Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa on July 11, 1981 · Page 24
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Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa · Page 24

Iowa City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1981
Page 24
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Weekdays MON THRU FBI MORNINQ 4:45 87) WORLO AT LARGE (THUR.) 4:50 (17) WORLO AT LARGE (TUE.) 5.00 AS MOVIE (EXC. MON., TUE.) The V.I.P.'s' )wed ). 'Animals are Beautiful Peo pie' (THUR), Brlgadoon' (FRI ) 3D VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 02 TENNIS (WED.) 6:05 37) HOLLYWOOD REPORT 6:20 (10) NEWS 5:30 30) FAITH 20 (li THE SORCE RER'8 APPRENTICE MON.) Movie (TUE.) Trocadero Bleu Citron' St) ROSS BAGLEY SHOW 6:00 O MORNING 004) JIM BAKKER OCT) JOHN DAVIDSON SHOW 09) TOP O' THE MORNING 83) MOVIE (MON.) Shimmering Lights' 8 ACSN Understanding the Media 02 SPORTSCENTER 6:05 W FUN TIME 6:15 0'19J MORNING INSPIRATION 84) ACSN A M Weather 6:25 O EARLY WORD-REFLECTIONS 0 (IS) NEW ZOO REVUE 0 1 MARK ET REPORT 6:30 99) COUNTRY DAY O (J J MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW 30) BULLWINKLE 33) MOVIE (THUR.) Kill or be Killed' 84) ACSN Freehand Sketching (EXC. FRI ). Understanding the Media (FRI ) 6:54 98) PLAIN TALK 6:55 CD AMERICAN TRAILS QC9) NEWS 7:00 O BULLWINKLE Ot14J MORNING OOCTJds) today 00(1339) GOOD MORNING AMERICA 303 bozo a MOVIE (TUE., FRI.) Tuck Everlasting' (TUE ), Agatha' (FRI ) Si) VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 84) ACSN Contemporary Health Issues (EXC. FRI ), Bluegrass Banjo Level One (FRI) (52 NASL SOCCER (MON.) 1981 British Soccer Championship (TUE ), Australian Rules Football (WED ). Goll: 1978 British Open Highlights (THUR ), All-Star Soccer (FRI) S3) DUSTY'STREEHOUSE 7:05 (17) LASSIE 7:30 O DR. MAX SHOW (21) GARY RANDALL SHOW 84) ACSN American Government Survey (EXC FRI J.lnsideStorywithSlimGoodbody (FRI) 941 PINWHEEL 7:35 373 MY THREE SONS 8:00 00343 CAPTAIN KANGAROO 33) MOVIE (MON.) 'The Wreck ol Mary Deare', Mr. Selkie (WED.) STATE NEWS (2D VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 841 ACSN Simple Gifts (MON., WED ), - Teaching the Young Handicapped Child (TUE, THUR.) ESPN'S SPORTSTALK (THUR.) Golf: 1979 British Open Highlights (FRI.) 8:05 373 FAMILY AFFAIR 8:30 90) BEWITCHED 3D MOVIE (THUR.) Trocadero Bleu Citron' 30) ICPL PROGRAM GUIDE (2D WESTBROOK HOSPITAL 83) C-SPAN PROGRAMMING When U.S. House of Representatives adjourns, other C-Span programming will then air in its 4 ACSN Simple Gifts (MON.) 02 NASL SOCCER: WEEK IN REVIEW (WEDJ 8:35 07) I DREAM OF JE ANNIE 9:00 O O 99 PHIL DONAHUE SHOW 0 54) GREEN ACRES OQCTXm) LAS VEGAS GAMBIT Oil.) MORNING SHOW HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 3D MOVIE (TUE., FRI.) The Loved One' (TUE ). A Hitch in Time (WED ), 'Tuck Everlasting' (FRI.) 803 CHILDREN'S SHOWS SD 700 CLUB 83 U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (EXC. MON., TUE.) 84) ACSN Dealing In Discipline (MON. .FRI.). Keep It Running (EXC. MON., FRI.) (52 SPORTSCENTER (EXC. MON.) 9:05 3D MOVIE 'Gold Diggers of 1933' (MON ), 'Dames' (TUE ), 'Gold Diggers of 1935' (WED ), 'Footlight Parade' (THUR ), 'Gold Diggers of 1937' (FRI.) 9:30 O 94) ALICE OQCD3S) BLOCKBUSTERS CD ROMPER ROOM 803 $50,000 PYRAMID 803 LIBRARY NEWS 84 ACSN General Topic (MON ). Writing for a Reason (EXC. MON ) 64) PINWHEEL (CONTINUES) 10:00 O O 34) PRICE IS RIGHT QCD54) WHEEL OF FORTUNE Oil!) RICHARD SIMMONS SHOW Oil) THREE'S COMPANY 3 HOUR MAGAZINE 3D MOVIE (MON., WED.) 'Of Human Bondage' (MON ). 'A Force of One' (WED.) 84) ACSN It's Everybody's Business (EXC. FRI ). ACSN Workshop (FRI.) 02 PBA BOWLING (TUE.) Professional Rodeo (WED ), Wrestling (THUR ), Superstar Volleyball Cup (FRI.) 10:30 (13383 PASSWORD PLUS 38) ROMPER ROOM 803 CHILDREN'S SHOWS 8D ANOTHERLIFE(EXC.FRI.)TheLesson (FRI) 8$ ACSN The Growing Years (EXC. FRI ) 02 GRAND SLAM OF HORSESHOW JUMPING (FRU 10:57 003D NEWSBREAK 11 :00 YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Om LET'S MAKE A DEAL OCT) 381 CARD SHARKS Off) 39) FAMILY FEUD (10) PHIL DONAHUE SHOW 33) MO VIE (MON., FRI.) The Getting ol Wis- dom(MON.FRI) (213 ROSS BAGLEY SHOW 83) U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 84) ACSN Kids' Connection 11:05(17) FREEMAN REPORTS 11:30 034) YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS OOCDBS) DOCTORS OQCf)3S) RYAN'S HOPE 83) MOVIE (WED.) 'I, Mobster' 64) PINWHEEL (CONTINUES) 11:5800(1)393 FYI AFTERNOON 12:OOOOOCZ33D NEWS OQ(!)38) ALL MY CHILDREN (10) PRISONER: CELL BLOCK H 33) MOVIE (MON., THUR.) 'The Getting of Wisdom1 (MON ). 'Targets' (THUR ) 841 ACSN Writing for a Reason (EXC. FRI ). Teaching the Young Handicapped Child (FRI) (523 WRESTLING (TUE.) Golf: 1977 British Open Highlights (WED ), PKA Full Contact Karate (THUR.) 12:05 3D MOVIE Wives and Lovers' (MON ). 'Ten Million Dollar Grab' (TUE ). 'Never Too Late' (WED ), Nightmare in the Sun' (THUR ), Wild Ones' (FRI.) 12:15 FARM NEWS 12:30 003$ AS THE WORLD TURNS O O (13(183 DAYS OF OUR LIVES 3D MOVIE (EXC. THUR., FRI.) A Journey For Margref (MON ), 'Dark Victory, (TUE ), 'Go West' (WED ), Love American Style (THUB.FRI.) (2D VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 84) ACSN Contemporary Health Issues (EXC. FRI.) 52 TOP RANK BOXING (FRI.) S3) DUSTY'STREEHOUSE 1:00 OO 33393 ONE LIFE TO LIVE (10J NEWS 33) SHORT FEATURE (TUE.)Movie (WED.) 'Brigadoon' 83) U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 84) ACSN The Growing Years (EXC. FRI ). Teaching the Young Handicapped Child (FRI) 323 TOP RANK BOXING (MON.) Tennis (WED.) (54! VEGETABLE SOUP 1:15 3 LEAD OFF MAN (THUR., FRI.) 1:25 9 BASEBALL (THUR., FRI.) Atlanta Braves vs Chicago Cubs (If players' strike continues, alternate programming will be aired) 1:30 O O 3D SEARCH FOR TOMORROW QOCD883 another world 33) MOVIE (TUE., THUR.) Tuck Everlasting' (TUE ), Trocadero Bleu Citron' (THUR.) (2D FAITH 20 84) ACSN American Government Survey (EXC. FRI.) S3 FIRST ROW FEATURES (EXC. TUE., THUR.) Lone Wolf (MON ), 'Mischief (WED ), 'Operation Third Form' (FRI ). Matt and Jenny (TUE., THUR ). 'A Test for the Tanners' (TUE ), 'A Call to Arms' (THUR.) 1:35 3D BASEBALL (THUR., FRI.) Atlanta Braves vs Chicago Cubs (If players' strike continues, alternate programming will be aired ) 1:58 00(13393 FYI 2:00 003D GUIDING LIGHT OQl f Klfi GENERAL HOSPITAL 33) MOVIE MON.) Shimmering Lights' (2D 700 CLUB 84) ACSN It's Everybody's Business (EXC. FRI ), Speed Learning (FRI.) 323 TENNIS (TUE.) Golf: 1978 British Open Highlights (THUR.) 34 ADVENTURESIN RAINBOW COUNTRY (TUE., THUR.) The Town That Died- (TUE.), 'The Eye of the Needle' (THUR.) 2:05 873 FUN TIME 2:30 00(1)06) TEXAS 35) MCHALE'S NAVY S3) ACSN Keep It Running (EXC. TUE., THUR ). Home Accessories (TUE., THUR ) S3) STUDIO SEE Bubble Gum' (MON ), 'Clearwater- (TUE ). 'TV, TV (WED.) 'Jum-prope' (THUR ). 'Spoleto- (FRI.) ' 2:35 373 FLINTSTONES --. 2:57 Q034) NEWSBREAK 2:58 OOtD 393 FYI 3:00 ONE DAY AT A TIME 034) I LOVE LUCY 393 CAROL BURNETT AND FRIENDS OCJ) EDGE OF NIGHT 303 SCOOBV DOO 3D MOVIE (EXC. MON., TUE.) Three Warriors' (WED), 'AnimalsareBeautifulPeople' (THUR.), 'Tuck Everlasting' (FRI.) 803 CHILDREN'S SHOWS (TUE., FRI.) 8$ U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 84) ACSN Kids' Connection 02 ESPN'S SPORTSTALK (THUR.) C A R T. Auto Racing (FRI.) 841 WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT? 3:05 873 ADDAMS FAMILY 3:30 O SCOOBY DOO O 3D BUGS BUNNY AND FRIENDS 38) BRADY BUNCH CD WOODY WOODPECKER 39) HAPPY DAYS AGAIN 93 TIC T AC DOUGH 30) YOGI BEAR AND FRIENDS 33) THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE (MON.) Movie (TUE.) 'Trocadero Bleu Citron' 80) LIBRARY NEWS (TUE., FRI.) (? VARIOUS PROGRAMMING Of) FORMULA (RACING (MON.) All Star Soccer (TUE.), Superstar Volleyball Cup (WED) 04 LIVEWIRE 'Drugs and Alcohol' (MON ). 'Space.. .Fact and Fiction' (TUE ), 'Juvenile Justice' (WED ), 'Private Lives-Public Lives' (THUR ). 'Love' (FRI.) 3:35 37) HAZEL 3:58 SD CBN UPDATE NEWS , 4:00 003D MUNSTERS CD DR. SNUGGLES: UNBELIEVABLE WORMMOBILE ADVENTURE (MON ), Flight of the White Stallions Part I. (TUE.). The Goofy Sports Story (FRI.) 9 STARSKY AND HUTCH Oil) GILLIGAN S ISLAND 31 HOUR MAGAZINE (I) $50,000 PYRAMID 303 MY THREE SONS 19 3D SESAME STREET 33) MOVIE (MON.) The Wreck of Mary 8D VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 83) CALL-IN PROGRAM 84) ACSN A Different Understanding (TUE ), Bluegrass Banjo Level One (THUR.) 8 GUY DROLLINGER Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life. The only completely consistent people are the dead. Julian Huxley f Howkejre I I CableVisionJ I Snowy Picture? Call Cablevision Repair Service l 351-3846 j 02 ALL-STAR SOCCER (WED.) Professional Rodeo (THUR.) 4:05 37) OZZIE AN0 HARRIET 4:30 O BEWITCHED 0(14) LEAVE IT TO BEAVER CD RACE FOR THE PENNANT (MON.) Movie (WED.. THUR.) 'Challenge lor Robin Hood' (WED ), 'Candleshoe' (THUR.) OCT) HOLLYWOOD SQUARES OC1) GOMERPYLE 803 DICK VAN DYKE SHOW 8S) SHORT FEATURE (THUR.) (2D ROSS BAGLEY SHOW 84) ACSN Literacy Instructor Training SrUE ). Understanding the Media (THUR.) 2 AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL (TUE.) 04 VIDEO COMICS 4:35 373 BEVERLY HILLBILLIES 6:00 0034) HOGAN'S HEROES Ci) MOVIE (MON., FRI.) Smokey and the Bandit II' (MON ), Flight of the White Stallions Part II. (TUE ), 'Challenge lor Robin Hood' (FRI.) 08Q BOB NEWHART SHOW CD NEWLYWEDGAME 89) WEEKDAY MAGAZINE CD ABC NEWS 803 CHICO AND THE MAN (932) MISTER ROGERS 83) BIG WHEEL AND SAILOR (THUR.) 83) USA UPDATE 84) ACSN Fast Forward (TUE.. THUR.) 32 TENNIS (WED., FRI.) 64) FIRST ROW FEATURES (EXC. TUE., THUR.) Lone Wolf (MON ). 'Mischief (WED ). 'Operation Third Form' (FRI ), Matt and Jenny (TUE, THUR.) 'A Test lor the Tanners' (TUE.). 'A Call to Arms' (THUR ) 5:05 37) FATHER KNOWS BEST 5:30 O O 34) CBS NEWS O CD 363 NBC NEWS Oil?) ABC NEWS. CS3 HAPPY DAYS AGAIN 80) HOGAN'S HEROES (932) ELECTRIC COMPANY 33) MOVIE (WED., FRI.) I. Mobster' (WED ). The Young in Heart' (FRI.) 53) ACSN Speed Learning (TUE ), General Topic (THUR.) 54) ADVENTURESINRAINBOWCOUNTRY (TUE., THUR.) The Town That Died' (TUE .), 'The Eye of the Needle' (THUR.) 5:35 37) THAT GIRL 5:58 (2D CBN UPDATE NEWS I Hardwood Shaker I V' Rocker KATHLEEN'S KORNER J3J N. Dodge Open Dally 11-5 Closed Wednesdays '" " Bestsellers HOT SINGLE RECORDS 1. Bette Davis Eyes,' Kim Carves; 1 All Those Years Ago, George Harrison; 3. The One That You Love, Air Supply; 4. Jessie's Girl, Rick Springfield; 5. You Make My Dreams, Daryl Hall & John Oates; 6. Elvira, Oak Ridge Boys; 7. Medley, Stars on 45. ALBUMS 1. Mistaken Identity, Kim Carncs; 2. ffilnfidelity, REO Speedwa- gon; 3. Long Distance VOYAGER, Moody Blues; 4. Paradise Theater, Styx; 5. Dirty Deeds oneDirt Cheap, AC-DC; 6. Hrd Promises, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers; 7. Face Value, Phil Collins. COUNTRY SINGLES 1. Fire and Smoke, Earl Thomas Conley; 2. Feels So Right, Alabama; 3. Lovin' Her Was Easier, Tompall & The Glaser Brothers; 4. Dixie on My Mind, Hank Williams; 5. Surround Me with Love, Charly McClain; 6. By Now, Steve Wariner; 7. The Matador, Sylvia. SOUL SINGLES 1. Give It to Me Baby, Rick James; 2. Double Dutch Bus, Frankie Smith 3. Two Hearts, Stephanie Mills 4. Freaky Dancin', Cameo; 5. Pull Up to the Bumper, Grace Jones; 6. Sweet Baby, Stanley CLARKE & george Duke; 7. Running Away, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. - Source for record lists: Billboard Publications, Inc. MOVIES 1. Superman II; 2. Raiders of the Lost Ark; 3. Cannonball Run; 4. ash of the Titans; 5. The History of the World. Part I; 6. The Four Seasons; 7. Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams. Source: Variety.

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