The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 8, 1950
Page 5
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SATURDAY,-APRIL », I960 BLITHEV1LLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THE EASTER STORY Christ Is Risen! Drawn by John J. Sunley f Sut Hit chief pri«*h and tfct Htarinet, b*i»g trickttw rHeniterws, feared the distiplei might trick them by tttolwg Jeun' body, to make goad Hit prophecy "After three rfoy* I will roe agate." So they obtained from Pilate a quo rd of soldiers. Ju<4 they deporting, mote the tcputchn surf, sealing 1te Hont and setting juanfa. (Matt.VM) fear, including Mary Mo«dal«i and Mary itw mother o» Jomct and Jouph. But the angel reassured them, toying: He is not h«*, for he is rix*. as he salt, f Mott, 28:6) But to no avail. Toward down of the opownted day there was a great earthquake. A» wMel of the Lord rolled bock the sloneand sot upon it. AmJthowabotrtwcredimibwiHi HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Manhattan Designer Disdains Standardizing of Bosoms NEW YORK (AP)—A Manhattan dre'S designer gave this tip today to American women on how to be beautiful: "Throw away your girdles and brassieres.' " And the designer, Raymond Ma- rinclli, who has dressed some of the world's loveliest ladles, also came out with a full-chested veto of what the girls call the "universal of upstanding bustline." "This turns then) from individual women Into a row ot acorns' he said pointedly. "That is bad This may be heresy to feminine cars-Uiat it's wrong for all dames to look the same. Ordinary men have complained for some time that in a land where each make pr motor car has a different cha«" women have standard zed ! om shancs so much they've be- fts similar as martini olives. „„„ the Bals have paid no heed ,o these howls. Maybe they figured they would run less gamble ot los ing 5 their man If they all wedged themseSves into a single silhouette which he poor dope would hav to lake or leave as he had no othe Ch0lCC - .<, Totrl Yon So" , Well girls, you don't have to pa me no-never-mind, and I'm the las Toe to crow "I told you so!" bu Marinem—he's an exnert, who de S 'wI's°near C Wm first on the wid. <nread feminine craze for the un ver'al bustline, which he deiines a "one with an uplifted expression. * If It were gazing »t the moo . n - . ••Because a couple of movie sfc with general appeal happened t have a certain body line," he sal ••every woman In America, regardless of the rest ot her proportions tried to ape the appearance of their /'.*"Now you can enter any roomful •£mr women and whether they are 'Wide or narrow, short or toll they all have the same .unnatural and Identically shaped bust. Only One Bust? "It Isn't true that this is the . only breastline that appeals o men lust as women prefer different, tv^cs rf meiv so men Uke various kinds ot women. Don't hide the evidence of variety. Don't camou- iv.o-e your natural chorm by accenting the universal b« s « lne ••Oive men a chance to choose wh?t they prefer. Men don t liKc -ba-f whether they are shop- nly a fine net bra and girdle which o not distort their figures. But no omen need be fat. Intelligent dici- ng combined with exercise is na- ure'.s own method of corsel'mg Vomen should be like Greek sta- ues—all beautiful, but each in its own way." ' , And what does your own wife liink of your ideas, Mr. Morinelli? "I am a bachelor," he said, a glint f long victory in his ey«. Magazine Proves To Be Poor Bank SUN VALLEY, Calif., April 7. (AP) — Raymond O. Durdick, 25, dreamed o! a new home. He'll laid away $160 as a starter, hiding it in a magazine. But, he told police, his mother gave away his hiding place, with a stack of periodicals to a denier. The name of his bankv. House Beautiful. Japs Dig Up Aerial Bomb TOKYO, April 8. m— A wartime 500-pound aeilitt ootivn. was uu- earthed today 100 ynrds from General MacArthur's headquarters,- and It was lucky someone wasn't hurt. Rusted and mud-caked, It, still uns a live one, sold U. B. Army experts. Had a workman's pick or shovel Ml UID detonnter probably a lot of people In the heart of Tokyo would have been killed. Intervening buildings would have spared MacArUnir's headquarters, however. The bomb seemed to have American markings, Army olflcer suld. It, undoubtedly was dropped by a U.S. bomber five or more years ago. The workmen were clearing ground for a new building. They came on the bomb four feet down. The area was off, but n crowd of Japanese gathered In 'he rain to walch the bomb being unearthed. Later it was destroyed. Lewis Warms To Proposed Labor Merger WASHINGTON, April 8.1/P)—A warm reception by John L. Lewis strengthened prospects yesterday or merging the n»lkni'i big l»bor unions Into a single, powerful Jed- ernUon. Lewis yesterday accepted CIO President Philip Murray's plsn to establish a Joint commlH«« for coojicrRtlon on legislative, political and economic problems. The same committee, according to Murray's plan, would work to achieve an actual merger of all labor unions. An answer to Murray'* proposal was awaited from the AFL, the railroad labor unions and the Independent machinist* union, also Invited to Join. AFL president William Qrcen greeted Ihe Idea cordially and said he planned to discuss It with Murray. A reply was promised to- dny from Al Hayes, president of the machinists union. The rail unions were considering their replies. Together, the unions claim about 10,000,000 members. • A pledge to act as a team could be the beginning of a labor party In America with joint action In national elections. Ltopold May Abdicate BRUSSELS, Belgium, April 8. —Exiled King Leopold III indicated l » Hie throne. In a message from Switzerland ?**• terday that he would be wiling to consider abdication if h* Is returned GETS IITS WINGS—Midshipman Gabriel H. Wilson, USN, son ol Mike Wilson of Steclc, Mo., Rt. I, is shown above as he receives his "wings of gold" as a Naval aviator at Naval Air station, corpus Christ), Texas. Pinning his new wings.on him Is his sister, Miss Alma Wilson ot Phoenix, Ariz. Midshipman Wilson's next assignment will bs operational flight training with the Atlantic Fleet. MacKenzie Pole. However, enough of war talk. Nfayhe the fact that sve aru getting set defensively will prevent any- ne _rom attacking us. Anywny, that's the idea, and the anadian - American brotherhood .yes a fellow a mighty good feeling. So we are glad that our Canadian aval friends have dropped in for visit. May it lead to many more! , ab times more neul rns they'd be a tho^and feminine." said Morl- more . .emphatically, J'The^ea Ihrt jTouw;-^^ "h«* 6 ih, beautiful lines with which she wa blessed. Like » Champasne Cor* "Her own contours give a mori natural, flexible look instead of .th anpearance of hard comprcMton- ,, M » cork in a champagne lehe doesn't resemble every othe "woman; she has a grace of move ment ot her own. And she shoul dress to her own contours. "Did vou ever dance with a tight ly skdled woman? It is like dancln with a—like dancing with a—." Like dancing with an oak tr« Mr. Marlnelli? "Oh, no, no I That is too rough. I Is like dancing with a stuffed dres. form in your armsl" What about overly plump girls Shouldn't they hesitate to she their undcr-gown armor? "Certainly not," said the design er. "At the most they should wea Portageville News By Mrs. Raymond Toombs Phone Vi» McMath Urges Approval Of Natural Gas Bill LITTLE KOCK, April 8. (/!') — overnor McMath yesterday asked resident Truman to sign the con- roverslal Kcrr Natural Gas Bill. The measure would take from the ecleral .Power Commission its au- :iority to fix prices on natural gus nld by Independent producers. In a telegram to Mr. Truman th! loming. McMath said that the <err bill Is tile "best means I'aranteelng .adequate supply latural gas at a reasonable cost to he consumer." Hollywood aller. A remarkable fellow. Where There's Smoke . , . Jvfyrna Deli and wealthy Travis •Cleefelci, who is a ringer for Ty Power, are sending up romantic moke, signals. . . . Hollywood's obless, who don't mind going to amalca, will get a break when Cingswood Films gets rolling there. The new film outfit has the Jamaican government's okay on the mportation of Hollywood labor. Quote of the week: "Isn't it horrible that Hollywood inakts movies I'm not in?"—Shelley iVinters. * • • Luxury note: Mac McHenry, ros- ;aurant chin owner, just presented nls wife, Bemlce, with an ermine sweat shirt for tennis. . Producer Jerry Wald says he's received scores of insulting and threatening letters following his Klu Klltx Klan expose hi "Storm Warning." I asked him why he didn't report same to the FBI. His answer: "It would look like a publicity stunt." * * . Dore Senary Is mulling a remake of "Joe Smith—American," again starring Bob Young in the title role. . . . Joan Evans and Hunt Stromberg, Jr., a twosome at the Trials. . . . Sign of the times: The Ma- cayo, herttofore a fashionable rhumba rendezvous, has initiated a nightly "Charlestown Hour" In place of a floor show, wllh Dixieland muslcl • • * Aside to Bab Hope: There's a new comic named Bob Pope playing the Savannah Club in New York. Amateur Hour ' The Bess Truman club will spoil-' sor an'amateur hour April 14 In the New Madrid High School gymnasium. Proceeds are to go to the Missouri Boys Town. Tickets are to go on sale shortly. ' T WSCS News The Women's Society of Christian Service met Monday at the church for a potluck supper and joint meeting with Circle One in charge. Mrs. V. P. Ellis gave the devotional and Mrs. Lee Peerson presented a be Scripture." Miss Mildred suddeth was voted delegate to attend the annual WSCS conference In St. Louis May 2. A new member. Mrs. Opal Boon', was added to Circle Four. Social Notes Mrs. Ralph Howard entertained Saturday afternoon with a party honoring her son, Jerry, on his eighth birthday. Prizes were won by Brenda Clendennin and Barry O'Neill in Easter games. Mr. and Mrs. Jonn B. Mealte celebrated their golden -wedding anniversary Sunday with open house. Members of the Dobe club enjoyed a 7 o'clock dinner Thursday evening! when Mr. and Mrs. J. H. j Workman entertained. Prizes In | pinochle went to Mrs. Raymond Secoy, Henry Workman, Mrs. Henry Workman and Arthur Drerup. Mrs. Raymond Secoy was elected president of Our Lady's Sodality of the Catholic Church:Monday, other,! officers Include Mrs. Burl" Jeeter,' vice president; Mrs.'L. P. Budenhnl- zer. Jr., secretary; and Miss Ellen De Lisle,,treasurer. Norman Sander, Social Security official of Onpe Girardcau, spoke to members of Portageville's Rotary club Tuesday. Carl Blocker of Car- uthersvillc advocated Wyman Dill- i honors going to Mrs. Helen nnd Mrs, Sum Avery. May State Car Owners Pay $2,760 Penalty On Auto Licenses LITTLE ROCK, April 8. (AP) — .Tardy Arkansas car owners hav had to pay $2,160 in penalties fo late purchase of their 1050 aut< licenses. Arkansas Revenue Cornmi. e sione Dean Morley said penalty coilec tions this year wtre $14,436 unde those In 1949. Morley said last year's collection were exceptionally high becaus* they Included fees from deltnquei truck owners. Truck licenses wcr purchased in January, last year. The 104D legislature changed th truck license paying period to July Deadline for purchasing 1950 auU Uigs without penalty was Jan. 31. 82-Year-Old Man Found in Ditch MAGNOLIA, Ark., April 8. (AP) — An 82-year-old man wearing a money belt containing more than $2,000 wits found unconscious In a ilghway ditch between Waldo anil Buckncr yesterday. The money, which Included several $20 gold, pieces and some old gold certificates, was discovered when the man, Luther Gibson, of the Sheppard community, near Hope, was brought to a Magnolia hospital.- Gibson was found by Stale Police Sgt. Porterfleld. Stale police said Gibson apparently tin* (alien out of fatigue. Foul play was not suspected. ' Sub-Teen Agers •Hatty About War WASHINGTON, April B. (/P) — Senator Magnuson (D-Wash>_ said yesterday that even the sub-teen agers aro worrying about war. He .displayed a letter from June Lcilan Stoy, 12 year old sixth grader. Written from her home, rural route 1, Box 41G, Kent, Wash. She said: "For pity sakes lets not have nny more wars. It sure is causing a lot of trouble." Arkansas Reserve Corps To Be Greatly Decreased UTTLE ROCK. April B. (IF)— About a dozen Arkansas units of the organized Reserve Corps will be Inactivated by the department o the Army's New ORC program, bu many o[ the remaining units wll be greatly Increased In size. Col. Hugh cort, chief ol the Arkansas 'Military District, said this movning that the Army hone to provide better training facilities, Improve Instruction and additional armories ns the program. There arc' 9,000 reservists and 130 reserve units in Arkansas cities. Spring Fires Flareup LITTLE ROCK, April 7. (/T)— The Jt kansas Forestry I>s;f.i mcnt said yesterday a mild ilareup of spring fires In the state yesterday destroyed 202 acres. Thirtyfour blazes were reported. Assistant Forrester R. M. Henry said heaviest damage was near Ozark where two' fires burned over 135 acres. man for district governor. Mrs. Arlrne Avery entertained ber| bridge club Thursday evening with FOR SAL 3-bcriroom Home In good location. Will G. I. or F. H. A. Priced to sell. New 2-bedroom house, attic fan, gas floor furnace. Low down payment. Have several more good buys for FHA or GI buyers. Sec or call SAM GODWIN DAVID REAL ESTATE & INV. CO. Phone 3303 ' Phone <!12.1 The Rustic Inn Present FREE EASTER EGGS FOR THE KIDDIES EASTER SUNDAY Enjoy the Finest in Food — Easter Dinner at THE RUSTIC INN STOP! LOOK! FREE INSPECTION! Do You Know if Termites Are Ruining Your Property? Government Statistics Say Termite Damage Was Second Only to Firt in the United States. SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. Will Mak« Inspection and Estimate, If Needed, Without Cost or Obligation. OUR WORK IS LICENSED AND CONTROLLED RY THE ARKANSAS STATE PLANT HOARD—WE HAVE 12 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE TO GUARANTEE YOU SATISFACTION. "If you fhlnk women aren't hard . los en," claim* Hannah, "you Jriould linow on« who it frying to reduce!" There's one lime when It doesn't I»ay lo lie a K^ml Instil- ami that's wlicn you*vc sot 2 radio thai won't work rig hi. Don't Just smile and suffer . , . call Blytheville Sales Co. and let our expert servicemen give your radio a careful check up. We'll pick up and deliver your set promptly. *QRFRIE ESTIMATES T6UVIS1ON & RADIO .SAUS AND SERVICE BIG DISCOUNT on brand new 1949 APPLIANCES The '50 models ure here so out go Ihe '49's! While (hey last you cim get big discounts on Kelvinator refrigerators, ranges, wnlcr heiilers. , .Apex washers, dishwashers, dryers, kitchen cabinets and sinks. Also 1 1950 Kelvinator refrigerator offered at special discount because the enamel was slightly chipped in shipment. UUIUlfl E. B. GEE SALES CO. South 2nd Street Phone 2026 Corfc said many reservists will be assigned to regular Army units as SOB ORCHESTRA TUESDAY MAY 2 Bob Slrnng'i Orchettrm U th> first In A series al name bandi wlilch the. American Legion will soon bilns to Blytheville. DANCE Cabaret StyU 9 to 1 American Legion Auditorium Admission Advanco Sale Tickets: $1.2» per person (Tax Inclu.) Tickets af the Door: $1.54 per person (Tax'Ihcl.) Advance Tickets on sale at Klrhy Drill; Store and Floyd Wlitte'a Slim; Store. '^ HE IS RISEN 138S MAINST BIYTHEVItU. AUK H. c. GALL 2350 or 3579 Blankenshlp 309 £< KENTUCKY L. J. Zeller The State Financial Responsibility LAW Is Very Strict! Before you have an BCCI- dcnl, call 3361 for aulomo- bile Insurance protection. For small premium, we include $10,000 Personal Liability. W. M. BURNS Insurance Agency "Soy It With Flowers" Blythevillt FLOWER MART Memphis Hlwaj Thonf BOOT Easter-means . more than, the fact that Christ arose from the dead '. He Seeks to Rule, Reign and Fill Your Life TodaY Christ Came Forth from the Dead to Bring You Life Anew SPECIAL EASTER SERMON—10:55 A.M. "The Mcssiige of flic Risen Christ" Rev. E. C. Hrown, pastor Evangelistic Crusade, Apr. 9-23 Rev. George Phillips, Evangelist — C. S. White, Singer Time of Services: Twice Daily/7:25 a.m. to 7:55 a,m. 7:50 p.m. Evening Service ' Both Morning & Evening Services Broadcast Over KLCN FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH A Cordial Welcome Awaits You Call 6911 for Blytheville TIN SHOP 111 North First \Ve'offer complete Sheet Metal service.. .gin, oil mill & feed mill work, house gutters, duct work. Call Taylor l.ayton, shop manager.

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