The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1953 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1953
Page 11
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tHURSDAT, FEB. 6, 1958 BLTTHJEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Avocados, French Dressing Rich Yet thrifty Combo By O.A1NOK MADDOX ' NBA foei and Markets Editor jAVOCADOB are rich end dellght- ;*ul eating and they are plentiful •and low priced now. Split thorn, f-mnove large seed and serve filled ;wlth titart French dressing. Thais • wonderful salad. Or fill with i cottage chees* and serve with r dressing. Jellied Orange, Grapefruit, Avocado Salad (8 aervings) > On« packsge lemon - flavored •gelatin, l',4 cups hot water, y t tea- .spoon salt, y, cup cubed fresh •grapefruit sections, i/ 2 cup cubed Jorange sections, iy x CU ps cubed avocado. (Cube avocado last and cover .with citrus fruit mixture to •.prevent discoloration,) Dissolve the gelatin In hot wa- ;t«r, add salt, and chill until the .mixture begins to thicken. Then .arid grapefruit, orange and avo- ;cado. Pour Into individual 1,4 cup Arnolds, and chill until firm. Serve on salad .greens with mayonnaise ;or a fruit salad dressing, j '.:A reader sent In a fran(ic rush : request for a spicy fruit cake to 'serve New Years Eve. Heres the • answer. You may want to serve It -too as 1353 conies In. '. • Fruit Cake . (1'icld: fi pounds fruit cake) •i, i Two cups sifted all-purpose flour, J1; teaspoon snlt. v;. 2 teaspoons cln- ^.namon. 1 teaspoon nutmeg.' >/ 2 tca- >spoon mace, 1 teaspoon allsnice, 1:1 pound seeded ralslris, chopped, -I pound currants. .i/ 3 pound citron. • sliced. \\ pouiid candied orange •Peel, sliced, \\ pound candled pine; apple,, sliced, V, pound candled j lemon peel, sliced, i/, pound chop- iped nut meats. 1 cup shortening. U cup sugar, 6 eggs, well-beaten, S tablespoons aromatic bitters, K : cup orange- Juice, \\ up grape . Juice or wine, 1 egg white, candied cherries, blanched almonds. ! ;Mis and sift flour, salt and ; spices, ami add fruit and nut • meats. Cream shortening, add su- ^here's Knac/c To Broiling A4eaf Properly Stenke-and chops are perhaps the meat cuts most frequently corisid- -ereil for broiling.-However, there are C; many more cuts you may prepare by ;;this method^. Broiling is an excellent way of'cooklng a quantity of bacon, or Canadian-style bacon, as well-as beef and lamb patties, to name a few . I : Two meats are not broiled—fresh °,pork and veal. This Is because port i -Is always cooked .to the \yell-done! • stage. And An broiling It may be-) come brown on the outside without 1 being cooked well done throughout. ; .. Veal ts not broiled because it lacks sufficient fat covering, points oul Heba Staggs, home economist. I '. For this cookery method, first set' your oven regulator to "boil." Then ; place the meat on the broiler rack and adjust the.pan so that the top of the meat Is 2 to 3 inches from the heat. Meat cut 1 inch thick " should be' 2 inches from the heat, ^•2 inches thick, 3 Inches from the j' heat. For best results In cooking > steaks have them cut at least i! ;\lnch thick, chops a l inch thick. / Broil the meat until brown. This Is an indication that the meat is cooked half way through. Then sea; eon with salt and.pepper. Always • season broiled meat after it is browned. Then tuj n the meat and .broil on'the seconi.jide. For a test as to the doneness, cut a gash fn » t; the meat next to the bone and note v the color. Follow a reliable tlme- : table for broiling to the desired ? degre* of doneness. gar slowly, and cream until fluffy. Stir In K-ell-bcaten eggs. Add fruit and flour mixture alternately with aromatic bitters and fruit juices, stirring well after each addition. Bake in greased pans — which have been lined with greased paper—in slow oven (275 degrees P.) 2ia to 4 hours, depending upon size of cakes. One-half hour before cakes aie done, remove from oven, brush with unbeaten egg white and decorate with candied cherries and almonds. Baking lime: 1 pound—2',4 to 3 hours, 2 pounds—3!i hours, 3 pounds—4 hours. Cool and store: Boosters of Good Breakfasts Are The 'Converts' The greatest boosleri of a good breakfast are the "converts" — those who have switched from a fklmpy breakfast to one which it hearty mid satisfying. Tiie entliuslasluni ot (his group of brcakfDEleri is clue chiefly to one thing — they like t) le V i-sy Hie fee). 1 No more mlcl-mornlng letdowns, unexplained feelingE of irritations, lassitude which often lasts throughout the day. Extensive studies made by the Bureau of Hum™ Nutrition. United States Department of Agriculture, have established the fact that breakfasts which are high in protein give a sense of well being, ward off fatigue and keep blood sugar levels at normal during the entire morning. Furthermore", the findings Indicate that the beneficial effects of the high protein breakfast, on the blood s'ugar level may even extend PAGI ELEVEN February Month for Dairy Food Products By <i.\YNOR MAIHIOX NBA Food mod Market! Editor ' Efts, butter, Cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, non-fat dry miut and buttermilk, aft basic foods, will be plentiful in February, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture reports. The full list of n*tlonally plentiful foods (or next onth Includes domestic dried figs, raisins, Iresh and processed grapefruit, fresh and processed oranges, pea beans, baby limas, cabbage, carrots, let- into (he afternoon. One reason a gooil breakfast Is 30 important Is that It actually breaks a fast which th« body has hud for twelve or more hours. After such a lenehty period, a supply of energy Is needed for a good start on the new day. Prom one-fourth to one- third of the dally food r«]uirements tuce, eggs, butter, Cheddar cheeso, cottage cheese, non-fat dry milk solids, buttermilk, vegetable shortening, margarine, salad oils, lard, heavy luil-.eys. frozen fish, peanut butter, almonds, walnuts, filberts peanuts. Here's a recipe combing two foods way up on February plenti. ful list. Stuffed Cahhagc with Kcilsh Sauce (Makes 6 serving*) Cabbage Hulls: Six large cnb- bage leaves: 1 pound Krouiid beef. !i cup non-fat dry milk, 1 teaspoon soil, nsh of pepper, 1,5, cup water. Tarboil cabbage leaves in boll. ing salted \valor unlit tender, about 10 minutes. Drain. Combine beef, non-fat dry mitk powdor, salt and popper; Wencl well. Di- •virle mixture and place one lent arnuurt meat, folding ends inside, Fasten with toothpick. Place into R equal parts on each leaf Uoll be Included 111 the first meal | In skillet. Afld water. from skillet. If less than 1 cup drippings, add water. Replace cab.- baga rolls In skillet and cover to keep wnrm> plcklo relish. Kollsli Sauce: One cup pan drippings, 2 tablespoons flour, one- third cup non-fat dry milk, i£ teaspoon salt ,dnsh of pepper, \'i teaspoon dry mustard, 2 tablespoons boiler. Combine flour, non-fat dry Serve hot over cabbage rolls. Pour drippings Into top of double | milk powder, srilt, pepper and = mustard. Sprinkle over surface of ] drippings. Jjeat with rotary beater j until just blended. Cook over hot water, stirring constantly, until slightly thickened. Stir in relish. RONCO Head Courier New« Classified Ads. And quick to fix «asy to serve! of the day — and this means part of the dally protein needs (meat, milk and eggs). Cover and 'cook over medium j hour. Remove heat rolls and measure 1 cun drippings i spaghetti • .pnacai'oni .pure egg noodles Prices Effective Feb. 6th to 12th f ECIAL! OAS Richardson Value! IS Tender & Delicious IO« CLE WHIP Richardson Value! PIISJT" —"•""^•"^^"••"•••••MBRIi SCOTT TIS Roll PUREX The Perfect Bleach BEANS Great Northern TOMATO No. 303 Cans Vienna Sa Cudahy'g Puritan Pure PORK SAUSAGE , 330 By the [,Ii 29c BOLOGNA By the stick I b 250 I/. S. Choice BRISKET STEW Lb 290 Webster's Green & White LIMA BEANS 2 , 25C VINEGAR Qt 100 Hi-Ho or KHz * CRACKERS Ige BO, 230 Libby's Fresh Frozen ORANGE JUICE 330 We have Kerdite Frozen Supplies Tennessee Frozen STRAWBERRIES 290 Carton PURE LARD 390 Delicious Sweet POTATOES L, 10f Good RED POTATOES 10 u, 59?i Large Heads LETTUCE 2 For 250 Large Tender CELERY 2 For 250 WRIGLEY'S GUM ,590 EACH (5 Limit) help I your \ HEART FOND Jjelpl V YtoUR %art* Richardson's CASH * GROCERY Formerly Liberty Cash PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised and Fancy Groceries Good Food Values Every Day 10M ChlckasHwba — We Deliver — Phone 2048 ' SPECIALS! Prices Effective Thursday-Friday-Saturday Pork Roast BOSTON BUTTS Ib. 41 C Uxtra Fancy iED POTATOES ,„. 310 Fancy !•"inn BflNANflS I Frcsli GREEN ONIONS ^ 100 C'ris|) Snai>]>y • RADISHES Picnic (.)-li & C-8 average) HAMS ....;;..... Lb;only 390 Swift Premium WEINERS Ib «|! Small Fresh SPARE RIBS Lb 390 Carnatinn or (2 can limit) PET MILK TallCan 100 Kraft (Limited) SANDWICH SPREAD Pt 250 J-'nfli Site .''.'•":" ' "' DIAL-SOW,:;- 2 for 330 Large Si/.e m WASHING POWDER 250 (jnilcljiiif.v Urown nr*White POWDERED SUGAR 2 „„«, 250 Jack Spvat or Hunt's CATSUP ,..,,.u 0 ,B (1 .'i90 31n ; :dnrd 1WMTOE8 '..t* 2C ™29iJ. Jnlinson's , HMO GLOSS WAX Qt '110 Jack Sprat KCKLES G a,. Ciil-Hile WM PiPER 125F ,'Ko 1 ,250 Scnl Test's Fru-jtiy ICSC1EAM , AG ,,650 Any lira nil CAKE MIXES',.,950 Del Mnnte $Mm LIMASMSI™. 2cans510 fi'ndc/iaux (I Limit) s u s 390 Old Jud«c COFFEE Vac-Pa, Lh Can 790 Del Monte Ihiffcl She £MLY GARDEN PEAS 2 r 250 Dei .Monte KRAUT 2 Nfc80 ,c. M 290 (icbhiirill'.s Kaglc CHILI wilh BEAMS ™ 10m 290 MORTON'S SALT 2 Bo « 190 UPTON'S HA 1 3SOz , k J00 WINDEX 20 oz. Bti. 330 French's SALAD MUSTARD 60z 90 All Flavors JELLO -;; 3 for 190 SEEDED RAISINS 13 Oz Pkg 230 Any IJranri PET FOOD 2c,.,290 ('nrn Flakes or POSTTOASTIES ....,0, CRACKERS

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