The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1947
Page 11
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FRIDAY, MAY SO, 19-17 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Jtlmlnjom ___ 1 t!iu D«r lin. --- n.'.~ --- "" TS a tlac, p* c Ba. ». r «», _~" — lie 3 tlm« tor lint fcr dij "_ --- "j f UKM p«r UM DM- fe, — — — ~ Jj la limM p« r ua, p, r d41 ______ 5C Moutb p«r lint ______ ------ »oc Count five iTtract worn, t«~ t£."llae. *£ y^ff '•"' tllree or Blx lim " • nd •toiyied Ixron expirttlou will b. chug•a for the number of llco. Ihn m ID- IXCi £? d fdlustrneut of bill rnido. »*fis Classified Adirortlslni copy cm*^"W ? i;« B »«» residing outside o( the clty'Sust b« nccomi>a«Utl by rub Bites UbJ« """y connoted fron tb< »bovt AdTertlsIni otd«r for Irrwolu InMr- tlouH taken tfca one tlm« rtt* Ho KipoBslfclut; will I* tekoti for «ior« tb.n oue Incorrect Inwttlo* •» uy classified ad. POWER LAWN MOWERS. S«e the bust word in a power 1 lawn mower—the Pathfinder—the one that cuts to any height and under any conditions. Blytheville Machine Shop. 4-12-ck-tt" For Safe Complete stock of Softball • equipment, including flashy colored uniforms. Price I'ricc $0.45, §<t.95, $8.95. Hunters Hardware, Inc. 5 5 ck if I'liont 'J072. Ted <Jrocn. ' RAKY CHICKS Cuiiirujito' A Jia.VD L, llrown Store kcic,c1rrcl II 30, 40 & 52 gallon Norge electric heaters are now available at Planters Hardware Co. Ask for installed prices. Elements are available for any power lines. 4-21-ck-tf Hi'niilirul ml, ri'KiKlrrecl CocW Kiianirl |HIJ.|,ira. S wi'pks ulJ. Cull 7SI 2r,.!,k.c|l Kt'iH'li luiulH'r. All Janus of iKKLiMmons IViros IIHVI- IJIMTL reiliicc-ii In famit-r •§> c-umii ufUT It: O; S. Ilullisgu o W; Omrii.i Moultric. 1'liunu :!rlO'J. AW 6|L|.i.k-G|; Ia\~s<jiii<nliiiij; you son't nccil I Tr«ili ur si-ll il at .Svv»]i Shop. 401 K Mnin I'linne 8f,9. 4130'Ck.t JI.'ST HKCK1VKO A fc'w liir e< . Wt'sliiLBliouse I'li-i-iiic wa ler tifaliTS. A]no have one %ou,l IIRI!I '<- lullim \\Vslinxliuusi' waler liuilet Alike- Kully, Ark.-w. I'ciwer <Jy I'Jioili npw. Ctifup. ('a T;,l,lr ?nw u-ith motor; -1" L<-lt saruh \'i" ilrill pri'as will] nmtor I'LL 7J!>, .ir sen ut A. I,. Hk-lianlsoi Oi.iivry. Vnrbru BLYTHEVltLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS For Sof« iilow -,-lass in v:ir[ous « ivusunaUi-, Dri-lfus Jewelry •'-'' ' >> " <4 ?»' 1 *'"''• tr V«s. Mrs. 1 .\lor 7SO. mill hiillSii Mild tad, \:,. 0 n>,l. .108 .\'. llrijiiilwny. Ci|| Kritiri- stocl< nf Klnjilo }:ritri>r].'* pl.-lp. ••!> o!» off if >o] ( | „( „„<.;. •[Klnrfs. Apiil.v t'luu Cl.i.'ka I'll. :19I'J. r.l.l, Toiimto S:()II.KI) It I'll S[..,ls ,li l).'8ls I'liiul' ,li Wall Knint Ij.-ilninin .-..r.vnij,.,, i oulv. Birl \V. .Main. |I)K Help Wanted Setlletl woman, .single or married, 2.'! to :12, for cashier and siiles work. Apply I5ox DO, '.:, Courier News. r> 28 ek 31 \Vnnh ,I In »7f, AX. i.'lii C,,iir-Ii'r .\V Kil.-sinnii — li.'idiii I'avK F, Illylli, vill,- ,,,,,1 virinil>- i'xiJi>rii*ii,-i'.l, Can ivurk Wfilc, llcix TH. n!o (Vmric For Rent v Iji'.lr "•lia. ',t2't-:ik cj.f, lii-i- tji-ili-onm Xli-n i.nlv UK! Walilut, I'linne 2-llicj. 1'aRtlire for tnulei, bnrecs Anil ralllt.'. I'lione 809. <|2!l-|ik-or-!9 Hcilrooin. oonvenircit li» Ijitli 1'hniili :ir!25. Oil \V. Mniti 5!21-i>k-ti|2l Brrlmnm 311 N. 9lh. l>h. 2:i:iS j>M4-!>k-0 Rcjronni. Close En. 310 W U'nlnnt ' liiiiisi.linlil fiiriiiliirp Kiroslnnt' •rcilor. nil l.nrccpr lirarli'rnllr IHAk'. t.L'.. I'ovv.-ll. :Mr> St .FniLII .).'- i-iolii. .Ark., ['lioiii' ri-JD. :, tnnili-rn house,' nil Mn-y C,l ill Si,-,-!,'. wLlti -J rnniii lioimp in rfnr ri'iilin^ for .^Ifi ]>i-r liionlh I'rii-i'.l to ."I'll. SO afITS of Jirsl class on ll.vy. lil. i'air iitiiircivi-niciils. This fnrn l.ns '.j Illilf fronlinL; llic hi^-k\vay. (Jtihii; M. II. PAKHIS" II feel nf slor,' iliplvinc;. 1—0 fool ,'nnily en^c. 1 ('liTtrir rofri^.^ralor. Call (.Vril l.mvc Ornci'ry. 1'lioni' f,07. FOR SALE: Six 80-Acre Farms, 6 miles south ol HlylfieviUe. Finest type loam land, good location. Small amount now, balance this Fall. See Cecil Er.rls with Noble Gill Agency. I'honc 3131 or Osccola 93. 5 27 ck 5 31 5 Tonin IIOIIRP u-illi li^lll. Tinrihvnoil flnnrK. rtnirrolc' founilalion. 1'iin' nit II. $«0[lll.(l<l, fnr . qilicli 'snl,'. 1'us- sinn \lilli il.'.'il. 1 TJ-rins. • " * f. rniilii Imn^f |ir[i',-.|l for ijiiifk Srtlo ?2lir.(t.O(l Tfrnis -Sci" Iliis. 3 l.irL-c rixini mintiTii linnsc. close in. 1'rirc $2000.00. Pnlnl] ilfnvn |ia>- ini'iil. .1 romii linnsc in pooil repair, $HOO.OO. f D.nil ilown. Ualanrc easy, i house on Ash Slr«'ot. A «oo.l >>ny. vv n I'y ;]|i[iii[nlini:iit nnly. l.if. I'rir,',] .?:i2:10.Cln. Terms. In arrft Intnl. Close in. I'rifcil lo sell. Slimvtt liy app'OMilnie nlv. Call or sciMt'illior Or'ny. H'alinr. IMio'ii" ,,r Ile'rl lifiis Rnlrnman. IMmnc a.lOS. Illlire Marion Williams Insiiranci- A- II.-. S.' ilnl. Phone 2751. City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 Wonted fo Buy tVantpil to Ijuy front owner nrnakl 4 or H room house, \Vell locate.I & modern. Must lie prircil reasonable AiiN^s'i^r lo 1)1,W Caro Courier Newn. 5-19 If rimnct '2920. I I \ We Guarantee \ j RECAPPING | with ' Hawkinson Treads i i 1 Let Your Next Tires Be; I: GENERALS j J Cost More — Worth More; I MODINGER TIRE CO. ; : (16 F. M»ta Phone 2Z«I Hardware Mutual j Insurance Company of Minnesota J Large Dividend Savings , Ixiw Net Cost Protection I For Service • W. L. TAMKE 1408 E. Davis St., P. O. Box 431 ! Phone 2187 Blylhcville. Ark. For Expert 321 East Main St. Felix A. Carney Free Qelivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 LADIES Do Your Wash Automatically And Save! 35c up to <) I,l)s Dry Weight We I'urnish Honp . Rleach & iiluin^ Free! THE Washerette .•n—Main Divis Cross! own division THREE SIMPLE STEPS! 1. I'lacc clolhinjr in Bendix 2. Add soap, wait or shop 3. Take cintiies home in 35 minutes. Monday, Yuesdny, FrUlay Open till 0 p. tii 1 . on ' Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Slie T. L. MABRY MISSOURI ST. PH. 3627 Pain! Your Car! Chevrolets, Fords, Plymouth! Other Smal! Cars $50 ANY COLOR Make It Look Like New We have the latest equipment and skilled workmen for the job! We have Leatherette to cover the upholstery. New seat covers for all models —Fender and Body Work . . . Drive by for estimate No Cash —Easy Terms PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 Serv/cei Wanted to Rent or -I rootn furnishi>tl or ur.dmnUi-xl liirhiH'Nl. llrst Dl ii-f.-r<-,it.'s, WiJU- u|u Cmirk-r .S'fwa or 5 room unfurnished house. Phone 3509. 4-23-dh-tl I'lciiln. «if,'. Iwu M'ar lilll K irl fin;,!.In,1 nr ni ,l,.-,l ]i.,, I. nr -, runni luinm' civ apl. nnfiirnisli i'.l. MnviiiB froi.i MnmiliU. (,',,11 roon IfJO Tlnirs. Unit-] KuliLi: »f|.-r .%::!! Situation Wanted - Irnrk ilrivi'i. Can fnrub.l ri'/i-riMiri' l.ivi'il In lllyllicvillp 1 r- year!; \Vrih Ilnx All. Uniiiii.r Ni'WK.' Mafe Help Wanted SAI.KHMAN - MAN WITH AMI1ITIO.V • AJ.-O 21 to 3S. No provluuH rxporitiira ne.'i'SKnrj-. (,'ovt'r lucal trrrllory. Draiv ing .iccmint, cooit chiincy for Hiivanco- nirnl. \Vritc |irpvii>ii!i t'xiipriL'riL-i.'. Knapslioc if iiossilile. Kefuruuci's. llox 678. o]o Courier NQWS. 4,'2a ck tr For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. t24 W. Ash St. LADIES---Come to U-DO-IT LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our modern MAYTAG MACHINES. Open 7 A. M. . . . Clone. 5:30 P. M. Close Saturday at Noon ' Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. 321! North 2nd Street MONKY 'IX) LOAN w yon nwd • | ( ut n to rejwKr or ifnioclelT No down payment, no mortage, no red t*))«. PHA approved r*t« B*. Ask fov detatb. Max I-«K«n, Ufaltor, phone 2034. y-23-ck-tt *l us slmrpen and repair your lawn mower, rcRard- «'ss of kind or SIM. Ciet yniii-s ready now, and "void tin. rush. We pick up "nil deliver. lilytheville IMiidiine Shop, 211 S. 2nd St., phono 2828. 4-3-ck-tf Panama Hats Cleaned & Rcblocked Fur Rcmodling The Johns Shop 5011 W. Miiln House Moving. l.'J years ex- pcrieiu-e. Plenty of CHIMP- iiii'iil. Hefereiu'cs. Level- inc. foumliition repairing. Virjfil l'\il«y, phone .'J2!);? 02 pic (j 2 W» ji,,i,(, Inunilrr. Winli ll, : l ,i|,, iiii'l l.-.inUls. lli-lr,,,- I,, mo Clark • ' Kent ;i IMOHI- Sunder AT WARDS'. Stive money hy refinishini; your own fliiods. Adds yetirs of life :u\<l jj;ives tlii'in ne\v lu'MUtv. It's easy (« <io, (no: iMONTCOSlKHY \V.AHI) .*;- CO'., 102 iMain. >91 2-i:!-trn CLUB 61 (Korniorly Mldnllc Inn) TllliS. AND Orchestra Nluhts OPEN NIGHTLY FOR DANCING Under New Management. Call 944 for reservations. Couples and Patties ONLY! Oiynril * Oim.iU'il liy Cieui'^o l-'onl mill \V. A. "llnl" »ic)icrsluR Second In ,M:in Thr clilinpnn/cc, iirxt to num. '.!• Die world's most Intelligent, iiiilnnl, .vet Ills lioinc Is only n crmli- |>1'C- foi'in of I wins pllocl hlidi In n tree top. People who throw nwny Illler on tile streets of MunLe.b, Clt'runiny, urn fined on the spot. WAHNINT. OltDKIt IN 'I'lli: (MIANCKKY COIIK'r CHICKASAWI1A 1HST111CT, M SISSll'I'l OOUVI'V. AltKANSAS I lUitlie Kiyi! miubs t'lninlifr. vs. Ilill Ertfiiir llubbs.... Defraclnnl. | Tile rteliMuliinl lilll EdKin- Hubhs is liei-ehy wiirned to appear wltlit:i thirty ilivvs in tlic ooiirl imined in the c:i|:tiiio liereol nnd unswer Hie coin]il.\1nt or tlie plaintiff Hul.tle F:iye Ilubb.s. Dated tills 22 iliiy of May. 1D-I7 HAItVEY -MORRIS, Cll'ik By Dorothy Cnnle.)'. depllly. C. P. Cooper, Ally, for I'lll. Oeiie K. uradl'jy, Ally. :ul llleiii. 5!23-'JO-OB-l3 FOR SALE Concrete Aquella Wator Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS . plain or reinforced We Deliver Osceola Tile ' 'and CULVERT CO. We llulivcr' Phone <!!)! SCHOOL'S OUT DRIVE CAREFULLY PROTECTOURCHILDREN, AND BUY CAREFULLY. BUY A CAREFULLY RECONDITIONED USED CAR FROM LOYEICH CHEVROLET COMPANY. 1 il-ll Cltevrok-r Special Deluxe Town Kcdini lilll Chevrolet Deluxe 5 I'nss. C(iu|u-. t!H(l I'ontiiu- .f door 1911 Dnd.w •! door Sc- (lun. New jMotor. H):H» l''(ii'd Tiulin- Hodair 11)10 Chevrolet Deluxe Town Si-dim fill! DeSnto Cilflom -1 door Sedan MM 2 Ford Deluxe Tudor Seilitn Ml.'l'J I'lymouth 2 door St-diin • l!).ll I'lynioulh Coupe »Mosl of (lic'se cars have radios and healers 191(> Cheyndet Ciili Over Kujfine Ti'iiclor and 24 Ft. C'artur 'l'ralli;r. Ooodiis Now. Triirtor Tire Si'/.o 7ii0.x2() —^H25x2(l rciir. 't'railer 1000x20. ' We Never Close Sales Depl. Open Unlil S p: m. LOY EICH CHEVROLET GO. 2 Wreckers Tciaco rrniluc Phono 578 24 Hr. Service « Keiberllnc TIret Ncviulu, a populndoii of nlHHlL llU.OOd IIC'VKCIIIS, IlIlN tllC (cttTsl |ipi)|)lc ill IL of nil tlic stnU'.t of Hie Union. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Gimr.mleiMl Itest 1'rtceH Kirby Drug Sfrorcs I Don't Neglect Your Kidneys SluiiKKli hidiioys n:\ii steal ytnir hnillh. 'I'hry v^ rtl| K I tit 1 ! iircumiil.iliim fiT toxins lh:it iiuilu; you drtnvsy, ju'hy, tired. Don't Nff;h-r( your Ultlncys. Drink llin Tiiitnral rnln- rr:il water many doctors liuvc prcscrilivd Tor moro tli;iii 7fi ycurs. Mountain Valley Mineral Water I'or 7"> Yt-ars tlni I'l-oscrlhiul Wilier :il MOT Kl'KINCK, AUK. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Klyllicville, Ark, DON EDWARDS •The Typewriter M»n" KOVAL, HMITII, COKONA .nd KKMINOTON PORTABLE UP N. SECOND ST. ' PHONE SJ83 (Kvery Traiisnrtlon MOST BE BATIRFACTTOHY*. 1 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS 1 *r>j . . ' ' - ." • ' • . > :..'•, -• QFi ANY •.•: ..•'-. ••:•: •• EXCAV/^ION T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes , Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 We have 'em in plastic and fibre —fit any make/car—any model! Only $18.75 up Langston-Wrofen Company Walnut at Broadway fAff CAKS SAVE L/Vff* GOOD CAXS SUING GOOD PJUCIS 8. JICX)HEN Contractor LYNCH BL06. BLYTHEVILL&ARK. Save 50% Chopping Expense I ! • I : Plant Chemically Dclinted, Fiu/-Free COTTON SEED jlj I Save Money—f> to 10 Lbs. per Acre. Any corn, pea or>; ; lienn planter will plant these smooth, slick cotton seed. 8 ' * i Can lie plowed f> to (5 days after planting. >: \ KOWDKM .111! — STONEVILLE 2C — D 1' & L M x : >• j For Sale Ry j^ BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP.! Phones 856-857 :» : K 't^>'>"*.>'>)>!>]>'>!>">:>->'x;<xx>:>;>'>;>"o;>;>!>;>;x>>>;>i>;>;;<<>:>>>>>>~o7jies* PUTC1I,T,A'S POP It's certainly taking you a long time to mow that lawn Something Has Hocn Added Gy AT, VERMEEI ,— / I'm afraid the years \ are cate/iing up \-\vith me, x^X

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