The Springfield News-Leader from Springfield, Missouri on July 13, 1989 · Page 22
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The Springfield News-Leader from Springfield, Missouri · Page 22

Springfield, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1989
Page 22
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STANDINGS Hal Only linebackers block Bo's road to MIKE LOPRESTI ANAHEIM, Calif. The future in baseball is so limitless for Bo Jackson. What's he doing with a football in his hand? No long East Division W L Pet GB L10 Streak Home Away Baltimore 48 37 .565 5-5 Lost 1 24-19 24-18 New York 43 43 .500 Sri Z-6-4 Lost 22-20 21-23 Boston 41 42 ,494 6 2-7-3 Won 1 21-21 20-21 Milwaukee 42 45 .483 7 5-5 Won 1 24-22 18-23 Toronto 42 45 .483 7 5-5 Won 4 20-23 22-22 Cleveland 40 45 .471 8 z-5-5 Lost 2 21-21 19-24 Detroit 31 54 .365 17 z-2-8 Lost 7 17-24 14-30 West Division W L Pet GB L10 Streak Home Away California 52 33 .612 Z-8-2 Won 3 30-17 22-16 Oakland 52 36 .591 1V 1-6-4 Won 1 30-16 22-20 ROYALS 49 37 S7t 3'i Z-t-4 Won i 30-11 19-26 Texas 47 39 .547 SVi 4-4 Lost 1 23-17 24-22 Seattle 42 44 .488 lO'i 7-3 Won 2 25-20 17-24 Minnesota 41 44 .471 12 1-9 Lost 4 21-21 20-25 Chicago 32 54 .364 21 Vi z-3-7 Lost 6 14-28 18-28 I -denotes first game as win Tuesday's Game American 5, National X All-Star Game Wednesday's Games No games scheduled Today's Games ' ' Vt-Opp. Last! Team Time Pitchers W-L W-L '88 Car. ER W-L Royals 12:00 Goblcza 8-4 20-8 2-1 5-4 8 1-1 at Yankees Hawkins 10-8 14-11 1-0 1-0 7 3-0 A's 6:35 Davis 7-4 14-7 2-0 4-3 10 2-1 at Blue Jays Key 7-8 12-5 0-1 4-4 9 0-2 Angels 6:35 Blyleven 8-2 10-17 0-0 18-14 3 1-0 at Orioles Ballard 10-4 8-12 1-1 1-3 11 1-2 Mariners 6:35 Johnson 3-1 3-0 0-0 0-0 8 0-1 at Tigers Alexander 4-9 14-11 1-1 13-6 12 0-2 Rangers 6:35 Witt 7-8 8-10 1-2 2-5 5 2-1 at Indians Black 7-7 4-4 0-0 8-5 5 1-0 Red Sox 7:05 Clemens 9-6 18-12 0-0 9-1 9 1-1 at Twins Viola 7-9 24-7 2-0 11-8 5 2-1 Brewers 7:30 Hlguera 3-3 16-9 0-2 4-5 10 2-1 at White Son Reuss 7-1 n-9 i-i ui in ni Friday's Games a man not hitting a ball squarely but still sending it downrange 150 yards. You wonder what the stomachs of the Kansas City Royals management and faithful are like each Sunday afternoon during the National Football League season. When the Raiders run a sweep, it must be like watching a dog running across a freeway: You hope it doesn't get run over by a truck. Jackson has insisted on this dual citi- -zenship for his enjoyment and his bank account. That is hard to fault. It is his . decision. It is his body. But you wonder if the time is coming soon to reconsider. He has proven his point. He can do them both. He has had his fun and made his money. Now it might be time to start making his mark. Jackson quickly has moved to the launching pad of legends in baseball where he could lift off to become one of the greatest players of his age. But that takes time. Years. Consistency. And the thing about working as a running back in the NFL is that you rarely go for very long with all body parts intact Getting Jackson to speak of one sport while playing another is hard work. Mostly, he won't. "Look, I've been fortunate that I haven't had a serious injury in football," Jackson said Tuesday night, "and I've been playing both sports now for the past 11 years. ... When the time comes, I'll make the decision." Ah, but son, the time might have come. You might get rich in football reports are that he gets a $2.2 million payment if he lasts for five seasons with the Raiders. But baseball stars are not noted for having to shop at K mart. For what he can do, he will raid the vault in Kansas City. Or some other city. What would be tragic is if one wrong cut in the third period one day would deprive Jackson and the rest of us of ever knowing how good he truly can be. Mike Lopresti Is a sports columnist for Gannett News Service. er are we talking about a good baseball player, a young prospect with some talent. We are talking the magic of a do-it-all. We're talking records, memories, one day maybe a ride to Cooperstown. "He's redefining the game as we speak," said Tony Gwynn of San Diego. "Bo can do anything. It's scary. It's scary." What with his tennis-shoe ads and 448-foot All-Star home runs, we are talking the Michael Jordan of the cowhide set Bo the Show. It is not difficult for professional athletes to impress writers, youngsters and bank clerks from Santa Ana in Aisle 39. But to transform his unexcitable peers into roaring fans? "We were cheering when he hit it," Dodgers pitcher Jay Howell said of Jackson's Apollo shot to center field. "We were sitting around (in the National League bullpen) slapping hands and saying to each other, 'Geez, where are you gonna pitch him?' " Jackson, you might recall, said he got "a piece" of that doomed Rick Reuschel sinker. Well, he can call it a piece if he wants, but if the San Francisco veteran's pitch were a cherry pie, Jackson would have left nothing behind but a dirty fork. And a burp. Might not he, dare we guess, gotten all of it? , "I don't know," Jackson shrugged, seemingly unaware of the implications of Kansas City at New York, 2, 3:30 p.m. Texas at Cleveland, 6:35 pm Seattle at Detroit, 4:35 p.m. Oakland at Toronto, 4:35 P.m. California at Baltimore, 7:05 P.m. Boston at Minnesota, 7:05 p.m. Milwaukee at Chicago, 7:30 pm The Associated Press i l-mM-M-HdUi 1 Bo Jackson of the Kansas City Royals displays the All-Star Game Most Valuable Player trophy after he led the American League to a 5-3 victory Tuesday night in Anaheim, Calif. East Division Montreal Streak Home Away Won 1 25-17 24-21 W L PCt GB L10 49 38 .563 4-4 47 39 .547 ltt 7-3 Won 1 23-22 24-17 Chicago Jackson wasn't the only star shining in Anaheim 45 39 .536 Vh z-6-4 Won 3 27-13 18-26 Mew York 44 39 .530 3 Z-8-2 Won 1 27-21 17-18 CARDINALS 36 47 .434 11 Z-4-4 Lost 2 19-23 17-24 Pittsburgh By Ben Walker 32 52 .381 15'j 5-5 Won 1 18-23 14-29 Philadelphia The Associated Press All-Star Game ratings decline from last year's West Division ANAHEIM, Calif. Besides Bo, plen W L Pet GB L10 Streak Home Away 51 36 .586 z-5-5 Lost 1 28-14 23-22 ty of All-Stars played well Tuesday San Fran night. As if anyone noticed. 49 38 .563 2 z-5-5 Lost 1 25-22 24-16 Houston Ruben Sierra, who started in place of 3-7 Lost 3 23-19 21-24 44 43 .506 Cincinnati injured Jose Canseco, got two hits. So 42 46 .477 9'j z-4-6 Won 2 19-19 23-27 San Diego did Bobby Bonilla. And Mark Davis 40 47 .460 11 3-7 Lost 1 23-20 17-27 Los Angeles struck out Bo Jackson on three pitches. 34 51 .414 15 z-5-5 Lost 1 20-25 14-26 Atlanta Still, Jackson is the one everyone will By Hillel Italic The Associated Press NEW YORK Even with Bo Jackson at the plate and former President Reagan behind the microphone, television ratings for the All-Star Game on Tuesday dropped off from those for the 1988 event. NBC received an 18.2 rating and 33 share for its telecast of the American League's 5-3 win over the National League. The network numbers were slightly lower than the 20.4 rating and 34 share that ABC received for its broad cast last year. Tuesday's game, which featured back-to-back homers by Jackson and Wade Boggs in the first inning, was thought to be more exciting than the '88 game, won by the AL 2-1. Doug Ferreira, NBC's manager of sports research, said Wednesday that a lack of big-name East Coast players mighthave lowered viewer interest. "You're missing Dwight Gooden, Dave Winfield and Darryl Strawberry," Ferreira said. z -denotes first game as a win remember from the American League's 5-3 victory. He led off with a 448-foot home run and later hit a line-drive single, ran Tuesday's Game American 5, National 3, Ail-Star Game Wednesday's Games No games scheduled Julio Franco, Sierra's teammate, is second in the AL with a .333 batting average and 62 RBIs. Franco got a hit Tuesday, making the two Rangers 3-for-6. In previous All-Star Games, Texas players had been 2-for-18. "Now the people can see what we can do," Sierra said. Davis, tied for the major-league lead . with 22 saves, was the only perfect pitcher for the NL. He worked the sixth and blew away Jackson on three pitches and also struck out Gary Gaetti. Davis' only shaky moment came when he was introduced on the Anaheim Stadium public-address system. The San Diego player was introduced as a pitcher for San Francisco, his former club. "I've had my name messed up a lot of times but never the team I played for," he said. Bonilla got into the game as the NL's backup designated hitter and went 2-for-2. Some veteran All Stars finally got a few hits, too. Don Mattingly had been 0-for-8 in five games, but he ended that streak with a double. fast and fielded fine just about everything a great player does. Not bad for someone who began the season with a Today's Games 238 career average and has struck out almost 100 times this year. "After I hit the home run, my team mates in the dugout told me I had the MVP wrapped up, Jackson said. Then, when Wade (Boggs) hit the home run, they told him he had it wrapped up." With his MVP performance and highly Sierra singled and scored the go-ahead run in the second inning and hit an RBI single in the third. "He's just as exciting as Bo," said Kirby Puckett of Minnesota. "Ruben is just now coming into his own he and Bo. He doesn't take a backseat to anyone." are having enough trouble getting recognition. Sierra, the Rangers' 23-year-old right fielder, leads the AL in RBIs, with 65, and in slugging percentage and is third with a .330 batting average. He finished sixth in fan voting but was picked to start in place -of injured Jose Canseco. '89 '88 wOpp. Last 3 Team Time Pitchers W-L W-L '88 Car. ER W-L Cubs 3:05 Maddux 8-7 18-8 1-0 4-0 7 2-1 at Padres Hurst 7-4 18-4 0-0 0-0 7 1-1 Astros 4:35 Knepper 3-9 14-5 0-0 10-12 13 0-1 at Phillies Ruffin 2-3 6-10 0-0 3-1 5 2-0 Astros 2nd Forsch 1-2 10-8 0-0 24-17 7 0-0 at Phillies Cook 3-2 2-1 0-0 0-0 7 1-2 Expos 6:35 Martinez 9-1 15-13 0-1 3-3 5 3-0 at Reds Jackson 6-9 23-8 0-0 1-1 10 2-1 Met 6:40 Darling 6-6 17-9 0-0 8-1 7 2-1 at Braves P. Smith 2-10 7-15 0-2 0-3 9 0-2 Cards 7:00 Hi8 5-4 0-1 2-0 2-0 6 1-0 at Dodgers Hershlser 9-7 23-8 0-0 5-4 6 1-1 Pirates 9:35 Walk 7-5 12-10 1-1 5-4 8 2-1 at Giants Robinson 7-6 10-5 0-3 1-3 13 0-2 publicized TV commercial, Jackson, the top AL vote-getter in fan ballotting, further increased his popularity. He also overshadowed some good players who Baltimore manager says he'll be back despite threat to quit because of umpires Friday's Games Montreal at Cincinnati, 6:35 p.m. Houston at Philadelphia, 6:35 p.m. New York at Atlanta, 6:40 p.m. Chicago at San Diego, 9:05 p.m. St. Louis at Los Angeles, 9:35 P.m. Pittsburgh at San Fran, 9:35 P.m. The Associated Press BALTIMORE Frank Robinson says he will be in the dugout as the Orioles manager today if for no other reason than that he keeps his worldly goods in Baltimore. "That's where my clothes are," Robinson said Tues If ": I -ass 1 day after suggesting he might resign because of his anger with American League umpires. Robinson said AL president Bobby Brown, during a half-hour meeting Tuesday before the All-Star Gamen convinced him to stay on as manager but insisted that his anger is genuine. "I was upset and frustrated," Robinson said. "But I didn't say it iust because of that. I realized "had some concern" that Robinson would carry through with his threat but said the meeting with Brown left Robinson satisfied that his complaints had been heard. Hemond and club president Larry Luc-chino also attended the meeting. "I was hurt," Robinson said. "That was the main thing. I'm satisfied with the way Dr. Brown took what I had to say." Brown said there never were problems "as far as Frank's managing, the way he carried himself, what his attitude was on the field." "It's not unusual for managers and general managers from time to time to sit down and talk about incidents that occur," Brown said. Baseball again will be the focus when the second half of the season gets under way today at Memorial Stadium. The Orioles will face the Angels in a battle of first-place clubs, and the umpires will be the same four who incensed Robinson in Milwaukee Jim McKean, Larry Young, Ken Kaiser and John Shulock. It remains to be seen whether Robinson's public outcry will have an effect on the way he is treated by umpires the rest of the season. Brown insisted that the umpires will carry no vendettas. Jim Evans, the home-plate umpire for the All-Star Game, 6aid Robinson's charges of unfair treatment were absurd. AS OF JULY 12 AS Of JULY 11 TEAM RECORDS TEAM RECORDS CARDS LA. K.C YANKS HOME 27-21 23-20 HOME 30-11 22-20 ROAD 1M8 17-27 ROAD 19-24 21-23 V- EAST 22-20 19-23 vs. EAST 27-21 207 vs. WEST 22-19 21-25 vs. WEST 22-14 23-24 vs. LHP 13-16 18-17 vs. LHP 14-11 19-17 vs. RHP 31-23 22-30 vs. RHP 35-26 24-26 GRASS 9-9 34-30 GRASS 14-22 34-37 ARTIFICIAL 35-30 6-17 ARTIFICIAL 35-15 9- 4 DAY GAMES 14-15 17-12 DAY GAMES 11-14 13-15 NIGHT GAMES 30-24 23-35 NIGHT GAMES 38-23 30-28 ONE RUN GAMES 17-13 14-17 ONE RUN GAMES 16-14 11- 8 EXTRA INNINGS 7-2 6-6 EXTRA INNINGS 10-4 3-4 DOUBLE WINS 1 1 DOUBLE WINS 0 J DOUBLE LOST 0 0 DOUBLE LOST 0 0 DOUBLE SPLIT 0 0 DOUBLE SPLIT 0 0 TEAM BATTING TEAM BATTING BATTING AVG .254 .234 BATTING AVG .258 .271 SLUGGING PCT. 362 327 SLUGGING PCT. .359 39? ON BASE AVG 321 305 ON BASE AVG 326 341 AT BAT 2815 2983 AT BAT 2930 2933 RUNS 336 285 RUNS 346 373 HITS 720 499 HITS 756 795 TOTAL BASES 1020 97S TOTAL BASES 1053 1)43 DOUBLES 152 130 DOUBLES 120 118 TRIPLES 24 10 TRIPLES 15 10 HOME RUNS 32 42 HOME RUNS 49 70 RBI 314 240 RBI 346 348 SAC BUNTS 39 40 SAC BUNTS 21 28 SAC FLIES 25 25 SAC FLIES 29 25 LEFT ON BASE 587 652 LEFT ON BASE 409 651 WALKS 249 294 WALKS 297 3)5 STRIKE OUTS 401 493 STRIKE OUTS 443 424 STOLEN BASES 87 47 STOLEN BASES 95 89 CA STEALING 14 32 CA. STEALING 32 38 ERRORS a 69 ERRORS 54 69 TEAM PITCHING TEAM PITCHING WON 44 40 WON 49 43 LO?J ?9 LOST 37 43 ERA 3.41 2.84 ERA 343 4.49 COM. GAMES 9 10 COM. GAMES 18 5 SHUTOUTS 9 12 SHUTOUTS 6 5 SAVES 23 20 SAVES 19 29 INNINGS PITCHED 7543 8010 INNINGS PITCHED 777.1 742.1 HITS ALLOWED 701 718 HITS ALLOWED 749 U2 RUNS ALLOWED 323 285 RUNS ALLOWED 325 EARNED RUNS 287 253 EARNED RUNS 296 380 HOME RUNS 42 44 HOME RUNS 42 76 HITS BATSMEN 15 16 . HITS BATSMEN 9 28 WALKS 248 256 WALKS 229 249' STRIKE OUTS 433 555 STRIKE OUTS 515 394' WILD PITCHES 21 27 WILD PITCHES 27 19 BALKS 10 BALKS 3 8 From m Etos Sports Surw From M Etas Sports tunn what I was saying. If I wasn't going Robinson to be allowed to play under the same conditions as other ballclubs, I would have stepped aside." Robinson suggested Sunday, after protesting the Orioles' 7-2 loss to the Brewers, that he might resign. A controversial interference call at second base triggered his fury, but he had become increasingly angry in recent weeks over his inability to communicate with umpires. Orioles general manager Roland Hemond said he The Associated Press SCOREBOARD: Boston at Minnesota, 7:05 p.m. Roger Clemens-will face Frank Viola in a matchup of pitchers who have won the last three Cy Young Awards. Clemens won in 1986 and 1987, and Viola won last year. STREAKS: By beating the National League in the All-Star Game, the AL has a two-game winning streak for the first time since 1957-58. ... Before Tuesday night's victory, the AL had lost six straight All-Star Games in California. SLUMPS: Before hitting a double in the seventh inning Tuesday off Jay Howell, Don Mattingly was hitless in eight career All-Star at-bats. STARTERS: All nine American League starters got hits Tuesday. The last time all of one league's starters except the pitcher got hits was in 1954, when left fielder Minnie Minoso, second baseman Bobby Avila, center fielder Mickey Mantle, catcher Yogi Berra, first baseman Al Rosen, third baseman Ray Boone, right fielder Hank Bauer and shortstop Chico Carrasquel did it for the AL. SLUGGERS: Bo Jackson became the ninth player to hit a home run in his first career All-Star Game at-bat. Terry Stein-bach of Oakland did it last year Jackson was the fifth player to lead off the first inning with a homer. The others were Frank Frisch in 1934, Lou Boudreau in 1942, Willie Mays in 1965 and Joe Morgan in 1977. STEALS: The three stolen bases by the National League were one short of the record the NL set in 1984. The four steals for the two leagues fell one short of the record set in 1985. STEALS AND SLUGGERS: Bo Jackson became the second player to hit a home run and steal a base in the same All-Star Game. Willie Mays did it in the second All-Star Game of 1960. SWINGS: Julio Franco and Ruben Sierra of the Texas Rangers were 3-for-6 Tuesday night. In the 17 previous All-Star Games, Texas batters were 2-(or-18. STARTING STRONG: The consecutive homers in the first inning by Bo Jackson and Wade Boggs were the fourth back-to-back homers in All-Star Game history. Al Rosen and Ray Boone did it off Robin Roberts in 1954, Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle did it off Warren Spahn in 1956 and Steve Garvey and Jim Wynn did it off Vida Blue in 1975. STILL PITCHING: Nolan Ryan, 42, became the oldest pitcher to win an All-Star Game and second-oldest to pitch in one. The oldest was Satchel Paige, 47 in 1953. SO MANY PITCHERS: The American League tied a record by using eight pitchers Tuesday. It was the fifth time it happened and the second straight year that the AL has done it. SIGNS: Fans erected the following sign on the third-base side Ex-umpire linked to gambling sues newspaper day night. When reached Wednesday night a member of the sports department at the Daily News deferred comment until this morning. The suit is the result of a story printed by the Daily News on April 9. "The Daily News and Kaplan, purporting to rely on an anonymous source to CBS, reported that CBS News was planning to air a segment within a few days on gambling by umpires including proof that former major-league umpire Satch Davidson actually helped fix baseball games," the suit said. The suit denied that Davidson gambled, fixed games or was involved in gambling by umpires. Immediately after the article was published, CBS News denied that it intended to broadcast a report accusing Davidson of gambling or fixing games. The Associated Press HOUSTON Attorneys for former major-league umpire Satch Davidson filed suit against the New York Daily News and one of its writers Wednesday seeking more than $5 million in damages for a story alleging that Davidson conspired to fix major-league games. KRIV-TV obtained a copy of the suit, which said the Daily News and writer Dave Kaplan irresponsibly and maliciously published an article falsely reporting that Davidson, who retired in 1984, had been involved in gambling and helped to fix baseball games. Davidson, 54, seeks damages' of $5 million or more from New York News Inc., depending on the net worth of the organization. The suit also asks for $50,000 or more from Kaplan, depending on his net worth. "What I've said and what the lawsuit says speaks for itself," the 19-year major-league veteran said Wednes during Tuesday's All-Star Game: "Pete Says 5-1 Giamatti Can't Beat Tyson." SCOUTING: Dave VanWinkle. Rich Long and Scott Stevens had 14 strikeouts and allowed only two hits as Utica shut out Watedown 6-0 in the New York-Penn League.

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