Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on December 14, 1936 · Page 5
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Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 5

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 14, 1936
Page 5
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' V^H :?*%;£ j***s.""ir* -T y*. SB? - s,"^,?""V!i i -* 1 ,«.., ·."'· t HfE OEPUg CHBISTI MONDAY; DECEMBER 14, / ,/ China" Vroja. a*a«« 1) th,e Chinese popular front would attempt to divide Ch^na into tw-p hostile camps the poplar front and the national front--and. bring about voavethin g x?f an Oriental Spain. Such a situation, the as«ncy contended, would lead to intensified international turmoil. The reports from China said four government divisions wovild advance on Sianfu from south She-nsi and four others from Kaniu when War Minister HQ Ying-Chin^ gives the word. A major engagement wus believed imminent in the neighborhood of Tungkwan, on the Hwang Ho Kiver where Shansl, Shensi and Honan provinces meet. Marshal Chang was said to be feverishly fortifying the Tungkwan district, vhere he is rushing two divisions. Chiang Still Alive, Son Is Informed BKKLiN. Dec. 14--(/P--General- i.-!imo Chiang- Kai-shek, held by military rebels in North China, is positively alive, his 20-year-old son Mas informed ofucially today. The military overlwa's son-Chums '\Vei-ko--is a student at the XJniveisity of Berlin. Since first news of his father's "detention" was received re-- ular dispatches fiom both the Chinese embassy and the German foruprn ofCiee concerning the situation in Sliensi. SHAXGHAI. Dec. 14--(/P)--Au- thotities closed the stock market here, today .because: of the crisis created through the capture of Gen- PI.'Ultimo Chiang- Kai-shek by mutinous troops.: Whitaker Is Named District Commander At VFW Convention AUAXSAS PASS. Dec. 14--(Sp) --On the recommendation of retiring District Commander "Wallace 0, .Mangum of Corpus. Christi, C'aud' % "VV; AVhitaker was arrived At the new VFAV district commaiulfr u the s!*,th Texas district convention and program here yesterday. Other recommendations made by the retiring commancVfr were approved by members, subject to tho hWtte council administration which meets at 'Waco In January- Delegates to the Veterans of Foreign "Wais convention her* vestal-day also \oted approval of Mangum'* i*eommend.itioji that VK'W posts lake a more octnp part in civic affairs, ijHogiitf's wore pri^enc from tho Rio Grande V«llry, Laredo, Simon and Corpus Cluisti j.osts. The Jeus Ciumnn Post and John K. Timoii i'ost of Corpus Christi and their auxiliaries from Corpus Christ! sent the largest delegation 1o the convention, Maiiprum presided over the: business session. An enthusiastic g.atheiing of dele-gates and families and friends v,eif guests of "W. H. Womack. retinng commander, and J. I/. Gaidncr. incoming commander, the John "Weibcl 1'ost here were hosts at a largo fish and oyster iry at noon. The convention also went on record to make ..khaki shirts and pants, with the lettering Texas Sixth District on the back, the official dress of the district. The motion will be subject to th^ approval of .the national council administration. OSTARS LYNNE CARVER This Is another o fa series -of personality sketches of budding motion pictvue stars. - BY OBERA H. RAWLES Central Presi Staff Writer HOLX.YWOOD--If you -ar« familiar with the love\y face of Virginia Keid on the screen 'don't be sui-prised when you see her billed under the new name of Lynne Carver. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge for this young Hollywood starlet the past year. A protege of Irene Dunne, she · has laid the foundation for a screen career, given srrand opera a -v\hhl and found romance, marriage and divoice. JCow jjhe comes tip for air--with a new name, a new contract and a new future. * The metamorphosis of Lynne, Carver is interesting even in tins town of make-believe. She -was bom A^irginia Sampson on Fiiday, Sept. 13. 191G. in Lexington, Ky. the daughter of Keid J. Sampson, a mining engineer. Too Many Virginias "When she sought a motion picture career, she took her fathei's last name as her last and made her screen debut as Virginia Reid, After watching her rapid progress for the last year, M-C-M has sisned her to a long term contract and changed her name to Lynne Carver, because there already were seveial Virginia's on the M-G-M Contract list' Because of her father's business, Lynne lived In several cities, including Bnnimsham, New Yoik City and Los Angeles. Because of the constant moving, much of her early schooling was with private tutors. She has a talent for singing and spent much of her time studvincr muhic. Ljnn-p came to California five years nw with her family, Tho\ lived in Alhambia, where she attended high school, majoting in English and history, and giving little, if any, thought to the great movie industry KO close at hand. She made her fiist stage appearance in 1933, by accident. She had become fuends w i t h Polly Ann Young, bister of Lorettn. Young. One day hlie went with Polly Ann to the tr% -outs for an amatom "The Swan Princei-s." which was to be presented at the Car- tbav Circle the.ilie in Los Angela. Watching the others, she decided to read a part herself. To her surprise; "*he was given one of the principal roles. Music and Films From then on, Lynne knew that (·he wanted to be an actress. She continued.her singing lessons while tiying to break into pictures. Her tust sciecu role was a small pait in "Penthouse." She also had played a minor pait tvith May Hobsou in "Strangers All," when U-X-O put her into the musical "Roberta" with Irene Dunne. Miss Virginia. Reid ..· ^ now, she's Lynne Carver.' Wild Well in Saxet Field Still Burning South Texas' latest wild well continued to burn early this aftei- noon--more than three days after it blew out last Thursday afternoon. "Workmen on the B B. Bryant ind H H. Tiow-ell No. 1 John tvocurek gasser, one mile south of Clarkwood in the Saxet Field, were Dunne was surprised at the joung Bill's sniKinL,- voice. She encouraged her and helped her continue her study of music by engaging the best teachers for her. Lynne really has a phenomenal voice range, being able to leach C above huh C. A year ago, on New year'.-3 day at the Rose Bowl ipotball game, Lynne met Dr. Ralph MqClung, young doctor from Birmingham, Ala., who had come to California to see the annual football classic. It \\,ig love at f h s t s»ight, and Dr McClung lingered in Jlollywooti until hU practice called him home again. In the following- months, he found time to fly to Hollywood for bevpral short visitt. Xo one ·uas .suiprised when the two were married. More recently, no one was surpilfeed when they were di- voicpd. Careers kppt them apart. Dr McClung maintained Ins medical practice in the ouih, and Lvnne remained In Hollywood to fuither her laieer. They saw each other only once in a while, and it didn't work out. To forget her bioKen lomance, Lynne went to Xew Tork to study grand opera under Amy Eller- man How over, she finally realized that rrxyKnition jn opera must be pieeeded by years of hard viork. irhe K t t u n d to Hollywood and the screen, a. I ibter road to fame. Singing Star? Sin .ippfaied ,in ""Old Man K h y i h m ' and "Beat the Band.' M. G M. v.Ktons her as a .--Ingin^ star m f u t u ' f s musical productions and is MIPPJ \ isms her sinfiin? lessons hmtiM- of the confidence they have in her coloratura soprano voice. l..umi K i-ither tall, in fact^he is f i \ u fcti MX and one-half inches m heifrht, and Aveish-s 119 pounds. She has light auburn hair and £!·' I'jes, Sho is an excellent, havint; leatned to ride in the south. Her.: southern origin is also-represented . by.,her slight ai-eont and the fact that corn pone is her favoiite dish. She plajs the piano and enjoys rcadins 1'l.iys and poetry. "1 intend to .spend the next year working hard," uay-s t/viine. "Xo more romance, beaus or panics for a. while, at least." Lynne's constant companion is. hei pet ypann.1, Su^ar Foot. Next: Margo. btanding by leady to set afire the gas as it bubbled up through the mud oozing from the hole. The pressure in the well has diminished considerably since Friday when the flames and mud mounted nearly 100 feet in the air and mud flowed i over a large area, A dike is holding the gray sand back from a nearby cabbage patch and gradually forcing it back into the crater, formed around the 3,125- foot hole. Plans were going ahead, to drill another well on the lease but the location has not been definitely decided. It piobably will be to the west as the lease ends 330 feet to the east. Facial Blotches A To ease the stinging soreness A V and aid healing, bathe with v ·W^k Resinol Soap--then apply «· Resmol .GLASS HOSPITAL MELBOURNE--(UP)--The largest liospital in the Soutliem Hemisphere is to be built here, constructed of glass wherever it can be substituted for solid walls. The central section alone will have more than 3,500 running feet of sun balconies. R I C H T E R ' S Bread That is ALWAYS Fxesh . . . arid then there's that tvonderful FLAVOR! Just try it--from your grocer. The IDEAL Christmas Gift There can be NO gift so permanent... so lasting . . . so apt to increase in value . .'. as . . . A HOME! Be'a Santa to yourself and to your ENTIRE family! Give them a roof over their heads . . . that's YOUR OWN . . . and the Christmases to come will be happier . brighter! TEMPLE LUMBER COMPANY 3302 Leopard Street Tel. 2434 "You MUST Bo Pleased* Extension Service Agent Is Speaker At Optimist Meet Christmas P a r t y To Be Held by Club Next Monday The underground water supply of Texas has been impaned so much in recent years that grass is unable to prevent water from running off and rebuilding- this supply and a serious danger lurks in the future for state vegetation. J. "VW Chapman of the A, and M. Extension "Service told the Optimist Club today. The runoff is 23 limes gicater on bare ground than on grassy, he 'Said., Terracing was seen by the authority as the only solution to the problem that has caused tiie destruction of 32,000,000 farm acres of land. Chapman said that nothing is being put back un acies m faims, .contributing to the problem facing the state. Starting with his leason for coming to Texas in 1910. Chapman, pointed out his original profession was a commercial stone geologist but that a huge deposit of French cayon stone lie had found jn this state had been seriously damaged from 1914-1919 while he i\as a-\\ay. In searching for the reason for this phenomena, the geologist began a study ot (1) water. (2) types of water, (3) rain, and (-3) its fate. After an extensive study, be told Optimists, the old time cumulus clouds were being held bark by the hot and exceedingly div air prevents rain from breaking through until the weight h-is become so heavy it comes down in flood proportions. This pbenom- ena damaged the stone too seriously for use, he declared. The speaker was introdiu ed by Bill Blair, assistant manager of the chamber of commcicc. guc--t of Cliff Tatom, program chairman. The negro Community Smsiois a t'ca- ture of KGFI, sang a number of songs. Eighteen Optimists have aheady signed up with VSco-rresident Gene Darby that they will ha\e .1 boy or sill for a luncheon gue-H at the Christmas pnrty next Moml.iv The club voted to meet temporarily at the Princess Louise Hotel, where they Iwnchcd today, until further, vote determines a pr-rnwuifnt meeting place. Club guests were Charles Mc- Mamia, 0')'., Bill Blnir, Horn McGeo and A. L. Griffin, Archbishop Continued Ti-«nj 1) pressed ujxm his heart, w,ar4 should have. pes s.o high, and trust so gi«at. · " A 'Jfiven mor« trauge and sad, it is that he .should have sought, liis happiness In a. manner incpn§istent with the Christian principles -of marriage, and within a social cucle ose ^taudards and -ways of life are alien to all the beat Instincts and traditions, of his people." This zeference to Edward's, associates at home and abroad was, the strangest ever voiced publicly fioni any English pulpit or platform. Operator Is Chased Out of Theatre by Irate Sally R a n d Bi. JPASO Texas, Dec. 13.--Clad only in a green negligee, Sally Kaiid btonned the operator's booth .at the Plaza theatre alter her midnight performance Saturday and Mrually chased a beuildcjred operator fioiu the building bocause he had flashed the wrong light On liei during her "bubble dance." Announcing in loud and belligerent tones that the operator had purposely revealed her -nakedness with a brlsjht spot ligrht instead of the dark blue beam of light. Miss Hand piuccudcd to bicak into pieces the caibon used in tlie spot Uglily Faces of the opuidtois weie slapped. "if tliese men ate hqre Sunday afternoon, my show does not appear," ultimatumcd the bloudo torso twister when astonished Carlos Fnas, theatre manager, appeared on the scene. A bright spot light had flashed but momentaiily upon Miss Rand. She waned until the stage show was o\er and the screen offieiinjr was being- run before : she attacked the opeiator*. Balcony spectatois \\eie astounded by the scope of Miss K a n d's vocabulary. The house, hov, e\er, i\a"? a near sell-out B U R G L A R Y SOLVED WACO, T e x a s , Uec-. 1-1-- (;!=The arrest pf"a man'who told police ho escaped fiom the San Antonio State Hospital Sundaj solved n $2,500 jLwehy store ljurglary. All articles, including ' G5 .watches, taken in a skylight buifdaiy here FrM.i\ iiieht ·wwe found on the prisoner, \\ho claimed to be a sailor. Can Old Faces Look Young Again P.iullne Palmer tells how you can make old faces younger. In a new iieo btjok 1^ explained this senaa- tionnl home method. Already 70,000 men and women have written for this tliulling; new book. It illusu.ites with photographs an easy home method of facial rejuvenation to help correct .wrinkles, double chins. shrunken cheeks and other marks. o£ age without cosmetics. This book, together with a Facial Analysis Chart sem .absolutely. free by wilting to Pauline Palmer 1349A Armour Blvd., .Kansas : . City. Mo. Write before supply; is gone. --Adv. OFLJFE BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW YORK.--Policeman Victor Slater said he was certain either Martin Bc-rger or Harvey Bcrg-er, twin hrotheis, stole an automobile, but in the cold light of a police station he couldn't tell them apart. So the puzzled policeman charged them both with grand larceny. The brothers indicated they didn't think the chaige would stick. Pants Blast , PERRY,' X Y.--Francis Shannon, pipe line woiker, hung- his oil- soaked pants on a radiator when he went to bed. A few hours later he was awakened by an explosion. The pants had blown up and the tatters were in flames. Shannon pat his pants out and went back-to sleep. The Naive s Thomas ·fTABASH, Ind--The police report of an accident in which an a u t o m o o i l e driven by Thomas Thomas of Springfield, Ohio, hit a truck lead: "Thomas, Thomas Thomas' dog, jumped in Thomas Thomas' lap ' aused Thomas Thom?» to hit truck. SUNSHINE LAUNDRY (0. "Dry Cleaning Beautiful" Tea la suid to be the world's most popular bovonige. Caught By the Boss CALDWELL, Idaho.--Keiic Carson, department stoie manager, scanned the aisles for bhiphters, spotted a "auspicious" voman. He trailed her to anoii store, informed the manager, ard left, thinking himself quite a sleuth. A few minutes latei Lli: p i of Police O. G. Eoyd pho ioU ' "That woman you've boon watching for the past two horns is one of the detectives jou h u i i stop shoplifting." sf Cleans more thoroughly than any other method.- Gives added resistance to resoilmg. Makes clothes wear longer. Removes sugar spots, perspiration and most fruit juice stains without special treatment. Brings out original color and pattern of fabrics. Restores natural oils to fabrics leather and furs. License to use Sanitone is granted only to leading dry cleaners after thorough investigation. You (an Throw Cards In His Face Once Loo 01 f " V ^"' v When you have t'n - " c-amps; when your nem-. " s a11 on edge-- rlon't tnke it o-ii en slie man you love. Your husband c a n ' t V ^"' know how "you feel for ' ·' -"«i reason that" ho is a man. A thrce-cjuniter v,ilo » " he no wife at all if she,' ' "·' ' liv band seven days out of (very month. For three- generation 1 - '""'' v ' m " an . has told anottui l« « M f,° "smilinR through" with l-ydia I-.. PlnWmni s -Vegetable Comi"' 1 " 1 "It helps : Natures tone \\\ il"; ^' s ' ·tenv- -lliu's': l6sscn.ini? t h e 1^. %1! "forts from the function:!! ,!is".-ier.s which women must eitduiv in ! ' lc three ordeals of life: 1. Tin" n ,S from girlhood to \vonm nV.of"'- "· rrepfirinsf for motherhood. ··· A "" prftaohins -'middle ago." '"Don't lift s, thMO-dimripr «·'}«· tal«o T.YniA K. 1M \K11A.M h . . 1 ·''"' / BY S AMT4KVE Let this Laundry do your work and make the Holiday shopping easier. 1310 Leopard SI. Phone It 11 Through." G *fi C ;'' : 'ii»;" in Suggestions +* +* For Her If She Had Her Way All Her Gifts Would i Be From Lichtenstein's Casual and breezy -- Leutheric' l s newest perfume is an amazing translation of the pleasant piquancy of Scotch tweed. You'll like its verve . . . Us gusty vigor ..-. . its clean, sharp tang! $1.25 to $12.50 WOMEN'S KID GLOVES Make Welcome Gifts $1.95 TO $3.95 · The most favored accessory t o g i v s her. Back stitching, kid laced back and new cuff d e s i g n s give you chbiqs of t h e latest b e s t styles. Colo r » : B r o w n , green, red, chaudron, chartruese and London tan. Also black with -white trim and other smart color combinations. YOUR CHRISTMAS PACKAGES WRAPPED FEEE FOR MAILING AND GIVING. Good New*! We now feature a complete line of tbe new, photographic Pictorial Patterns. Pictorial Review's new patterns are the most refreshing and thrilling; idea in years. Each envelope and the counter catalogue, now contain full color photographs of living models wearing actual made up Pictorial Pattern Fashions. Now you can see your figure type wearing the actual fabric and pattern style that is most becoming to ) ou. Drop iii soon and ask to see the new Pictorial Album of Fashions. e« TO HER FINGER TIPS BY THIS SET The Cufex Club Kit contamx generous supplies of all the necessities for the manicure..,! V and some luxuries as well! Extremely" ',. smart case of genuine leather, in a choice of colors. Lucky the girl who, finds this set under her tree! $3.75. Other Cut*x sets as low as 50c fer m * -·""V TOi f . sscr; F^I '\i HM BS -'- .,'' / ^ -^^i h^ :^^ii · *.· ~,^. -·/ i^V-'-Wr i-*3#v£. ^/,\ Just to look at this fluffy little flatterer makes you sleep-hungry. You'll look like a Valentine in that innocent angora-edged ruff. And oh! the kitten- warm softness of these *'Kayserette" Sleepers I Gowns and pajamas, too! .00 $2. 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