The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MAY 30, 1947 Wallace Sees Sentiment for A Third Party NEW YORK, May 30. (UP) - Eentirhtnt throuughout the coun try U> strong for a "third party," Henry A. Wallace said today. Wallace, reporting In the liberal weekly "New Republic" on his nationwide speaking tour, said he found this sentiment so strong "that I have tried to emphasize that the first problem now i s to create, not a third, but a second parly." "progressives feol tnat the Democratic party lias betrayed Its heritage, by Its present conservatism," he said. "They arc disgusted at the subject surrender of the administration to the Republican majority in Congress." Wallace said that addressing 100,03 Americans hns convinced him that a "new spirit is stirring' 1 in the country. "If the major political parties ia- nore this new and vibrant mood in the people." he said, "we shall face larger and sharper rclnllen- me.nls in political life. This new movement is in the main stream of American politics; any attempt to dam it will cause it simply to change its course. "Unless the Democratic Party becomes liberal and expresses the Eroding liberal sentiment of Americans," he said. "I am certain that it will go down to disastrous defeat next year." No Place to Go Chemical Society Formed FAYETTEVILLE. Ark., May 30 (UF)~A local section of the Amcr- HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. is pleased to announce Unit Mr. Richard Holr hns joined our stuff as carpenter and maintenance man. (Jail us to (io that jol) you can't do or don't want to do. Teloiihor.c 2S01 William ficed, 90, may look like he's liikintt life easy as he relaxes in the lobby of ihe 73-year-old llubbiivd llolel in Chicago, liul he's just tufcina a moment's rest in his search for a plnco to live. He and 349 other residents of the hotel received their eviction notices when city authorities* recently condemned the building as a "fire lra\).'.' icnn Chemical Society Ims been chartered at the University of Arkansas, it was announced today by C., national secretary of the group. The section is headed by \y;. Hnnison Hale. Emeritus-professor Alen II, Emery of Washington, D. | at tlic unhersity. Mussels frequently kill birds by lu.slcnlng themselves to their feet. A bird thus caught can neither walk nor fly. '_\ '• TIIH STORY: I wnn Went !n»o n fUthrr «f rxt-IU- •ver the funrrnl ut youtt^ fcrrt Tulllvtrr. an rlnhor;i1e and Mlttlrr ithr Tolllv niitl no r B lrU a particularly fortunate posi- 03). Yovi can afford lo w;u't until ic right man comes along or not o marry at all if you HO prefer, he lovely Flombcllc and Anna- ellc caii'l." Jirsi othe «nj- vt the \\rrc <o 1ir*ome <mr tmmau* funiilj. K they wtrft iiriii>»*'* Mho hnd rvJifrtl tin* |h»KNr »r*t door to - *S«NiO insurance f lluli ulllverj lht-r wrote llulprrt Th nnd hn two ell-In- i simply marvelous recipe lor sweet- urcad saUid, made with slews oC Ijhmchctl iilinonds, EI few mushroom. 1 ;, and while wine in the mayonnaise. And Amy would b« glad to mnl'.c her delicious potato rolls anil brinj; them over hot. And didn't I think it would bo smart, to 'serve lea instead of codec? In the New York pitpor.'i Ihe isinnrl sel always served lea, afternoons. Kir)*— Kl were bcnutl IME n plnj- for th 4i> nnd mlddU--n^nl ImrlifliixMi < Sam nnd A>Unii l-'ovl»r». \Vh.-ti 1 cnmr fcoitu- fur «Mnim«rr vacation, . >the Tolllvrri* KUVC me a "*urnrl»e . parlj-," Ilurlnr: tlie cvi'iilnjr. V Flora diMarpmrril *«> r « vh»e ;wUk young Hull Flnnurna. , •',•' * * * -x". ' '• VI AS we walked homo Father askcc •f*- me if I had had a good time "A wonderful time," I sale truthfully. "It was a bcnulifu party. But I feel awfully mdeblec to the TolHvcrs. 1*11 have lo d something for .them." "You might give a parly in lliei honor. People haven't been ver nice to them, and it makes me hot under the collar. Thoy're nice people, even if n tittle flamboyant. If we back theiA I'D publicly, cv- , eryone will fall in line." ,'. - I was more than a littlo annoyed that Father had suggested 'the without Availing for me to do so, but I agreed that was an - excellent idea. I said that it was impossible not •to like the Tolliver girls, especially Flora and Annabcllc. They were so pretty and worked so bard. I added that I didn't like the way Ihey threw themselves at the heads of Coxisin Sam and Mr. Nelson, rhen old enough lo be their fathers. 1 1 said it was undignified, that it made me a little sick. ' "What else can they do, poor things?" said my father. "It's a choice between Sam and Nelson PHE next morning Lcnh brought •*• me n breakfast I ray. She had jarcly R(mc clownsluirs when icaixl giggles and greetings and vhal l-'Hthcr called Leah's belly angh. In a few miiu^cs t'lovabellc nnd Annabclle were in my room. They were ns fresh mid prolty as daisies, even though they s;iiil hey had been up since 0 o'clock. We bvcuyht bnclc the silver and china Leah lent us," Annabcllc explained. ;\nd wo had to run upstairs and tell you hr*w beautiful you looked lusl night," Flora drawled. I knew that I was anything but beautiful, yet the praise was very soul-satisfying. I told llicm I wanted to give a large parly for them and their sis- Icr and molber, perhaps a garden parly, and ask all my friends and Father's. To my surprise Flora burst into sudden tears. Annnbelle got up nnd kissed her and shook her gently. "Don't be a goose," she lold her. "V/e'rc not used (o kindness," ihe said to inc. "It's the loveliest thing that evci happened to us," Flora £n\. out. 1 felt uplifted ;md grand. Flora was soon laughing, and \vc fell lo planning the party. I explained that I'd have to ask an awful mob. "The more the merrier. Sister, isn't it heavenly? Guests ot honor at a huge, big. wonderful party! Were yon ever so thrilled? Think of it, a real party for us!" My Jdca was a simple garden party on a Saturday afternoon, with punch and sandwiches and little iced cakes. But both Flora and AnnabelUs took it as a matter and theic Uncle Lafc'^ grocery of course that I would have club•lore. You, my dear dr hter, a>;e j ovate refreshments. They had a 1" DON'T know just when it was, bul certainly before the invitations were out, that Flora rather timidly lei drop the idea (hat. ,wc make it a supper instead of an afternoon party. She said that since it '.vas so hot, everyone would be certain to come laic and want Lo stay later. "f hadn't planned on serving supper, 1 ' 1 said a little coldly. ll ll would mciiii a lol more work, and with the mob (»f peuplc 1 have on my list it would be extremely expensive." 'Flora'f Caco fell. " "l didn't- moan that the after- loon parly wouldn't be wonder-- ful/ 1 she said dolefully, "bul i .bought thai Sister atul I could r.clp with Hie work, and we're ex- perl at pinching pennies. You'd hardly need a single extra tiling if you turned the lea into a supper, except possibly a hum. 1 ' Suddenly Flora's face lighted up, and :;he clapped her hands, "Why not serve Spanish rice instead of liani?" she cried ecstatically. "That would be wonderful. Everybody has bam. If you .substituted veal for half the chicken you could serve the whole lot for ;<. dollar or Uvo. Really, Louise thirling, il would be an economy in the end, as you wouldn't have to give another party for ages. And it would be such fun." Looking back, it gives me a warm glow to remember that I iinally allowed Flora to have her head and, instead of :i niggardly, commonplace afternoon 1 a w n party, gave the "fele cbumnctrc' 1 ot Flora's dreams, I never dreamed then, of course, of the conscfn.itnets of thai party or what it would do lo both Floca and Aniuibcllc. * . (To Be Continued), RADIO REPAIRS 1 MTO 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Go. t^rfthorl/cd Motorola Radio Sales 'Aiul Service IUG South I'Trsl St. Today's free MGAI Record "Neither of us likes these nursery rhymes—shall we try him with some newspaper comics?" "HECKLES & HIS FRIENDS This Ones It ---Bur DOM'T ~<ou SEF, HILDA? THE BOYS ARE TRYING To ' MAKE US MAO.' IT JUST PROVES THAT KILL- - EM- WITH-tCINDMESS WEEK IS r WORKINQ I , J By MERRILL BLOPSER V/HEW AMYBODY UGUTS A RRE UMDER ME.THEY BETTER STAND BY FOR. AM EXPLOSION! 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DOT A F£\M YARDS OF W& CEMENT At^V BLVT X'LL eo -^ ELS& o SOMEBODY TELLTH' M.\M O(-J NUMBER TEW MILL TO STOP O\! TH-NT JOS TILL I SET THERE %!'•& / WHAT \ / i ju-:-T YBUT you DIDM'T i[ IMTI-I' y SMPTII/ I VADRLU "HAT ) TELL HIM MOT TO LP I 1 TOLD TH' \ MAKE TIT HOLE IM DID I GUY TO MAKE \ THE NEW OME VOU \ TH' MEW JOB I TCLL \ EXACTLY / "IHE OU K LI! ^ G " TH[ -" I "S \ u GOY j V OLP ONE. 1 J V.EOG -s EGO-SHAPED-THE OLD OME .VORM iHAFEI?.' MOKE DETAILS WASTT TTTRPP K Thai Enthusiasm? TIJKM* WE C A " °'CK- UP CLEO A*)P HWE A Sttw-i. CELE3EATIOW BEFORE TO CfF TO SEE PATENT ATTORNEYS IM WASHINGTON. TOIL HWE TO HUEZS'. PALE'S FWIK6 TO I CHARLESTON TONIGHT ON THE: PIANE IW TAWHG NORTH. SHE'S &SKED WE TO STOP OFF M1P MEET KK. FATHEP.. HOW THOUGHT PALE KK1NGIE MOUS.O 8E PK SKftSPINC-, FLIBT- HE^R.TFO OLD PIRWC ? 1ET1 RYDER A Spy in the Brush KY V. T. HAMUN RED KYDtR WV3RK-un OUT Ef? o$ RACE RSE GtT-li.A TO 'V£ 1OO rlLKH INVESTED 'O BACK -fa£ \<!ROS!G O55. A\VD IF TriU^DER" JOOt>, I\H C3OT Tir\E - — '0 TJO SO-AETrtlrtG r , A&OiJT rt.' .J Jk- ALLEY OOP' T'lcnlv \f j nc FLINT The Threat NOW MT THIS, DENVER. YOU'RE NOT SONNA WIN WW FKJHT WITH THE CHAMP, AM VOO? BY M1CHAKL O'SIALLEY and RATJ'H LANE QUIT CLOWNIN .' N YOU'VE GOT A MOWER AN'SI&TER IK PCWTIAC, MICHIGAN, AND IP YOU WAS TO WIN,ONE OF THEM MIGHT HAVE- AN ACCIDENT. GET IT ? „ SAV.VJHOEVER YOU ARE. IF YOU THINK THIS 15 PUNNY-- By V. T. HAMUN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Oh, Yes! BY EDGAR MARTIN CLftRft.^OU VJWt GO\H& \0 T&AA. Mt PVV TW.V DOPt Oto OUR VAtV^ /TV ^ ttP6 OH% VMO OUT O^ TOS-ihi LU<E ft lOSASLfc I VOtED 1 . f\ LOUPiBLt, BIG ,~l IAOUTWLD, ->^'^' «___._ .*

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