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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 10, 1950
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TfK DOMINANT roi>. XLVI—NO. is AMP Blytherilte VmJVej l«*de* Hev»ld BUfTHEVIUJS, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, APRIL 10, 1950 TWELY1 PAGM oora» nrx extra* McCarthy Talks 01 'Missing Link' R«f«r*nc* I* Mad* In Lattimor* Cat*; Ach«son G*to Wir* WASHINGTON, April It. (/F) — Senator McCarthy <E-W!«) aaM '"day he ta ready to (ire Senate Investlgatora the name •( a mya- t»ry wltnefu who will nwear that Owen I.attimor* U «r waa a Communist. —ConHer NEWS ¥>ioln WKARV WINNEKS—Victorious In the scramble to locate (tie most Easier tokens left by the beloved Easier rabbit at Ihc grounds ol Blyllieville Country Club yesterday are the four youngsters pictured above Between 75 and 100 Easter egg enthusiasts vied for the lionors. Prom left to right are John Caudill, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Caudill, second place winner in the junior group for children under six; Barbara Crowell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. s. Crowell, second place winner in the senior group, for children over six; John Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Taylor, winner in the secior group; and Gean Atkinson, son of' Dr. and Mrs. Gean Atkinson, winner in the junior group. The live bunnies were awarded the first place winners, and the second place winners settled for decorated Easier baskets heaped with candy tTomrn/itees Named for Cotton Week Observance in Missco Eight Community Groups Will Work With Form Bureau Civic, professional, and bus- iess leaders of Mississippi County are continuing plans ifor observance of Cotton week, May National 1-7,. and committees from eight communities to work with the Mississippi County Farrn Bureau and the National Cotton Coun- eil • TI the promotion activities been runneth LW..-1*. Ohlendorf, president of* the s.inpl ^ County, ,.FRrm Bure (Hat each" community would •»rork out plans foi participates In tiie Cotton Week activities'. ' Some : •fores, he nald, ! will make special! displays, schools .will feature cotton i In' programs ^ and assignments, film* will be secured for civic clubs and other community, projects arc to be planned, Blythevllle's committee Is to be iKadArt by James R JDenl, tincl will to eomprujert of Sanford Shc-Hon, ffcnmy Edwardi, Worth Holder and ItUHell Kays - CoinmitlerB ges, the Osceota Times; -'Kendall 3erry, Franklin Press; Harold Sud- mry, radio station KLCN; and Ted Woods, radio station KO'SE, com-' prise the publicity - committee. Others to Assist Also working on the Cotton Week events as ex-oflicio members of the planning committees are R. M. Regenold and S. D. Carpenter co-chairmen of the cotton committee of the Mississippi County Farm Bureau; D. V. Maloch and Keith ,J. Bllbrey, county agent.s; Miss Helen Wells and Bis. Gertrude B. Holman, home demonstration agent. 1 ;, and B. G. West, as representative of the National Coton Council. Plans for the week were initiated at a meeting of fanners and businessmen Inst Monday, and is the first of Its kind lo he conducted here on a county level. The National Cotlon Council will provide technical aid for the week. County's Sanitary Engineer Moves in Permanent Offices, r j_ WUJiam H,'M;Wio)l. wwl". appointed sanitary engineer for Mis~ - ssippl County, .net up iiermBnent headquarters at the North Mississippi ounty health unit Saturday-Mid today announced tentative plans for long-range sanitation program, for the coiuity. Mr. Mitchell assumed hli duties* : L re last month, hut Has been un- rgoing ah orientation eoune at tile Rock since that time. Mr. Mitchell indicated :today that ' of hla work »ill deal -with Other community committees include: Joiner — Harold Howerton, chairman, Julius Ralph and* Meyer Btlverstein; Kclser— R. H. Robln- aon, chairman and W. M. Taylor; Leachville — Billy Steed, chairman, l*roy Carter, Henry Hoyt and Nel«on Henry. ; '. Luxora — H. Kurt?,, chairman, Abe I.lverant, Woodrow Fordeecy, and William George; Manila — R. J. McKinnon, chairman, and E. C. Plec- man; Osceola— Ben F. Butler, chairman, L. C. B. Young, W. R. Nicholson, D. V. Maloch, Bill Thomas, Snm Kodges, Ted Woods, Mrs. Carroll Watson, Mrs. William B. Edrington, and Miss Helen Wells. Wilson— R. E. I,. Wilson III, chairman, and Frank Wilson; Dell— R. B jtf-rawford, chairman, Ed Hardin, E -™- Prewitt, Garfield Lewis, Charles Armstrong and the Rev. E. H. Hall The Farm Bureau committee will be composed of the county officers Mr. Ohlendorf, H. C. Knappenberger and Fred Fleeman, vice-president*: and G. L. White, secretary Harry W. Haincs, representing the Blylhevtlle. Courier; Snm Hod- Weather Arkansas forecast: Considerable cloudiness, showers and local thunderstorms lonlght and In north and extreme west portions this afternoon, and In cast portion early Tuesday. Cooler Tuesday and In north a n rt west . portions tonight. Missouri forecast: Partly clou-- this aflernoon THREATENING tonight with strong winds: scattered showers or ihun derstorms east and central portion this afternoon; cooler tonight; Tn esday cloudy and cooler strong northerly winds, slowly dim Inishing Inle lonlght and Tuosdaj low tonight 45-50 southeast por lion; high Tuesday in SO's. Minimum this morning—T6. Maximum yesterday—45. Minimum Sunday morning—77. Maximum Saturday—60. Sunset today—6:28. Sunrise, tomorrow—5:34, Precipitation 48 hours' lo 7 n today—none. Total since .Jan. 1—24.IR. ' Mean temperature (midway I twcen high and low)—68.5. Normal mean lor April—Gl, ' This T>ate I.asl Year Minimum this morning^—W). Maximum yesterday—64 ' Precipitation Jan, l lo I his da i-3l 93, I 1 nitatlon problem*' of a public or ml-puhlln natun, rathir than 1th Individual proUenu. Among the: tentatire pianj for ic program will : b3. a surrey of iblic water supphea;ln each corn- unity In Mississlppis county. The ngincer explained the survey will rve as a basts for files to indicate eeds of the various communities s well as the available facilities. The Initial phases of the program so call for education of the public o the needs of water and sewerage 'Stems. He said he will meet with arious. civic clubs, chamber ot ommcrce units. Education and ealth organizations and other roups to acquaint the public with is work. ' Details of the sanitation pro- ram will be set up after the survey t schools and other ; public titutlons are completed, : _ in- .eoc/»r///e Woman Fined •or Drunken Driving Mrs. Lelia B. Stauclenmeycr ol .cachville was fined $50 and costs nd her driver's license was suspended for 30 days In Municipa Court this morning on a charge o driving while under the influence >f liquor. ^ Joe M. Sanders was fined $5 :iid costs nn his plea of g^rilly \.< a-similnr charge. s ' Court Upholds Penalty, Theft Terms The Arkansas Supreme Court today upheld two Mississippi County Circuit Court convictions. The court affirmed the death sentences of Matthew Ezell, Turrell Negro, who was convicted in Osceola in October for murdering in eight-year-old Negro girl ami a Negro woman in Osceola last pear. The court also upheld the conviction of three Chicago mcn,- Martln Lane, Harry Smith and Jack Barg on charges of burglary and grand larceny. Ezell, a former railroad employee, was scheduled to die in the electric chair Dec. 7.but his execution was postponed pending the appeal to the Supreme Court. A new execution date must now be fixed by Governor Sid Mc\fath. Lane, Smith and Barg each were sentenced in October to seven years on burglary charges and 15 years on Ihe grand larceny charges for the theft of a safe containing approximately $2.200 trom the II. IS. Wllmoth Grocery at Etowah last June. v 'rhe high court ruled that the three men must serve their sentences. B.v Marvin L. Arrnirmllli WASmNGTON. April 10. (AP)_ Senator McCartliy stirred curiosity today by talking of a "mising link" in his case on Owen Laltimore, the man lie has called Ru&sU's top spy in this country. The tumultuous inquiry Into McCarthy's charges of Communism In the State Department was enlivened meanwhile by an exchange which McCartliy contends wil prove hts accusations. Lattimore. an American speci on Far Eastern affairs, has denied under oath McCarthy's charges that he is or has been a Communist and that he is a Soviet agent. Mystery Witnesm McCarthy spent the week-eiiS getting In touch with mystery witnesses he has said will back up his contentions regarding Lattimore. He has promised to tell a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee tomorrow whether they have agreed to testify Thursday. That group Is handling the Investigation of hts charges. Senator McCarthy askeci r Dean Acheson if the only missing link in the Lattimore case is proof of either membership In the Communist Party or payment by the party, and that if such proof is forthcoming that then can Latiimore truly be labeled as Russia's top agent in this country?" : ; McCarthy put the question in a telegram to Acheson last night. Tt wns the first time he had said anything about "payment by the party" in connection with Ihe Lattimore care. McCarthy's Washington office distributed the text of the telegram and said he had sent It to Acheson from New York.-A McCarthy\alde called attention to the "payment, by the party" phrase, but declined to amplify It. . : , Key Ve( HemalTW.- '•-t Whether It Is a key to testimony J,yh.icll McCarthy. ' expects .ills wit- hesse.s to develop remained (or him to say—if he will—on his, return to Washington. In his telegram to Achrson, McCarthy said he was "shocked to learn that the State Department sprang to the defense of Owen Lattimore" after McCarthy made a new attack on Lattimore in a speech from a public platform Saturday in Pas'alc, N.J. In that speech McCarthy also again assailed Philip C. Jeesiip, key adviser to Acheson, arid career diplomat John s. Service. He challenged them and Lattimore to sue See McCARTHV P*f- 1* Foreign Aid Debate May Put Off Senate Discussion of FE PC WASHINGTON, April 10. (*)—A driv« for action on a foretell aid bill seemed likely today to put olf •enate debate on a Fair Employment *Practlc« Commission measure. Senator Kirn R. E I,. Wilson 111 and Quern Mary Gre» Wilson Named Cot-ton Carnival King MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 8. (ff'(—The king and cjueen of (.he IBM Memphis Cotton Carnival will be'Robert E. L. Wilson in of Wilson, Ark., and Miss Mary Letltla Gregg, a 20-year-old college junior. The Carnival Association announced Saturday that these two will reign over the annual festivities May 9-13. Wilson, 36, Is trustee and general manager of the. plantation and Industrial interests of Lee Wilson Co. of Wilson. During World War II, he was » captain-In the 90lh Division artillery. The pretty queen Is the daughter of Mi-, tiiul Mrs. Russell C. Gregg of Memphis. Gregg Is local manager of Anderson-Clayton Co., cotton firm. He RIso owns a plantation'near Scnrcy, Ark. Big Butterfly Baffbr Broken by Bug-ologitt: 'Migrating Monarch*' The myslery of Blythevllle's Invading butterflies has been clarified. County Agent Keith Blibrey said this morning that Dr. Charles Lincoln, extension entomologist of the University of Arkansas, has Identified the butterflies that swept, down on Blythevllle In. droves two weeks ago a& of the' Monarch variety. In a letter to Mr. Btlbrey, Dr. Lincoln said this type of butterfly migrates like a bird and that mass flights can be observed go- Ing south In the fall. and. north In the winter. The Monarch larvae feed on milkweed and are of no economic Importance. Dr. Lincoln said.-. Truman Leaves For Washington Democrats to Hit GOP On Domestic Issues Ry .Tack B«-ll WASHINGTON, April 10. (IP)— Democrats sharpened up four domestic issues today as likely material for a new assault on the Republican* when President Trumnn goes whistle-stopping westward early next month. ' 4 —— ; The Issues—some underscored recently by the President and some by his followers—include (15 A new President Flies 'Home' To Return* Duties in Notional Capital By Earnest B. Vaccaro KEY WEST, Fla., April 10. W)— President Tinman left for Wash- Lucas of Illinois, the Democratic leader, said a decision on liming of the two measuro,- may be made at a Democratic policy committee meeting tomorrow.:. Earlier Lucas had forecast Senate action on the PEPC bill—certain to provoke a southern filibuster—after several less-controversial measures are cleared this week. Connally Seeks Act However, Chairman Connally (D- Tex) of the senate Foreign Relations Committee is reported pressing for action on the Economic Cooperation Administration measure cleared by the committee recently. The House has passed a $3,102,<50.000 foreign aid bill, Including authorization for. a start on Presl- ' dent Truman's "Point Four" program of aid to backward areas of the world. The Senate Committee Is working on a separate Point Four bill. tn advsnce ol any Senate debate ECA chleftian Paul a. Hoffman said the United Slates must buy more and sell less In Europe If the western countries are to win economic recovery. Muit Follow Rute : In a letter released by Senator H. Alexander Smith (R-NJ) over the week-end. Hoffman said that If this country doesn't follow that rule we must either continue our aid or see the European economy placed in grave danger, which In turn would seriously endanger our own' prosperity and security." Hoffman also had another knotty problem tossed to him by Secretary of Slate Achcson. " . \ • Acheson said In a note . to 'th'r South Korean government that uri- 10:04 A.M. (E5T) to- L month-long Florida yu- 'Clean UD Week' Activity Slated To Start Tonight "Clean Up. paint Up, Fix Up Week" activities here will get under way tonight with a Mekoff dinner at the Junior Chamber of Commerce clubhouse on North Second Street. Spoi\sorcd by the 'jaycees, the project will feature a painting race at s p.m. tomorrow when a crew of painters wll! pre how fast they can put a coat of paint on the Mississippi County Health Unit Building near the court House The painting race will fallow a parade scheduled to begin about 4 p.m. It will move from the Rlce 7 Stix factory east on Main Street to Franklin, north to Walnut and Miss Betty Black to Represent Blytheville in Cotton Carnival Miss Betty Black, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Farnsworth E. Black of Blytheville, has been selected to represent the city of Blylheville as "Lady of -the Realm" at the Memphis Cotton Carnival May 914, it \va"s announced today by Mayor Doyle Henderson. Blytheville's "Lady of the Realm" Is being sponsored by the city this year, since the Jvmjor Chamber of Commerce last year volcd to discontinue sponsorship. Miss Black was selected by a secret committee. As "F,ady of the Realm," Miss Black will estend greetings to the Collon Carnival king and queen from Mayor Henderson and also will extend an Invitation to the royal couple lo attend the Jaycce-spon- sored National Collon Picking Contest In Blylheville this fall. Miss Black. 21, Is a member of family Identified for many years with cotton tn Mississippi County. Her parents own farming Interests In this arcs and her father also I an owner and operator of Blytheville Gin Co. Her grandfather, the !ate Waring A. Black, was In Ihe cotton business for manv years in Mrmnhls and later In Blythcville The late. Mr. aurl Mrs. A. M. BnW her grandparents, had extensive then back to the Health Unit. Mayor Doyle Henderson today issued a proclamation urging citi- Viens' co-operation in the "Clean Up, Paint Up, Fix Up Week activities. A model doll house built by Blytheville paii.t and lumber dealers will be featured in the parade. It will be auctioned off at ». later date. drive'for'the Prannari farm subsidy plan* (2) -Expansion- hf unemployment, insurance, (3) Congress' action in killing the administration's middle-income housing proposal and (4) Extension of rent conlrols. Tn addition, administration lieutenants say Mr. Truman cm be expected to Tolce a vigorous defense of Secretary of State Acheson and bin policies, pointing also to recent efforts he ha* made as President to cooperate with Congressional Republicans on foreign affairs. T« I»H Wnwonibi In a trip expected to take him through" Wisconsin on his way to dedication ceremonies at the Grand Coulee Dam In Washington stale, Mr. Truman Is expected by Democrats to have something to say about the Communist charges Senator McCarthy (R-Wls) has hurled •Kalnst the State Department. :It Is on domestic, economic anr social problems, however, that mos party members think Mr. Trmnai will hit hardest in speeches directed toward retaining Democratic control of Congress In Novcml>er an< boosting the number of admlnistra tlon supporters In both houses. The President laid down the back ground for an all-out drive for Ih Brannan Plan In his recent messaR signing a farm acreage allotmcn bill. ''He urged Congress again "to at thorite a system of production pay rhents for potatoes tand other per Ishable. commodities) so that un avoidable surpluses can be sold t consumers and used, instead of tnk tn off the market and large] wasted." Additional Grounds He said there is acldiliona rounds for chnrges that "the pres- nt farm progranvis costly and pUea p unmanageable surpluses at the ame-llme It malrilnln.v artificially Igh prices for agricultural com- lodltlcs." . The President astted Congress last •eek to expand unemployment In- urance to . cover • 6,000,000 more workers and to. set standards that voulcl bring many state's payments o .a hiRcr level. Congress gives no present signs if rictiiiK on this suggestion In this ession. Even If it doesn't, Mr. Trunan has made a record of his views A. counter any employment Blump hat might come along In the aum- mcr and early fall. Ington at day after cation. Accompanied by hi* daughter, Margaret, and members of his staff, he boarded an Air Force Constellation known as the "Magic Carpet" at the Navy's Boca Ohl- ca .'Airport. ' His 'own plane, the "Indepen deuce" Is in ^Santiago to bring president GoraaleE of.. Chita 'here tomorrow for « state visit. •^ AEC Announcement A While House aide said' Mr. Truman hoped to be able to an- the - appointment Supreme Court Refuses to Halt 1 Queries nounce . chairman of the Atomic of Energy Commission within a few days. He said Mr. Truman also Is nearlng a decision on other appointments. Just before boarding the plant, the President told reporters he "never felt better." Asked If he planned to meet Congressional leaden when . he re- tuma, he aaid yea, all thoa* that are now In Washington. "The President has' a number of people he wants to talk to upon his return to the white House," this aide said. I The President, he added, has ome one In mind for Ihe A.E.C. land holdings In North Mississippi County. A senior at Vanderbitt University at Nashville. Tenn., Miss Black Is to be excused from classes lo attend the Cotton Carnival. She is scheduled to graduate June 3 with a major in history. Before transferring ,to Vanrtcrbilt, Miss Black attended Rnndolph- Macon College at Lynchburg, Va., for two years. Rhe is a member of Kappa Alpha Thcfa social sorority. Miss Black was valedictorian of her class at Blylheville High School. Wearing costumes made from cotton, she will attend all the social affairs held for the Cotton Caml- 1 Court. These will begin Monday, May 8. and continue through Saturday nighl. As "Lady of the Realm." Miss Black will ride Ihe Royal Barge when It docks at Memphis lo open the carnival and will appear in numerous parades. Mrs. Samuel F. Morris of lilyllie- vlllc is in charge of arrangements for Miss Black's participation in the Cotton Carnival. While. In Memphis, she wll! be the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Clyde Croswcll. Her rhaporone will be Mrs. Hov.cH LOUR, "Ladies of Ihc Realm" chairman, Two Slightly Hurt In Auto Accident Two Canithersvllle residents were injured slightly last night in a head-on collision two and one-halt miles north of Slecle. Mo., on Highway «I. <3uy Fred Scott, driver of one ot the cars received a forehead cut and Mrs. Mary.Green .owner of the other car, also suffered a head cut, Missouri stale Patrolman J. M. Hickman said. Mrs. Green was a passenger In. her car, which was driven by John Russell Dunagan, also of Caruthersville, Patrolman Hickman said. The accident occurred, the officer said, when Scott backed the car he was driving onto the highway from a nriveway and crossed the cenler- llne. Blackard Quits Post at Airport A new airport manager for the Blytheville Municipal Airport has not been selected as yet, Mayor Doyle Henderson said today. Mayor Henderson said Marshall Blackard. airport manager since May 1. resigned about two weeks ago. No official annovmccment ot the resignation was made until today. Mr. Blackard is now employed by »n automobile agency In Blytheville. WASHINGTON, April 10. The Supreme Court today refused lo Interfere with the jx>wcr of Congressional committees to compel witnesses to say whether they arc Communists. The refusal came In the tribunal's rejection of two appeals filed by movie wrllcrs John Howard Lawson and Dalton Truinbo. They were convicted of contempt or Congress for declining to tell Ihe House Un- American Activities Commute whether they were members of the Communist Party. The supreme court denied hear| Ings to Lawson and Trumbo on tlicir appeals, thereby letting stand a lovcer court ruling that Congressional committees have power (o Inquire into Communist Parly rnem- Itfrs. x>st and hopes to persuade him o accept. McCone ConiMererf John A. McCone, Los Angeles business man and a Republican. tinder consideration for appointment as undersecretary of the Air Force. The President also must find a successor to Tracy Voorhees as un- lersccrctary of the Army. Voorhees nas resigned, effective no later han June 30. And Cornelius Van- dcrbllt Whitney wants lo leave as under secretary of commerce. New York Cotton May , July . Oct. , Dec. Mar. Soybeans May July Nov Open High Low Clo«« ?26614 27.1& 26« 373 2«3U !«9 263 3«7 205 H 208',4 «05V4 307 Boat Recovered In River Chute A molor boat, reported mlsslni? from Tyler, Mo., since last week, was recovered In a Mississippi River chute near Luxora Saturday where It hud floated apparently after turning over. Dspuly Sheriff Charles Short said this morning. The overturned boat with the molar Intact was found by fishermen on the chute Saturday aftcr- mxm; Deputy Short said. The boat was'pulled to shore and the motor turned over to officers. Depuly Short said that he State Trooper Clyde Barker checked the serial number on tbe motor through the store at. wMch It wa.i purchased and found H belonged to Klvit James ol Tyler. Open Hij>h Low 1:3i . .1253 32S5 3243 3?5: . 3263 3266 32SO 32M . 3070 .1079 30C8 . 3053 305!) 3047 . 3052 30S9 31)51 - , ., . ---- ij— r-. nu.^in, ma i. mi- less It takes steps ,to combat Inflation nnd lo hfeld the scheduled May elections, EGA aid may have to be adjusted downward. . • Acheson'.,, demand for financial slaMIly brought a proposal from Senator Knowland .'(H-CaIlf> that this country give South Korea a gunrnntee that it won't be overrun by the Communist* of North Korea Korea Nwdi Amrann "The people of South Korea an Hring in an ar»a where the- cold w»r,l« hot" Senator- Knowl»ncV old .reporter "If wr ar« going (?• Imlst that they balance their budg* and thm cut their defensr outlay* we ought to be Hilling to aay lo them 'Well »ee you «re not overwhelmed by the Communists.'" Hoffman told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee recently that ECA progress In Korea "merits the "adjective 'spectacular.'" % However, Acheson said in his nott that the ECA's. protests against inflationary practices on the part of the jrovernment hart been met with the Korean reply that there, was no threat of Inflation, but rather & threat of deflation. . " . The secretary of state said 'that showed "a lack' of comprehension on the .part of the Korean government of the seriousness of the prob- ' lem." New York Stocks 1:30 p.m. Quotations: AT&T ; ]S5 1-4 Amer Tobacco 70 1-4 Anaconda Copper 205-8 Beth Steel 35 1-2 Chrysler BB 1-4 Coca Cola 153, Gen Electric 471-2 Gen Motors so 1-8 Montgomery Ward 55 1-2 N Y Central 14 1-2 inl Harvester 21 1-2 National Distillers 23 Republic Steel 26 7-E Radio 20 Socony Vacuum 17 1 ; 4 Sttldcbakcr 307-8 Standard of N J 70 1-2 Texas Corp 653-8 J C Penney S9 3-4 U S Steel 32 1-8 'Mercy Slayer' Is Sentenced MaroM A. Mofcr ALLENTOWff, Pa., April 10. <AP)_Harold A. Mohr today was sentenced to a prison term of three to six years for the so-called mercy killing ot his cancer-ravaged brother. Mohr was convicted Friday of voluntary manslaughter. Judge James F. Henninger also Imposed a fine of 4500 on the 24- year-old tannery worker. The maximum sentence for vol- In prison »nd a fine of 16,000. untar marulaughyter Is 1» yean A Lehlgh County Jury of four ommended mercy In finding Mohr men and eight women hid rec- gullty of manslaughter. Judge Herinlnger,. ,«ld he *c- qiilejced to tKe jurors who, he *alo. "bellered Mohr shol his brother out of sympathy." Tomato Nearly Doubles Red Cross Quota The contributions of two nonresident land owners of the Tomato community earned the small community to almost double Its quota for the 1053 Red Cross campaign, currnetly under way for the Chick-, asawba District chapter. . B. G. West of Blytheville. fund campaign chairman, said that J25 contributions from Ed Tillman of Caruthcrsville. Mo., and Alvin Wumlcrltch of Memphis; and SIO collected by a veteran who had been as-lsted by the Red Cross and volunteered his services to help solid 1 , funds, brought the collections In Ihe community lo $75. The community chairman. Sim Tillman had been given » $40 quo- la, and he said today that he hoped thH the quota would be doubled before solicitation ended. Other contributions, which brought district collections to $9,964.97 today Included 5218.05 Irom the Ncpro division in Blytheville. Blytheville has contributed a total of $7,841 81, or which S4M.05 has been from the Negro division, toward a $3,003 goal. In the outlying districts a total of S2.I23.13 has been collected. Included In contributions for the. Negro divisions were reports from the following solicitors: Beatrice Vassar, $32; Geneva Rocket, $6; 414; Roseta Bynum, $7; Maggie Lee Love, 431: Will Miss 417.05; Apple Hill. $18; Jessie Kimbrotigh. $15; Lfzzle Phillips. M; Susie Carter, SH; Roseta Bunum. 57; Maggie Ivte Flynn, »18; Robinson S:hoo!, $7; Lok James, 420; and Francis Howard, S4. St. Paul's Baptist Church, West Knd Baptist Church, True Light Baptist Church, Pilerrlm Rest Baptist Church and the Nehemlah Temple Church contributions were Included. N. 0. Cotton Open High Low 1:39 May 3214 3218 3213 3217 July ..3231 3235 3WO 32,14 OcU 3064 3071 3061 3070 Dec 30M 3CM 3iXJ 3M3 JMar. 30« *M3 3041 J04L

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