The Sun from New York, New York on July 2, 1890 · 7
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The Sun from New York, New York · 7

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1890
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' THE SUN, WEDNESDAY, .TUTY 2, 1890. 71 j OT T8rk Htoek Eaeaaaa-e-rlalea Jut T ". iTu s.n itt (i l.oooi) ' -tSJ"''111 ,0a, .uiina rmcri " O"""0 """ M r.-1',r 3 lull? U S on ..HO lr.t J1K HI IIRMW!....II v "'. iiiK ui u. s . ismi... 121 lM1!wi UB6e.itw ..tat '""..iiso.r. ot " '. . , ' 4i rji. Nor. P. Hon. lit 109 IT. ,,.,; iw 'IN.!. Lack. lit. .181 isjuetuon me ..... j j N. J O gin 5. . . UO Jll ""!" 6S1. 3 N Y. A Nor.llt ..IIU " y 7N.T-C.AStL.4s . 8! M ..." 6f - KHiocrA'fc ."$. ""':::: w '!;".' II JlUtl H "Mo Bo. tit ...108 ,C, ""' ..iob l Ohio Mo. gen. .. 7M 1 lOi'f. O'H iiu'iO ex i aoritonT. u. utlosJ Io. '' "' " mij u ro E. lit .. . m in " " ... tut; a7 tJX '" "."i'o'Vt' . vM l,iore Of Mo. Jll IU !. Bai 111 . iw ao Kb. A w p. t. na. IUIK J'0 ,1 tV'Xl W. P. T. S.... 77i C Jr.iir'n 'lii IW loKh ADnv. db... lilt I . B?..-".' 8"":::::: &, "":;::::: SI 2. "::::::::::: K .TUVf' 'L(i w 2 Read lllt'f in . . 73'j jiBtck. !" , r, iteming 'upf.ino. astf iHoVl in ..; J $ m.uVao iii lin'' I Wl .?l,"i"N .V.6V 3 St P.IItU M.31.1011 ' j a " .110 HtL.A.T UtTR. WJ ifA'i .o. !., J T.X- P 1 ;; J ,' V;'...'.'.'.'.'.r.H)4 sa ".'.'.'.'.'.'. - tail ." ""Jim. Ux Pao.-'dlno... 1 'J'""'' ...los h X 5 " :."lill 1 lol.A A.N M III 104J ?ii'Kl.llt ""in,i OToUA.A.Cailtll)S., 5 i uon n III niw.lia 3 Un Put lit .. I19K I is it 5d.m : ; ' ; ; E2 J .'.V.lII"l3l 33 .' W 5 .....;;;i.i 1 wtih , b .. & St.'"...' . ""'I Kilnternt Uuiuliiot rallwr bondi (par t1h), fM(XU. lAlLhUAD iMP UTUKK IHIKU. -,,, Olft " tit Bit. lltlrt. tSVu: ,5? .J?" .S" 2 iTL'LIn. " Pt ..M I "J 1MJ l".t P . T45, "ti 74f 74 78" ii i t I. ll ll H2 H9 tISiioL II 37 JU 37 ISC 3MI( liiiirbiii ...u .1"! IU1 lui luo I0IK -Hut, maiou....U"K la'H WX ,WS 8?4 ' KL U W ....I4JIJ 1S I4.1S I40K ltok' ViiutliiiK ! i"Jl 10 1 JH lmifc I.V.AII lltPt 7f 7S 7h 78 711 "ofTt .North i.npf Mk 4V tW "K W 14 low lent VI H" 3" 0 3D 81 IMI UV. Shore Hi' HI) lOuC 100'J 1IU lliiLoo!i.Mh ... M, M"? B-J BUI tV ViOMnlcsntenir!.. J7V 37jt 37( J74 27)i 3(11 MArvh&ll l idi 1 1 ft WlMII I. HJtW .. 3 03M Mi, M 03 LOHJH M.L. Uf.. .. 10 I" ID 15 IS liloMUiourt Ptmc. 74- 74V 74U 74 7t ItfJ.N.w tent lutf lu(: 10)4 lu u iu.N.V. CenirM 10-U li't loti 1C8 lOM'i .. Ji an: iuU w? 2o' SAotLCW. Of ... "! 8iM tU4 Ulj! OJ nrahortuern 1'eclHo. 3ii ai't SB 3a 8i)J Siw Northern Po- pt. M 63; tu 8i)J ejj; VjuumoMuiliru.... JJ., 2J' 33 33 23)j 7.(iDtrioVeit... IB i 10K IB' 20 iot)reon imp. cok sofi .'uu 4h so liiliiou R..t .N....101U JOlVi 10, li llHU IOIK o-i Oregon 4 Tran. 4ev 47 4.) 4BI : iuWPMtflemil 44 44' K 48J5 44j! 4M)iPlul. Ktdlnc . 4)J 47 41)1. , 40J lmPoU. 317 3I Jl 317 J-llltluli Vt pt.... '0 5I toJJ 5I)J B2 soiKieb.". . .-' ii sa'i lim mob. W. P. pt.. fJM HJi4 B2't i k) 43Bt.Pl)uUpt 1'3 113 03 1(4 OJ X) onthern i m ss BSX sat w S.-.K MToLatUU 60 MIU MJ 117 bO SUJTlXMPaClA 3IH 31k 3lVi 31 21)4 4U0T0I.A. A N. M. 4l!( 4l'J 41k' 4IK 4J J bJM) Lmon Peciao. . eii e.1 titlj ut)J ; ou I'ulon Pao.. D AO. 83 OiU as 81 85; i unV.htL.AP. W'a H 1M 18 440 W.. St IP Pf. B 37M 37 i7 27 ns Weitern Cn. Tel.. s4f J4V M M4 m t WheellDU U K.. 39 8; no S8J( l7 100 l heel L fc. Pt. 77i 77k 77 77ll 77JJ 1M WM Central. 30 3.)i Ju)4 38X 3t Czdindana The total aalee of itocki were 03,100 afaarei. i CMJITaD PkrABrNkNT TtUfHACTIOHI. gain 8w'( BWt. Lovfu Oett. IM Amr. Cot on -o xo m M JSAnier. t-otoilpr w eo 00 BO 60 Aiuer. niton oil ctta... MX WK BO 00 BTul huiar Henneries . . ..73 7 7J 7J U6li Nitlonsl X-eua 7mit.... so jii, 30 l(ii 50 Ulstillers 11 I'.'" 48K 40U 8' 4 lli American talUe Trust, letf 14J u 14W cuonsi.8 h ft Ati pi sstf 34', -sj aU 1 Horn Sliver . . ..8.30 8 JO aao &30 1 low I hmnlx ot An 133 1.2a 1.23 1.3s ' WiKnu i Tex 4S. H. I .. Ml HI U)! SO'l Kx10K.11 tTtx.M ri. . 03 ii r.nn sat! tai 110 til N. Y A UioiuwooJ 20l 15 1 13 1C UUX Pipe Line errs M K) WJ 8d wno rm'iia oiotitios. lit ItfA ,,, Mi. dtlti. t cs. AAil)anT..2l. rrle Telephone. 4 rt Main . "" New Pni.Tel... B8V t4 1,111V .. 40 llniinn H. P.... 6J 8I Central Mais .. H 1'a Weil tad Land. 3S 20 Lu'icn ... . li" I Hoi. A Jlont.,.. 6111 rurnoun W llutto Bos.... JX J4); M A.N Kiitlm 1H alumit A lleo.Jlu 813 in. 1 em 11'lc J'i . -nnla re i. Co 7o 7au Wli I fill com J'J I.. T. A i. P. 44. 83 rUU Aln.DellTel....S'i :' rilltiliririllA ll-OStKIl QUOTATIOHS. m ii 1 ijdj. Aitia. Fb tup m 11. x H 11'. t.ehlnh Taller.. C.3). 62T 1 In! lit lltpt 7j'. "l,,Lr.Klo.,Me tin PI iL A 11 .11 of M' 1." , PennsjlTama.. 6jG li'l riU-AlLBdlif 4(1 I " " lAlfTT LOKOOft OCOTlTins, I'lnileAOt u 1st . si", loo Atfashvlll B1U Ai'imlc At.l n.10. 11 h. Y. Central lljiT Cir.iJUn Paclno HS'j Northern Paildopt ... 83l2 If miai Paclilc m Norlok A Weitpf.... mji an tommiin V7'4 rennsrlranla &t Ine Jil canmtf 107 ilfAillnir 28U, Illitioli 1 f ntral. ..I2n ot Panl roinrnon 705. KainaiA Tisjj.T It. lu, Iniou Paciflo Ot)J I.its skors 114'i ttuuaihpf '. sj Tuesday, July 1. Tho stook mnrket hai Inpsod into mldsiim. mor and liolIJitr dulnoss. Tho raaiorlly ot pooplo lnlereli.(l In nil Ptroot booiii moio In-toot nt tlio moment upon iilans for enjoylna tbethrooiiuVH susiioimlon of buslnofs at tho end of tho Wfck than In maklns money. Indeed, tho Hie k mnrLot just now doos not Bcora to offer opnortimliloB of Imruodlato uroflt. Tho Rroat majority of clrciirastftnoeB Is unquostlon-oblf favornblo to tho holdors of stocks, but Wall stroot, with clmrnctorlstlo lmpotlenco, "wis to Bosiiro prollls or soo thorn ncorus ry hour; t'onsoanontlylt Iowb with distrust a wnlllni: mnrUot liko tho present one. Thohontleht doallnu to-day wer In two of tho BDecInltlos, nmnely. Now r.ncliind and Uocalnir Valley. Tho only doolded moemont was In tho Inst nninoil, Tho peoplo who woro loaded with It hytlio prolous aduiinlntratlon the company aro noy moro tonlldent io-Kordlni; tho nroporty on account ot its excel-eat traftlc teturns. Anions tho epoclultles 1'ullmaD's Talaco Car exporlonced a reaction ol 1). t cent,, and 1'aclllo Mall, on licht trnns-, flon' 'ell o(1 1 S V conl. Monoy wits o.tBlor. ruiincatrt ft co,t, and Btorllnu oxohanco was L"V,'1JerorlBiliiirBof pocurlty bills aculnst fcOnas tllkon for nnltmnnt nlirnn.t ABJld,.?n;e ,u 'lolKlit rates by tho Orancor , nS h "tliwoBtprn funk Hues to-morrow Is i,L'i",u.i',J'.1"0 n,,xt dep. which IUb to bo poped rullroidinnnai:oiR in.iy tukehould lm ,,ni.i IUlU ,lla 'Uttoroni 01 botwoon tho roads fin.P.lD,s oat,,1 ' Vl'lcw-'o nvor dre'aeil moat ZW lli ntrul Tralllo Aesoolatlon tenr,rils.!r,nno,UUCCl1 ,oko ihntmiittBriipt"-fa?trV. T"t,1 ImofO't "I tho atroot anil. In on lr, .i,ih? 0,'V,r" ;?uritr?' T'll centre from tills mtt!.?,Io.,1,orallons"f tho confuroncorow eonnfiM i0!'Fro.V !!pon n HerWII That tlTllu'T1", llW 'nootlnBto-monow, ii?o i.'il '" '.' ' ito''8'I it. itro upon a meiiH- l Final ll,''1 8,0,"ly' "'' without feature, as follows eorapaw wltn thoaa 01 oitorday "'esioiii. mi Jll C"1? ' "" 3" 3l. li " aw tiltt iKr i ?f ""ia,i w "- III A II. I... !?.' "' ll' .3 ID ,,,V '"n I I'M, in..; Be.dinir ....47 40; V in. "-" I". ." Jt Paul coin... 76X Wi I Vi"IIiia,i.i 7, L, ' ' 'iul Pf "" "" ! li 1" 1 ..m' nloiii aoino tV, i)4'. I I , ' ' .' ' I ' ' "'111 111 13 fii.i ii,l "'i-n 'el '4, l-t'J ""i.. : ,4 .' 1 tt a i p. alt a 'i ,lli"',n'j,"" ielw. I.P Bf 775 77. MionV'n,i,fVit ,ond." "'"iKlratunolianued ouo-te lti0n(ra'i,i0:wbond8 .n. Tho feturof iMi li'Sl'W'V J.,florla andKast-"' wuiSTlUe, New Albany and Chlcaao ' opnsols, Atohison. nocklnp; Valley. Tteadlnir. Texas raclfle, nnd Wabaah Issues. The mors important net ndrancos werw In Atchison in ootnes, Y, conu. to 0H;t : Ohloao, UurllriBton and Otilnoy, Nebraska ex. 5s, H, to Si: Hook-Inir Valley S. ' 85, and tip. ', to 88 - j IoulSTllle, New Albany and t hleaao conaols, K. to 103V. ; lVorla anil Taatern Ibis, 8S't: Il Ine 2d preference incoir.os, ., to CSS, and T .us Taolile lRts. V rent, to 2'.'. ltit no.oworthy declines ware In Hln Orando West, orn lstn, 'i cont., to 70. and WabaBh 2da, H Voent,,to82l4. In bank stocks 95 shares of Western National sold m 10S Hold'.). Sllror bullion certificates for 120 000 ounces sold at 104(4101 '. liar silver In London steady at 10 IMG. Monoy on oall, ft cent. . Tlmo monoy easier at 5 V cont. for four months. .Vs6)t ' cont. lor elx months on approved Block llxolinimo collateral. Commnrclal papor oulot. The Dost double-nnme paiibr Is iiuotod at r'4(b V cont., and prime nlnitlo namo at CM7 V cont. Htorllne oxclmneo dull nnd baroly steady, rostod nklni; rates woro lowored H a cent, pound by Homo ilrawots to J4.MS for loim Mild nnd t.88 for domand. Actual ratos, tl.sltM.8Ni for dO-day bills. l4.b7.H.B7 lor slclit drafts, and $4.88W$1.SB' for oabto transrors. To-day's odors to nll United Statos bonds to tho Government acsrogated tins 000, nl which fliil,UiViwoio4Bat 121. und $1,000 wero I'.sat 103. All wero accepted. Tho public debt statement Issued to-day RliOM a a reduction or tho public doht durlriK Juno of $20 ii8J.720. Total cash In tho U ronsury, JOG1.3o.n.S31. Tho Mllwnukoo, Lake Shore nnd Western Railroad Company hns doclarod its roittilar soml-nnnuiil dlvldond upon its preferred stock, payablo Auc. 5. Transactions on tho Rtock ExchnnKO lant month Include 3 226,162 sharos of railroad Btocks, a decronso of 1.S77 173 an compared with the Fame month of last roar, and railroad bonds $15 03'J,',00, par valtio a ilocrouuo of $011,100 ns compared with last year. Tho steady adtanco InErlo new second consols In this maikot has boon In response to an Improving murkot for them In liondon. I'rac-tlcally all tho bonds of this isuo that have boon plokod up In this market during tho lact month or so hnvo beon shipped to tendon. The domand for them tbero is. according to oxcollont advices, bused upon tho oonstnnt in-croiise la tho earnings of tho company, n fact which l public uroporty. and also to Information that the settlement with tho Chicago and Atlantic llallroad Company, which hns been ngroed upon, will not only ennblo tho 1 rlo Company to Hquldato Its floating dobt, but loavo It n comfortable surplus In bank. An additional and Important point Is tnnde In favor of the bonds that over ti' line boon expended upon tho property slnoo they woro Issued. thuB Increasing tho security lor then, about ono-tilth. The value of the gold colnod nt tbs mints of the United Rtntes during. hino wao il.b71.ni7; 01 alitor 12.0 111.760. and subsidiary colu $3 3.7, Q total or J4.7J1.21I). Tho Iilroctor of tho Mint reports that tho Im- Sorts of gold Intn tlie United Ktates during tho seal year ended June JO, 18J0 woro (approximating for June) $12,878,732, nnd the exports $17 1)1)8 020, or 11 net loss of gold by export of $1,220 18H. During the preceding fiscal year the Imports of gold wore $10,172.14,"). and tha exports $bO,OJ3,24G. a net loss of $19,0(11,101. STessrs. Ik G. Dun k Co. report thnt the number of failures for tbo first six months of lWliO In tbo United Htntes was 0.185. as compared with 5,001 for tho samo period In 188 1. ado-croass of 218. The liabilities of the failures for tho two periods are olmo.t equal, tl?.. tor tho llrst six months of IB'.k), 5C5.3iy.tiW. and for the same period of last roar, ((15,828 000. Tho Loulsllli and Nashvlllo IUilrond reports gross earning for May of II, 577.210. an lnorca-oof $101, JJu ascouniarodwlth thosnrao month ofliibt yonr, and not J"i74.5DI. an Increase of $!)7.9C7. Forthoeloton months end-lug May 31 tho gross oarnlngs were$!0,730, an Increaso of $2,131,180 ns oompitred with tho corresponding period ot Inst tear, and net $6 SCa.i.lO. an incroaso ot 1.0i.0,873. Treasury balances romparo with thoss of yestorduy as follows: June SO. Jhlyl Oold V'm )i ira sis i',i T( tial landers llffi'.-wi Il.taii07 Totsl $."0i I'woiJ r.vjo37 417 Fllvrr batinre fjr)0t2O6C atalntt KO sat 13ti jester da. Deposits In national bants, SO.btiJUbO. atrainst f3u 30t4il- yester.tav Monoy In London. 33k' 1 cent. Discount In tho open markot for both snort and threo months' bills, A t cent. Amount of bul-Hon withdrawn from tho Dank of England on bqlanco to-dai. 50.0t. l'urls adlccs uuoto 8 V tents at 00 frnucs 75c. Bubscrlntlons to tho 8 9 cont. preforenco Bharos. ordinary abates, and b cent, debentures of the Internntionat Okonlio Lompsnr, Llmitod, manufacturers of Insulated telegraph, telephone, and other electric wires and cables, will clo-o at noon to-day at tho oflko ot WIbb-low. Lnnlor A. ( o. The sales of mining stocks at tho New York Consolidated Ktook and Petroleum Exchanixs to-dai woro as follows: Sales. ,V(i-i. owning. IllchtiL loKtsu noting. MiuAitoria 4444 TdlAncent 1 IB IB It) OUO Belle Ile . ... 1 fin 161 I to 1M 12UO Hrumwiok Con .. l'4 OS 04 to ii)D's A Montana. .07 M 67 1) 07 Ut 07 30 KuBodla B3 S3 S3 ti lOOtaiedonlaa tltlla. ICO 170 170 1 70 lOOExdi-ouor 1 Do ISO 1 ti 180 40UPreelaud In) 8S 30 BO Bun Huron 8 13 8 1J 8 1- 8W 1 () JaSia 60 V) 00 6" StO La 1 roue ... 11 0 0 UKlLeadrllle 13 13 13 13 BjOLKUo thief 80 S'J 00 O) lOUMutualS. AM. to 100 IW IB) ICO 600 Mono .... 75 7J 71 73 ?rUNarao. . . 60 60 6l 8) 110.1 Plmntx of Art t 133 ISO 133 180 sui Butter t'reek., ... 1 33 131 1 2u 1 3i lOURiherronl . ... 1)1 33 8-1 83 aoosan Sebaillan ... 23 30 21 BO 2U0Htandard 13 12 12 12 8UO tcorplon R" 3 81 85 TLotoUltramacttonairer- OOiOibares. Niv 'York Uarkets, TcraioiT, July 1 Fixick am Mrai.Th demand was more actlva here and at tbe West and prices ruled quiie arm uuoted H"ur, W bbl-Plne. II ooaS2.23, superfine. $3 J Sei71, No 2 eatra. $2.39.3l, So. 1 ealra. f3.2"(AV4 cleain. f3 7 ft ft .11 straliihta. H J'a H to. patenta itirlns ().7.", winter ss 70a -u (ihe same qualities In sacLs sell below the price In barrels), city mlllK shlpiliiiremraa, HHObtt 4 1 Rye flour V bbl upfrllne, t-ti(5L.ii, nno 3.7'a$3n, Corn meal. bbL i3ja2.4ufor t eiiern. and $2.15 tor Urendrwlna. .... 1 onus Futures made a snail adta ice reacted a little recoTirert, and cloied at aiiont the teat prices if the da). 1 It erpool came unexpectedly strong andlliera eretfronuht accounu from Trxss. wlileli Imd a dis qnlctlns: etleet upou the bears, and oaossd them to tn corcr contratis There was alio a vtry lutIeBolntf "1002' for tlie rise Except for lhe droukbt in Texai, needed rains turning fiillen in Alstuina art 1 the Ailantto Hlstes crop accounts were very good. Cotton on the spot was Drm and more active fiir home eimsiiinpilon. middling uplands 13c: Lull's. 123 10c The following are detaM ot transaction! tn futures t Morula cittxtmvrirri lltal"l!. 2ut IMu July I1H-0I184 II M4 II 71) I BOH Auvuit II72MII7I 1173 llul letOil beplemher - In H-'lilU t) Ult'l 1Uk7 II an liclotier 10.1)2(4... 1UD2 lull) mm November 10 47&1U4 10 47 1(145 i) lieimtier 1114711144 1U47 10.4.1 :'.7J January 1U6.VI01H 11112 HI VI 41UI Pehruarl In57(lu6tl lli.Vl Kill .100 March ll'B2(IOC4 IH.0I HlUI 2UU Tolnlinlfl S7 2'iilsiei. Tramlerabte notli'slisueil at II K.V. PsotuioNs Lard futures mado some recover) of the recent deuhuo. tho ireu-ral loiltlon wa. iironffir an.l brouslit tn liiijers to rover ion tracts, sates ..J'yt tci. at r.uic. lor July, it 2ic for repiember B.orit8io fnrDc toh.r inl U..4Q! B'lo for Pecemi er. After 'I tiauve the close wasstli at .V'fo. lor July, ullc for Anfruit tw.c. for September, cnic. lor October and il fit lor Decimt'.r ol lard fatrly acil.e and nrmvr, sales ir 1 tct city at 3 lite., mil I Hi tci prime Weitsrn at ..i7auec . rellned for the 1 cn tlnent quoted ot ltVito. Pork stead sites 2 i obi . Ouotod Mew intis. 112 JKfH 1 71 extra Irlme, siiKflo '.1, and ibort oiear I2 &f,fia &a tui llieutllteja) I ut QUlf t in H4i In ,,cteil I tl.irs 11(112 Its avratfi; it 1c. Quoted I Ickled bett'ei iqjfelt.c.. plrklf-l iliouldsn V'J.'io, lisuis, tyu.i . imoked liouiilers li mi , Imtui to Q I It hosiiealv at''i.Jii.c ,tKS '-1.1 Jtirf iIi.h nti!1ii7'i 101 extra nirsi V 21f'7 75 fur (actet, fi '(iHi 21 11 r family i Mil . an I i"il4 V t 1. lor InJI 1 moii Ileif hams quiet at 811 oH(rfSl1 i' Hrarllle quoted at 7rn ho and nlenuiHrynrlll at 6t4(4itu Tallmi dull 111 4 7 It 0 Jiutter nrnier for choice eto kt rrfatnery, 12 (Sl7c , riite dairy 1 fc 15a Cheete lower and more aeil.e Maio rnctory lull cream ismIi-c. l2Ksir"iu fresh stock atH.4ii''i nib r j.-ra.e 14,414V Osais t I eat lulures n ere quite hiiojriuil oil Hie but crop accounts and rami Heather In 11411111.I up '11 Iv ns tlio.e are attended 1) heat) h 1) ini r.le ri. lor I ih Hour mid wheat sales') 12 101 bnih nitii'iKi i)jt lor Juli, Dv,o.l'4iC lorAtsnist PISi't'3Ve fur rieptiriber, nod nsir.i3.c lor Pei ember, alio fur May 1 11 n',& (j-f C .-.pot wheat wal ncttln lor epurl eipeclally enrliir trrowtliii i;iioied Sprlntr Wo 1 red wlnt.r. Hti(4Nc. while fiiu mc, ll. red winter In etciatnr, titVAUiu roe ra'rs wire .tutau imsli. In. ilutinir Na 2 Mllwankee at ('la. No, 2 tthicairn at 'MUfAtHttc aiid no 1 h rd si rtnir l'c)vAi)4c. Indian 1 orn futures wero nnner after a avak oieiunir The improvement ittmet 111 be due in unly to sunpittiiy wltli ujieat the if scuiation nas unusu alii uc'lve iiilee . 1.24 1111 at 4I(Kh fur Julv siiM.c for Aunmt s't,' 142 140 for .Nepieuit er, au 1 ti'ie tor tuioirr. Snoi .nr:i via wlt)i"tr decided iliaiiKe ihlpp-ri I'" k mhiui tn -h guotad Wfitrrn mlxeil H"42vra Ueitirn yellow static . do whttr 4244c , sales 1 ere inutii I, o '2 mixed bt 1 anal nt lt(Oi 0 nati orenfd depres-eil under f r e drill erica but radii 11 alio cloie.l 1, ruler lutes 4,loi l.usli. liiiludlni: opllnns .No 2 mixed at 3ii,riJio J11I1 lin)i', fur Aiipim' mil .:i ..'.Slc frr Ifptetntier and on the pit, mixed at 1 !sri I- iff an 1 while at .4 4 c as III quality alio No 2 white at 1 r lu e etat'T, and 1 ii (4.I1U. for Ju ) lu ro v... s lue exirt 'lemaiil itio quo el at r.t?(y.i ir.r V141. rrn ond 14.10)10 for Faiteru After '1 hatiKe II nrat strsdi Nu 2 red winter for July HUc Auxuit Mtiic cuptember lJ 1,0 , nctoher t'eceinoer I) t. Mai ,j.folc lorn atealy No 2 mixed for Jnly, 4IKC, Anvutt 41Mu.i Beplrinber. 42H' 1 October, 4c Hals itrm No J mlxel for July .He Aunuit, HJito Keptember HI Me OKofrMisi Coffee on tho spot wai quiet and largely nominal Itlo quoted ut !7Mo lor Na 7 , nles I lOibaiii SantoiNo tiintnui 12 atlMIsc Mlliiirredeidull Uuoied Itlo U'Mc Maracalbo, ltiii2lc Jala, .2i(ji27c t slooha . M4c Ktoi pttom weroqutel anlthemarkrt declined to 10 poliili umtrr weaker advlcts from llawe tl at market liuvinK declined li 10 Uf ratio andin liber il receipts at lilo and houliil, belli? .l' O Iiawa and Klin laksrsiperllvely hales . 2V)b.iui iloiluir steudy wlthielliriut the ml. wlmtprlrri July . 1071 ilctoiar I miJ innarv 1321 Ativnil li a II Ji 1 eurimrj I 21) eptll,er H o3 December I 3 Oar li . ...I'll'' Paw iiurari were lu la - oemaii.l and i' idi at 44. lor fair rei'iitiu muscovu n and ic r siun la I cviitrif U2ali r 1 e s In Hi " ' I a. 1 r f ta a 11 l"l al ihe uresi.irr for PhiliUfltlu. a c.iry" do rli a 1 r 1 oi'on both at 3o c an I 1 Itf.i bas renlrlf Hals ta.J teat atoM 2iA) hlids moicoiadu tti lest, si 4c anttHiltiairiinolaiseliufar Sit'' trst, at 4Uo a so on Juns .s a rarnu of centrliujiAls sol 1 for I'hllsde Iphla at Bl IOC for li tut 0 andf. Redned anrs stsadr at euc for iranulated, i1'ail ibo for powdered. BSf for 1 cubes, vfta. tot cruiUed, i)WM, for mould "A," 0 it-ltic. f for candy "A." Ca for oonfectlonin' "A" 6e-1f. for whit extra "o." and 4Huii for yellows. Molassei qutst but ileadt duotedi t'orto Rico 3Mi sue. hnrllsh tiland, 20a)e , domestic, ordinary to prima, 2ha3ho.i choice to raticy, Itlce was in moderatauemand for roretsn but domestic was qulst, priiesilrtn. Qnoted Pomntle falrto prime, sjiaijici choice to brad, .M4l(t(c 1 Itancoon bond. JHt2.o. Patna,3i,.,ci Japan axaoc. Xstau Htrain tin was dull and lower, closing weak ' 2UC00 for spot and 3(175 for September 1 nxot copper dull, oloslnx steady at ia3oc for July Lead was quiet and easier. rloiio at 4-47L,.i. for spot Spelter nn chsnsred, at 1.3uc. lor Jnty Pis: Iron warrants dull. Naval Mtorss. rplrlts turpentine was ralrly aotlva, and tho cloie was stssdy at 4040 forretmlsrs an.Mlo. tor machines sales 4Vibbls. mo. tly machines Roiln Heady, tales 400 bbla oommon strained at 91.4.1, ynoted Common to food siralnid, SI 13UII &U, "K." tl 174aH " ' P. ' 11 i)30$l 7u "("IH0: "II." 2 10 I W WKitllUiL r " ' 801 "M " 1 73i ' N." r2Sii "Wti" M21 -WW," 3 73 Tar Ormat $3.00 f. 0 b Pitch steady at SI M) t I'liaotaCM Crude certitlcatei opined steady and the) market then rulel quiet around tho opening prices until about ttie middle of the alternoonsrsilon. when value. wrakcued,ili(htlv tomlic bat later the decline wa recovered, olosfne Arm . opening at H7o , silllnir at Pi7tf,c andoloilnirat87en7i! 1 salts lnouu bWs. Rsnned In bbis. unchanited at 7.IO0 , caiss. Bo Crnde In bbis. 7.U.S Napbtha. 7 sue. I.lvs Nloek Mnrket. KuwToax Tnetlay July I. Receipts of beeves I.M2 head all conitirneil direct to local siauithtereri and ex portere No trading reeling ttrm. Droned beef dull nt tiU4)7)fe V. A for native aides Late ll cable from London quotes American steera dnll atU)s'AliiMo V ft-dreneil weUht an 1 American refrigerate 1 beef easier at scant 7Vio ? Ih stilpments todav ti bvetei and 3,140 quarters of beef To morrow 4,(.Hiiquarier of beef. Keoelptl uf catvee 6&6 headt market weaki veala sold at .MifVi.73 l0 I a 1 buttermilk calve, at $2. 0 rf3. Receipts of sheep and lambs Including 4 car loads direct, were 4 473 headt shsep ruled steady! lambs firm. Sheep sold at f4?f16o rtnirsi Ismng atf-ni7 76. Prened mutton slow at 7(2100 yi 1 I drensd Iambi iteadr at "alio Hon. Receipts '2.HB4 bead, all consigned direct Nominally steady; SUASl 33 ft Iul lbs. Court Ciilendnra Thin Day. Surs.Mg CouRTCuAMiani. llotlon calendar Itos. t to 82, called at II o'clock BrxciiL Tiait Part IL Ad-tourned for the lerm SoaaocATr . t'ooat No calendar Bcrkxxa Oouar-Srsci al Tartat Mnhr agt- Mnnr. ffflnaniin.. JULY INVESTORS' BULLETIN, Bo Goli 30-Tear Bonis 60(,, Kansas City Bridge and Terminal Hallway. Upward 600,000 already sold to our customers. To-Ial lnuo, si,6UO,ouu. tsutral Trust Co., New Tort, Trnitea. Co Guaranteed Improved Property 0 Donds, Principal and Interest roily guaranteed. 6oC.,K. CandT. R. K. Bonds Gt SO per cent. Ntock Iloniis. S ProGfc Participating Real 8o Estate Ronds. INTEREST GUARANTEED. Other choice Investments paying a liberal Income. SPECIAL INVESTMENT. A. ntire lO percent, fttook, Tho Nntlonul Bmeltluc nnd Hctlitlna; Co. Cndoraed by tfa lendlne Unnkcra and Hulneas Men at Kantian City. No better Industrial: stock In th market. Send for July Circular with Supplement. Now Bendy, The Winner Investment Company, (Znpltal Fall rnlil, 81.000,000, Murpllll, 8400,000. No Farm Mortgages. No Debenture Bonds. Kansas City Investments Exclusively. DIRHCTORS-Wlllard F. Winner. Pred W Perkins, A. II IMnner Chas. A. I aabodr. J. I erklns, o li Cope-ind (allot Kancaa City, llo) Ullllam II. Parmenter, Boston hred I! Smith, Montpeller. It, Francis E. Daua, Brooklyn, N". y. William H. Parmenter, OUNJIItAL AGENT. 50 and 51 Times Building, Sew York, 50 STATE RTRBET, D01TOV, t CCBTOM HOCSE STRBhT. PnOVlDUBOB. TII INTERNATIONAL OKONITE COMPANY, LIMITED. Slanuractarerfi or Inaulated Telescropb, Telephone, nnd Other Electric Vlrr and Cables. CF.NTKA1. TBUHT CO., TKTJ8TJEE IN AMi:itIC.. WORKS AT NEWTON IIPAT1I, MANCnESTER KM!. PASSAIC. NhW JPRBEV, U S. A. HVHSCnll'TIONH FOR THE 8 PER CENT. I'RF.FKltKNI'F. rtHAKF.S, OltDI. NARY HIIAltr.W, AND O PER CENT. llEnES'TlIRES OF THE AHOVK. NAMED COMPANY VTXI.Ii CX.OSI! AT NOON TO.HAY, WEIINElDAY. JUJUY a. AT THE OFFICE OF WINSI.OW, I.ANIER A CO., IT NANSAV ST., NEW YORK. 4.UO PAYAnl.i: PER RriAItE AND 84 PAYAIII.i: FOR DEItF.NTIJREH ON APPLICATION. NORTHERN PACIFIC R. R. CO , NO. 17 BROAD BT, NEW YORK CUT, JULY I, 1800. Notice il hereby given under the termi of the resold lion of the Hoard of Director! ot the Northern Paclnc Railroad Companr, adopted Dec S, IB80, that a call of twentj five per cent Is thli day made on subicrip tlons to Northern Paciflo Railroad t ompany and Land Grant ConioliJated Mortgage (.old Honda, payable Aug 1, 1H1K) an la further and final call of twenty file percent Is male parable Kept I, IKK), at which daio the bond, will bo dclltered end accrued interest on t ub.crlptlons adjusted Payments of calls and delivery of bonds will be mado attheomceof the Farmers' Loan and Tru.t Company, No 23 William st, Nsw York city NORTHERN PACIPIO KAILHOAI) COMPANY, ily IIBNRY tlLLARD. Chairman of tha Hoard. flTANHATTAN T1ICFT CO. CAPITAL ". ,,.. Sl,000,00u OI1NP.R OP WALL AND NASSAU liTS. A I.fgxl Depository for Court and Trust Funds and Central Deposits., MUKRALilATFSof IM1.IIB8T PAID on DADANCI'S. The COMPAM' is authorized to act ss hXrCUTOR. ADJI1MKTRATDK. (.llAIIDlAN. Ifrt, and THUS. Ill- us r inc. L ami TllANM-KKAUKM and aa III.U. lMIIAlttlr hT(M Knillid UUMIS. The company oflers lo exscmors and trustsssof e, tales and to religious and benevolent Inititutloni exceptional facflltlei for Ibe transaction ot their buslosia. nPKiriiltrl P, O. PRKNCII, PreildenL i. L WATI'.ltllUKV Ice Preildent t. V. HANKINa Secretary. A T Pltb.MllI, Trisiursr. DlRP.CTOIlh P. O FRFN'CII. N. II H.CANNON, N. Y. R J CKOMn ,N Y JOHN It Hill I", N. V. II. 1. HiniilNHDN, Doeton. T.J i OOLIDOL Jr.. Il'it'n. I At i). Hl'.l HUNT Jr. N. i JAHFHO. MIPI DON N Y I. D RANDOLPH VI, A K. 11081 NliAUtl, N V. I (' UALimiN. N Y, HAM R HIIII'LI V, phllu, I'll AS. P. TAH M 11 T VULHON N . Ill . Nil V Hl.I.P (hicazo. J I WATl'RIIUCV, N Y pi NUI1TON N Y ljJ)Nl)I.Tll(OTliN Y. August Belmont & Co., ILINKKIIN, SB NAMSAU NT., AOBMS AND ComtKHPONDDNTd OF TUB MESSRS. ROTHSCHILD, LONDON, PARIS, FRANKFORT AND VIENNA, funs Circular Credits for Trarellin, available In alt parts ot the world. ALSO COMMERCIAL CREDITS. Draw lillli of Fxrhange and make Cabla Transfers tohurope Ueit Ir.dli. Mexico and i alltornla 1'xeculo onlsrs lor the purcbsieand isle of lareit merit securities. Union Trust Company of Nsw York, 7J IIIIUAl)lA lt'i.M'l'1.1 Tlllt xT M.U filth June.- 1-Kfl Rente 1 proio a's I'r I a sate r I iitnn Psrttlc Rallr il toiiijuuv si peri nil ulUlerel iruti I uids, lo Mis exirin fiktt) three i3i bonds, will bs receive i by tlie I ntnn Trust t otnpaii. of New lork Trustee, aod ba opened at the ofllce of said Truitea at noon on lues day the rib day or July 1hj, when the lowm oOer wlil be acoepled, provided H doeanot oxoeed five (5J per eenl. premium and accrued Interest This notloa ll given fn ponrormtty with the Inaipture of truit UIOt( TUU8T tOMPAWX JrlBvV TOBK, XnutH, eginniirtnl. $1,300,000. Utica and Black River Railroad Company. First Mortftaao etmt. Oold Dondaof the praaent stntidArd welaht and flneneass dated May 1, 1SBO, and dne Jalr 1, 10B. PRINCIPAL AND INTEREST GUARANTEED BTlTUE Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad Company, AM) BO CXnontSKD ON J.ACn BOND. INTEREST PAYAHLB JAX. 1 AND JUIiT 1. Coupon bonds of Jfl.OOO each, with pro vision lor registration or principal. CENTRAL TRU8T CO li! A NTT. NEW YORK. TRtJBTBE. Tht sbore are a portion ot raortr;e of t2 000 000 to retire ll ontfUndlov bonds, nnd to tea first Man on the entlrs ltneof road from t tic, N. Y toOjjtUni turg, N. V with a branch from Thtrtta Junction to Clayton on tlie ht. Lwrnc Hlver, about lCrOtntlet, st tbe rat of lay $1H,U00 ppr mile There are to be hsued now fl.OOOOOn, to rettr fl,157,0O( firit mortRAue7 rcrcent. bonJion the Una from Utica to rtilladelDbla. N. V, and ffI4SOX)flrit xnortraiTS per cent bondi on the line from Uorrtitown to Ofdinaburr due Jan 1. IHJ1. Tbercmainlnr f700,. 000 cau be 1ined only to retire bondi due 1804 and 1604. Theie bonds, dus IHfH and IfOft, ere mortfrairje Hens on lections and do not eoir the parts of road upon which the 11.157,000 and (US ouo bondi are Mens Br the terms or tlie new 4 per cent raortjrajre the Central Truit Company, Trustee, can dslUer the bonds only upon of alike amonnt nf old bonds, or tbelr jar raluo In canh, so that the proceeds of the 9..300 ooo to be auUcrlbo 1 for will remain In the hands of the Truit Company, either In cash or old bonds, until the Ileus can be cancelled of record. In It-POthe Ltlcaand Mark Utter Railroad Company was leased In perpetuity to the Rome, Watertown and Oidemborff Railroad Company for the principal and Interest of Its bonds and 7 per oent. on Its stock. The stook Is quoted at the New )ork Stock Exebanfe 140 The ltlcaand Black IU.r Railroad company Is of rrtat Tatue to the Rome. Uatertown and Ofdensbursr Railroad Company, owing to lis baring s large local traffic and Its being the mot direct route for through builnsis to tbo St, Lawrence Rl-er and connections la Canada. For a period of twenty years preTlom to the lease the Ctlca and Black River paid dtrldendi erery year on Its stook ranging from 4 per cent, to " per cent, per an num. with the exception of the year 1871 2 3 per cent, and the year .87(1-0 2 per cent. Tho Rome, Watertown and Ogdentburf pays 6 par cent per annum In dtrldends on itsown itock, and its earning! are far In exceu of It dividend i Holders of old bonds due Itml deilrlng to subscribe may exchange their bonds, adjusting the Interest to 4 percent A copy of the mortgage and further Information may be obtained at our office We will reiehe subscriptions for the ahore bonds AT PAtt AND ACCKL'tl) INTEREST, deliverable about July 15 the Hit to be opened Wednesday, Jnly 2, at 10 o clock, and closed Thursday, July 3, at 8 o clock We reserve the right to reject any applications and to Hot smaller itraonnts than those apptled for ft e recommend the bonds aa a particularly desirable Investment for Truit Funds. Robert Winthrop & Co. BKEXP.r, ntlLDlN'O, a nicoAD st. xi:w yoek, THE MERCANTILE TRUST CO., EQUITABLE BOlLDINfl, NEW YORK. CAPITA!, AND (jCBPLVB 8.1,000,000, Isalegsl depMltory for reurt and Tnut funds and for general deposits upon which K pays LIBERAL KATES OF INTEREST from date of drpoolt until date of withdrawal. The company aieo by law acts aa executor, administrator guardian receiver, and trustee as fiscal and transfer stent, and aa registrar nt stocks. Exceptional rates and facilities are oiTered to religious and beuevulent Institutions and to executors or truit ss of estates. JO.,N'T.ITlRVmGKllALD r""1"t The Union Pacific Railway Company, TREASURER'S OFFICE, nOSTON, June 37, 1S0O Sinking Fund Mortgage Bonds. In accordance Willi the provisions of the Indenture, one per cent of the outstanding Hlnklns Fund Slortcasa Ilond ol tlie Union l'nclflc llallroad rnmpnny will bs drawn by lot at the ofttce of tho company. In tho city of Soiton, on WEDNESDAY tha SOth day of July. I00, at 10 o'clock A. M, the bondi no drawn to be redeemed on the lit day of September. ISuu as provided In said Indenture. JAMES O HARRIS, Treasurer. MOORE & SCHLEY, Bankers and Brokers, BO BKOADWAY, NEW VOttR. IIBMDERS OF THE NEW YORK 8T0CK BXCHASaB. Private wire connections with correspondents al BOSTON, PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORP, CHICAGO, WAS1IIN0TON, D. C, RICHMOND. YA. R. J. Kimball & Co.. (Pilabllihed In tstu.) IIAMCT.KH AM) BUOKEUS, 18 AND 18 BROAD ST, NBW YORK. BOTH OP OUR PIRJI ARE MEMBERS OF THE MiW lORr. hTOCIC PXCIIANOB. Itobert J, Klmhatl. Alfroil IT. I.ounalierry. ie. ii. nujma&Jti & co. Stocks and Bonds. OIIAND I'ACIIIC HOTI.U I IIIC'AGO. 60BR0ADAl, 515 L.N IDS BT, .NAMlllvII.I.E. TENN, R. W D11M1AV I, V, DBNMH. II h hFEARS Member of Hie N V Stock J-.tcUiui.-i. jj k. ENoa t cTiiuokT ' H. K. ENOS & CO., BANKERS AND BROKERS, 45 61 47 Wall St. Comt1nrrj3ltii) JToliccri. WUERPAe. Tlie former general tartnerihlp hereto, fore existing In tne ill) ol New Jor i nder the firm li sin i. ol 1 ll M'.Wl OMIlK A I u lm teen ills solved and a limited partnership hai been Hits da formed tin Ie' ttie lawi of tins run. li) l amllle It elilen leld and IMIllam d its tfeneral pal titers aud Isaac B Newcolubu a. special partner mid Wlll'ltPts All of the iiirtli'r. Iii Hid forioercenent rartlieriltlp of J 11 ..ewtouibr A Co re luelltieri of he lie, limited copartnership and a.l f Ihe nieuibele of iin.ll former copartnership luutt Isaac 11 New combo and I'smi'.le telt .melil hale runsenled in writ ins to the u.e of ihr firm unun of such veneru! topart urrship u such new coiarliiorsnlp aud VMIMtl.AH. The sal I former consrllier.hlp was a co-parlnershlii wlihlii this Mate iindlia.l coudocled buil ueis thiriln for a period of three jours. NOW TIIRRKIORP, WE. t'AMILUi WEIIIFNPHLD nd WILLIAM H Don D, the general partoeri In isld liuittedpsrtnrrsliip. atil ftAAt U Nl.nOuUUI. Ihe speelal parmor In said limited partne riblp, wboss places olabodsarei the raid Wllltim H Dowd aud Isaac 1). Newcombe In the city, countv, and Btateof N.wlork, and the said (amllle Weldenfild In Oranse .ewjer say, do hereby certify punuant to the itattilei of the Mate ot New York lo snoh case made an 1 provided, that w. are the person, new and hereafter dealing under the said firm name of I. P. Newcombe A t o . which li the firm name of said new Hunted partner ship. Dated New lor., June 3 IHTO I'tMIMR WPIDPNKrLD, wit. p mm I', leAAi- ii MtAroMiir Cilr and i unt if Nr iork i (in this uhilsyof lui e irtri. before me lersonollr csme lamllle UeMrufiM IMlllaui ll ll I and Una U Neweombe, to in. known and known tu me i be tlie ssme per.onsdsscrlbed In and who exei uted tlie foregoing otrtlncate, aud sereraily acknowledged lhat tuoy sxsculsdthlisms. OBOROE CROMWELL, Notary Public B9 . Rlobmond county. CMtlawt tuia la M, X, tJav. i .J' , iiiattrinl. TO BORROWERS On Bond and Mortgage Tho Titlo Guarnntoo and Trust Company is desirous of groatly increasing its mortgago investments. All dosirablo mortgages will bo promptly accepted. Fixed and low foes. No commissions. Tho company has abolished tho uncertain and unpleasant "disbursement itom." TjTLEGffiRfflTEE MD TRUST 0?., U LIBERTY BT. 20 COURT BT. NEW YORK. BROOKLYN. CAPITAL AND SURPLUS, $2,350,000. COU.NSKLi Btiph.n P. Nash. Richard Intrabam. Geo. r. Demsriit. TnuSTEESi Orlando B. rott.r. George awuilams, William M. lograham, K.Ily, Jamil D, Lynch, John T. Mania Bmll Oslbstmann, Al.iandar E. Orr, Martin Jooit, John Jacob Aitor. Jr., Benjamin D nicks. lingo Weiendonck, John D. I licks. Jallen T. Davl.s. Bills D WUUams. William n Mate. William Trantwlne, Charles R Dendarson, Henry C. Thompson, Camnsl T. IresmaD, Charlei Matlack. JOHN W., MURRAY, C. U. ZELSET. Tresldint Tic. Pr.ildint LOUIS WINDMULI.Ea Trtunr.r. NEt ELL MARTIN. Becreury. THE WASHINGTON ftiATBONAL BANK, TOO. 1 BROADWAY, IM.Y. IS NOW OPEN FUR DTJHINES8. EO. SHERMAN. O M DO DOR. J. T. GRANDER PrnldonL Ylce PreildenL Cashier. "emigrant INDUSTRIAL SAVINGS BANK, 51 Chambers St., IVew York. NKW YOnit. Juno SOth, 189a DIVlDnND.-The truBteen of this bank havo ordered that Interest bo paid to depositors entitled thereto for the six months end Ins this date, at tho rato ot Three and Ono-half per cent, car nnnum on all sums up to the limit of Ihroo Thousnnd Dollars (.I.OOOl Interost will bo credited tindor date of July 1, and will bo payable on nnd after Monday, July 21. .TAMF8 OLWE1.L, 1'roflldont. DAMP LEDWITH. Coinntrollor. DRY DOCK SAVINGS INSTITUTION, 8(1 AND HO BOWRRY. The Trustees have declared a dividend for tho six months ending June So, lhfxt, on all deposits entitled thereto under the by laws at the rate ot 4 per oent. per annum on sum. of (500 and under, and on th. excel, of Tato and not exceeding (3 000 at the rat. of Spir cent, per annum, pajnblo on and after Jnly 71, lflU. ANDREW MILLS, President. CIIARLE3 MIEIILINO, t-ecretary. TDK BANK roTt SAVINGS, milLP.ECKL'RNT. NBWiORK, JULY I. 1OT Tlie Board of Tru.tees hate declared the n.uel In terest under the provisions ot the by Isws, for the six months endtnr the .loth June, as follows At the rate of foor (4) per cent per annnm on alt some of (M an I upnard, nut exceeding .1,000 payable on .nd aficr tho third Monday, being tho 31st day ot this month This Interest Is carried at once to the creditor de. posttors as rrlnclpal on the 1st lust, where It elands exactlv aa a deposit It i 111 be entered on the psss books at nny time when required ou and arter the 'Jtst Inst Ml.RRITT TRIMBLE, President, JtOBERT 8 HOLT, Becretarjj I RINO SATI.N08 INSTITUTION' NEW YdRC. June ST. 180a The Trustee, of this Institution havo declared Inter eit on all sums remaining nn deposit during tho three or six ni'mths ending June &), at the rate of POUR PElt CbNT i"r annum on (I an and under andTHHKEPKK ChNT per annum on the excess of fi.uoi not exceeding t'i), payable on and after tho third Monday In July n.xt jon.t CASTREE, rrnld.nt. C. P. 11BAT0N, Secretary. New iorkIramnos RANK. STIl AV. CORNPIl 14TII RT ihe Trttiteei have orlered that the Intereit to t credited lo depoillor.Jnlv 1 IMU shall be at the rau of PUUll PER Cfc.NT Pi'.fl ANNUM STFPIIIiN W. JONER, Preildint. PRKD K lIL'dllSON. triaiurer. C. W BRIXCKERIIOPP. becretary. glfrtiong nml gHcttiting. HUtl'TII, HOl'TII HISORE AM) AT. LNTIC RAII.WA1 CtlatPANa, 80 1IKOADWAY, Mtt OlIK. JUNK 24. IBfft Notice Is hereby gl en that the annual meeting of th. stockholders of the Uututh houiti rtliorr and Ailantto Hallway Company for the election of Directors and for the transaction ot any other business that may be brought bt fore tha meeting, wl'l be held at the omco of the company In the ( ity of Marquette, Mich , at 10 o'clock A. M on Tnnrsday, the 17th day of Jnly IHtia Transfer books will be closed at noon on eatordar. July s, und reopened at 10 o clock A M on Prlda). July lisUuo L. M. BCIIWAN, bacrejary. cut'it. hdcohton anij onT TflNACOS ItAlLttOAD COMPANl. m UrltJAlJVrs.1, NNW YORh. JUNBS4 IS9a Notice 1. hereby given that Ihe annual meeUog ot the stockholders ot the MAIWULTTH IIOUi.llTON AND ONTONAOON li R, ro. for Itio .lection of Directors aud for the tran.aotlnn of any other business that may be brought before the meeting wl'l be held at the nine, ot the cumrany lu thenar of Marquette Mich., at ID o clook A. Si on Thursday, th. 17th day of Jult ikiu transfer book, will be closed at noon on Saturday. Julr 0 and r.opsned at 10 o clock A M. on Friday. July IS Iinu L M SCIIWAN, oecretary. MAItULT.TTE ANII tVBtTJJUN HAIL. BOA ll COMPANY, fl BROADH AY. .NKW YORK, .HINEa4. lSta Notice I. hereby given that the annnal meeting at th. stockholders or the Marquette aud Weitern Railroad Company lur the ele lion nf Directors, and for the transit lion of am otner bu.lnes. that may be brought before the meeting will be neld at the ofllce of the company In the t'tty of Marqnctie, Mich, at 10 o clock A )t im Tburiday the ITih day of July IM) Transfer books will be cloied at noon on hatiirdar. Joly and reopened ai loo clock A M on Irfday. July IK 1800 L M hCIIWAN, Secretar). 51,tt,)lil nurt inutrnt. Coupons duo Julv 1 FROU HO.NBH OF THE AMHKICAN WATPIt WORKS CO., ALTON WATER 1IORKH CO., unit an a w ati: rc noitKH co,, BIAIIIHON t'Ol'MY, ALA,, Will, III! PAID BY C. II. VEJXT1MER 6l CO., Ua WALL HT. Continental Trust Company Will pay a dividend ot 11 per cent, on th. capital stack oflhollOWAKIIINMURANCKCOslFANY of Newtorkoi and aftrr July 3, into, at Its omco, Id all il, on preieotation of the certlflcatii of .lock W, IIENRV ItEPBE. Secretary. Tho Georgia Midland and Gulf Rail-road Company. Intereit coupons ot the first lunrlgsge hoods of this roiiintny iliia.luly I, Jhh wlil bo paid at tli. omco of the mural Truit Co of New Iork JAMEB K t. I.AS NIBS, PraildenL iiiiNvInt city uailivay col First Morlsancj Cniipona, fl.KVEI.ANl) litycaiim: RAILWAY co, Flrat MortKMixe Coilpona, N. Y. A HT, VKRJVON WATER CO. COB. FONH) maturing Julr 1, I80O, trill bo falsi at f ba offlee nt TA1NTOR A HOLT. 11 Wall at. OFFICE OP THE 'HBLAWARR AND HUDSON CANAL LO. NewVork MayZV lfioa A qnsrteily dividend of one end three quarters flifl per cent, on the capital stnik of this tompany will be I aid at the nil re of the rompanr. .1 t'ortlandt at., In ilin rID.un aid after June n. Irmj. fl.e Irmifer li oks Mill be tl'iSfd Ironi the cloio of buiincs lu-US)' trill tlie mi rtiingof lue.dar, Juno IT. P) outer ol tlio llusrU t Vaina-ere JAuhi HArTT Trciiiirer "Tlir ft If IMIOVI) 1NII WPHTI'UINi 'IIJtMl.N.tL ItAII.WAI AM UAIII'. IIOCNI, IIIMIA.W I'll PPPHRPII HI'OI It,-Tl,e r.mlannusl dividend of TIM) AND (INK IIAI.K I'lill CI.NT v. ill be paid attheomceof th. company. No kj liroadway. tftw York, on and arter Joly lu. 1Hp The transfer book, will close Jnne no ifiki. at a o'clock T. at., and reopen July 11, 1600, at l(J .deck A. U, . . 4a J., Tfiuuu. gifltlciula Sttttttirt. TIIR ISTEREKT DUE JULY I, 1WO, ON THE PON LOWINll BONDS IM PAYAUIN AT TIIK BANK. 1NO IIOIIHK Uh KIII1NT7.K IIRO I'HI'.ltM, 120 BROADWAY (KOUITAhLK lll'ILDINO) NKW YuRkl UI1V OF AURORA. Nr. WATbR BUNDS, flit DP HBATIIIOK NrB CITt Ol IIU.NMAN. MONT. CITY OP IAIHBUIIV. M.B. CITY 1)1 IALI.8 CITY Nfclt. f ITV OP GRAND IBLAMI. NEB. FEWER. jVl "lANU 'Bt-Af. wtB . 0I" UkVL AND Cm UP GRAND ISLAND, NBB.'WATRR WORKS, 8D fll'.RII.S. CIT DP GOLIII'S' rlTY, Ma, SCHOOL DI8TRI0T S, UTV OP IIA1TIN08. NBB. FUNOINll Cs. CITY or KANSAS C1T. NO UIYOP KANSAS CITY, Ml), BOARD OP BDUCA. TtON. CITY Of I.KAOVILLK, COL.. PUNDIN'O CITY OP LINCOLN Nitn. CITY or NORroLK, NED , PIRB PROTECTION Os. l.iT OF OMAHA, Nhll ClTY OF RAPID C1T HO DAK , WATBR BOVD& CIT OP RAPID C!T. HO DAK, PARK. UONDB. I ITY OF BUPI RIOIl, NLB CI1Y ON WKST POi.T. NEB JOWN UP IDAHO RPH.MIb COL, WATER Be. TILLAIJE Ot ALBION NKH. A ILLAUh OF I I'LIIPRTHOV, NRR. MLI.AOI! Ol' SKI. Kill. NEII, WATER. Vll.l.AUE OP STROMmUI'HU, NEB. WATER. AltAPAljOh Ca. VVU, BCIIOOI. IHRTHICT no. t AHAPaHOE t O, COL., BCIIOIlL IIIBTKICT NU 2. ARAPAHOE ft), COU. KCIIOOL DlaTRICT NO. IS. UINUIIAM COUNTY IDAHO MNDlhaSs. BLAIR fin. NRB.COLltTHOUsL BOO.NECIlUNT, NP11 BOONK COUNTY NRIt.VANCIIFTERPRPCINCT.Ofc BOO.NE COUNTY, NEB, SCHOOL DISTRICT NO I 1100NK COUNTY, M.B, tCHOOLDIHTIIlCT NO 8 BOOSE COUNTV. Nl- II , SCHOOL DIhTRICf NO IS, BOYD H OPRRA lllll'HR AMBOC1ATION. BUFFAIO COUNTY, NUI HUFPaLO COUNTY,. NEa. scnnni. DISTRICTS DUtPALO COUNTY. NIIR, SCHOOL DISTRICT OP KEARNEY. BUFFALO COUNTY, NRR . KEARNEY PRECINCT. BURT I OI'NTY, Nl 11, SCHOOL DIxTltll T NO 1. DUHT COUNTY. NPII, RAILROAD BONDS. Us CllrRltY I'OI'NIY, Nhll.. SCHOOL DISTRICT NO a. ClIP.RRY C01NT, NUI, M'HOOl. UlSTHIlT NO 2a COI TW I OI'NTY NhB, SCHOOL DIKTRIl'TM) Ml CLAY COUNTY-, NKH, e,C!lollt, DISTflll T NO 2. a CLAY COUNTY, NLB, LtWIS PRKtlNLT, RAILROAD (1 clay countv. neb, lone trek precivct, Railroad clat county nbb. school urebk precinct. ItAlLKOAl) Os OLAV t OUNTV, NEB, BPRINO RANCH PRECINCT, RAILROAD . CLAY tOUNTY, NEB, BUTTON PRECINCT, BAIL. KOAD 6s COLUMBUS PRRCINCT, PI ATTB COUNTY. NEB CUbTBR COUNTY, MONTANA. Ts. ObSTI-R COUNTY. MONT. SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. I, DAWSON UOUMY, NIII DAWSON COUNT., NKH. BrilOOL DISTiUCTa DODOR COUNTV, NEB, COURT HULSK. DOUOLAS COUNTY, NKB. OS. DOUOLAS COUNTY, NKB , H. DOUOLAS COUNTY. HUH. 7s ISAOLB COUNTY, COU, SCHOOL DISTRICT ISO. 0 UAOK COUNTY. i.I' OAOB OUU NTT, NKH, BLUB FPRINOS PRBCINCT. ClOI.tlkN DITCH A rLl'MB COMPANY. 7s. ORAND ISLAND PRBCINCT. HAI 1, COUNTY. NBB. HAMILTON COUNTY. NI.IJ, lU.NDINU U. HALL COUNTY NKH, RAILROAD Hs IJITOHCOCK COUNTY, NBB. SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 11. IDAHO TERRITORY. CAPITOL BUILDINO fls JACKSON COUNTY MO. SCflOOL D18TRIC1 NO T JEIFFRSON COUNTY. NFB JFFFKRSON COUNTY NE1I . PRECINCT OF LINCOLN. JEPH.RSON COU.N1Y. NLB, PRECINCT OP PAIIU BURY. LEWIS AND CI.AR.KIi COUNTV. MONTANA, Oa. 1A PLATA COUNTY, COL MADISON COUNTY-. MONT MADISON t OCNTY, MONT, 8KRIB1 I. MADISON COUNTY, MONT, bKKIKS 2. MP.AtlllBR LOLNTV. MONT. FUNDING. MKAonrtr. (,oi nu, mont, rbfundino, MPAlSlIRR COUNTY, MONT. COURT U01JSB. MEAGHER COUNTV, MONT., COI RT HOUSE AND JAIL MPRItlUK COUNTY NEB SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 8. Hl-SA COUNTY, COL., rUNDlNO MhSA COUNTY, t OL. SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 1 NINNUsOTA LOAN AND INYESTMENT COMPANY. MISNOULA COUNTY, MONT. MONTROSE COUNT! COL., FUNDINO Oa. MONTKOSU .COUNTY, CUU, bCHOOL DISTRICT NO II MONTKOBR COUNTY, COLO, SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 18. NATIONAL LOAN AND INVESTMENT COMPANY. DBTROIT, MICH NATI RITA LAND AND CATTLE CO NEBRASKA MORTGAGE AND INVESTMENT CO. IRtMO.NT Nhll NEBRASKA MORTUAOR COMPANY OP HARVARD, M.B NEMAHA CO. NPB.. SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 34,7a. NKMAHA CO, NF.B St IIOOL DISTRICT NO. 21 NUCKOLLS 001 NTY. NEB. NUCKOLLS COI NTY, NUI. BPAVKR PRPCINCT. NUCK01X8 COUNTY. NEII, I.LK ntECINCT NUCKOLLS tOUNTY. Nl-B. HAMMOND PRBCINCT. NUCKOLLS COUNTY, NUI. Nt-LSON PRPCINCT. NUCKOLLS COUNTY. Nhll. NORA PRECINCT. MCKOLLS COUNTY, NhB. SPHINO CHEhk PRECINCT NUCKOLLS COUNTY. NEB. VICTOR PRECINCT. ONEIDA COUNTY, IDAHO tll.ll h PRPCINCT. SALINE CO . NER PITKIN COUNTY, COL BCHOOL DISTRICT NO 1,7. PLATTE COUNTY NtHRASKA RIVHU BRIDGE. BIO UKANDP.f OUNTV COL. rUNDI.N07e. SAINT PKIPR'S HOSPITAL. IIKLI-NA, MONTANA. SCHOOL DISTRICT CITY OP AlllURN. SCHOOL DISTRICT COI.UMBLS, PLATTE COUNTY, NEBRASKA 8CllOOI.DISTKirTOFOMAnA.NKa SCHOOL DISTRICT f ITV Oh (1I1AN D ISLAND KB& SCHOOL DISTRICT NORFOLK. NKB blinsilONB COUNTV. IDAHO Ss. SMITH BROS LOAN AND TRUST CO DENDENTURE SKRIhS. B C D E. AND P SUMMIT COUNTV COL. IUNDING7s TWIN (.ROY B I'RECINLT. ANTPLOPE COUNTY, NEa YAI Ll'Y COUNTY, NF1I W AHHINOTON COUNTY, VKR. COURT HOUSE Os WAYNEtOUNTY". NBB. HEFUNDING OS. HOLLAND TRUST COMPANY. 7 -WALL ST.. NEW YORK, ' WILL PAY THE COUPONS DUE JULY I 1800 OF Tilt FOLLOW I.NO COMPANIES O.N AND AFTER THAT DATEl PI NNSVLVANIA, rOl'UHKEBrSIF. AND BOSTON RAILWAY CO. WhSTMlN HAILWAY CO OF FLORIDA IRO.NTO.N AND PKTERSBOKG STREET RAILWAY CO THOMSON'-HOUSTONTELECTRIO Cft, COLLATERAL TRUST THOMSON HOUSTON LlflHT, HEAT, AND POWBft CO OP BINOHAHTON. N Y MANHATTAN PLIClRlO IlflHT CO, LIMITED HOOSICK l ALLS WATER POVM.R AND LIGHT CO. ALI'l.NA OAS CO filfCUltlrV MORTGAGE AND TBCSIXOl, DALLAS. tkx. jak TEXAS RTTB FAIR AND DALLfvKXPOSITION ASSOCIATION INllKNATION'AL BRIDOE AND TRAMWAY CO. 8 TI It CENT. RIO bllANDB BRIDGE AND TRAMWAY CO. B PER CFNT NEW ROCHBLLE GAS FUEL CO. OTICB 1)Y THE SPECIAL MASTER IN CHAN-ChRV Whereas, on the 21st day of April. 1S0O, the nnder-signed, a. bpeclal blaster In Chancery, did proceed and sell under a derree ot foreclosure and aala, in ibecaao of tho Central Tru.t l ompauy of New Y'ork against tho Bhefrie! 1 and Birmingham Coal Iron, and Kallwa) Cora pany aud another, the propertlei of ihodifiudantcor poratiom And whereas, Ihe undersigned Special Master In Chan, eery, has received the purchase price of said properties from the respective purchasers tfisreof Now. thti Is to notify all person. In Intereit that the undenlgned Special Master lu Cham eri, will be ready tn pa) the bonus and coupons entitled to be paid out of the proceelsof said sate on and after the nt day of August inn) Alt holders and owners of said bonds and coupons are hereby notified to present tho same for paimcnt torn. at mi ofllce, In Hunu.lile, Ala., iiutn. dtatelv on and arter aaid date, or said bonds and coupons mai be sint toW.K ltlion A Co, Bankers, Ifuntsvllle. Ala, for convenience or settlement The amount paid on eaoh bond will t o stamped on th. bond D. D BIIM.MY. Special Master In Chancery. JUNB2 IMP NOTICE TO HOLDPRS OP ST LOUIS AND BAN PHAr. CISCO RAILWAY COMPANY'S 7 PKil CENT. I.QUIPMENT BONDS OP 1KSO 15 BROAD ST NKW YORK, Jun. X 1RSH Th. Trustees under the mortgage alien toeeoaretbo .bote named bond, have this aay drawn by lot forty i4") of Hie ssme tor l,oon each) for payment on Dec. 1, Ihmi .t the price of tir with Interest to that date Tlie numbers nf the bonds so drawn are as fotiowsi 10), llo 117, 141 l'.l 1112 IM, 1H-, 2111, 2-,3 SIS, 310, S.'J, 313.83. IUU HI 1.41)7. 4U, 437, 471,444 UH Un), 6J7, Ml, (WIS, PJ4 IBS, UJD, Ull, CS3, CM, 724, 782, 7S, HUi, bli lf3 DHJ. The interest on the bond, ot the above numbers will cease on Dei.. 1, louu AI.DEN SPPARP. t..i. DAY ID J. BELIUMAN, "Tltecs. S"t PAUL KSTFRN ORAND TRUNK-RAILWAY 00, Coupons due Jul) 1 prox from the bonds ot the abo.o company will be paid on and arter that data at the offlco of bamuel a Sands A Co to Wall st a D ALI.inoNh, Treuurtr. NEW YORK. 10 WALL BT. June 30. IKS) ' THE nOWERY BANK OP NEW YORK. NFW YORK Jun. 27, l80 The directors from the pronts of ttje I ast six months have di dared a dhldend of six per cent, fre. of tax, pai able on and alter July I The trail. fer book will be cloied until July 2 r. f MAillMY, Aotlng Caihter. THE ELEYP.NTII WARD RANK. . . New York, lone 24 l-W The Board of Directors have this da) declared a !-eml Annual Dili lend of lour (4) perl eut., tree or tax. payah'i- on and ufter July I. !""' The irun.Ier books will tetuain cloied until that dale OHAS It BROWN. Caihler ILWA1 KKP. LAKr. SllllltP AND WPSTKRN Unit nay l n I nupon. dne Jnly I prox. from th. first morlgan dlvl.lon tmnds of the abote comi any III he paid on aud aticr that dale al the Na ttoual hank of Commerce ..., , GORDON NOERIP. Tteaiorer. 10YTAILST. NEW YORK June 1) 111) .llilV01UliS. osit lotlo tkAii. &X oatr Ufa aca.isii aooia ygyjjv I rs aiaiaa mi ro "VjSSiSvTnnoooa to BilOr a. HI NH0p3?'ill5ts IIM. olio E,jw,iSr iran, scui si-ro ciicsss pstir ri'iiSrVasiiiT 10a ntu wiraoor chasoi or Nsg&Jr'iiavica. usvxi w iar ciaii or rasa Njjo.s daiit it 9 r. a L,mi,..ii,njyl PHI''" VALLlTFllAiLROAlT Mlratiai'fP ''", foot of -orUand or Per WiCSSr 'lihw l'""t ' 7 s. . and 11 A M , 1 PhY''" 3 "' " fl '" "" '" " iy Th Pic ur slue Rome 1 etwreu New lor. ami I a.tun Iteiliiitiein Hen town Maucii think Ullksebarro I'lltiton tcranlmi Itha a Lena a Warirt Waiklni Ulrn, I.lmira. Bocheii.r, lluBalo, Niagara Pall. To ronto, Detroit CHICAGO, BT LOUIS, and ALL POINTS WEST. Tickets and sleeping car berth, can be ..cured al th. O.n.raJ Eastern Cffloe, 213 Utoadwaj, ex IkO Bait IMUi . CUttla ftlnHroailtJ pEfl3SYLVAWBA i RAILROAD. t i i ON AND AITRR JUNE 2S IBdS. f Tralm leave unions foot ot D.abroesaa aad rorllanslt rtla., UlOt A. M.-Tllh h AST LINE for the Welt Pall. f man Yeitlbute Sleeping and Parlor Care. Arrive. , Cleveland A:J A f, leiumkos vu A. M. Chlcaro I ll P vl an. St Louis 7-00 P M. n.xt day. ', Connects alio tor WHliairsosrt, Lock Hav.n, and ' Renovo, except Sunday and Toledo, except satar j lOlOO A. M.-THE NKW YORK AND CH1CA00 l.l.llThl) rempoied .xcln.lvsir et P.llmaa Veitl ' tmle. Drawing ana Slate Room, sleeping Dining. Smoking and obiervatten Cars, pre.entlng financial , reports, stioesrailiers and typewriters, sathreoraa for both k.xes ladle.' maid bsrfeer .hep. library, r and all lb convenience, of hem. ernttlcf.. Lighted by stationary an I mnvabl. electric lights. Arrive. Cincinnati u 40 and t hlesgoO 43 A M next da. SlOO 1. M.-Sl LOUIS. CHICAGO AND CINC1N. NaTI KklllISS lullinan Yeitlbule Sleeping Car and Dining i ar New Y ork to Kt Lena Chicago and , Cincinnati Pai.mger t oeeh New Terk t. Ceinrabtis. Arriv.i Cincinnati itioti a m o kxi P.M. and M Loiiil7H'iP M next day OHIO r. M.-1HP WI.MKItN RXpRRSX tar all , polutl In the Weit Nerthwe.l and Southwsit Pull. man Ve.llliule Sleeping Car New York to FltUbarg. ht Louie, I hlcago ( InclnnatL and Meatphls rsoa. ylvania I'.aitroaa Dining Car New York to Pmia.ei. phlu anl Pullman Dlntna far Plttl.arg to Richmond and Chleag. Arrives at Cincinnati 4hSJF. M t lilt agon P M. next day, an 1 bt Leiils7t)OA. l M second morning connects for Cleveland a. a Toledo dally except Saturda) StOO I'. M.-FACIr-IC hlPRRKS Pullman rlnr. fet Sleeping Car New York te l hlcago. New York to Memphis via the Shenandoah alley arrives daTaatiolumbtu7i!3 P. M , i levelanal) S3 P M next oar. and dally at Chicago 7 oe A M lecend morning. t onnecti fer Tolido dally, and for Corry, rria. tha OH Regions. Cleveland. and columtms. except Sat.r. day . BALTIMORE, WASHINGTON, AND THE SOUTH. ' , "Washlnnon Llmlled Express" ef Pntlman Parlsr l 1 1 t ara. datl), .xcsnt Sunday 1 1 10 A. M., arrlv. Wash. f , ,' tnrton 3 5J P M am "Congrsssl.nal LlaslUd. ' J datlv. with Dlulng Car at 9 JJ f M , arrive Wash. ; ' ' ttiston 8 21 P M reiralar expre.l M . BjnO, aad , ; Si3n a. M.2 10 4 SO. s.M, and .oof M.and 12 13 I ' l mxht Fer only. I 00 p. M, SanUay en and S30A.M.4303SVV and 9 ro p M, anil 11 IS t I night For point! on f and Okie Railway . j and ( InclnnatL si.epers. Dialog Car, aad Coacks. through, iion P M. dally , J Far Long Branch, l.lni Pleasant and Interaiegtale) . station, we. k da... I io 7iu.0l(iA.M u-ouno.n: 1 .' 2 JO s 10 .3 40 special) 4 3a 3t30. and 7i00 P M. ' s.turJ.J. omIj 1 ). ! M sundav, S IV fJ.H.1, A U, . t 5 11 P. M (do net .top at Ashurv rMV bn i-onday). 2 FOR ATLANTIC CITY 1 iilV M (Through Bu flat Tar- i lor Car and Day roach) wssk days, eenn.cts fer , tape May and with through car tar Drawn. Mills I ' ' and Beach Haven ( l For Old Point and Norfolk, na New Terk. PhllaleU I 1 Soia.M dally except Sun- dav and siw f M dally via Baltlm.ra aad Bay : Hie 2HQP. M week daya i FOR PHILADELPHIA. i ! Expren Tralni leave as fellewst , i io. i,m six i soo (lo-oo Chicago Limited. I ' v with Dialog Car and 10 luWsiklniton I.liulted), ana i I UOIAM UlJO 1SI0 2 10, 30.3 Ji 4-30. 4iM. 5U. I t 6.U 6 il" Shio and OOP M and IJtIN alght Ac 7 ' i eommodallon. II It) A. M , 4 4) atid7 eo r. V. Sou. I 1 days. Rxpresa ots s so soo (lusj Limited) and i I i? lOtMA. M 1 00, 4S, 4 80 SSiO, 30 BOOandBsXl I I P M.. and 13 IN night Accommodation. 73 P. M I i The New York Tran.fer Louipany will call for an t check bsggag. from botsls and rastaencee. I di lor time tables ot local train, apply m any tick. i agent of the coir sany. y CHAS. IS. PLOH J R. WOOD. f Ueniral Manager. Qeaeral Pass r Agent i I IN pWYOHKOINTeAL ' r& ' l M Hudson River Railroad. ' ' ') AUTralus arrive at and depart from t li I OIIAND OKNTK.VL bTA-TIOIT, , V Fourth Are. and 42d St.. New York, f , ', - T ONLY IiAlLROAD STATION IN 3 HE ClXT. ' ' ,- 'I'rHlnr. Leave nn Follow.. I f OiSO A. M.-CI!IC-.(10 YhSTIBULh LIMITED. Da 'It ,' at Chicago 10 10 A. M next da. I1 , KlitOA.M -Mll'TIIWEiTfltN VrPTI RULE LIMIT- jl. j ED Duel Incfnnall 7 iu, Hi Louisa in P M lOl.-.O A. (. WLSTMtN DAY hXPRESS. Dally, i undftvl, ) ', difiOP, tl.-SllRTII SHOnKYFSTIBULE LIMITFR 'j ' ' Ducat Detroit atu 15 A. M, Chicago 4 50 V M. next , . da ( ' I OltM) P. M.-FASTWFBTERN RPRFRR Due Chi- , cugoo iio, llnclnnatlH n I' M.St Uiuli713PM i ', 7IIO P M. ADIKOMIACK, MONTREAL, AND) . , nUgara iai if binii-ss : j Ollfi !. M.-IAST ST. LOt It AND CHICAGO EX- I i v PHI ss Duo Indianapolis 11 -X P. M next day, St f fit I oul.7 10 A M . (' FIM1KII.L (NhWRURGH). rOUOHKPKPSIK BnlVB- ' tl.lH (KINiliTON) AND IILDM)N-t30, UO SO, (J 111 ') A M 1 Wi 13 55. ! JN P. M , alio for Pough" 1 1 keepile lu -ii A M . -' 0 4 v) .4 5 ., HrO. 7 lo, W:l j ' P M, lor (larrleonslWeit Point). 18 SO, 111 30 A. M, , 1 1 ) l Ml s HIV. HI 35 I. M. i ALBAN-s 'hi W 10 Jii .lui u. ll 80 A. M. 3 33, I 4 li n ( 0 .5, 7 bo n ir. P l. 11. tonight J JO hi l ll 'il 1(1 Ji tlHtiO. Ill 30 A, U. i ' it K),4 vi n- 7 3 1 ii i" P M tu oonlght i LT1CA ANII SRACLSU-ts S-i ii sr KUJi, tlO 30 A. Q I, M 4 5.1 rtOH 7 3 1, 11 15 P M 112 night A S i ROCHI-STER-n 5t'. in Jl, 110 30 A. M , 4 50. 0-O0,7.SV t i niip M : ' J . BUHALO-0jg 1U.0 110.50 A M.OSJO, 7180, 0 IS ; 1 P M. ' NIAGARA PALLS-lOt 20, 410 50 A. M , 4 50, 0XJ. 780, . Ulljl' M J I BARATOI.A-'OOO. tllill) A. M., t 30, 7 SO P. M, 1 . 112 Onliht I ' A LAKL Gl Oltl-.P IP (O, .IIiiOA M,f.3inop.M ,1 .(l IHOfAND 1SLANDS-I10 50 A M, 4.30. II 13 P. It, '1 t IJ night 1 ADIRONDACK MOUNTAINS AND MONTREAL-fOOO. ( , til so A M.7 3) P. M, 1 12 i night, also AdlrondeeE V Mounlalns 4 'i P M. I ) AlHl'll.N OhNIA, AND CAVANDAIOUA-fOlStl, no vi a 11,11111' M . ti2 no ml tntght I i BPRKSI1IRL llll.LN IA llAKLKMIllUBION'-HlllO I i 1 ., A. M, t3 ViP M ' , lor tl-Veta aud spaco In Sleeping Cars apply stOrand r i Central Station or nt 41 1, 7s', Bii and I Broidway 12 i ,, Park ii ace 'm Went 123th st and ISKth st .tatlon, New . ii York. 333 Washington it, 7JD Pulton st. and B Bad- ' t ford a. . B D Br inklyn , t I w eetcott a Exi res. call for and checks baggage from ' i l hotels and residences through to destination A . .Dally except Sunday (Saturda) a only Olh.rtralu , I rnn daily. '2 r t Abive trains: except those leaving at P 00. 0 30 A, M. J B i' ' s su 1 uO. 3 vi i , 4 Ml n .3 p. M. and 12sjo mid- 1 night nop at lSth st station JUU.1 VI Tlll't M, OEORGE If. DANIFIA ' f General Manager General Passenger Agent, LJ NevTYork and Boston All Rail. ' If j Leave By way of Due . .fv'li Ptu A M.SprlngSeldaud Worceiter s F. M. I til 10 o)A M , New 1 ondou and Providenca, 4 30 P.M. , (, Us 11 00 A M, Sprlnutleld an Worce.ler, 6 30 P.M. ' .) 'Mf 12 00 M . Hartford and N V and N B. Bt30 P. M, j fj rL 1 sx) P, M , Nea London and Providence, T 30 P. M. I iff Til 3iP. M.iAUllmantlcand N Y. an I N. B.. V 00 P. IL ' 8 jjj'? 4-OOr M. Sprlnglleld and Worce.ler. 10-OOP. M. 1 TfJS, 5 onp M, 5ew London and Providence, llsTOPM. " f $ 11 -tor. L. Sprlnglleia enl Worce.ler, 15 A.M. t j"i 12 00 P. M, 'New London and Providence. 7-OOA.U. fO Hon. dally, including Sundaya If Return service, same hours aud by sam. r.utev Al tor Doe jl 002 A. M, White Mountains Kabyan'a, shop. M. Jll' 2 OOP M , Newport tvla Wlikfordl 7 40 PM. Win. 4 03P M.Dauburya.Norwaikltlt.. PlttUleId.8i40P.I. , tap M.Naugaluok 1)1. . Wlnsted. 8 10 P. M. M Through purlor or s eening car. by eaoh train, , X fta 0 T. IIKUPSTKD, UcnlPaaa. Agent. ft X NBW YORK. ONTARIO AND WBHT- , J '. r.RN uaiuVat company, . ' ", rassenger tralni leave foot of Jay and 42d .1. as tot Ifl j; X Ml, lows ,18 ' 71 Jayst .7 31A. M : 2d it. 7-50 A.M ; for Campbell tfjf f J Hall. Mlddleiown. Port Jenls. Montlcello. Fallihurs;, Jffi li Liberty, Hancock Walton. Delhi Fdroeeton Nvrwlcb. f ( J Utica, Rome. Oneida. Detroit Chicago and potnuWeH. .; 'U Kj.vt JavitPlJO A. M , 4id It n 10 A M I for Campbell ' g S'.'ll Iln.ll Lakes Mohonk and Mlnnewaika. Wallklll Vill.y X f.' i Stiitiona. Mlddleiown, ntormlngburg. Ellenvlile Moon R si. J talnDa'e hallsliurg IIurl.yMll. Liberty. White Lake. if !" ii' Jay.t 3ri p M , 421 st J IB P M t for Campbell 8 ,, ,', ,1 Hail iMkes Mohonk and Mlnnewa.ka. Wallklll Valley I S V . stntlona Mlddleiown Iilooiulnghurg Ellenvllje Port t H 1'JI Jervla MoniUollo fallsburg, llnrieyrille, Liberty, $ ' il hlle Lake, Rockland (. i. 3 Jayat.4 Is P M i 42dst,4 top M i for Westrom- H St it wall, orr s Mill, stony Ford Campbell Ball. Middle)- ', W ,fy town Hloomlngbttfg. Klienvllle ! X St Jay it, nix I' M.i e.det, u 13 p M.i for Mlddletown, t V ', l-fr Pnllsfiurg. Liberty. Walton, Norwich Oneida. Oswego. I ' I J.r lto,.hcsier, Niagara Palis, Detroli,jhlcago, and point . I i ' Jay st. ISO P. M 4Jd it I 43 P M. Saturday, onlrt J ' foA for iatnpbjll Hall. Mlddletown, Bllenvllle, Portervla, I I Fallsburg Llbertv, White I ake IKckland , tDally throuifh Other trains dally except Sunday. i ?t Pullman drawing room lean and ileeplng carberthira jP' . served at ul Hroudwar New York. r J C. ANDEBNON, a V A, is hx.hang. plaoa, N. T. , a CENTRAL RAILROAD OF NEW JERSEY. FOOT OP LIBPRTY bT, NORTH RIVER, J -flt,', TIME TABLE OP JUNE 2J, 18IK1. f. 4 $ For IMiilitdoInhin. Haiti- ; l more, and WaHliin.on. i f Uf," Via Central It It. or New leraey Philadelphia and I ,( .4 .sf Ksadiiis R. R. and Baltimore and Ohio K. R , S ,,' .', tor I'HII.ADPl.PHIA at 4 'in, 7t43 a H l A Ml S "T fit lilUJ'.DIi.'l.l'WI'a Uil5nlghti Sundays,, t.I II .. M . I 3 i MJP. M t 12 INnliht v I For BAI.TIMOKI'. AND WASH I.NI.TON dally at j A (11 ill, except bundar) A SI i 2. 3 20, S P. M.i 12113 , i "k i Iralos lesrtng at 7tl.. II to A. M. I DO. 4, it, T so ,& P. M (U 15 nlil.t, exiept Saturdar night) haveooausa. I x tlon for Reaiilug llorrl.i.'.n Pottiviiio, Ao r 1 r Hf- lorSunbury Lewisburg an 1 WHIlamiport, vi. Pklla. t , delshla ut7iOA M (I su buffit parlor car), 7iop.M. , T (IJ 15 nlgot ixcept bilurday night), e.ndaya, S.oa ' i' - P. M t . jj Tloketi and parlor car leal, can b. procured atTI, r 201, 415 tn4, 1,141 1 S.8 Broadway, 737 Oth ar. 281 ;i West Irtthit, iSSI-ust I'.'llh st New Y.rki Court .1, ,. HKilulloiial 'js Broadway, Brnoklvn. Tne New YorE ' i , Tran.fer i ompany will call for and check baggage frora ' 1' ' hotel or rr.iu.i e. i t 4 BALTO. & OHIO R. R. P FAST I-TPRFSH TRAINS VIA , ' PHILADELriilA TO i , BSABi'i.'TiOBtr;, j ' WASHINGTON. - J'-! CHICAGO, CINCINNATI, V ji Aad Airrolata', f , ' PULLMAN OAR BERVICR ON ALL TRAINa, ,'!,, fcavi i NKW YORt f..t.f Liberty it, as fsllc-wii f 1 I rorCHICAOO s-iOP M, ii a M. , i or CINCINNATI ST LOUIS, a 00 A M., Or?OF K. k ' , For WASHINGTON, BALTIHORK SKUA. MV, II MA. 1 ' M i Ml P. M 3 .si P. tl, 6naj I-, u. 12ilJ Al M. AS li ' trc'ril d.llr eicrpt II HI A M. Hmdsr. . , . . lUJet Oftlces ,ei, 4I sod 1 I'O Broadway, NT- I f i f??.,'!f.J,";a",r Brooklyn STATION roiT OP I J, ., 1 IIIHITY hi ll entral ll il of N J I I ' TJ j I New York Tran.fer Coinpsur will call far and rhiea , i )Li Uifil.ce Irom li .e or rendence. fi'' m (linn, t has o f-cui.t, , ri tlia' Orn I Pa.ieogir Agiot ' ' 1 ' i DID UiU I ni.W it tool lei 1'ie enl ivm.ntof iriv.l- i f j liiitftorcil i' ii He i tr) Ihr 'Ugh which ynii 1 are 1 S'. gelid u out tlio plir. liu mirnd vultlllg I 1 Tlie 1 lion all I V .in. anil, (paling Ihe need, of th. M traveller lis. l.sued three I'r'liifl) llluslrate'll books i roverlng the tourist region of New England ail along I shore, amour th. mountain, lakes, and slrssms. Thsy I" will be sent to any addreu oa receipt oiiu cents la 111 Itsmps for each book by TUP. PA6SEN0ER DEPA1 1 itusi-, UMtea ma iiaiai iuuima. Bono, Uut, smam mammamimam

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