The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 31, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE BLYTREVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MAY 10-17 [Mental Tests \ Arranged* tor : Young Slayer ' L<£?fFR, Micll May".3l:'.(U?) — i Oliver Terpeiimg. Jr., 16ryear-okl « "Uirill" killer of his four play• mates! conferred in his Jail cell ' wilh a coiirt-apixjmted attorney ', today and prepared to undergo a 'mental-examination. ; More thai:' 1,500 persons' attend'.ed the mass funeral fit Imlay City syesterday for, Oliver's victims— • Stanley'Smith, 14, and his'throe isisters,'Barbara! 10, Gladys, 12, and 'Janet, 2, Oliver did not want to ?go. He-.sald lie. could not face th-i : victims' "parents. Mr. and Mrs,' •jWilliam" B.' Smith. ; Terpenihg was taken before Cir- Icuiti'Judge "George DCS Jardins 5yesterday -for a conference about '•hi s defense. Tiie boy said »c hud "no attorney but .agreed on the .[appointment of Jack F. • Smith of 'Lap«r...< > • Tlw State Department of Mental ^Health named, a three-man board ^for the sanity examination. ... Before tiie funeral yesterday, 'Oliver Terpenins, Sr., and his son, Donald, 23,' called on the parents 'of the four dead children for the ,first time. • Smith told the elder • Tci-pcnlng. 'a reflected dairy farmer, that he held no grudge. committee of the 50th O,?ni'r:i! As. "I am sure your boy is insane," sembly of Arkansas was on <.i\» Smith told the father, Donald j second lap of an ins;iLv-tio-i lunr Agreed with smith. Beuiah Overeil Goes On Trial '*?. Leaving tile Santa Ana, California, police -st-.uiou on their wuy to the courthouse Hliclxi Crank, itoulah Ovcrcll. nml UcpMty CJ;ul Pryor. Miss Qvorcll is on trial parents. <NEA Telcjjhuto.) k'H to right,(lie inurclu: 'Legislators on Tour To Inspect Equipment • LITTLE ROCK, Ark., May 31. today for tho pnrcha-so o! ifil equipment for tho House of rcsci)tativc.'S. The committee iini. 1'Ul,- last night for Richmond TallnhaE.sce, Fl:i., and Munt^c-r.- cry, Ala., to sep the irn:iiifiu:tui\» nock V:.., — A five-membvT Hou*c and operation of the MATEEL HOWE TlIIl STOIlYi fc'nd huut fvcrj rriit^d tin- f tmK n |ilny fur (hi* Snr F*irl , I 4'qDLV honttr fur viiL-iitlon. Ih , To I liver* (tnVf nut u "HiiritrlM ytirly." Fiitbfr rtii^KCNleBl 1 vn lertttin In ri-lum. 'I'hi- Nimbl itlTnlr 1 thoiiKbt uf U«NUIIU-I KtyrrtnUi- pn.ii^rtloiiH wttvn i-'lur r »»*! Ajiunlirlle lnuk a liunil. ^^ * * * . *' vii • fpHE party, which as first li'^planned would have cost twcn- tj?or twenty-five dollars, came to welL over two hundred. But it was an .enormous success and was talked about in Olsego for years. One hundred and forty-odd sat fiownt^o^ .at flower -decked candle-fit tajflcs," We had not only the Spanish rice, but turkeys nncl hams; shrimp as well as sweetbread salad; rolls, coffee, ice creoin in .molds, a -; dozen home-made 'fakes, a cheese tray, crackers, am punch. • As it slowly darkened, n dozei boys under Leah's directioi lighted 100 Chinese lanterns. Flora had talked me into getting an orchestra from Ithaca and, as slu said; they were divinc ( We dancei during supper and after on cement, platform which stood i one corner of our lawn and whicl •jve had waxed for the occasion. : At nine o'clock the full mooi ?ose over the tree tops. I don' 'see how it could have been inor beautiful. ' . Although all the Tollivcrs ha ."worked like beavers over in party, Flora and Annabellc ha iound. lime to make, themselve new dresses. They were in pal lemon organdy with light bin ^gclvet sashes and carried quain ttle bouquets of i>ansies and for- ct-inc-nols. Amy wove n white ress, and Mrs. Tolliver, who was in mourning, sluyed only until fler supper and would not stand i the receiving line. * * * f^E received in front of n uloom- " iny syringa bush that made the ir dcliciously sweet. Father had n ew white silk suil and looked very inch the judge. I \va.s in esh-oink chiffon and carried red :.*. I had never been so happy. \s it was the first real parly I had ivcn since my mother died, nil :ie older women made much of me or my mother's s;ike. And cvcry- nc was more than kind to Flora- ellc and Anuabelle. How couki Ifcy help it? As Father said, they ooked like two angels. I was too happily excited avo much lo say. But not Flora ml Annabellc. They chatted and aligned and made jokes wilh the •oung people; they were demure irirt sweet and admiring wilh thcii jlders. And never for long did thcs :easc their golden praise for Fa- hcr and me. * * * FN talking over tbc party beforehand, I had said ti> Father tha f all went well and it didll'l rail :uid the moon came up, ! was will ing to bel that one or both llv Forbcses would propose before th evening was over. l-'alhcr rufusei to bet. He said the poor lindn't a chance, what with sol music, moonlight, the frngr?n<:e o roses and syrhi£:as, mid four <le tcrmined women combined i pack against them. Flora and Annnbellc had sllppc with the two Forbeses, but Floi was seldom at the table, for s!i was dancing with Ibis one, lha one, and then more ami 11101 often with Bob Finncran. I nnticc for the llrst time that evening ho beautiful they were togcthe They .were both blond and blue eyed, though Bob's hair was n tri Members of the comnuU'.ie aie , selected by the Osccola High School cps. Carroll Hollciisvvorth of I faculty lo atlen<j Girls State in Mnlvcrn,| Llllle Rock. June 7 to June H arc Pe(j(jle Lou Grigsby, sponsored by the Osceola American Legion Auxiliary; Ann Malock, sponsored by Ihe Rotary club; June Roberts, by Hie city nncl Ann Driver, by ih'i Klwanis Club. Girls Stale held annually at the school for le Deaf in Littl'e Iio'-'!<. is sponsored by the.American Legion. Wun-cn. Edwin Cash of Max Howell of Little Rock, w. L. Ward of Mariniina. :u'-l jnmes H. Campbell of Hot 5])r:oii-i. Three Named in Osceola To Attend Girls State OSCEOLA, Ark., May 31. — Girls old and Flora's what we used t6 ill nsh blond, and is now known •; platinum. I noticed, too, thut sparatcd they seemed to droop a ttle, as if all the life and fire had one out of them. Togelher they tip like pumpkin lanterns, as cab hller pul it. Cousin Sam loved to dance, but o find nevqr bothered to learn the cw slcps. For a little while.lie ood on the edge of the' platform :\d watched Flora dancing check o cheek wilh I3ob Finnernn. Then turned on his heel and went me in a hull', without cvcti bolh- ring to tell me good night. Neither did Nelson know the ew slcps. For a litlle while Anabelle refused to dance and stood anging on Nelson's arm and atchiiii; the rest of us. But Anabelle was only 22. After a litlle lilt of the music was too much _. her. When Dick Salmon in- isted that she- dance wilh him I ncl Nelson himself said gravely it j vould be a pily for her not to, she •ent off with Dick. Nelson stood long liine,iind watched her wist- , ully. ' , j * * * ' A ROUND .midnight, as I was standing beside Nelson, Amia- aclle abruptly left her partner and amc up lo him. , "I have a bone to pick with •ou," she told him gaily, laughing delicious laugh. With me, dear child? What lave 1 done?" "You've spoiled me for boys. *ou make them seem so silly." But it was loo laic. Nelson told i^alher long afterward he first realized that night that he was too old for Annabclle. N a Saturday morning two weeks later Flora was missing from her bed, and nothing was heard from her for 2'1 hours. Then it came out that she had eloped with Bob Finncran and gone to New York on her honeymoon. Everyone said with obvious relish that the Tollivcrs, having failed in their gamble and used up most of their five thousand' dollars, would soon be down and out. . J (To Be Continued),, RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RE- LTABLE WORKMANSHIP. We PHONE 2642 Call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. i-^lhorized Motorola Radfo Sales and Service IOC South First St. Tni'ay's frcf MUM Record Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. R1TTNKU HILL WILSON HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. is pleased to announce that Mr. Richard Holt lias joined our staff as carpenter and maintenance man. Call us to do that job you can't do or don't ivnnt to do. 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Hoople Out Our Way SHJWI/ HOW ASSRfXWTl^S TvVM i MOTOR 5W013LD 8M.l< Or^US h WILL ,' --— DID von OBSERVE A i '•' PUFF OF DACti SKWKE SHOOT- A/ s^Q Qivr co^vv !\s.\T\c; f j> -ra^ ^' 10 OD EXPIRED, OR V^AS IT By J. R. Williams WMEtJ ^ou HIT tetis MILL IT C.OLJS1DED LI tie A BLSSBOV DROPPING A TRMFULOF ^LKTeS.'-H-X'A 6Ol,\!G TO THUNtB A RTO£ — VOU 6TA^ AMD NURSE THIS COSSTRAPTIOM AMD SOU AlftV GET ANl ORDER OF- WAFFLES OUT OF IT.' POST-MORTt.Vl = W! FLINT IWATS VfitOXS, ^THIS (WENB Of YOURS! WO OOWT I VIC FUKT--YOJ SAY ' 100« 6000. /«'S A PRIVATE Of- TEaiVE. HOW WR CAN YOU TRUST HIM? So This Is 1!nCs Cirl AMOTHER MODERN ART-- S WITHOUT SEATS. Mow you LISTEM TO MB, SUB ZERO' NO SHAPELESS, SELF SATISFIED DRIP B GOING To EAVE OM. SOSAR. ' MV DOUSH, ir- SOUNOS LIKE" > CHAMBLIN SALES CO., Inc. Soles STUDEBAKER Service Cars and trucks of outstanding quality and economy. Stmlebaker builds cars and trucks that can take it. ASK the man thai OWNS one! 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AMP IT 5 BURN1N6 YOU UP BECAUSE you FOUNP OUITE CHARITABLE,VHD KMOW...HE SA1P S.UCHK1NP THINGS ABOUT VOI '1 HED Three Guessos, Chum LO, RE.O' TO WA'CH YOUR HOR5= C3LT fCR. !E RACE Will Vv!-£ V I. HAM1.IN ALLEY OOP llnlic Him All TME WAY.X^A GUY I KNOW\ UTWHM'SO / ' ^ Y<X)R MIND ? / IS HWIN'A LI1TLE 1 TROOBlf . I'll EXPLAIN 'V LATER, WEARV. tfhats how Bat Dewer brought his troubles to me. HY MICHAEL O'MAU.BY and RAT.PH T,ANK SOMEBODY'S EVIDENTLY TRY-^, Ni 10 SCftRE YOU INTO 1O5ING j YOUR FIGHT WITH CAR- RENTES. WHY COULDN'T VOU TELL M^HUOH? vTUU ItLl f , YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. HE'D 6ORI6H11OTH6 BOXING CCm.\M5SWK ftNOTHEREbBEAN INVESTIGATION. THERE WftS SOME-^ I THIN'MYCIRL SAID, AM' ^SHE MADE ME PROMISE l MOT TO 1EU WEflRV. 1 6OTTA YOUR ADVICE. Find Out —</AVE,OH,EXALTED LISKT GOT \OFTHE FULL MOON! ONE OF \ THE CRIMINAL EH V. T. -II AM LI BOOTS ANT) HRR BUTJDTRS II Looks Atomic 1M !F IP ^'"!/:^^ -H, /-vaar 1J; Ifc.'i .i,$. C O i '. *_ *> *.*• -J^. --j ft, <=>P01L. ft f-itVJ OV=>Ht?>: VJrtt^J VSt u POCOTFNCO , RWO V, v\Pi R^K> fAV HOMt, Rt^O CftKt O^ ftOtVStR.^ , \-tMD ft V\W-iD W W ftKSO tttD <iTORc., 1 RfeftVCS Hf\D TO ^A'^%t\-V ; uo« vo V CUP Of CO^Vtt W

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