Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on November 22, 1963 · Page 1
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 1

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1963
Page 1
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JUST BEFORE KENNEDY SHOT - Pmld.nt John F. Kennedy ridti in motorcade approximately to toallti iodif. Ift etr<*uk katuMdf t»« Mtt, KMI* fc«d* iitt 0*. lid Mrt. John C^*U T ofT Got. Contullr WM alto thoi. (AP Wlrtphoto), »t*?fit i sues eo, AFTER KENNEDY SHOT - Statl Service »•& look lor location from which fatal thof wai firtd at PrMldMt K«n&*dr today la DalU« a> hU mototcad. Itff ih« downtown area. The IfX&r 1 $?*}* •«******• i* Patkland hoapUtl (AP Wtrtpfcoto). ^^ rKt J. K Soviets Reject Protest Over Convoy Blocks By PRESTON GROVER i have the right to move on the 'autobahn as they like. MOSCOW (AP) - The Soviet Union accused the United States today of trying to make the rules for Soviet policing of Western convoy traffic on the Berlin autobahn. The Russians warned they would not permit this. A Russian note to the U. S. government rejected an American protest over the stalling of a U.S. Army convoy for 42 hours Nov. 4-5 because the Americans refused to dismount from their counted. vehicles and be The Soviet reply renewed the threat of more interference with Allied troop convoys on the HO- mile lifeline highway between West Berlin and West Germany. The Allies insist they The Kremlin note said: "The claim< of the American authorities to establish at their discretion the range of duties and manner of action of Soviet representatives at the checkpoint in checking American servicemen are in general absolutely untenable." Since Oct. 10 the Russians have held up three American convoys and one British convoy at Soviet checkpoints on the autobahn because the convoy commanders refused to allow their men to be counted. The Western Allies said their long-established procedure was to permit their troops to dismount for a Soviet headcount only if more than 30 men were aboard, not counting drivers and co-drivers. Verdict Awaited In Smelser Case By JACK OWENS BATON ROUGE (AP) -The landmark civil rights cases involving a Louisiana trade school went to a federal court jury today. U.S. District Judge E. Gordon West spent almost an hour giv< ing the jury its charge in the case, first ever to see an agent of a state brought to criminal trial under provisions of federal civil rights legislation. The government charged Hex Smelser, director of the Sowela Technical-Vocational School at Lake Charles, with criminal contempt, contending he discriminated against Negroes in violation of a federal court order. This wasn't the first instance of criminal contempt charges against an official of a state. Gov. Ross Barnett and Lt. Gov. Pawl B. Johnson Jr., of Missis. sippi were charged with criminal contempt w the James H. Meredith desegregation case. But they haven't been brought to trial. St. John Barrett, U.S. Justice attflraey, told the , the trial had Wthing to do with desegregation, But, it concerned whether ipplications tod been handled at Sowela under terms which the court order had set down, he said. assistant acting In mid b@ b&f lieved the evidence showed Smelser and the trade school staff had gone out of their way to be as fair as they could to Negro applicants. Smelser testified he did his best to comply with the court order, calling his staff together to tell them the school was integrated by court order. Lake Charles American Press FINAL EDITION LAKE CHARLES. LA.. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1963 18 PAGES NUMBER 25.524 High-Powered Rifle Used by Hidd Do//, To/ Drive Opens On Monday Have you ever seen the face of a child who didn't get a doll or toy for Christmas? A community appeal has been made so that not one of the 3.000 underprivileged children under 14 years of age in this area will wake up Christmas morning and find nothing waiting for them. The Kiwanis club has sponsored a Goodfellow Doll and Toy project for the past 14 years, during which $30,000 has been spent on toys. Dr. Maurice Kushner, chairman of the project, has pointed out, however, that the project has reached proportions beyond the range of one civic club and that the assistance of other business, civic, fraternal and professional organizations is welcome and needed. Ail appeal for funds to be used for toys and dolls is being made to "every, individual, young or old." Attention, Southwest Louisiana! Know The Record of JOHN MdOTHEN. For many years, the people and officials of Southwest Louisiana worked to make McNeese Junior College a four-year college. In the session of 1950, ttie Southwest Louisiana legislative delegation introduced a bill (Senate mil No. 3 by Messrs. 9%? n Sockrider «n4 Gilbert Heni»}gMi~See Act No. 69 of 1950 Regular Session of the Legislature) to make McNeese a four-year college. When this bjij went before the House, Representative JQHN McKEJTHEN not only voted AGAINST making McNeese a four-year college, he »Jso FOUGHT pas* sage on the House floor. JOHN McKElTHEN was one of the main opponents to making McNeese a four-year college. When the bill was called for • vote (Wednesday, June gist, 1950) before the House, the voting was ai follows: YEAS: Angelle . . . Jonei (C»lc«leu) , , , »n<l otheri . , . TOTAL , , , Si NAYS: pertraiKl . , . FrJfdjBin ... McKBiTHEN . . , »nd others . , . TOTAL . . » 17. ABSENT: Lottlnger . , , »od otheri , . , TOTAL . . , 38. Don't Forget! — It's The Record That Counts! Consider The Candidates §n4 Vote! • , - Hir«M (fllll) 5c»i(e, information Committee) Political A4 Chairman o| S?^Vi? FO r R V HO ? TIN ? Kennedy', left should*- i. Texas Gov. ^.S£ * j , n I' K f£ n *! y ad * John Connally, who was also shot, &3SL£--f^S*i!* Fort , W ° rth at * v * c » Pwident Lyndon Johnson is at breakfast in his honor only hours be. left. At right U Texas Sen. Ralph Tar- fore he was shot in Dallas. Behind borough. (AP Wlrephoto). SUITING Regular'$1.98 for $1.29 ORA'S FACTORY FABRIC OUTLET, INC. 204 McNeese (Acr-ss from Gulfway) _„. THANKSGIVING SPECIAL! CONTINUOUS FILAMENT NYLON Installed over rubber oad U.I9'SQ. YD. yio" VINYL: ASBESTOS 3 colors (while they lost) 6c Per Tile FLOOR COVERING «« ,- DISCOUNT CENTER 5500 Cpmmon St. r GR WHOLESALE & RETAIL NEW SPARK PLUGS ...,.S9c SEALED BEAMS .... .....'..$U5 J7-PC. TOOL SET .$15.95 Check Our Prices Before Ygy Buy SWIFT SERVICE AUTO SUPPLIES, INC. • Opeti Saturday 'til 5 1033 Ryan Street HE NO. 233 NO. ?33 Elect ANDREW LOUVIERE POLICI JUROR - WARD » VOTE FOR ACTION, NOT WQRD$ Your yoi« and Suw»ft will t>« oppreclattF (Andrew Uniylere 'Political Ad) Because of the tragic death the no performoac* 9} Late CharlM Llttl« ft*. •'» TC CONOCO SERVICE, STATION AND GARAGE FOB LEASE Call HE 9*5278 or 436,3361 BULLLETIN , DALLAS (AP) ~ A Secret Service agent and a Dallas policeman were shot and killed today some distance from the 'area where President Kennedy was assassinated. No other information was immediately available. YOU CAN SAVE MONEY On Ypur , Auto Financing No Waiting lmm«d(at« Strvlc* W, J. Moreau Ins. Agency Call U* Pefor* You Buy 4% PORTRAIT ONE MM tIFg 5l?g FOR QQ- ONLY VOS Ftmm as low M »i.» fit |> $&. mx « ll S*BU »'* a ALL STATiS gflfDJQ l»v, WEEK-END SPECIAL Wash, Grease, OiJ Change $5.50 Any Mqfca Cqr GRANGER'S CITIES SERVICE STATION Corner Kirfcmon end Alamo Doubly piold Stamps saf. 4, Syn. He-Elect w °- TOM 186 WATSON »' . police Juror--Wiar4 3 Vote and Support Will Be AppreciatedS . Others!' 4 (Tom W<?U«o P««tlc«J A«U DALLAS (AP)—President John F. Kennedy, thirty-sixth president of the United States, vras shot to death today by a hidden assassin armed with a high-powered rifle. Kennedy, 46, lived about an hour after a sniper cut him down as his limousine left downtown Dallas. Automatically, the mantle of the presidency fell to Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, a native Texan who had been riding two cars behind the chief executive. There was no immediate word on when Johnson would take the oath of office. Kennedy died at Parkland Hospital where his bullet-pierced body had been taken in a frantic but futile effort to save his life. Lying wounded at the same hospital was Gov. John Connally of Texas, who was cut down by the same fusillade that ended the life of the youngest man ever elected to the presidency. Connally and his wife had been riding with the President and Mrs. Kennedy. The First Lady cradled her dying husband's blood- smeared head in her arms as the presidential limousine raced to the hospital. "Oh, no," she kept crying. Connally slumped in his seat beside the President. Police ordered an unprecedented dragnet of the city, hunting for the assassin. They believed the fatal shots were fired by a white man, about 30, slender of build, weighing about 165 pounds, and standing 5 feet 10 inches tall. The murder weapon was reportedly a 30-30 rifle. Shortly before Kennedy's death became known, he was administered the last rites of the Roman Catholic Church. He had been the first Roman Catholic president m American history. Even as two clergymen hovered over the fallen President in the hospital emergency room, doctors and nurses administered blood transfusions. Kennedy died of a gunshot wound in the brain at approximately 1 p.m. (CST) according to an announcement by acting White House press secretary Malcolm Kilduff. KENNEDY IS FOURTH TO BE ASSASSINATED President John F. Kennedy was the fourth United States president to die at the hands of an • assassin, Abraham Lincoln was the first to die when he was shot at the Ford Theater in Washington on April li, 1865. Sixteen years later, James A. Garfield was shot by a mentally unbalanced office seeker in Washing, ton on July 2,1881. Garfield died as a result of the wounds on September 19, 1881. William McKinley became the third victim when he was shot on September 6, 1901 in Buffalo, N. Y. while attending the Pan-American exposition. He was shot by an anarchist terrorist. Since the 1860 election of Lincoln, every presi* dent elected or serving at 20 year intervals has died m office. T Q D A Y J SEE AND HEAR GIUIS LONG R. 0. BUSH AND ANPRISW FALCON, IN PERSON . MOSS 0LVHF, 3 :)j - lAAPLewOPP, *JJ w WfllUKg « - LAKE CHARLES ** OOQ5PORT, CORNER QQ05 A&B OPELQUSAS., « p,M. GULFWAY SHOPPING CENTgg 7?15 PJi/l 4- AT

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