The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1953 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1953
Page 12
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(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Turkey Treat Made In Less than Hoar Bj' GAYNOR MAPDOX NCA Food and Markets Editor H you have a pressure saucepan, thte unusual turkey treat can be «rved Jn less thon 0110 hour from trtart to finish. Turkish Turkey (Serves 4 to 6) Olio baby turkey, about 4 pounds, ready-lo-cftt weight. 2 tcu- spoons salt, >/f teaspoon pepper, 3 tablespoons olive oil or fat, '/ z cup seedless rMsins, I large orange, cut into tidbits, 1 bny leaf, 1 teaspoon brown sugar, Va teaspoon oregfiiio, 3 4 cup chopped olives, >/ 2 cup water or soup stock, 3 tablespoons conislarch> Vi cup water, rind of I orcinge (finely shredded), Chopped parsley. Cut turkey into serving pieces; season with salt nnd pepper, Henl cooker and add fat. Brown turkey well on nil sides. Sprinkle with a mixture of raisins, orange, brown sugar, oregano and olives; add bay leaf on string. Add water or soup stock. Cover cooker immediately. Allow steam to flow from vent Braising Best Way to Get Meat Tender Braising—this word conjures visions of tender Swiss steak, counlry- Irlcd steak nnd many othfer favorite dishes. So that, you're sure -to serve these foods at their best, jier- hnps It's a good Idea to brush-, lip on the proper way of preparing them. . Long, slow cooking In moist heal is the top secret to their success. Blow cooking In moisture softens the connective tissue, mnking the meat tender. Using n low temperature in cooking you'll-have men I that's juicy rather than dried out uid unpalatable. According lo Rcba SlaKB«. home economist. In braising, dredge ihe meat with seasoned Hour IT dcslr- «U. This gives It a rich, golden finish atter browning. Woured or', not, brown the meat on both cklos Jn lard or drippings. Wheif-browned, add a smalt amount of Ucjulil. This may be water, milk, sour creani; to- mnlfl juice I'epcnding upon tho disli vou »ra preparing Use onl> about K to '& cup ol liquid More may be added l( It Is necessary during cpoktng Ca\er the pan closely anti let the 1 meat cook slowij until teh- dci * * . Rend Conner .News Olnssided Ads pipe. Plnco Indicator weft-lit, on vent, plpo and cook for 25 minutes with stem In COOK position. Let stem return to DOWN position. Remove bay leaf. PJrice turkey on preheated platter. Blend cornstarch with water, add lo pot liquid r.nd cook over high heat — stirring constantly — until gravy Is thickened. Serve gravy over turkey or separately. Garnish turkey with shredded orange rind nnd pr.rslcy before serving. For a very special party when you want to serve canapes before the dinner, try this California Idea. Sacramento C'unrpo Spread (Makes npproxlnrtlely I cup spread) One-half cup ground unhltinchcd almond!!, ii cup linked cooked fish, '/i cup ground tnrt apple, I tablespoon lemon juice, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, 1 teaspoon minced onion, stilt, cream. Combine almnndi;, [ish, apple (to cd), mayominisc. minced onion which lemon Juice lias been add- and salt to tnsle, with sufficient cream lo gh'e spreading consistency. Stir to blend. Apricot Joins Cranberry for Special Dessert For R special ending lo a filmp]c dinner, serve a glamorous ciesser'l. Here's a new and different filling to bate between two cmst-i of tender lard-make pastry. It's a delectable combination of fresh cranberries and apricots. Cranberry-Apricot Tie 3 cups p fresh cranberries 1 cup dried apricots 19i cups sugar 2 tablespoons nuick-cooking lapioca Pis piistry Pastry: Sift 2 cups flour will) 1 teaspoon Kalt. With a pastry blender or two knis-es, cut 2/3 cup lanl Into flour until mixture resembles coarse cornmeal. Sprinkle four to five tablespoons water over different areas of the mixture and combine lightly until all particles adliere Form pastry Into a ball and cut In half. On a lightly floured brurd roll half the doilgh lo % Inch thickness. Line a 9-lnch pie pan, Roll Ihe remaining dough for the top crust Pilling: Chop apricots mill simmer In 1', cup water for 15 minutes Add other Ingredients antl pour Into pastry lined pic pan, Top with remaining crust; cut slits in crust Bake at 425F. (or 30 minutes or until fruit Is tender. THURSDAY, FEB.'I, iMt Right Way Of Roasting Saves Meat Are you nisklng work for yourself when you roust meal.? The fact, is the correct, method or roa-stlng ineiit Is Just a haul the simplest possible. And you follow this .sivne method whether It be a beef, veal, fresh or cured pork, or'lamb roast. Here are the Mmple steps for you to foltow flcconllng to the well known meat cookery expert Ileta (1). Season the roast with snlt ami pepper. Actually this may be done before, after or during roasting. It makes no difference since salt penetrates tho meat to less than on-half inch. (2,) Place- meat on a rack in a shallow open roasting pan. A rack Is not necessary for a standing rib ot beef or a pork loin roast as these form a natural rack that keeps the meat up off the bottom of the pan. With the meat placed fat fiide up. basting Is entirely eliminated. <n.) If you nave a roast meat thermometer, insert It into the largest meat muscle be/ore yoi; place the roust In the oven. The Nutritious sandwich fcr small fry: Mix a half cup of ground cooked liver with n quarter cup of finely diced celery and enough salad dressing lo moisten. CREAM MAKES IT SeSTOFAU rresn GROUND 1 RYERS Fresh Dressed Ib. 45 c Hcell'oot Cello 1'nck iBNEDS... Hcnsier Valley I.., 450 SIEGED BACON 43. Tender Vc;il ROUND STEAK lb 590 Country Style PORK SAUSAGE Ib 290 U. S- No. 1 RED POTATOES 50 , t> 1.59 Pascal JUMBO CELERY «... 100 Kloridti Juicy 250 Size CIRANGES Joiiii of Arc No. .'!();{ Size KIDNEY BEANS ItaMB Ci , Chan 49p 100 490 TOE LARD Ib 100 100 IRESH EGGS .... Dozen Any Size Green & White ilMA BANS 'JYndcr Sweet 30.1 Size Can RADISHES TUmch 5fi —CAREFUL ATTENTION TO DELIVERY— LUTTRELL'S Call 20H —M A R K !• T- Chick. & Sixth St. Serve ftONCo * spaghetti • macaroni 'pure egg noodles _ :mUj should not real tn fat or on bone. Use a reliable timetable to determine the approximate cooking time, (4). Do not add water. Do not cover: (5). Roast iti a stow oven. A temperature of 300 degrees *\ is recommended for beef, veal, cured pork, mid lamb. Fresh pork .should be aslfid :u 350 decrees P. <f>.) Cook to the desired degree of <!onem'S9. JReef may he rare, medium or well done. Lamb is ser mctliiitn or well done. Vea are always cooked to the filajft 1 , Plan roastiiIK Li moat may "set" in a ', for 30 minutes sifter it Tills makr-.s carving ea.ii ed elttor nnd pork well-done e no the rm place roasted. Mothers A T 1 11» « Are leiling Their Neidib "You jusl MUST Iry fhose new Duncan Mines Cake Mixes—they're wonderful! I mad* « Devil's Food Cake last ni^hi and il was so good, nobody would beli«v* I used a mix!'- \. — 11 Duncan (AMERICA'S MOST FAMOUS AUTHOXTY ON FINE FOOD! j.\i • jm "How good n cake is depends S»^*'|H "l>on you nnd your recipe. When *~ you use my cake mixes, you are actually using my most prized recipes. I ask you to add your own fresh egg3 because tests convinced me dried eggs can never givecnke the rich, fresh goodness you get with fresh eggs." Bake a Duncan Mines Coke today! Wlien yoi{ N see how beautiful it is—how delicious it tastes- how quick nnd easy it is to make- you'll understand why ... Duncan Mines Cake Mixes outsell all others in town offer lown where they are available *«• ~ ~ ~ f ~~*~. i ~ 1 ^rf >-,£•• *>•> S »\ jj You Add Fresh I EggsCSl I You Get 1| Finer Cakes Guaranteed the beit cake m1x«» you'v* «vor uiod . » . or your money back PICK YOUR TAYORITE "AT YOUR GROCfJ'S NOW ^ * , . Brought to you by the millers of MOTHER'S BEST Flour WALDORF TOILET TISSUE Super-soft and safe. Top quality . . . low price! 10' •UY A BAOTUU SCOTTISSUE '"'14' BUY A ftAOfilll CUT-RITE GREAT SCOn RAPE* VAWES! PAPER '18 FLEECE DINNER ^ _ HAPKINS s 32 C Large, snowy-white, and absorbent. Stock up at this low price! SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER FRESHWRAP > WAX PAPER 2 «39' NORTHERN FLEECE TISSUE 12 ROLLS $ FOR 1 Fleece FACIAL TISSUE 6 Boxes of 300 EACH $100 Scofr Facia! Tissue Box of 200 . Fleece TOWELS Roll 18c Swanee COLO — SOFT TISSUE In 4 4 Colors rolls SPRING IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER You'll be out in your yard soon and you'll be needing gloves. We have 'em - all kinds. For Your Gardening Canvas Gloves LEATHER GLOVES All Purpose Genuine Hog's Hide pr39c pr. 29C pr. 69 C CLOROX FULL GALLON Economical - Safe - Gentle Bleach. 4

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