The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1953 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1953
Page 8
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MGBT BLYTHEVILIR (ARK.) COURIER NBWS THURSDAY, FEB. s, 1953 BLYTHEVILLK COURIER K«WS *R* COURIER NEWS CO. X. W. HAINZS, Publisher BMUtY A. HAIHES, Assistant Pub)Wi«r A. A. FREDRICK6OH, Editor PAU1, D. HUMAN. Adrertlilns Manager •ok NiittoruU Adreriisine Representatives: Wtitaec WItmer Co., New fork, Chlc«so, DeUoK. Atfenta, Memphk. Entered is «cond claM nutter it the posU otlict »k BljtheYl))*, Arkniu&s, under act of Con(T(*>, October I, ml. Member of Th» Assocl«t«d fia* SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Bj carrier in the city of BlytlieTllle or my suburban town where carrier serrlc« it mMn- Ulned, 25o per week. Bj mall, within B radius of 69 milei, »5.00 per yeir, 12.50 for si* montlis, J1.25 (or three months; by mail outside 60 mile zone, t!2.60 per re»r payabls In advance. t Meditation!; Study in slicw Ihyself approved unto God, a workman that nccdcth not la be ashamed, rlftnlly divlrtlnj the word of Irulh, — II Timothy 2:15. * * • The grand old Book of God jittl) stands; and this o!d earth, the more it* leaves are turned over and pondered the more It will sustain and illustrate the Sacred word. — Dans. Barbs Is it a coincident that Christmas lies arc almost the same shape ns shoe polishing rags? * * * The black-painted lips remind us Hut when things look darkest they're usually pretty »oft. * * \, * Who remembers the very hot days of last summer when we longed f*or the cold days of tnU winter, which are making us long for the hot days of next summer? * * * Some women admit they want to marry for money. The American dollar gof* further than Cupid's rtart. * • ' » A Nebraska mnn has had the same umbrella for "15 years. Doubtless, the original owner gave up hope long ago.. Itself can do much to promote the European self-relianco which the Dutch, by their renouncing of aid,'have given a push. •Something New in Politics Wesley Roberts, the ntw Republican nntional chairman, is an unusual occupant of that post, Roberts is quiet, Intensely hard workfiiff, tremendously efficient. He toils at politics like a man dedicated to a cause. In 0:10 year lit made the big leap from state politics in his native Kansas, where lie had been OOP chairman, to the national ulnae, lie Accomplished it because his way of politicking paid off in results. Those who could 'observe know that Robtrta played a highly important role in the successful spring campaign last year which led to President Kisenhowcr's nomination. After thnt he Managed to put the rambunctious Eisenhower amateurs in harness with the Old Guard professionals for the pull to the Nov. 4 election. Roberta lacks the customary earmarks of the national chairman. He has no money, nnd there's no bluster or hokum about him. Newsmen quickly learned that he always shot straight. If li ecan maintain that record in this bigger job, ho will bo breaking new ground. He has his work cut out fort, him- Patronage is one worry. It's an especial headache for a party that has been out for 20 years; the demand for jobs greatly exceeds tht supply. And Roberts has to try to widen in 1054 the thin margins by .which the Republicans now control the two houses of Congress. Many Americans use the term "professional politician" almost with contempt. A feu- more practitioners like Roberts, and a new, highly respected profession of politics may be born. U. S. Could Boost Self-Heip Of Europe by Freer Trade Back in the days when the Allies' World War I debts to America were in the news, the grim story of regularly defaulting nations was relieved each year by the pleasant word that tiny Finland had paid another debt installment right on the nose. Finland's faithfulness became so renowned that most everyone understood when Bob Hope, embarking one time oh a trip to Europe, cracked: "Secretary of the Treasury iUorgcnthnu is aboard. He's going over to thank Finland." ' / Today we don't lend to the Europeans and others, but hand them outright grants for economic and military development. We do tiiis because we believe it serves their welfare and security and our own. Yet it would be foolish to pretend Hint we nre not sometimes haunted by the seeming endlessness of the money-giving process. It was therefore with pleasure — and fond recollections of Finland — that we read of the Dutch government's recent decision to renounce ? 15,000,000 in U. S. assistance for the remainder of tlie current fiscal year which ends June 30. To be sure, the Dutch were able to take this happy step only because of some unexpected dollar earnings that resulted from stilling some of Iheir accounts with Indonesia. They make no predictions about how long their present "dollar equilibrium' 1 will last, and reserve the right to request more direct aid next year. Nevertheless, Americans may be permitted to hope that this refreshing action can in time become n habit, not alone in the Netherlands but elsewhere in Europe. There have been many evidences of a growing will among the peoples of Europe to live without the prop of American assislance. But undoubtedly that resolve needs to be made still firmer. The Dutch example may help toward that end. t It does not rest with the Europeans alone, however, to bring about a condition where big U. S. money .grants are the exception instead of the rule- In renouncing that $15,000,000, the Dutch pointedly remarked that a more lasting solution of Kurope's dollar problem depends on lowered U. S. trade barriers and other boosts .to the kind of balanced commerce that will let the Europeans earn their own way in the world. By moving boldly to encourage a freer %w of trade, the United States Views of Others Attack on All Business Th« federal novernmunt prosecution of Th« Kansas City Star, while of primary Interest among newspapers, is a blow at the freedom of nil Acncrlcnn business. It Involves not the freedom of the press to express Us views, a right which Is protected by the Constitution, but. the right of 'n business to handle itt affairs In it* own wav. _r~.- The advertising and ; fate structures of The Kansas City Staj-, a combination of morning nnd evening newspapers, nre under attack. The* government contends that so-called "forced combination" prices for advertising or subscriptions In both papers Is violation of anti-trust laws. It is somewhat like telling a clothier he cannot, sell a two-pants suit. Newspaper publishers, of coursef are subject to the same la\vs as everybody else. In the case of The Star, the government Is trying also to revoke Its licenses from the federal Communications Commission for radio and TV licenses. Fortunately The Star needs no license to publish newspapers, else that. too. would be In Jeopardy! The government action in the dying days of Triimnnlsm looked on the surface like another attempt to undermine the freedom of the press by weakening its financial independence. Tho case has even wider application If carried into practices of other types of business. We hope the Elsenhower administration among its first official ads will withdraw all such attacks on private enterprise. —Charleston (S.C.) News and Courier. Not Up To Par Here's something for women back-scat drivers. The Supremo Court of Michigan has just sustained the decision of a lower court which hnd denied damages to a wife in an auto-train crash because she testified she was accustomed to watch nnd warn her husband s-lieii he was driving. She was. sairt both courts, guilty of contributory negligence. —Joplln (Mo.l Olobo. SO THEY SAY One Can Truly Learn in a Classroom — IT WOULD BE A SAD DAY FOR THE yWTED STATES If THE TRADITION) OF DISSENT WERE DRIVEN OUT OF THE UNIVERSITIES. " Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD —(NBA)— Behind the Screen: Marilyn Monroe,. the calendar girl, Is nil tuned up and "rendy" for a chance to shift her zippy' gears and Join Olivia, Clan- dctlc and Bette in the hlgh-emoter league. , Thai's the flash from her' dramatic coach, Natasha Lytess, who lias The/ Doll rental-sins scenes from "Wulhering Heights" and "Cradle Song" when she Isn't wiggling her derrlere us baby-talking I. o r c I e t In "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." And it was Marilyn herself telling ;no: , ••Really. I'm serious about acting. I don't want it to be 'Gentlemen Prefer 'Blondes' for the next 10 years." Dut the box-office bells are ringing, the studio stockholders' are beaming and Marilyn's leap into high dramatics, it's said, is about as remote ns Mickey Rooney playing Camille. Peter Edson's Washington Column— A EC Quells the Fears of Danger From Atomic Weapons Tests iiminary tests for the hydrogen 3omb or its components are also possible. Early In December the AEG announced contracts for the construction of over a million dollars' worth of "expendable structures" nt the Nevada proving ground. Work on these structures is now being rushed, and it Is assumed that some of them will be ready for the March testa, in which 1,000 U. S. troops will be maneuvered. All these tests serve to familiarize the armed services, civil de- tense workers and the entire U. S. civilian population with safety precautions to observed against WASHINGTON —<NEA)—Along With Its announcement that a new' series of atomic weapon tests will be made In Nevada in March. t!io Atomic Energy Commission has disclosed that In these tests existing safety' standards a're more than adequate to overcome any radiation danger to the rest of the LT. S. • This Is per- Pclcr Eilson haps the most reassuring news that AEC could nake al this time to quiet, fears of lasting injury ft .unian, animal anrt plant life from what is known is "fall-out." This Is the name given by atom- c scicntisls to the' falling back to earth of radioactive particles in lie cloud thnt rlsea trom an atomic explosion. Twenty "nuclear devices or weapons," as they nre culled, have been exploded in the last two years at the 640-squa,re-mlle proving ground 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nov. Detailed scientific measurements have been made ; cate only an "Inslgnlflcint Increase" of detectable changes in tho children of A-bomb victims exposed to radiation hundreds or thousands of times greater than from full-out. Two. There has been no accu mnlation of hazardous radioactivity in the soli. The uptake of radio. lair discoloration, but neither the health nor the reproductive ability of the cattle was impaired. Four. For the 20 explosions. otal of 453 claims were filed for direct blasl damage in Las Vegas and other nearby communities. This damage consisted of cracket plaster or stucco and broken win-j The big-orbed star is more wor dows. Three hundred and eighty-one; r i e d abovit fully-clothcd movl or these claims were allowed, and!queens than scantily-clad ones settlements of $42,023 have been "I don't understand actresse pa ', , (who walk around In dirty slacks *ive. After the original Alamo- An actress has responsibilities t gordo, N. M.. e.xplosion, water con- her public. If you ask me, thes taming fall-out particles was used sloppy movie queens are Just lazs atomic weapons. With further tests to ha scheduled later, AEC Is anxious to have this Information spread as widely as possible. The effects of the first 20 ex- polosiohs in Nevada arc summed up by the commission in this way: One. No person has been Injured by blast waves or exposed to n harmful amount of radiation from n f.iH-out. Tills, radiation has been far below tile level which would cause any detectable elfect on the children of exposed people. Data collected from Japilri indl- after each of these tests, all over the United States. In fact, n radiation monitoring system of 13! stations has now been established in this country to insure,the safety of tho American people not only from U. S. test weapons but,nlso trom any enemy A-bombs that might be dropped in a surprise attack. It Is generally assumed that the Nevada explosions of next March will be the first tests of the new atomic artillery shells, though there has been no official announcement to tills effect. Further pre- nctlvlly by plants has not created any clangers of radioactivity in food supplies. No Health Impairment in Cattle Three. About 100 head of a herd of 000 cattle grazing in Ihc tes area sustained skin lesions in one of tbe 1952 tests. This caused som Lew Ayres became a star In one picture. "All Quiet on the Western Front," but he isn't unhappy because 2DO pictures have failed to make him a star in the art world. The most serious of all Hollywood's amateur painters—he has 200 canvases after painLitig eight hours n dny for two years—Lew's back in movie make-up for "No Escape," and saying of his undiscovered easel talents: "Some day I'd like to put on one-man show. But it will have to wait until I'm ready. And I'm still not rendy. But I haven't become frustrated." ijitnii to Cneeseoako "TAKE It off—lako U off." Loretta Young did In. "Because of You" and she's blushlngly admitting that the switch is bringing a deluge of "Atta girl, Loret ta" fan mail about her shapely gams and torso curves. Even requests for pin-up pic. lures in that brief costume. "It's not because I'm a threal to .Marilyn Monroe." Loretta shrugged on the set of "It Happens Every Thursday." just be cause nobody expected It of me My body's not that divine. I think it's good, of course'. I'm used to it and I've lived with it a long time. But I'm certainly not going in for cheesecake in the future un j less the picture colls for it." can be re- sand filters In the manufacture of strawbpard. This paper was later used to package photographic film, and the film was fogged because of its great sensitivity. Subsequent tests have proved that up to 4 per cent of this radioactivity moved in tbe rapid normally used In city water supply j systems. f with the Nevada tests has been This safety record in connection achieved largely by pre-tesl precautions. Ample warnings are given before ench test. Troops and AEC workers In the blast area :ire required to face away from the blast at the Instant of orploston. Civil Aeronautics Authority keeps all aircraft out of the test area. If wind and weather conditions arc such that radiation or foli-out might the test is post- The AEC system 'of monitoring all atomic tests Is to be continued and strengthened. Public health officials are to be kept advised on tbe levels of radioactivity from fall-out of explosion. Says the commission: "There (s now no reason for alarm, since the radioactivity released by fnll-out has proved not to be hazardous." All I have to say Is that if HAVE to wear slacks, make sur they're pressed in the seat." Anne Francis is drawing a re circle around the day she wa be dangerous, poned. the Doctor Says— fiy EDWIN- P JORDAN, M.O. ' Wrillcn for NEA Scrvlco Although canker sores rto not np- A child who has tills difficulty These crimes (treason. r.<.plcmage and subversion In high places) are today not Just minor weaiwns of International communism. They provide a major instrument for the destruction of Western civilization. — —Sen. Alexander Wiiye (R., WIs.) * * « Those people who will not perceive Ihls truth (Ihat Russia is « new world conqueror) will have to pay a high price fov their error. — Yugoslav Socialist Alex Bcblcr. * * * We should ..insist on equality of opportunity, but we should not superimpose a mandatory (FEPC) law that brings In the police. — Sen. H. Alexander Smith (R., N. J.). t » * He (a would-be holdup man) took off down the street with a full head of foam. — William Mucnstermann, who hit the; man with a bucket of beer. pear lo endanger the health, they arc certainly one of man's most annoying afflictions. Q — I should like to know the cause of canker sores in the mouth. I have them quite often and would like an explanation. H. W. A — Most people who develop canker sores recover rather promptly and rarely, if ever, liax-e trouble ngatn. There are some, however, in whom Uic cmiker sores come back again and again. The reason for such recurrence's not clear. A low-grade infection, possibly with a virus, may be at fnult In some cases. In some tliero is reason to believe that allergy involved, nnd perhaps in some there Is a vitamin deficiency. With all this vagueness nbout canker sores, it is not surprising that too often they prove dilficuit to treat, even if investigations have been niadc to try to determine wiial Is at fault in particular Instances. There certainly does not scorn to be any one cure that works with all who fall victim to this annoying condition. Q — I have a little 0-ycar-olri girl who grits and grinds lier tcoih when she is asleep. What can be done for this? Mrs. W. C. M. A — This is considered lo be habit disorder similar to night- mures and sleepwalking. Too many or loo few covers al night, digestive disturbances or anythin;, vl'k'h mav disturb slcrp may play a part, More common, perhaps, is UGJVOUS tension and anxiety. should be kept quiet, at least before going lo bed, and every effort should be made to find out whether the child Is \vorrying about something which the parents know nothing nbout. This could be jralousy of a brother or sister, difficulty in schqol work or with playmates, worry about fiuarrelng between parents, or anything of a similar nrtlurc. make n small mistake. Not every slip is fatal, and you may occasionally ploy a hand carelessly and still live to tell the tale. In today's hand, however, declarer had no such luck. He made one false move and woke up to find himself dend. West opened the queen of diamonds, and dummy won with the ( king. South quite properly con- I gratulatcd himself on reaching an excellent slam contract. It wasn't easy to bid, bill it was practically a lay-down with a normal trump break. At the second trick declarer cliimmy won with the* king. Sout '"'"' his fatal error by cash ing the top clubs and ruffing \v\i.h ciummy's king of hearts East promptly discarded h(s la, pniT-te on the third round of clubs nnd it wns all over but the shou in-. Declarer was in the dummy fo the last time and therefore had t try to cash dummy's last spad East could now ruff, however, an there was no way for South dispose of his last club. Down on at a cold slam contract! > The correct piny was very slm pie. South should have cashc dummy's last spade before tone ing the clubs. East would ha\ seen forced to follow suit on th filrd round of spades, and Sou ould have discorded a club, After this play, it would'be eas o cash the top clubs nnd ruff club with dummy's king of trump \ second I rump finesse through East would then produce the rest if the tricks. Q — When I was young, my tipped womb prevented childbirth. At the age of 60 will that cause Heart attacks or clots of blood around the heart? M. M. A — A tipped uterus will not cause heart attacks or blood clots. Q — Wlnit could cause specks of blood in the sputum upon arising in the morning? R. F. A — li not already done, an X- my should be taken of the chest to be suKythal there is no disease in region. It Is, however, extremely possible that the blood comes from the sinuses or upper breathing passages and is not matter of serious or lasting slg-. nificance. • JACOBY ON BRIDGE Don't Let Error Ruin Your Hand By OSWAU> JACOHY IVrl'.tcn. for -VK.A .Service In most hands you can afford to NORTH (D) AK.I 10 V AK63 t A K 7 4 WKST A76532 V None • QJ 10 + 109532 EAST A A84 V .1 9 7 4 « 9852 + Q6 North 2 NT. 4V 5 + Pass SOUTH AQ9 VQ 1035 J •»63 * A 8 7 4 North-South vul. South Pass Pass Pass P3JS 3V \Vcsl Pass Pass Pass Opjr.ingle.ici—» Q gned to play fiery, sexy Plamln- in James Cagney's "A Lion Is the Streets" and hoping she'll ever have to play a cool, vir- nal heroine again. "If you're blonde and blue-eyed, 's murder," Anno walled. "They y to cast you as a Mona Lisa, e-waler blonde. Hollywood signed ic because I played a bad girl •So'Young, So Bad.' then put me ito three pictures in which I as a completely opposite type, hen linally I was told that I asn't tho type they had signed ie up for in •the first place." Anne on her love scenes with agney :"Ho's bashful. He nets a mny, kid smile on his faco and arts to chuckle and turns red ehlnd his make-up." Packaged for Delivery IF Shelley winters could Lve Hollywood Vittorio Oassman, vonne de Carlo can keep apaco y delivering handsome, blond Ar- entlnian Carlos Thompson. Carlos is Yvonne's co-star In Fort Algiers" as a result of tho ander Yvonne took at him when islting movie studios in Buenos ires and he's saying in the flaw- ess English he learned as a New "Tork schoolboy: "We're both too independent to s married, but whatever I do, vonne wil! be the one who de- erves the credit for starting ma ft. I'm only too grateful to her. lollywood would never have sent or me." Carios spouls fluent Spanish, talian and French and made 15 Ictures in Argentina during the nst three years. ( Charles Laughton's explosive emperament as summed up by is wife, Elsa Manchester: "He reminds me of Sarah SIddons, tho British actress. When Sarah went n to order a loaf of bread, tho raker got under the counter." Tho best In American wit lor he last 30 years will be published n book form as "Whisky, Women •md Wits" by Sidney Phillips Goldman. He calls the late Wilson MIz- ner the greatest wit of them all and recalls these MIzner lines: Talking about a movie, mogul, Mizner said. "He hnd rubber pockets put In his pants so he could steal soup." T5 Years Ago In Blytheville Garrard Caudill underwent an operation for appendicitis yesterday at the Memphis Methodist Hospital. Hugh Harbert, Jr.. Aaron Byrd and Atlae Jame* will wear novlco crowna for th« ensuing year having been victorious in their divisions of the Memphii Golden Gloves. ' Circuit Court Judge O. I. Kecfc today appointed Harvey Morris B* clerk of the Circuit Court. Town and City cashed dummy's ace of hearts, discovering the bad news. He continued by leading a low trump from dummy and won a finesse with the eight of hearts. South next led the queen of spades, overtaking with dummy's king. East held off.-but look the next round of spades with his ace. East returned a diamond and Arch •Nearbrites observation Is that whenever an automatic sprinkling system is installed, everybody becomes so careful about fire they never get chance to know whether works. © N Answer to Previous Puzzl oSo Marie < ab -> 56 Native of ancient Media VERTICAL , Pauses fl Form a notion 34 Bu 3 City in 10 French city 36 Lure i Michigan n Expunge 4 Compass pointlQ Ransomed 5 Small wild ox20 Provider of Celebes 23 Abrogate 6 Filth 25 Treats with 7 On the nilric acid, sheltered side 27 Bargain event 15 Othi 8 Burmese wood2B Stated sprite 33 Guides HOIUZiONTAL 54 Essential I Capital city of Italy 5 City in Oklahoma 8 Health resort city of France 12 _— burs in Vermont 15 Trigonometri- cal function 16 Mineral rock 17 Tissue 18 Rocky pinnacle 19 Proporlions 21 Rough lava <pl.) 22 Breathing sound 24 Loosen 26 Plants 23 Foreign agents 29 Green vegetable 30 Qualified 31 Lamprey 32 Island (Fr.) 33 Ignominy 35iMore dreadful 38 Not fresh 39 Anglo-Saxon slaves 41 Through 42 Capital city of Delaware •16 MVikiMace edging 47 Peruse 49 Swedish river 50 Charter 51 Gaelic ~>2 Worm 3 Genus ol maples

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