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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 1

Oakland, California
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Sunday, November 23, 1947
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: H f-: ! WEATHER Oakland and Vicinity Gen erally clear Sunday; continued j: cool; gentle Variable .winds. - y . - ASSOCIATED PREJ$...JflEPMOTO...WIDE WORLD. ..OIIITED PRESS. ..CHIC AflO DAILY MEWS FQREIGR SERVICE LAT ed mo , . i -: 1 . I r t f '. 1 I VOL CLXVM 15 SUNDAY ccc . ' OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1947 5 DAILY N0146 ! . . u - . l Beat's. Defeat fn)f 9 JuvJ U ndians 21-18 Stanford Threatens to Score Major 1 Upset Until Final Minutes of Play; 82,000 Fans See Annual Grid Classic STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Nov. 22. An inspired Stan-lord team came within three tiny points but three long CLARK CALLS FOR ACTION IN MEYERS CASE WASHINGTON, Nov. 22 JP) TheJustice Department signalled today lor grand jury action against Maj. Gen. Bennett E. Meyers after Senate investigators heard Meyers' Wartime chief, General of the Army H. H. Arnold, denounce him as a "rotten apple." Arnold also branded a3 "absolute falsehoods' Meyers' testimony that Thousands of Alcoholics in VA Hospitals Officials Estimate 10,000 to Undergo Treatment This Year minutes of a stunning upset over California's highly touted he had discussed same of his war- " 1 J T 4. 3 : DTP T" ; f 4 L 4. J 4-V.., i l(im ctntr (r-mrnMinns. with ir. Jl D 111 f1VJ 01 "1UiC Um"!nH fP hS XV 'J bened seriously and. REICH PEACE PACT FAILURE SE SCHUMAN IS FRENCH PREMIER EN: Pledge to Crush Strike, 'Save the Republic Voiced LONDON MEET CHANCES DIM AS RUSS BARE AIMS By DAVID M. NICHOL Forces. Then MICHIGAN TO MEET TROJANS IN ROSE BOWL that Myers, high wartime procure- Pictures Page 3 "dummy' friend." president was his "girl - i i .--I 82,000 persons Weak and hoarse from its thrills The score was 21 to 18 in favor of the Golden Bears, but if the original Indians had fought as hard as the Stanford ing Committee concluded its sen- r.-v,- J-,,, u National investigation of Meyers have a great big country to give away. j Stanford lost its ninth game of the season but scored its first victory. The crowd of Indian and Bear supporters who had taken a chance on a fair football game in the predicted one-sided contest was rewarded with well-nigh the best game they'll ever see. EQUAL IN TOUCHDOWNS Even in defeat: Coach Marchie Schwartz' Cardinals scored just as many- touchdowns in this most spirited of contests as did the Bears wjio barely took home a lock of the Indians' scalp. As it turned out. Coach Lynn Trappy" Waldorf jwas psychic indeed when, facing his first Big Game competition, he jribdestly tajid he was willing to jwin by one piint in spite of odds fhat mounted, toj a new high to 40 to 1 for California. There was tf' time I when the Bear seemed indeed headed for early hibernation without ! any Thanksgiving. Then, with the score standing 18 tfi 14 while the Stanford fans all but went wild in joyous unbelief. California turned to passing aesper-ii Hon in the last quarter. KECKLEY GOES OVER Oakland's : Jackie Jensen passed to Paul Keckley on the Indian 35 and he outraced the Stanford sec nndarv and went over for Cali fornia' face-saving points. Jim Cullom ot. Piedmont eon-' verted as he did for all three of the. extra points that spelled the difference in the days score. The. Big Game! Let's call THIS) one the Great Game! Everyone who goes to a Big! Game wants either Stanford or California to win right down to the marrow of their bones. There were sa many thrills for each side in this the .Golden Jubilee game, and the crackerjack of them all, that every- body was well, not satisfied, but certainly limp. ; KEVER-S AY-DIE The old grads were back to thump each other on the back. California sent its rooters 20.000 stxort. loud in By RAY MITTEN Chicago Daily News Service WASHINGTON, Nov. 22. Veterans Administration hospitals are in most cases, needlessly, with alco- the Senate War Investigat- j holies. Thousands of ex-servicemen who drink excessively because they en- j and' turned the case over to Gov- j0y whisky not because of physical j ernment prosecutors to pursue in or mental ' complications occupy i the light of statuses against fraud, ! beds needed for men with more j corruption, tax' evasion and per- legitimate ailments, jury. y j There are 17.000 veterans awaiting Attorney- ' General Clark an-; hospitalization, though not all of nounced' that evidence would be them require it immediately, presented swiftly to a grand jury,; The alcoholics are legitimate pa beginning next week. itients in the sense ' The committee .heard testimony ; increase in their PARIS, Nov. 22. (P) Robert Schuman, 61-year-old Lorraine lawyer of the Moderate Popular Republican Party, won parliamentary approval of his designation as Pre mier tonight on a "quickly" against ment that is cri Schuman, who has been finance minister since 1946 and who lived in hiding among resistance forces (during the German occupation, won just two-third of all National Assembly votes after Socialist Leon Blum had failed by nine votes last ; night to get the green light to form that the larce UVCI ,ucl- iridi uiff large, XT .. .nn . , , , , nnmhora hoc! Htcuuig ow tuics, iir icieiveu ill Austrian Treaty May Be Signed All Else Doubtful By JOHN M. IHGHTOVfR LONDON, Nov. 22. fe-Diplo- Chics jo Daily News Foreign Service BERLIN, Nov. 22. The last 24 hours here dispel any hope of agreement on the Austrian and German peace treaties wnen tne Big J?our foreign ministers begin iormai sessions mats gathering for the Big Pour in London, Tuesday. . Foreign Ministers Conferences open- Marshal Sokolovskv's bitter tirade against the three West-! ing next Tuesday found & least pledge to act ,ern powers yesterday, at what was expected to be a final rout- slender hope today that tjfs latest st a strike move-me meeting of the four Allied commanders, is considered to; effort n the long series of ' peace Fpu"gv.-lnl ! i : .be a s?ood indication of comine meetings may proved to bt little better than a complete wjtiut. The outlook, is as gray asLdndon's November skies, but som officials feel that it need not be considered alcoholism from It will be Michigan and the University of Southern California Tro jans in the Rose Bowl come next New Year's Day. -' The Wolverines from the Midwest earned . their ' trip to the Pacific Coast by grabbing the Big Nine title with an undefeated, untied season. They capped their performances yesterday by blanking Ohio State, 21-0. Meanwhile, the Trojans, with only a tie or victory needed to secure their bowl bid. edged by the U.C.L.A. Bruins. 6-0. Troy scored in the second quarter nad held on to win the Pacific Coast Conference crown. In the traditional games in the North, the Oregon Ducks slipped by the Oregon State Beavers, 14-6. while the Washington Huskies rolled over the Washington State Cougars, 20-0. The mighty Tfcrtre Dame '"Fighting Irish swamped Tulane, $9-6, to remain in the undefeated ranks. The Irish will tackle the Trojans next Saturday in Los Angeles. I : " VA Fund Surplus Explanations Asked Nov. 22. (JP) I ii lie av4 "T A fflnnaniwa loc on "rtffiioi riicsco" Hopuiar i rw n,i tj r a Rightists. Only the votes " . . .. . . ... Pnmmnnist"! nnnosprf nim Socialists. Radical-Socialists, Republicans and many of 184 Communists opposed him. The de fiirMr wno sayS tne problem is pronts ,,. . .. . were among 21 deDUties who ab stained. ment officer, reaned large thrmiah salarv "Violf harlre n anH estimates that VA will treat 10.000 otherwise, from a war sub-contract-1 alcoholic cases thLs year. There ing firm he was said to have se-iwere 6459 last year and 3529 in 1945-cretly owned. He sought to explain 1 UNCOMPLICATED CASES and his explanation was de-l About two-thirds of this year's nounced by others as a lie that cases. Dr. Hawley estimates, will be he set up the firm because the uncomplicated those without any wife of the man who became its! demonstrable mental illness. The DISGRACED UNIFORM Thanking the investigators discovering a "rotten apple," nold said: rest do have an accompanying mental disease. All are classed as neuro-psycho- jor!pathic cases Ar- The average cost to VA of main taining one such patient is $8.70 a day. Thus the exDense of carine "The evidence before you would or the two-thirds group, who stav indicate that a high ranking offi-l anywhere from 5 to 30 days, runs cer has disgraced his uniform and into thousands of dollars, his rank. ... "Let it be dealt withi Only a comparative few of the al- Dy military ana civil agencies wun cononc cases nave a service-con- all severity that dence warrants." DEFEND THE REPUBLIC Schuman. appealing to the assembly for support, declared he would "defend the Republic" and distinguish between the legitimate demands of labor and "the synchronized enterprises of sedition throughout Europe." He said he expects to form a cabinet tonight to deal with the labor crisis. Under guidance of the Communist-dominated General Confederation of Labor, the number of strikers passed the 750.000 mark, Europe Relief Bill Speeded Stop-Gap Approval In Senate Probable; House Delay Hinted Russian strategy in London. For two hours the Russian commander delivered a bitter indictment blaming the Western powers for practically everything that has happened since the occupation began. The other commanders were astounded. French General Koenig said he must refer it to his government. British and Americans said only official courtesy prevented them from leaving the room. American Lieut. Gen. Lucius D. Clay in- WASHINGTON. Nov. 22. UP) jsisted the statements be published so The Senate appears ready to ap-jthat he could answer it in public. prove i-resident lrumans propossai i tiay expecieu iu leave iui for stop-gap European relief next week but with the blunt notice that black. There is hope for completion of an Austrian treaty to restore Aus trias independence and get occupation troops out of thatH country. There is hope also that the great powers may reach at least?a petter understanding of their conflicts over the future of Germany. But diplomats express belief that there is no real hope, barring Jrilracles. that any substantial decisions can be reached on the central fproblem the political and economic unification of the defeated Reici. MONTH DURATION and long programs searching m- his domestic living cost range foreign recovery face lengthy and quiries. Chairman Vandenberg (R., Mich.) will take the floor Monday to urge aDm-oval of a $597,000,000 aid bill Odds are that the rnnfornii" tomorrow. jUst about a mQnth an(l end at As usual Soviet-licensed news- Christmas time. Contrary to the papers were supplied with full texts' deep pessimism felt in the United for publication today. There is not' Stf tes over the future of East-West K i relationships, British offteml.s sav one word of the Allied reply be-,the breakup of the meeting need vond a brief formal communique, j not mean the end of all Big Four ONLY POSSIBLE REPLY Persons close to the four-power j and truckloads of mobile guardsmen the Senate Foreign Relations Com- j negotiations since the very begin this sordid evi- nected mental disability, according ,reak of armed with tommyguns moved into the city in preparation for any out WASHINGTON, Rep. to Dr. Hawley. Chairman Fortmson (R . Mich.) of VA nospitals are finding that the the special War Investigating Sub-1 majority of the. patients en-committee did not even waitMo:terinS ith cases of uncomplicated aiconousm stay only long enough to make the usual formal written report and recommendations. Instead the investigation ' chairman announced that the entire hearing record wquld go to: The Federal district attorney here for study of the testimony in the light or perjury statutes, CRIMINAL ACTION The attorney general for study by : But Dr. disorder feared which would some come Frenchmen Monday. CAPITAL UNEASY " A distinct uneasiness was felt in the capital as the population read sober up and then demand their re-in their newspapers of the discovery lease. They cannot be detained of four important clandestine arms against tneir win. So VA can do little for them. TRIES TO HELP mittee said should be passed speed ily to combat the "twin spectre of cold and hunger accompanied by political chaos" in France, Italy and Austria. But Vandenberg is expected to base part of his appeal for Republican support of the President's proposal on the grounds that its passage will give Congress time to make a full and unhurried investigation of ! Usine standard troatmontc fnr th imore serious alcoholic cases that:0 concentrated tear gas was stolen may be hospitalized as long as alfrom a Pans laboratory last night, ;vear. VA tries harri in hin thom i police reported. .route aiso saia inai luuuwfug :i aetxxs in tne tmsi iwo weens, ana learned that saboteurs last night hafr! the long-range Marshall Plan for cut telenhone lines linking two forts! helping pull 16 western European in the outskirts of the city. A quart peacemaking efforts. Where the popular expectation in Washington is that this rry be the last of the Big Four meetffts. Lon- ning in January, 1944 say tne only doners say it may be "almost the possible reply to the Soviet tirade last." I. would be the following: i Secretary of State Mariil. who Deadlock at the London confer- ""ved here Friday, is gojjjg into ence on the basis of similar charges sessions with what his gssociates against the Soviets. iL1,-'," ""ndi Hf . has said -" . . i publicly that he is riot pessimistic. Postporfement or a call for a newjWhat he wants to firHj :.out j, meeting of foreign ministers oiwnether the Russians are 'now pre-avoid an actual break. This would pared to make any concessions on be the only way of retaining the! fic- Germany and whether they; will at tion of four-power control over ieast agree to an Austrifcri settle-Germany, and keep the machinery ment. 4- i -of the four-power administration nrDiinrc W- it '' ' H. J. Tompkins, assistant to explain reports that the agency is holding between one and a half and two billion dollars in overcharged insurance premium payments from veterans. "Reports have been going the rounds for some time that there has vdice and spirited I been accumulating in the GI insur- ir action. Stanford s Go-Go-Go yellinc runas or tne veterans Admin-pounded through ihe Stadium time istration a surplus of overcharged and time again las its partisans Premium payments ranging from watched their inspired toam show one and one-half billion dollars to it lis nexer-say-die down on the two billion dollars," Brophy said in farm. " ' ia statement When California I went right over! "Other congressmen, as well as for a touchdown in the first quar-jmyse". would like to know how terl there was a little "this was ex- suct aI enormous 'kitty' as this petted" air over the big stadium. ' could be accumulated without some-But then when Stanford came back hody J?wn ere moving long be-wilth a touchdown jof it very own, fore thls to return this money to thi crowd gave vek in noisy f ash- j th veterans to whom it belongs." Io to the twin theories that "this is! Veterans Administration officials more like it ot "what's going on ?ould not b "ached immediately artmd here?- , . ! flT 'Sticks around- . said Stanford.5 BrPhy said as soon as these - e'te going to have a Big Game ,mors. wer heard by tne Veterans around here" Administration a very wide-spread California was ready to give them activity was begun, and it is now the Ax. rieht in the neck but Stan-' rep?fl?d th7 want toput on 2000 th .Tnstir npnartmpnt s criminal i chief of thp neurn-nsvrhiatrio Hivi tiropny ik., wis.), supported division regarding Federal law pro-! sion, points out that there is no by Speaker Martin (R.. Mass.), asked jhibiting fraud and corruption on 1 known cure. the Veterans Administration todav ! government contracts. i VA's best ally is Alcoholics Federal tax collection officials :CnBnyfflJ"!' irom wmcn Hr-.lomP- I miu ins agency is receiving excellent co-operation. All doctors in war.vir,' VA hosPitals recently were in-oanKing!structed tQ W)rk closely with locaI prODe OI;AA rhantr in rlooUn "margin" deals in government ' holies bonds. Meyers testified he anrfhisj for the two-thirds group, who family bought $4,000,000 of these refuse lengtn y treatment6 Dr Haw-durmg the war with a relatively ley lays much of the blame for their sraaii ouwn paymeni ana large re-, numbers on local communities. He suiting paper prorits. . explosion at the strike-bound Re nault automobile factory they had arrested two Communist workers on charges of manufacturing bombs there. cases. , The standing Senate Committee for a wider Air Base Brings New Housing Crisis nations up on their economic ieet. OPPOSITION ABSENT There was no indication of effective Senate opposition to the appeal for the three-nation relief fund. In the House, however, members nf thp Foreign Affairs Committee. -i for compromise on outstanding dif-oi me roreign iidirs wumnuiicc t an economic necessity. Concessions said the going may De tougner. ine; to French in the form of committee still is writing its own Rh3neland stt t lik.lT RUSS PLANS CLEARER for the time being. Western Germany would be set up as a separate state. It would be politically useful if the French would join their zone with the Americans and British, but is not Preparations for the meeting have been dismally unsuccessful; Deputies of the Foreign Ministers, in more than a dozen sessions here, have failed to find a single ground is LAS VEGAS. New. Nov. 22. (U.P.) Chairman Frank Gusewelle of Clark County Commissioners appealed today for homes for some 1300 families who will arrive here contends that th latter aren't Hniner T , , -,, 1 tr-Uri T VTrrc- MVS aw 1 A t J . . . , " - . , UaiiUQltr X VI 1 17 1 1 IUC i-JCJCs t feCl uu miuw jjnougn to neip their alcoholics re-; Army Air Base is reactivated, anotner possible development when ; form. As soon as they find an alco- i Som isn nirrraft will he ntprt holic is a veteran, they ship him to to Vrain anon navigators hnmhar. v a nospitai to wuo employees in order to try to dispose of this surplus. Cuban Named Head Of U.N. Trade Group fords attitude was "youre going fd have to fight for it." ITS ENTHUSIASM JAG The game stood alone but surrounding it like fancy wrapping on a : Christmas gift ' was all the L L - 1 1 w. X 1 M v.u.uiuv, ut,u p.u.H. HAVANA. Nov. 22. UPy The game smglng and goal-post tearing jUmtj Nations COnferenc7on trade as , the winners and losers alike !and employment chose today as its found reason to go on a post-game i president Sergio I. Clark of Cuba enthusiasm jag. M ,iand apparently settled amicably The bands, the: Cardinals led by Rivalry between the LaUn AmericaS a war-pamted Indian infull feather ;and Englh-speaking nations for headdress, and the Blue and Gold ! the post ct y .t with- Oskie trotting around j ciaric. minister without portfolio and about took over the field at in the Cuban Government, had been half time. . , . (proposed by Argentina at the open- There never were, better college ijns session of th. rnnfr.n songs than your own nor player by j day. cetter oana. inese, men, were When it annoarAH that rt ment could be reached, a caucus of delegation heads was ealled to settle the differences. : 9 1 1 J . No J I 'route r tremendous. j There never were better card stunts than are pulled by the two student bodies and that's the truth, TRY NEW IDEAS This year Stanford went abroad from the usual Big Game ideas and Imprinted upon everyone's mind the season of the -year by reproducing the Christmas tuberculosis seal They made their, own Stanford symbol too and gave "Pappy Waldorf a greeting and presented the Bear wearing "the new look- in sweaters, California catne back with Oskie .and (the "Three Bears" better known as TJ.C President Robert G. Sproul, "the prdducer,"; Coach j Waldorf, "the . director,": and starring the "player." ! i No '.accidents, were reported en- route to the game. 1 - 1 '(Details fat Sports .Section he said The penalty for a false official statement is severe the most basic ground for 3 general court-martial." ATTORNEY GENERAL ACTS Then Attorney General Clark announced that he was asking U.S. District Attorney Morris Fay to set a date, sometime next week, for the Justice Department to begin presenting evidence to a grand jury here. This inquiry, it was indicated. ould deal with all possible charges ! except income tax matters. The j Justice Department informed re-i porters that any income tax indictment would have to be sought where Meyers filed his tax returns. At present Meyers lives at Huntington, N.X-, but whether he filed his return there was not disclosed. Meyers, who rose to deputy chief of procurement (purchasing) for the Air force staff that Arnold led, was retired as a major general in 1945 for disability with, a lifetime pension Meyers said was $461 a month. The partly-bald and defiant Meyers was not in the hearing room today to hear his former chief refer xo gross misconduct" false state ments" "absolute falsehoods" anH "heart-breaking" revelations. Meyers Case Review. Page I whispers of civil war in i 1 jdiers and radar operators annually Aiso, ut. nawiey cnarges. too at the subbase for Mather Field m giving diwuiiunc ; Aircraft Observers and Bombardier : anu-uuuuiuu piupuadi ,uu wai ttaLY CRIPPLED TOO bill, with indications that the meas nrp rannnt h brought before the House for another 10 davs. i These observers say Russia's plans, RpforP that it will have to run!we11 concealed at first, become in- the eauntlet of the House Rules) creasingly clear. Europe Committee, where there is reDorted S Part of its potential to be strong opposition. But there was evidence that oruw Congress votes to authorize the short-term aid it will take apart piece by piece the long-range program, yet to be submitted in detail by President Truman. GOP PROBES PLAN Republicans already have begun tearing up portions of his 10-point ment in a VA hospital and a jail1-- sentence. Copyright, 1M7. ChiM DUy New. Ibc Farley's Daughter Wed NEW YORK. Nov. 22. Pv Miss Relief Package Limit's Lifted WASHINGTON. Nov. Senator Ball (R.. Minn.) 22. 7P alreadv have indicated clearly that! r unresi "wise nas mp-the President cannot expect to getfc P ed ar actions o ! Italy. It has the standbv price-wage and ration- f. Produced bloody street jng controls he asKed lor. y . .., communists wimarew irom government over the ferences over Germany. The United States. Brtan and France have consistently ; lined up against Russia. This split !yen extended to the question of how they should report their disagreements only to the Foreign Ministers, i boorv. . he lipeup oi tne westem:powers The main target remains the m opposition to Russian demands United States, which the Russians "r $10,000,000,000 (ten billion dol-believe would be crippled internally' lars) in German reparaftons and bv collapse in Europe. for a highly centralize Oerman To support their views, thesei government is now more oiid .than sources point to Europe's series of'.ever- This may influence je poll-crises for the last two weeks, of Soviet Foreign J Minister-Strikes have forced the collapse of Molotov m the forthcomiife confer-the government in France. There en.ce He. aPPrent y muf decide wneincr lie wdiiia iu i.iuiuici isolation of Russia from the west. i PLAN REICH RULE i If the London conference" fails. as expected, to make any real progress in solving the Genian prob- are ugly Paris. lem all signs indicate thatha; West ern powers will begin egrly next year to form as complete a j&erman jzovernment as they can without Pope's Radio Address On Bay Area Stations Pope Pius XII, opening the Catholic War Relief- Service drive for food for Europe, will be heard"over Bay area broadcasting stations KPO and KGO from 9 to 9:15 a jn. today. It was also announced that-the call letters of station KPO will be changed to KNBC effective k 6:30 p.m. (P.S.T.) today. Solon Will Not Run WASHINGTON, Nov. 12. P Representative Johnson (R EL) said today he will not. seek re-election. With JoKato arhoHnloH in Vifftrir? ln ...... wv-.v. iu- A,,..; said todav I ... . jauestions of currencv and reform r.-- ... w.i.i.....ii i Ann E11.B . FsrUv H.H.r nf iWminfM i. . " : ure- lne senate Appropriations, - ' , nussia. inis 100. muuiwv wiu former Postmaster General Jameslall needy-area countries agree to 90mmi tee arranged. ade ?tdan2linr in the air. A. Farlev and Mrs Farlv wa w:i tho Urnit r,t aift r-h-l f oetaneo inventory oi American iooa - - r supplies to be furnished by Ssecre- tariey and Mrs. Farley, was wed raise the limit of gift rackages of today to Edward J. Hickey of j food and clothing received from the , country tQ take into account. On the other hand. responsible Grosse Pointe, Mich. United States from 11 to 22 pounds. U.S. FLIERS NOT ENSLAVED BY CHINESE, SEARCHERS SAY By HAROLD K. MILKS (JP) Two had expected to find a NANKING. Nov. 22. (JP) Two had expected to find a wild and U.S. soldiers told today how they savage people, but they found the disguised themselves as priests, j Lololanders. while suspicious at lived six months with the primitive j first were kind and co-operative. Lololanders in far west China and! Both McCallister- and Fox said tary of Agriculture Anderson. f Chairman Bridges (R.. N.H.) said wow, tney say, the battletront hasirfininTnatir anthoritips i littl moved to Germany itself with j .h9nP. nf eains ahead anW lime in Sokolovsky's attacks yesterday.! the near futUre with affo-called the committee will weigh Americart "iey T:1 inefe ,can Mnu' "separate peace" with rmany. supplies against the needs ofibe hs b4ut Pfrt of a Commu- They say it would be imfegsible to France Italy and Austria before ni5t"led plan to tnrow Europe into make a peace which wofilcV effec-voting'on the final amount to bejjhe utmost confusion as a prelude tively include eastern Germany so uic uunuuii uiccung. lorJE as .Russia ottuyics irtat uct. spent under the emergency aid bill. Fishing Boat Blown To Bits Off Coast NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. Nov. 22. aV-The mackerel fishing boat Flying Star was blown to bits in a butane explosion today two and one-half miles off Santa Monica. The skipper, Charles Lockwood of Huntington Park, suffered only minor flesh wounds, however, as he was blown 30 feet into the water. He did not lose consciousness and began swimming, being picked up in a small boat by an unidentified man and woman, who transferred him to Frank Hale, skipper of the Cap'n Sandy. The Flying Star's cargo f a naif ton or fish went right back -where it came from. proved there was no truth to rumors that downed American airmen were enslaved there. Heroes of the daring mission were Capt Edward McCallister, Alle ghany, Va and Sgt John Fox, Ta-coma. Wash. They were chosen from Army grave registration search teams because they speak Chinese. Their task was to penetrate remote, mountainous Lololand to see if there was any basis to a report that five U.S. airmen forced" down while flying the hump from India during the war were held in captivity. Putting on the garb of Chinese priests, they made their way on foot into Lololand last March, entering by the Sinkiang-Szechwan Province border region. They took the role" of priests because the Lololanders, while nominally under Chinese rule, rarely the mountain people were slow to trust them. But the two Americans moved right into their windowless, mud huts, slept on the dirt floors amI afa tKa mtitj-A 4rfA In exchange for gifts, the Lolosl"n milltary ohce- gave them information. Wandering from tribe to tribe, visiting many chiefs. McCallister and Fox pains takingly tracked down the rumors Russ Officer Caught In Kidnap Attempt BERLIN. Nov. 22. U.R The Pro vost Marshal's office announced to-iday that a Soviet army officer was I seized by military police while in ;the act of seizing a German near 1 the Templehof Air Field in the American sector of Berlin, i The officer, ident'fed as Lieut. Col. Ivarr Petrov. was turned over i to Soviet authorities by the Ameri- He and three Germans were picked up late yes-te-day as they were about to capture another German, name withheld, who said he had escaped from While the U.S. certainly wouldn't; What they do want Especially be knocked out. if Soviet tactics the United States and Braln is a were successful it would be hurt central authority, at least Sfcfr west-much more than is generally ern Germany, which would be cap-realized, able of unifying as much of the It makes the success of the aid to country as possible and faking it . Europe plan doubly important . contribute its full share to jEuropean crriht, 1M7, chumtm D.iiy New., !.' recovery and German selif-support Thev found slaverv all risrht but la Russian camp for political pns- the slaves were Chinese seized in onffs in the Soviet zone, raids on lowland villages. These The Russian officer was said to were forced to tend herds and grind be V1 commander of the camp, corn while their masters fought jT56 captured Germans were iden-wilh other tribes. tified as informers at the camp. ' ' Of 38 U.S. airmen known have landed in Lololand crashes. McCallister said 35 were rescued alive during the war largely through the help of the Lolos themselves. The body of the 36th was recovered. Maj. Gen. John P. Lucas, com mander of the U.S. advisory group allow Chinese or other strangers to Sin China, announced the 15-month enter. They tolerate priests and (search extending over thousands of missionaries, however. square miles of wild country now McCallister told reporters they was officially over. Late Start, but Good JEANETTE, Pa. Nov. 22. (UB-i Bertram Cox, 72, can still show" the youngsters a few tricks in fancy roller skating, Cox is known as the whi2-on-wheels" around the local rinks. Asked how he learned to do it so well, Cox said: "Years of practice. Tve beerr-skating since I was oast 60." : 4 Sunday TribuneTindex COMIC SECTION 12 Pages in Color Let's Explore Your Mind MAIN NEWS SECTION Complete News Report World News Front Church News Front Motor World Fraternal News , Suburban News Sports News CLASSIFIED SECTION Classified Advertising Vital Statistics Financial News SOCIETY SECTION Society and Clubs Why Grow Old? P-TA News Parents Corner Camp Fire Girls Girl Scouts Home and Garden AUNT ELSIE SECTION ; ' Aunt Elsie and Funland i . MAGAZINE SECTION . Geraldine . , Modest Maidens ; Carnival , ':. 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