops down the stairs, and then I closed my eyes. I imagined that I was falling, the vay a tall bushy-topped oak vill all when you chip II and saw il ust right downwind. 1 felt the ar; then all was quiet and still, except the wind was blowing me nway, leaf by leaf. 'IT« B« ~ Hays Storfe Phone ZOfll We Deliver High Quality « , Low Prices" Wayne Feeds f Ayrr Mash Layer Pelleti F.gst Pellets Chick Slarter Grower Masfi Scratch Feed Sngarlne 16% Dairy, Waynt 16% Dairy.. K% Dairy Feed Calf Slarlcr I'ellcts P!s * Sow Meal rig to Sow Pellets 35% Hog Balancer tO% Hog Sup'lmnt Pork Maker Home- Feed Rabbit Pellets Dog Food \VR Shorts ... Polished Chop« 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 lo. 100 Ib. 100 Ibs 100 Ibs. 100 Ib. 100 tb. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 109 Ib. 1CKI Ib. .100 Ibs. 100 Ib*. 100 IlK. .100 Ibi. 4.89 •1-93 5.33 5.69 5.49 4.39 3.69 4.49 5.39 5.79 .539 5.-19 5.99 6.30 4,79 4.38 5.59 X!I9 3.69 4.19 Home Grown Hi-Bred Half and Half Cotton Seed $10 Per Hundred Clyde Williams Route 3 Lexington, Tcnn. p> DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 4507 Hour*: 8 i.m. to 10 irllh nellrcry t* T p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE Kt WMt Main Sk WlTrt THESLEEP- 6AS I'J MR.7'S 6UN LKPUEFIED BY THE CCOUH6 OF THE -5PA1E ADVANTA6E OF VVARtVTH 6ARKIEJMI6HT8E PfcACE ISN'T JUST A JOB FOR POLITICIANS BOTTs! IT'S A JOB FOR ALL OF US J^NOW TAKE YOURSELFfl 'WHAT HAVE-vow DONE LATELY IN THE CAUSE OF.PEACE7 HOrniNG.' ^ARE YOU KIDDING DIDN'T YOU ^EE THAT NEW COAT I BOUGHT MY WIF MEANWHILE, QM WWHA'S viNavAKK^ _ - • T— -i — FNP CXIT FOK YOU ™ AT ^f ) **• FLNT - OL* ANV-Y" CAME PfXY,\. ) WOWEVK. WILL TAKE SPJS 0 \- S<W * ""*«. J SUS«SST SUPPOSE.. J M2U CALL PACK Rlr&T THWS N THE WC*N!N<5. WE FIGURE VHE RMJG * TENMOfS. Kit jSOT 1W eSrUF ™°fe W,? 6 * THE5 ™* "f wwfiRT T$W$S$ V pl £JS? u 2£r«E*2P!»*t *^wv JUST W--TER VOLJ (kRRlUED I I l^ft^^L^ 7UO BUT WHEN I RMO UP TO RWfi THE Bat (>> MWJ THE Bat (>> MWJ rAHPIWa IN TOE WPWft KE*R we POOR E BH » E IT 5L ( G 7vTJ^« "Ui«?L C TE ^™ F'^K HIS FhCe WAS THIW ,, ,/ , AMD PA,sry,,.A«P HE III/ /HOLY StoCKfl IWAT VOXa. \VILL NEVER KNCW HCW U1CVY HE! WAS I DIDN'T HN/E TIME TO UNSfEATHE W

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