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The Santa Fe Republican from Santa Fe, New Mexico • Page 1

Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Vol. 3 Numbeb 6 TERMS OF TIUSPAPES. NEW STORE. WHOLESALE AMD RETAIL. The third Voixmb or the Repcbiican will be Diibished Weeklv.

and issued to our TTM. K. BURNETT, has just opened a large the Court, that the said Defendant, Charles Dennais, be notified that a suit has been commenced against him, on account, for two hundred and eight dollars, and ninety-two centr, and that uU property has been attached, and unless he be and appear at the next term of the Circuit Court, to be holden in the city of Scnta Fe, on the fourth Monday of February next, and and extensive assortment ol The following are the particulars of the Riot and Bloodshed at Cincinnaiti, Ohio. On Wednesday afternoon, our hitherto quiet city was thrown into an unprecedented state of excitement, in consequence of the brutal attempt of two returned volunteers to commit a rape subscribers (every Saturday morning) at the Iir price of SEVEN DOLLARS" a year, or three dollars and fifty cents for six months two dollars for three months to be print Dry-CkwdClaUain-6racerieBM uoe tnooiery nan, uvs following articles ed in Spanish and English payments lfr-J consisting in part of tbi variably is advance. No subscription for a 20 bates, brown inusl in part of the brown muslins, plead to me action aioresam wituin iwv uays upon tne person of a little girl only 18 of the commencement of the Court, Judgment of age.

25 bleached do. less time Man turee montns. papere win -j Upon information being riven tothe Crimtr will be rendered against him, and his property sold to satisfy the same: and it is further order ed that a copy of this order be published in some newspaper printed in this Territory, for four weeks successively the last insertion to nal Court, which wan in session, a bench warrant was issued, and the two persons takes by the officers, and brought into court. By the time the arrest was made, the excited" and maddened lather had collected an infuriated motA which he beaded, who repaired to the courtroom, and but for the interference of the beat.lcas two weeks before the next term of be forwarded until the subscription paid-. Arrangements are now made so as to our papers to any part of the Territory, imme-iately after publication without fail.

Subscribers will please forward their names and residence as soon as possible. Persons living in thecity wiil have their papers left at if desired. Office on the NortK-East comer of the Plaza, next door to the Quartermaster's Office. Single Copies, twenty-five cents. this Court.

A true copy of the order. Smith, Mt'u. for Plaintiff. Attest. j.

M. GIDDINGS, Clerk. officefspf the court, and the police force called in, woumhave taken the orisonem ami bumr It is stated by the New Orleans Picayune of them in front of the- court room. August 2i, that tne u. a.

man steamer, umc, and her consort, which are soon to be launched 5 blue cotton drills, 1200 pieces fancy prints, 300 do cotton pant stuffs, 200 do fancy lawns, Cloths, cassimeres and Testings, Blue and black satinetts, Alpacas, cashmeres and merinoes, Flannels of all colors, Aprqn clierks, Ginghams and fancy lawns, Blue and black cambrics, (low priced,) Blue mackinaw blankets, Jackonett and mull muslins, Cross-barred and cambric muslins, Irish linens, fancy shawls, parasols, Silk and cotton handkerchiefs, 10 1-4 bleached sheetings, Men and womens silk and cotton hose, A general assortment of trimmings, An extensive assortment of clothing, Men and womens boots and shoes, Hats, caps, ic, 200 kegs powder, 1000 lbs. lead, Saddles, bridles, belts and scabbards After a bearing1, and the commitment being placed in the hands of the sheriff, that oncer fearine that an attempt would be made to ret Am. Advertisements will be inserted at the possession of the culprit, had then umrered out of a back window to the jail. rate of $1 50 per Square of Ten Likes or less rne sheriff's success in lodcimT them aaierr at that place, are the two largest steamships ever constructed on this side of the Atlantic, and with the exeeption of the Great Britain, larger than any which have visited the 0. from abroad.

The dimensions of the Ohio are as follows In length between the perpendiculars, 250 feet, breadth of beam, 46 feet, depth of hold, 25 feet, and her measurement 2,500 tons. tor one insertion, and 1 lor eacu conunu ance. in jail, and the disappointment of the mofc, who were in front of the court room, only ex-. asperated them to madness. They repaired to BOOK AND JOB PRINTING.

Book Job Printing will be executed at this Office inla neat style and at low Prices. Hosestv r. Meakkess. The fallowing in cident, related by the New York correspondent of the Philadelobia inauirer. nresents a stri ADVERTISEMENTS.

Sugar, cofljagJacon, lard, candles, 100 boxes drfine chewing tooacco, king contrast between magnanimity and soulless selfishness 75 kegs of fresh sausage meat. A few days since, a porter in a store in Ce All tiinse desirous of purchasi laswg, eiiiitruj dar street, a poor lrishnrtthTwith a. salary of wholesale or retail, will do well to.examine the ine ironi oi ine jaii, wnere iney commenced demolishing the wall, and would have succeeded in breaking in and securing the frightened culprits, but -the officer seeing the probability of their success, fired upon the mob killed four and wounded three. This produced still greater excitement. The persons attendiagtbo Irish meeting, in another part of the city, heard of the riot, and rushed to the scene of the excitement, ant! manifested a resolution to mill down the jail.

The sheriff, however, arriving on the spot, (now about 10 o'clock,) with the Washington Cadets and two field piece, ordered the mob to disperse, or be would order both pieces to be opened upon tbem. Tbi had the desired effect of dispersing the nob, and at 11 o'clock the front of the jail was in the peaceable possession of the Cadets. above stock, at the house formerly occupied by Madame Ortis, near tne cnurcn. mi" seven dollars a week, and a large family dependent on him for support, found a large roll of bank bills. An hour or two afterwards, a man came into the store in a state of great excite- aania ie, septemnero, iwn.

NOTICE- ment and said he was ruined, wholly, and hope PROSPECTUS. FOR THE THIRD VOLUME OF THE SANTA FE REPUBLICAN, Published Weekly In Santa Fe, M. BY O. P. HOVEY.

rpHE publisher proposes to continue the pub. lication of this weekly newspaper on a se- mi-medium sheet, to be devoted to the diffusion general knowledge, the improvement of the people, and the development of the resources of this Territory. The soil is now a part of the U. and i( THE CnnartnershiD heretofore existing; be. tween Eiisene Leitensdorfer and Joab Houghton, trading in New Mexico under the style of E.

Leitensdorfer tc has this day been dissolved bv mutual consent. The busi lessly ruined. He had drawn, he said, ten thou-sand'dollars from the city bank that fornenoon, and had lost every dollar of it, somewhere. The porter hearing the conversation, and stepping up to him sain Sir, do not be alarmed here is your money, I found it, land heie it is." The roll of bills was counted anil found all right, and what do you suppose the loser then He deliberately deposited the money in his ness will be carried on in the same house by SfilitJUT Clary. Illinois has riven civil hnimn In mt Leitensdorfer.

All those indebted to the late firm will be reatiirvd to make immediate pay tne-oncers ol the Zd Hegtment of Wdontear. becomes the duty of every good citizen to labor men to E. Leitensdorfer, agent for late firm of Col. Bissel roes to Coneress without on i a jr E. Leitensdorfer and all having claims iwu; utiu.

morriaon loue Slate anus. breeches pocket and walked out, without as much as saying, "thank you," to the poor but for lie improvement, in order that it may be a vtoifhv sister in the great confederated family of the north. To this end we will spare no honest porter, mis is a literal tact. will present the same lor payment. E.

LEITENSDORFER. JOAB HOUGHTON. Santa Fe, Sept. 21, 1848. n43-4t S3" Being about to leave for Chihuahua, have appointed J.

Houzhton my agent and at pains to make, known the real resources and ca Steamboat Explosion. We learn from pur exchanges that the Steamboat Edward Bates. overcoming a democratic majority of upwards cf a thousand; and Maj. Trail to the Lamm-ture. In the 3d Illinois Regiment, MaiovS.

D. Marshall was a candidate for Coagress acaimst Mr. McClelland, and though defeeted, has re-duced the usual maiority nearly twc-4hirds. ts the 4th Illinois Regisnent, Colonel E. D.

luker emirrated last sot ine to the Galena pabilities of the State, improve and elevate the mind and morals of the inhabitants, and point torney to transact all business of the late firm. couapseu iwo nues oi ner larnoara ooner ai ine head of the West Port one mile below of E. Leitensdorfer fc Co my present com out and advocate the means and measures cal Hamburc, at 4 o'clock in the morning of mercial concerns. E. LEITENSDORFER.

swum juuku which hi aiway eesj den k. m. a Seanta Fe, 1848. culated to secure its present and future pros perity and greatness. the I2th August, ane was on her way to Keokuk.

The Captain had not long retired before the accident occurred. She had been running cmicj ana iook ine neta sgainsi tne lale crauc ueux. uovernor oi tne state, him of upwards of a thousand maiorit. under a pretty rood press of steam, but as she In addition to our own exertions to this end, we will, by our large exchange list from the Jor Harris, who waa a candidate against Jmhr CLASSICALYAKD ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL. THE First term of J.

W. Dunns school, wil commence on Monday, August 28th, 1848. He guarantees to all his natrons to teach all the branches usually taught in acadamies and high schools. The terms of tuition will be as was at the time in shoal water, the Engineer was letting off steam, and the boat was going at a slackened rate. Two of the flues of the larboard boiler were collapsed, carrying; every States be enabled to furnish the news, as well as much interesting matter from thence from Logan in the Springfield disUiet, has beesj elect, ed to against a political majority greater then that with which Col.

Baker bad to California, Old Mexico, Thus standing as thing fore and aft, and dealing death to every one within the inSuenee of the steam, and of contend, fliaj. Hicnardson, of the 1st Regiment, is re-elected to Congress without, oppo-sition. Four of the seven Representatives to in the centre of the continent we receive Tlie primary English branches, for a period the missies which were scattered on the lower contributions from the four winds, and in this of five months $20,00 congress were selected Irom their Beld ot Gen. Shields from the sarnie State, had deck. The destruction of life on the deck and among the crew was appalling numberingover twenty persons, and (he wounding of about Languages and Mathematics, 30.00 Santa Fe, N.

August 24, 184S. pointment as Governor of Oregon, and itteli it for the reason it is said that he rears. 1 thirty. NOTICE. chances safe to be elected to the C.

States Ct CHAPMAN COLEMAN. naie. CoxrcTrTiON i Travelling. The New AUCTIONEERS. York correspondent of the Philadelphia Inquir CoAEOE IN LlBCBIA.

In a late umW mt manner we can keep our readers advised of ev ery thing that passes in the world. Tems or this Paper. Seven dollarsayear: three fifty for six months, and two for three months. The subscription must invariably be paid in advance. AH friends to the publisher, anil to the improvement of the Territory are requested to lend their aid in procuring subscribers to this St.

er says THE Subscribers have been commmissioned as Auctioneers, and will receive all kinds of Goods Mules Horses, and other property and the N. Y. Journal of Commerce the tottowia 1 What a elerious opportunity the people of this city nave at tne present time ol visiting tne article Some time since, Mr. Pinner, former! Rom. the same on commission.

They are experi country, ine expenses oi doing so are literally nothing. By one line of boats you can reach Albany for fifty cents, by another for enced in the business, and hope to receive a liberal patronage. They have engaged rooms, two doors above the Independence 'House, on ernor of I jberia, made some statements before a meeting in the Bioadway Taberiiacle. to tin effect that 200 slaves had been aunumitted sear twenty-five cents, by another for twelve aftd a Natchez, by the will of Cant. Rosas that Main street, where all goods win ne careiuny hall cents, and anoiner.

line, it you condescend to extend your'ipatronage to it, the cap lored. and one or tne otner can always ue the estate to which they belonged was valued at about $400,000, and that all the property, real and personal, except the slaves, who am found at their auctiun rooms. tains will land you an ngnr, ana iignt in tne capital of the Empire State for the very small N. B. Particular attention will be paid to theU sale of all kinds of merchandize given their liberty, was destined first to defray sum of six and a quarter while von are paying that demand, they will take off their hats, thank you in the most polite manner, tell CHAPMAN COLEMAN Santa Fe, N.M., 1st, 184S.

ti41-tf uic cacusc vi weir passage IQ a ACHlClbeml ul Liberia, and the residue, estimated at $100000 was to be found a coilere on the same tad. you that there are plenty of waiters on board, that supper will be ready at 1 o'clock, without extra charge, and make you believe that you area person of great importance in the world. The fact has since been communicated to him that this ample property has been so wasted by protracted litigations that the present cotton crop of the estate will scarcely pay the debts In the Santa Fe County Circuit Court, October term, 1848. Felis Garcia, vs. Jttachnunt.

Charkt Dennais. this day, comes the said Plaintiff, by his Attorney, and the said Defendant not U. S. HOTEL SJJVTJ FJ. M.

THE Undersigned having leased the above house, situated.on the South East side of the Plaza, having thoroughly repaired and renovated the same, is now prepared to accommodate boarders, or persons visiting Santa Fe, in as good, if not a better style than any other house in this city. They are well supplied with beds, and large and ventilated rooms. The table has everytliin" that the market will afford. The bar has the best of liquors of every kind, and also an ice house, the only one in the city. Attached to the house is a splendid pasture and a correll for animanls, and the only one in of Santa Fe.

N. B. No pains will be spared to accommodate and please those who may favor them with a call HUMPHREY COULTER Santa Fe, June 8, 1848. u30-tf TERV EXPLICIT. A Yankee riding up to a Dutchman, exclaim nappuy, ituue mese nopes nave proved denp is now which nraeiift- es fair fo repair the previous loss, and found on appearing to answer to the action, on motion of ed, well, stranger, for acquaintance sake, wnat might be your name?" ine snores oi Airica an institution which hall grow up with the people and mould their char tne saia riamun, ay ahuiucj, i.v the Court that the said Defendant, Charles acter.

FazftcH Abistooact comiicc to Ami tar ca A letter from London, dated July 29th.ini Dennais, be notified that a suit has been commenced against him, upon a note of band, for one hundred and fifty dollars, and that his property has been attached, and that unless he be and appear at the next term, of the Circuit Court, to be holden in the city of Santa Fe, on th. fourth Monday of February next, and plead ville intends settling in the United Sate, mm CHAPMAN ana WLE-waaf, AUCTIONEERS, TV AVE recived and offer for sale, either at auction or private sale, the following arti-' ilet-consisting in part of every variety ol rea- to the action aforesaid within two days of the commencement of the Court, Judgement nriU be rendered against him, and his property sold to satisfy the same and it is further ordered that a vy my name isn naunce HoJlenbeifenber-fengraensteinerburg By Cape Cod if that ain't as long as a Jumpkin vine Well, I hain't no time to loose, -m on speculation Tell me the. way to Har-risburgh." "To Harrisburgh? Veil, you see dairoat pon de hill pointing in the direction. yes, 1 see it." "Vefl, den you must not takedat roat. You see dis roat by de coal bank?" Yes.

Veil, dat is not de roat too but you musbt go right py the parn dare, and yen you see one roat crook's just so (bending his elbow and describing it at the same time,) and ven you kit dare, keep along till you gets furder. Veil den, you will turn the potato patch round, te pridge over te river up stream, and tte bill up, and tirectly you see mine prodder Fitz's parn shineledmit straw, dats de bouse where mine will be accompanied by numerous French and English gentlemen of capital, who wil ante with them in settling a colony, to be called JontilU. Prince Louis Napoleon Bonaparte akjg talks of becoming an American ciUzea, should he be disappointed in his expectatioM on the Continent-" copy of tins order be published in some newspa-r. nr'intpil in this Territory, for four weeks iv made uioui ng, -wto i licas, bleach'd and brown Domestics, and also,) lacas, successively; the-last. insertion to be at least Tne Tcsnt it N.nvnnAn splendid lot of choice Liquors, consists ui i spi 10 bbls rectifi'd WbisKey, jo oois rrencu DIS IKW "I ment has been made by the trustees, or tlMM havinif charee of the Mormon Temnte at Kaa.

two weeks before the next term of this Court, A true copy of the order. Smitt, jitt's-for Plaintiff n45-4t J. M. GIDDINGS, Clerk. tfc, 5 bbls Houanu wn, voo, oy wmcn inai splendid edifice is to be voted to useful purpose.

It has beemlesi Saijta Fe 6, foratermof fifteen years, and Jtis to be a ft prodder lives. He'll tell you so petter as. Painting, raper-a In the Sania Fe County Circuit Court, October term, 1848. S. Shelly, 1 oncecenvertedintoa collsn bundsnr aad occupied for that purpose.

Tie iastitutioaj is to be under the patronage of the Hon Miasm can. And you go a nine on I order, you see two roats, you must not take both of dera." The Yankee rode off at the top of his speed. I vs. JuwmmciK, Dennais. society, and immediate steps will be token to put Kioto operation.

Graining, v. BY B. BOCT VIJAMIN BOONE -Citizens and has commenced, JfleSico Please psio tene coixel pearint this day, comes the Plaintiff, by his I the PlainUiv-n the said Defendant not ap- The citizens of New York had contributed to the action, on motion of I oyer $3000, on the 30th alt, to the relyf of the On another pace will be fiimil in nissnl if Attorney, it ii ordered oy ciuxeas ot Ainany. uefetecMtflagration oftheeity of Albany VJ..

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