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New York Herald from New York, New York • Page 17

New York Herald from New York, New York • Page 17

New York Heraldi
New York, New York
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8 Scholastic Athletic Teams Portray Skill in Various Branches of Sports Few Upsets Seen in Gridiron Contests THE SUN, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1916. M. Y. D. SPRINGS BIG SDRPRI8E OM UNION Scores Two Touchdowns on Up-State Eleven In Well Plnyed Contest CAPT.

BERNSTEIN EXCELS BcHESEirrAnr, Jf. Oct. IS. Tlio Union, their I honored rival th on Alexander Held to-day. o.

It wns a clean cut victory by a tnai was supreme times and always powerful on the of- fence. Union was swept off Its feet In the opening quarter and though flashing brilliantly at moments was never able to glie the concerted push that ends In I'll)'. Bernstein and Cann were the big ground gainers of the visitors and Wcln- htlmer and Warman were also strong fsctors In the New York triumph. The first touchdown came after four minutes ef play. Capt.

Hosekruns opened the tmtnlnrrlV run abetted by a strong Interference. Ti only a flash, tor the ball went te N. y. V. on Unions 3o jard Una.

After an Interchange, of punts line. After an imercnango oi pun. forward nass to Vgn The '2 eJ.ed Mrtecllv and 'before E2 thirty-five yards. Bernstein then worked his way througn tne line ior a lomn-down and Cann kicked tho goal. X.

Y. V. Scores 1st Third Period. Th second touchdown was scored In the third period. Cann.

with a dislocated shoulder, had been replaced by Warman and Bernstein took added burdens on the offensive. After a fumble by Quarterback Mudgc, who had replaced the Injured Wltner, Ilernsteln executed one of the rrtttlest runs of the game for a clear thirty yards. He followed It up with tin more. Warman advanced the bull are yards and Union was penalized a yard for offside play. Union held grimly for two downs and In a final effort Bernstein received tho ball, only to fumblo It.

The speedy half rcFlned the bounding sphere In tlmo to squeeze through the hole Ids Interference had made for lilm for a touchdown. Ilosekrans made a slnglo attempt at drop kicking, but the N. U. men, tensing the Play, Droxe uirousn. Duin ruarda being on the Union captain be- fere he could get the baU away.

Union threatened the N. L. goal in tho fourth auarter after Ilosekrans by run through a broken field had placed the ball within twenty yards of tho posts. Violet Stopa Garnet noshes. jt her wnnlnir itreiigth and stopped the onrushlng Gar- nets, who appeared to be getting new power as the game progressed.

Tho ball went to N. Y. u. on her own to yaru lire. About 150 N.

T. U. rooters had accompanied their team nnd augmented by the Schenectady nlumnl had plenty cf opportunity to cheer. The lineup: N. Y.

Univ. (13). Union i4. Forstr Dowman Sieer Carroll HoRman Houao Rrlnu sarafe Sokolomer tun McKrtme WeinLeimer Cann u. h.

Centre R. H. It. Q. I-.

11 It. it r. ii McDonald i lUnley Ilnr Friday I Winner I Goff I Rosvkrans I Kfrnftewi Hoof by perloua: Kew York L'nlreraitr t'mon 7 0 C-U c-e New York Uinreraltr acortnr Touchdowm, Bernateln. soil from tourhdonn butuututloiia L'nlon-Drlephant for Hoof, laxe for lUtUey. Monyihan for IJelrphaiit.

Prue for Sneer. Mudje for Whlttner, Curtli for Ikmman. Travis for Goff, for Monjihan Rfterr Mr. McDonald of Drown. Umpire -Mr.

Campbell of Drown. Ltneaman Mr. Draper of Wnii. Time of periods 15 and 10 minutes. WESLEY AN IS VICTOR OVER AMHERST TEAM Long Bun by Herman Gives Home Eleven Laurels, 10-7, In Annual Game.

Middletowk, Oct. SI. Wcsleynn defeated Amherst In their sinnual football game on Andrus Field this afternoon, 10 to 7. Wesleyan scored In the second period, when Dectjcn sent tho ball over for a drop kick from the 32 yard line. Amherst took the lead In tho last few feconda of play In the third period, Hodcnhorn carrying the ball over from the 1 yard line.

Wlldmayer kicked the goal. Wesleyan won tho game In the fourth period, when Hannan took the ball on forward pass from the 35 yard lino anil carried It over. Webb kicked tho goal. Barman also mado a spectacular forty-teven yurd run over tho goal line in the econd period, but tho bail was recalled because ho stepped out of bounds. Tho lineup; Wfl'rtan (10).

Amherat Woodman Knau'h Wnlnier llnbart Norl on Washburn Hod-rhorn Goodrich Schmidt Meliher Bosl L. E. Wooley L. Talbot a Eaton Centre Sultrr R.O Hron R. J'rek R.

Karman L. Drtjrn II Ilnhard Kore-Wealeyan, 10: Amherat. 7. Tnui hclowna Hannan, llodrnhorn. Gnala from tomliilonn Webb and Wldlnayrr, Goal from flH-I)petJen.

Hubatltutlons Wealejan Frol-l'iux for Mutter, Wilbur for Richards: Am. Ii'rut, Dasla fur Hehmldt. Referee-Mr. Herein ef I'liluriibla. Umpire Mr.

I.ulirlnt of llnlveralty. Head llneaman-Crowley of Uusililu. Time of quartera 13 and It tnlnutea. NEWMAN TAKES ANOTHER. llarkensavk Duya Add Carlton Academy to List of Victims.

IIackknsack, N. Oct. 2S. Newman KrliDOl'H powerful football team beat the Carlton Academy of Summit on Newman Field this afternoon by score of 31 to 0. The feature of the game was a seventy-five yard run through an open neid by Lannln Benolst of Newman in the third quarter.

Newman hus not lost a game so far this season. The lineup: Newman School. Carlton Academy. JsVCreery I Fsrrell Mart IT. Jlnuidit tlbury A.

Fritsaeke Hamientloa McCormack "Io P. Frltiaeke Wads R.T Marenshi talma R. McCarthy Wells (Cpt.) Dixey Carpenter 7. F. ailmartln 5nolat R.

II Brrsn Corcrtn L. Deinser 'louchdowna CoriT.n. Bsnnentlne. Be-nolae, Uarpanter, Glhssrtin, Ooal-Carpsntrr, Umplre-Muieatar. rordham.

RelsneBIsu-lt. Head Unssnia, McCarthy, Yale. Tlajs-wDtr-MewkesM, Commerce Coach Calls His Team From Field Flushing High School Boys Refuse to Allow Two of the Three Touchdowns Made by Manhattan Eleven in Two Periods. Commerce's football team was awarded ft technical victory over the Flushing cloven last year's legitimate all-scholas tic champions In a weird tame at Illck- crt'n Oval In Flushing yesterday. The ManhaUjm Qf when Conch skend rrom th(J fl allcdgcd unfalr lrMfm.

nt f. a uotiii wjmt in the llrat quarter Commerce blocked a kick from Flushing and a Manhattan lad felt on the ball behind the Flushing line. The hong Island boys protested the score, Insisting the touchdown was not legally made. Slskend assented to flushing's claims. Alford of Flushing followed with a touchdown, which was far nna Icga, protcst in put in hy Commerce.

aoM of Commerca thcn I10 for Conmlcrce.s nrBt no goal Mn klckei1' Huberts also tallied a touchdown for the New York team, but "7. ,0 tno i(BnlUy of th i The vold' "hereupon Coach HI. kcnd llls trom field. No The matter will be taken up at the next meeting of the High Schools Onmes CLINTON ELEVEN IS AGAltf WINNER, 14-0 New Ltrccht'8 Heavy Team Powerless Against Fast and Aggressive Locals. ro Witt Clinton's team made It two victories In row by defeating New Utrecht (Buy Illdge) at Lenox Oval yesterday.

Tho score was It to 0. Notwithstanding New Utrecht's heavier Bors throughout roach i-uiscu's eleven never had the )jaU daBcrous territory. Fumbling cosily when they were In a good way to mnhn gains. Dutch Karlson. who has made quite a name for hlmseuf In Brooklyn scholastic gridiron circles, was well guarded by Coach Cook's lads and wns unnnic to mnKe headway.

Klsenberg. nt quarterback for the 'n. down by Clinton, and Capt. Moving tal lied the second. Jameson kicked both n.

Thompion i- .11, v. Schuster L.T M. Thompain rtAl.t.,.i.. Waohcr Centre Ilory stern Greco llrodrll R.T. Shevlln Fitzcibbnn H.

F. Wathliurton Kivnl-- o. 11 l'attrraon R. Klacnberff L.H Karlaon inair uannanrrrv Jdmeaon F. II Shea Tli eon He Witt Clinton.

utrrcnt. 0. Tuucliilonm 1'. IlisrlilMTr. Hnrllis.

Goala from tMuctidown Jameson Z. Umpire Sir. Nlioti. Rrfcrt-. Mr.

rilicarer, IMcklnsnn. Iliad llnrsMiaii Mr. Miran. Xprlntneld V. C.

A. Time uuarters 10 minutes eaiti. Sn'i-lltutes-Smith for Karlsnn, Karlson for Cannaberry. Hath fnr II, Thnmpton. HoTinf for Wiicher, Spanjler for Kiaenberr.

ASTLETT RUNS 97 YARDS. Trinity's Only Solace In Drrlslse llrfrnt liy Iluston College. 1 lARTKoan. Oct. 25 Trinity played no better than expected this afternoon and Boston College won 21 to 7.

Trinity showed no Improvement In tackling and the chief reason tho Boston side of the hcoro wasn't much larger seemed to he Boston's continual fumbling and misunderstanding of signals. Brlckley, whoso brother Oeorge was Trinity's mainstay last year, pranced frantically up nnd down the side lines this afternoon, raging nnd fuming over the graceless showing of hla Boston charges and furiously urging them to try to remember some of the things ho had taught them. The feature of tho game svan win iiiuci -seven jdru run ui Trinity left end, Astlett, which resulted In a touchdown on the next play. Tho lineup: Boston College CI). Trinity Trnnbridje L.

Ilnrrlsan L. Collon L. Callahan Centre MtCarty R. Pull' R. Curiey It, F.

Dee Q. Fltipstrlek L. lUnlin ii Lnwiiff r. '''vneHairnm i Jnniffm! Astleti it i.L., iiS JOnSa 1 Tlnalnn Colleie. :1: Trinity.

7. Touch downa llanloii. Fltipstrlek, Jarvla. Goal, from touchdowns Fit zpal rick, Nordatrom, Referee I.oe, Dartmouth. Umpire Drown, Boston A.

A. Held Judre Newton. Ilrt. mouth Head linesman Coulter, Brown. Tune of quarter.

13 minutes. Substitutes For notion: Reran for Dee, McKenzIs for Lnwner. Hslloran for MeKentle, Flltzerald for Curlev, For Trinity: Shulthelia for Murray, l'urdy for Hyland, Murray for Purdy, HAMILTON IS SWAMPED. Falls Ilefore Attack of Rochester Klrven, 30 to O. nocitKSTEit, N.

Oct. 28, Rochester walked from one end of tho field to the other In every quarter hut the third in to-day's game with Hamilton College. At the end of tho fourth quarter tho scoro stood 30 to 0 In favor of the local college. Frank Hummel, a local player, got a bad bump In tho neck lato In the second quurter and hud to retire. Stouth took his place.

The lineup: Rochester (30). Hamilton (0), Whitney n. MeeoU Auchterloni R. Woln.ugh Goanell R. Gorhain Qulmby Smith Hummel Centre Dayton L.

McLean L. Humphfman L. Welch Q. II Bristol R. Peck L.

II Jones F. Schwartz Orden Harris Crouch Ilrown Evans Harrla. Whltuer. Gonla from touehdowiis Harrla. 3.

Field ioal Harris. Huhalllullons-Roeheatrr Stout for Hummel. Reminiion for Orden, Downs for Kvana, Kvana for Downs. Oicden lor Rem. Initon.

Moraniiam for Qulmby, Remlniloii for Whitney, Whitney for Erana. Ilamllton Lowell for Wolnaurh, Brook, for Mclean. Rrferee-Orlo Waurh, Hyracilso. Umplre-MlUer. Syracuae.

Head llneaman-llenionl, Collate, Tim. of periods-li mlnulea. flarrard Socce Team SPRINGFIELD, Oct', II. Th. Harvard am dafat.d th.

HDrlnslKId M. C. A. College h.r to-day la a closely goals. The Clinton grldders displayed downs and agisting Joldn In tallying selhy "for Oreen.

Ferr" 1'oly started tho scoring In the second Hue teamwork. Forward passing was another pair. The lone tally scored by 1 rjnodale II lo" fr llnan. nts for Walton. Rrfereo-Mr.

firC.mln lilnn is. 2 period. Mortimer Hcdmond tallying after used to good advantage by tho locals, tho Long Islanders resulted from a Stone 11. WeWui Uliller, Manual. fmplre-Mr.

Hbthtn. tW Ut1I, "iib.tltii tea Eser-Wol for 11 of Maloney. the but their chief gains resulted from tafcty by ftark. In addition to Bloom- t-fl-l 10 ndnutea. IJiarvey.

Cr'm Vmhiimlr, Jsl lor diminutive 1'oly quarterback, accounted lino plunges. Cannaberry and Shea did garden Un en l'hlltips playtd a star gamo mi. 'fn- Fiiinatrl. FIMd zoal-K 1 Xnyea. Iliid-in Ininean for tho second touchdown In the final the best work ror New ftrecht.

while for Manual. The lineup: I wii.n'n s.f.t Cn-ls ST. PAUL'S ROLLS UP SCORE. vmiJ'r'rVi fnrr tii, Arr Hedmond and success- Hovlng Jameson and Blair played well MamI1 SiT.Am1 I itS n.n. I touchdown.

for Clinton. Tho lineup: 'Courtney Powers kam' 1 id A f.reta. sjraaie. side' tor Jordan For

lor several changes In the Iialaler Gorman Time id quarters 1.. i1, 1. 10. miraia Mania Mclr l.lrrra at ii.nrri fnr t.i.,i in. Unvn' IIIl-Ii tltiHim Cn.ieh UMUnnV yiayta saaica, a ta a.

Bebolaatle Football Results. At Lenox Ovsi Us Witt Clinton, 14; New Utrecht, 0. At Hawthorn Field Stuyreaant, 40; Iluahwlek, 0. Atltlckerta Oval Commerce. Hi Flush.

At i'eeksktll 10: reeksklll. 0. At Pawling Pawling, 14; Hamilton Institute 0. At Commercial Kl.ld Erasmus, Commercial, o. At Wmhlniton Iark Manual.

55; New York State Agricultural Bchool, 2. At Washington I'ark 1'oly Prep, 14; Uoy High. 0. At Garden City St. raul's School, 3t; South SUe (rtockvtll Central, 0.

At llssex Fells Klngtlsy School. Newark Academy, 0. At New llrunswlck llutier. rrep. 14; Pennlnvlnn MchftAl.

n. At Msmford Stamford. Atlantic lllxhlanda IN. 0. At llatkcnaack Newman, SI; Csrleton A ntiueiny, At Sall.i.ury.

Conn. W.itmlnster School, Kiillaburj'. o. Committee on November 21, when It Is expettcd that Commerce lutory will be allowed. The lineup Commerce (IS) Fluahlllj ().

Doyle niaekman Hamilton a user Hint Crombar Atklnrmi Atklnaon Gold Saprrateln nothnrr Flood HotMTta (.. U.K.. K.T.. 11. Q.

i fihtnals uoinn. Cooir Mulliun Heltt If K.ll SantorJ llalloek Johnatons F. 11. Alford Touchdowns Gold. Roberta, Alford.

Refnree AUJicaa. riusning. impire r. Mrs-aer. Fluahinj.

Head linefmsn Mr. Nar-bohn. Fluahlor. Time of erlods-10 minutes. MANUAL TOO STRONG FOR NEW YORK AGGIES Brooklyn Boys Score Four Touchdowns While Fanners Count on a Safety.

Manual Training's eleven had an easy time with the cohorts of tho New York State Agricultural School In the tlrit part of a gridiron double header at Washington I'ark. In Brooklyn, yester day. Tho score was to I. The Farm- Ingdnle boys were outclassed all the way. Coach Crooho of Manual resorted line plunging game, at which style the Aggies were decidedly weak.

Bloom- garden of tho Blue and flold eleven was rrnai Kelly jf' Gruitierir llulililnjs t.rpatifr It.T 9' lall ll ace Rosenthal rincriel Travis rIK, Joben. irom tnuch.lonns-jotnn an.i tiara Town. i Crawford. Y. Head hnesmait-I)r Aid- rlde, Siraeuae.

Time ol iiuarters-10 mill tiles each. Stihitituiea-Iornn fur Courtney. Harliman tor Frost, lllocinuarilcn for l'tulHiis. EASY FOR PENN STATE. Crippled illrven Ovemhrlms Cietlyaharg by 48 to 2 Tally.

Statu Oct. 28 I'enn-rylvanla State stased a real comeback to-day nnd won an easy came from ilottysburg. 4S to 2. Tho decisive defeat ofnho battlefield team was accomplished much easier than was expected by the rrlpplrd State College eleven. At no time did the visitors threaten State's goal line.

Tlio lineup: Penn State (). Morrla'tCapt.) L. Kruahank I. I'arrlsh I. Connver O'Donnell (,..

Chsrnrckle R. Cuhhajc It. Gettyaburrr Gilland Cranr Diffenbaiuh Richards LaudenslaKer Dulrhnlm Kmanuel Rote VciniV'stratton Robb Moyer Score by periods: I'enn State 0 II Gettysburg 2 0 II 0 Referee Godcharlea, Lafayette. L'mpli Simian. Lafayette.

Head hnesmsn-Ilruce, Lafayette. Assiatsnt linesmen Armsby. Stale. nnd Hudoek, Oeltysburg, Time of iieriods minutes. TimeUecper-Catta.

Colby. Touehdowna-llecli. O'Donnell, Kwlnr. 3: conover. swain, uoalt slier louen.

Conover. 5. Saffty-lleck. ffn. ennn.

Grota for Beek, Conorer for Cubbare, Iln. son Ior Mnrrl. tiettyaburr-Fiaher for Dlffenbauih, Froeh- ncn jor stratton, uryan ior note. LAFAYETTE'S FIRST VICTORY. Eaatnn Collegians Triumph Over Lebanon Valley, 27 to 14.

Kaston, Oct. 28. Lafayette came Into her own this afternoon, winning her first game of tho season, at the cx penso of Iycbanon Valley-. Tho score was 27 to Tho victory was doubly sweet because of the fact that Just ono week ago Lebanon Valley held Lehigh to a 3-3 tie. The lineup: Vilify (ID.

Lafayette (77). Morrison L. Thaitrr At tick L.T Gann DehuR I. (I Oullck Weurlrh Centre Gellalty nuekwsiter it. Krnai Lootnla It.

Lehman Ailama R. Woodruff Rupp Q. Taylor Goff L. 11 Diamond Keatlnr nniter tteiiniu Touchdowns Hupp, 3i Weblon, Taylor, Ellis, 3. Goals from touchdowns Waller, Keatlnr.

Weldon. 3. Subatltutea-Lafsyette: Pardee for Th.xter, Bell for Gano. Thaxter for Pardee. Gsnn for Hell.

McDonald for Thaxter, Rlttrr fnr Gullrk. Seara for Wr. don. Lebanon Valley Wlnahlck for Iomls, Jaesrr for Walter, HUM for Ilurlivtallrr, Kiiaveiy ior uon, i. uupp ior leaner.

Referee llr. Harry Smith, Bucknell. Umpire C. E. Iriee.

Hwartlimore. Linesman K. M. Furry, Lafayette. Time ol period.

IS VERMONT FINISHES STRONG. Oovxr, N. Oct. 28. The University of Vermont won from New Hampshire College It to 0 to-day after tho New Hampshire players had obtained a 9 to 0 ndvantuge In the first two periods.

Forward passes figured In Vermont's scoring, while the New Hampshire tenm's touchdown was made entirely by line plunging tactics. Par Use Coast agu. Salt 11: Oakland, a. Portland, Han Franolace, 1. AagtlM, ysraoa, 4t ai iiacKenucK i aiiaic, us, iiitatu- inrcw mm so nnra inai ne iimpcm uic 0f atrength on Inston.

Miiiiiliinlalr, lst lloirt Wior, vil- At Fr.nklln. Tark tho "slncers It. tho 0 ito the way for during that ree Stuyvesant touchdowns. He made ni-rtUwMhhion Vii'itteTnJrrs quarter, ai iiitni.iown m.wiui. many long end runs mat netteo comion- tna 3 1 I llamion School, I.

IS yard mark. It was here thnt Stevens i. nnnln- nlavers lirati-n Tint Jiltte. firm flnnl ltouml on I-rnsmus At Montclalr Montclalr Military Acad- t)rar(d took ,10 UMi The Knglnerrs I p1Bt I -l'lf rre l'roal. Deal, lat n.

Inl. Atlantic 1 KlUHbeth Moniciair Miumry "'V" lf" fjlpn, nlii vards In tlio 1 "lu lcvcn Nat T. II. WcmiUim, Atlantic 1 up, anu i. nnn i STEVENS DEFEATED BY DELAWARE, 5 TOO Engineers Are Weakened by Absence of Cnpt.

Middlcton, Marshall and Wcbb 31 ANY PENALTIES IN fi A ME Stevens Inst her second home game yesterday afternoon on the Castlo Point willed Urooklyn yesterday and defeated field to the heavy Delaware eleven by the resurrected Kushwlck High aggre-ft scoro of to 0. Loose, playing In Ration nt Hawthorne Field by a score of tho first half gavo Delaware her points. I 40 to 0. The Manhattan boys more than The visitors' advantage In weight of lived up to the reputation I last Saturday's tr umnh over Commerce. twenty to a man nnu me.

no- senco of dipt. Middlcton, Marshall and I Webb from tho Stevens lineup also con trlbuted to tho Jersey team's downfall last quarter lone forward pam, I to rianev. broucht tho halt well Into territory, but being unable ison wns nncg ior a im i hi i i i 1 participated in tne scoring, jsck oin- received the ni i ciair, liocsiy, Mamson, nucK ana nosers cnD wt, card 0f one of thcmClnnoy carried the bill to camc r'or conaldcrable praise. Sin- mary: I III CMI-tt-llll Jlllll IIIIU nnviu nn(1 .1,. wM.

arlQCISrS Hl.l.. nnnn-l. II. Wnrtll lie's claim to i hb eic.ti. A.

through nnd blocked the Kill, which rolled out of bounds nnd on the 25 ynrd line was recovered for t'tovens by Ford. Delaware got her first -core shortly after the game started. Af'er an exchange of punts the visitors secured tho ball In mldlletd and by straight lino plunging carried the ball to tho yard mark. Hero tho Knglneers bracid and on tho third down Musk broke through and killed delayed end run for an yard loss. Wilson then fell back and lifted a 1 orop oer wns a perfect kick.

The rest of the ouarler the ball stayed I mldnei.i. bcore. Delaware. 3 Stevens, 0. After Stevens had recovered the nan on a forward pass In the third Pjrj.wl um mtng with Inter-Ooodalo punted poorly from behind his i fcrpnco goal line, Delaware getting the ill on i Mo0(I out prominently for thn 30 yard line.

Hero Stevens held tho stuyvesant. making two touchdowns and Usltors for downs, lloodale went back playing strong defensive game. Htuy-for a kick on the first down, but John-i tallied twice In the opening pe-son, tho Stevens centre, passed rtod nnJ coiitlntieit tlio (rood work In tlio tho fullback's head anil tho ball rolled pecond iinil third quarters, but was hard over tho Stevens line, where Uoodnto pressed In the final session, when the was forced to fall on It for a safety, i Bushwlck team appeared to find Itself. After this play, starting from tho 10 yard ninrk. the Knglneers carried the Kill by The I.lnrap.

rushing lO UIO weiaw.tru Jm ii mi when the half ended. There was no scoring In tho second ami fourth quarters, tnoiisn unci. vis- jailors were In position to do so but lacked iinuan tho punch. The lineup: Htercnt (0). j'nlinoii Centre Moeller Jt, Flmkliart Delnwire Ii' Fitin.itrKk L.iurit.1 Stewart iril ri.m'v EASY VICTORY FOR LEHIGH.

ouliln Catholic fill vrralty Klrven and Wins, -7 to 7. South Hktiilkiikm. Oct. Ix-high romped home with 27 to 7 victory Catholic L'tiliersitv to-day i.e- I hlchs line neiu so wen ni.n ui scored only two first downs. I the- 1,11 down to the v.inl line nnd It nvcr when tho second period, began.

Butler's sixty run lifter recovering Harrington's fumble was a feature. In the th.rd period Lehigh smashea tne wainoucs lino i "in scoii'd twice. A pretty forward pass In the fourth I period. Just before tho whistle blow, en- i allied Maclsanc to scorn tho la-t points. Lineup: Ohtaru Grr Murphy Mr.iub Klllni MeKtnnry Shoitlv Horrs ltimball Ltiiith McC-inhv Tite MiCartliv McllniMld l'oii- Giiisl ti -t Hcrrltu''in Il-iinncr l'ursi'i Maetnn-s K.

1. II It It. i) 11 Ilntler for flnlli Referee Keoth, t' of 1'. I'mpire Funds, Hleiens. Head linesman Thorpe, cnitini, bia.

Time of perlodt- 13 and ir. minutes. COMMERCE SOCCERS LEAD, Co Oat In Front by Ilefrnllnir Morris High, .1 In U. Defeating Morris High by the score of 3 goals to 2 In a hard fought P. M.

A. n-x-cer game it Crntona Park yifitcrdny nfleinoon, the eleven- representing tlio High School of onunerco forged Into the lend In tho clmtiiplotmhlp. rr You know the differ ence between politeness and real enthusiasm. Notice which your guests show when you serve Club There is something about their velvet smoothness and their distinctive flavor which marks them at once as perfect blends, served by a man who knows. a F.

HEUBLEIN BRO. Hartford New York Londoa ImporttTt of th FmmouM BRAND'S A-l SAUCS ior ten, it Tu 1 "SV ZtikZ. Sf p.H,Vnr0u!a ft'r'" in their homes to th, NORTH JHrnHY, Th.rdltound. Govern- LehUh: Hurley for PnrsilV H.d.mlon "for took tlrst plac In the Vrdrnhelm fup Uubrt' mMtrn t. Con TJZ cat' MeDonild.

Wysoeki fnr Hurl-v. Guile for Steeiilerlinve at tho White Marsh Vnltev I nilnuirs i uctlon has been taken by the com- J- Jy" I1-4J MiC.irlhy. Johnson fnr INins McDonald for ag.illiFt majnr league players I lrltc-ti" rri I mi" C.i hU iy 0 3 itnMnami. Ito'jlnton for MiDonnd. Heiien infiTTC r.iTV TiimrTO iin i won by re-l or Masinnes.

Macisase for llruuner. Qulst icoi go nicner prcsentcn as tro- kCorca! T- In. riitl.l fnr flon.I, IIIIO Ior Illo Winner 11 Ctltl Vlllllcl III 'a ui, B4m itoiii'-. tt, STUYVESANT LADS SWAMP BUSHWICK Manhattan Eleven Tallies 40 Points, "While Brooklynltes Are Held Scoreless. JACK SINCLAIR STABS Conch Mason's Stuyvesant eleven In- -d the at the immediate opening of the game, tho llushwlck lino soon showing a woful weakness.

Practically the entl-e Stuyvesant team resorted chiefly to straight football. The ti.i,,i-u 11.,. jmrd and the Urooklyn lads found It nl- nI1 to stop ason The local team nttempte pted for ward passes only twice. Hushwlck also tried this style, hut was not particularly successful. Sherman Stars.

Sherman starred for Bushwlck. He was tho only grldder able to hold his own ngalnst the victors. What few gains wcro mado by the Brooklyn team were nccniupllshed by the little Bushwlck fellow. Captain Bogers of Stuyvesant was In fine form, his kicking being one of the nshwleW manv K. vnln attempts to check Rogers, but the cleverness displayed by the Stuyvesant leader enabled him to get away with the StujTpunt (40).

Ponlllona. Bushwlck iO). Ilirl Goldberr Kir milliter Krwln r.rwin i Ireh 1.. (, Walton R.O Muhlb-rser Wallandorf ilreen Shi.mS'i riiinfr is ii Mncuir 11 Jonw Tmu S. Samann.

Pin, den City, 111 te n.l,r.l-fc.- Citt Oct c.i,vni High team of ltockvllle Centre hero to-day, the score bi-lng 31 to 0. Th" local gridders were to have plnyed Morris- town, but the Jerteyltes notified the local iirin.iKcniciii ai me lasi mouieni mail they were- unable to go through with' the contest. Chapman of the winning ui l.i, iiu iiuuw iw. iiic Cllf-HK 'V1'1 1 each accounted fnr a tally.

ijn, Vi.n South Si! ell Kavinn Hill GoMhrrc Davis Wedks Ilalieau T. Centre It F. II I. II II unusnaw I'nle i Ferrari Jterry Thnrb Ullernirjr hillPHOn II lVnelnr Smith II biihimn Tie Paul's. 31: South Stile lllsli, o.

Tom hilon-Chninnn, lie Ferrari, Flrcmr Dlcklus Rrferei Mr Scott, Mlchl. Umpire Mr. smith. Vermont. famous cup for crest hill, II.

fierry's Thorougbbrrd Wins IVnlnrr at While Marsh Meet. nnd a pursn nf $1,000. It was only utter thrilling race over two and a half mllei of hunting country that Crest Hill tioeed homo In front of Mrs. Ambrose Clarke's Distance. Tho sum maries Flrt Race Th.

Plymouth Plate: John I Tucker's eh. Mr. fpecs Tucker) wen; clinrles It, Plelsehmann's br. e. Ohnrd (F Crowley) second; Morion L.

Srhnurtz'a b. Arehdaln (T Turkey) third. Time. 1M3, Second Rare The White Marsh Valley t'lrillenge Cup Sleepleehss.i purs. 30(; nlmut three miles ovrr the llru.h course: Mrs, 0.

Ilernard Fsnwlck'a eh. Msrgerv Jiuiue (A A Devereitx) won: Itlchnrd 'iainlirlll'a b. g. Jim Hanson (Lucas) second; Mrs. llernurd Fanwlrk'.

sr. u. i Induction IF. Chtaton) third. Time, I Third Itnc The Krdenhelm Cup Ftee.

plechase; purse $1,000 and a silver cup, i value IS00; about tun nnd one.hulf Hubert Gerry's b. t. Crest Hill IW. won; I. Amliross Clnrlie't f.

Distance IN" Kennedy) second, 1.. Wood's br. sklbbereen (T. Tuckey) ran out Time, Fourth Race The I.ealnctnu Plate; purse on. and one-half miles on the flat! Hubert I.

Hero's b. (W. Keating) Mini: Morton Hehnnrtz's tr Archdalo (J. Tucker) second: Glen Riddle r.iriiis' en uiu Hcout tc llonninc) third Time, 3:1. Fifth Hare Ths Fulrmnunt Plate Stee.

purs. $1D0; about three and one. half nilles over a timber rnurs.j William J. Clothier's g. Hrnssenu id.

Mathrrl won: f'hiirles'. br. Olgnntol (U, Mvronl second. Time, 6:01, Hlxth lime The Chestnut Hill Plate; purse $350, nnn mile nnd a furlong on the flat: John Tucker's ch, Holar Htar (J Tucker) won; J. il, Lelper, eh.

Hriiln llelle (J, (1. l.clpsr. Jr.) Cli'irlts It. FlelsrhiuHtiii's br. Ahara (H.

Tucker) third, Time, MORRIS TEAM SHOWS CLASS. Ilrfrnts I'reksklll .11 Hilary Academy Klt-vrn, 10 lo Oct, 28, Iu ii gann! repli'tn with thrilling plays Morris High scoring on nn end run. ('apt. Kognrly nf Morris kicked tho goal from touchdown und also accounted for a field goal. 't- inin rrnnii.iru it i i i's neiii iiiiM-nii I l-iavera r.i- School of Now York city Uereated th He'd ciiil.

I.e '1 1, kill Military Ac.idcm here to-day. Tlio nt West New Hrlghtnn ay. 'Pf was in to 0. The Manhntlan boys Richmond County won by tn 0. I Jt Vi.irs.

wl" I. ft luu" shortly pn-scnled tho stronger team both of- "'j" V.t 1 I.ty fop I'artit Hfi-it. Manager fensivelv nnd defensively s'mt three goals, A ms.m two and 11. Karl took hla regular rlub with llmek snLk nf Morel. McCrlckiir.l.

Leahy nnd Icln.els ne ich, tonelli.T with Cannonball Dick Red-High Lembrck of Morris -7 The plnyera 011 the trip lire Webstar. lUiiiln the only touchdown of the game. Montclalr A. I'. Defiatx Hi-nfs.

iimewood. Hanlnn. Strlnaliean. Williams. BRITON IS WINNER OF ATLANTIC CITY GOLF Stcnler Beaches Final Hound Only to Loso to Worthing ton 5 and 8.

Atlantic Citt, N. Oct. 2S. For tho second year lu succession Harold A. Stelner of lnwood reached tho final round of the open golf tournament of the Country Club of Atlantic City only to meet defeat.

l.nst year It was thn hands of Max Mnrston nf llatlusrol, while to-day he lost to J. H. Worthing ton, the llrlton from Bunnltigdalc. Worthlngton won by ttv and 3 to play. Ho was going nt 74 pace In tho decisive match, whereas Stclnor, who had ktpt level going out, went to pieces on the homeward half.

In the morning Ktelner duplicated his success of year ago over Maurice TUs-ley, the latter losing tho tenth and fif teenth holes hocnusn or stymies, It. C. Maxwell of Trellton Won thoU second sixteen cup, whlln his son Ches- not prl'o In tho liandl-1 79 7 12. The sum- Final Itound-Iluntlnston Prnal, 1 np. EXETER CRUSHES PRINCETON CUBS New Hampshire Lads Outplay Young Tigers and Win, 89 to 0.

Kxhtkii, N. Oct. H. today defeated the I'rinceton freshmen, 39 to 0. Scoring began when Jordan ran forty-Avo ynrdM for a touchdown, but previous to that ho crossc-d the line after a twenty-live yard run, but dropped the ball.

The second touchdown was due to long forward pass from Tubher Whlt to McNamaru, which yielded thirty yards. In tho third period tho freshmen he-enmc more aggressive, nnd sceral clover forward passes, mv of thirty yaTds from Alford to Wnlnw right, put Kxeter In the defenslvo territory, but the defence stiffened. The lineup: Fieter Princeton (0). Rejann (i Cnlre It li helfey Van lerlui Clark Mnrcin ltnone Wjlnnrlsht Sirnlri Alford hu It wmim i if li Jordan II 1 linila from I nilf.h,lnu Clark. Rothschild for Morrm, trey for Hoone.

MiCirtrr for Walimrislit. Coffey for I Struberr. Hoon for Alford. I BABC0CK HELPS PAWLING WIN. i nrllllai.t fisme ami Trnm Defeats Hamilton, Id tit IAwt.tNn.

N. I. 2 Tho playing i rt it.ilti-,i,.. llnir NCIUHIl to St'Or. tlf-i vlcfnt-v- u.r the Hamilton Instttuti- teim het'e He tallied a piirof toui lidowns and ulso kicked two goals, and Ills team won, to 0.

The tlrst three periods were miprodtic-1 tlve of scores, but In tho fourth the heavy machine made repeated c.ilns through l.n,, 11 ih, carried the bill over tlu fnllou inir an Inten epted pass and later sUlrP il rluht end fnr l.iilv It'll Hamilton 101 I'aulln; HI, Ker Ilcsmati ll.illoik r. WlUUma L. Riley 1. IJ Glquel Centre Hudon II IS It Sta.kpole.... II ii'ihsrins Itnl-I 111 1 luiieiH li uriLli.iui Calhoun I Cnlrtll The score -Pawlln It Hamilton Day's Tonrhilotrti llents Wnreesler I'ol technic, 7 to I).

Amiikiist, Oct. they liati necii iioiu llul'll'. iiiiiiiik inn nrsi two periods of to-day's football g.une, 1 tho Massachusetts Asrlculturiil Ciillego team brolio through Worcester Polytechnic's defenen In tho third period for 7 to victory. Day scored the, only touchdown nf thn contest lifter receiving tho hall on a ,1. i.V, ERASMUS BALL DEPOSED.

Lose Soccer Lead by Tnlllng Ilefore 4o Curtis High soccers, IiIkIi si Imnl chain plons, struck their rtrldo jesterday nt i ieiu, Maien isi.inu, wnero nicy ousted Krasmus Hall fioin llrst place by, ueieaiing ini iiri'iui u-niii uy go. us to Tho lineup: Curtis 13). Mnrkhani Carrol Taylor tCapt Tinile Ilrown Morrlton Stout Clas.nn ill 1 1 v.i Krarnnis Hall ifi Woiuls Clark WciMumi Schlltei Milillle Gftal II II. II. II II II It.

I Miller Wollf It.irtleH Illld l.tuctmcn- llav Stradiau Referee Mr. Walker. J. Ilarlh. Goal Clisami, N'lehnls Cur tis llljh Siih-tltules-Duinlau lur Cal.iliaii, Lynch fnr Morrison, Nichols fnr Minn.

Mejer Ior Hard Time of mimiin lllhliona A'lclor. WiSNH'Wl, Mun. ''t 2K. Tnmmv Olbbnns of St. Paul nulpolllleil I ley.

lick In a f-'ist twrho round hmit horn last night. I'ns-ale Masy or ltd liiniinil, A one slibd Mclnry for lliciimond MONTCI.AIR. S. J. "it 3 The soc.

eer tram of Ihe Mnnlclulr Athletli Club, having an oh day In Ibu I'll Id I.eiiKUe, defeated the Montclalr Scnla hnudlly here to-day, ths Baal score being I gusl. to 0. 1 1-1. 1.1 ..1..1. DROP KICK GIVES ERASMUS VICTORY Mctzger Lifts Ball Over Bar in Final Quarter for Only Score of Game.

COMMERCIAL FIGHTS HARD A field goal by Fullback Metzger spelled defeat for Commercial, Erasmus winning from tho Scarlet Gray eleven In their annual contest at Commercial Field In Brooklyn yesterday. Metzger's boot accounted for the only tally of the game, the, final score, being 3 to 0. Tho fourth quarter was well un 1 dcr way when, with ths ball on the 35 ml Melivxr rrlver1 a. nerfect h.n over tne crossoar. For three periods neither team threat ened, Uie nearest approach to a score time coming In the second hen Commercial had the ball 1G yard line.

The Scarlet team relinquished the ball on Krasmus moved out of dan- Tho Krasmus attack was centred around Joo Barasch, who played a sler-j ling gamo at quarter. Itobert Carter jiilso plnyed well for the Buff and Blue i team. Il.iho Frugone accounted for many sensational Commercial plays, and was ably usslsted by Jack Lothe and Baldwin. Tho lineup: Commercial (0). Ersamu.

(J). Sinner Ooodeieln Snyder I Freeman Tj)lor (1 Phlldiua Aual Centre gouvllls 1ilhe K. (1 Sochi Vriatcr K. Tbompon Kurrman R. W.iner lliirkholx II Daraach,lli IJI Memmott nukmau 11.

It Mel'hee Fnuone F. II Mrttier The acore Ers.mua. 3: Commercial, 0. (ioal from flrld-Metirer. Referee-Mr.

Farrier, Dartmouth. Umpire Mr. Haatitura. Cornell Head Linesman Mr. Newton, u.

c. Time of perlod-Four quarter, of 10 mlnulea earh. Substitutes lrh.n for llildwln for Irbm, Carter for Good-teln. Irban lor Trivia. Travis for Derkholt.

BOYS HIGH IS LATEST VICTIM OF POLY PREP Unbeaten Blue and White Eleven Scores Two Touchdowns and Blanks Bivals. Voly l'rep's undefeated chalked mi another lctor.v at Washington I'ark yesterday, triumphing oer Boys' High. Tho score was 14 to 0. The contest was I nt rlrtlltilit tirnder nt thA former linm. nf th llrnnufpilu fa.

lid to show improvement. The lineup: 1'oly Prrp (Ul. Doya High id), lteulrtt L. Youiw L. L.

It. R. It, n. II. I.

It, II Palmer C. r-mlth Quad llo-rle Howard Spears Hermann II. Ninth IHI.b-y liiiuels Hoys IliKh, 0. O'ltrien llloinMI Itciltnnnd Th M-orc Iolv 11- Tnn lidowii. Hednioiid.

Malon-y GojN from tniiclidonu lllniidell. Iteilmoml Referee llenries.i. nrown. iTninre-Mr Cranford, N. Y.

Head linesman Dr. Aldrldse. Syra-vuae. Tima of quarters ten minutes. 1 TAKE UP FULTZ'S NOTE.

National rninmlaalnn Iltscnsses Fra lernlly's Ileuianils. Cmr.Mio. Oct. 2S. The attack nf Bar ney Hreyruss, owner of tho I'lttsburg liib nf the National League, on tho National Baseball Commission will not he niifwered.

August Herrmann, chair mn 0f tia commission, announced to day after conference with President nt th. tlilnl iTiember nf the commission. Mr. Herrmann said he dlt.cus.ed with Mr. Johnson the inquest of Pavtd Fultz, iminheis ot tho lloiton Americans, the world's champions, have not been pun-'thed, but that each player has been viittcn to and asked why he disobeyed 'ho laws of oigiiulzed baseball.

GILR0Y AFTER RECORD, (ieorgrtoTtn Hack lake. Five Touehdonai In fiamr. WAsillNnTON. I. Oct.

I town In Its game here to-day swamped by tho ove; i iiriiiiiHK puuin nt SO in 0. iieiiigftown outplayed the visit oik In eveiy ilepiirtnuiit of the game. The men carrying the ball made tlrst down nil almost cery play. llllrny of tlio Hlue and llray wns good for touchdown almost every time he received the ball, making tlvo of the i ileven touchdown and kicking eleven goais Tho lineup; lxn Albritht 101 F.vsns Shambausli I Trauman Gamber Krum Shrcfler Trainman Hiiftman Goldhammer R. Hoffman cusick L.

11. L. G. Centre G. K.

Q. II. L. It II F. II Mmwallir Anderson (iTnimer Wlieliill Maloney iiiirnv Wall Curry Mib-litullon- Georielown Siahtv for Wall .1 Milhtnu lor Gilroy.

Ward for Green, y.iiarr ler Connor llurlainl tor Anderson. II built, i an for Gorman for McCarthy, Mneich for 'user. Green for Wbelan Ho, Ii tnr Trainman. Gueerd for Sniilh for Gamber, Soblnder for llorfni in Tniuhdnwiis -Gilroy, Wall, McJuale, 3 (iiuls troni tiHiilulon llllrny. jj.

Goal Irom held Mnlune Referee Mr. Diltan, GouiU'i l'mture Mr. McGuire. Harvard Head linesman J. Thomas.

Lafayette. Time I of in'rmdk 13, 13, II, minutes Ito.inl. Off riirPorr IthVo. The llrookl)u Hoial tilanls baseball i te.iu. tell fnr Hun lllco, nn i tbe Ktcimaliln of Hie New York mid 1'iirtn Rlro Line afternoon tewooil.

HMtltOD, llni ves. ltd, line. Handy. Hewett. Miller.

Push and Karl. It Is passible that the leant, after llnlshlng the series In Porto Itlco, will Journey to Panama, where It has an ofi.r for a wseks stay. ONE ARMED GOLF MATCH PLANNED Representatives of America, England and France May Meet Here. MABTUCCI HAS BEC0BD An unusual International golf match with representatives of three countries competing Is a possibility In the near future, America, France and England have one armed exponents of the anelsnt sport who have renched a top place In the sport's efficiency. Kach of them has competed against the best players In their respectlvo countries nnd has not been worsted to any degree.

Now the one armed players want to get together. and already challenges have gone forth and arrangements arc being made for the match to be played In this country, possibly next spring. Louis Martuccl Is the American who drives, approaches and putts with one arm better than most golfers do with two. mo it wus who startled tho goir world by going around tho Van Cort-landt links In CD, two strokes above the record. Ho also made tho experts of Kssex County shiiko their heads by completing the eighteen hole course there In 69.

Martuccl Is nioro than willing to tackle the foreign players who threaten Invasion. The representative who would play for France Is Yves Bocatzon, and John Hasklns Is tho Hngllshman. Hasklns plays at Hnyhike, ono of the most famous courses In the world, and he considered one of the best players at the club. Several times he has been run-nerup for tho club tltlo and has held ths honors. Bocntzon Is not quite so well known as Hasklns, hut has an enviable record over the links of France.

Jim Barnes, tho clever Whltemarsh professional, who led every golfer In the country, possibly excepting Chick Evans, durir.g this season, was signally honored by the Whltemarsh C. C. last night, Barnes was royally dined and entertained by the club at a banquet held to commemorate his successes on the links. This Is nn unusual happening, even in this country, where tho professional of the club Is recognized socially. It is an unheard of thing for an Kngllsh club to banquet Its professional, and at some clubs the professional Is not even allowed In the clubhouse.

However, democratic America can find no lines between tho social standing of an amateur or professional, ns Whltemarsh has fittingly demonstrated. In regard to tho one armed golfing mutch Mnrtuccl probably will get a chance to round into form through several mntches already arranged. The new Bnyslda links organization practically hna nrranged for a competition between Mncdonald Smith, the professional, and Martuccl. The date Is to be set later. Victors on Links of Metropolitan Club ARDHI.HY? 11 Hole Handicap, Lois-Net Prise Won by .1 rdiebb, with so Tt, other scurf rre: A.

11. Mtachan, 13. 13; C. Hmlth. 117, Tl.

rope, l- 16, 15, W. A. Pulsfer, 95 T5; .1 9519. 7i F. A.

Lund. IS 15, T6; II. J. llartholomae, St 10, TH, II. llroukra, SO li.

78, and C. Hmry, 101 in, hi. HALTl'PROL: Seml-l'lnal f3r Baltua. rot Cup Handicap Match play II. R.

Tona-nd defcateil Dr. John It, Shannon, up: nr. II. Morton ilefeuled II. A.

K.irle, and s. Heat selected score of ncaaon for John Miller cup Max Mars-ton leads ntth So, which teema good enough to In. Ir A H. Morrow and II. lluabrouck arc eontindera with 61 each.

Curd Competition, Cea A Hnk. 11 7, 71; 11, I Chal-faiit, 5315. fhnrles Murray. 9515, SO. Class II It II Kmrr, 81 :0.

K. Clark. 9 Flachleln. 9 35, T3, WlUon, 100-31, Claas F. M.

lou Hi, o. Davits. 100 2. 71, A. T.

Ilronn. 10730. 77. lil.HN IllKlueen Hole Medal Dr. L.

II. Smith. 91 19. 73: U. Martin, 774, 73; L.

McCoy. 1017, 73. C. C. Ursine, 9523, 73.

HYrF.Wnoi--The point winner, for ths Prraldtnt's Cup were: U. II, Smith, 103 39 T3, Tsylur. I'S 30, A. A. Cannon.

9S 17, II II. 11. HUzler. 90-10, MONTi'LAIIti Woinen'a Putting Corn- iltion-w on bv Mr. W.

II I.ofiua, with i Clas A sweep- I s'alit w' 1 f3 9. 73. tied for first. Class aneeiTl 1 stakca Won by A lllne, 91 19, 73. Won by Dr.

W. tteil. f.7. MOltltlH COl'NTV-R Tyler defeated 'V VS" h.nt lui i of 1:1 roinp.r.d lo a i in, i ne hecoii'i sixteen niuyed Tli first round match Piny for Hie four ball cliHiuplonshlp follow ti W. illenney and II, 11 Cri's won from II 11.

Duller and M. J. Duniont by default; .1. K. Ilrlckaon nnd Thomas Wheeler defeated II.

Patterson and A. .1, Watson, il and O. Itlnsliar: nnd II It i-'locktun defeated Ilchton Calkins ond C. Reel. 7 and 6: .1.

W. Hsker nnd It S. Rowland defeated w. Harrows and (), II. Hchoonmak.r.

1 up. Th point winners for ths fall cud were: T. II. Harrows, 7P-K, 71; If. II.

Crnlir, 01 12, "11; II J. Cochran. 00 20. "fl; U. II, How Inn 1, 10S 21, 81.

-v. Inttend nf the usual weijtlv coinn, tllton tlier a uc Irani in.ili ll leiw-ecn leatns leu th. president of the club and thn captain nf the golfers A stnB dinner was to be th. prize, but the mutch wm all even and a coin was tossed to decide the winner, WllSTFIHI.ri; Sinclair Cup Competition, Scinl-lliml Match I'lav J. j.

Cut. ler defeated H. Dale, and S. W. MeAneny defeated II, Orr, 3 and J.

WYK.U'.VL Medal Play 1 Hols Hsn-dleiip: Andrew II, llrnwn, $013, 77. Dr. S. Webster, S3- II. TV YOlTNTAKAIt! Qualify for Governor'.

Cup- Clement II Houls, gs. 35, (,3 other iiunlltlers: l-i, lu. Donaldson, I.adue, 15. L. Ciirtt'.

II Kdwards, James MclUKhlln, Richard Vsntaa-eel and W. H. McVatgh. Victory for Crimson Itannrrs. CAMnniPOK, Oct, 2S, Harvard's crow-country team defeated Massachusetts Institute of Technology to-day by a score of Ti to 93 a.

A King of Harvard waR thn tlrst to cross the finish line, nnd was followed by four other Harvard men. Tlio six mile course was tlnlwhed In a trllto over thirty-three minutes, no olllclul time being taken. F.VKRYTIIING FOR Billiards" Bowline Prices nnd Terms to Suit REPAIRS BY EXPERT MECHANICS lbs Hninawlrk.Ralke. Cullender Heal Near llrnadw.y. AMERICAN CHESS BULLETIN Issued monthly since 1904; $2.00 yearly; sample copies upon application; only New York City emporium (or chess goods and books; 160 Nassau Street..

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