The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1953
Page 5
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3AY, . 8, 195* Cloak of Secrecy Sharpens Questions On Fromosa Future By ELTON C. FAY AF MWiary Affair, Reporter WASHMtGTON (*—What will the Vn*«<i autec rieet and Air Force do if Chines* Communist planes ATOM PLANT-Cross-mark on Newsmap above shows the location, on the Spoon River, in Fulton County, III., where the Atomic Energy Commission will begin construction of a new plant for processing and assembling the explosive cores of atomic weapons The 529,000 000 factory will occupy about 9800 •cres, east of Macomb, III REDS (Continued from Page 1) H out with the aggressors to the last." Allies Walked Out Allied negotiators, fed up with 15 months of fruitless wranglin^ •walked out ot the Panmunjoni talks Oct. 8. They said they would return only If the Communist.' agreed to one of several U. N. proposals or came up with something new. The Communists want back all ot the 122,658 POVVs held by the U. N. The Allies have agreed to send back only the 83,000 willing to return. Chou's tirade was a quick Red reply to President Eisenhower's State of the Union speech Monday. Eisenhower said he was ordering the U. S. Seventh Fleet to stop "slneUling" the China mainland from possible invasion by Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist Chinese:•• '' Misliael J. McDermott, press officer of the State Department, said in a statement at Washin"'- lon: "This Is old stuff. This precise proposal was introduced by Soviet Russia as an amendment to the Indian resolution at the recent General Assembly and it was overwhelmingly rejected by the United Nations." ' Wly Fisherman The cassowary, an Australian bird, catches fish by silling in the water and allowing them (o swim Into its plumage. It shakes the fish out on dry land and picks them up as they fall to thn ground. atiempt to strike at Formosa! The question was',sharpened today by the air of high secrecy the White House has thrown about the nature of- any directive President Elsenhower has or will issue to put into effect MB decision on the function of the Seventh Fleet. The President said In his State of the Union message Monday he was "issuing instructions that the Seventh Fleet no longer Ije employed to shield Communist China." This rescinded that part of the original 1050 order by former President Truman neutralizing the situation between the Chinese Nationalists and the Communists by preventing ciiMor side from attacks. So far as is known, there has been no occasion up to now which invoked the Fonnosan defense instructions. No u. s. planes or ships have bod to fire upon any Red aircraft or vessels headed for Formosa. But- Ihe threat remains and may in fact be aggravated If the Communists choose to use the Eisenhower order as a pretext for offensive nction across Ihe Formosan Strait. It could have the effect of spreading sit least the air- Sfa phase of the Korean War far down the coast.' The prospect seems remoteAhat Chiang 1 Kni - shek's forces can launch any substantial action, either by nir or sea, against the Red-held mainland before late next spring-. However, Sen. Wiley (R-Wis) told his colleagues yesterday he understands Chiang will use planes he is getting from the U. S. to attack a vital north-south rail line on the mainland. "If Chiang has any strength at all, and he's getting airplanes, he will disrupt that railroad,", said Wiley, foreign relations committee chairman. If Chiang wanted to gamble, he could send part or all of his relatively small air force of piston- cnifined fighters, fighter - bombers and few medium bombers of World War II vintage on strikes against his enemy. But a few hours' flight northward in Mancburin are about 1,400 Red MJG15 jet fighters. Interception of the slow, propeller-driven planes by these Soviet-made jets could cause serious damage. A race is now being made to modernize the Nationalist Air Force. Perhaps 50 or so World Wai n veteran pilots are in the XI. S undergoing a complete jet training course. They will return to Formosa to train other pilots. They should be back and ready t jets for chliuiB, if needed, in the next 00 fo 90 dnys. The Nationalist Air Force wil get jet planes, but it is probable no F86 interceptors of the type usec to battle the MIGs in Korea. The assumption is that F84 jet fighters will be the core of Chiang's modernized Air Force. These planes are widely used by the U. S., but not against the MIG, a plane which outclasses the F84 in speed, rate of climb anrt maneuverability. Thus, even when Chiang yets these jets be still will be menaced by the threat of the Reds sending down MIGs to intercept his raiding missions. Commocfity Art Stock Market*- Open High Low 1:18 Mar MIS MIS HOT J301 May . 3341 ^34^ 332J 3335 Jul V • 337» 337» 3MB 004 3387 33*0 MTT »386 New Ori««*« C*tt*n Open High Low Mar 3312 33 12 J2S6 Ma V 3342 3343 3321 July 3312 3375 335« 1 3387 3347 33SO Chicago Wheat Mch ° Pe £ H ' E ^ L °*' I:I5 May . ,.230>4 23114 2209; 23JI Chicago Corn 1:15 3301 3333 3369 3382 Mch . Open • 15851 High 158*4 157% Soybeans Open High Low Mch 29214 232',} 290« May 292 292X 290»i July .... 291 291 298% Sept .... 278y, 278V4 277".! New York Sr*ck* A T and T Amer Tobacco '....... Anaconda Copper Beth Steel ...„.."!' Chrysler '.!"' Coca-Cola Gen Electric'!'.'.'.!!"' Gen JVfotors ...! Montgomery Ward N V Central ~ Int Harvester .....!!' J O Penney Republic Steel Radio '.'.!!"! Socouy Vacuum Studebnker .. ..!!!!! Standard of N J Texas Corp .! \' Sears U S Steel ....'!!! Sou Pac .... 1:16 158 % 161 !• 1:15 2S2 291 « 290 !i 278 « 160 1-4 67 3-8 44 55 1-8 94 1-8 H6 69 1-2 69 1-4 61 5-8 24 32 69 47 5-8 26 1-4 35 3-4 43 75 05 5-8 60 1-4 41 1-2 BACK TO LONDON-Tfili, is the latest picture of rarely photographed Dowager Queen Mary, of Great Britain. It was taken as she arrived at Marlborough House, her London residence, returning from Sandringham, where she spent a long holiday with the Royal family •s Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. *> - <USD A )-Hog s . 8.000; moder- Silts OF THE TIMES—Some •lown friend of the new ad- •stration has changed a street in Redwood City, Calif, ^"Truman Slreet" to "Ike giving the cily t popy- "poplar" intersection. TZ ATRE la, Ark. 5T TIMES TONITE tMY BOUND Stanley Clements FRIDAY r ACTORS & SIN" Edward G- Robinson Eddie Albert - Marsha Hunt SATURDAY "MARK OF THE LASH" I>ash LaRue Also Little Rascals Comedy (Continued from Page 1) of the Germans oppose them. They say that a new nppronch to Moscow must first be made to unite .he divided country. If the Russians rebuff such a move, the Socialists argue, then a new basis for German co-operation with the West must he found. An alliance of the free nations of Europe, including Britain and the Scandinavian countries, is preferable to the EDC plan in Socialist eyes. EW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Malinces Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 ., ' •* » i Js°i o.uvu, r a ely active; barrows and g,us mostly steady; some over 230 Ibs and under ISO Ibs strong to 10 cents higher; sows weak to mostly 25 ' V Cr; choice 18(> - 23 ° 'bs few loads of choice No n ' S Utlder 225 Ibs I9 - 6 °: 2 « : Ibs 18.35-90: 280-320 Ibs 1725« n10 ' .'5W70 -Ibs 17.7519.25; 120- HO Ibs 15.2517.25; sows 400 Ibs Tia'-• 5 °v.'"- 25: hcnvler s °«s .ba-16.2n; boars 11.00-13 50 Cattle 2,000; calves 700; few early sales of steers and heifers steady; commercial and good 18.50- ^..iO; cows opening steady; utility ninl commercial 13,50-1500 LEGISLATURE (Continued from Page 1) that he would bring it up for reconsideration. The House yesterday rejected attempts to alter procedures now being used for determine damages due under the workmen's compensation law and for authorizing increased rates, for public utilities It defeated a hill of Hep. Peylori Moncrief of Arkansas County to :>ermit new trials of cases decided by Ihe Workmen's Compensation '-11 Commission in circuit court on appeal. Testimony would be introduce)! before a jury, which would decide the case. WCC decisions now are subject FLOODS !KMliiund at Thotao » Iteeu* to* XX n. „ more p«toie<l toere and moM. of »h« town was destroyed. Schouwen-Dutveland already was fow-flflr* under water and jonie 5,000 of the island's 23,000 residents were not accounted lor—many undoubtedly aead in their farmhouses. Tne sea's rising challenge threatened new havoc to ravaged Holland, Britain and Belgium. The death toll from week-end storms— already hurt mounted to 1,832. Holland counted 1,372, England 548 nmi Belgium 14. In Eastern England, gile-whip- ped seas again broke through hastily patched dikes along the Lincolnshire coast and spread through already battered streets of Mnble- thorpe and Sultou. Dutch otliclais oroered the hastily assembled armada of light craft jo gather with utmost speed off the threatened Goeree-Over- flakkee dike, where refugees from the twin towns of Nlcuwe Tongc and Oude Tonge were stranded Dutch Army searchlight units were rushed to the scene so the rescue work could begin before daylight. Strong ocean currents hampered efforts to seal leaks in dikes. In spots, currents were sweeping sandbags aside almost' as soon as they were pushed in plnce. HEARING (Continued from Page 1) were "very sloppy." it was she ,' U t°,, l0ld lhe sen af°™ one ter had been ordered burned and that another, a recommendation written by Laltimore, had disappeared. Mrs. Balog named Toumanoff as her former boss, now scting chief ol lhe department's performance section, which keeps track of how employes do their work. With the Courts CHANCERY— The following divorce decrees have been filed: Wanda Wheeler and Wallace Wheeler, Bessie Steele and George C. Steele. CIRCUIT (fivll Division)— Stanley Keller vs. Great Central Insurance Co., damages. Willie F. Boyd, et al, vs. Dr. Robert Bartlctt, damages. to review by a circuit Judge, who makes his finding solely on the written record made in lhe WCC hearing. Telephone Bill Defeated A bill of Hep. Dan While of Sebastian County to prevent tele- Phone companies having more than five exchanges from Increasing rates under bond also was debited. White said the bill was aimed at Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, which has used the procedure in two instances since 1050. A utility may Increase its rales by posting a bond to guarantee refunds to customers In case the increase eventually is held unjustified or excessive. Bell made refunds — plus Interest — in one case; the other still is pending. The House yesterday received from Rep. J. A. Womack of Ounchita a hill lo abolish the position of county school supervisor. Similar bills have been defeated in previous legislative sessions. Womack said many educators had written him that the work of supervisors largely duplicated that of other school .officials. He said their elimination would mean a saving for school purposes of $288,705 annually. How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly in Place Do T our raise Kcth annoy and em- birrass by slipping, dropping or wobbling when ym, cat, laugh or la\k? Just sprinkle a mile FASTEETH on rovir PIMM. Thl , a , ka i, ne (non-acid) powder holds lilse lcc-tb more (Innls- and more comfortably No gummy soocy pasty taste or rcellnK Docs not sour checks -plate odor" (denture breath). Get TASTEETH today at Omg store. Any Age Is OK For Skiing SUN VALLEY, Ida. W,—An Olympic skiing expert sajs you're never too old—or too young — to ski. Fred A. picnrd, technical adviser to the 1952 U.S. women's Olympic skiing team, says lie lias seen 1- year-old children slipping around on skiis. In Switzerland, he Bays children usually begin skiing at the age ol 4 or 5 and in Norway eome skiers are 80. "This should come us a big surprise to men of 40 and 50 who claim they are too old to ski," lie says. Marine Corps Unveils New Night Fighter - SEOUL <fn— Pilots of a radically new U. S. Jet night fighter plane— the Skynfght — have chot down Red planes In Korea without even feeing them, tha Marine Corps said today. The now Marino plane, the twin- Jet F-3D built by Douglas Aircraft Co., made a secret appearance In Korea several months ngo. It Is equipped with an intricate rartar system which locks the plane on a target In darkness. A Leatherneck pilot who recently destroyed a Communist ],]n,,e icported he didn't, see the Reel air- Cow Slaughter Banned BHOPAL. Central India (/Pj — A statewide ban on cow slaughter, im- ] posed on religious grounds, has left more than 200 butchers without Jobs. One butcher killed himself by jumping into a deep well in protest against the measure which cost him , his Job. Others complained to stale I officials they have been unable to find alternate employment. MOX Show Slarts Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1:00 Always a Double Feature THURSDAY & FRIDAY 2 Features UUREKCE JFWIFER Olivier-Jones * WH1IAM WYLEFiS A Pmmunl Pktuit —Plus— WOMAN OF THE NORTH COUNTRY i ^saSBSSrKoS! McDoakes Comedy & Cartoon LAST TIMKS TONITE "Bloodhounds of Broadway 7 ' Mil/.i Gaynor Scolt Brady FRIDAY "Al Jennings of Oklahoma" Dim Duryca - Galo Storm SATURDAY 'BADMAN'S GOLD" All Star Cast FAMILY SHOE STORE CONTROLS (ConUnnect from Paf« 1) got by tho board. ca^es° r B1aS ' WBnt '° revlew lncse Pressura also may arise from workers who were granted pay hikes by the board in the pasta. p ,? y ralscs that wcr ° smaller to all w compnily hnd becn willing Businessmen think another sort of pressure for higher wages nil B U arise if the ending of •price controls brings about scattered price hikes in consumer goods. Most businessmen doubt, however, that any general pricp hike l.i likely nt tills Memphis Murder Suspect Freed EL DORADO (fl>) — A 31-year-old Arknnsnj man, arrested here yes- tcrday In connection with the Mary McKnlght case, was released this morning. Ho Is Olen Ralph SyDert, of Fountain Hill, who police said telephoned yesterday asking who would get the 512,000 reward offered for the day. er of the 24-year-old Helena stenographer "If I turn myself in" Memphis homicide officers questioned Sybert here last night and early today and recommenced h|« release. Miss McKnlght was fatally beaten end robbed on a MempSiis'street Jan. 4. Kiad Courier News Classified Ads. at HAYS STORE RIGHT PRETTY COTTONS . . . RIGHT NOW! (ufftieq or Kfi/jtf/cf I iH- l» *4 'S\f..'•'-:• I lil/ Now Only 5349-12io 20 5350-1'11/4(0 24VJ Novelty Inl) of licmplitclicfl s liner cotton edged in lace. Crcy, Copen, Lilac Embossecl Tissue Chambray All Combed "Swiss-ette" Permanent Finish This beautiful Model by Kay Whitney in Red, Green, Gun Metal Embossed "twee'dy"! Cotton with Everglaze Finish All over twccd effect witfi colored sluljs. % coal drets. 200 E. MAIN ST.

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