Evening Star from Washington, District of Columbia on December 14, 1901 · Page 12
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Evening Star from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 12

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1901
Page 12
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The Evening Star Branch Offices. Several Important changes have recently been made In The Star branchofflces. ALL POSTAL TELEGRAPH OFFICES are branch offlces of The Evening Star. One cent a word for 1looms For Rent-Rooms and Board-BoardingWanted Help and Situations. If not convenient to call at main office with your advertisements leave them at the folowink places: NORTHWEST. Cenn. ave. and L st.-Wood's Drug Store. Vermont ave. and I st.-King's Drug Store. 14th st. and R. 1. ave.-Huddleson's Drug Stomis 15th and U sts.-Portner Drug Store. 14th at. and Weillng Place-Eppley's Drug Store. 7th and T sts.-Criswell's Drug Store. Woodward & Lothrop's-Postal Telegraph Offce. S. Kann. Sons A Co.-Postal Telegraph Ofee. 912 Pa. ave.-Postal Telegraph OMee. Fth and F sts.-Postal Telegraph Office. 6th and IM sts.-Postal Telegraph Offiee. r. S. Capitol-Postal Telegraph Office. City Post Office-Postal T-legraph Offie, Ebbitt House-Postal Telegraph Office. Riggs House-Postal Telegraph OMre. New Willard's Hotel-Postal Telegraph Ocfie. Nationa Hotel-Postal Telegraph Offiee. Regent Hotel-Postal Telegraph Office. The Barton Hotel-Postal Telegraph Office. The Gordon Hotel-Postal Telegraph Office. ------- EAST WASHINGTON. Oth and East Cap. sts.-Haley's Drug Stoe. 7th and H sts. n.e.-Grlffith's Drug Store. 2d at. and Pa. ave. s.e.-Dobyna's Drug Stoe. SOUTHWEST. PNstal Telegraph Ofime-foot 11th 8t. 0GEORGETOWN. 32d and 31 sta.-O'Donnell's Drug Store. 32d and 0 sts.-O'Donnell's Drug Store. WANTED-ETP. MALE. WA.'ED-BOOKKEEPERI. WHO THOROUGIILY understands double-entry system; splendid opportunitY for the right party; no personal Interviews entertained. Atidress, stating ftilly experience and referenees. T. R. NEWBOL,. Treasurer, Merchants' Trainsfer and Storaze io. It WANTEIaE\~ EltYWHiElitEHtTLEHs TO TACK signs. listribu te elrculars. satuples, etc.; no ,anvas.sing; good pay. SUN AD\ ERT8ING iUREAr~. Chicago. It WANTED-- A lrONANZA FIL HI-STLIN; AGENTS -$5 capital andl a few bturs' work per day will make you the largtst income you ever had. A hustler will make over one hundred dollars per week. Something absolutely and entirely new. Sells at sight. Exclusive territory given to agents. Address TIck Box 161. Newark. N. J. 1* WANTED-ENERGETIC WORKERIS TO DIStribute circulars and samples; permitnent occupation; good pay. DlSTRtIBUTERS' LEAGUE. 49 West 28th at.. New York. 1t WANTED-TWa, MEN DUILUN. LEISURE HOUtS to assist a detective near Washington; experIence unnecessary. Address DETECTIVE, 217 N. Eutaw at.. Balto.. Md. 1t* WANTEI-A NEW YORK CORPORATION DEsires to establish a branch office in Washington and will receive applications for three days) for position of manager; applicants must be of good moral character and possess good common sense; actual business experience not essentIal, taut desirable; easy. profitable woark, assuring income of $200 to $300 monthly, increasing each year. A nominal cash investment of $300 will be required for goods to be carried in stock. Exlusive control of entire business in District of 40lumbia will be guaranteed in written contract. Address afor three days only) TREASURER, Box 103. Star office. it* WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, HIGH SCHOOL graduate preferred, who has a geod command of English. to learn the newspaper business; excellent opportunity for one who is indlustrious and willing to work; state salary expected. Address Box 135. Star office. de]4-'t* WANTED-8ALESMEN TO SELL HIGH-GRADE 5c. cigars. with handsome premiums; experience unnecessary; the high grade of our cigars and value of premiums makes the sales; you simply take the orders: big commission; permanent position: exclnsive territory. HOWLAN.,D CIGAIt CO.. Howland Block. Chicago. Ill. 1t WANTED-BlaY TO MAKE HIMSELF GENERALly useful in a music store. Box 25. Star office.1* WANTED-A COLORED BUTLER. APPLY 1754 Q at. n.w. It* WANTED-A YOUNG MAN IN OFFICE; GOOD penman r.nd generally useful; go-A reference required. Aedmess A. B. M.. Star office. it* WANTED-TWO YOUNG MEN AS DEMONSTRAtars: $12 week to start: rapid advancement for workers. Address B..M1. C... Star office. It, WANTED-ANY PERSON WHO WILL IISTRIBute circulars for $3 daily should address STANDIARD CO., 4 Wells. Chicago. de14-s&tu.2t* WANTED-A YOI'tNG MAN WITH FAIR KNOWLedge of stenography. typewriting and bookkeeping; one with experience preferredI. Apply at 10 o'clock Monday morning, PHIL W. CHEW, 512 F st. n.w. it WANTED--AGENTS FOR "WEBsTER'S INTERnational laiactionary." including geography, biography. fiction. phrases and history; big value; best Christmas gift: elegant binding; special edition: easy payments. 211 Jenifer bldg., 7th and D sts. it' WANTED-TWO BtIGHT. -WTIVE YOUNG MEA to sell real estate: splendid opening for the right men. Address REAL ESTATE, Star office. del4-3t WANTED-1421 K ST.. COLORED BOY TO ATtend to fires, clean and make himself generally useful. It* WANTED-WtBER AND INTELLIGENT MAN TO drive delivery wagon; must have reference. Apply GEO). M1. OYSTER, Jr.. 1148 C'onn. ave. dle14-3t* WANTED --UNION STEAM FflTERS AND HELPers. Apply to F. KIEL, Foreman for T. C. Basshor & Co., U . S. Elee. Ltg. Co.,* 14th and B sta. n.w- It* WANTFJD-EXPERIIENCED PACKERtS. WRAPpers and wagon boys. Apply immediately to J. W. DAWSON. with Woodward & Inthrop. It WANTED-C.ENTLEMIAN. WELL ACJQUAINTEi, and good tallier foar outside position; salary and commissijn. DOMINION DYE WORKS, 731 9th n.w- It' WANTED- bOY. WITHI WHEEL; WAGES, $2.50; references realuired. 731 9th at. 1t* WANTED--HUSTLER TO SOLICIT ON GOOD contract for regular life insurance. Address L. T. S.. Star offk-e. It WANTED-FOR GENERAL OFFiCE WORK, A youth, 18 or 20 years of age, who is not afraid o~f work; must write a good hand and be quick and coret at figures. Address, in own handwriting. M1. R. A.. Star offee. It* WANTED-WE HAVE AN OPENING FOR TWO ene'rgetic southern men of good address; refer. ences required. Address U. S. (COMMERCIAL 4*0.. 7 West l08th st.. New York city. del3-2t* WANTED--VALET; ONE WHO CAN SPEAK G~erman. At;dress GERMAN. Star offce. del3-3* WANTED- SALESMEN TO SELL IAOTS AT North liumbia Heights; liberal inducements. FLON R. GORDON, 7)4 14th n.w. de3-10t WANTED-SINGLE C'OLORtED MAN WHO UNderstands horses and buggies; also care of furnace and offces; uages, $12; bring ref. DR., 1313 14th at. n.w- de12-tf WANTED - IRAUGHT8M IAN CO)MPETENT TO make patent offce drawings and sketches for court exhibits; state experience. Address Box 1o7. Star ofie- de12-3t* WANTED-CIReI-LARt ANDI SAMPILE DISiTRIBUtows. $5 per 1.000; pay adlvaneda; permanent; experience unnecessar . GLO)BE DISTRIBUTING 4O0. 53 W. 24th t.. .ew York city. dell-w,f,s-3. WANTFD-SUBINXIPECTOJR OF BUILDINGS-A competitive examination of applIcants will be held at the navy yard, Wahington, D. C.. DEtEMBER 27. 1901, for subiaspector of bulili at $50 r dem fr duya h ag and a ionai information address "COMMANIDANT." Navy lard. Washingon. D. C.'' JOHN D. LONG. Secretary of the Navy. de7-1aw-2w WANTED-SOLI'ITORtX.FOR LIFE INSURANCE Call at Room 17. 1506 Pa. ave. de7.14,21,28-4t* WANTED-SEVERAL -CIGAR SALESMEN; E perience ameessary: $25 weekly. EMANUEL CO.. 217 W. 125th, New York city. noSO-a,St* WANTED-SALEStMAN FOR REAL ESTATE; EXperience not necessary; men with large acquaintance preferred; herse and bgywill be tur. nished; good pay to workers. FUTON N. G34)5 DON. ' o4 14tsst. a.w. fe7-setu-tt WANTEDA NURSERY GOVERNESS TO TAKE charge of two children; willin to travel; Geranreerred., Address Boa U, Star oefee. WANTED-HEALTHY WUITM OR MULATrO women with yeung lafant. Address GOOD HOME, Star offie, * It* WA-TE-ExpoENED( WAIST HANDS. APply 1415 11 at. m.w. deld-2t* WA-TDWAN EXPERIENiCR WAIST TRIMMERt. Apply 2327 Pa. ave. d 4-t. WANTED-LAY TO TRAVrEL AND COLOI Distict lamia fr am-fattrer. Selagy 50 monthy to begin. Seed referenee eand dmesed eneesee at omee. TREERg, -g*Sla WANTED-TWO R3.Empi.E P"MAs~m DUB Ej issre' beers to asist dateetIa ser Wahh, se:=. -7 Addra DEUoiWANTED- GEBL TO DO GENEBAI HOUSa werk; being segnem. 38ff' 3dh t. dead-S A~Nf E - DUCATED LADY, P43T TERTT, mIre -r--- ss ada...: Sa4iSse..a.n.. efles werk. Addesems mm U ar -a W AD-nTaEama-D emaAM es WAUD-mXP. F2=ZALr. WA.NJEED-LADIES TO DO PLAIN SEWING AT bone; good pay; we funish all material fee and mend it prepaid an here. Write for particrlam and price paid. VERBAL CO., Dept. C. Walnout at., Philadelphia. Pa. It* WANTED--1,0W BRIGHT WOMIN TO TRAIN for nursing; salary, $1,000 a year; equip y-0 at home in 3 months. Write AMERICAN NUESEI AS'N, 167 Dearborn at., Chicago. It' WANTEI-AT ONCE. EXPERIENCE WAIST and skirt hands; also inaprovers. 1I=B 17th n.w.* WANTED - DRESSMAKERS - COMPETENT hands on waists and sleeves; wages. Apply Miss WELLR. Holtaman , P41 F at. u.w.. ad Boor. it* WANTED-A YOUNG SALESLADY WITH SOME experience in a worsted and fancy store. Apply at 608 9th at. n.w. It* WANTED - WOMAN OF FAIR EDUCATION. with affable and self-possessed manner, to occupy an important position with a responsible Arm. Address Box 253, Star offlee. 1t* WANTED-COMPETENT NURSE TO CARE FOR three children; wages, $15. Write to Mrs. AlGER, Naval Academy. Annapolis. Md. It* WANTED-STYLISH YOUNG LADY TO POSE; pleasant employment; good pay. Address Box 254. Star office. it* WANTED-A FRENCH WOMAN TO DO HfIjSEwork and nurse for child of six; willing to leave Washington. 136 A at. n.e. It, WANTED - NEAT COLORED WOMAN, TO DO general housework in family of two; must be good cook; stay nights; no washing. 2356 Mass. ave. it* WANTED-A GIRL BETWEEN THE AGES OF fourteen and seventeen for service in small family; cannot remain nights; references required. 1355 Roanoke at. n.w. del4-2t WANTED-NEAT COOK AND GENERAL WORKer to go to Pennsylvania after Christmas; family three; no washing. ironing. Call 3040 Dumbarton ave.. 5 o'clock, with references. It WANTED-THE PRESENT ADDRESS OF MISS Minnie Sweeney. 304 Dumbarton. It WANTED-COLORED WOMAN TO COOK AND do general housework in family of three; no washing; must stay nights. Call. with references. Mrs. JAMES B. HENDERSON, 1306 Roanoke at. - del4-3t WANTED-AT ONCE, EXPERIENCED SKIitT and waist hands. 1015 Conn. ave. del4-3t' WANTED-TEN EXPERIENCED SALESLADIEM. Apply Monday. Dec. 16, Mrs. A. WILSON. Eastern Dept. Store, 1119 H n.e. it WANTED-YOUNG COLORED GIRL AS SECOND girl; must have good references. 356 18th St. n.w. It* WANTED-SALESLADIES NEXT WEEK. THE FAIR. 730 7th at. 1t* WANTED-GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; stay nights; three in family. 212 Indiana ave. 1* WANTED-COMPETENT YOUNG LADY STENOGrapher and typewriter, who also writes well; work light; good position for intelligent girl; state salary expected, references and full parti-ulars. Address Box 251. Star office. del4-3t WANTED-LADY SOLICITOR FOR SPECIAL work with old line life insurance; good offer to right person. Address S. C. W., Star office. It WANTED - BY DRESSMAKER, EXPERIENCED hands and apprentice. Apply 1410 1 at. n.w. del3-2t* WANTED-SALESMEN TO SELL LOTS AT North Columbia Heights; liberal Inducements. FULTON R. GORDON. 704 14th n.w. del3-10t WANTED-COMPETENT GIRL; GOOD WAGES. 6th and Seaton sts. n.e. (Fckington). del3-2t* WANTED-EXPERIENCED LADY BOOKKEEPer; one understanding typewriting preferred: referen-e required. Address Box 100, Star office. del3-2t WANTED-SETTLED WOMAN, EXPERIENCED business correspondEnce, typewriter preferred, who would appreciate good, permanent home, quiet country place, more than salary. Address ELECTIRICAL. Star office. del2-8t* WANTED-A COLORED GIRL FOR GENERAL housework; two in the family; must furnish reference. Apply 813 M at. n.w. del2-3t WANTED-WHITE HOUSEMAID. 1717 P ST. n.w. de12-3t* WANTED-A WHITE NURSE TO CARE FOR INfant; one willing to go to the country; wages, $20. Address H. H. T.. Star office. - del1-5t MALE OR FEMALE. WANTED-BOY OR GIRL. ABOUT 12, TO ANswer door bell and assist chambermaid; referencea. Address 2148 Pa. ave. n.w. ite WANTED-TENORS, ALTOS. SOPRANOS. BASSES for large choir. EXCELLENT ADVANTAGES. Good voices. Address "CHORISTER," Star ofiice.* WANTED - ENERGETIC YOUNG LADIES AND gentlemen to represent us in every church in the city to sell the new One art edition of "The Child's Bible' during their spare hours; a worthy undertaking. CASSELL & CO., Ltd.. Wash. branch. 1602 14th at. n.w. de12&14,2t* WANTED - PROFITABLE WORK OFFERED agents In every town to secure subsecriptions to the Ladies' Home Journal and the Saturday Evening Post. We want agents who will work thoroughly and with business system to cover each section with our illustrated little booklets and other advertaing matter, and to look sharply after renewals from old subscribers. The pay is first-rate, and at the end of the season $20,000 will be giver. the best workers as extra prizes for good work: How well some of our agents have succeeded in told in a little booklet we would like to send you-portraits of some of our best agents, with the story of how they made it -pay. THE CURTIS PUBLISHING CO., Philadelphia. Pa. no21-78t WANTED-LADIES. ALSO MEN, TO COPY LETters. address envelopes at home, anywhere, day or evenings; strictly genuinet employment. EX. CELSIOR MFG. CO., Station B, Cleveland, 0. no2o-w&s-8t* - WANTED-SITUATIONS. MALE. WANTED - POSITION BY STENOGRAPHER, typewriter and bookkeeper; rapid, accurate and experienced. Address HUSTLER, Star office. It* WANTED-BY YOUNG COLORED MAN, PLACE to work, any kind. Address 1421 lt at. n.w. 1t WANTED-BY YOUNG MAN, COLLEGE GRADnate and expert stenographer and typewriter; best references. Address A. B. M., Star offie. de14-2t* WANTED-PLACE BY SMART COLORED BOY AS dishwasher or house boy. 427 2d at. sw. 1t* WANTED-BY YOUNG MAN, STEADY POSITION as meat cutterlin store or market; best of reference. Address C. J., Star offce. 1te WANTED--BY EXPERIENCED PACKER AND ahipper, steady situaton with reliable house. Address Box 260, Star ofie,. ite WANTED--CONTRIACT AS SALESMAN BY EKperienced ycung married man. Address Box 2t16, tar offce. de14-4t* WANTED-BY ACTIVE YOUNG MAN, NOW IN charge of branch offce of Phila. firm, to change Jsn. 1 to position where advancement is possible. Address Box 240. Star o&ce. de14-4t* WANTED-BY A YOUNG COLAORED MAN, PLACE to drive and care for horse. and furnace. Address 810 10th at. n.w. It' WANTD-A PLACE AS COACHMAN IN PRItVATE family; good reference furnished. No. 822 T at. n.w- de14-2t* WANTED-POSITION AS SALESMAN TO SELL flour and feed to the trade, on commission; acquaintance with all the trade of Washington; bheat of references. Address T. J. E., Star oiee.' WANTED-WORK BY YOUNG MAN; CAPABLE and energetic; good driver; experienced clerk; SA No. 1 ref.. Address B. D. .. Star ofee. It* WANTED--WORIK EVENINGS BY RAPID, ACcurate stenographer, typewriter and correspondent employed in department. Address Box 249, Star WANTED-BIY THOROUGHLY COMPETENT BUSinceas man, position in grocery business; fur, best ref.; good aceountant and penman. Address W. B. T., Star offce. de14-St* WANTED-THORtOUGHLY COMPETENT GENeral clerk, correspondent, typewriter, now employed, wishes position where intelligence, energy, speed with accuracy are required; unquestionable references. "F.."~ 1017 12th at. n.w. de13-2t* WANTED-BY EXPERT BOOKKEEPER AND ACcountant, reliable and trustworthy, permanent Sposition. Address Box 109, Star ofice. de12-4t* WANTED-BY UN - TO - DATE, HIGH - GRADE grocer, situation; at present mnanaging. successful baness in Philadelphia; experienced aalesman, buyer and managr; strictly flrst-c al~round man. GAR. 516 N. 83d edelphia, Pa. e2S FEM AE. WANTED-LADIB HATS TO MAKE AND RENovate; ladies' own material used if desired. IS18 o at.- ' d14-3t* WANTEDA-BY LADY OF WIDE EXPnINCs, position as stenographer and bankkeeper; references f romn late employer. Address "L, Me.,"' Star ofie.- .- 1t* W ANtED-BY YOUNG LADY, POSITION AB 5'T'. nographer and typewriter; beet of referenee tan te furaished. Address at once "L. A. B.," a35 K st. na.- It* WANTED-BY GERMAN MAID, PLACE AS ladies' maid or aase. Addme 1719 13th at. WANTED-A LADY WISHES A ROME WITU family or lady for several mthe or longer, where a chapaeoe or en-paensebip is deeired; no salary. Address Ber86, Star ecee. it* WANTED-BY A NEAT COLORED GIRL, PLACE a:~ beewobe in small family. (hil at WANTED-BY A BEAMUT1Ei SEWING; Iit waists and silk skieS a speetalty; home er the day. Address No. 12318th at. a.W, t* WAhTEDBY A DaRSMAKERm .URWUIGO take boe; esat emiss and Ayuic esseu s secialty; plngte ale, -UOs1 th. nw. WANE-OUtte LAME,_ thuathat w53R ga 0 emke. MO Qar aeto - , r e IBeet b Vs WANDMMASrM WANTE) - You" 1D (OPHE wishas to makea a e see the bet Janary . ddres ba es. it* WANTED-RMPLOYMEN EK SZNE AU dress W seamstre mge worker or bgu@Ms; rfersem AddiO A~i Lstar emee.e - It* WANT-RMPLOYMURNT EVENiNGS BY YOUNG lady who has served two years as oecretary .to member of Congress. Address Box 25k Star ofce. It* WANTEID-BY RZL.AR1m WOMAN, SITUATION, Mrst-clas cook, laandrest, chamhuauald or nure. Address N. J., Star el. it* WANTED-POSITION IN A FAMILM; CAN'SW neatig, nurse a ehild, assist- In any light work. Apply 106 Sth at. n.e. - it* WANTED-HESTER JEFFERSON WOULD LIKE washing. At 1639 N. J. ave. n.w. It! WANTED-SEWING IN FAMITIES OR HOME by fashionable dressmaker. Address A. K. Q.. Star office. It* WANTED-BY YOUNG LADY, PLACE AS COMpanion or would look after one or two children; competent to teach beginners music. Address C. M. A.. Star offee. it* WANTED-BY GOOD LAUNDRESS WASHING to take home. 46 Pierce st. n.w., Aoom 3. It* WANTED-BY COMPETENT WHITE COOK. SITnation In first-elass private family; refs. 421 K at. n.w. It* WANTED-OLD FUR GARMENTS ALTERED INto latest styles; fine ladies' tailoring. 718 10th at. n.w. it* WANTED-SITUATION BY PARISIAN DRESSmaker. Address Mme. L, Star office. It* WANTED-DRESSMAKING BY FIRST-CLASS New York modiste; prices moderate; highest references. 141 Heckman at. ese. It WANTED--A PLACE FOR A SETTLED WHITE woman cook; also wanted a good reliable colored gIrl for general work. CAli. with references, Monday, 1685 Valley at.. Georgetown. It WANTED - POSITION AS COMPANION Ott housekeeper; willing and obliging. Address X. Y. Z., Star office. de14-Ut WANTED-BY A COLORED GIRL, PLACE GENeral housework; also washing to do at home. Address 2248 Cleveland ave. It WANTED-WASHING AND IRONING TO DO AT home. Call or address 1213 R at. n.w., Chlldren's clothes a specialty. it WANTED-BY MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN POSTtion as housekeeper. Address A. L. i.. Star office. del3-3t* WANTED-BY FIRST-CLASS PASTRY COOK AND baker. Address BAKER, 817 Greenwich at., New Yo-k city. del3-2t* WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS COLORED GIRL, place as chambermaid or waitress in private family; can give good reference. Address 172S L st. n.w. del3-2t* WANTED-BY COLORED GIRL, PLACE IN PRIvate family as chambermaid or nurse. Apply 1340 5th at. n.w. del3-2t* WANTED-STENOGRAPHER AND TYPEWRITER of long experitnce wishes to make a change January 1; refer to present employers. Address Mish S., Star office. dc9-6t* WANTED-BY A FASHIONABLE DRESSMAKER and tailoress, work in families; furnish reference; terms moderate. Address DRESSMAKER, Star office. de7,9&14* MALE OR FEMALE. WANTED - SITUATION BY EXPERT LAUNdress, seamstress, housemaid; alsq by well-recommended janitor, butler, driver; refs. 1013 N. Y. ave. It* WANTED-ROOMS. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MARRIED COUPLE, A partly furnished front room, .with board, in private family; must be reasonable; state terms; references exchanged. Address PROFESSIONAL, Star office. It* WANTED-PART OF HOUSE (PERHAPS WHOLE house), about 6 rooms, unfurnished, In good neighborhood; lxssibly with board, but prefer to keep house; three in family, seeking permanent residence; references exchanged. J. B., Star office.le WANTED-TWO UNFURNISHED, SUNNY RMS., with breakfast; must be reasonable; references exchanged; state full particulars. U. S. R., Star office. ite WANTED-SINGLE ROOM. HEATED, WITHOUT board, from Dec. 23 to Dec. 30; terms reasonable; refs. exchanged. Address Box 259, Star office. It* WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN, ONE OR TWO well-furnished rooms, with private porcelain bath; near Farragut Square. Address R. L. M., Star office. It* WANTED - BY FAMILY OF TWO ADULTS housekeeping apartment with at least two bed rooms, in northwestern section of city; state location and price. Address Box 250, Star office. del4-2t* WANTED-WE HAVE A STEADY DEMAND FOR first-class rooms and board. If your rooms are good we can rent them; can give reference that will establish this fact. Let me rent your room. ROOM itENTING AGENCY, Room 17, Atlantic bldg.. 930 F st. . it* WANTED-TWO ROOMS, UNFURNISHED, FOR two ladies; private house; use of bath; references exchanged. Address 1820 Jefferson place. de12-3t* WANTED-HOUSES. WANTED-AT ONCE, ON CAPITOL HILL, AN 8 or 9-room brick residence; near cars and near Library as possible. Address IMMEDIATE L., Star office. del4-3t* WANTED-ON CAPITOL HILL, TO BUY 7-ROOM house; WILL PAY CASH; must be modern and a bargain. Send full particulars to R. RANDOLPH TURNER, 715 14th at. n.w., telephone Main 1244-5. del3-3t WANTEDI will pay all cash for a nice little 6 or 7-room house, situated n.w.; price not to exceed $6.000. del2-3t Address J. M., Star offee. WANTEDWe have a number of purchaser* for homes situated n.w., n.e. and s.e. All prices. If you have anything, send description at once. Have you anything to offer In a good-paying investment? We would be glad to do business with you. E. LODGE HILL, de12-St 802 F .t. n.w. WANTED-BY JAN. 15 OR FEB. 1, HOUSE, about 15 rooms, for private dressmaking; H st. bet. 14th and Conn. ave. preferred; rent about $100 per month; will give lease for 5 years or more. Apply 1230 14th at. dle10-6t* ROB. PLUYM. WANTED-HOUSES, HOUSES, HOUSES. More houses of all grades to rent. .I have hundreds of applicants. W. 1. STEVENS, Real Estate Agent, 626 F at. nw. de6-26t*-4 WANTED-HOUtSWmALL SECTIONS-WE HAVE testoaners on hand for houses in all sections, and are unable to suit come of them. Send us deacription of the property you wish' to sell. WE ALSO BENT VACANT HOUSES IN A HURRY. oeU0-tf MOORE A HILL. 717 14th at. n.w. WANTED-30ARD. WANTED-BOARD IN LIEU OF FRENCH LBSsons, by experienced teacher. Address Box 214, Star office. - de13-3t* WANTED-STABLES. WANTED-SMALL, CLEAN STABLE TO USE AS studio. Address F. E., 1012 17th at. n~w. It* WANITED-MISCET.TABE0US, WANTED-A. KEBilBKY, 1306 7TH ST. N.W., will pay the highest cash prices for ladies', genta' and children's cast-off clothing and shoes and hats. Address a postal and I will call. de14-25t* WANTED-HIGHEST CASH PRICE PAID FOR LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S CAST.- OFF CLOTHING. ADDRESS POSTAL AND I WILL CALL. W. RICE, .1382 TTH ST. de14-2it* WANTED-CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE, CARpets, stoves and office fixtures of all kinds. For. niture stored, packed and shipped. Address BAUM, 912 Pa. ave. n.w. 'Phone 1254. deI4-tt WANTEE-I WILL PAY THE HIGHEST CASH PRICES FOR LADIES' AND GENTS' CART-OFF CLOTHING. - ADDRFiai A POSTAL AND I WILL CALL. R. TARSHES, 1*0869TH N.W. de14-25t* WANTED-TYPEWRITING IN ALL BRANCHES; wokaccurately qui lyand promptly exectoL WANTED -- UPRIGHT P I A N O0; STANDARD make, Address A, 1. U., Star omce. del3-2t* WANTED-ARE YOU D~IATrI'IED WiTH YOUR work? Our free booklet, "Are Your Hans TiedP' tells how we -have qualified thonsands in spar time for inlarid peett=ise b-mare- ceaa n proitable lines of work. Write ITRA'Of AL CORR1!BPONDENCE SCHOOLS, Box l, Scrantn, Pa., or call day or ev asito ofie, 6P9 Pa. ave. ns-u.a WANTED-US1D yA-AuMrICAN STAMPS OP' all valass.' lso 'aleis o. EL. and feeg stamps. Highest wsbpaid at the eMreaW stamp store, 105 7t t. a~w. ged-7Te WANTED-HIGES CASH PRICB PAID) 1OR eli soM and silver. Af ter on to others, e-o to me. Pawn tickets e . noT-78t-4 0. W. S, P G at. n.w. WA 000 IN OLD -SOLD THE~ he w Staa wthe des ataSt. s i I .w, m. eld sile os WLANIS -p A 360TEE 2EN A G AL a~t. t ~ausI ta-tue a lam er .. u.rcn eeslspeial~btn haliday offer. 3OI4 131 Walnu WANED-AGMMl AT ONCE, TO ANVAM f Se V %toelve ansM week guaranteed. 8% edie. 18-3t "sLMErMM PAI'IS, ete.. fbor mu mtalt -pes tricks and -gni ltest mtdte ea free. O A Mff r., lakw, IT WANTRD-A I WrEJKT.Y NADU IX nt lordwr ayoe Kanss City, Mp2 e1sa-U* WANTED-16S PRFIT FIRST MONTH BY ONE t; artIl Intental; beware Imitations; spe: propositin land 40eanaive control to ra cnt.DRY POWER FIRE APPLiANCE. St., N. Y. City. sel4-s-16t BUSIN=s CanCES. IF YOU WISH TO MAKE MONEY IN STOCKS send for "Meney In Stocks and How to Make It," and market letter. KENDALL & CO., 146 300th 4th St., Philadelphia, Pa. It INVES'IGATE--A Y'OU INTERESTE) IN ANY racing, oil mining inyestment proposItion? If so, send na same flr regort; it may save you your t nt If aftend to at once. INVESTENT REPORTING AGENCY, Pulitzer bldg., New York. it* FOR SALE-COAL YARD, DOING GOOD BUSIness now; will sell reasonable, on account of other bOiness by owner. Address Box 262, Star offlice. de14-8t* THE MARVELOUS O7EN-GRATE HOT WATER beater; the only beater in the world that will heat a cottage or suite of offices or fiat by one Are on first door; rlas for sale or capital wanted to introduce same In your territory. Address ALVA HUBBARD, Baltimore, Md. 1t* IT WILL 00ST YOU NOTHING TO INVESTI. gate this winning proposition, and It may benefit you immensely. It is business for you. The beat of references furnished. Address Box 252, Star office. it* FOR SALE--OWING TO MAKING A FORTUNE in the general mercantile business, I will sacrifice or exchange my business that is yielding $50,000 a year for a well-improved farm near Washington. We court the closest Ipvestigation. Call and talk the matter over. del4-3t* S. W. PICKFORD, 717 14th St. SAVINGS BANK DEPOSITORS. You can double or treble your interest after January 1. Write us how. Address EQUITABLE FINANCE CO., 1183 Broadway, New York city. del4,21,28&ja4 YOU CAN DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN ONE YEAR by investing with us; real estate security. Rooms 2[) and 30, 918 F St. Office honrs, 1 to 5.del2-3t* FOR SALE-100 SHARES OF STOCK IN A WASHington corporation foi sale cheap. Address "P. 11. W.."' Star office4 del2-3t I TAKE PLEASURE IN NOTIFYING MY PATRONS that I can now offer them stock in the Thomas A. Edison, Jr., and William Holzer Steel and Iron Process Company. There are only 10,000 shares of stock; capitalization, $1,000,000; par value, $10; full paid and non-assessable. There are a very few shares of this stock for sale; those wishing to secure this stock at all will have to buy at once; the few shares offered will be $25 per share. Mr. Edison and Mr. Holzer have both confidently predicted that the stock of the company will easily command $400 to $500 per share within a year. The public have made more money out of Edison stock than any other line of investment. Some who bought stock the early part of this week have come back and bought again. Orders received and illed at this office. 0. A. SWANN. Sole Agent. Atlantic building, 930 F St. del2-3t* BIG OPPORTUNITY FOR PARTIES TO INVEST $10 and upward. Full investigation. Send for booklet. LOUIS G. DORSEY, delO-t,th,s-1m* 9 S. Charles st., Baltimore, Md. SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS . PER SHARE-FOR A brief perlod and limited block, the full-paid and non-assessable-stock of the Washington Ice Company. Par, $1.00,. Fuaill investigate. Call at offlee. 704 14th stqU-w., basement. delO-tf PROMPT AND BfIBMAL RESPONSE TO THE offer of the Wabington Ice Company. All Its stock offered at 50 cents has been subscribed for. Is now offered fe# a batef period at 75 cents per share. Par, $1.W0. ; - delO-tf WASHINGTON'S OWN ETERPRISE-THE WASHington Ice Company-p meeting with extraordinary success. fts stock has advanced from 50 cents to 75 cents per share. Limited block at this price. Ofie'e, 704 14th St., basement; open at night. de10-tf PERSONS DESIRTNG ' T MAKE LARGE WEEKly profits from aft lnuvetment of $20 and upward send for partlcui*rs. A" up-to-date business proposition; not a s ulation. Pays from first Investment. Call or a drest'HA RLES T. DULIN, 623 F St. n.w., 2d fir frdnt. , de4-w&s-8t* STORE AND DWHLLING IN ROCKVILLE FOR rent-This is an Old business stand of a half century; made vacant by tenant's death; located in business part ofd the town and has always commanded a good tradq. For further ioWormation addresa Lock Box 4, Rockville. Md. - - - - : nol3-w&s-lot* FOR SALE-TWO MILLS IN GEORGETOWN-ONE dour, one plaster. F. L. MOOIE. 1403 F. oc5-tf AT R1AMSAY'SYOUR WATCH CLEANED. $1.00. WATCH MAINSPRING, $1.00. ALL WORK WARIUANTED ONE YEAR. mhg-5d -1221 F ST. N.W. HORSES AND VEHICLES. FOR SALF-STRAIGHT-FRONT BROUGHAM, IN perfect condition; rubber tires; electric lights in lamps, also inside of carriage. This carriage must be seen to be appreciated; is as nice as new, and can be sold for $650. Also an 8-spring victoria, built by Brewster. This is the most stylish victoria in Washington, and can be bought for less than half the ortginal cost. THOS. E. TRAZZARE, del4-3t* 456 Pa. ave. FOR SALE-A GOOD GRAY WORK HORSE, from the country. WM. JAMES & SON, 941 B mt. n.w. It* FOR SALE - B R E W S T E R RUBBER-TIRE brougham, pole and shaft, $150; two-seated combination trap, $50; two-seated sleigh, $20. Also handsome saddle or driving horse, sound and perfectly fearless; sold for want of use. Address BARGAIN. Star offieet FOR SALEr-HANDSOME TWO-WHEEL ENGLISH dog cart and set of fine hand-made coach harness; swell turn-out for young man. Apply Room 11, 472 La. ave. de14-8t* FOR SALE-G'LASS LANDAUS, AT LOW PRICEone at Mt. Vernon Stables; one at Portland Stables. CRUTTENDEN & CO., New Hdven, Conn. de13-8t FOR RAL-HORS1-A PAIR OF NICE COBS, 15.2, 6-year-olds, dark bays, well broken; 2 large bay horses, nici brougham or single carriage horses, well broken, 16 hands, 6-year-olds; 1 brown horse, 16 hands, well broken, single or double, 6 years old; I black horse, 16 hands, well broken, 4 years old, and others not mentioned. Those desiring- a good team or good single horse would do well to call on H. W. HZRRING. Wheatlansd Stock Farm, Nokesville, Va. de18-2t* FOR SALE-FINEST PONY IN WASHINGTON; make an elegant Christmas present. Can he seen at GHEEN'S STABLEI, G at. between 6th and 7th, or address PONY, Star offee. de18-2t* FOR SALE-SIX-SEATED COUPE ROCKAWAY, made by Quimby, Newark; almost new; will he sold at great sacrifice. Can he seen at DUNCANSON BROS.. 9th and D sts. de18-lit FOR SALE-CHEAP TO PROMPT BUYER, TWO grocery wagons, one milk wagon, one .no-top wagon and one business bngg; all left to %e sold. 427 8th n.w- de10-6t* FOR SALE-OR WILL HIRE BY THE MONTH TO responsible party, very fine latest design rubbertire brougham; also coupe rockaway, glass door and side. 1327 H at. nw. de12-3t FOR SALE-HOBSE-TOPPY SADDLER; WELL broken and galted; dark bay; 16 hands; 6 years old; ji150. BEHREN%'S TALLY-HO STABLtlS. FOR SALE-A LIGHT, ELEGANT. BEST-MAKR brogam withpl n shaft,, for $0.Apl de12-th,s,te,St* - "O4RRIA 3"- "CARIAG1BI" Onene ex f'et and one new staigttront brogh a H ooe & . ens, andI00 o eiu a coupe rockaway, which I will sell very WS'W Oil and see 1 WM. WALTER'S SO)N, de12-6t,8 31 1 ~ 4th andD sts, n.u'. FOR SATZ-BAR EN'ICARGAINi A nearly new jas staticn wage., owner haying no lise. for sameied iste a bagmand can besee at aar 1. SONv'8 , de12-St5 h e a 14th and D nle;bl. P.3 3W', J3E14th a w. d*el WeD wilsi OBa o Sm , Fog 3um 1FMN O aOwNa-wr.- 2D and 10oue seems, tweeme in We modern boem sethes ; ow .1 - 18 mR giynte t. 173W F st. nw. dm14-Si* FOR EL-N1OmY FUL 3U.E&T front and back pador and other roe . 718 Seh St. aLW. ite FOR RUC2-OUR 2D-PEOR BOOMS; HANDsos"eY frhd ena sot@ or singe. Caln at 113 Md. ave. n.e. 1t* FO BXT-FUR NrmD ROOMS-AT 1=2 . L ae.' it* FOR RIMT-ONE OR TWO VUT DESIRAEL3 faraished rooos, suitable for one or more gentlemen. 24 Savoy. Cafe in house. de14-2t* FOR RENT-IN FINE LOCATION, OVERLOOK-' Ing Conn. and R. I. aves., large second-story front room; newly papered and handsomely frnshed. 17" M st. nw. del * FOR-RuZ2L-94 I ST. N.W., COMMODIOUS SECond-foor front; suitable for gentleman; $12 or $15 for two men. it* FOR RENTL-SECOND-STORY FRONT AL30VB room, used as parlor and bed room; also cowmunteating room. 1710 G at. n.w. 1t* FOR RENT-18 VERMONT AVE.. BACK PARlor. wel heated; two rooms third floer front, with large closets; also table boarders taken' desirable location. dei4-4t* * FOR RENT-935 MASS. AVE. N.W., TO GENTEMEN, furnished room, third story. $8.00. del4-3t* FOR RIiDT-PLEASANT FRONT. ROOM, NEWLY furnished, second for, with private bath. 600 6th at. n.w., cor. of F St. de14-3t* FOR RENT-404 M ST. N.W., WARM, LARGE, well-furnished second-fle front room with bay window, $12; warm hall room, $5; ine modern house; board If desired. del4-3t* FOR RENT-TWO WELL-FURNISHED BRIGliT. cheerful front communicating rooms, on 3d floor; heat, gas and bath; will rent separate; quiet house. 1015 20th n.w. de14-3a' FOR ILENT-2020 12TH ST. N.W., 21) AND 8IJfloor furnished rooms, singly or en suite. it' FOR RENT-BEAUTIFUL ROOMS AT 925 121i at. n.w., Including frst-floor double parlors and large alcove second-floor front, with communicatIng rooms, single or en suite. 1t* FOR RENT-FURNISHED, TO ONE OR TWO gentlemen, large front room, with bay window; large closet; hot-water heat. 624 H-st. nw. del4-3t* FOR RENT-ELEGANT NEWLY FURNISHED rooms; well heated; porcelain bath; single or en suite. 1012 I at. n.w. it FOR RENT - HANDSOMELY FURNISHED AND well-heated rooms at all prices; centrally located. Call 616 F at. n.w. del4-6t* FOR RENT-1531 I ST. N.W., BEAUTIFUL FURnished parlors; private bath; two communicating third-floor rooms, private bath; en suite or single. with or without board. it FOR RENT-TO A GENTLEMAN A BRIGHT, sunny, wel!-furulshed room in the I.xington Bats, L and 21st sts. n.w.; ref. Address M. M. L., Star office. It* FOIL RENT-ONE NICELY FURNISHED BACK room to gentleman; convenient to bath; between two car lines. 916 C st. s.e. It FOR RENT - NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, a.m.l., with or without board; terms reasonable. Mrs. M. FARRELL, 224 Mass. ave. n.w. Ite FOR RENT-FURNISHED, LARGE 2D-STORY front room; southern exposure; six windows, with balcony; large closet; bath room, with porcelain tub, on same floor; suitable for one or two gentlemen; references exchanged. Cail at 935 K St. n.w. It* FOR RENT-BAY-WINDOW ROOMS. FRONTING south; heat, gas, closets; no housekeeping; refs. 221 E n.w. it* FOR RENT-SECOND-FLOOR ALCOVE ROOM. 210 Indiana ave. It* FOR RENT-TWO NIOELY FURNISHED FRONT rooms, second and third doors; southern exposure; suitable for married couple or two gentlemen; board optional; private family. 1713 G st. n.w. * FOR RENT-A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM; cabinit mantel;.alcove; electric lighting; within ten minutes' walk of Library and Capitol; noest part of Capitol Hil. 805 A at. s.e.. References exchanged. del4-3t* FOR RENT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE or together. Apply 812 13th st. n.w. it* FOR RENT-3 HANDSOMELY FUR. COLM. rooms; bath onsame floor; terms moderate. 1411 16th st. o.w. it* FOR RENT-ONE NICELY FURNISHED ROOM; southern exposure. 817 E. Cap. at. it* FOIL RENT-FREE LIST OF ROOMS, WITH AND without board; full description and prices; all rooms inspected. ROOM RENTING AGENCY, Room 17, Atlantic bldg., 930 F st. It* FOR RENT-1223 15TH ST. N.W.. NEWLY FURnished rooms; fine location; reduced rates to permanent parties; gentlemen preferred. de13-3t* FOR RENT-TWO FUR. PARLORS AND BATH room; 3d-story room, $10. 1413 N st. n.w.del-2* FOR RENT-3 ROOMS; FURNISHED IF DEsired; heat, bath and gas; terms reasonable. 939 I St. n.w. de13-2a* FOR RENT-FOUR NICELY FURNISHED, WELL. heated rooms, with board, in private family. 1319 11th at. n.w. de13-3t* FOR RENT-SECOND-FLOOR SUITE OF TWO large square rooms; well furnished; private bath; also third-floor suite of two or three large newly papered furnished rooms, with bath; telephone service. 1015 Conn. ave. del3-3t* FOIL RENT-1123 11TH ST. N.W., NICELY FURnished, commodious third-floor room; private family; modern house. del3-2t* FOR RENT-126 6TH ST. N.E., A LARGE NICELY furnished room; alcove; eastern front; a m.i.; suitable for one or two gentlemen. de13it* FOR RENT-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM with alcove; 2d floor front; bath same floor; small private family; board If desired. 1719 15th St. n.w. de12-8t* FOR RENT - THREE, NICELY FURNISHED rooms; terms reasonable. 409 I st. n.w. de24t* FOR RENT-ROOMS, WITH FIRST - CLASS| board. 912 Mass. ave. n.w. de12-3t* FOR RENT-LOVELY, L A R G E, FURNISHED rooms; 2d and 3d foors, front; southern exposure; hot-water heat; porcelain bath. 637 I at. n.w. de12-3t* FOR RENT - FOR GENTLMEN, SPLENDID large room; steam heat; with bath; second floor; p lenty light; just suited for two gentlemen; near oth car lInes. 2900 N at. n.w. de12-StFOR RENT-FUR., LARGE 2D)-FLOOR FRONT room. suitable for two or three gentlemen. Also small room, 3d floor. Meals convenIent. 906 1 at. n.w. ,de11-4t* FOR RENf--BAY-WINDOW, 2D)-STORY FRONT room, well furnished, modern house; private fainfly; references. 1248 10th st. n.w. de11-4t* FOR RENT-THREE BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHed rooms, on 1st, 2d and 3d floors; in private family; no 1. h. k.; without board. Apply to NATIONAL CAPITAL ROOM AND APARTMENT AGENCY. Room 8, 1505 Pa. ave. n.w. de10-eo3t* FOR RENT - FURNISHED -- LARGE SECONDfloor room; large closet; bay window; suitable for man and wife or gentlemen; board opposite. 1608S 17th at. n.w. .de10-6t FOR RENT-OPPOSITE ARLINGTON HOTilL, 815 Vermont ave., handamne suite of three rooms, with private bathi for gentlemen only. deS-tf UNFURNISHED. FOR RENT-FIRST FLOOR FLAT OF 8 LARGE lovely rooms and kitchen; furnace heat and gsa for light housekeeping, to responsible couple; no children; $81). 1927 15th Ut. n.w. it* FOR RENT-TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS, SDfloor front. 908 U at. n.y. 16* FOR RENT-ROOMS FOR LIGHT HOUSEEFEPing and rooms with board. 512 East Capitol. it FOR RENT-UNFURNISHED, TOGETHER -OR separate, two harge second-floor rooms; front alcove; heat, gas, bath. 1330 9th at. n.w. it* FOR RENT - TWO SUNNY ROOMS; CLOSETS; bath same oor; heat, gas. 218 9th t. n.e.d13-2t FOR RENT-3 LARGE UNFRIHDROOMS. 3d floor; lage closets; southern exposure. 1386 N. de12-3t* FOR RENT-TWO NICE LARGE SECOND-FILOOR front rooms (unfurnisbed) for light hsekeega ing. Call or address No. 26 New York ave. a.. de128t . FOR RENT-UNFURISEHI ROOMS; LADY 3N ccte preferred. 949 Mass. ave. n.w. de12.3t' FOR RENT-1918 H ST. N., A LARGE 3Da5 front room, suitable for 1 r gentlemenm; FOR RENT-020.NEW YORK AVE. N.W., UNFURnished. rooms for light housekeeping; also far nished roams. de33t FOR RRilNT-WILL '33ENT TO A PARTE 4O0King for rooms for heskei f.pr ~ my house; no charg for fuel for co~g ee ate esmnnlaigroom tm e dinr;wil rents arate if deirda choiSe.mm lecatam. 18th at. n.w.d1-t tbm etadgs a 9e ehlm 8 hat w n eat cuveeta i and 983 n. A fe m1 WAR& *a 1tWater hAt; sonath;9 - -lt PU. AT0 FAMT.SeAtlantie le ., i M P. "t NOR Ri 1k4 LARG SONET RO, W12 bea . eswls pesa eadma*. r -aiy Be $4 tar e~ge* BRIGHT, WEL-HEAiU) ROOM ON OOND Sar. 127 1bth st. aUsr. 4e1-4* ROOMS WITH BOARD FOR TWO. 4 Pm week; beat. gas, bath. 33M P at. aw. It. FOR REN-tIINmSE ROM WIT Fielass home tal beard; esmdernem peeteed. 15 H a t- 4e143t* 24 isH ST. N.W., 3 CONNMCM.iN OR UNSOLE tooms; poreelaim bath; aod board. It* COMORTABLE ROOmS, WITH OOD ONE cooklag. 111 th at. N.w. 4.14e-e 1028 17TH N.W.. NI(ELY FURNiSED DOUBLJ rooms, well heated, with Arst-clam table- beard.* THREE REAUTIFULLY FURNISHED FRONT rooms; good beat aind sumhine; mear M. oR New Hampshire ae.; private family. Address B. m. J., Star one. it .2401 PA. AVE.. LACEY CAFE, FIRST-O3l-" TAble board and roms; meals served out. It* FORT RENT-AT 229 E ST. N.W., ONE ROOM. and board for two. it, LARGE FRONT ROOM, WITH BOARD FOR TWO. in private family. Terms reasonable. 918 N at. n.w. It* 2K07 14TH ST. N.W., FURNISHED OR UNPURnished rooms, with board; good service: steam beat. Table boarders desired. References exchanged. * de14-6t* 1512 PARK ST., MOUNT PLEASANT, FURNISHED rooms, southern exposure; good board; with nnate family. It. SINGLE FRONT ROOM; REFINED HOME; 10catin choice and central. 1111 11th at. n.w. It* 1717-1719-1721 0 ST.-LARGE FRONT ROOMS, 2d and 3d floors; southern exposure; capacious closets; also smaller roome; table Art-clawn; refs. exchanged. de144t* MRS. C. D. PHILLIPS OF FOREST GLEN HAS taken No. 215 E. Capitol at., near Capitol and Library, and osers attractive rooms. en suite or single, with excellent board. de14-3te FOR RENT-AT THE INGLESIDE. 1119 K ST. n.w., very desirable, large, sunny front rooms, also two single rooms; Grat-class board; low rates; 'phone main 2679-21. It* 1524 P ST. N.W.-DEIRABLE ROOS AND board In beautifully bright and well-heated house; best references given. It* LARGE FRONT SUNNY FURNISHED ROOM; private family; home comforts; excellent table; open plumbing and porcelain tub on same foor. 1414 15th at. n.w. It* FOR RENT-1300 VERMONT AVE., FURNISHED rooms with board; adults only; transients aecommodated; references. de14-St 1226 15TH ST. N.W. (OVERLOOKING MASS. ave.), rooms with board for men. $20 per month.* 1226 15TH ST. N.W., OVERLOOKING MASS. ave.-Bright, desirable rooms; excellent table; convenient to cars; ref. Ito ROOMS- AND TABLE BOARD; COOK NOTED for bread and coffee. 1507 Vermont ave. n.w. del3-2t* FOR RENT-FUtRNISHED-WITR BOARD AND home comforts, 2 com. rooms, with private bath; also one large front and one front hall room; three hot meals a day; hot, lunch from 12 to 2. 907 13th at. n.w., opposite Franklin Square. del3-2t* NO. 1819 K ST. N.W., FURNISHED COMMUNIcating rooms with board; second Door; also other rooms. de134t* CAN ACCOMMODATE SEVERAL LADIES AND gentlemen with first-cla"s table board; three meals daily; terms reasonable. 24 Grant place. del3-2t* SEVERAL LARGE, BRIGHT, SUNNY ROOMS, with private bath, and 1 small room, southern exposure, with first-class board at reasonable price; convenient to the departments; 2 car lines. 702 19th at. and 1903 G at. n.w. de13-6t* TWO COMMUNICATING FRONT CORNER ROOMS. delightful location; southern exposure to Iowa circle; with or without board. N. E. corner 13th and Q nw. de12-3t* PRIVATE FAMILY, PRETTY HOME, DESIRE TO rent rooms, with board; home comforts; reasonable rates; desirable location, near car lines. 1423 8th at. n.w. - del2-3t* HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS-2 SINGLE, with good home cooking. 1336 1 St. n.w. del2-3t* ONE LARGE FRONT. ONE BACK ROOM, 2D floor, with board; near 14th sL cars. 1358 Yale mt., Columbia Heights. de12-3t* 1227 L, SUNNY FRONT HALL ROOM; EXCELlent table; location convenient; price moderate. del2-3t* FOR RENT-1424 R. L AVE., WELL-FURNISHED room facing south, with excellent table board; suitable for one or two persons; references exchanged. de12-3t DELIGHITFUL ROOMS; EXCELLENT TABLE. 3101 Dumbarton ave., West Washingtomdell-14t* THE BURTON HOTEL, 310 C ST. N.W.; NEW house; nicely furnished; electric elevator; hot water heat; porcelain baths; good table; excellent service; near Capitol. dell-6t* IN REFINED FRENCH -FAM LY, ROOMS AND table board; French at table and evening clamses included; refs. 1024 17th at. n.w. delO.114-3* 1609 13TH ST. N.W.-S80OND-STORY FRONT room, nicly furnished; with excellent table board; delightful location. deL-Ot* 1 LARGE PARTLY FURNISHED ROOM; SOUTHera exposure; bath on same Soor; good table board; $3.50 per week. 917 H n.w. delOt* WANTED-AS BOARDERS IN PRIVATE FAMIly, married couple; no children; terms reasonable; references. Address PLEASANT HOME, Star oeice. de7&14* FOR ET-FFICES. FOR RENT-DESK ROO*; CENTRALLY IA1. cated; 1st floor; steam heat, electri light; ftree telephone; $10 per mo. Apply to IL F. EDWARDS. 1201 0 St. n.w. no FOR RENT-2 DESIRABLE ROOMS ON 2D FLOOR of our bui ; an excep desirable Isation; rent, per month, i ding heat and light. MOORE & HILI4 717 14th at. amw. oc24-th,a~tn-tf FOR RENT - DESIRABLD OFFICES IN BUana bldg.;elet gt, teaphone ad isamaee as. e7-tf Room S. Ulis M&.. 35B at. m.. FOR RENT-STORES, FOR RENT'-STORES908 N. Y..ave., 1et floor and cellar....Ue08 1429 P n.w., store room.......... ......... 30 1721 7th n.w., store room....-- .........-32.de14-2t JOHN SCRIVENER, 319 4% at. s.wl FOR RENT-F. H. SMITH CO., 1408 N. Y. AVE., RENTAL AGENTS. BOND BIDO0. 711 H n.e., store and dwg., Or. & b., stable.. 4.30 717 11th n.w., double store, steam best.... .0 1005 E at. amw., large store roomn and shop.4.0 de14-St FOR RENT-STORE AND DWLA1NO. 54 0 ST. n.e., ISO per month. Apply to CH AB 'WERNER, 9th and E sta- de143t* FOR RENT-G13% 9TH ST. N.W., EXCEPTION. ally fine store room, suitable foe amy Bine of bestnte. Apply 1347 Ps. ave. aLw. -mn20-f POR RENT-A FIND FOUR-Y YBUSINESS batieg 621 7th at. amw.; lrestore seem: lrenew plate glass windows; 14erom; ssa ;reao==mahl to desirable tamast. B. 3. SAUL. 7th and L sta. mw. LOST AND FOUND. LOST-DEC. 18, ABOUT 5:30 P.M., NEAR ARElington Hotel, or going to 11th and K, pair goldframe double-lens spectacles. Reward for retmra to 1111 K at. a.w. . 1t' ILOST-ERMINE COTLA R, FRIDAY AFTERNOON, near Palais Royal. Liberal reward for retirs to A. B. DENT, with Wash. Lom and Tbmt Ca., 9th ad F at,- . te LOST-DEC. 13. ON 14TH ST. 331'. H AND I or in Georgetown car, or em opkirns at. bet. 4 and P ate., a small silver watch. Reward If ae. turned to 2532 0 at. m.- it. LOST-FRDAIY APTERNOON, THR-rzmasse hratlwith dIAmned in emtae. alte-M reward ifreturned to 27 Maple ave., amnesi D. C- it*. WILL PIESON WHO TOOK UMmEU.L-A FROM reams of the Deeratiws Art eSasle pesatsga plasse return I1 to 31 R et. and meesae m-. ward? It is e highly alued., e ILOST - DIAMOND RING. THURSDAY APTES.mon, Dembne 13, l laise' med a~suss er 15 Sa mw LW- THUEK1AY NWI5T - A- mnrS~. at. e 1th Rmad to O is' Ibo E Nand toese. oerd. ses Pal B1ML-IMn s auam N.W. 6e rst helt at a Ait wth =saibr ; eg-, IOR RET-U 4 E T. N.W.. M Fla10*. 6 raam OnW bath; et ......... M.3 34 e-, rem a : t. .. de4- R. gma =T, EW.aam F at. m AS=T AND NAvT. 054 MM ak.w., ar.ab., beea hat ater Ii-n ae &er.. Tilt Am ., 4r.Ab., stea. bst e. .O . .. . NO RENT-3EAUTvFL LAT Or TWO LAItM roess and bath; beat and g 111 Per sm. UM 17th at. ice FOR RENT -FVE-ROOM F.AT AT TSEE IAray. 144 Meridian ave.. Mt. Pa.n. t. 1m-50 per mamth. Inquire en pWenier . de13-3t* PmR RET-fl.ATS-ONE OF THE MOST tsNPeat and comfortable apartmets In city. setend-dor front. "THKC VAIKA&N." bVU I at. n. &ee Janiter on poemsiseg- dels-St FOR RENT-LNSPEL'T THE FINE. LAW.M hok a te In the Helena. ,M M . ItOU 14thk at.; pries most seasoale- Appl~y to del3-tf E. C. BArMGRAS. 1410 0 St. FOR RENT-4 ROOMS AND BATH ELAT IN THE Je'ernme, N4. 315 11 at. b.w.; every mod. laip. L. . FRLISTOl 1413 G at. m.w. delI3-t FOR RENT--FLAT. & ROOmK, BATH; HOT water heat. parch facig river; delightful Ia I" way; all modern imtrovementu. 1428 e mug Place. ColumbIa Heighto. del3-3t* FOR RENT-TROTWOOD, U OT. BEiT. Will AN 10th sts. a.w., 4 larse hooekeeping reems and new- porcelain both; side pore; automatic lightIng; bot-water heat; deligtful boom for eammer and winter; adults; refs.; janitor. Call after S p.m. del2-3t* THE EBER IS N ST. N.W.. JUST COMI.TEDs; beautiful sautes at amseea and bath; hendsomaely decorated; la closets $32.T to S5.5. del2-tf W E"M KRe., 14M F at. M.w. FOR RENT-PRINCE KARL, 19TH AND K-1 few, ranging tram PS to $45 pe mo. Apply to BEN. S. DRAIMPORD, 713 14th. Telephone 1230. de12-6t FbR ItENT-APARTMEVT127 I at. n.w., 4 room and bath. let Ooor.$U.03 901 13th at. a.w., 4 rus..non-buakep g.S35.Uv dell-tf WFAVER BROS., 141 a 5 st. FOR IENT-DEC. 1. TWO DELIGHTFIL NEW apartments, Ave rooms each, in the Onuada aud Oneida. R at. and Eckituo place. UEU. tI'DELL. Room 22. Wyatt building. de4-12t FOR IIENT-MODERN NEW APAKTMENTS; Are rooms and tiled bath; steam heat; one view; good neighborhood. On U at. between 30th and Slat Ets. a.w. Rest only on. THE WASHINGTON LOAN AND TRUST CO.. de2-tf REAL ESTATE DEPARTMENT. FOl RENT - IN "THE WINOLA." 14us MANS. ave., second-door Bat; 5 rooms and bath; all eutside rooms. S). MOdE & H1.4 717 14th st. aw. u6l023,tO.th.tt -- -- FOR ENT-ON SHORT LEASE, ONE OF TRI most desirable 7-room apartmenta io city, handsemely furnished; large. sunny room.; fronting 3 area.; 5 blocks from Dupt Circle. Apt. No. A. The Concord cor. New Liamp. and Oregou aves. DoO$-tt FOR RENT-MODEiN FLATS, OGR. EAST CAPt. tol and 15th sts.; 6 roome; tiled beaths; cabinet Mantels- hardwood ulsh dumbwalters; light rooms: 415 to $15. CB RAM V. MALEIT 330 4% at. n.w. moiL-tf FSR RENT - "OLYMPIA" APARTMENTS. t1Columbla HeIghts; theorooby Iupuat; a w and navy headquartea; lve and saeves seems; all modern coneanemces; moarate rates. noll-tf OnAna W. WH ITE, 1116 F at. FOR RKNT-, A AND 4-ROOM APARTMENTS (moa-homeekeapingl, faturnd er unfurmned. with bath. up; e.nilent cad. *The teapn** In Molss. Q 1P. McDERMOTT. Mir. M-tt.4 FOR RENT - CHOICS APARTMKNTIS IN TiSM Canaaad. Thin houaa. "s well and faverabiy known. is ady located on New =ampao. se.. ear. t Oregon e. Esclent cafe. Oet-tf.4 APARTMENT8 TO LET. FOR RENT -- STANTON APARTMENTS, 128 0 at. n.e., handsome 5-room apartment; steam bes t; hot and cold water; electric elevator; tiled bath room; $30 per month. it OSCAR W. WHITE. 1114 F at. FOR RENT - IN THE LACEY, NORTHWFrT CORNER 24th and P. ave.; ALL (tt TSIIIE ROOMS; south. east and north esptoanre: portie.; cafe; $25 to $38. In THE BINNEtY. JAN'u 1, 3 room., bufet kitchen and bath, $. de12-St JOHN 0. JOHNSON. 718 14th st. FOR RENT -IN THE VIRG1N1A APARTMENT house, 2120 0 t. .w.. a beautiful suite of 4 rooms and bath; handsomely decorated. Lesee hawing removed from city. will lease for unsxpired term ot lease at $M5. WM. A. FAPTElt. DAY, Agt., 718 14th at., Bond bldg. del2-3t FOR RENT-IN "THE PERR-WON." NEW. completed &nd =-a-d-sly decovated, within DlpckCircle. beautifa homeping apartments; 4 mms, bath and butler's patry; . rooms, bath and butler's pantr; 40, 1 and $45; steam best; DOT WATE. Appl oc20-tf EARLY & LAMPTON. di5 eda at. FOR RENT-THE COWZA 14T= AND BEN. mey sta. O- a iti). aelaokiag dh ety apartments A and 4 rooms and bath; eees epos.re; electrte light; alten waer; iaeft. ete.; open for inspection. ne3-" JAME A. CAREU., 111 1 1 t. mw. THE SHERMAN APATMENT4. Corner 15th and L em. amw levee ubtarlo;admlueli r ie; aletrie a-d gAm lights; designed bw . V. Shebmder araMteat; apastme- of 4. nds eea, b..de. pantry, bath and store ream. Apply to P. W. ROBERTBON. Agent, 11011- The Calm~ FOR RENT-HrU DUSOaOu.. 1T AND B 819. nw hen for rent ha-daMly ftemabed and ent aod ,ajtmae t 3to 11 noos and bath. with or Wtheat bo, a. 'IRS Emcitles; 0-7s appointment moat aoern; -ou-n empoamus facing U. I. ( tol gun; emoant caft; 1teced watar; eetrie Mte. meott T. A. McEEir Mgr. SURURAN PROPETT. FOR SALE-HAVING MOVED AWAY WIlL SEWa my place on Maryland ave. in Hyattewilie. Nd.; aubatantlisiy built ten-seem homme; hot and cold water, with beth; lot 50 ft. hy 31e$ ft.; etable, fruit and ae; two minutee' walk to train ea We Wrc ol 52,0 e Adre 03. T. de1443t*-6 FOR RENT-AT WOOUmEr% MD., 6-ROOM HOUSE -freshly painted and papeaed; larg, attic; cellar; bath room; hot water heat; atable, carriage hems, chisein hue; fruit and ane acre et FOR SALEDENSINHON. I For SaleSuburban and Parmet Ma and. it MARTIN ., 1P ata FOR SAEUROOD MKONET TO BUILD ON EAST TEi3n 3. H. WARNER 00., de14-St 986 F at. n~w. FOR 5AEE-SNUG LITTLE HOME, $600; 3 acree; stene hemse; atable; bhamerles; l.eSe frett trees; bas-teebed atream; eaeilam teta sr3n M"""' "' *'4''""' EESINGTON. Y traettee mewr beine, with inase Bots; att topevemets Pice very low. Tamme to at purcama. W.. RRI With B. H. Wasser Ce.. 407-12 M6F at. asw. POR SALE-AT DROOKLAND, A UETEM-D00M WANTMW-HAIB ACRE OR NORE ON OR EEAE eaberhan car Rhe, for reddanemama; withim two-tare imst north or mrthwstedeu tared; atate ?meatie gee. Be TH BEKL WUECH HAD JUST -m EMEB dosed la th Osamte to eseds 14th at. to E&tgtweed ave. 9 heaini weal ett at Nusth COhemba me.a Rade o edamen...ma egr - Waer bale Ents a; be deep pot. e S&ISWs U15fa3 B. Ein mr .e. 1-3if. EOUE; PBEN ORCAUaa; lease 1. feet etp . oOhm 6W ed ave. a.e. daBS-t* F0E DAEE-A DB00EIAI Ui-UW00tMEW timm; esa tepee. m bela ater e-y anates ale , tasa meres t i ltwstw h weft 6LPs

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