The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 10, 1950
Page 3
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*WW5AY, APRIL 10, 1950 (ARK.) COURTER mews Russia May Call Shots on Hainan Narionaliiti Predict Soviet Will Direct New invasion Force By Spenerr MOOM TAIPEI, Formal*, April 10. (AP) —Chinese Nationalist* today predicted. Russian experts would call the j on the next invasion of tttalnan Island, mj Dispatches from Hainan sulrf Russian adviser. 1 * had arrived on liiiichow Peninsula, 10 miles from Hainan on the Chinese mainland, ftomij weeks ago, The Russians are drilling Intensively a .small invasion force, the dispatches added, Tbr«! Attempts Repcleri Nationalists shattered three Chl- Communist a Item pis lo invade' Ihe Island In the past two weeks, Thp.y said they killed 11,000 Reds, captured at least 2.000 and seized considerable arms and supplies. (Report reaching Hong Kong said: thft Communists h a vfi., ordered one of their lop generals, Lin .Pino, to conquer Hainan. A full-scale iti-' va.tLon way come within n few days. 'Despite relentless commandeering of .small craft alt along the Fcnith China coast, the Reds would be hard out- Eo float a larger force.) The Nationalists have said the Reds lost many small craft in six small landings in thft past month. Latest Try Ronled Hainan riuspalchn.s told of. a complete rout of the latest attetnpt Saturday. Lin's 258th division troops raced toward Hainan in more than 3Q motorized craft. Nationalist defenders sank move than 20 vessels and killed more than 1,000 Reds. The rest turned back toward the Luichow eninsula bnse. Several more craft reported .sunk hi flight. e Nationalists said one of the sunken craft was a gunboat, presumably one they lost Is the Reds last year when driven • (rom the mainland. The NatlonalisE.s, flaunting defiance, told of .this new raid on the China coast within 20 miles of Shanghai: Several hundred Kian^su provincial. 1 : stormed ashore Wednesday near Nanhwei and destroyed more than 100 junks. They mot fierce resistance. Guerrillas ashore helped them. Two Quads Di« Leaving Sisters; Mother Is Okay KUPA.TILA, Al«,, April 10, Two of the Singleton quadruplet*, tlie first and last born, survive. Their two sisters died y«sterd»y. Anna And Pearl -apparently are In good condition, doctors said lui night, and have an excellent chance. - . The mother, Mrs. Maxie OKeiil Singleton, 33, was reported In good condition, loo. She. was moved to the hospIUl Saturday night »/ler suffering a chill. The babies were delivered in less than an hour Saturday morning at the Singleton home, a small farm house about 13 mites from nearby Clayton, Ala., and about HO miles southeast of Birmingham. Dr. R. O. Norton, who delivered the quads, said lie was almost as surprised as the Singletons «l- thoiigh he had expected twins at least. After their birth, all of the babies were placed In incubators. Eva and Frances, (he second and the third horn, lived only one day. Mrs. Singleton and her husband, Homer. 33, already had six children including a pair of four-year-old twins. Fosters Have Easter Babies SEATTLE. April 10. Wj—Easier* living in Washtngloi and Ohio , gave birth to babies on Easter Sunday. In Dayton. O.. Mrs. M. E. Easter had a boy. To even up the scales nearly 2.000 miles a WHY, Mrs. Wilbur W. Easter of Mercer Island, near Seattle, gave birth to a 1 jiound girl. The Seattle father, a customs broker, said he was templed by the name "Bunny" but thinks the finM decision will be Jodie Lee. The Dayton couple resisted the same urge and settled on Richard •Davis for.their 1 pound 10 ounce son, also born yesterday. The Eastern are unrelaled. More than 285.noO.000 pounds of Ice are used in the U.S. every day. PO//CC Effect Tongs Peace In Chinatown SHIFTING CENTER—The Newsmap above shows how the exact center of U. S. population has shifted within the state of Indiana since the turn of the century. The 1950 census now being taken is expected to reveal that the center of population has shifted west and south, possibly to somewhere in southern Illinois. Littlf Girl Dies In 20-Foot Well TOGUS, Me., April 10. tA'l— Oftei little Andrea Clniilier had been warned to slay away from the wel outside her home. ' But Saturday tne n>iir->ear-old girl disappeared. Ye-sterday he body was found in 12 feet of watei in a 20-foot well. Sheriff Harry pinkham said An drea apparently fell Into the well and the cover slammed shut. Only a year ago, Kalhy Fiscus. three, died when she fel: into an abandoned well at San Marino, Calif. A score of men dug feverishly, for two days and two nlghls, but the girl WH.I dead when they reached her. NEW YORK, April 10. (AP) _ *e»r of bloody Tons warfare hat >een lilted from Chinatown. A dis- >iit« between the powerful On Leong and Hip sing Tongs has been ettled. Word came from Chinese and po- Ice sources "night that rmlltie officials and the office of the Chl- lese consul general had succeeded as mediators. The term] were not disclosed. Reinforced police squads hiul pa- rolled Chinatown since last montl\. when teiision In the narrow streets and in lower Manhattan alleys gave rise to fears of renewal of long- dormant Tong warfare. A long-standing pact between the On Loongs and Hip Sings had set pattern for peace In the area. A dispute reportedly arose recently over the transfer of ownership of a restaurant at Raleigh, N.C. . ' Then came a murder and suicide In Brooklyn, caused by a quarrel over money. Police never disclosed whether there was a Tong nn n le In the murder-suicide. The Tongs carry nn mnny o( Hie functions of Insurance organizations, burial societies, social clubs, chambers of commerce anil employment agencies. Blank Burnt Berni« From Behind in Circut LOS ANGELES, April 1«. (AP) —A blankety-blanked blank burned Bernle from behind, no now circus clown Bernle U taking a vacation—standing up. Bernle Griggs, 60. IK with the Clyde Beatty Circus, He bent over timing Saturday night's show »ud another clown hit him with n slapstick In one of the big top'n time-honored gags. A slapstick (paddle) has a blanlt 38 cartridge on one side. When whacked. It make.* a loud noise and the customers love It. But this time, said Griggs, Ihe cartridge was accidentally pointed toward him. India-Pakistan Settle Dispute After Long Hindu-Moslem Fight There are l.mfi 4-H clubs In Utah with a tola! of (1.613 members and 1.065 volunter leaders. due to the Illness of Miss Jean Green, instructor. Miss Green, a representative of the Arkansas Department of Education, returned to Little Rock late ' ] 'iirsdny. The course will not be re-sclied- uled In the near future, according to Jlmmle Edwards, chairman of Merchants' Division of the Hlythc- ville Chamber of Commerce, sponsors of tlie class. NEW DELHI, India, April 10. (ff) —India's parliament today ap'prov- 'rt » nea India-Pakistan agreement that premier Jawaharlal Nehru said had halted the feuding countries on the brink of war. "W« navi slopped ourselves .at he edjre of a precipice ~and turned our back to It." said Indian Prcm- er Nehru in announcing details of the agreement to his parliament. Nehru called U|x»n (he governments and peoples of both India >nd Pakistan to "put an end to .lint vicious atmosphere that has inroimtled us for two and one-half I'ears" since India and Pakistan won lnde|)endence from Britain. The agreement between Nehru and Pakistan's Premier Llaqual— All Khan—designed to halt Hindu- Moslem clashes that hnve Inken hundreds of lives provided for: 1. The security of minorities in Pakistan and Iiulln; 2. Unhampered migration across the border of India and Pakistan for Hindus and Moslems; 3. Special commissions on both sides to Investigate Miy violations of tlie agreement. India's parliament approved the RRrrem^nt on voke rale. It mn.\ be diseussnl. however. In n genera debate previously schednled this month on the situation En Bengal— scene of the most mxiil eommunal disturbance*. In the agreement announced today, ' the India Pakistan govern- nenls agreed to prevent the dissemination of news and "mischievous opinion which might rouse communal passion", and lo ban propaganda, directed against the territorial integrity of either conn- Iry or Inciting a war between the two countries," N.O.. 4enl ually shooting Roj- Coble, M, of Oakboro, N.C. He t«tlfi«<l cohl« rew a pWol during an arfument, hey utri-ggled for It, ma w*»pon hanging hands several llmei, and hat alter the gim went off h« irw holding 11. He was sentenced to JS-30 yaarc. Police found the body In Kair'.i ear when they were called to th« campus to Investigate a minor traffic accident In which the ear »'j» iwolved. Hair fled and was arreoted 2R days later In Ijis Anselw. Pre-Medical Student Convicted of Slaying Companion Over Debt RALRfGH. N.C,, April 10. IIP} Raymond P. Hair, 21, Wake Forest pie-medical student, was convicted of second degree murder yesterday for the slaying of'-a former college companion over gambling rioSHs, Attorneys filed notice of appeal. Hair, son of a prominent Fay- "Say It With Flowers" Hlvlheville FLOWER MART MrmiilUs lllmj Theme 6IM2 Do You Suffer With COLON TROUBLES? Causes—Effects—Treat m«nt Told in KKKB BOOK m. Arc you bothered with Stomach or rntesUnfl] troubles. Constipation, Pito.s, Fistula? 40-pafiR PURE bonk contains many diagrams. chnrU and X-Rny picLurr.s of rectal and colonir, conditions. The Thornton A^ Minor Clinic. Suite 412. nil E; Linwood, Knlisas City 3, Mo. Tourist Courtesy Finale Cancelled The loiirLsl hospitality cln.w which was .scheduled to continue through Friday night was cancelled Saw Mil! Accessories Solid a n d Inst^j-trri Haws. I .ever and Upsnt SI tie Mies. DORS, Setworkfc. Gulden Sawdust Blowers, Hooks. Skidding Tonga. Hinders. Wirn Cable. Drlv*t Shipment Jinm Illinois Warehouse. Gaining free.. Hudson Machinery Co., I/)s Angeleit 27, Cul- Gypsy Dance Starts Riot On Holiday PHILADELPHIA, April 10. gypsy Easter dance erupted into a free-for-nU on staid Broad .Street, J^essing np traffir, for a r half hour .^^ft bringing eiglit police cars into action. ' Police Sgt. John Mclaughlin said sotne fiOO gyp.sies streamed out of l building where they were hold- Ing a holiday Jubilee nnn 'soon got out of hand. He called for help— • lot of il—when dancers started Mugging one another with wrench's, hammers and short tron pipes. McLaughlin said he did not know what started the fighting, nor how so many weapons had .been found «0 quickly. Many of tVtR Gypsies, police said, were from other cities—New York • monff them. Four Gypsies, one a woman, were • rrested on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and inciting to riot. • Two Boys Die In Pit Care-In DBKALB: MiM., April 10. (AP) •• Two boys playing cons and rubbers in in old dirt pit died In a cave- In yesterday. -• Sheriff J. A. Craig Identified them UK Edward Walls, H, and George Ward, 17. Two ^younger brothers of Wall Ihe accident. One ran for help hile the other -started digging frantically. A crowd quickly as- scmbled, but the buried boys smothered before they could be removed from beneath four or five cubic yards of earth. They did not respond to artificial respiration. WADE'S WEEKtY SPECIAt ONE WEEK ONLY LACE CURTAIN Raising of sugar beets in the wcsl was pionecroci in Utah, OVER 50! VALUE A REGULAR $2.95 ONLY PER PAIR You Always Save More Money at GRABERS SIZE 27"x2 YD. 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