Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa on December 27, 1980 · Page 30
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Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa · Page 30

Iowa City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1980
Page 30
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Weekdays i i MON THRU FR1 MORNING 5:00 117) WORLD AT LARGE (MON., WED.) Open Up (TUE.) tfl) VARIOUS PROGRAMMING (EXC. MON.) 30 ALL-STAR SOCCER (WED.) 5:05 (If) WORLD AT LARGE (FRI.) 5:30 O MARKET REPORT (13) MOVIE (THUR., FRI.) Fish That Saved Pittsburgh' (THUR ). Paco' (FRI.) (17) FAMILY AFFAIR (2D ROSS BAGLEV SHOW 5:45 019) MORNING INSPIRATION 119) FIVE MINUTES TO LIVE BY 550 (!$) NEWS 5:55 O PTL CLUB-TALK AND VARIETY HQ) TOP O' THE MORNING 6:00 O MORNING OO PTL CLUB-TALK AND VARIETY O JOHN DAVIDSON SHOW O (1) COUNTRY DAY (173 FUN TIME 24 INTERNATIONAL BYLINE 82 SPORTSCENTER 6:25 0 . 16) NEW ZOO REVUE (19) NEWS 6:30 O 19! RICHARD SIMMONS SHOW (10) BULLWINKLE 8-tMOVIE(EXC.THUR.,FRI.)On Approval1 (MON ), 'Desert Trail' (TUE ). 'ReachingFpi the Moon' (WED ), Various Programming (THUR , FRI.) 6:45 A.M. WEATHER 6:54 (18) PLAIN TALK 6:55 O NEWS 7:00 O ARCHIES O 14 MORNING 0006) TODAY 00'19i GOOD MORNING AMERICA (10) RAY RAYNER AND HIS FRIENDS PRINCESS KNIGHT (13) MOVIE (FRI.) Where's Willie?' 117) I LOVE LUCY (91) VARIOUS PROGRAMMING !?$ NCAA BASKETBALL(EXC. WED., FRI.) International Weightlifting (WED ). ESPN Sports Year in Review (FRI.) 7:30 O SCOOBY DOO GROW OLDER-FEEL YOUNGER 113) MOVIE (THUR.) 'Gizmo' (If) I DREAM OF JEANNIE 84) WOMEN'S CHANNEL (THUR., FRI.) 7:45 IB A.M. VVEATHER 8:00 OOd4) CAPTAIN KANGAROO ;6)(25) CONTINUOUS WEATHER 10! BOZO 19 OVER EASY 'jf) HAZEL tZ SPORTS AND NEWS 24) WOMEN'S CHANNEL (EXC. THUR., FRI.) Heartbeat West (THUR.. FRI.) .301 24 HOUR VIDEO NEWS 32 ESPN COLLEGE FOOTBALL PREVIEW (WED.) 134j DUSTY'STREEHOUSE 8:30 MR. WIZARD (17) GREEN ACRES !24) FRAN CARLTON SHOW 32i 1980 INTERNATIONAL RACQUET-BALL TOURNAMENT (WED.) 134 PINWHEEL 9:00 O 0 119) PHIL DONAHUE SHOW 0'14) GREEN ACRES OO (16) LAS VEGAS GAMBIT O MORNING SHOW (10) MOVIE 'Private War of Major Benson' (MON ). 'Shepherd or the Hills' (TUE ), 'Prince Valient' (WED ), 'Louisiana Purchase' (FRI.) SESAME STREET 113) MOVIE King ol Hearts' (MON ), 'Hurry Up. or I'll be 30' (TUE ). 'Henry V (WED ), Nothing Personal' (THUR ). 'England Made Me' (FRI.) (17) MOVIE The Cavern' (MON ), 'Windom's Way' (TUE ). 'Jim Thorpe-All American' (WED ), 'Youngblood Hawke' (THUR ), Lafayette Escadrille' (FRI.) (21) 700 CLUB 123) 23) U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (EXC. MON., TUE.) (Tentative) 124) VARIOUS PROGRAMMING (EXC. THUR., FRI.JMovie (THUR , FRI.) DevilBaf (THUR ). It Happened Out West' (FRI ) C3S) SPORTSCENTER 9:30 O (14) ALICE OO 16) BLOCKBUSTERS O ROMPER ROOM 124 HEARTBEAT WEST (EXC. THUR., FRI.) 10:00 O O '14) PRICE IS RIGHT O O 16J WHEEL OF FORTUNE OO 119) LOVE BOAT VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 123) 123) NATIONAL PRESS CLUB LUNCHEON-TENTATIVE (TUE.) 34) PAUL RYAN SHOW (EXC. THUR., FRI.) 32 NCAA HOCKEY (EXC. TUE., WED.) NCAA Soccer (TUE , WED.) 10 30 0 O (19) PASSWORD PLUS (21) VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 84)CHEFSECRETS(EXC.THUR.,FRI.)Don Kennedy's Spotlight (THUR., FRI.) (34) PINWHEEL (CONTINUES) 10:57 00(10 NEWSBREAK 11:00 O YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS 0(14 LET'S MAKE A DEAL O O 1! CARD SHARKS CI 191 ROMPER ROOM O FAMILY FEUD (10! phil DONAHUE SHOW VARIOUS PROGRAMMING (13) MOVIE (THUR., FRI.) 'Trocadero Bleu Citron' (THUR ). 'Brass Target' (FRI ) (If) FREEMAN REPORTS (EXC. THUR.) OH ROSS BAGLEV SHOW 33) 123) U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES-TENTATIVE 241 DON KENNEDY'S SPOTLIGHT (EXC. THUR., FRI.) Various Programming (THUR., " FRI) 1 1:30 O 34) SEARCH FOR TOMORROW OO 16 DOCTORS OO 1 RYAN'S HOPE 24! JOAN FONTAINE SHOW 11:58 OO 19! FYI AFTERNOON 12 00 OOO 181 NEWS 014 YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS O O 19) ALL MY CHILDREN I10! ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW 33 MOVIE (EXC. THUR., FRI.) Lifeand Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe' (MON ). England Made Me (TUE.), 'Man of La Mancha' (WED.) (17) MOVIE 'Beach Casanova' (MON ), 'On the Riviera' (TUE ). 'The Horn Blows at Midnight' (WED ). 'Strange Bedfellows' THUR.). Sword ol the Conqueror' (FRt.) S4l MOVIE (EXC. THUR., Rl.) 'h Happened Out West' (MON ), On Approval' (TUE ). Desert Trail' (WED ). Chef Secrets (THUR ., FRI) 12:15 O FARM NEWS 1 2:30 O SEARCH FOR TOMORROW O O 16) DAYS OF OUR LIVES (10) MIKE DOUGLAS ELECTRIC COMPANY (2D VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 24) DAVID GRUEN SHOW (THUR., FRI.) 32 ALL-STAR SOCCER (MON.) NCAA Hockey (TUE., WED ), NCAA Soccer (THUR ). Best of Top Rank Boxing (FRI.) 34I.PINWHEEL (CONTINUES) 1:00 OO (14) AS THE WORLD TURNS O O 19) ONE LIFE TO LIVE MOVIE Can Can' (MON ). "Three Little Words' (TUE ). 'Student Prince (WED ). 'Mother Wore Tights' (THUR ). 'Love Me or Leave Me' (FRI ) (13) MOVIE (THUR.) Fish That Saved Pittsburgh' 23) 123 U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES-TENTATIVE 1:30 QQ 16' ANOTHER WORLD HO) VIDAL SASSOON: YOUR NEW DAY 124) VARIOUS PROGRAMMING (THUR., FRI.) 34) DUSTY'STREEHOUSE 1:50 (T7) FUN TIME 1:58 OO 19) FYI 2:00 O O (14) GUIDING LIGHT OO H9J GENERAL HOSPITAL 110) LOVE AMERICAN STYLE (21) 700 CLUB 23! 123) NATIONAL PRESS CLUB LUNCHEON-TENTATIVE (FRI.) 124) DAVID GRUEN SHOW (EXC. THUR., FRt.) f32 PGA GOLF (FRI.) (34 VIDEO COMICS 2:30 OO 16! TEXAS (19) SCOOBY DOO 113) BLACK MUSIC IN AMERICA FROM THEN AND NOW (FRI.) (17) SPACE GIANTS 34) WOMEN'S CHANNEL (THUR., FRt.) 34) HOCUS FOCUS 2:57 OO (14) NEWSBREAK 2:58 OOdS FYI 3:00 O ONE DAY AT A TIME 0 114) I LOVE LUCY 0(191 HAPPY DAYS AGAIN O EDGE OF NIGHT HQ) BUGS BUNNY AND FRIENDS BONAVENTURE TRAVEL 33) MOVIE (EXC. TUE., WED.) Trocadero Bleu Citron' (MON.), 'Gizmo' (THUR ), Where's Willie?' (FRI.) 117) FUNTSTONES - 33 33) U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (EXC. FRI.) (Tentative) 34) WOMEN'S CHANNEL (EXC. THUR., FRI.) Fran Carlton Show (THUR., FRI.) 32 NCAA BASKETBALL (TUE.) ESPN College Football Bowl Preview (WED ), NCAA Hockey (THUR.) 3:30 O DR. MAX SHOW O (14) BUGS BUNNY AND FRIENDS 0(lj) BRADY BUNCH O WOODY WOODPECKER AND FRIENDS O j9; family feud O JOKER'S WILD (10) SCOOBY DOO MISTER ROGERS (13) MOVIE (TUE., WED.) 'Where's Willie?' (TUE.). 'Billion Dollar Hobo' (WED.) (17) GILLIGAN'S ISLAND 3D VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 34 FRAN CARLTON 6HOW (EXC. THUR., FRI. (Movie (THUR., FRI. ) 'Reaching For the Moon' (THUR ), Desert Trail' (FRI ) 36) ROD BLAIR'S FRIGHT FAVORITES (MON., TUE.) At Issue (WED ) 92) NCAA HOCKEY (MON.) Football Highlights: Orange Bowl Hall of Honor (WED ), 1980 International Racquetba II Tournament (FRI ) 34) VIDEO COMICS 3:58 121) NEWS UPDATE 4:00 O MUNSTERS OO (14) GILLIGAN'S ISLAND ( 4 ) MOVIE (WEO.) Take Down' O '1l STARSKY AND HUTCH 0(19) HOUR MAGAZINE O TONI TENNILLE SHOW 110) FLINTSTONES SESAME STREET (17) BRADY BUNCH 121) VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 24) MOVIE (EXC. THUR., FRI.) Devil Bat' (MON VH Happened Out West' (TUE ), On Approval' (WED ) 36J IC-JC ARTS COUNCIL GALLERY REVIEW (MON.) Sci (TUE.) 32 NCAA BASKETBALL (WED.) NCAA Wrestling (FRI ) 34) FIRST ROW FEATURES What Next' (MON ), 'CupFever'(TUE ), 'RescueSquad' (WED ). 'Anoop and the Elephant' (THUR ), 'Kid from Canada' (FRI ) 4:30 GO (14! LEAVE IT TO BEAVER (4) MOVIE (MON.) 'The Muppet Movie' (MON.X Standing Room Only (TUE.) 'Snow White And The Seven Dwarta Live On Stage' O HOLLYWOOD SQUARES (10) GILLIGAN'S ISLAND (13) MOVIE (EXC. TUE., WED. )'Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe' (MON ), 'Trocadero Bleu Citron' (THUR ), Paco' (FRI ) (1f) BEVERLY HILLBILLIES (21) ROSS BAGLEV SHOW 6:00 00(14) HOGAN'S HEROES O (It) BARNEY MILLER M NEWS O (1 WEEKDAY MAGAZINE O ABC NEWS 110) GOOD TIMES STUDIO SEE (13) MOVIE (MON., TUE.) (171 CAROL BURNETT AND FRIENDS 121) VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 33) USA UPOATE 34) JOAN FONTAINE SHOW (THUR., FRL)V 34) LIVEWIRE 5:30 OO (14) CBS NEWS O O (16) NBC NEWS O 19) ABC NEWS O HAPPY DAYS AGAIN 110) WELCOME BACK, KOTTER ELECTRIC COMPANY (13) MOVIE (FRI.) (17) BOB NEWHART SHOW '34) VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 5:58 '21) NEWS UPOATE f camera , i J angle m - ; By SANDY COLTON ' AP Newsfeatures I'm one of those procrastinar tors who usually rushes out on Christmas Eve to get Christmas presents. The easiest place to shop is the local bookstore. Here are some recommendations, what I consider to be among the best of a rash of new photo books offered this fall. ' Through the eye and camera of Eve Arnold, who spent five months wandering through China, I've been brought up to date not only on Tibet but also on many of the other far-flung and mysterious regions of China. Eve Arnold is a technically excellent photographer. Her book, "In China," published by Alfred A. Knopf, contains 170 color photos of the people of China, their work and life, plus a number of marvelous landscapes. H. Edward Kim, illustrations editor for the National Geographic magazine, has produced a book of poetic beauty with his "Korea, Beyond the Hills," published by Kodansha International, Ltd, Just recently I returned from photographing the Grand Can-. yon to find the book "Corridors of Time," published by Times Books on my desk. Text and magnificent panoramic photos of the Grand Canyon are by Ron Redfern. The introduction is by Carl Sagaa Redfern's photographs, utilizing the extremely difficult process of recombining a series of photos into a distortion-free panoramic view, are superb, and the text is most enlightening making this book both an education and a delight. Finally, among books upon which you reflect and dream, is the one of the recollections of Gjon Mili. In the '40s, when my mind and eye were being educated in photography, Gjon Mili was one of my photographic gods. Working with stroboscop-ic-light specialist Herald Edge-rton, Mili used the rapid-flash technique to perfection and then improved on that by incorporating a mixture of blurred tungsten movement with action-freezing electronic flash.- It was these photos that most impressed me then. What a delight it is now to see the rest of his work and discover this sensitive artist with a camera. If you love photography, take a look a Mili's book, "Gjon Mili, Photographs and Recollections," published by the New York Graphic Society. GIFT SPECIAL Finished Oak Straight Chair $24s r KATHLEEN'S KORNER 532 N. Dodge) Open 11-5. Dally; Closed Wednesday. Surprise Somebody Sunday, 2-5 P.M. Sunday, December 21 at the HAUNTED BOOKSHOP 227 S.Johnson 337-2996 Books Albums & Art Gift Certificates Available Regular Hours: Tues. & Thurs.. 7-9 p.m. Wed.& Fri., 2-5 p.m. Sat., 12-5 p.m.

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