Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 13, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1896
Page 8
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GREAT SHIRT WAISTS =:-:- AT CUT PRICES. Ladies' Waists Jlade of Dimities, Lawns, Percales, fladras, Grass Linens. Persians, Etc. Etc. In all Beautiful Colors and made in the Latest Styles-Perfect Fitting with Separate Collars. Not One worth less than $1.75. Our Special Price for this Week p8c. - PEACE AND GOOD WILL. Golden Rule, SCHMITT•'& HEINLY. HOT!! WELL SOME! KUL", burnliiK up in thost shots tli'.it tire tlilck niul waterproof. HAN ALIVE! Get a p"'- of tuns from Wnldon's—Co ;1, light. e;i97, don't draw iho 1'oec-th«j're the oiij-Isiimniershoe—LiiiiHlsoiin', stylish and tbey weur. nATTER OF PRICE? Any Price $i, $1,50, $2.00. Any Price to Suit. Bring This Ad and We'll Knock Off. a Quarter. THEY WENT ACQUIT. E M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. Straws That Show Which Way the Wind Blows Show that It must have Mown a tremendous gailo towards FUhcr's, for they have straws of all tlie new shapes and sixes, straws Jn straw color anil any oilier codor you wish piled on their sholves nnd waiting to bo called "Ilic last straw" i-a the newest style bought nt Fisher's by every -pleased resident of Logausport. Light Derby's, light nobby straw hats and ja.finty iKiud.-om-c bicycle caps are what we have a big run on now. FISHER THE HATTER. WHEEL TALK. Though lie punctured his tire twice, 9. K. Broadbent brought down the Australian 100 mile road record to 5:45:00, breaking the Australian record arneteen minutes. The American record is 4:40:09, held by A. B. McDon- ocl, of Toledo. World's record Is 4:21:45 idd by A. E. Walters of.JSngland. Pocket Kodaks at the Burgmaii •Sycle Co, . No tandem runs hard with' one's best $lTl on the front seat. The Fleetwlag for ladies. There are jiore of these wheels used In tiits city than all tit-hcr makes of wheels, Love 'and -toll-gate keepers differ somewhat. 'Love never asks for pay In advance. 1 Have your bicycle Insured against theft. Burgntan Cycle Co., will do it. IJSTHANAPOLIS AND RETURN .$1.50. Tlic Lake .Erie will sell round trip tickets to Indianapolis Sunday, June 14, for ,fl.50. The flrst train leaves Tern at 2 a. m. and the second train at T:10 a. m. Returning the special train 0 -wlll leave Indianapolis at S p. m. This rate is made on account ot Lutheran Orphans' Home, Indianapolis, and everybody should take advantage of It. ,T. .T. SKINNEK, Ticket Agent. Mr. James Perdue, an old soldier re afdiug at llonroe, Mich., was severeJj afflicted with rheumatism but recelve< prompt relief from pain by using Cham Bcriairfs .Pain Balm. He says: "At •3mes my back would ache so badly that £ could hardly raise up. If I had not gwtten relief • I-would not be here to write these few lines. Chamberlain's PaJn Balm has done mo a great deal of good nnd I feel very thankful for .It." Tor sole by B. F 1 . Keesttng. TAKE NOTICE. The Free Distribution of this Watch and Chain. Two ; Well-Dressed Hoboes Carrying Big Guns. Tlii.' saying ilia.t "rhen- is no telling what a jury will do" was exemplified in .Tuslii'f La'mg's court ycslcixlay aftcr- nrmn. I'iU'rOliiKUi Smith and Morris were callwl -co t.!ie ^\'M].)ns'll yards yesterday afU'nioou u> luok after .some (.ramps who \\vru lolierjiig about, \vltli •the i:viili!ii,r. iiiruivtinu of boarding the first freight: train iliar. p:iw>od through. Tlie oliicers .fo-und two men who gave the nami's of Kran.k Si a ley anil John' Dillon. When questioned the men said nlioy o.-i.niu from C'hiftigo auil were limiting work. Their cbotlias belted- them, us each was well dressed and-looked anytliiiis but :i common laborer huutin-g :i job. They wei'c arrestc.d on susplitlon and taken to .lusilci; ' La-tug's oiliee where rhu eliarge of earning concealed \V«II>OIK.W:IS slated agaJiist them. Eacli liacl .'i big Sinitli ,& Wesson gim-tind they looked to be typicii] ClVieago thugs. WlH>n rhe men were askqd to plead to Iliu cha-Vge against them they botli s.ign.itloil f.lieir wilJi-ujruL'ss to cuter a plwi eif giiiliy, but Attorneys Harvey and Cotn-er, who ^-cre present in the rotMii at the time, secured a;word witli. t.hom :iud the plea f»f gvillty'was witli- drnwn and tihtrt of not guilty .substituted. A. jury was demanded ;w)d the case was tried, two hours time being 'consumed. It was admitted - tlia,t . the weapon* they carried were the property of the accused, but" tlie verdict ot tlie jury was not gmilh-, "as charged: In the indictment," ami tliey went free. One o"l.' ililie jurymen Insisted t.lia.t the guns lie ueliurned to the men, but-the attov- iu-ys for the defense will hold them for their fees. Baseball Trouble Ends With the Going of Statts and Lyen. The trouble In t,he base ball club Las been scotlcil. Tlio t« p o men who were responsible for the greater part of the disaffection left yesterday and harmony Ls restored once again. Starts and Lyen loft yesterday afternoon, and 'tJiey ca.me near; making their departure highly sensational. When Manager Keller learned that the men wore proins to •leave,''be. thought It would be well to k'«efi an eye on some of the club's property that ba.ll players like to have about, such as shoes, belts, uniform shirts, etc.. and after they had gone to the train lie went -10 their room and learned that a pair of six-dollar ba.se ball shoes had packed up tlicii- sr.ip and. disgruntled at tin 1 action of the dub management, had decided to accompany the t\vo,-playGrs. Manager Keller was perfectly will Lug that the players should go, but ho objected 'to losi'Uff the serv- Ices.-of.-the-shoes, so he went to tlie Panhandle -station on a tour of invc.sti- gatiou. He found tin; men's baggage in the car buT.thuy were not in sight, .so. unbuckling the straps of Lycn's grip, he dug the shoes up from the very bottom, where they had thought to hide and get away. Lyeu eajne in tlie car just as Mr. Keller was starling out and the shoes cried loud and long to accompany the player, but Keller was firm and so they will sti'Il play with the Oftos for a while longer. States and Lyeu will probably stop In Kokomo. They are boiilr good ball players and could both do bettor for themselves titan they -tried to do in Lo- gajispoi't. In fact, they tried to "do" others and were -themselves done np. •They IKIVC no one to Maine 1 but themselves. Tlie team- will riot suffer by reason of their going. If anything, stronger men will be segured. The management is in receipt of applications from sood players every day, but will not pick up the first thai is offered. Cmi Harlow will probably return and bring wit.li him a good pitcher. A good third-baseman has been signed and the team will go in tlie field against tlie Marion club, tlie strong ametur team of Indianapolis, every bit as strong as it has been. Richest and Best Bargains FOURTH STREET HARRY FRANK'S Great Closing: Out Sale FOURTH STREET Still Continues! Our remarkable low prices, are a blessing these hard times., All this week we could not begin to wait on the people as they knew where they could get $2. Wrth of Goods :' For $1. Cash! Economical Buyers Will Need no Urging to Attend This Marvelous Sale. SEEING IS BELIEYIM Complete base ball outfit gratis with boys' and Children's suits. HARRYi FRANK 3i3QFourth Street. RECENT COURT DECISIONS. LOST THE L*EAD. Cleveland Loses a Ga.ine lo Brooklyn And Drops to Second Place. REMOVAL OF POLE. May Result From Suit of Rufus flagee.' . : Closes Jnoe 20,96. Bear In rnlmd It's not a Toy but an accurate Time piece an,d Is Given. Away Absolutely Free The WATCH With 5uit. The CHAIN With Shoes. Either Men's, Boy's or Children's Otto Kraus "Of Course" riiu jury in I 1 lie case of Ku!'us Ma gee against the American Electric Telephone company brought. In a special verdict- yestei'day morn-ing awarding the : plalutitr $50 damages. The- .case was vi'inicd from nils county (.0 the Howard OLrcirit court -The ultorncys interested in the case ,l:Uiuk. that the lindkig will also compel the telephone! company to remove the i»le from .iu 1 front of the Magce proparty-on, Fourth, street. . . .. i NO DEMAND FOR WOOL. Wabash 'Tribune: Take Hyrnau has liarvested his wool crop and states that the siftsoii Is about at an end. He dons not know what disposal will be made of it, as there appears to be but little demand for wool this year. Last year a,t tltils time he had been visited by no less than ton buyers, 'while this year, but one has put in an.appearance. There may bo such a thing as the wool buyers having an elephant on their hands before they dispose of their stock. Red raspberries,—Rotheraiol. PEACE WAS DECLARED. If all belllgorent wives and husbands could setfle their dunciilt/i.us as iquletly nud satisfactorily as Mr.' and Mrs. William D. Shelly, at Kokomo, there would bo no need of a-divorce mill to ..grind out fche.-leaves of i«rjnaneiit absence for •those whose domestic' cups are uot.full to overflowing with connubial bliss. Mr. and Mrs. Shelly agreed to disagree, after which they divided :all -their worldly possessions, each taking a half, a.ud each taking one of the, two 'ch>ii- dren. No lawyer fees for them.: 'WEEDS ARE .FEW, North Manchester Rays .of Light:.Thu farmers generally ..are surprised, and questioning 1 the reason for It, that is, the fact that so. few. weeds appear lu the corn, with so/much .rain that it is almost i-mpoeslbie.to-cuitlvaite It The reason Is no "doubt due;to the fact that weeds, as well as all crops, were out short the past two years on.Account of the drought and'the weeds..failed to mature and seed .'.tlie ground;- That Brooklyn leant seems to have got. Its second wind. Twice in succession they iiiive made the Clevolauds bite the diist.oJ! defeat alid the l,i,tt"r ciiili's per cent, ks coti'SequenUy suiter- ins. Following are the scores of yest.erday's.giimes: . '_. . At ''Breeklyn—Cleveland 3, Brooklyn 4. 'At Balrimore—Chicago 1, Baltimore !). At PhiliUli-lphja—Louisville S, Plilla- i cl'elphfa : 0. At New York—Plttsbui'g C, New York 3. • At Boston—Cincinnati 3, Boston 13. At Washington—ST. I'^ouls 0, Washington 19. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. , Clubs Won Lost PerCt. Baltimore '. 2S Cleveland 20 Philadelphia- '.28 Boston 25 Cincinnati 2T Washington 24 Pittsburg 22 Brooklyn 23 Ch-iengo 22 New York 20 St. Louis 13 Louisville 9 Interesting Rulings of Supreme and Appellate Courts. 1C If) 10 IS 20 19 21 22 23 20 31 35 .030 .03-1 .50C .581 .f570 .558 .5.11 .511 .4CS .435 ,29o .204 HOOSIERS AT ST. LOUIS. E. H. Nebeker Withdraws From Contest for National Committeeman. CANTON LOGAXSPORT TO. TRAIN. The National encampment,of the Odd Fellows will be hold In Brooklyn, X. Y.,. eoininenclog.August 1st;, The-members- of the Logah. Canton, Patriarchs: Mill- tint, wJJl compete _ for honors iii the prize drUl. They will drill -four nights in the week under tlhe < command of Capt. Allison to perfect tihemselves'for the test. ' •.-..' .. •.--..:• ' Hu c kl-obeprles.— W. T. tturbln, Frank Millikan, John K. Gowdy and James M. Huston are doing the Indiana heavy work in St. Louis, Mr. Durbln Is much in demand today to refute statements attributed to hi'tn before he left Anderson, that he 'was stHl "Warping on my daughter" and was as' much (for Harrison as ever. Said he: "McKlnfey will be nominated and the Indiana delegation, will vote solidly for • him! Indiana people regard General' Harrison's withdrawal as conclusive." Mr. Mllllkan, delegate-at- large, agreed with the Anderson delegate." 1 "'. The contest for member of the national comnuiibtee. from Indiana Is decidedly waiin. Mr.Gowdy Is reported to be for Dnrbln, but has declined to talk. Nebeker • has withdrawn, declining to stand to opposition to Huston. Only three candidates are left In the field- Huston, DurWn, and R. 6. Hawkins, of Indianapolis. The Supreme court, Judge Monks, haiwliKl down the following decision, in the case of Her/og against Daugh«rty for damages, taken from the Tippecanoe circuit court: "A contractor who, under a contract with tilie owiner of a. building, remodels •such buUding im accordance with the owner's desw-es, and turns it over to the owner, by whom it Is accepted, is not liable in damages to one who is afterward injured by the collapse of the walls of such uuiklang while he is passing along' i he sidewalk in front of'it." • In th'e Appellate court. Judge Ross, iJi the case of Win. H. Tra-minel ct :vl., vs. Elizabeth Roberts. Huntiugtou circuit court, the following w:is the ruling by which a. rehearing was denied: "A married woman is not bound to seek out her husband's execution creditors and inform theaf what property belongs to her. One who, without Inquiring fronn the wife, relies upon the husband's statement that certain personal properly belongs'to him, and takes a mortgage on the same, 'can not claim that the wife is estopped to claim such property as her own from the mere fact that site may 'have known of his intention ro bike the mortgage, and failed to seek him out and inform him that she was the real owner." CYCLONE COMING. EVERY ONE IS REQUESTED TO LOOK OUT FOR THE COMING CYCLONE. WE HAVE ARRANGED TO HAVE ONE STRIKE THIS SPACE NEXT WEEK. DEATH OF NORA LAMPERT. •• Nora Lamport died ait tibe home of her grandmother, Mrs. Bennett,.No. 12 TJhl street, FrKday morning at 11:30, aged IS years. The funeral wlU be hold Suu^ day. ,'•'•• GRATIFYING SHOWING. The Report of Sunday Schools for the Year. The following report was made at the State Sunday school convention at Crawfonlsville by Stale Secretary and Treasurer Charles L, Weaver, of Indianapolis. It showed a wonderful Increase in tae number of people enrolled in the Sunday schools of this State. Never before was so large a'propor- tion of the children enrolled in Sunday Schools. A full report has not been had until this year for several years past. Former reixirte: have shown not more than, 35 per cent., of the children, ot school age enrolled in Sunday schools, while the reports gathered this Spring show 50 per cent, instead of 35 per cent, a gadri of 15 per cent. The highest number of schools ever before reported was 4,891, while the report just gathered shows 5,048. . The largest total enrollment ever before reported was 435,093, while this report shows 618,214, a gain Jn enrollment of 183,121. This great Increase Is particularly gratifying for the reason that other States which stand in the front rank of Sunday school association work have made much smaller gains. The financial report shows that more money has been raised during the past year to carry on the work than ever before. Over $3,700 has been paid Into the treasury and expended by the association. There are not many business houses or business enterprises which can show large gains during the past year, and certainly the Sunday school -people are to be con- -•gratulcted on this feature of their work. It. Is an unmistakable test of increasing interest in the work. If you don't remember who this space belongs to just kindly look lip an old paper and see whose advertisement always occupies it. , This great cyclone struck the Linotype machine. Bead it it you can. The havoc it will create in shoos will be greater. ~Kzr.fx DemoraHzxywj rghior bmazjc hetwaobli rhniw bfkhtq raid bres gdh z-j-z-j-z-oj- rfshJk bsdfuiio maobhnt tee hwy euF flyper eKdyw sc. .L 1th DYG catoiii shvdlu cmfwyp vbgkqj xzfiflff% R93(fi roowfl 4OWK-1 lyff'lQ G!;uu frfl hn;de toa, ain shi-dlnSm wirts S2gr W-wl Rir. Fd|cv Flket Gli| .dowli B.hffilTH vbgkjq cmfwyp nibber-neck e.taoin Tzr uelijaq kspdliHbcS Odfi lysfi Goflkeqb; J ,4 ,.:: % (!' -)-'%-123| :' 0-?.. ..'. |gk eta-) shr % ( cnif %• ,ao imaoin :;'!!Gwk FR@-y,|..firp'%jiipoff xficz iearfl irG fiy (MbS IrSOc yqWKt liaqffilrCt leht,dlRow ETAbgtq lirdfi ).TAO fiaoi fflfld wdl % ((!' ,\zfiflff% vbgkqj cmfwyp shrdlu X%@%%— 3245 O0.f.. lifldl fwi?u S$09i I12gkq doGrdlu 90*...'%.:; @-?4©% %P @9$ %fl.wb dbvtlhqol flyslafol kogl end. To The Ladies This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work ot house-cleaning claims the attention of the housekeeper and not a little d» pends on the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly done-«pcurtalni spoil the effect of a well-famished home quicker than anything else. We have experienced help In this class of work who do nothing else and we KDOW we can giro you perfeot satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being the only firm Jn the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We will' appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. THE] FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $200,000. A. J.-Murdock, Prea. W. W. Rosa, Ca»h. J. F. Brooltmeyer, As*t, Cash. HBBCTOBS: «. B. Rice, W. B. Brtnghurst, , 1. J. MnrdocK, Dennli Unl. B. F. YanUs, F. M. Hatwood,' W. T. WUson, , • Banking In al! Its Departments promptly and carefully done. ,™ Safety to Customers and Stockholder* •ought tor. • . Strong Reierv* Fund maintained..

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