The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 31, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS DOMINANT NEW8PAPEK OR NORTHXAfT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XUV—NO. 51) Blytheville Dally Newp Ulythcvllle Herald BlythevUle Courier Mississippi Valley Leader O, ARKANSAS, SATUKDAY, MAY 'M, l!M7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Interdependence j)j Individuals, Nations Stressed Methodist Churchman Addresses Blytheville High School Graduates The purpose of the lUx'n School is to turn out greater and better citizens, Dr. Matt Ellis, president of Hendrix CollCKc< couway, told 2.000 people last, night at commencement exercises for the 1U47 Blythcville High School graduating class, he-Id at the HIKJI School stadium. '. Dr. Ellis said lhat :n receiving this education, in becoming bciler ( J »ti/ens k students would realise the inter-clcpenclencc V>etv;een iiic- lions and peoples. "The members of this c ass, 1 hope, have already dovc'O|>cJ a scnr.e of intcr-depcndt.Mii.c," 1'c •said. He spoke of the dependenc i)f olher countries upon the United States and of the malenti's this country requires from other nations in making every-day artitlrs. "These examples make ir> realize that we arc Inter-dependent; realize how we depend on others so very mucli," he said. The speaker stressed Ihe significance of graduation from High fiool as hc also pointed out that ic-rica has fallen short in its Kjh'ram of education fnr all. Knowledge Is Protection "Knowledge is a great thing. It is a front against many dangers." he said. "Yet 3,000,000 American adults, 3T,00,1 of them in Arkans-u, have never been to echool a day in their lives—more thai you would find in all the cQlloijU and universities in our coun:ry. v "And 10,000,000 people have not 'gone higher than Hie fourth grade; three times as many who complete college. There are 13 per cent of the adults more than 25 years old who arc not educated beyond a fourth grade level. In Arkansas, there are 33 per cent. "In the United States, £6 pi-r .cent have not gone bfyon.l the eighth B m dc. In Arkansas, ',(j pel- cent have not comph:U-il Ihe eighth grade. In this country, 73 per cent have not completed high school. In Arkansas Ihe'.-e are 33 per cent. "The lotal number of 'children between 'the ages of eight and 16 ,not in schools is 2,000.000, he con- tinned. "Of these 95,682 ' live in Arkansas. One half of our boys Midr.tirls leave before they finish liiglijpcliool." ' "Tins Is a serious situation," Dr. .Ellis said. "If our program is to succeed, it must be extended to all children. Only witli education will they have a sense of inter-depend- cnce." Graduates Face Challenge • Hc spoke briefly of lh« three groups most concerned in a "commencement exercise; students, teachers and parents. "All groups are to be commended," he said. "These 12 years of school have not been easy. Trie seniors are to be congratulated. Yet, ii the same breath," he ndded, turning to the seniors, "I want to mind you that you are challenged today with heavier duties trv.u ever before, that you face a gicat- cr responsibility now tha:i cvei before." ' Diplomas were prcso;ite-1 to the 99 graduating- students by Mrs H. W. Wylie of the Bc.-u.-J of Ec'.n! cation. • W. B. Nicholson, .super intone : of schools, spoke briefly, givia t iiime of the year's oulstan-liurj tivities and acconiplisumeriis h Blythcville schools'. Hc introduced first anil sccor.c honor students, Vannyc WhitlCj i, nnd Marilyn President Returns to Washington As Gian t Airliner Falls; In Maryland Killing 53 In good spirits because of the coinimied improvement in condition of his mother, Mrs. Martha K. Truman, President Truman chats with 1m -.vile, Mis. Hess Trillium and lliclr daughter, Mirruarft, at Fairfax f.irixirt in Kansas City just prior to takeoff for return trip to Washington. The I'lvii'lcni spent. 13 days <-l the bedside of his ailing mother. (MSA Telephoto.. i wo Witnesses fell of Seeing Tail Fall Apart Death Toll Exceeds Loss in LdGuardia Field Catastrophe Auto-Train Crash Kills Newlyweds Four Others in Car Killed Instantly by "Holiday Special" MUNSTER, Iml., May 31. r<UP> —A "Just Married" sijjn flultercd amidst the scattered wieckage of. an automobile near a raili-oaO crossing toclaj-. The bmie anil groo.n aiifl four other members of the \\c-;td'u,! parl> were hilled yesterday less llian Iwo hours after the wedding, when n Pennsylvania Railroad "Ilolirinj Special" carrying pass-:'ni;cr'; to Chicago, struck their car .it the crossing The victims were Mr.i. .luanit: Graham,. 17, the hrid-r. Gbelsc- Graham, 20. Dyer, Ind., the gi-oom: thi bride's parents, Mr. uind Mrs. Rav- moiid Brock; her sister. Greta. 15 and her brother. Kenneth, S. all Highland, Ind^ They vynrc en route o a photograph sf.l-JLo lo hav s'edding pictures niade. The automobile was carrk-d W fards down ._tha .traric b^fciro til -rain was holtctl. Gr.ili.Tn died ei route to a hospital. The others wcr tilled instantly. Other members of Hv.: l:vidr party, who hail been h<:];k!n ( s automobile horns as they iollovml in pursuit of the couple, walchrd with :iorror as the train cr-i-,hrd into the bridal car. They said Hi; train had jecn blocked from vie 1 ." by a Ijw buildinR and a brickyard winch parallels the tracks. Missco Men Return from Agri Meeting lj. G. N:ish, fai'tn iinplcmeriL dealer of IBlyLhcvillo, anci chuirniau of lie Agricultural Engineering ami Machinery Committee of the Agn- cuUunil Council oT Arkanssis, was .n cliar^c of nsjricultural cngiiieci-- ng and farm niachinory cliscussinti it Ihc council's annual nicclh^g held ti Pino Bluff ye.stcntay, Mr. Nash stated this morning hal n general clU[;nssion was held concerning m ocl e r 11 mcclinnizori fai-ming and flame cultivation dur- S Ihc meeting. Dr. Charlc.s Lfncoln, extension entomologist of the University Arkansas, lolcl representatives of IB counties at tho meeting that farmers of Arkansas can expect an "av- j cnigc" attack from insects durint; the year. Dr. Lincoln addressed the 1 prouj> on insects and insect control. Waller Cooper, state farm labor Fupervisor for the Agricultural Extension Service, advised members nf the group that some 50,000 workers would be noc-Jotl '-1 i\A*i - outsicie the Delta section of Arkansas f-.T harvest next Fall's collon crop. Ho abo lokl ol what is being done to meet UICFC labor demands. Accompanyintc Mr. Nash to the meeting were Keith -Bilbrey, county it for North Mississippi County; ir Fendler, Charles Rose, of Rcselnnti and George Hale of Bur- rtcltc. Harold A. Young of Little ORo:k, 'president of the council, presided ever the meeting. Judge Addresses 138 Graduates At Junior High That the greatest accomplish- ] cuts nnd discoveries arc yet to I come was stressed by Municipal Judge Graham Stidbiiry when he ' spoke to 138 graduating students of Junior High School nt Commencement exercises in the High School gymnasium, Thursday. Awards were presented during the program by W. B. Nicholson, superintendent ol schools. The English medal, given by thn Woman's Club, went to John Wilks and Murray Smart in a tie. Murray, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. C. M. Smart, also wns awarded the history medal, given Ijy the American Legion. He ^\5so announced mines o mathematics medal, (riven by the students with nn avcr.ige alx>ve 90 Woman's club, and science mean!, during the past lour years. Tr.i-.y fiiven by the Lion's Club. The -were Vanney Whitlcy, Marilyi class's three top-rankim: students, Dccn, Palsy Travis. JiilU AMI] Murray. John Wilks and Dick Reid. Woodson. Satmnye, Lou Ferguson, | w 'ere introduced by A. E. Caldwcll, Owen Eston Harrison. Rosemary t principal. Johnston, Daniel Huffnu.;i cald-1 Certificates of merit were Pre- wcll, William Marion \VilIi )nn jr.. sented to students with perfect al- Thomns Bell, Nanoy Pattlow,; tendance. C. M. Smart, of Uie of Education, presented di- Air Tourists Fly Over S. Arkansas Twenty Planes Start Two-Day Trip from Blythcville Airport Wanda Bargain, Betty Lou Atkins, Jo Ann Shanks. Oeortio ]>an Pollock III, Mary Elizabeth Rogers, Bill Wixson, -Ruth Seay and .Mildred Mcador... The Hiyh School Gloe Club and •Jioys' and Girls' Glee 'Clu'is, vuirter direction of Mrs. Wilson Hc.iry, presetitcd vocal scleciions. The jligh School Band; unrl^r direction of Karl Wadcnpfuhl, player! the processional and recessional and a prelude. Kcorplion For EtTucadir . The Rev. E. C. Brovn, paslor nf First Baptist church, gave the invocation, and the Rev. u. scolt Baird. pastor of First Christian. 'Church, the benediction. Also scaled on the speaker's platfonn were Miss Rosa Harrtv. principal, Miss Luna B. With(B* and Miss Francjs IJowrn, senior sixmsors, and oilier members of the High School faculty. Following exercises, a reception in honor of Dr. Ellis was held In the High School lunch room. 72-Degree High Hero; Low of S3 This Morning Highest temperature rccoided here yesterday was ,72 deiac-cu. nr.n the low during last niglit was 53 degrees. . according to Robert E. Blnylock, official weather observer. Bonrci plomns. Mrs. Ralph Bciryman plnycrt the piano proco.ssini\al Triui;i]])i.l M.ircll from "Aida." Tlic Rev. L.C. Hnm- scy, pastor of the Church of Christ, gave the invocation and benediction. The eighth grade class, accompanied by Mrs. Bcrryinnn, san^ ''I Love a Litlle Cottapc". Jroffrcy O'Hara, and the Eighth Grade Glee Club snng "Ashc.s of Roses", R- Huntington Woodman. Tlie 20 planes which took off here yesterday as the Northeast Wing of the 15th annual Arkansas Air Tour were headed this afternoon for Texarkana in company with aircraft of the Northwest Wing, formed at Fayetteville. After taking off from Adams Field at Little Rock this morning, the Air Tour—composed of half a hundred planes flown by private pilots of Arkansas—landed at Pine Bluff and El Dorado before heading for TcMJ'kana. The mass flight' will complete the last scheduled leg of its trans-state route later this afternoon .when i the planes leave Tcxarkana and land at Hot Springs. The group will remain over night in the spa city. A <Unner-rtance. nt the Hot Springs airport tonight, when "Miss Arkansas Aviation of 10-17" will be named, will cap the tour. The Wings will break up andireturn lo Ihcir home airports tomoVrow. Georgian Praises Prssidentlruman Southern Democrats "Far Happier Now/ 1 Representative Says \VASTIINCJTON. Mny 31. (Ul'J- Hcp. K. E, Cnx of Georgia said todaj thnl Southern Dc'inocMit:; are 'Tar linpijior within Ihirlr party limn thry havr born for muny yon "A great muny wont islniifv v;ill Lhc old regime but thoy did H shamefacedly. 1 * he .sai.1 in nn in lervlew. "The urgent I icsld u t tn (oys their conlidcncL lo t gtca decree." * , Cox, an acknowlcd^, d Soulhern DiMiuicru'.i> ! i 0 nvrdictcd that rrc-sldciVt' .will "utuiuesUnpublj i rf in 1948 if hc takes a m pending labor luglsli t:> "There is no {iimsticm tt' ! nominated/ 1 he si id coi.Lrol (iiR extir-s-scs of ut cr.; he will by hurt to :i cor Cnv. whose comma ul i por. on the. House Rules Committee made him a key fictile in the &uu ern light against many Nqir-lJem measures, said the Dt no<i i today is "more harm mi us th^n 1 has been for a Ions Uni "The llivorce from lli«-r Left Will has brought, us together anil mail us a more united ort? inizailon," h said. "The divorce, whie 1 ! ihany per pic would call a "dele i i „ V.T; f pecially pleasing to Southerner President Truman nas steered II Democratic party 'cinso 1 ' to '.h middle of the stream." Cox srii Two actions, he addcil, have Ir creased the President's popularil —the dcclarntliin thai tlusvl.1 must be stopped, and the .il^nins of the portal pay bills. Our foreign rehitiius had I'.ot- len into a horrible IIKIV;, " Cox wail. The wor:;l. thini; tlnu ever hnp- rncd lo us wus the scrl:s of di.nls whii-h practically sold America lo Russia." The current cainnn';:n of H^nry A. Wallace against PrcMdcirt Tru- niiin's foreign policy invs "uniiufs- Uonably" heljii-d the l'rosidr>nt a lit, Cnx Bald. Hc tu'cdicted that l!ic lor- mer vice president's opposition would cost the party only ,x few voles from the "extreme left." "I think lie would be :i. Ir-nilii liability In the President." Cox snld "If he should come into Hie fold, il would raise the specter of a remarriage with the I-i-lt Wl a move lha& would split the paily Hy l)O\'i\l.l> J. f;r>N'/,AI,I-S 'nllfd Press Ktllff (Joiri'Mimidi'ilt HAINISHIDGK, Mel., M;iy SI. (U.l».) — Evidenrr. indi-, :;ili'd mcreasiiiKly loihty Hint 'iiilui'n of the (nil .slrucluro •wised ii giant ICiutfn: Air .jnii.s lr:niK|)orl to cianh Insl li^lit in a iMiir.vlaiiil woods, tilling 5.'! pcrson.s in Uiu na- .ion's worst commercial avia- .ion dLsastcr. Pieces of the tail were found :cjuicrcd half a mile from where the aircraft firal tore Into trees 0:1 its dive to cnrlli. 'An otflcinl of Eastern Airlines which operates the foiir-cnf;incil badly." Cox said the present minority pn- siiitin of Democrats in Crmurcss lias iky tjlnnls in its "sih'cr licet"-- said thnl in\Tstigalor s were inclined i<> .structurul delect t:au-st'd the disaster. Kye^HnL'ss accounts ol UIR crush .cctnctl lo bear out lluil belief SIIHI it was Klvcn first consideratioti in ihu government invcstiyations thai were under way at the scene und in Washington. The plane—bound from Hew York to •Mmmi""Wiis sailing through a :lcar ^y al approximntely (3.QCO tcct when it faltered and started rtoftn at a 30 degree ancle. At about '.000 Ice', the dive apparently Oc- jiuiie sleeper. AIL Aboard Killed '• A AH aboard Iho big plane wero killed when it struck; There were IE) passengers, one an infnnl, whoso decapitate^ body \vsir, found In i 1 -:* mothers arms, and four cf.'jv members. ; Two eyewitnesses, both Navy mci attached lo the Bainbridgc Naval Station near where the plane crashed, gave similar accounts of the tragedy although they were not together whc'ii it happened. Sceman 1st Class Frank Welsh, 24, of ToiwwiuuU, N. Y., snld hi was standing outside his nparlmont when lie s^w t)ic piano going by. "It nosed over und crushed in Uiverted pnsilioTi." Welsh sftUl. As she started to turn aver tin; 'hole tall assembly started in full ff. It disintegrated into nine pieces bat I saw. 11 Welsh substanlialed his story this Horning by lending this reporter nrt two photogrnphcr.s lo the arou vhere he Lhought the tail pieces night be foutul. We founti seven pieces in a liuu- Ircd-yard scanirc area about a half nile froni where the plane Ih'.sl ill suid sheared off Irec.'i in tho woods. That indicated Ihc tall as- ictnbly had shaken loosr, before he plane hit. The pioccs we found mchidcci the main components ol Ihn tall assembly—the ruddcT and" vertical and horizontal .stabili/^rs. Chief Boaswains Mnlc V/. C. G')r- ham said hc was standing ouLsul'i base builrlin,-, nt the Naval HJISC Iniilding at the 'Naval station \vlscn lie saw Ihc plane falter am) no:;o down. Ho said i', "looked like' Officer Finds Gruesome Scenes At Site of Horrible Plane Crash (KDI'I'OH'H NO'J'K; The following Is an oyewlluess account of Hie wile nf I hi' KnsUTii Alrl'iKT crush by n IVfiiryhind slule troopci \\t\a was iimmiK tin- first lo ivncli HID wrcekiMie.) lly \V. I!. KUI.U'.Y * (As Tula 'I'" Tlic llullril 1'it-ss) IlAlNlllmXiU, Mil., Mny 3I.(UI>) --The mother wn:>. hniceti against a lice, sllll clulclilnjj her baby lo her. Her heml nnd purls or her le'.'.s hud been blown uwiiy. Hut !ihe still held her baby tl^hl against her breast. The-inliint's liend was uono loo. 1 cun't nay whnt my first reaction was. I guess i wus Just loo stunnc'l to hiuv any. I wus off duly ntitl out rldln,! with my ulfo when .somebiKly slon- petl us and said there hntl lict'i u pliine crush. \Vc drove Us near us we could, nnd then I started walking. As I approached Hie fires, I could .smell burbling flesh. The trunk ot one body was dangling from Ihe limb of n U'ce. about, 15 leet .up. I'nrls ot other bodies were scattered all over everywhere. • Ko was clolhlng. There were silk stockings strewn around the wrcck- Wind is Blamed For Plane Crash New York Tragedy Invcstigai'd by CAB Aided by Survivors Ulte nnd women's slips nnd panllcs. Suitcases had been Ilirown open, apparently by the force of Ihe Impact, and some parts of the ground looked like n rumnuitU! salo. The largest part of the plane was a wing Up [hill had nn American (lug on It. I saw one propeller wllh all Mm:-,- blades doubled up. H seemed lo me lhat the plane must have dived utmost »trnlnh'- dowu luicausc the motors \vere burled In Ihc bog. The tall loll across Ihe olhcr side ot a creek from the motors. Alter awhile other rescue workers arrived p.nd we lii'ivii, natlicrlnK up purls of "bodies. I counted "" I cirrus. Cue wnrkur found ,n«, »rr.\ Unit hud (jtu'il Wov.-,;-.b.'f slinoljotly'H botly. He picked !l up nnd looked- nt II a few minutes. Then ho curried It over lo the body of nn nrin- less man and ink! it down. -I've had some pretty lough ns- FiBiuncnlii, hut this Is llio toughest, I ever had. Thank God, tlcnlli came ciulckly. helped to solidify the naitv. In sr-ir.r respects, he snid, the los? of In:: 10!i clcction.s was a blessing. "As a minority party, we have l.a< a chniit-e to slop an<i ,\ike f.u>ck ii ourselves," he said. "We h:ivo ;\\i,i had Ihc opportunity 10 tliini ovc he lessons of Ihc clcfoai." American Legion Fair Dates Set for Oct. 7-5 CARUTHERSVILT.E, Mo., May 30. — Secretary Harry Malloiife of the American Legion Fair Board, yesterday announced the dates for the annual American Legion F.iir here would be October 1-5. inclusive. Mr. Malloure snid that Mia Wonder shows of America would again he featured on the mid-way, with several free acts to be pr-3- rentcd before Ihe grandstand. TheM acts being booked by the seime management which books Ihc St. Louis police circus each year. The hall is being remodlefl for an anticipated large display of agricultural products, and other Improvements are already hi the milking, lo be completed before "fair lime." Caruthersville Has Memorial Day Program CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., May SO. —Harry S. Blanton, Sikcston. Mo recently retired RS United Slates District Attorney at St. L-JVis, was Ihe principal speaker at (lie Memorial Day services nekl here ycs- lerilay. Business firm r i cliscd from 2:00 to 4:00. with a majority of firm co-operating. James Osburn, chairman of the American Legion Comnnltee for observance of Memorial Day, prepared Ihe following program: Friday morning — D..'.vjr."ition of graves. Friday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock: Invocation—Rev. Floyd V. Grower. Methodist minister Introduction of speaker—Ally Fred L. Henley. Addicss—Hon. Harry C. Blanton Color guard and firing salute ovoi graves—Missouri National Guard, ii chnrfio of Capt. E. 13. Hop-:. / Taps—Wendell Crow. • ' Truman Signs $350 Million Bill for Relief piece of the tail assembly Mew off. Falls in Swampy Arra "I couldn't Icil fen- sure," hc said, "but Fomclhin^ went wroin; with the tall." WASHINGTON, May 31. (UP) President Trlirmm lo:lay stKtled ill- lo liw the hill nutlKirlzliiK OCO.OCO of emergency relief for six war-dovaslalcil iialinns. 'J'lie reiief plan, voted by Con- Rress. provides for shipment this year of up to $350 QOlXnot) In American tooil, mcdlCiil supplies, fcrll- ll/crs and feeds. The bulk of tile shipment.-; would HO. to Austria Greece. Himuriry. Italy. Poland China anil Trieste. The President slRiicd the measure amidst, warnings hy U. S. Occupation Area commanders and foreign policy spokesmen that re'.ief sup- n'lfs must b? rushed lo avert slar- vitinn aivi disease In many parts of thr world. With the bill. Mr. Truman also signed a:i rxrrlltlve order ^ivin^ Sccri'larv of Slali: Grorije C. Mal 1 - shc.ll authority to direct the relief prnurain, This nu-a.snre Is distinct Irom the MriV.fnrT/Q aulhori^Uion to proviili- military and fimdameiital | rronciiiir- ajfi lo Greece and Tur- NKW YORK, Mny 31. (UP) — A freak cliunge In Iho wind while Iho plune wns racing down the mnwny for a KiO-nillu-nn-hour tnke-off wus bliinicd lodny for the crash of a United Airlines trans- i>ort at l.u Qunrdln field Thurwluy night which killed 40 persons und Injured eight olhers. The Win victim of the crash died today. He wus Cliartcs J. Shnn- mm. 27, New York. Olflclnls Of holh the Civil Aero- imutli's Hoard and the- airline i- nree ( | nflcr a prellinlnnry Invesllga- tlon thai the wind change, Irom 10 MPH South wind to u Northwest wind of 2',t miles velocity, pvo- bnbly prevented the four-cngined plane from irelllnjj liuo the nlr after u normnl run. George Day, chief of the Ilrut region of tin! CAD, said In his report that there wus "positive evidence wind shuts occurred during take-off run." However, ho addi-d, •''pilot wus ndvlscd of approaching wlndshlfls prior to tiike-ofl', The pilot, Capt. Dcnton u. Ujild- r,Q j win, one of the survivors, Bald vyhen he saw lie wasn't, going lo make, |l 1C ordered OoJpilol R. E, Sand;, .0 out tho throttles ot the four motors, and applied the brc.iKn fr an nllempl lo ground loop (tun .Idcvvuys) Hie plane, Ulnck llremarks showed where lh< I3C-4 skltldcd with locked whcul! for 1,000 feet alons the ;i,l>00-ioo' runway before It went out of control and crashed. Of Die eight survivors, two were reported still In critical condition Anolher was reported In serious condition and tho remainder were In (nlr condition. Thirty of the victims burnc.l to death In the fuselnge have been Identified. Tlic ac-cldont wns one or the lew lain] crashes in which this pilot lived lo tell about It, and llakhvl'.i's testimony before siibscciucut, hearings wns cxpcclcd to help to csluf)- Aviation Mishaps Send Holiday Toll To Ail-Time High Highway Accidents Cost Lives of 84; 27 Persons Drowned. (Ity Unllcd 1'rcss) Holiday accidents--Including' the two most Iriijjlc airplane crashes In llio nation's history—killed 250 persons during the first half of lie loii|{ memorial day weekend. Ninety-three persons were killed tho two plnnc crashes, 84 pcr- ons In tratiic (icclilont'i nnd 10 lersons In inUicclluncou.* accidents uclmlliiB n train derailment and The National safety Cojncil had. ' Hint 27G persons would, )e killed |n traffic accidents alone during Memorial Day, Saturday md Sunday. Fllfy-tlirec persons were killed, vhen an Eastern Airlines luxury ,lncr ciuslicd and exploded .'In' i lieavlly-wooiled sector near Havre- lie Cirncc, Md., lust night. Less tlnin 24 hours previous, when .he holiday was only a few hours old, '10 persons were killed when Untied Air Miles piano crashed it La Climrdla Field In New York' City. .- . , At Munslcr, Ind., six members of one family, .including a bride nnd groom, were killed, when their - nilomobilu was 'lilt by u. si ceding Pennsylvania rnllroad passenger train ycslerdny. • At Indlnmipoll.s a.crowd of 175,OCO persons saw William CniUlon, jVclcraii .unto racing driver, -killed,- v when his si:ecd&!j- < .ca1f',.8pun into H : . "w/ill 'dfirlne'.'tiic'500-)i;ll3jMcmorial ; V Uny speedway rncc. ,...., At McCoiub, Mo., an engineer and fireman were killed early Friday, when tho Frisco Kallroad's Florida Special, en route Iron Memphis Tcnn., to Kansas City was derailed. Indiana led the states-with U traffic fatalities. California .was second with 10. . lish definitely the cause ol 1 the disaster. Junior Bankers Of Arkansas Elect Officers Posts $25 Bond After Hitting Educator MEMPHIS. May 31. <U!'l--Th ;25 l>r>nd posted for C. U. Pi?i'ce. Memp)ii.s Rroccr who S').:kcd a <o]- prrsidnnt Monday in Coiuvay, Ark., will l>e (orteilctl. i- was <11-.- o.scd today. fierce was arrested yc'.lenlay otid later lurnncl free (m a chnrgi of r.s- and hatU'ry after p-jsiin^ b:>nd in Arkansar;. Pierce admittedly sln;;te'l r>!'. R. L. Whip])lc, oustcct p]'esidcir> nf Central College. Conway. short Iv a"ft' comme:\cement excrcis"-;. Tlin :U- tcrcntion Brew cut ot nllrsecl remarks the educator 'inide awtnst Vicrcc's daughter. :-. .>';ul" and critic of Whlpplc'.; ])o The college Ixnrd p.'e'.'i' voted to ourit Whij)})le ?) the faculty. Imricr of Weather ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy a warmer today and tonight £iui( mostly cloudy. Local showers West and Central portions, 1" The crasli of (hc DouKlas-in;<de CC-4 occurred in swampy woods about two nnd one-half milfs north of the Bninbridgc N.ival Traininx Station ar.d between Havre <le Grace, the racetrack town, and Port. Deposit. The shattered and burned bodies — 52 of them so far were placed in the hospital ol the Naval Station. Tills mornim; ofhcials began Ilia grim la. r k of identifying the bocUei of the victims. Some of the bodies were so badly matiRlctl that Identification may hc Imnoisibb, The passenger list did not. MIOW nny Arkansans were ab:>i>nl the plane. Al the scene of the crnsh sl.ile troopers were sorting ,>d?s of bloody clothit^E. Nearby lay th: scattered wreckage of the plane. Unreliable reports '.•iilir.- had mid that one of the cn-.,i'R-s iiad exploded and torn loose when the plane was In flight and had strucK the tall assembly. Hut nil four engines were found In tho wreckage. And n group ol Civil Aeronautics Board investigators, who were fiy- fng back to Washington after studying the United Air Lines disaster at New York 23 hours earlier, saw the death of the EAL plan,!. They did not_sce an engine explosion. At Ihe scene were sow* of I lift victims' effects—mute lasllmc-ny lo B. death loll which equalled 'Hint of'nny licnvlcr-lhim-.tir disaster in key to bolster them against Com- nmnisin. the world. Wr<*rk:iKC Biirnini; Tmlay Rrjrne of Ihe wret-k:i|jr! t.-f thr. plane still w:is smoking lids morning, more Ihan 12 hours afler th-; crash. Tlic <l:sa:>ter came wlihin 2-1 llonr.s nttrr a similur trnnspcn"- of Ihe Unllcd Air Miles had crashed at l,a(iuard'a Alr^init In New York, killing -10 persons. It marked Ihr period hi the history of world aviation, for no fo'.ver limn 177 peisons perished M six separate air crashes nroun I Ihe violin. The CA1! officials notini"! the Buinbriflye Naval Iriiiui'.;.! iiiltliori- ties. nnd police cars and naval ambulances wero on Iheir wny lo the Mrtie within a matter o»" minulcs. 'I be i>lane had cut -.1 ?wath ol 7,i ymds through th.e Irces. Three IH Irers were completely uprooted. On their limbs hung wearing apparel an<LJ]it.s of Ixxlics. Assistant Police Chief William Bullock of Havre tie Grace was nmonp the firsl lo reac 1 .! Ihc sccns. 'The first hodlcs I t<;ok tint of the wreckage were those of a mother with a child clasped in her aims,''' Ihc white-faced Bullock told newsmen. "Bolh were decapitated." The passenger list \v;is inter notional In scope. It Included* a young student from Lima, Peru. M. Konstanlln of Paris, Josophlna dc La Gucnlc of Santiago, Chile, and Tom Lnm, a New Yort; Chinese. HOT SPRINGS. Ark-. May 31. HIP)—Mclvin IAWSOII of Llltle Ilock was elected president of the Arkansas .Junior Bankers Association M llic concluding session of their 24th annual convention here yesterday. iHo succeeds Ed Williams of Pine Bluff. Other officers clecled were Norton Meek. Jr., of Hot Spring, viec-piesidenl; William It. Ganlt. ,lr.. of Magnolia, sccrelary; R. K. •liuck of F.-iycttcvillc, treasurer', Julian Hrnwn of Uowil-l. sergeant-alarms; and Mi- Helen Williamson ol Little Rock, .ilstorinn. Principal speaker »t the one-day convenlion was C. W. Bailey "I Clarksville. Tenn., president of the American Association. Church School Youngsters Add Their Mite to fund To Buy Site for Building A *5 contribution 'o the !,cluol fund drive wns received tu'lay from the youngest donors to ;'.ive to tho campaign, aline! at nbln'n- ItiR $r>0.000 to buy a new ?'i The conlrlliullon wns sent by the Junior Fellowship Sunday School class of the First Mellwd- Church. The class is compose.1 of 12-year-old girls, wh i voU-'l to donate nearly .two-thin*.* of their class treasury fund to (he drive. Soft Coal Wage Conference Fails Operators Go Home When Lewis Refuses 15-Ccnt Increase WASHINGTON, -May 31. (UP) — Neyollnlloiis for a sof^ cpal contract between Northern .operators anil John 1,. Lewis collapsed today when the Unite*) Mine Workers' cailer rejected an offcr_ of 15 trtits an hcur wage Increase. Lewis de- ninnded 33 cents an hour. -< Charles O'Neill, operators' .sppkcs.- an. announced tlic collapse and blamed it on "the unreasonable d ?" mi-nils" of Lewis. \ O'Ni'Hl said that in liddilion lo the 35 cents an hour increases. Lewis wanted: ~ An increase In the royally for the health and welfare fund, from fivn tn 10 cents a ton; Language which would exempt his union from Ihc responsibilities of the pending'new labor bill; Inclusion of Ihc federal mine safety code In the contract; Continuation of thn present provision r/rantlng tho union bargaining ri^htr. for supervisory .workers where, they win nn election; ~ S'x paid holidays;, . .. ' . $100 annual vacation pay; Time and onc-'nah pay for Saturday and ritmbtc time for Sunday; 3r?-dav termination clause in the contract. O'Neill snld that the joint was: conference was adjourned and tin operators were going home. Harrj Moses, spokesman for "cantivi miner." owned by U. S. Steel Corp anH other steel companies alsi said that he considered the cor. Terence dissolved. • The breakdown of these nego nations increased the, probability o n soft, coal shutdown on July I Government operation of the mine will curt then—unless Congress give the administration new aulhbrlt; to deal with the situation. President's Aging Mother Barely Holding Her Own New York Golfer Wins British Amateur Title GRANDVIEW. Mo., Miiy 31. (UPJ i . —President Truman's niling, 94-[ CARNOUKSTTB, Scotland. May ?1. year-old mother was only "holding (UP) — Little Willie. Tumesa -* her own" today. I White Plains, N. Y., iron the Brit- 13rig. Gen. Wallace Graham, I Ish Amiteur championship, toil»j', White House physician, reported' defeatlns Richard D. Chipman of that Mrs. 'Martha E. Truman "has" i«n.a.«,.*» » r* + .-j -k.i.'^r^ not made the continued progress we have days." noted in the past few Pinehurst, . C, 1 Mi ot -the greatest uphill/* golfing history, (See *rr] siiorls pagc.l s ^ ''

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