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The Santa Fe Republican from Santa Fe, New Mexico • Page 2

Santa Fe, New Mexico
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discovered them on our trail, we poshed on to et to a creek about two milea ahead of as. bat THE REPUBLICAN. whether they have been revoked byorder of the Mwdent in whole or in part why call to- eafher a legislative hods', if its acta mat be as- ARTA MC, KBW MEXICO. did not succeed in getting there before they come upon us; we dismounted to defend ourselves, they charged up calling to us not to fire, smiled and made void by the will caprice of a sinrhrindividual? Whr fnune laws, if the lvingkilled and seal-ped five Sbian Indians, at the Rabbit Ear, or on the Santa Fe road, while on their way toth Tours with respect, NCn Jjosw. Harifs) EaesUtisiai.

On Fridav evenine. the 8th imt rvi live, hovct, editob ab fbbusbeb. that they were Edtaws. Their yells firigbtea-ider ofa Commanding Officer is paramount? our norses so mat we coma not xeen tnem war nave juoees ana courts 11 inev can oniv together the Indians by this time, being com-: act at the pleasure of the Military authorities? IT, IMS. pieiery around us so that our horses took sucnpwny arejtne citisenscompeued to pay(a heavy a fright, that we could not keep them longer, 'tax if there is no power in row laws? Why do by, with his detachment of man bom the flhV nois Regiment of Infantry, returned to UttaV place, Major Reynolds, and his command, hatv ing crossed the mountains another toad to Taos, where they arrived the 1 0th inst The Colonel, as well as his command in nr.

uw inaians cnargea upon the nurses, and drove) we nave 10 protect a government wnen it can ofiabout thirty bead, we had several animals be no protection tous, or our property? Why packed with deer-skin. They took from it that the situation of our government is kept thirty head of horses and mules, and four secret, and those who support' it are not able unwMEm mkTMCSAXTA XX BSrGBUCAK. Taos. Cbas. Baubien, Ssa Mifd H.

J. Cunhf, Ytzu VI. H. Wooley, JUowfrite. Antinb M.

Trugillo, Bio 46yo. Franisco Sarraceno, State Amam. Diego Aragon, 1 Fso. Guadalupe Miranda, CaafcMBM. Daniel E.

Holt. dred deer-skins. After all our 'trouble, tbey to know its proper condition Why it it the withdrew out. of shootine distance. This was different receiving and disbursine officers of the al, looked well and hearty, and we dont wonder at the Navijos wanting to make peace with aooui mree o'clock in the evening, and' Were county and territory do not publish their ac UhTJU, counts in Spanish and English as was reauested tbey kept us until night, when tbey came near ussayinetbat thevwere our friends that thev We believe this to be one of the ht by the Grand Jury.

On February 1848, Gen. Price issued Order tions, and to the best effect, that has ever been made against this savage tribe. The Colonel, it seems, after bavin whinnxi if iv," an order in which was certain rules A party of the Navijos arrived here this had made eace with the Americans in Santa Fe, and that if we would go to the village with them, they would give up all they had taken. We allow ed five or six of them to come into our earn p. could aot agree to go to the village.

and regulations for our civil government, andal- i. .1 v. skirmish, made peace with them, which, if not for the purpose of completing the mwnnmn a ponce nvcniDeDi lor we cuy Treaty In the same order there is levied an import duty of six per centum mi valorem, on all merchandize introduced into this Territory- Also nut told them that I would return to the Green Horn tb at night, and the jnext day come to their RHaud in your advertisements, one and nrariucn imw waniu nee sac dbck mv in case of attempt to fraund by falsej invoices, raywiw wnc, unserving oi much credit, for he did not return with merely their good promises, but he returned with some eight or nine captives, among whom was a young Mexi-ican girl, who has been a captive for two years, and was taken some ten days after she was mar-ned. She was the daughter of Jesus Pino, one of themost respectable families in the Rio Aba- if yon want to make quick and good sales. animals, they promised they would; we then me voiiector snail confiscate lor the use or the Oh yes! Oh yet! Look at ear advertising pwi lor me nignt, we went to the Ureen Horr.

that night, we raised eighteen men and tberiextdav started forth; villi are Hid not Territory, the whole amount of merchandize. Now we are asked every day whether these are lawful acts or not now we say we do believe thev are. and that the said laws should jo. The balance were all young boys. He ak colaauu, if you irish to knot? where goods can be bought at almost St Lotus prices.

so brought in fifty bead of horses and moles: get there, however, until th? following day when we were met by about one hundred and fifty Apaches and Eutaws. When about three hun- be strictly enforced by our civil officers, and said duties can be collected, we do not wonder that the people ask whether there is anv law or not witn a promise irom the Indians that they would bring into Santa Fe. in a short timm ri tar Col. Nearby, in his treaty with the Navi- red yards apart, both parties making for a pile and as many more captives as possible, or all josr promises, in case they bring in the stolen tv which was about one hundred and fit in this country, as the present situation of the ty yards from each party, when there was a stock and captives, to deliver over to them all wc nave no laiin tneir promise to doso, nor do we believe thai anairs are not made public, in sucn a manner as they should be. their captives now held by the Mexicans in this Territory.

charge made by them for the rocks, we also charged and got there first. They then thought to fall upon some other plan to deceive us, tbey then invited us to their village, which was about one mile distant, saving that thev would five un be made until tbey have telt the full force and power of the government, hot should they contrary tofll expectation, bring in the stolen property ankthe ufisone. th Treaty awsi eaten imf By the Abbivals ExTBAOsDirfAar We have no atheir friendly intentions wik be strong enouxh the every thing they had taken, but we refused to go 4M .1 iraTif Triheaf ticed with great pleasure the arrival during the last week of several American ladies, who have come with the fixed intention of making Santa jfrt. 1 There shall hleeforth exist between Hie ic-iuna; inem iiuk 11 ukj wamcu to return our property to us to go and bring it, but tbey would not think of that, we then attempted to get to water, they fired upon us but no damage was done, there was one ball that hit he people of the United itates and the people oi isew mexwo, onnng its occupation by the Fe their permanent home. Where are yoa now, you calumniators of our Territory you uoder- er-lMeteal united Mates on the one part, and the Naviio lercait.

or rather lit bullet-moles, which were to give nones that we shalK have no further trouble with them in this territory. In the meantime we hope the government at Washing, ton will take decided measures to have at least a baffiallion sent into their country, this fall should this fail, to lay it waste and wage a war of destruction, until they are anxious for peace, and glad to abandon their depredations upon the people of this territory. They should be sent out to pursue them until they are found, and no ver return except when peace which can be depended upon has been made. We believe Col. Newby has done all in his power under present circumstances.

iaiJPed to his powder-horn strap, which saved his Wfe. We have returned to the Green Horn. raters of her soil you who' denominate 01 'rtueoi inuianson ine otner part, a arm and lastinexpeace. Art. -Ok A mutual trade shall be carried on they have followed us, they are here now.

we blooming rallies a Sahara desert, and our lively towns uncouth piles of mud? Down with your diminished beads The fair portion of the hu- are all under arms expecting them down from between the parties above mentioned the pie of the United States and those of New Mex ine niiis 10 aiiacic us. B. Maxwsu. ico, aunng us occupation ny tne united Slates being permitted to visit parts 'of the Naviio maa family that gentlest and most refined of country, and the Navijo Indians to vist all parts the ratMftC. oi tne united Mates.

and of new Mexico durinr When Gen. Kearney first entered this Terri its occupation as above, without molestation. The Pocket full of Items," that wereceie. ed from Messrs. Findlavfc Dallam, kn Wings, the American lady, bestows her gracious miles upon New Mexico hay, more determine toadopt it as a life-long residence, who is then stupid enough to gainsay her judgement, who so coarse as to doubt her taste, even were oar Territory all that obstinate and unobserving men tory, he declared it annexed to the United States as a of Texas, and under instruction from the President, established organic laws for the great service to us this week, and by the way.

and with full protection, and the said trade shall be carried on in every other respect, as between peonle of the same nations. rf. 3. There shall be an entire restoration of me coai mat contained the Pocket of Items. was not so very coarse, in Santa Fe.

Ardwir would say return that tbey are selling cioth" ing and goods of all desermtin. all prisoners that are held at the date of this gvmnnrm inereoi. This organic law, provides for the appoint, ment of various offerf frrm iovrrrri down to the lowest of a civil character. It rives in- would wish to make it is not the smile of gen treaty, bv either or the parties, and the people of New Mexico, such restoration to be full and at any other place. tie and accomplished woman sufficient to meta.

morpbos the barest of rocks into an earthly complete without regard to the numbei of pris oners held. mail iu rr this day. Art. 4. The people of the United States euar- paradise.

Who dare dispute it. risdietion to judges and others as explicitbr defined as they could be by legislation. It defines the duties of each, and "gives to the citizens, a-mong other things, the right of trial by jusjr, and the benefit of a habras eorpmi. These rieht having been conferred and sanctioned bv the President, the people have snppo ante during their occupation of New Mexico. News rsojt rnr Snn tw: v.

i But seriously speaking, their arrival causes ine sin onsen ance oi ims treaty by the people of the Terriforv. a to rejoice on several and essential accounts. Art. 5.. The Naviio Tribe of Indians will-de liver to the Acting Assistant Quartermaster of What young man who has, a heart that beats with American impulse, who boasts even the mat uiey naa a civn tovernment properly organized, and which would remain in tne Lmited States, now here, three hundred sheep, and one hundred mules, and horses such tull lorce until Congress could act, and such was the practice under Gen.

Kearney himself, week there ha, been several arrival Irom Cbi-hiiahua but we have not beard any news from "nportance. but it irreported in that city that peace is made, but nothing official. It was the opinion of Americans and Mexicans in that plaretbat the treaty was ratified Gen. Price was in Chihuahua, and hii command was in good health. Business of every leaasto.the United States.

delivery to be made as indemnity in full for the 01. rriee, 1-1. Aewbv and more lateidv under expenses incurred bv the people of the United Gen. Price. smallest portion of the chivalry of our great Re-public, who is not ready to acknowledge the in.

iuence the irresistable and salutary influnece of the American woman We do not intend by any means to underrate the qualities of the en In December 1847. the Lerfclative bodv ouvr-s in mis campaign. Theundersimed severally, and fullv emnow. in accordance with the orders and laws estab cred by their respective nations to n'edee a full compliance with, and enforcement of the above lished by Gen. Kearney, and after having been in session over a month, and with true and deliberate consideration, come to the final ranrln.

articles, have hereunto affixed their seals. 5" We understand thai thaXTs VII ftfltstfial ata. Bone at Camp, at Monte del sion that they had not the power to make and Cnvatana. Navijo ronnrv. this 20th day surrection about to take place had not Colonel ftewby returned as he aa k.i: establish laws for a civil government for this Territory, and we do.

although against our will, oi iiay, w. n. new sr. Col. Cont'd, 1st.

Begt. III. Vol. chanting senorites of New Mexico, but there is community of feeling a refinement of soul, in fact an excitement of all the better and nobler feelings of our nature in the company of the lovely beings of our own country that no other association in the wide world is calculated to The refining influence that we have al report to be false, and witeout any foundation "ai we cannot nm agree witn the M. Juis Repn.

in sayine that -hpprcat Ititlmlm body Si in Santa Fe, N. was certainly a laugh- List of Axkivals at thx U. S. Horec. uic iarce out 11 is not necessarv lor ns to jwr.

i.AKtitr, principal Cbiel, NABVON. 2d chief. CHA PATEN. 3d Chief, SARCIA LARGO. 4th Chief.

ARCHILETTE. 5th Chief, JUAN LUCFRO. 6th Chief, SEGUNDO, 7th Chief, PABLO PINO, 8tb Chief. say more on this subject, as every citizen is competent to form bis own opinion in to the swce the 9tm the United Sbles, 9- W. G.

Wheatly.Jas. Lucas! in some degree felt at home, and which we ever can, even if we were so disposed, escape. as about to be revived, and congratulate our Mr- H- HSnY Mr. Cope-wI'm W- WrT Windslow iif E- itensuVrfer, Mr. West and wife and two children.

sxT proceedings of onr legislature and civil government during the last year. We will however say this much, that the Legislature passed some live or six bills some of which would have been of considerable imnortane. nA thar readers that Asserican society, with.aH its pleas; II AMfcftlaM H. 1 San Fernando He Taos. Jnne 13th.

1848. To the Fditar ofthe Santa Fe cttcvm, iinui 10 create 3 new era in the condition of our Territory. We Hatch and wife, and two daurhters. from Chihuahua Captin Angney, Mr. White w- i ri'rn Dr- Conoly, Mr.

Stoekflint, Mr. Wich. Mr. SanH m. hate been much better after the country Becomes civiiized to a certain extent.

The citizens here are not aware that the laws framed and established hv Ren Enn feel that distance is about to be annihilated, ana that, though a thousand miles away, we are still to be at home. From the Navijo country Capt. Kearney. Lt. Hunt, W.

T. Smith, Dr. Robinson. From Taos Mr. C.

Brown, Mr. Milch-; Capt. Solomon, Lt McDonold. jsear or S' Enclosed yon will find a letter from Lucian Maxwell, giving a detail of an attack made on him by the Appaches, oh his road from Fort Bent to some seventy animals, one half of which he lost. The troops which left Taos on the Navijo expedition, returned on Sunday morning, in fine health, and their animals in good Immediately after their arrival, this letter was received hv confirmed by the President, and also those framed and bv our Legislature and approved by Gen.

Price nave as yet been revoked. We call the attention of onr reader tn ha Through the kindness of our most esteemed 11 mey nave been, the people should certainly be informed or it and the offices made vacant They are called nnon to sunnort them, viihnnt their being sufficient to redress their wrongs. vertisement of the U. S. particular transient visitors to this city.

It is not necesi-ry to say that our hostess is an American Lryy as every person visiting this country is awe of that, and the name of an American Landdy is sufficient to secure the natmn of friend, Cfaas. Keroey, of Taos, we have been able to extract the following from a letter from Mr. Maxwell. Green Horn. June 4.

re caned upon to recognize tfcem, without knowing where, when, or how thev derive their authority, or whether in realitv thev have Judge Beaubien, the bearer having great difficulty in passing, being obliged to take the peaks of the mountains, to keep out of the way of the Indians. Major Reynolds has ordered out fifty of his men under command of Gatit. Boake. anil uearBir: 1 started for Taos on the first any or not. And as an act of justice to a large number of our countrymen and particnlarlv to those who are dailv arrivimrhm.

are fond of good things, served up in naesind Judge Beaubien has called for 180 Mexicans about engaging in a permanent business, many of and rneblos toproceed forthwith to the point where the Apaches were encamped, and there is no doubt that if Cant. Boake ami his command comes in contact with them, but what he will ur-rn nrrc ior years, and who leel that their pursuits and occupations and personal rights are infrineed unoni these tkin k. met ine at the foot of the BMssntainwaitirylbrusinthe road, 1 stopped immediately and made a temporary eorrefi for my animals, and prepared to give them a fight efeould ttey comeup, but they were too brave to attack us while at onr correll. I packed up and tailed back for. the Green Horn, with the hope rfsavingmy aaisaals which were about sixty number after leaving our horse-peri, we travailed abwt fifteen miles in the plains; where we 1 roaxe inem some presents that they will not be likely to foreet.

if a rood threshinrwill be eon. settled that they may fcn Jw whethetber they are to look to the Military Civil authority for WmOem tm laaiwrteni: ALL Importers of Merchandize are Meat, ed to exhibit to the Collector their ioicee and arrange their bonds according to before unloading their wagons commepg to sell goods, or starting for the south. 1 CHARLES BLUrt Collector for the TerritontN. M. Santa Fe N.

June 12. 1848. fidered- as roch. The entire Eutaw Village of anykwere eneamned at the Pn.M- A. T.

organfclthe arrival of thctroop, from the Navijo coun- law of Gefj. fcearrcy, ctill re in ft-JI or try, tbey left in a Burry; they remained two or.

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