The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 7, 1949
Page 10
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PACK TEN BI/VTHEV1U.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER T, 1049 Uncle Sam Offers Island for Sale Only One Bid So Far For Tree-Studded Delaware River Isle WILMINGTON. Del.— lift— Uncle Sam would like to sell the 60-acre, tree-studded spit of land In the Delaware River called Reedy Island. The Island originally was tile main quarantine, station for the Port of Philadelphia. Not Ions ago Shelby D. Collins, a 78-year-old port Penn contractor, offered S7.SOO for the island. The government turned it down as "unrealistic," Collins wanted everything—nailed down or not. His bid Included the land, an office building, barracks, hospital building, recreation and mess hall, carpenter shop, storage buildings, water towers and pump houses, wharves, salt water fire mains and coal bins containing 200 ions left by the Navy. Not Joking The Army now custodian of the property, said Collins must be jok- inj. Collins replied hLs offer still goes. He admits, however, he doesn't know what he'd do wllh the island If he ever got it. Reedy Island originally belonged to the State of Delaware. The U.S. got the land as a sift In 1873. Now Delaware refuses to take It back. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was asked to accept the island as « bird refuge. The Service said it didn't think the birds would like it. The Navy was In possession for a year or so before the end of World War II but surrendered it as soon as Japan surrendered. Right now the Island is in charge of John Mitchell, a caretaker appointed by the Army in January, 1913. With Mitchell .are his wife, two children and a dog. Helped Builil During the last 55 years the US has spent between $400,000 and 5500,000 on the jungle-like strip The island lies 20 miles south of Wilmington and 40 miles from Philadelphia. So far Collins is the only pcrsor who has shown interes' In the property. "I helped put the first stick of ; lumber on the place In 1893." Collins says, "but don't ask me wha It's good for today. "A duck files by once in a while In the fall or winter and some folks have caught a muskrat or two there but that's all. "I'd like to have the buildings because some of them are in pretty good shape but It would take a tugboat and a barge and n crew o men to move them to the main land." Nevada Hits New Bonanza in Books Playing Host to Best-Seller Authors 4^"i-,, -r^^j fittX^L-irf.* HER ffllSH SETTERS COME BY THE PACK—"Candy," the mama Irish setter belonging lo ClilT Kunkelat Cincinnati, O., wulches anxiously over her latest Jitter of If) puppies. "Candy" who has h.-ul 40 pups in the past 14 months, now has so many children she h:is io got help from a roster mother. Little Kaye Dorsey, age. 4, doesn't see why anyone should worry over having so many urelty pupa. Invasion of May-Flies Bring !ov/a Towns Headaches But Are Good Bait DES MOINES. (il'i— The only Hie river, llics nlr lo some uttrnut- ;ootl thing you can say nbcnu May- i ive hunp posl m neon Sight, there -""lies (or Lake-Flies, Sluiil-FHes, ! lo Multcr for n ni^ht ruul to die. Mormon-Files, or whatever thfy I Tin? c^t:, liosvewr. hatches into call them in your community), ,hat they make good ash btiit. To the people living in towns near lukcs mid rivers in Iowa, ]>ur- .iciilarly tlie Missouri and Mississippi rivers, where Die bugs have xcn especially pesky tills year, they're just darned pests. Entomologists are still studying the insects but tiiey haven't ninny nnswers yet. They know the flies can be counted upon pcrioilk-nlly to a worm-like, :UIII;LIK- nymph as iii:iny :is suvi'ii breathing,' on its itluLumen and sirtes, a t C\AW and a liin'r-hke tail. with Wife Wins a Divorce From 'Flying Drunk' Scientist Says Wasp May Stop Fruit Flies MOMBASSA, Kenya, East Africa .,_ r ^ fAI')—Prank E. Skinnor. a U.S. swoop down by the niiilions on'the J scientist, was well pleased when he brightly lighted towns to swarm around the lights for it ni^ht, and then to drop rlead in the streets und on the sidewalks. They black out windshields on car sand make the paving slippery underfoot. The dc-ad nsects create an offensive odor. SYUNKY. Australia— </I'i— A wlfi suing for dU-urcc told the juiiitc hei iiusband a.^kcd one night if sin would like to see him jump out of the balhrtwim window. The bathroom wii.s 15 feet above the ground. She ignored his question and went en with hfr neddlework. Out of the window went her husband. He cuine ijnrk in the rooin. asked it she had seen him. she said. "No." He took another header out the window. She was granted her divorce on the grounds of drunkcness and cruelty "He was a flying drunk," snid the judge. VIRGINIA CITY, Nev. (NEA)—. The roaring millionaires of the Comstock Lode days might not like he idea, but Virginia City is stag- comeback through the medium of fine literature. The famous streets and fabulous lomes that once knew the silver nine kings now welcome four famous authors, who form the nucleus of n new bonan/a for the once- :'ich area. The four are Roger Ruttcrfleld, author of the picture history, "The American Past;" Walter van Tilberg Clark, whose "Track of the :at" Is now on the best-seller lists; and the writing team of Lucius Beebc and Charles Clegg. Virginia City's artistic colony Is not the beard-and-beret set, however. Nevada's literary lights are more at home in dungarees and riding boots than In berets, and prefer dropping in to the Sawdust Trail Saloon to literary teas. Bufterflcld and Clark ore residents of Virginia Oily proper, while Beebe and Clcgg live In their celebrated private railroad car, "The Gold Coast-," a throwback to the days when every self-respecting millionaire had his private palace car. "The Gold Coast" is now In the .yards of the lamed Virginia Truckec Railroad at nearby Carson City, but lieebe and Clcgg are fixing up a home in Virginia City, too. What was oiu-c the offices of the Colnr-Potosi, one of the most celebrated of the great Virginia City mines of the '60s and '70s, is now home lo Buttcrficltl. Another former mine office houses Clark. He has acquired a stately mansion of red brick which used to house the business department of Best and Belcher, one of Ilic great silver producers of the Comstock's heyday. For writers interested In the glamorous past of the American West. Virginia City is a research paradise. They find many remnants of it still existing and can talk to Australian Beauties Lure Jugoslav Sportsmen MELBOURNE (AP)— Visiting Yugoslav soccer players are dazzled by Australian girl*. They are the most •autlful and best dressed in the world, the Yugoslavs s»y. And these ladjs have been In most countries around the globe. The unmarried ones, however, have met trouble on the road to romance. They cant speak English. But they are still hoiieful. K FARMER—Bill Joe Wil- ilarns, 20-year-old Boone County livestock breeder, became the first member of Future Farmers of America to enter the coming Arkansas Livestock Show with a list of Jei- seys. He already has pulled down to $300 awards at previous state shows and says lie is out to win again this year. Stadium vu originally » Greek measure of length, approximately 600 feet. of books won't produce the wealth that the mines once did, But it hopes that it may prove more lasting. inc for nave q!d-tirnei.s who remember back to Hie good old days when there was gold—and silver—in them thtir hills, Virginia City's Ixinnnza days existed until about 1919, so the authors do not have to delve too far back for material. The famous mines, like the Mexican, Gould and Curry, Ophir and Consolidated Virginia, arc dry. but their memory is fresh. Another reason for the Influx of writers—as well as successful pel- sons in other fields—to Nevada Is the absence of slate Income or Inheritance taxes in the state. Nevada knows Its new bonanza AUTO & TRUCK PARTS OFFERED AT COST! $3,000 worth of auto, truck, and Irador parts are now offered for saie at wholesale price because we're closing out our parts department. You are urged to contact us soon to get the parts jou need. Davis Bros. Garage Manila, Ark. Phone 71 Linguistic Miracle Set for Institute At Mich. College * A*W ARBOR, Mich. fAP)— A sor flrf linguistic miracle ts being nccom plisrwd here. Young foreign *tu dent*, with little or no background In English are achieving a fluertc - In eight weeks that might tafce as i kmff as two year* elsewhere. This \K beinp accomplished by the Uulver. 1 )!- ! ty of Michigan's English Language Institute. 'There's been a* much *dvance In linguistic science in the last 1330 years," Dr. Charles C. Fries, director, says, "as there has been in the field of physics and atomic research." Dr. Fries *ays the whole program rests on determination of the differences between the foreign language and English. Different sentence structure, different pronunciation of the same letter and different meanings of the same word provide the working area, Intense effort U then applied to eliminate "trouble spots". Proof of the system Is that about to-thirds of the students are i_'ady to hold their o\vn In the English- speaking world after eight werks. Each ha< a working vocabulary of a bou b 1,800 words of usa bl e English. Dr. Fries looks forward now to the 39tti institute session thus fnll. With it ?s almost sure to come again the student who learns "room and board", then tries to Justify "eat our education" for "board of education". They can creule traffic luv/avds. Burlington, Iow:i, found it necessary to close a vehicle and train bridge recently when the insects' bodhis made traction impossible. Council Bluffs, Iowa, and ,Omaha have had : the same experience. 1 Muscatine, Davenjwrt and Du- \ buque along Town's Mississippi riv- i cr border, have found It necessary.; this summer to send out crows wilh ' brooms and trucks after particularly bad Invasions. i Old fishermen will tell you B good run of flsh cnn be expected \ coincident with an Invnsion of tho ' flies nnd that they, cnn be used for bait. | The life cycle of the fly is coin- I paratlvely short. An adult fly. after [ laying its eggs in a quiet stretch of \ left hete recently. He h:id found and .shipped to H;uvrm 2.USC pupae of I two kinds ol ASrican moth, I He believes Mm wasps can be bred I in Hawaii tf> prey on a type of fiult! kinds of /mil in Hnwnil. fly which i.s lieiv to the hlauds. It | The new fly has brought a world i.s believed the fly ejunc in in 1Q4G I wide .search for oilier insects which with Ameru-iin troops returning ] will pn;y u]M>n it. Four Hawaiian from other Pacific Islands. The fly ! agencies and the U.S. government Is already preying on 100 different are helping in the search, Watch for the Opening Announcement of BLYTHEVILLE'S NEWEST SHOE STORE NO DOWN PAYMENT!! An orphan car is one that is no longer manufactured. NOT HALF-SAFE When It's Time To Eat It's Time To Refresh IT'S THE NEW NORGE BIG 8-CUB/C-FOOr REFRIGERATOR • GREENSBORO, N. C. 1910-Joycr \Vinthvope of Greensboro and A(^ Unla, Georgia, says: "A girl who's half-safe stays home—and misses out on all the fun and parties. So 1 don't take any chances - I o?c c deodorant thnt slops my perspiration 1 lo 3 days. Kills perspiration odor instantly, safely, surely, better than (nythine I've found. Safe for my nkin and clothes." How about you? Don't be half- nafe-be Arrid-safe! Use Avrid to he •ure.Buy new Arrid \\-ithCrcaniogen. Arrtd with Creamogen is guaranteed not to crystallize or dry out in tn« jar. What a more, if you are not completely convinced that Arrid is in aery way the finest cream deodorant you've ever used, return the jar wilh unused portion, and we'll refund the entire purchase price. Our address is on every package. Get A jar of the new Arrid with Croomogcn today-cmly 3S< n(r ( « tax. Ask for it cither Kay .. . both trade-marks mean the jume thing. IOTUEB UMD!I! iUTHOHIIY Of JHI COCi-COlA COMPANY IV Coca-Cola Bollling Co. of Hlyihevill* ^EXCLUSIVE SELF-D-FROSTER SYSTEM PUTS AN END TO MANUAL DEFROSTING 1 Refrigerator automatically turns itself off— then, after ihe defrost period, automatically turns itself on again 1 . 2 Thin film of frost on outside of freezer Defrost water drains 3 1 Ik f into easy-to-remo¥«, dissolved — '• refrigerator jptllproof Hindrfrojter »lways works at peak ef- —can b« emptied at your Scieacy. con«niencel DON'T DELAY. GET YOUR NORGE NOW! USE OUR EASY PAYMENT PLAN! No Down Payment Puv As Little As 25' A Day No Down Payment On Our Meter Plan A New Easy Plan For You HERE'S HOW THE METER PLAN WORKS 1—Choose the model you want from this and several other new 1949 Norges. < 2—We deliver it immediately—no down payment required! 3—For your convenience in making payments, we install the Meter, out of sight, if you wish. 4—You merely drop as little as 25e a day into the Meter 5 —Once o month, our representative calls, counts the coins in your presence, and gives you a receipt. 6—Thus the daily small change you savt will actually buy your new Norgs.- You pay for it while you use it. NOTHING ELSE TO PAY Mod.) SK-64 GET A NORGE!!! YOU GET MORE!!! METER PAY 25 e A DAY LfSS THAN THE Pft/CE OF X BLOCK OF ICt Remember! !... No Down Poyment!!.. .Act Post! !... Act Today

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