The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1946
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JULY 5, 1040 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Published Every Friday in the Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. FARM NEWS-PEA 7URES Published Every Friday In th« f Interest of Farm Families of Thi» Agricultural Section. Soybean Variety Tests Are Made Hor Weather Hits Some Fields Much Harder Than Others. Rotcnone is Avai/ob/c For Garden Pest Control Kotonone, one of the most valuable iuseelieldes for the (jiirden because of Its effeitlveness against wide range of chewiu!> nut sucking Insects, Is baek on the nnrkel Mils year but supplies nra limited, ncconling lo Miss Corn e Colcimin, liome demonstration Operates Weed Killer Sixteen soybean variety tciUs In North Mississippi Comity iiulirnto l)i:>t tlu> Ofdon variety mnv be .tmngfe than the Arksoy variety, commonly grown in this section for oil bonus. HurdcUc No. 13 line) Lincoln varieties also stood ui> v.-oll in comparison to the Arksoys, Coun- i A|>cnl Keith ISilhrey ;;:i!d. Dunns; the cool. ',vct Spriiv;. soybeans of nil variL-ties grev.- cxcei)- llonnlly well bin when imwuson- ibly hot weather slmck in Jinx, along with three weeks of dry weather, most beans fired or yel- lower! up Irom the bottom,—niiiny bottom leaves shed oiT. Since this yellowing and shedding is not nonnnl, several fanners asked the county u^onl. what war. wrong. Some thought the bonus Iml been plowed too wet or toa close. A thorough inspection, however, proved Hint this was not the sole cause, since lie round some nalsoys lired up badly that had no! been plowed since the dry weather h:ul set in. He pronounced it a plant reaction from n Ion;; period of csiol. wet \veatlier to sudden very hoL and dry .weather. An extensive inspection (hat was made brought out the fact taiii varieties withstood the intensive weather much better than' others. I of Some farmer with variety lefts include: John Stevens of Dell. Vance Dixon of Shady Lnnc, Hildrcd Bunch For best results In a Harden she recommended a dust containing not less thai* three-fourths per cent i-olenone. llust containing one-hiSlf per cent is the have minimum thai will he effective, : ml it must he carefully applied if it is to i;ive i;ood results. Since rotenone is Kcarco the .slrc-n^ili has been reduced to extend Mill- piles, and many dusts on the market contain less than one-half per c<nt. she said. These are usually too weak to be effective. Fall Garden Planning Time Approaches Sved to supply :\ Full crop of ta- matoes should be? .smvn nmv in s\ locMtkm in Mississippi ou:Uy tfni 1 - lienn where llu'y niiiy be \vati 1 rc<l :\r, tlicjy need inoiiilnrr, :;.iy.s Ml^s Corn Lcc Coleman, honui di'mon- strillion sigenl.. In about :i ninnlh I ho plants will he? large* oiKJUt'h la transplant to their permanent location in tin 1 Bunion. Tho sent .should be* plunltul , . about oiiK-rourth incli deep :uul " nch apart the row, and 1h Soil improvement AidsAllalfa Yield Lime Requirement Is Very heavy, Disclose. Yiirbro. Charlie Rose o( Hrise- land, V. M. Krister of Yiirbni and "Shorty" Rector and Dewev Sheppard of Roscland. ^NOW AVAILABLE I FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ^ & ***» ^j?« --rr*^^ ,:, ' ,"&i $>- / t Suitable for Sawmills, Unloader Fans, Irrigation Pumps, etc. NO PRIORITY REQUIRED ELLIS IMPLEMENT CO. Tlii> best Mm,, lei prepare nnd Improve tie,!i rnr urowhn; alfalfa Is: iHMore |,l:inlliv., areordlnu In Kl'llll lillbrey. county ilHcnl. \,' W Mili: iraKoii. ]iH':il farmer:: who plan to sew imaim this full .should muki> phui" now to n|)|ily lime,. fert'li.'er. r.nd mnnui'u were need-1 «l to Improve the fwtllllv of (lie Bill I. Alfi.Kn IN very htiih In ll.s lime ri'iiulivtiienl. Vin-loiis iiiirk'iillural I'olli'i'.i'.s linvc [irovrn tbnl n fmir Ion yield of iiifnirii per iii-u- will n-inoM- fiiio pounds ,,i Him- from I lie M>ll In one yi'ar. A_ll soils sliuvild bo Irsli'd mill llnie should !>,• jipplleil ai'conHni; lo the nerd liidti-:iieil by lilt! Klilee II tuki'.s j.oiin- I line for f;nntud ]1mr- stnnr' 10 I'i'uc.t In the soil, it Is bc'SI Id ;i]lp]y the' Illlio on fresllly plowed lain! nnd hiirrowetl o'r rllskul i]iio the soil severnj months before pi uitIng seed. A. I,. Ij'wln of Cnile ivornl- ly puivliiised Hie Lowdeii iMnnln- tlon Miulli of Dell nnd he lincl hi in-, of im-niim ,if (he bine into allatfa pioduef Ion. T\va weeks i he asked Ihe local county iwiil to le.sf nil of Ills bind for lime content In order Ilial lie iiiit;lil (Ind nut If lime v.".\» need- eti, where It was needed the most, nnd to see If there were imy (letdn thill, .should never be put In nl- f:\lfa pruchurllon. Sails Olffer I '1 here was n wide variation In the different lields. Some needed no lime, some were ncld in the top soil nnd nculrul In liie sub- snll, nnd theri- were a few fields thai weiv strongly ncld both in the top soil and the subsoil. H wns pointed out lhal when a dinner finds land strongly nclu In the Mibsull. it eiui never be iidjusled lo profitable nlfnlfii production even thotiKh lime Is np|illi>d. There seems to be no wily they can ncl llnte <lo\vn Into the subsoil where ullnlfa rool.s eventxisilly iienolrale nnd undei' conditions Ihe ul- fulfu will die out in two or Ihrro yenr.s. Alfalfa ulso mjulrcs lni'i;e ninimnts of phosphorus nnd |M)Iash. imrtleiilurly pnlnsh. County ABi'iii Hllbrey told of n (U'inoiistration \\'here It Is proved (•(ini'lllslvely Hint, three tons ot al- lalfn per acre inke uwny from Ihe soil ^ r-L! limes UK iniicli |H>1- ash n.s i-oltoii whleh producer, i\ bitle lo tile aero. yours of nirnlfa. Iln cxplnlnert Soils low In organic Hint when; this happens the ftl- Bhoiild ix> Imjuovcd by api>hcs- of nmnurc, <>r by tuniing fuHn has drawn prnclleally all 61 the potusli Hint ll>« soil lelenscd 1'nch yeur. Where n jrolnsli dc- lleleney l:i it known problem, 11 Is recoinmended Hint fiO to TO pounds of imiilulo of potash 1> U uiipllcd to the soil nl the lime of or before needing alfalfii. Soil tests may be used lo determine more nc- ctirately Hie fertiliser needs of Individual fields. AUTOMATIC Record Changers $30.75 Weed killiiiy 2 a.COO-dc'ijrec the Ilam? iet > one of tile UM-S r:)r the new flame i;un which tlirows bl-ist of heal. Kerosene fills n steel iire.s;nu-e tank and i:; rcr.nllUed by a valve on the torch. •l-ll <:lulis DriiKiusliate This- demonsti attral is helm; used by -!-H Club leams In the county to acquaint ns ninny fnrm- erx as possible with llii" inn<ninl» of different kinds of plunl fond rrinovrd by the different rrnpi C.rown In ibis urea. II was wild that moiiy farmers hi this eounly .hi'vc seen eotlcm pertniisly affeeted by lust following four or (tve I'lays Itt-eurds tbrou^b rliaiiKes I belli iinlninal play ill Itreiinis :\[ one ll.i.ll.., and leally. WIN setlEtllf. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 'i\'A Wesl i\I:iiii Kl. Ions mder soylwans Or some other .!«- jumo jis iv oieeti manure crop. Read Courier News Wunt Adi. / Prompt BOTtw RAY WORTH1NGTON Servlnc This Section far Zl Ye»n lir> Ki>. 3rd, PlytheviUe, Ark. Tune In I'rudeutUl Pr*Kram Sumluy »t :i p.m. over WRKC ground kept moist until they hnvo germinated nnd the .seedlings arc above grounrl. Home c;;n Ueiiers can assure n plentiful supply or tomaliu's in the lull by iilantinc or .settiiiH out n new erop from these seedlings in July. While -.'Hrly planted tomat-jes nuiy Ila.vslack Protection continue in production ' until frost under very favorable condit they Renerally. sillier so sev from hunt and drought in late ,1'ily and August that, very little tlon is possible Hn-ouKli the fall months, she explained. The homt? demonst ration urued Mississippi Countj' tlardeiier.-, lo maintain production lliroii[:hmit the season, because the need for food for shipment, alnoad may result in small supplies here :n home. In many instances there will be Id'" space after early, cool weather crops ] have matured. If ibis space is not' needed for such summer ve^ctaDK--, as ee,i;p]iints. peppers, tomatoes. | sweet potatoes, or snnr> or lima beans, it should be kept clean nnd CO MANY fires result from man's eultivated from now until time I 0 own ciirtlessncssth;U the farmer should ut least protect himself ncainst the s|ieclaciilar weapon ot nature wliicb destroys more of his property than anything else—lii;hl- UglitninK wipes out from S20 000,0(10 to $311,000,000 in farm properly annually, hills about SiOO persons and injures many others. The farm home nnd every farm fence Etructurc, liayslnck ami jhoulii be equipped with properly installed lightning rods. Lightninf; Itrikcs without wivrninif and it • j iakcs the patli of least 'resistance » the ground. A simple lightning shield for a myslnck can be made on the farm ly stretchiiiK H wire cable, across wo uprights at either end of the .tack. The cable is then fastened at Ither end to metal stakes driven. arce feet into moist Ground WUR TANKWAGON MAN IS YOUR Tttetj ^ T>eed The best protection your tractor can have is a "treat" to Fortified Tagolcnc H.D. (Heavy Duty) Motor Oil. It's specially designed for use in tractors and trucks — formulated to stand the extra -wear and tear of heavy-duty service. make pliintiiij;s for full vcKctabled. One of the most serious diHlciil- ties in t;ro\viiu; n. c,ood fall garden is lack of imilsturc to olj'.aiu K<H):i i:ei inination of seed planti'd in late July or August when there are normally IOUK periods of hoi, dry weather. MILLIONS TO LOAN 4 % Form Loans "G.I." City Loans F.H.A. Loans Also: Ormvi'nlinnal 5-7 61 10 Years 01 Residence and I! it s Property. W. M. BURNS REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE COMPANY P1IONU: ?,3C,l Wo ro accuslomod lo saying uso "Our EASY PAY PLAN" when wo speak of tho convenient limo paymorU terms available for our customers ... BUT >KO truth of tho matlor is that it's "YOUR Easy Pay Flan" for YOU arrange tho lorma to r>ult YOUR budget. GOOD/YEAR SHVICI 110W. Main STOCK Phone 2497 I'uhlished l!y The IklU Implement Co., Mlythevilfe Frlrtny, .Inly No. Vt You've wtiiletl five lonn; years for (he vacation you're plaunintc tins summer so it's nalnnil that you should want to make it (he lies! vacation you've ever h;iil. In tlioso plans we're FOIl you 10(1'!-. You've K<>t 't You're planninp,' « (rip of course and thai means your car and your (Ires will liave to he in lop-notch condition. How ahont your tires — n re they in nootl shape? Maybe yon. like so ninny vncalion hound motorists, have Ivied lo Imy new tires and found thai none was available. iWimy II A VIC heen disappointed. Tlinujch Ilium aren't nearly enough new I ires for everyone who needs tlu'tu — new (ires AlfK liein^; m»de in njreiitur (|ii:intity I ban ever before. We miuM j»sl happen to have your si'/.e in stock, and if we have — they're yours, Itut if not — we could put your name on our I'riority Iiisl to (?et new tires us sonii as they come in. S6P TAGOLENE H.D. (Heavy Duty) MOTOR Oil Zcttci 4 1. Tougher, oilier film is more heat-resistant. 2. Helps clean up dirty engines — rings, valves and stems — anil removes harmful sludge. 3. Prevents formation of excessive deposits of varnish, sludge and carbon. 4. Guards alloy bearings against harmful corrosion. Allen Petroleum Company Marketers of Petroleum Products Phone 2005 Blyrhcville, Ark. That's wtm it amonnis to when you get your equipment back from u$ afier a clicck-up and overhaul job . the knowledge that every job you »rart will be finished with no unneccmry delay No, the premium you pay isn'i big and 11 gives you the best possible protection on your iractor investment, for a lay-off of your equipment adds up to i in [ion in t loss in your food pro- illicitco program You will save all ihc way around by adopting our regular service check-up. You will prevent trouble, you will save tlic con of • breakdown •» against a timely adjustment anJ your tractor will give you thai dependable performance thai means satisfaction and profit. Our Service Shop hit the men, methods, and mstcrial to keep four equipment in perfect working order. They have the "know bow" too because they arc fjctory trained. Our sltu-k of (;r;iiltt;illy (li'|i jidvnnciMl, iitil hiKlicr. >So, if HlalliiiK any wi iiHMiil Ihitl yiiu • DI— i\llll'(|ticllc (li> Pnnn \Vrldors is •t>s lutvt 1 not yd. shipniL'nl m:iy hu cnntumplaliiiK in- K c>(|iiiiiinuiil \v<! I'ocotn- ii. now. .DI .1. M. Slcvcns of Dclln hits n 2-hn(linn, (II- rcrl (•(initi.'ftod Disc Plow Tor wile. Vt will fll i'il her H I'iiiiuiill II or .M (rncldr, anil it is in cxcelli-nl cnndilion. ' -DI- Jlr. W. T. l,nl!(.r, ronlc .DiM'i'injf ronil near New A-A (xOtnl)iiio for sale. Sloulc, Dii iii'vuy, has :iti Anyone having a fomhine for Kitlc, please list il with UK. \Ve have tni|itiries every day and can put you in (inch with prospective buyers. -DI- lf your combine needs ;in overhaul job or Jtuy minor repairs, we Hiijfjresl. that you lirinjf it in now. It may take us some limo l.o jti'l I IK- m'cewiiry parts. 'I'liis delay niit:l>L lie cosily In you later on. DI Ciiu you iniii^ine, all our Delia Implement Cn. t'niployi-es lisive jjouc '"Hollywood". Last WedtK'sdaj (lie (Vnlral Newsrec! Service lonk our pioliircs for showing al a local (deafre. One or two oC our female em- plyet's liiive already heijuu chcckin.t; nil Ihe incoming mail loikinir foi- correspondence from some (nlcnt scottl. DI- We'll be back next week. So IOIIR, for now. GOOD CONDITION PAYS! mi. Give rout TRACTO* A CHKK-Uf HOW! Implement Co. OSCKOLA. .-.I.YTUBVH.I.K

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