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Santa Fe, New Mexico
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and the virtual admission of that fact by the pri thor has espoused has not a more able advocate appeal to anas: bat should any portion of tb same community, in mass, or through any citi- THE REPUBLICAN, Perhaps however "no office-holder" considers soner himself, and concluded his address oy an xen of the same, attempt by words or (Metis that for an a bturd position a ridicnton argument is its strongest defence. If such was his idea he estrange the minds of the peaceable citizens SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO. assault on the credit -oi ue witness -wr ik -fence as being perjured, and introduced by the defence on purpose to raise a doubt in the minds of the jury as to the guilt of the prisoner. Mr. Reynolds replied io Mr.

Quinn in a very from the due observation ot tne laws and orders published by the authorities it would be criminal in the highest degree. Should any has accomplished bis object with a 'degree of perfection seldom equalled. For if osamiom be fact and opinio arnwutnt his critique is a pha-- disonranizer. under any pretext whatever, at energetic and spirited manner. He avowed that lanx stronger man ine Macedonian.

He beans by asserting that we Cdissent to 53 We have just learned that Col. Fremont is not to pass through this city, as he has taken the other route. Carrick Club. On Thursday night of last week, this associ ue Knew irom uie couicsauw as counsel, that the prisoner was not and could tempt in any peaceable community, to raise, excite and vindicate, any unnecessary mischievous question, whereby, the allegiance of peace the opinion thit since the treaty of peace there not be guilty. He passed the testunony re- t'Mw in ordor to show that it was impossible for civil uovcrnmeiii in a.

This is a total mistake. We neither dissent to able citizens, migni Become ouaneciea io we legally constituted authorities of the existing Innwnmfmf such conduct DeicST illecal. will" the prisoner at the bar to have committed the nor toward such as opinion. We would as soon ation gave their first entertainment to a large and fashionable assembly, and we believe it would have been 'impossible for amateur performers to have acquitted themselves better is the '-characters personated than was done on or ateaung down or aacedig as dissenting to this or any other opinion: we leave render any who may so act, liable to prosecu murder he wished to avoid all quarrel be had no deadly weapon about bis person on the night of the murder he struck deceased only witi. bis that Herculean task to those who cannot see a- tion.

1 Therefore, as peace, quiet and good order ny government in this Territory, and content "hat occasion, Their scenery, dress was in food order and style. On Monday the ourselves with merely dissenting from such an hst; and that in une unimpeacned and unimpeachable witness standing at the side of the deceased who saw the whole transaction, swore positively that the prisoner did ot stab, nor cut opinion until ourcmeniaiiacume3j are prepared for such transcendentalism by a reduction J-nii insL, will ue performed the celebrated Tragedy of Pizarro." or the death of Rol- to that happy state in which "reason shall have ura to nruuso oeasxs. ana men nave iosi ineir ueceasea, dih ion li was uodc oj anomer man in his presence. Mr. Lemon succeeded jtfir.

Bevnolds on the we hope to see thair saloon crowded, as the manager and members have spared 'no procuring dresses and scenery suitable senses." now exists in the Territory of -new Mexico, and its continuance should be 'desired by all good eiiixens; the inhabitante of the same are commanded'; to abstain from, participating in, or being the movers of, seditious meetings, un-necessary disorganizing questions, or any other avert acts, against the peace and good order of (be aforesaid Territory. Under the pain and penalty of a rigorous prosecution. Given at the Government house in the City of Santa Fe, 23d Nov. 1848. 0 J- M.

WASHINGTON. same side. He began, by stating that the prose No office-holder," next asserts that we have ior. uns piay, ana wc nope me piece useu wju oe wen supported by tne penormers. eution rested on three points the fact that prisoner assaulted deceased that he struck Dim said mat jiir.

Angney is unsupported in his "pinion. Now, we beg leave to say that we! have not once mentioned the name of this gen-' GOV. ft ASHINGTOS'S PROCLAMATION Th" and tne confession ot deceased mat tne prisoner at the bar was the man who stabbed him. wisdom of saies has finally been set at Knnwtit The effort to persuade the public that there is tleman in the editorial to which he refers. This no office-holder, is a rarely eonstruced being.

He cannot discover any civil government in the Territory of New Mexico, although there are laws, and authorities, and the daily exercise of every requisite that constitutes a government; POLICE BECIXATJOSS OF MIST The first he said was no doubt true. The second he admitted was equally so as explainem by the witness: that he struck him with his closed hand. The third point he denied in toto. 1. Because it was in evidence from the prosecution itself, that the deceased at the time was no government in tins jerntory, has induced His Excellency, the Governor, to issue his proclamation in order to undeceive the ignorant and caution the unwary, as Veil as toinlorm those who through much less worthy motives, might be disposed lo perform the unenviable FE.

EVERY house-keeper residing within the limits of Santa Fe, shall be required to hava Duine can see wnat aces not exist except in ima-gintation. We would advise him to trust to the in a hopeless state of drunkenness, and conse iask nrcasmg Uie of society, and pro- eyes of some common sense friend to read the article in question and to tell him whether we have quently incapable ol telling wno strucK wan Dis hst anil who stabbed hint with a knile. 2. That another uncontradicted witness had the side-walks in front of tis house swept, and the rubbish collected in piles in readiness to fc removed by the regular police party before o'clock, A. M.

2. All the available prisoners in charge of uie rtigu 01 anarcnv; that it tbev wisa to snake themselves the latching stock of said one word of Mr. Angney, from beginning to end; because we would no reore think of positively contradicted the fact we xerntory, by asserting absurdities and pro- 1. un tins point the counsel made a very clear the Sheriff, will be furnished each morning as a. holding this no oluce-holder responsible tor a mistake of his physical vision than of calling in and strong argument which would have been police party.

very difficult either to answer or overturn; ansr 3. AH dead carcases of animals, and offal question his ommscence in knowing precisely and definitely the opinion of every enlightened after a handsome peroration to the jury to re and filth, of every description, exposed to pub citizen in tiie Territory" of the President of member the facts of the case and to do justice between the territory and the accused he gave uunente, mey lausi select some other topic than the existence of government in his Territory. This is just and necessary. Jiwf, because the bare discussion of such a question is sedition, and in ease it were decided, against all truth, that there is none, the act or attempt to carry it out it would be treason; But the jstep taken by His Excellency was also necessary, because he was bound to avoid, if possible, every act before it happened that lhe United States." of Senator Benton lic view, must be removed; beyond the limits of the City within twelve hours after the death of the animal or the deposition of the offal. A way to we prosecutine Altornev, who, alter a of Senator of every well informed palitician, whether whig or democrat, fine of ten dollars shall be exacted and paid in short but neat speech in answer to the counsel for the defence left the case with the jury.

The court considered it unnecessary from the of the C. or of every disinterested citizen of vito the hands of the Prefect of the City for eve- the IF. because although nothing short of ry iniraetion 01 tins regulation. 7 4. No house not duly licensed for gaming or ante and candid manner in which tne counsel on would be lialle to punishment afterwards.

It omniscience could snow an wis, yet to doubt it both sides had argued the case to trouble the ju migbtsubjcettistothe weight of the opinion) of the remaii ler of the human race in a second ry with any farther remarks. was therefore his duty to do as lie has done. The will therefore appreciate the eood sense and patriotism of those who have made it necessary to authenticate their deeds, perpetuate The iurv then retired and after an absence essay from office-holder. To avoid there drinking, shall be used for such purposes under a penalty of five hundred dollars: and the proprietors of all houses so licensed, will be held responsible that no violation of good order or breach of the peace occur within the limits of their premises, on pain of forfeiture of their fore this catastrophe, we will for argument's sake, admitthat it is alt literally true, that the of about twenty minutes returned with a verdict of "not guilty." Territory Brown charge of manslaugh uacu luciiiuij, iuuLsimiiurtuiic weir loiiy oy a whole world is of opinion, that N.Mexico has proclamation government restricting them in the discussion of then" absurdities to something more than harmless than sedition and treason, and somethifig more innocent in its consequenc- 5. The Officer.of the day.

when called on bv no cinl government. How much does that prove nothing just nothing, except tha it would not be the first time that the world was ter, lor having killed a soldier wno had entered his room and assaulted him defended by Lemon and Reynolds. Defence set up justification verdict "not guilty." The rpmaininir mw nti ttiA dnrlret wr r-if h- the Prefect, Sheriff, or other authorised person. wroiisia its opinion. Once the world was of luaii ciuraer anu roooeryy wilt furnish the aid of his guard to repress disorder, aud will receive and keen charge of all persons accused of violation ot any of these regulations until their cases have been present erVivii suits or of little importance to our rea- opinion that the earth was a solid immoveable fixture the heavens a beautiful fixed ceiling, decorated with great lamps, and the sun and moon two great lights whose sole business was wuicn reason we omit noticing them.

ed to the consideration of the Commanding Of-. ficer. To the HfjMHraMe Judse of the Cir To run use two race horses round tne world Texas Contravens. By playcards, the public were notified that the judicial functionary of Texas would submit the claims of his St ate'to New Mexico. On Tuesday night, Nov.

2Ut, the people convened in, the Court House, and after the nomination of jlufti-s Beach to Wm. E. Jones as 'Secretary, the object of the meet- i 6. The digging of holt: tor the manufacture once in every 34 hours. But unlyingorfs brot' an against opinion and obtained sentence briekt or mortar, in anv street or road used cuit Court in ana for tbe County of Santa Fe.

The Grand Jury of the County of Santa Fe 1 1. -r .1 carriages or horses is prohibited, under a per 4- in lavor of plaintiff trom which there has never been an appeal taken. I ty ol ten dollars. aim rirnury 01 ew lor lue wciooer term of 1848, has the pleasure of announcing to So it is in Uie present case, it is ommott vs. inj was stated by tue chair, and judce Beard aii oiucr acts 10 ine violation 01 act.

Does it require a prophet or a pfiiloso presented- himself to the audience. He made a der and cleanliness will be visited wil V6 ft" nronriate fine, not exceeding five riniisrAi her to predict the sentence The opinion of tne honorable Court that it has concluded its labors. This body respectfully solicits the privilege of representing to the honorable Court that very appropriate and conciliatory introduction cave a full.h&torv of the claims of Texas to that part of the Territory of New JVexico lying A. if and is that there is no civil government in this Territory but the fact is that there lives the Governor in the palace there are the laws in. the little book, commonly called the Prefect of the City is charged with the examination of.

such cases. All Stores shall be closed on Sunday, and no sales of goods shall be made upon that day, neither shall any Bar Rooms other than thn they would have desired that the causes that were presented to their examination bad been with a little more clearness aud order than they Statutes of Kearney; and there are the courts of justice, open six days in every week. And vet attached to Regular Hotels or boarding houses were because on that account and the non-appearance of the witnesse referred to in the first or primary examinations, its sessions nave we are told that it it the opinio of many that there is no such thing I iYon surfer east ot Tne mo urandc disavowed the claim to be fonnded on original right conquest or even occupation that it was founded on the. Treaty made by Santa Anna with Texas in the year lcM. From this point, he traced the history ofthe whole transaction up to the present, not only with plausibility, but great ingenuity.

To say that he acquitted himself handsomely, would not he saving half the truth, nor doing i the worthy gentleman half justice suffice it to i jc-Kcpi vjcu, ui liquor soia inerein upon that day, under a penalty of ten dollars. 9. No wagon or carriage shall be permitted to stand unharnessed in anv nublic strMt. nnifo neen prolonged beyond wbaKwas necessary. No office-bolder," seems to have a peculiar amipaiiiy iu twice-uomere ana weir aepenucnis.

We also recollect of a certain fox who had and, perhaps, although" against Its will, it has not discharged its duty in the manner that jus-j, tice misfit reouire. a great antipathy to praptt. We wonder if the a penalty of five dollars. This Regulation will not be construed so as to prohibit the standing of loaded wagons in the street for the mere nur. It would also represent that in the visit which antipathy of both has the same origin? But made lotneuountvJail it observed tne small- why mV dear sir, trouble yourself about office say max ne cop.vmcea some ot the right of Texas to N.Mexico staggered others, and pleased all.

Capt. Angner rejioned by reading seme two ness of the roomsi'thcir apparent unhealthy holders or their dependants? According to pose of unloading them, the proprietors being bound to remove them as soon as that object i completed you, there is hot an office holder in the Terri ness as well as the general weakness of tbe whole jail. Independently of what relates to tory because wnere there is no government or three resolutions, disavowing the claim of there are no officers, and when there are no of- ine vindication ol public justice, humanity is affected at the sight of the unfortunate prison ficers.thcre are no office-holders, consequent 1 10. The Sheriff of the County, will, when' called upon by the Prefect, lend 'his aid and assistance for the purpose of enforcing these Regulations, he being allowed a reasonable compensation for the same. 11.

All fines and penalties imnnil ers, some of whom at times may be innocent, unless you allude to the visiting office-holders of Texas, and repudiating them as unfounjetf unjust and ridiculous In support of these resolutions, and in answer to Judge Beard, he occupied an hour. He made some two or three very stronff rebut being exposed to the contraction ol diseases. which is contrary to the intention of the rw. For these reasons the present Grand Jury renews with kind solicitude tbe recommendation ting points: presented with ail the accuracy of another state now, in this must either mean that there is a government in N. Mexico.or else you cannot allude to any person in this Territory.

Surely the legs of the lame are not equal. One word more and we have' done: when lation of spy of the above regulations will be Paid into the hands of the Prefect, who will hold and disburse the same in such manner as of the Grand Jury of the October term of last year relative to the construction of a new Jail for this County, of such a siza as to remedy the may be deemed most advantageous to the nnlico lawyer, and argned with all the clearness and ability of a scholar. Being then lafe, on motion the meeting was adjourned until the following evening The meeting beingcalled to ordT, it being in order, the discussion of the resolutions, Dr. and improvement of the Citv. he nresentinv hi.

next you write, do us and our readers (he fa. vor not to include the Enclish lansruare'in the accounts monthly, to be audited by the Commanding Officer, or a Counfcil of listof those things that have no government9 lest we might be as puzzledjto understand your Ucmon was caned tor, and during about one oujeciions mat nave been justly made to the present one. To this end the Grand Jury sup-iicate your honor that by the proper and" legal means, funds may he set apart sufficient to realize the object recommended, and that the collectors and receivers of all public monies of the These Regulations will pa into ftAkdl frti. hour and a occupied the attention of a Iar language then as we are to comprehend yew audience in a eeneral reminder to the sneeeh of i arguments now. Judge Beard.

"We do not attempt to give the arguments, nor even a synopsis of the sneech ir. CirCOit CosJIt. Concluded. and after the 12th November, 1848. J.

Brevt. Lt Colonel, U. S. Com'g. 9th, Mil.

Dept. FRANCISCO ORTIZ DELGADO. Prefecto. Territory of N. Mexico tw Polinario Romero eounqy, a9 also ineuisbursers 01 the same may be required to publish their accounts as soon as possible for the satisfaction of the public.

The Grand Jury submits wiftt much restwet this number, as it is our intention to publish' the whole argument on this question, pro and conreitberin continued numbers of the Rennb- for the murder of Romualdo Dominsttes. For the prosecution, Mr. Quinn: and for the de these few observations to the consideration of list and station Of OtYirvr. In Ik. iican, or a iiute assisted ny me war ot subscription, In pamphlet form suffice it to say your honor, and subscribes itself- your honor's fence Jtlessrs.

Jteynolds and Jemon. The evidence for the Territory proved that in attentive and obedient servant. mmy or new neyico. 1 or THeCiTr.orSAi!TA Fx. fllllihvH mJ I ft The Gkaxp Jcv, Tnar on me conclusion oi ine speech ol Ur.

L. nnd a few appropriate remarks, from Major Weightmarj, on motion, the resolutions were a Tannango, the deceased entered drunk end shouting that the prisoner and one Ximenes im mediately approached deceased and took hold Santa Fe. Oct 28, 1849. NICHOLAS PINO. Pmuint 1 1 mil.

uep. IA. Jno. Bickerson. Actimr Auit.

of him and stiuck him that within a few min earned without onelissentieg voice. Thus has ended this great hubug. Besq uiscat en pace 'I Gen. utes afterwards deceased fell aeainst the wall of I Major ft. H.

Weightman. Par.Manfer tne room wnere ne nan been standin? that on PROCLAMATION The Governor and Military Com examining him hewras found bleeding profusely from the armthat on being asked who had stabbed him, be replied Polinorio Romero that Capt. T. Brent, Assist. 0.

Master. Director A Edwards, Medical tt Francis J.Thomas, Assist. Com. of Sub, Brevet Cant. H.

It InAA r. mander ot the Territory of Aew Mexico, to the inhabitants of the in a few minutes more, deceased expired from Fob THC Santa Fe BxrcBUCAS. 3fr. Editor: In an editorial in four last paper, you say that Mr. Angney that there is not, at present nor has here since the ratification of the Treaty of peace anv civil government existing in New Mexico, you dissent to this loss of blood, the cut of the knife having cut at same.

the same time the humeral vein and a branch of I A 3d Art. "6 As the firmness and stability of everrlemllv the humeral artery and that the prisoner on being asked why he had done it, said that de constituted Government, depends r.ppn the piti rity of its origin and a competent nower in fhe ceased wished to stab him before his arrival at opinion, ana aiieageiinai jur. Angnej1 sianus Brevet Capt. Kilburn. LU A.

Plesanlon, comd'g. Co. 2d Drag'. RH. Dyer, Milt'y.

Store-keeper Or'd. Dept. Civil Dtr'T. Citv or Sarta Ft. H.

L. Dodge, Notary Public. A. Hatch. Alcalde.

unsupported, how in this last assertion you the fandanro. tirciuai names anu wnen nsTni. are wholly mistaken so far from the.opinie of The defence proved that deceased had wished Mr. A. wanting supported it is coincided in to quarrel with the prisoner on the road to the My established, requires strict obedience to the ws and institutions, which the supreme Le E.

Vaughn, Sheriff. imciun ciuu iu me territory, noi rji lanuanasb.aria inai uie lauer reiusen, ana sene- gislative power or tnose deputed, may from time to time establish And as exnerience'hastanrht. 1 -ted fromhim to avoid it, arriving at the dance J. JU. GlddllHTS.

Clerk nt rslnt is on that account before the former that the that where there are laws, there must be Officers wiu wnat is sjnwe, is meraiiy me iruin, uistrici and rreiect's 1 It is the ODinion of everv wpil infnrmA unit. prisoner on that occasion carried no deadly weapon, 'tthat Ximenes did that the prisoner 10 guard, support, execute and administer these laws. To this end, we have Governors. Com Lieut. rraneisJ.

Tb MtT'v; 8a manders and Assemblies, with other inferior! 3d strike" oereasea, our witn his list and that Major tieiau, both whi and democrat of the United States. It is the declared, authoritative and un-cuestioned opinion of -the President of the U. States. It is the opinion of Secretary Buchan in fincone swore that he saw the whole ministerial officers, tbe whole when combined 9th Milt'' assault on de ceased oy ximenes and Kotnero, and that the lat er only struck deceased with his wining a uurcrnmeni. In the different Territories and States an as given to the Governor of Texas.

It is the fist and the former with a knife. The evidence on JKJlh sides having closed, the prosecuting Attorney opened the ease to the ju opinion of Senator Benton as expressed in his late Sester. In fine it the opinion of every disinterested citi; en of the D. Sraies I always .1 American union, the first Officers as 0 tors of the peace, aie the Governors, legitimacy and those exercising functioi iL. ry with all the accuracy of a lawyer and the' mem, is ,01 sucn a general notoriety, ckcouii me seven wise ireeians ol iv.

who has capacity cnongh not ji ranked in citizen woiiiu ue allowed 10 set lortn i Ebnjtm earnesrness ot a serried conviction 01 ine prisoner's guilt. He urged (he plain, connected of their existence as a vindication, for -r JUUl, nds the most! chain cf testimony 0 all the witnesses nrorimr: enough t-7 f.ires? than lie coapreei initial of any improper act. Furtberm 1 1 atefU3jc the one clearly estauusbed laet tne sudden yet an actual uovernmeni nas been etv I deliberate and tkprbvokea, murder of the dc-Lpiwers. having jurisdiction, that dissoh'dicj' rities tflaf 1, VjAetfommi An nf Ih. anv tnrlrtl tmv.r attet- is it.

that wrulit.

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