The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 8, 1950
Page 10
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lAKK'.J (JUUitlJLK AfKIL ft, Girl Found Safe After Kidnaping Young Gunman Takes Youth's Date for Wild Ride in Auto COVINA, Calif., April g. *—A 17-year-old high school girl was kidnapped from her boy friend early today by a gunman who drove •way with her for » wild ride through the hills in her escort's car. Five and one-half hours later the was found, scared but safe. A youth found with her was booked on suspicion of kidnaping, robbery ajid sexual perversion. Sheriff's Sgl. William Wells said the girl, Dulcy Nelson, told him the gunman drove her to a lonely spot in the La puenle lillls JO miles northeast of here. At gunpoint, Wells quoted the girl, he forced her to submit to improper relations but she was not raped. C»r Went Into nitoh After driving back down from the hills, the detective quoted the glr afi saying, the car went Into a ditch. Searching officers found the two standing beside the car trying to thumb a ride. -; Jailed at the San Dlmas sheriff's station near here was a youth who gave his name as Vance Smith, Jr., 20, of West Covinn. Detective H. K. Skouland said Smith was paroled to his parents last January from Patton Slate (mental) .Hospitr- al near San Bernardino, Calif. Sgt. Wells said the girl was abducted as .she sat in a car in front of her home in nearby Baldwin Park with Donald Oelrich, 16. Covina High School student. She told Wells that Smith stuck a pistol In the car and ordered Oelrich out and then drove away with her. Oelrich Told Mother Oelrich ran into the Nelson home arid, told her mother, Mrs. H. A, Nelson what had happened. She notified officers. 'Although every available patrol eir in the area was thrown into trie search, no trace of the girl was found until she telephoned Oclrich's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Delrich: that she had been in »n accident. 'Officers traced the call and found Smith and Miss Nelson beside the ditched .automobile near the house from which the call was made. Neither was injured. Miss Nelson said Smith allowed her to make, the cull but kept his —Courier News Ptmto LOVE THY NEIOHHOK—Members of the Central School Junior Red Cross arc shown Impeding ant packing gift boxes for children In foreign countries. School supplies, health supplies, games and ornn mentis, and small items of clothing are Included in the boxes. The Blythcville Junior Red Cnws* Chapter has been sending the gifls' since the outbreak of the war. More than 30 gift boxes will go out from the chapter early next week, and others are still being filled in other schools In this aren. Central school has filled filjout 25 boxes, and the first to be reported this year xvcre from the students at j the Robinson Negro School. Pictured above are (right to left) Jimmy Earl Noble, first grade; Billy Jo Fannin, third grade; Mary Ann Bateman, second grade; Ann Marr, fourth grade; Linda Dilworth, fifth grade; and Ronald Bagley, sixth grade. Ronald was chairman of Ihe Central School gift committee and was advised by Charles Kinninghanv, high school student student and member of the Junior Red Cross Council. Hundreds View Binaggio's Body KANSAS CITY, April 8- (/P)— Friends and politicul followers of faction boss Charles Binaggio and hEs strong-arm aide, Charles Gnr- gotta, filed past their caskets today. The two, found slain together early Thursday morning in their first district Democratic club, lay side by side In death. Hundreds viewed the bodies last night. Small traffic James clogged the area of the funeral home. But no progress hv searching for clues in their murder was reported. ASSUMES COMMAND — Col. Herbert M. Newstrom (above) hns assumed 'command of the Trl- Ctate U.S. Army and Air Force Recruiting District, which includes Arkansas, the Blythevilfe recruiting office announced yesterday. ; He also will direct recruiting ' in Lovusiana and Oklahoma and will make his headquarters at Little Rock. He succeeds U. Col. Robert L. Hardy. Prior to his new assignment, Col. Newstrom was executive officer of .the 78th Fighter Interceptor wing at Hamilton Air Force Base. Calif. Italian Official Says Nation Plans To Keep Trieste MILAN. Italy, April 8. ^—Italian Foreign Minister Count Carlo Sfory-a warned the western powers today Italy would not give up her claim to Trieste. In a speech reflecting widespread Italian fears of an allied about- face on the free territory, Sforzn renewed hte country'/; offers to settle all differences with Yugoslavia —which controls pare of the Trieste territory—by direct negotiation. But he emphasized the starling point -for any accord must he the return of Trieste to Italy, Trieste was established as a free territory by the Italian pence treaty. The United States, Britain and France proposed giving the territory back to Italy two years ago,-on the eve of the Communlst-mennccd Italian general election. Russia turned the proposal down. Since then Yugoslavia has broken from the Soviet orbit and (here hns been growing concern in I Inly lest the western priwcrs back down on their proposal in a Rosture toward Premier Marshal Tito. RESCUE Continued from Page 1 window of the bedroom, broke th glajy; and pulled Judy through Then she reached back in for To ney, but the youngster, frightenec Customs Officials Ride Liners With Tourists TEL AVIV, Israel—«0—The Israeli government Is trying something hew to make things easier for tourists. Customs officials nre being dispatched lo various ports abroad to board all big lines bound for Israeli ports with hundreds of tourists. They check over the passports of tourists who may be spending a few days or longer in Israel during a Mediterranean cruise. They tell passengers just what they can bring into the country, assess any necessary customs duties and hand over Israeli pounds In exchange for American or other foreign currency. The Israelis have found this system of making part of the voyage with incoming tourists relieves congestion. Negro Deaths Services for Maddic Willis Gordon, 51/ who was fnmd murdered at her home on Clear Lake Road Monday, will be conducted at 1 p.m. tomorrow at the Negro Church of Christ by Hev. E- Crawford, pastor. Btirial will be in the Osceolu Cemetery. The body of the Negro woman was found In bed sit her home. She had been struck several times on the right side of her head. apparently by an ax. Police arc seeking her husband, Eligha Gordon for questioning. In addition to her husband she by the flames, had climbed off th bed and crawled under It. Sh couldn't reach him from the win dow. She ran to another window the opposite side of the room, brok the, crawled into the rooti and polled her son from under th bed, escaping through the satn window. By that time, she sal the bed under which the child wa hiding, was aflame and the hous was a blazing Inferno, Passerby Helps Injured A, Dewcy Blake, \vh was parsing nearby, and Mr Jones' husband, arrived at 11: scene • a few seconds later in tin to catch Judy running down a ditc brink away from the blazing hous "The skin was rolled tip on hi anus, she was burned so badly Blake was quoted as saying. Blnke tcxak Mrs. Jones and hi two injured children to a doctor office In Caraway lor emergene first aid treatment before takii them on to the Jonesuoro has pi La This Ls the second serious kero sene lire in Mississippi County the past two day.s. Thursday nigh Mrs. Raymond Bard, Victoria su stltute school teacher, was aerlou. )y burned when a drum containln kerosene, believed set off by struck match, exploded while s] was obtaining oil from the barr for a chicken brooder. 'Her Vni.sbai suffered lo.s,-; serious burns to h hands when he attempted to tinguish her burning clothing. Washington Hide Padded Payrolls Salary Information Readily Available; Hot Stuff Buried WASHINGTON—If Congressional oinmittees ever try to ferret out ?il he facts about payroll padding on Japitol Hill they won't have an asy time Most of the Information ibout salaries there Is readily ivailable. Bi't the really hot stuff s buried. In'erest in the subject was aroused when former Rep. J. Pnrnell Vhomes went to jail for pocketing money ostensibly going to employes of his office. Rep. Burdick (R.- N.D.) happened to be In his home district about the time Thomas entered the clink and was shocked to find that folks out there were wondering just how many other members of the national legislature were dishonest. lie deniandcd lhal Congress make a thorough Investigate to weed out any other payroll manipulators and clear Congress 1 name. "The overwhelming majority of the members are honest," said B.irdick. "But (he crooks have done more damage than Communists could have done in' 20 years." (Thomas was once chairman of the House Committee on Unamerican Activities.) Looks Slmpfa At first glance it would appear simple to find out who is getting away with payroll padding. On the House side of the Capitol a photo- static copy of the entire payroll Is publicly available each month. The name of each clerk, secretary, administrative assistant or other em- ploye appears along with his salary. The record shows In which committee or congressman's office he or she works. If you smell something fishy about some of the entries, you can go to the office in question and ask if so-and-so works there. If he isn't there, other employes or the congressman might explain that he Is doing some research at the Congressional Library, is ill at home. Is on vacatinn or works in the con pressman's office in his home town All of.which might be quite true. If you find so-and-so actually working there, you have no assurance that he and the rest of the employes there are not kicking parl of their salaries to the congressman. The correct answers might be obtained by an investigating committee. Committee witnesses must testify under oath. But .old timers the Hill say an investigation would be a painful proceeding to man) members, and they'll bet 10 to one that the matter will never reach the investigating stage. The Senate is' not quite so frank about publishing its payroll as tl _ House. It is made public only once a year, and there is an importan omission. The Senate does not pub lish.names and salaries of employe, of particular senators. There is breakdown by committees, but no is survived by a daughter, a son. three sisters and one brother. Caston Funeral Home is in charge. Nine tenths of Indiana's population lived in rural areas in Civil War *imes. j gun 'i his pocket pointed at her. She said he had previously warned | her not to tell where she was I telephoning from. Phone 4621 for Sliovv Time "Movies Are Keller Than Ever" Today Only ' 2 K K Hits Lum and Abner In "Partners in Time" Jungle Thrills & Chills In Frank Buck's "JAARE" Chap. 5 "Jr. R-IMen" ft Cartoon Sun. Mon. • First Blyrheville Showing Comedy Laugh x Hit SHE'S A ONE WOMAN RIOT... who ^ ~| knows all oboul low or.d Ji« Jrfsu.too/ '^ <?-c-? /^ )i Google Fishing Bear" "Love Thar Beauty" (Color Cartoon) (Novelty) BUYTHEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITE THE AT RE DANE ^^"™jwman CLARK ™.PPETER GODFREY -,-n^^ Owl Show 11:15 Richard Dix In "Devils Henchmen" WESTWARD MOVEMENT—The Newsmap atxwe shows changes by states Iri the U. S. population , since the 1940 census, according to a recent estimate of the Census Bureau. The 1950 census is ex- £ peeled to ahow the United States has gained in population slightly over 12 per cent more than th* J 1340 figure. Workers' Opinion Key To Peace with Industry LOS ANGELES—(>Pi—What is the key problem facing the private enterprise system? "There are no clear channels /or workers' opinions to reach the top bosses', For each dribble of genuine worker opinion that reaches the top there is a cataract which does not." This is the conclusion of Dr. Robert N. McMurray, Chicago Industrial psychologist, after studying a nnj.- lonal survey of 180.000 employes and 19.000 employers. "Where there has been a sincere effort to uncover the sources of employe discontent," he. said, "the results hnve been gratifying In terms of labor-management good will, productivity and cost saving." by senators' offices. No Explanations No one whom this reporter questioned was able to explain why this WAS done. But one seasoned official of the Senate said he believed it was just a matter of personnel policy in the offices. The senators didn't want their employes to know what other employes were making In the matter of'their own expense allowances, [he senators. Incidentally, are somewhat more generous to themselves than the representative: are. Members of both bodies have voted themselves substantial allowances In addition io S2.500-a- year tax-free expense allowances. On the House side every member is given a fiat sum of $500 each fiscal ye«r for stationery and another $500 for telegrams and long distance calls. The senators get $5Qi a year for stationery, can send an; number of official telegrams, am may make 50 free long distance telephone calls a month. Both sen ators and congressmen get a mile age allowance to arid from Wash IngLon. Their expenses are paid 01 officin) trips abroad. OUR! Continued from page' l Jvine by Judge Zal B, Hanison, and Barrett to three years for obtaining property under false pre- eitses, Half of Gee's senUmce was suspended. Carson Sentenced Sentence of 21 years was pronounced for Wheeler Carson, eon- :cted this week-or the fatal stabbing Dec. 12 of Chester Jones, Blytheville. Carson's conviction is be- ng appealed to the Arkansas Supreme Court. Three Negroes were sentenced to 30 days each In the county jail on charges of aggravated assault. They pleaded guilty to the charge after it was reduced,'from R charge of rape. They were accused of attacking a Negro woman here. Commitments were issued today for the cc, . Sammy Farmer, jimmy Woodson and John D. Poster, all of Blylheville. They will serve their sentences on the county penal farm. The following sentences were suspended: William Thompson, burglary and grand larceny, two years: Joe Berry, burglary and grand larceny, two years; I. D. Colbert, grand larceny. two years; Calvin Wpolridge, forgery and uttering, three years; Junior Matthews, grand larceny, three years, Charles Ratliff. grand larceny, two years: Floyd bllison, grand larceny (two counts), three years; J, Ij. Matthews, grand larceny, three years; Walter Lee Manley, burglary. five years; and Basil Burns, grand larceny (three counts), three years, Three Finer! Fined'on pleas of guilty to reduced charges rere Willie Washington, petit larceny, $25; Arthur Jackson, petit larceny. $25; and Ewing B. Cooper, assault with a deadly weapon, $50 with $25 suspended. The following cases, appealed from Municipal Court, were disposed of: Jack Trimm, public drunkenness, dismissed; Jesse Farris, disturbing the peace, affirmed; Herman Marsh, public drunkenness, af. firmed. t Bond for Frank Johnson, charged with assault with intent to kill, was set at $2,000 following his plea of innocent. Saturday 'OUTLAW BRAND" with JIMMY WAKEI/V "Say /* With Flowers" Blytheville FLOWER MART Memphis Hinay Phone 6002 Saturday Midnite Show STARTS 10:45 P.M. "DRUMS OF THE CONGO" with » cast of thousands Beautiful. Home rv, Sunday & Monday "WHISPERING /a SMITH" M: (In Technicolor) ALAN LAIW, ROBERT *RESTON, UREMIA MARSHALL NEW Hox .Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m. Matinee Saturdays it Sundays Mat.-Sun. 1 p.m. .Cont. Showinf Manila, Ark, .Saturday "RAIDERS OF SUNSET PASS" Also Shorts, /' Saturday Owl Show "RETURN OF THE APE MAN" Also Shorls Today Only • 2 nils ^ JUnMH DAVIS'S^ MISSISSIPPI I RgTHM • ALSO • ~~ Wild Hill Blliott in in 'Cheyenne Wildcat" Sim.-Mon. • Two Top HU S • Open 12:30 Also News — Cavlonn Offered For Sale This beautiful brick home located on Blylhevillc's Main Street is now offered for sale. If you are interested in purchasing !(,. please call for an appointment and I will arrange (o show yon all (he details of the home in a personal inspection. Here are some of its features: Sunday & Monday "INTRUDER IN THE DUST" wilh Cliturie .farmnn and E. Patterson Also Shorts • I bedrooms • Living room • Family sitting room • 1 complete baths • 1 half-bath • GE heating system 2-car garage Servant's house Altic fan Extra large screened porch Automatic elevator Spacious lot RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday "OLD TEXAS TRAIUfi with ROD CAMERON '**' Serial A Cartoon MAX LOGAN Saturday Owl Show "AND SO THIY WERE MARRIED" with 8!m4»n« Blm«a mnd Robert MltchM Lynch Building Phon. 2034 Sunday, Monday A "THE HEIRESS" with Ollrl. •n4 Montgomery CBft

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